By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"In the 10th chapter of the whole story of flying dragon, Zheng Ziming plans to eliminate the bandits, Zhao Kuangyin and fight against the skirt hairpin"

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第10回 郑子明计除土寇 赵匡胤力战裙钗

Word yue:

It's said that the three brothers, Chai Rong and others, escaped from Dulong villa over the wall. They were just walking away when they heard more than shouting from the back. There was a fire and countless people came. Officer, who are you talking about? It turns out that when Kuang Yin first escaped, there were no figures in the wing room. His Laozi was asking Dong Da to call Qizhuang guest in front of him. When all the people arrived, the front door was locked and the back door was bolted, so he was waiting in front. So the three men left without knowing. When Dong Da got together, he went home and locked the door, but it was a good day. Then he happened to act. A group of people quietly walked into the shop and looked up. There was only a pot stove and there was no figure. Even Zheng en had no rice. Dong Da was very angry, so he joined the crowd and came from the back door. This is precisely:

Then Zheng en saw that he was chasing after him, and cried: "elder brother and second brother, look at the donkey ball. He will catch up. The hidden place in front of you must be a forest. Push the umbrella car over there, wait for us, wait for fun, and send them back to meet you. " Kuangyin heard that, he and Chai Rong pushed the umbrella car and looked forward to it. Zheng Enfu retreated again, looking at the people behind him, and gradually came closer. Gu Yun: "people are in a hurry to make a living." Zheng enliao was also careless and meticulous. Looking around, he saw a stone tablet beside the road and flashed his body behind him. When he came after him, he calculated to retreat. There were more than a hundred people in the back, some with lanterns and torches, some with sticks, guns and knives. They were all like bees and birds, crowding around and shining brightly. Zheng en saw clearly in the dark, and let the first person. Look at the second one, I saw Dong Da riding a horse and raising a knife, and he was so powerful that he looked forward to coming. It's not far from the stone tablet. Zheng en is about to lift the jujube tree and let it pass the horse's head. Standing on the tiger's body, he jumps up to the horse and says with a loud voice, "don't come after the donkey ball. Please go back." Speaking later, at that time, he heard only the sound of a bell. Dong Da was unprepared. He had already been red on the top of his head, with his feet up, throwing a knife and falling off his horse, and died in the dark. It is:

There's another poem about Dong Da's private tax power and his deception of the public and contempt of the law. Today, Lu finally died miserably. What's the good about it?

When Zhuang Bing saw that Zheng en had killed Tong Da, he was shocked and shouted. He gathered around him and trapped Zheng en in the middle. He raised his sword, spear, staff and fought for the future. Zheng enquan had no fear. He swung open the jujube tree, just like the devil. He was making a scene. No mention.

When Kuangyin and Chai Rong push the car, he is walking. He hears the cry from the back of the car to kill many people. Then he says to Chai Rong, "at this time, my third brother is behind. I think he has met a thief, but at night, I don't know the winner. Elder brother, let's take the car first, and wait for younger brother to pick it up, then we will be safe. " After that, except for the Luan belt, it turned into a magic stick in the wind. It was carried in the hand and ran back. Half a mile away, I saw a lot of people fighting with each other there: most of them attacked and killed, jumping and hunkering up; the other half of them were shouting at each other. Kuangyin made a bludgeon and went forward to fight. Soon, he knocked down a dozen people. Zheng en is playing happily. He squints out of the circle and sees Kuang yinlai's help. He is very happy and cries: "second brother, you are helping with your heart. You need to relax this guy." The brothers worked with one heart, and they fought with sticks and trees. They killed more than a hundred soldiers. The rest are not the way to escape.

Zheng en cried out: "second brother, Dong Da's donkey ball has been scored by music. Now, if we don't do it for two times, we will simply turn with you and send him back to heaven with the size of his family. If we stay in the world, we will suffer in the future. " Kuang Yin said, "the third brother is right." Even with Zheng en, return to Dulong villa. It's about four o'clock. When they came to Dongda store, they opened the door. Then the lock had fallen. They entered the door and looked inside. Inside, hearing the door ringing, a man came out and asked, "who is it?" It's said that it's not over. I was beaten by Zheng Enyi's date tree to make sunken pancakes. When I saw it, I was a waiter. Zheng en kicked the corpse aside with only one foot. The two brothers walked in with light hands and feet, through the nave and into the backyard. When I found help, I lost my life; when I ran into a female emissary, I lost my life.

While they were walking, they saw some lights in one room. When they listened carefully, someone was talking in the room. The two brothers turned to the door and listened attentively. They were not other people, but Dong Da's father, who was talking to his mother-in-law: "unfortunately, such a good plan can't be done. They wasted their mind, somehow they lost the news, and they left." The mother-in-law said: "our family's plan can't be done, can't he escape the plan on the road?" It's just a lot of effort from my son. " Lao Tzu said: "no wonder our son suffered such a big loss today. Two of the three prisoners are very vicious. The red side is a little better. The black side dog and man are very fierce. The black side dog is like a Zhou Cang. They often carry a tree in their hands. There must be something wrong. I think it's time for my son to come back now that the result is clean. " "My son is catching up with them now," said the mother-in-law. "I wish the emperor had eyes and the God had spirit. First, I would stab the black faced bird man and woman more, and then I would be happy." Zheng en heard this sentence, his heart was burning and his stomach was smoking. He flew up, kicked the door open and ran in. When she saw it, she fell to the ground. When the old man saw him, he was scared out of his wits. His hands were soft and his feet were crisp. He cried, "no! That, that, that Blackfaced thief, come and show up, I, we quickly avoid. Zheng en didn't reply either. He mentioned the jujube tree and only drank once: "old thief, please go back!" At the sound, white pulp came out of the head and red water came out of the head. I could not live. Zheng en turned around and saw the woman. She was half dead. She couldn't move. She raised the jujube tree and tried her best to beat her into a flat uniform. She went to the hell like a Taoist.

Dong Da's wife, Wang Shi, is called feituhu. Because he is born beautiful and has great ability. If he gambles with others, he will lose his hand when he gets to the point where he can't get rid of it. So Tong Da is married to his wife. The man from far and near will give him the good name. At that time, I was sleeping in the middle of the room and clothes. In my sleep, I heard the shouting and woke up suddenly. He got up and went to the crack of the board. There was a black man standing in the room. He beat his mother-in-law. Then he saw a big red faced man coming to help. "No, there are thieves!" he cried. He conveniently took a sharp wind throwing knife from the knife rest, opened the door, jumped over, and looked at Kuangyin's block head. Kuangyin didn't pay attention to it. In a flash, he saw a sharp blade flying. He was unprepared. He flashed back and let it pass. When I looked up, I saw that it was a woman, and I was ready to return to the enemy. Wang's heart was furious when he saw that he couldn't cut it, and his hand was again cut. Kuangyin picks up the stick, picks it up, makes a sound, and drops the throwing knife to the ground. Wang was just in a panic. He was about to fly his right foot and look at Kuangyin kicking him. However, Kuangyin had already swept down the shensha stick, which was not correct. He had knocked Wang down to the ground. Zheng en saw it, rushed forward, put the jujube tree hard for a while, hit it hard, and still slept with his clothes.

Only the room was full of Shouts. Those men, women, old and young, seeing this scene, had no good intention. They thought about escaping their lives and running in disorder. Where would you like to put them? One in front, one in back, one beat, like wind and cloud, rain and leaves. Zheng en ran into the middle hall again, took out the lights, looked back and forth, counted the number, there were twenty-four men and women, met some angry, and flattered a few jujube trees. Again, Kuang Yin searched all the rooms with him, and there was no one there. Search to that fly leg fox room, see to put the things such as cupboard of cage only. Zheng Enlu opened the cage and saw that there was a lot of silver. He called out, "second brother, come and pack up some silver to make money." Kuangyin said: "my third brother, I have all this money, so I don't need to be thoughtful. How can I and you take it in disorder? Now that the great evil has been cut off, why bother? Take advantage of this. " Zheng en was willing to listen. He found a pair of red silk trousers, filled them with silver, tied them around the waist, and tied the two trousers to each other in the future. The package stopped, carried them on his shoulder, picked up the date tree, and then left.

Kuangyin holds the shensha stick and strides out of the store, looking west. As soon as I heard that the Golden Rooster announced the dawn, the stars were sparse and the two were busy. I rushed to a cemetery and saw Chai Rong sleeping inside. Kuangyin woke up and told these things again. Chai Rong was full of joy and said: "in addition to the great harm caused by this hero, the two wise men also have great merits and virtues. They are kind to their descendants. Let's take advantage of today's light and go early. Let's not put it here and make trouble again. " "Wait a minute," said Zheng. "Yuezi didn't close his eyes all night. He was tired of strength. He slept in the cemetery for a while. He would not be too late to leave." After that, I lost the jujube tree, put the silver in the pants on the umbrella car, turned over, and lay on the altar stone, but I fell asleep. Chai Rong and Kuang Yin had to sit on the stone and take a nap. No mention.

And Dong Da had a sister named Mei Ying, who was eighteen years old and was not fit for people. She was born with a beautiful figure. Since childhood, I have studied in jiupan cave, jiupan mountain. I have learned the skills of bow and horse, martial arts, fighting bravely with thousands of lilies. I can also cut grass for horses and kill beans to become soldiers. Dong Dazhan is a girl with strong magic power, so she goes against the law and takes over the official area. On that day, Dong Meiying went to Dongzhuang to celebrate his birthday with his girl. She stayed for the night and didn't go home, so she stayed at home. In the early morning, I was about to thank you for coming home. Suddenly I saw about twenty or thirty disabled family members who had been defeated. They rushed to the villa and met Meiying. They cried together and said, "girl, it's no good, it's a disaster!" Dong Meiying was shocked and asked, "what's the trouble? You are waiting for Zhang Huang? Say it and I know it. " All humanity: "our eldest brother was refused to pay taxes by two murderers, so he fought with him. If he didn't fight, he was defeated at home. The murderer then came to lodge. The Lord and the LORD made a plan to avenge him. Somehow, he left and escaped. Therefore, I followed up with all of us. Unexpectedly, I was killed by the murderer. We couldn't fight him again, so we had to run back. Yu Lu beat and listened to the master, the wife, the men, the women, the children, and killed as many people as possible. Therefore, I come to inform you that I hope you will decide. "

Dong Meiying listened to this speech, as if she was a thunderbolt in the clear day, scared to death, cried out, fainted to the ground, left and right for first aid, woke up for a while, and cried loudly: "where's the murderer who hurt my parents, brother and sister-in-law, an old and young family, to the utmost. How can we not avenge this mountain like sea? I swear I will take this thief and cut a thousand knives before I hate him! " Say and cry. The girl advised from the side. Where will the United States and Britain listen? While crying, he paid for the horse. It turned out that he had a package of weapons, which he always took with him and was always on guard. At that time, he opened the package, took out the cloak, and finished his whole body. He said goodbye to the girl in tears, holding a pair of knives and riding a flower horse. He told the defeated soldier Ding to lead the way and left Dongzhuang immediately. He also took a handful of soybeans and firewood from the brocade bag, looked at the sky and scattered them. With that truth, he became a myriad of people and horses, and pursued to the south. When they arrived at the cemetery, Zhuang Bing saw the three men napping there and cried together, "OK, OK, these murderers are here." Everyone shouted and surrounded a cemetery. It is:

Skirt hairpin is capable of avenging her father and brother.

Now Dong Meiying's pea grass horse surrounded the cemetery. First, I woke up Chai Rong and opened my eyes. I was scared and scared. I was at a loss. I hurriedly pushed Kuang Yin: "wake up, brother! How can we get out when we are surrounded by people and horses? " Kuangyin is now in the middle of the fog. I heard that. Suddenly, I woke up, opened my eyes, looked around and said, "no!" Push Zheng en with your hand, even several times, never wake up again, had to hit that leg. Zheng en, startled by his sleep, cried out, "who plays the music? Yue Zi is meeting a very good friend here. Please enjoy the good wine and meat. How can you make this match and wake us up? Music needs to work hard with him. " Kuang Yin said with a smile: "third brother, you are still talking about these dreamwords because you are so sleepy. Let's see. We have been calculated and surrounded by people and horses. How can you make an idea? " Zheng en listened, rubbed the tiger's eyes, opened them, climbed up, stretched out his waist, raised the jujube tree, and cried: "second brother, forgive these people, what can I do for you? We just need to hit the donkey ball and get it. Kuang Yin said, "not bad." Even if you hold the shensha stick, you will come out together. Zheng en went ahead and saw Dong Meiying long ago. Then he called out again: "second brother, do you see what we are talking about? What are the three heads, six arms and ruthless people who come to fight? They are a delicate girl doll. They are afraid of him." Kuangyin is also a look, as expected, a good woman, dressed in enchanting beauty, with murderous force. How can it be seen?

Kuang Yin looked at it and shouted, "who is your name, that woman? Look at your age. What are you capable of? Then I dare to lead the army around us and find my own way. " When Dong Meiying saw it, she was filled with anger and shouted, "bully thief! Don't try to sleep in your dream. I'm Dong Meiying, the brother-in-law of Mr. Dong. I have a lot of enmity with you. I killed my elder brother and killed my parents and a good and humble family. Hate with the sea, pain into the heart, so I personally come to take your group of thieves, broken corpses, revenge with my father and brother, then eliminate my hate! " Say, clap peach blossom war horse, swing open willow leaf steel knife, look at Kuangyin and then chop. Kuangyin returns shensha's stick and staff to each other. The two men were killed on the spot, fighting in one place. There were more than 20 matches, regardless of victory or defeat. Next to Zheng en, angry, a big drink: "splash mother-in-law, music and you desperately." Swing up the jujube tree and come forward to help. Dong Meiying had no fear at all, so she opened a pair of sabres like a windmill. She parried back and forth, moved left and right, and saw only the flash of light, not the body.

In the middle of the battle, Kuang Yinmeng cried out, "three younger brothers, you keep the elder brother ahead. I'll make a decision with this bitch." Zheng en heard that he stopped the jujube tree and ran to Chai Rong. He called out, "elder brother, the second brother told us to go ahead. He ended up with the girl doll and then came." Chai Rong is panicking. I'd like to hear that. But he doesn't care about the umbrella car. He follows Zheng en and leaves. Zheng en broke the road first, raised jujube trees and beat them at the top price, which ensured Chai Rong to break through the encirclement and go to the south like flying. Dong Meiying is at war with Kuang Yin and Zheng en here. The black man is missing. He peeks south. He is the same person and runs away.

As the United States and Britain fought against Kuang Yin, they silently recited the truth, looked at the South with their hands, and then shouted: "disease!" I saw the pea grass people, breathing and looking south to catch up, and then I made another circle, and surrounded Chai Rong and Zheng en. Zheng Enxin angrily said: "how dare you come to die again when the donkey ball enters?" Raised the jujube tree, looked around to hit, hit once, and refused to retreat. It turns out that although these people and horses are only surrounded by one circle, they are also weird. If you beat them, you won't do anything. If you scold them, you won't talk back. They just pretend to be powerful. It's just caused by magic and help people to show their power. At present, Zheng en looked at it, wondering for a long time. He straightened his head, closed his little eyes on the left, opened his big eyes on the right, and looked carefully. He didn't realize that there was a flaw. He called out, "brother, don't be afraid. These encircles, not real people, have turned that bean and grass into something." Chai Rong didn't know why, so he asked, "my third brother, it's clearly a man and a horse. How can I call him changed by beans and grass?" Zheng en said: "I didn't know that those soybeans and firewood became so many people. You can't see them, but you can see the music. It's the trick that Dong Meiying used to frighten the fun. Elder brother, don't be afraid of him. He will be destroyed immediately. " Look, officer, Dong Meiying is a demon of sorcery. How can Zheng en break her eyes? At that time, when we saw the flaws, we immediately went back to the original. All of a sudden, those people and horses still showed beans and firewood on the ground. Chai Rong just understood. Zheng en said, "let's not go. It's not good to wait for the second brother to come and go together." Chai Rong said, even if you wait. No mention.

In addition, Dong Meiying and Kuangyin fought against each other in a war of forty or fifty years, but they were not superior. After fighting again for a long time, the United States and Britain suddenly put their two swords on Kuangyin's shensha stick and said, "live, I have words to ask you." Only because of this question, there are different religions: one kind of infatuation, leaving the flesh and bones disabled, is willing to be a good match between the Qin and Jin Dynasties; all kinds of ugly, delusional of the hero's appearance, how to control the enemies of Wu and Yue. It is:

I don't know what Dong Meiying has to say. Let's see later.

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