By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"In the 41st chapter of the whole story of flying dragon, Miao Xun decided to make a matchmaker with Yu Long Kuang Yin and Lian"

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第41回 苗训断数决鱼龙 匡胤怜才作媒妁

The word says:

When Zhao Kuangyin saw that Zheng en couldn't take a bath, he was suspicious. So he rode with Zhang and Luo to find out what the farmer said. He visited his name and residence. Then he said to Zhang and Luo, "two wise brothers, the elder brother has traveled all over guanxi. The king of the mountain has met many people, but the mother has never met him. If the daughter of the Tao family is young and ignorant and dare to seize my brother, I will meet him for a while now. With his great ability, if I meet Zhao Kuangyin, I'm afraid I can't support him. " Zhang and Luo said: "you can't make a mistake, brother. Since ancient times, there are heroes under heroes, and heroes behind them." If there is a risk of going there, what should we do? " Kuang Yin said: "well, why do you think twice? Let that daughter be born of bronze and iron, and I will stir up the world and give my life to fight with him. If I can't subdue him, I will swear not to be a man! " They couldn't speak, so they had to go together with Kuang Yin. No mention.

It is said that Tao long and Tao Hu had only one Taoist named Miao Guangyi who came to Yongning. They opened a life hall in the holy temple of naguan. They were lucky, unlucky and lucky. They reasoned that they were like gods. Therefore, both of them had to ask for forgiveness. This morning, I got up early, straightened my clothes, rode on a horse, took my children, went to that episode, and got off at the temple. When I entered the temple, I saw a pair of couplets on the two pillars under the East corridor, which said:

There is a signboard hanging under the eaves. There are many verses written on it. The two brothers look at it carefully and see that it says:

Tao Longdao: "brother, you can see that he boasts such a big story. He's so arrogant. What's the talent in his mind? I'll go in with you and ask him to figure it out, and I'll see how deep he is. " Tao Hu said, "my brother is right." Two slowly walked into the East corridor and came to the hall. There was a Taoist sitting on it. He was different from ordinary people, but he was:

Now the two brothers and Miao Guangyi had finished their rites, and they sat down separately. Tao long said, "I've long admired the immortals to calculate like a God, and my foolish brother came to ask for advice. Please don't hesitate to give me instructions. It's lucky to be frank. " Miao Guangyi said: "I infer according to reason, and talk straight without error. Please have a look. " Tao long then writes two eight characters, delivers with the light righteousness. Guangyi put it on the table, first four columns, then five stars. It pushed the bitterness and withering of the first life, and the misfortune and auspiciousness of the last few years. After checking for a long time, he said to the two men, "I made two of them, and I envy them. The suspected Chunxuan was young and in power. Happy wife Gong Xianshu, with the old left Fang. But Zixi was hard, and he didn't let his knees go down. Long life, long life, may celebrate the summer. It's the best place for you to sit. Later, you have to take care of it. Kuang, I look at Zunxiang in detail. My face is red. There is a happy event in front of me. You can give me an hour, and I'll figure it out later, to see when it's time to launch. " Tao long casually reported the time. Guangyi meditated once and said, "please give me another time." Tao long reported another Yin Shi. Guangyi then combined with the five elements to search for the metaphysics and said, "Yin belongs to the tiger, and is located in the northeast of Gen; Gen is a mountain, and the mountain contains clouds and water. Chen belongs to the dragon, in the southeast of Sunda; Sunda is the wind, and tiger roars. The wood is full of life and the gold and water are mutually beneficial, which is a sign of the dragon and the tiger. Today, when the Lord is in the west, four dignitaries and two meet. You should go back to the mansion quickly to meet the noble people. You can't miss it. In the future, you will only be a man with a red face and long beard. Please remember that you don't need to delay. I'm sorry I won't send you. "

After hearing this, the two brothers seemed to believe it or not, so they had to send life money, bid farewell to go out, and set foot on the horse. Tao long called out at once: "brother, I think Miao Guangyi's destiny is right. Everyone says that his Yin and yang are right. Today, it's mostly nonsense: he says that he has a bright face, and that the Lord has a happy occasion; he says that when he meets a noble person, wealth is only on his red face and long beard. These words are nothing but deceiving. How can I get a letter? " Tao Hu said: "Why are you serious, brother? The circumstances of life, created in the eight characters, wishful thinking, is ultimately useless, but follow the principle, pay by the day is. " Tao long said: "the words of a good brother are reasonable." Between the two, driving horses, the day has hung West, has come to the village, looked up, only to see three horses in the village. Tao long watched carefully, and saw that the three people on the horse were all dignified and lofty. One of them was taller than the other two, with a face like rouge. Tao long was shocked to shake his head and spit out his tongue. He cried: "my dear brother, Miao Guangyi's Yin and yang are accurate. Look at this red horse rider, he is not different from what he said!" Tao Hu said: "elder brother, in my opinion, his character's clothes and saddle horse are different from ordinary people, and he is not a man of equal leisure. For today's plan, we don't care whether he is or not. We invite him home, treat him somehow, and ask him about his family background. Don't make sense. " Tao long nodded to say good.

Two get off the horse together and come to Kuangyin horse and ask, "where are the three distinguished guests from? Please offer tea in our village. " Kuang Yin is now living in the house and visiting panic. Seeing the two people coming to ask, he immediately replies, "your name, where are you? I have no contact with you. Thank you for your help. What can I do for you? " Tao long said: "the villagers are Tao long. His elder brother, Tao Hu, lives in this village. There's no other reason to condescend to have a talk. " Kuang Yin heard that Tao long and Tao Hu were the two of them. He said to himself happily, "people say that Tao brothers are good, they know the truth and empathy, and it's true. I'll go to his house and find out whether the third brother's news is true or not. " "Then said:" more generous, but not interference. Tao Longdao: "grass cottage and thatched house, humiliating your body." The two brothers walk to lead the way. Kuangyin and his three men ride with their horses. The Tao family's boy leads the master's horse to follow him and enters the Chuang Tzu together.

At the gate of the village, Kuangyin and his three men dismounted, humbled each other and moved in. Kuang Yin watched carefully. He had seen Zheng en bound by hemp rope, lying under the corridor with his eyes closed. Kuang Yin chuckled: "this black guy likes to attract disaster. Today, he also met his customers. He was asked to suffer some tribulations, but also to keep some trace." Then they looked at Zhang and Luo and lost their eyes. They taught him to wait until he suffered some more, and then they saved him. Five people all came to the hall. The ceremony was over. The guests sat down. Tao long asked Kuangyin's name. Kuangyin's surname is Xiang Guan, and the names of Zhang and Luo are mentioned one by one. Tao long listened to the great joy way: "originally three are all noble childe, the villagers do not know, causes many to be disrespectful." In a moment, an Tong delivers tea. The guests and the host finish using it. Tao long pays for the banquet and entertains the guests.

At that time, Zheng en was already listening in the hall. I dodged my eyes and looked up. I saw Kuang Yin and the three of them, but I didn't recognize brother Tao. Zheng en thought to himself, "it turns out that the second brother is related to him. I don't know what to call her. Now that he's here, how can he just talk and not save fun? I don't think he's seen it yet. If you want to call him an opening speech, you will feel embarrassed and hard to open your mouth; if you want to call him an opening speech, you will be bound all over and in pain. " After careful consideration, Kuang Yin and his brothers Zhang and Luo are sitting in the hall with each other, talking and laughing freely, which enlarges his courage. Then he pretended to be a hero, and opened his mouth to scold and said, "you donkey's ball, no matter how good or bad, tie the music here. If the music is taken off, and your lives are not alive, then you will see the means of music. " At the sound of shouting and scolding, Tao long looked up and saw a black man strapped to the ground under the corridor. He asked Zhuang Ding, "who is the man strapped under the corridor?" Zhuang Ding told him, "this guy is a melon thief. He was caught by the young lady and asked us to tie him here until the old man came back." After hearing this, Tao long shook his head twice and said, "I've advised him several times, but I'm not convinced of this. He ate some melons in this hot weather. What's worth? He was caught. " "Only because he beat the Duke, so the young lady caught him," said Chuang Ding. Tao long said: "there are many things. Please carry them with me. Don't disturb the nobles." Zhuang Ding was ordered to take Zheng en to the corridor and left.

Zheng enfang was in a hurry and shouted: "can you see that? It's our fun, fun. " Kuangyin listened to the call, then came down and cried, "brother, who tied you here?" Zheng en said, "it's a female baby donkey ball that binds the music here." Kuang Yin said: "brother, you are a big man. How can you be captured by a woman? I don't believe it. " Zheng en said, "second brother, you haven't tasted the girl's interests." Kuang Yin said, "what is the interest of this woman?" Zheng en said, "it's amazing! As soon as he started, he put the music on the ground and couldn't get up again, so he took it. " Kuangyin listened, pretended not to believe, even shook his head, had to cross examine him, refused to let him. Seeing the scene, Tao long listened to Kuang Yin's match with his brother. He thought it wasn't a bandit or a thief, so he came up and cried, "young master, is this your friend?" Kuang Yin said: "this is the younger brother of Xiayi. I don't know why it's tied here?" Tao long heard that he hurried to untie the tie, extended it to the middle hall, smiled, bowed and pleaded, "my elder sister is stupid and ignorant. She offended Hu Wei for a while, hoping to beg for forgiveness." Zheng was so ashamed that he could not speak a word. Kuang Yin explains for him.

At that time, there was a wine feast. Please sit on Kuangyin's four, and the two brothers will accompany each other. During the diplomatic relations, Kuangyin opened his mouth and asked, "where are your parents? Who else is there? " Tao Longdao: "both parents have passed away. Brother Yu is a farmer. There is only one younger sister, called Sanchun, who is eighteen years old and unfit. Since childhood, I love reading military books and learning martial arts. It's ridiculous to offend your friends because of your arrogant nature, not listening to the words of your brother and sister-in-law, fighting bravely and fighting against others. " Kuang Yin heard that he thought to himself: "Tao Sanchun is young and strong, good at martial arts, but she is a female middle husband. But I don't know how he looks. If there is a bit of beauty, just as Kuang Yi with his brother for wife, then he is a helper. I have to see each other before I can make a decision. " After thinking about it, he said to Tao long, "I have a word to tell you. Do you agree?" Tao long said, "if you have any respect, please give me a word, and I will listen to you." Kuang Yin said: "I'm going to visit Guanxi and make friends with heroes. I've heard that my younger sister is excellent and brave in martial arts. I've learned a lot about her. I'm also a hero among the girls. I can't wait to hear from you. Would you like to see me, please? Tao long said: "you can't do anything else, but you have to discuss it with the elder sister and let her go." Say, go to the inner hall.

Then Sanchun asked the servant girl in the room, "who are you drinking with in the front hall? Did the melon thief ever grow up? " The servant girl said, "the thief was let go as soon as he came in, but he was asked to sit down and make an offer of wine." When Sanchun heard this, his heart was burning and his mouth was smoking, he said: "funny my brother, some of them didn't know, so timid. It's better to steal melons and not fight them. Instead, I'll make an apology and drink wine with him. I'll be ashamed of myself. " In trouble, I saw Tao long come into the room. Sanchun hurriedly stood up, and brother and sister sat down at the ceremony. Sanchun asked: "elder brother, the thief should not beat him, but also drive him away. How can he treat the feast and make amends with him? What's your brother's idea? " Tao long said: "there is something unknown about Xian Mei. Today, I met a fortune teller in yongningji. He thought that there was red light on his face. He decided that the LORD would be happy when he was at the right time today. When some noble people met, one of them had a red face. In the future, he had the emperor's honor. The rest had the blessing of a prince. The merits and wealth of the elder brother were all on this red face. At that time, the fool should only be a liar and not believe him. Unexpectedly, when I arrived at the villa, I met three heroes. There was a big red faced man in the middle of the villa. He was extraordinary in his appearance, so he was counted by the Taoist. Elder brother Yu was afraid to speak out because he thought it would not be a good time for him. So he left him at home and set up a table to entertain him. He also knew each other in a different way and tried to make a career in the future. I don't want to know that the one who steals melons from Xian Mei is the ally younger brother of the noble, named Zheng en. He is also a hero. How dare you despise him? It's a gift to make an apology, so I'm here. " Three spring listened to this speech, secretly praised: "the world had such a strange person, foresight, very strange." So he said, "I see. Brother, is the fruit of Allah red? " Tao long, because Kuang Yin wanted to see him, was not straightforward, but took the opportunity to answer: "if Xian Mei doesn't believe it, why don't you go out and see him, then you will know the truth." Sanchun said: "since ancient times, only when Guan Gong was in the Three Kingdoms, he had red face and long beard. How could this God also be red face? I really want to see him. " As he was about to move, he suddenly thought about it again, and cried, "brother, little sister, although she wants to see him, I'm afraid that men and women are different. It doesn't make sense, and I don't know his name. How can I meet him?" Tao Longdao: "Xian Mei, my real name is Kuang Yin, who is the son of Zhao Hongyin, the commander of Tokyo capital. I came here because I traveled in Kansai. Zheng en came out to play for this, ate my melon, and was caught by Xian Mei. She couldn't go back, so she came here. When I met elder brother Yu, I said that Zheng en was such a hero. I was defeated by Xian Mei. I decided that Xian Mei was a female middle husband and wanted to see her. Elder brother Yu is not good at making decisions, so he came in to discuss with younger sister Xian. You want people to come here for a visit. If you refuse to accept, you will discuss more. What's the harm of meeting Mr. Zhao, a gentleman? We should think about it. " Sanchun heard that he thought to himself, "Prince Zhao has heard about him for a long time. Now he wants to see him. Why should I refuse him?" "Then said:" both brother has allowed him, younger sister Ann dare not from? Then he went to the inner hall together with Tao long.

Tao long informs Kuang Yin and leads him to the inner hall. Kuangyin stands in the middle, Tao Sanchun steps to the bottom, worships deeply upward. Kuang Yin hurriedly answered the gift and peeped in the dark. Seeing this description, he was surprised and thought, "it's a pity that we can't do it!" When I left, I was still drinking with Tao long. I was very reluctant to give up. He thought again and again: "three spring has such a brave force, and its art of war is excellent. Unfortunately, it is ugly and ferocious. The heavenly father pays for his talent, how can he not pay for his appearance? There's no America, it's amazing. " After thinking about it for a while, he suddenly turned to him and said, "well, this woman can't be my brother's wife. Why don't you agree with her? She is a good-looking couple with her third brother, Zheng en. She also makes him get the wife of interest. She has some control over her. She doesn't dare to do anything about it." "Then he said:" your sister has such a talent, you have to be matched, in order to be able to live up to it. Tao long said, "since the elder sister had a wish to be in front of her, she had to meet the land of heroes before she could marry, so she has been delayed until now and has not been hired." Kuang Yin said: "my brother, Zheng en, didn't choose to marry him. If Xiandong doesn't give up, he will match his younger sister with Zheng en as a matchmaker. What do you think of Xiandong's respect? " After hearing this, Tao long thought to himself, "if I accept this marriage, I'm afraid that my sister will be angry; if I don't listen, I'm afraid that Mr. Zhao doesn't have feelings in his face." Left and right thinking, there is no fixed view, just dull, not easy to agree. Kuang Yin knew the meaning, and then called out: "Xian Dong, I'm stupid. I'm just a good-looking and talented woman. I'm willing to cooperate with you, so I dare to speak. Zheng en, my younger brother, is not from a humble family. He has traveled the Jianghu, and his name is far and wide. He also has a close relationship with Jin Wang chairong, the nephew of today's son of heaven. It's not humiliating to deserve your sister today. Why should Xiandong be suspicious? What's wrong with this beautiful thing? " Tao long was said this by Kuangyin. He didn't realize that his ambition was noble and his wealth moved his heart. So he replied, "I should have been willing to accept your son's beautiful feelings. But this matter is not for the villagers to decide. I should have a discussion with my elder sister to see what his mind is, and then make a final conclusion." Kuang Yin said: "Xian Dong is in business with his younger sister. He must be good at talking and singing. I'm sorry that my younger sister is wise enough not to see absolutely."

When Tao long left the table and entered, he had to discuss with Sanchun. His heart and chin could not be said, so he would be proud to be Wang's uncle. It's not a pity that he only worried about his sister's refusal to accept and gave away the charming guest who is to be knighted to others. Only because of this grievance, there is a division of teaching: the marriage of the two nights of graceful words, looking at the three stars in the home. It is:

After all, Tao Long's marriage will be broken down later.

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