By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"In the 13th chapter of the whole story of flying dragon, Chai Jungui suffers from excessive disasters. Zheng Ziming is authorized to deliver goods."

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第13回 柴君贵过量生灾 郑子明擅权发货

Poetry says:

It said that Zheng en lost the silver in his pants and began to search for the umbrella. It didn't affect him. "What are you looking for?" Chai Rong asked. "Big brother, can you see the silver in the pants?" Zheng said. Chai rongdao: "when the silver was not out of the shop outside the wooden bell pass, you put the quilt cover on the car all the time. Why do you ask me now?" Zheng en took the umbrella out of the bag again and looked for it carefully. There was no trace of it. He was so worried that he was furious and shouted, "no, I lost my money. I don't know when I was stolen by the donkey ball!" When Chai Rong heard this, he jumped up and said, "black thief, I asked you to put the silver under the middle and hold down the umbrella. You twist your heart and put it on top. You are safe and say you will receive care. But now you have lost it. What is your care? " Zheng en didn't listen to this, but he was angry. He pursed his lips, kept his mouth open, and frowned. He said, "what do you say about the eldest brother, Lao Chai? Music in front of the drag, you push away in the back, music and no eyes behind, good to see, you do not see in the back, you think, this photo should be your, should be music? I don't want to be careful. Instead, I complain about being happy. I kill people with unyielding spirit! " Chai Rong said angrily, "you black thief, because you are so stubborn about your ideas that you won't listen to my words, you have lost the silver gently. Instead, I blame you. You think, this is clearly your own business, but to make noise to me, how can I obey you? " Zheng en listened and spat at Chai Rong and said, "you're a stupid guy who doesn't know the truth. You just say these cursing words and complain about the music. It can be seen that it is not easy to get these silver. It took a lot of fun and effort to get the money. My second brother, who has benevolence, righteousness and love, doesn't want to do anything. He will make the cost of selling umbrellas with you. Who knows that you are poor and lucky, and you have not been made to be useful. Not to blame their own low, but to blame the music did not care. You are such an unreasonable person, and you have great power to have fun. Can I talk to you again? " Said, iron green face, sit out, just sigh.

After listening to this speech, Chai Rong felt speechless, bowed his head and sighed, and thought to himself, "Zheng's words seem reasonable, but I am not. I blame him for his worse." He had to say: "three younger brothers, I don't need to say now. It's because the fate of elder brother Yu is so low that he is suffering from this strange thing. But if you want to find it again, it's hard to say. We plan for today, and put the quilt cover away, dust the umbrella, and then go to the hair shop. After the goods are finished, I'd better go to find your second brother to meet him. You don't have to be angry, come on. " Zheng en saw that Chai Rong was like this. He just turned to him and said, "big brother is not bad." So he put the quilt cover on the Kang, turned around and took off the umbrella with Chai Rong. He dusted off the dust one by one, showing the fresh color and counting. He still put it in the car and pushed it to the empty room in the outer compartment.

Seeing that it was going to be late, they were busy and hungry again. Chai Rong asked the waiter to clean up the porridge. Zheng en said: "elder brother, how can this soup be filled with hunger? Little brother, you can put on ten catties of pasta and roll out a wok of noodle soup, which will satisfy both of my brothers. " Chai rongdao: "well, my second brother, you have porridge to cook, and you have bread to make. You can do whatever you like." Small two way: "Chai guest officer, you have suffered a lot in my shop. Don't you know that there is only one pot stove in our shop? How to make two kinds of food? It's better to rely on this hacker, hit the cake soup on it, and eat it in your stomach. You can also bear hunger. " Zheng en listened and said happily: "little brother, why are you so smart? As a person, we are happy with you. Go and get in quickly. We'll take advantage of it. " As the saying goes, "the man who sells rice is not afraid of the big belly." The waiter could not wait for this, so he followed Zheng en's idea and agreed to go out. He cleaned up, made two plates of pancakes, rolled out a pot of noodle soup, and then sent it to the guest room and spread it on the table. Zheng en saw, only happy heart flower open, eyebrow eye smile Yang, said: "good, good." As he spoke, he picked up his chopsticks, regardless of whether Chai Rong ate them or not, or whether the hot soup was hard to swallow. He was like a wolf eating a tiger swallowing it. He would like to shop and sip, eat a cake and drink a soup. It didn't take half an hour for me to eat the dish, and then I put down my chopsticks and cried, "brother, why don't you eat such a good thing?" "When you have enough, I will eat," said Chai. Zheng en said, "big brother, you used to quarrel." Barking: "waiter, you can add more noodle soup, put on some good cakes and come in, wait for our big brother to use." Small two listened to, neck a shrink, tongue a stretch, thought to oneself: "what quantity is this black guy hiding?" It's really a Nang food bag to see that he ate the food of two people alone and called Tian. " In the shop, I beat two more plates of pancakes, rolled out a wok of soup, and sent them in. "Big brother, I can eat some now," Zheng said. Chai Rong smiled and said, "OK, OK." Even if picked up chopsticks, took a cake, filled a soup, slowly eat. After eating only two cakes and two bowls of soup, he put down his chopsticks. Zheng en said: "elder brother, how can you stop eating such a good thing just a little?" Chai rongdao: "you are too young to eat any more because you are full." When Zheng en saw that he would not eat, he picked two big cakes and filled another bowl of soup. He sent them to him and needed him to eat. Chai Rong had no choice but to endure enough, and reluctantly added. The rest of the cake soup was wrapped by Zheng en. So he called waiter to clean up the dishes.

At this time, it was dusk. The two brothers cleaned their beds and Kang, and both of them had a rest. Zheng en's food was full of hope, but he had nothing to worry about. When he was lying on the Kang, he felt a dream of snoring. I don't want Chai Rong to eat a small amount of food. After eating more of these two cakes, he will suffer a lot when he sleeps on the Kang. He also thought about Zheng's large amount of grace, the large supply fee, and the pain in his stomach. Listen to that outside. It's raining again. I think about tomorrow's goods. They can't be delivered. Add to this melancholy, toss and turn, where can sleep? I listened to Zheng en's good sleep again, but I heard him moaning and saying a lot of dreamwords in his mouth. It's really unhindered. I fell asleep peacefully and sighed: "you see my bad luck, I've wasted this guy's company and met something, only because of my rudeness and no negotiation. Apart from these two items of eating and sleeping, I don't know one of them. I don't care at all. It's really annoying." Therefore, he added this worry and sullen feeling. He didn't feel that the Qi was wrapped in food, and the Qi was fighting against the food. The Qi and the food were attacking each other. The hair was heavy and the eyes were fainting. His heart was burning like a charcoal fire. He called and groaned all night. How could he ever close his eyes?

At dawn, Zheng en even got up and cried: "elder brother, you can see that the sky is clear, but there is some rain. Get up quickly. When it's not raining very much, go to the store and take off the goods, collect all the accounts, and go back very early, so that you can meet our second brother. Don't delay the day. " When Chai Rong heard this, he expected to sit up. However, he was dazzled and couldn't catch him. After a while, he struggled there. Zheng en said: "do you think elder brother is a little impatient? This might as well, the waiter can roll out some soft noodle soup, eat a few bowls, and guarantee it. " Chai rongdao: "third brother, I only ate a few more pancakes last night. My stomach stopped. I got this disease. How can I eat again? If there is hot water, please come and have a sip. " Zheng ensui asked the waiter to boil a pot of hot water and sent Chai Rong to take a few bites. He was still lying on the Kang and could not help humming.

Zheng en doesn't have a theory. He takes Chai Rong's silver bag to his waist and bumps it into the neighborhood. See the hotel, even if buy some wine and food to fill the intestines, eat eight points of wine, and then come back. That Chai Rong is on Kang hot extremely faint, lips throat dry, cry: "three younger brothers, if have cold water, want some to sip." I cried and counted, but I didn't agree. Turning over and looking out, I saw Zheng en coming into the room, standing indeterminate, swinging his body, saying: "good wine, good wine! There's no more fun. " When Chai Rong saw it, he was annoyed. If he wanted to punish him, he could not help but bear it. It is:

Then Chai Rong called out again, "third brother, I'll take some cold water." Zheng en, who was drunk, asked the waiter to take a ladle of water. Chai Rong took a few sips and fell asleep. Zheng en was drunk and allowed to travel in his dream.

Since then, after about three or four days, Chai Rong's illness has become more and more serious. He had no choice but to cry: "third brother, you go to Yangfan store and ask a wise doctor to come and see what the pulse is like?" Zheng en, according to Yan, came out and said to the waiter. Little two went to invite a doctor, called Liu Yitie, who has a clear pulse and is effective in medication. Once there was the word "xijiangyue", praising his benefits.

Medical science has been passed down from generation to generation. It is difficult to find out the essence of life. Medicine according to the emperor and his subjects, money with no difference. The treatment of the disease is not empty flower. It's called Haijiao.

At present, the second child invited him to come home, extended into the guest room, and sat down in front of Chai Rongkang. Holding up three fingers, he examined his hands and six veins carefully, which he understood. He looked at the body again, but saw that the limbs were cold, the body was full of fever, the nostrils were blue, the face was swollen, the lips were dry and the mouth was dry, and the air was empty. He said: "your brother's health is a cold with air, and the situation is not light. It's reasonable to relax the Qi and eliminate the food. The most important thing is to be angry. If you are angry, you will not lose your life, but your illness will be cured. " Then I took two pieces of chaihusan, and the medicine case was written clearly: add the wick, bamboo leaf and ginger, use two pieces of water, and fry them until they are eight minutes warm. Write, and medicine delivery and store, told patients to be careful about maintenance, regulate qi and calm down. Chai Rong thanked him. He asked the shopkeeper to take a handful of Jianzi from the outside, weighed the silver around Zheng en into three coins, sealed it with paper, and sent it to Liu Yitie for the respect of medicine money. Liu then added, "take care." He said goodbye and went home.

The waiter then handed the baits to Zheng en and said, "guest Zheng, you can decoct it with your heart. It's eight points. Take it warm immediately. I'm too busy for company. " Zheng said, "music knows." Then he shakes the medicine in the pot, adds the medicine guide, and adds two clear water. When the charcoal in the stove is ready, he torments the medicine pot. Who knows Zheng en already had a little bit of alcohol at this time, drunk, blindfolded, guard once, don't sleep up, go to sleep. For about half an hour, I was shocked by my dream. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the medicine had been fried dry, smoking and stinking. Zheng en secretly fell and cried in his heart. There was no choice but to scoop out another clear water, add it to the medicine, fry it once, no matter what the score was, take it to Chai Rong and say, "get up and take the elixir." Chai Rongyang stood up, took the soup and medicine, drank them up, and cried out, "my third brother, is this medicine so dusty with money?" Zheng en said with a smile: "elder brother, don't you hear that doctor say, this medicine is called chaihusan, which naturally stinks a little. Now as long as the disease is good, what is the smell? " After that, he took the second tablet and fried it again. This time, Zheng en is really attentive. When it's fried enough, it's just eight minutes. I give it to Chai Rong and eat it. I still sleep well. No disease, no fever, no cure.

Zheng en doesn't care about it at all. He has no choice but to indulge in food and drink every day. He spends a lot of money and comes home drunk in the evening. He often talks about wine. When Chai Rong saw it, he couldn't say a word. He was so stuffy in his heart that he looked at it lightly all day long. It was as heavy as it was. Only because of the accumulation of Qi in the heart, there are worries and joys, so not only the medicine is ineffective, but also the fever turns to be heavy. Zheng en put it in his heart, and he only cares about Hu Si. One day, I got up early and had nothing to do with it. Suddenly I thought, "this jujube tree, Yue Zi has lost this wonderful thing all the way since he saved his second brother in shibawan, and beat the thief to defend himself. It's just that the thickness is not even and the bending is not good-looking. Now, taking advantage of my brother's illness and being free, why don't you take him out? He'll also have a good look and feel a bit of authority. " I made up my mind, took the jujube tree, walked out of the shop, walked all the way to the neighborhood, and found a wood shop, so I asked the craftsman to repair it. In an instant, it slipped into a big stick, glittering and lustrous, round, firm and upright. Zheng en took it in his hand and felt very suitable. He was very happy in his heart. Take out some silver at once, thank the craftsman, turn around and leave. On the way, I bought some wine and food, and when I was full, I slowly went back to the shop. I saw Chai Rong sleeping on the Kang in a daze. He didn't go to ask for greetings, but he put down his stick and went to the Kang. He turned over his body and slept happily. It is:

Since then, Zheng en has been walking around the neighborhood happily all day long. Within a few days, he had eaten up Chai Rong's bag of silver.

After about 17 or 18 days, Chai Rong was still in a state of illness. This morning, Zheng en got up and just wanted to go out. The waiter stopped him and said, "Zheng guest, please go out slowly. I have a message for you." Zheng en said, "what's the matter with the chest? Come on. " Small two way: "small person's foolishness, wants this edible room money, calculates this calculation, asks to send then. Here is the account book. The guest will look at it himself. Except for patients, it's only used by one guest. It's two yuan a day. It's eighteen days in total. It's enough to pay 326 yuan. I hope to see the benefits immediately, and thank you very much. " Zheng en said: "little brother, it's useless for you to settle accounts with Yue Zi. It's not too late when our elder brother is well." The waiter said: "guest, you should be considerate to me. I'm the one who runs a shop. How can I live on this life without land and house? How can I afford this long money? What's more, most of the food served to the guests every day is on credit. If you wait for your expensive man to pay back when he is ill, when can he be cured? It can be seen that at present, there is no rice pot, and even the villain's shop can't be opened. It's better to clear up the money first, and then take new measures; moreover, it's easy to serve the guests here. Is it not the best of both? " Zheng en thought for a moment and said, "little brother, although the money for this meal should be paid back to you, but our brother's money is mostly used up by fun. What's the matter?" The waiter said: "guest, you were really in a daze. Now you have rice hoard. You are willing to starve, but you don't harm yourself? When your silver is used up, the goods are still in use. Why don't you take off half of the umbrella of this car and pay me back the money for my meal? The rest will be used in the end. " Zheng en said, "little brother, your idea is not bad. Actually, you are very happy." After that, he went out with the waiter and said to the two shops. Then he took off half of his umbrella and got a total of twelve liang of silver. At that time, when I returned to the shop, I paid back three or twenty-six yuan for the meal, leaving more than eight Liang. Zheng enlie was at his waist to provide his own food and wine. In less than eight or nine days, it has already been used up, leaving only the body to be polished. However, Zheng en asked the waiter to remind him that he sold the umbrella. After eating the sweetness, he didn't use it, so he sold the umbrella goods. Within half a month, he made Mr. Wu you the umbrella of that half car. It's the fat in the mouth, the meat in the skin.

It's about forty or fifty days. When the silver and umbrella are sold out, Chai Rong's illness will be light, and gradually bright, and he can struggle a little. One day, Chai Rong asked the shopkeeper to come in and do the accounting. The waiter came in and said to Chai Rong, "chaike, this account doesn't have to be calculated any more, except that his younger brother has paid six or twenty-six yuan twice. He should only find me three or two, which is clear. Tomorrow is another day. " After hearing this, Chai Rong stayed for a while and thought to himself, "I'm sorry that he has used up a lot of money. Although he eats a lot and spends too much, it's just because of his Decoction and service. " I had to say to the shopkeeper: "in this case, if you are bothered to invite the shopkeeper's shop, I will send the goods to you face to face and take in all the money, so that I can find your money and room money. We also have to go back to the countryside for business." After hearing this, the shopkeeper's face turned red and white, but he didn't do anything about it. He just stared at Zheng en and nodded. That Zheng en is also flustered rubbing hands to linger, looking at the shopkeeper. The two looked for a long time, but they didn't notice. Zheng'en thought with a low head: "it's over. Yue Zi only cares about his own use. He shouldn't take off his umbrella without telling brother. Now he has to talk to him." After a while, he could not hide the truth, but cried out: "brother, your umbrella was going to be taken off, but it was fun to sell it for you." When Chai Rong heard this, he was as shocked as a thunderbolt in the middle of the air. He asked hurriedly, "third brother, you don't know the price. How did you lose your hair? How much silver did you sell? I'll see the number. " Zheng en said: "to tell you the truth, Yue Zi is sick. It's light to put off the day here, but it's not enough to spend the silver in his stomach every day. Therefore, it's not worth a penny."

When Chai Rong heard this, he shouted, "kill me in the pit!" I fell down, closed my eyes, fainted for half an hour, woke up, spit out turbid phlegm in my mouth, shed some clear tears in my eyes, and said: "I cart and sell umbrella, hoping to take advantage of some small profits, and have the right to support myself. Unfortunately, he was ill in the shop and suffered for many days. I feel that I'm a little better now. I'm thinking about delivering goods. Who wants all the silver and umbrellas out of the sky, especially Bentley? I'm so desperate that I'm helpless. How can I go back home? " Say, it is tears again. The waiter was beside the shop and was very upset. He had to advise him: "you don't have to be angry, chaike. This wealth is earned by people. It's used up today, but it's still full tomorrow when you start business. Where are the goods on hand, not for sale and use, and willing to suffer? If you are ill, you will be better. It's important to take care of your health. How can you do anything to get angry? ZHENG Ke was born upright. Although he sold his capital, he was loyal to you. He was no better than others. Villain advised you not to be angry and reconciled. Even if you owe me a couple of accounts, it's a small matter. You just need to pay me back next time. I'll stay for a few more days. I don't want any money for this room. You can take care of yourself without worrying. " That small two advised one time, consciously embarrassed, only push outside something, goodbye.

Chai Rong had to explain himself and sighed, and his anger gradually disappeared. Looking at Zheng en, he pounced his big mouth like a fire pot and was angry there. Chai Rong had nothing to do but cry out: "third brother, don't be upset. If you want to come to these changes, it's my destiny. What should I say about him? Now I have something to discuss with you. " Zheng en also put down his anger and replied, "brother, the umbrella has been sold out and the money has been used up. There are only two naked bodies, Yue Zi and brother. What else can we discuss?" Chai rongdao: "even so, I have a way to consult with you." Only because of this discussion, there are different teachings: eating, eating, eating and eating, and paying off the debt of the mouth and stomach; when the times are good, the disaster of the bed table is all over. It is:

I don't know what Chai Rong has to discuss. Let's see later.

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