By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 18th chapter of the whole story of flying dragon sells Huashan for thousands of years and leaves a trace to Jingniang's great reputation"

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第18回 卖华山千秋留迹 送京娘万世英名

Word yue:

As for Zhao Kuangyin, who was playing chess with the old man in Huashan Mountain, Xiyue, he didn't want to lose three sets in a row. For a while, he had to rely on it. Instead, he was told by the Supervision Bureau many words that didn't hurt and didn't itch. He was so angry that he didn't dare to speak. He knew that his feelings were deficient and he could not fight for strength, so he had to say: "just, just! Only when I play money to throw a black stink. You don't have to say much. When I go down the mountain to the temple of the sacred pill and get the money to send me away, I will also pay for it. " The old man said: "gentleman, don't tell me what you are talking about. How can I know that it's the view of divine pill? If you coax me away and don't know your name and residence, where will you ask me to look? Win or lose depends on the size of the square inch. It's here to develop. " Kuang Yin said, "well, I'm bothered to see the Lord take it for me." Once I look back, I can't see Chu Yuan. I can't see him either. At this time, I can't walk and leave. I can't rely on it. I'm so anxious that I just rub my hands and wander my feet. I have no idea. The old man said angrily: "we are playing chess here. Who wants you to talk more? And then he tried to win. After losing three hundred silver, he deliberately pretended not to give it. He wanted to regret it. If someone is afraid of you elsewhere, I don't need to count you. If you refuse to give silver, you may as well kowtow and walk around. You should just buy a sparrow and let it go. " In this sentence, Kuang Yin was so ashamed that he felt angry. He wanted to fight and was afraid of being known. He said that I bullied the old people and had to bear the anger. The supervisor said: "red faced gentlemen, we are all righteous in winning or losing chess. If you do not bring money or any pledge, leave one, and then go and get the money, so that you do not fight. " Kuang Yin said: "you are an old man, and you have no vision. I am a passer-by. Do you have the authority? He is not worth three hundred liang of silver, even if he has clothes all over his body. " The old chess player said: "who wants your clothes? I don't care what kind of Dragon Robe you have. What kind of real estate and land do you have? Write down a villa and me before you agree. If there is no industry, or refers to a road, or a famous mountain, a sale agreement, even if it. " Kuang Yin listened and thought: "as the saying goes:" there is no ambition in the year, there is no ambition to live a hundred years. " Which family do you think has a big mountain road? At such an old age, he turned out to be a fool. I'll be with him. " Said: "old man, since you want a big mountain, I'll write about this Huashan Mountain to you." The old man said, "I'm about to write about your Huashan Mountain." Kuang Yin said, "it's inconvenient for paper and pen. You can take them for use." The old man said: "who has the time to pick up the paper and pen? No matter what kind of stone, just a few words. " Kuangyin listened to it, and then he laughed to himself, "I'm really a fool. How can I calculate the evidence when I have written on the stone?" Then he took a look. Before meeting, there was a precipitous and dangerous peak, on which he could row. Then he picked up a piece of stone and asked the old man his surname. The old man said, "the old man's surname is Chen." Kuangyin then made a line to the stone wall:

Zhao Kuangyin of Tokyo, for lack of money to use, is willing to sell a Huashan to Chen surname, saying that the price is three hundred liang of silver. It will always be Chen's business without any tax. Fearing no proof, Shishan personally sold the deed as evidence.

Kuangyin finished the sales contract, and the God of the mountains saw that the real man sold Huashan, leaving his handwriting. Who dares not to abide by it? The White Road on the stone was changed into black characters, which were more brilliant than those written in ink. At this time, Kuangyin only acted as a children's play, but cajoled expediency. Who knows later Chen Qiao mutiny, ascended big treasure, this Huashan land Mu money and grain, do not receive cent. At the time of Zhenzong, it was said that Chen Tuan, a recluse of Huashan Mountain, was a man of the way. He sent his emissary to the capital for recruitment, hoping to earn a lot of money. Chen Tuan should not. The way of Zhenzong's anger and responsibility: "all rivers and mountains are under the control of the emperor, and no barren mountains and old ways are allowed to sleep." Chen Tuan smiled and said, "Jiangshan was originally under the control of the emperor. It was sold to lie down with the old road of barren mountain." Then, he cited the emperor Taizu's autograph to sell the contract. The Chinese envoy had to reply to the imperial edict. Zhenzong heard that he was sold by his ancestors. He could not bend him, so he had to let him lie high. This is a postscript, not mentioned in the table.

Just say Kuang Yin finished the sales contract. Look carefully. At the beginning, it was Bai lu'er. In an instant, it became a black character. He was shocked and threw the stone pieces in his hands. Stop talking back to the old man, raise your eyes to see Chu Yuan, and ask, "where is Xianlong?" Chu Yuan said, "because I was thirsty, I would like to have a drink of spring water by the stream, so I'd like to excuse you." Kuang Yin said, "where is the master? Let's go and join soon, so that we can go down the mountain. " Chu Yuan pointed out, "this is a tutor." Kuangyin was shocked and said: "how can I make a teacher? Xiaoke almost missed it. " After that, I will hold the worship of my disciples. Where is the old man? After a long time, I used to do the guest host ceremony. And he also spoke with the superintendent. Kuangyin then asked the old man's name and name. The old man said, "my family name is Chen, my name is Tuan, my name is Xiyi. I don't know your name is Gao. Kuang Yin said: "Yu Xia surnamed Zhao, Kuang Yin, Yuen Long." Chen Tuan said: "it turned out to be Mr. Zhao in Tokyo. I've heard a lot about his reputation. I'm very lucky to see him today. How dare you play chess against me? Don't worry about how much you offend. The handwriting on the stone is indecent. You can wipe it off. Don't leave it. " Kuangyin is really going to rub the past, who knows that the darker it gets, just like the printing plate. The old man of the Bureau said, "don't bother to stay here and make a monument." Kuang Yin only joked, where he knew that this was indeed true, and the words of Huashan still vaguely exist.

Kuang Yin called out at that time: "Xianweng, I heard that the disciples called Yang Dafa and promoted each other. If you are foolish enough to be honest and point out the future, you will be very lucky. " Chen Tuan said: "don't listen to the words of the disciples. Where can I get them? I have a Taoist friend. He looks very good. He's over there. " Kuang Yin looked back and saw that the two old men had become a breeze and suddenly disappeared, only one of them was on the ground. Kuang Yin picked it up and looked at it carefully. He saw what it said:

Kuangyin read the invitation several times, only to understand the first half of the words, the second half did not understand its meaning. Then he hid tier beside him, saying that Chu Yuan said, "I am really an immortal. I am lucky to meet you! It's just that I lost three games of chess, but I was made to laugh. " Chu Yuan said, "how dare the teacher make fun of me when I see negative things occasionally?" After that, they went down the mountain together with Kuang Yin. Back to the temple, it was late, and daotong gave them a night meal. They used it and rested.

The next day, Kuangyin had to pack. Chu Yuan said: "you are not well enough to travel far away. You have to keep him for a few more days before you go." Kuangyin saw Chu Yuan's sincerity and had to stay.

After a few days, my body was as good as before. This day, Chu Yuan was absent, sitting alone and bored. He walked around the palace and walked at his own pace. When I came to the back, I saw that it was a calm place, but there was a small hall with a locked door and no one there. Kuangyin had a look around and was about to turn back. Suddenly, he heard the faint cry in the palace, which was very sad. Kuang Yin listened carefully, but it was the voice of a woman. He thought to himself, "there is something strange about this. This is where the family comes from. Why is this woman hiding in it? There must be a reason. " Fang wanted to turn around and saw Chu Yuan come back. Kuangyin sees, the fire sends the heart to be anxious, the gas rushes to ask: "what person is the lock inside this palace?" Chu Yuan saw and asked, shaking his hands hurriedly. "Don't mind your own business, young man." Kuangyin listened to it, and was so furious that he shouted, "how dare a monk hide a woman when he is quiet and has nothing to do with the world of mortals?" Chu Yuan said, "how dare I? Since ancient times, monks and customs are irrelevant. I always advise you not to do much to avoid future troubles. " Kuang Yin said angrily, "since you are in this illegal thing, how can you still hide your ears and steal the bell, and want to hide me from you? I, Zhao Kuangyin, though I accept your hospitality, is only a small favor. If we don't know how to deal with such things, it's not what the eldest husband did. "

When Chu Yuan saw Kuang Yin's anger, it was hard to conceal his quantity, so he said: "you don't have to be angry, young master. If there is a secret, it's really not related to our view. I'll let you report it to him. This woman is two famous resounding horses: one is Zhang guanger, the other is Zhou Jin. She didn't know where she came from. She sent it here a month ago, so that we could watch it with him. If there is any difference, we should kill him. For this reason, I am afraid of misfortune and have to accept it. I look forward to your detailed investigation. " Kuang Yin said, "I see. Where are the two resounding horses now? " "Chu Yuan said:" he put the woman, and went to other places to do business. Kuang Yin said: "I really don't believe you. Since the strong man has captured this girl, he must be greedy for her color. He is willing to commit adultery and immorality. He has sent her here, but he has grown up in the same way? Now I will not talk with you much, but I will open the door of the temple and call the woman out, and I will ask myself for details. "

Chu Yuan had no choice but to ask daotong to take the key and open the door. The woman listened to the sound of unlocking, and admitted that she was a strong man coming in, crying more and more. Kuangyin saw that the door of the temple had been opened, and stepped into it with one foot. He saw that the woman was hiding behind the Shinto. Kuangyin raised his eyes and looked at it carefully. He was really beautiful.

Kuangyin comforted: "I'm no better than those who are prostitutes. Don't panic. Come and tell me your hometown and name. Who brought you here? If there is any injustice, I will save it with you. " Seeing Kuang Yin's asking, and seeing that her appearance was not vulgar, she knew in her heart that she was a good man. She turned around and said to Kuang Yin how blessed she was. Kuangyin returned the ceremony. With tears on her face, the woman opened her lips and asked, "what's your last name?" Chu Yuan replied, "this is the son of Tokyo Zhao." The woman said: "my son, my family name is Zhao, and my name is Jing Niang. I live in Xiaoxiang village, Jieliang County, Puzhou. I am seventeen years old. Because he came to Xiyue with his father to return the incense, two horses robbed me and sent me here. Let father go back. These two strong men don't know where they are going. " Kuang Yin said, "how did you rob me and send you here?" Jingniang said: "when I was captured, I heard that the two strong men were fighting for each other. Then one said, "shall I hurt the brotherhood for this woman? It's better to kill so as not to quarrel. " That one way: "isn't it a pity to kill? It's better to send it to the Shendan temple. Let's look for another one, get together and get married on the same day. " It has been negotiated and decided by the two parties. After a month, they have not returned. " Kuang Yin said, "can the people in the temple come to play tricks?" Jingniang said: "I haven't seen a face of one person in the past month. I can live in the front line and block here all day long. Only the dry food left by the strong man can satisfy the hunger. I am in the mood to eat it? " After saying this, I did not feel sad. My tears were like beads.

Kuang Yin saw it, and was very sad, and said: "Jingniang, you are a good family woman, who was robbed and captured for no reason, but fortunately you were not polluted by him. I am destined to meet you now. I will save you from crying when you return to your hometown. " Jingniang said: "although I have inherited the beauty of my son and released my family from hukou, my hometown is thousands of miles away. How can I get there? This is a weak and lonely person. It's just a fight to death. I didn't want to live a life here. I was afraid that I tired the Taoist in the temple and died in vain. So how can I lose my life to humiliate my parents when this strong man comes and dies? " Kuangyin listened, greatly praised: "save people must save, I do not say thousands of miles, send you back." Jingniang heard that she bowed down and said, "if you do this, you will be born again." Chu Yuan stopped and said, "let's live, young man. Although you are so enthusiastic today that you have saved this woman, it's a temporary act of righteousness and a beautiful talk for thousands of years. But when a strong man comes, ask me where I am going to be. Don't you involve the poor? This matter should be discussed. " Kuangyin said: "don't worry, Taoist priest, if the strong man doesn't come, just ask you if you want someone, you only say that Zhao Kuangyin opened the door of the palace and robbed them. He may not give up, to find me, call him all the way to Puzhou. It is not known if there is a narrow way to go and meet a strong man, so that both of them will die. " Chu Yuan said, "I don't know when you will start?" Kuang Yin said, "only tomorrow morning."

Chu Yuan then ordered Tongzhi to drink and Kuangyin to leave. When it's not long, have a drink. Just waiting to sit, Kuangyin said to Jingniang, "little lady, I have a word to tell you. I wonder if I can?" Jingniang said, "if you have any share, I will take the lead." Kuang Yin said: "it's a long way to Puzhou here. You can't get there overnight. You can't call it anything. It's not elegant to watch. I would like to take this banquet to make brother and sister with the little lady, so that I can go with you. I don't know what I want to do with you, little lady? " Jingniang said, "you are a noble official. How dare you pull high?" Chu Yuan said: "little lady, since we have to go together, it's proper that we should not be too modest." Jingniang said, "since you have this virtue, I have to obey you." Then he fell to Kuangyin and bowed down. Kuangyin returned the ceremony. Two people worship, Beijing Niang thanked Chu Yuan again. Chu Yuan prepared another table to drink alone with Jing Niang, and he sat down with Kuang Yin to drink, until he withdrew. Let the bedchamber and Jingniang sleep in peace, and sleep together with Kuangyin. It's a night off.

The next day, Chu Yuan got up to prepare breakfast, used it with Kuangyin and Jingniang, and prepared some dry food and travel expenses. Kuangyin then pretended to be a guest. Jingniang dressed up as a village girl, wearing a plate of snow hat, covering her eyebrows. He picked a horse from the strong man's exile and saddled it with a bridle so that Jingniang could ride it. "Jing Niang modestly way:" younger sister has tired en elder brother, how dare again occupy Zun to sit? Kuang Yin said: "you have always walked. You can't walk too long, and you have to walk freely. A virtuous sister does not have to be pushed. " Jingniang didn't dare to be bothered, so she had to ride. Kuangyin thanked Chu Yuan, took his luggage, held shensha stick in his hand, walked with him, left Shendan temple, and looked forward to Puzhou. It is:

In the road trip, not a day, to Fenzhou Jiexiu County outside a hillock, there is a small shop there. Kuang Yin saw that the sky was going to be late and the road ahead was bleak. He said to Jing Niang, "Xian Mei, it's getting late. I'm afraid there is no lodging in the future. If you don't have the right to spend the night here, what would you do tomorrow morning?" Jingniang said, "let me have your respect." Kuangyin then helped Jingniang get off the horse and entered the shop together. The shopkeeper took it in, picked up a clean room, settled down, and prepared the evening meal for use. Then he led the horse to the back trough for feeding. Kuangyin told Jingniang to close the door and go to bed first. He took shensha stick with him and made a tour around the room. There was about two more scenes. He just went to the outer wing room to open his luggage and sleep. I didn't realize that the East was white. Kuangyin got up and urged the store to arrange breakfast. My brother and sister had finished their meal and paid back the store money. Ask the shopkeeper to take the horse, help the mother of Beijing to take it, carry the luggage on her own, hold the shensha stick, and leave the shop.

After about ten miles, a pine forest was seen from afar, like a cloud of fire, which was very fierce. Kuang Yin called out, "sister Xian, look at the forest ahead. If you go there like this, someone will hide. Wait for brother first. If you meet a thief, you can only move forward if you find him. " Jingniang said, "brother en, you need to be careful." Kuangyin then left Jingniang behind and marched forward. It turns out that in the red pine forest, the ground rolls around to Tunza. There are forty or fifty subordinates under him. They look around, rob merchants and wait for beauties. This day, dozens of people were looking around in the middle of the forest. Suddenly, they heard the sound of their feet outside the forest. Then they went out and saw a red faced man, carrying a stick, breaking into the forest. Hurry to find a long gun, take a short stick, drill will come out, shout, Qiben Kuangyin. Kuangyin knows that he is a strong man. If he doesn't ask for reasons, he will fight with his stick. After playing for a long time, five or six subordinates had padded sticks. I ran into the forest and told Zhou Jin. That week, he took a pen gun, led his followers, ran out of the forest, and was bumping into Kuangyin. Each of them holds his weapon and fights with each other. About 20 minutes. Seeing that Zhou Jin won't win, he sifted the gongs and surrounded them. Kuangyin had no fear at all. He acted like a magic stick, like a golden dragon covering his body, a jade Python entwined his body, facing the stick, like autumn leaves turning the wind, approaching his body, like falling flowers to the ground. In a moment, he hit four stars and five scattered. That week into the cold, shooting chaos, was Kuangyin a club down. When the crowd saw that it was not the way, they shouted loudly and ran in disorder. Kuangyin saw that Zhou Jin had fallen into the dust, but he was not yet breathless. He made another stick, even if he whined. Turning around and missing Jingniang, I hurried to look around and saw that Jingniang had been surrounded by a group of followers to go through the red pine forest. Kuang Yin hurried to catch up and shouted, "don't be rude!" Then Luo sees Kuangyin coming after him, so he has to abandon Jingniang and run away. Kuang Yin did not chase after her, calling out, "Xian Mei is frightened." Jingniang said: "just now, two of them, like those who have followed Xiangma to Shendan temple, recognize me and say to the horse:" King Zhou is fighting with the guests, but I don't think this guest can fight with the king. Let's take you to King Zhang. " It's hard to get away. Thanks for your help. " Kuang Yin said: "Zhou Jin has been eliminated by me. I don't know where Zhang guanger is. " Jingniang said, "I only wish brother en didn't meet me."

It turns out that Zhang guanger is in Tunza, a mountain only ten miles away. He and Zhou Jin are divided into two parts. They are specialized in plunder and take care of each other. If there are beautiful women, they can get together to form a couple and get married. And said that the fleeing follower rushed to the mountain, reported to Zhang guanger: "king, it's not good! The woman who was sent from the temple of Shendan was carried by a red faced man. Just now, I passed through the red pine forest, and was stopped by King Zhou, fighting with the big man. The little ones robbed the woman again, but the big man came. The little ones had to come and report to the king. " Zhang guanger said, "where is king Zhou now?" "When the young men robbed the woman, King Zhou was fighting with the big man. Now they don't know where they are." Zhang guanger heard that he quickly brought a pair of knives, flew on the horse, followed dozens of followers, and slapped the horse and whipped it up, as if flying.

But Kuang Yin was walking with his mother in Beijing for more than ten miles. He only heard the cry from the back. When Kuang Yin looked back, he saw the robber leading his subordinates to come here. Kuangyin is Zhang guanger. He quickly holds the shensha stick and goes to meet the general. He drinks: "strong thief looks at the stick!" Zhang guanger dances two knives to fight Kuangyin. Kuang yinteng steps to the empty place to fight with guang'er. After more than 10 years of fighting, Kuangyin sold a flaw and let Zhang guanger cut it with one stroke. Even if he dodged, he would return with one stroke and hit his left hand. Guang'er is in pain. He loses his knife to the ground and goes back. Kuang yinfen comes to see the distance. He starts with his stick and beats Zhang guanger down. Poor two famous resounding horses, both died in one day. It is:

When all the minions saw that the king was dead, they shouted, but they had to leave. Kuangyin had a big drink and flew to catch up. There is a division of Education: a woman who knows her kindness wants to pay great virtue before she dies; a righteous husband deserves her reputation after her death. It is:

After all, how can I escape? Let's listen to the next chapter.

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