By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"In the 48th chapter of the whole story of flying dragon, Gao Huaide takes advantage of Zhao Kuangyin in the courtyard to fight against Gao Ping"

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第48回 高怀德智取天井 赵匡胤力战高平

Poetry says:

It's said that Zhou Shizong joined Qidan in the northern Han Dynasty, enlisted his troops to join the invaders, and Tingyi took charge of the imperial expedition, selected soldiers and generals, and set out on a certain day. Gao Huaide, the pioneer of the former team, led the elite troops of his department to Tianjing pass. Tianjingguan is the border town of the northern Han Dynasty. Because Liu Chong attacked and trapped Luzhou, Shizong didn't go to save it. Instead, he led a large army and only entered from the patio. This was the way to encircle Wei and save Zhao. At that time, the spy went into the customs. The general guarding the pass is Li yanneng, the commander in chief of the army, who is used to using long spears and has the courage of many wrong people. Liu Chong saw him brave. Call him to guard this important place. This day, hearing this report, I was furious and ordered soldiers to leave. When Gao Huaide saw that there were soldiers coming out of the gate, he joined up and waited. I saw a general rush out of the northern army, suddenly to the front of the battle. Looking up, Gao Huaide saw that he was going to be ferocious in appearance, ferocious in body, wearing a tiger helmet, wearing a gold lock armour, sitting on a horse with green mane, and holding a mature steel gun. "What's your name?" wilder asked in a loud voice. Yanneng replied, "I am the commander of the northern Han Dynasty. Li yanneng, the chief of the garrison of tianjingguan, is it. Since your Lord occupied the Central Plains and conquered the Han Dynasty, he should know why he raised his army here. Want to die? Huaide said: "there is a whole family, Wu and Yue are unified. If you don't come to surrender, you dare to invade China. Today, Zifa's soldiers are interrogating you. If you offer quickly, you will not die. Otherwise, you will break the city. When everything is broken, it's too late to repent. " Li Yan can listen to the fury, also don't reply, clap a horse and shoot straight. Wyatt greeted him with a gun. There will be 20 rounds of the war. Gao Huaide's marksmanship is like a God. Li yanneng is famous all over the world. Where can he withstand the enemy? Again, he supported Jihe and fled after a big defeat. When Kuangyin's army came back, they hid with Huaide. Li Yan can attract the remnant soldiers to escape into the city, but he can't get out.

Kuangyin divided his forces and attacked for more than ten days. The city could not go down. "The city walls of dajingguan are strong and hard to attack. We should use wisdom to gain. The little general led two thousand soldiers, ambushed the side of the gate and took the opportunity to enter. You can retreat your troops and horses from the gate and cheat them out of the water. It's a matter of three days to attack again. " Kuang Yin said with great joy, "it's a wonderful plan for pioneers. It can be carried out quickly." Leader wyder ambushed. Kuangyin immediately ordered, informed the generals, and slowly retreated.

Li yanneng saw Zhou Bing retreat at the gate. Somehow, he asked people to go out of the city to find out the truth. Report to Zhou Bing that he really retreated. Yanneng was relieved. He called down the garrison to rest and let the people go out of the city. On the third day, Zhou Bing arrived again. Yan can make people rush into the city. The people were frightened and scared. They didn't look after each other and went into the city like mountains and seas. The sergeant will close the door. Yan can go to the city in person and divide the troops to guard. Zhao Kuangyin and Shi Yanchao came to the pass and scolded: "if you and other rat thieves don't offer the pass, when you break it, they will not leave any land!" After that, he waved his troops to attack. Li yanneng ordered the sergeant to lay down the stone and Zhou Bingfang withdrew. At three o'clock, the fire broke out after customs declaration. Yanneng leads the soldiers to rescue himself. Suddenly there was a flash on the left side of the ground. The white horse in the fire, holding the long gun, shouted: "the thief will stop!" With one shot in hand, the Bayan can get off the horse. The one who can stab Yan is Gao Huaide. It turns out that Gao Huaide entered this strategy, pretending to withdraw from the army and ambushing himself beside the pass, expecting the people to go out of the city to cut wood and pick wood after all. When the people entered the city and heard that the soldiers arrived, they mixed the soldiers into the city together. At this time, they could not cross examine them. It was better than doing things in the middle, so the pass could be taken. At that time, Huaide ordered the sergeant to cut off the lock and put Kuangyin in. Kuangyin passed down the order: "every soldier is not allowed to harass the people, such as beheading." Because he went out to placate the people and save the fire. The people are happy.

Kuang Yin was determined to live up to the legacy of Gao Xingzhou. He was eager to win the honor of Huaide. Now he remembered Huaide's success and was ready to wait. Pingming, Shizong is here. Please welcome to enter the customs, and congratulate each other. Kuang Yinji said: "Huaide has both wisdom and courage, but he is able to fight without blood, and pull out the city for the first time, which is the blessing of the Lord." Shizong is very happy, praises the beauty greatly, and appreciates Lai very much. Wyde Shane left. There are poems as evidence:

Shizong stationed in tianjingguan, checked panfuchu, raised horses for three days, and ordered Gao Huaide, the former army, to enter the army. Zhao Kuangyin led the Chinese army to succeed him. More than one day, soldiers arrived in huaizhou. Zhang Zhizhong, the general in charge of huaizhou, had lost the pass before he heard the report. Zhou Bing came to huaizhou and discussed with his son Zhang Xin: "I was an old minister in the Central Plains, and I was threatened by the northern Han Dynasty by mistake, so I had to follow it. This week, the main soldiers have got tianjingguan pass. They come to invade huaizhou again. If they don't surrender and save the people in this city, what do you think? " Zhang channel: "what my father saw was the happiness of the people." So Zhang Zhizhong left today and surrendered in the camp. Huaide then ordered to see Kuangyin in the Chinese army. Kuangyin was very happy. He accepted the book and reported it to the emperor.

When Shizong drove to huaizhou, all the people would meet. Shizong granted Zhang Zhizhong the title of the state's regiment training and management of the army and the people. That is to say, all will set out. Sometimes Zhao Chao, the commander, and Zheng haoqian, the minister in charge of the affairs, discussed privately: "the thief is very powerful, so we should not underestimate the enemy. I'm afraid it's not for your benefit that your majesty is about to leave now. " Zheng haoqian actually played Zhao Chao's words to the emperor. Shizong said angrily, "what kind of clown dare to stop my division and confuse the army?" It was ordered that Zhao Chao should be beheaded to alert the public. At this time, Zhao Kuangyin, the commander of his army, was on the side. When he saw that Shizong was going to behead Zhao Chao, he hurriedly said: "Chao's advice, loyal advice. How loyal is your majesty to make everyone in the group look like Chao? I look forward to your pardon. " The emperor was still angry and let go. There are poems as evidence:

Shizong started his army in huaizhou and galloped along the double roads. Within ten days, the army had arrived in Zezhou and set up its barracks. Press no table.

In addition, Liu Chong, the leader of the northern Han Dynasty, saw that he could not attack Luzhou and put his troops in Gaoping's south bank. I also heard that Zhou Bing captured the second pass. When he arrived in Zezhou, he was busy discussing with the general. Liao gave yeluchi his advice and said: "the Lord of Zhou came here to save Luzhou. Because he saw that the king could not attack, he took the two key points. Now he is fighting for victory again. He is in a hurry to March. His officers and men are tired. The king can deal with them easily. If he is tired, he will be able to attack them from all sides and win the whole battle. " Liu chongran said that he and Qidan soldiers should camp on the opposite side of the East and West: if there is an emergency, they should send troops to each other to rescue them; if they win the battle of Zhou, they should not move. Jaruchi accepted and withdrew.

The next day in pingming, Liu Chong, Wang Yansi, the Deputy privy, and Zhang Yuanhui, the pioneer, formed a battle in bagongyuan. Liu Chong was very pleased to see that there were few Zhou's main troops in the two armies. Zhou Ying's Zhongshi lineage came out and led Zhao Kuangyin, Shi Yanchao, Zhang Yongde and Zheng en to the East. Liu Chong thought to himself, "such a Zhou army is easy to defeat the enemy. We should not waste money on gold and silk by means of a Khitan army." Regretful, he said to his left and right: "I will fight with Zhou Bing today to win or lose, so that Qidan can see that I am using my troops and make him convinced." However, Yang Xiang did not want to see Zhou's troops in the Western camp. They were in good order. I think they were the strong enemies. That is to say, Zhang Wei came to see Liu Chong and said, "although Zhou's troops were few, their power was very sharp. The king made progress in the same way as the enemy, so we should not despise them." Liu Chong said angrily, "don't say anything, but stop our army. Let's see if I can defeat the enemy today. Be sure to seize the Lord Zhou and avenge my nephew." Suddenly, the northeast wind was strong, and soon it turned to the south wind, which made the horses on both sides unable to open their eyes and stand still. Li Yi, the commander in charge of the army, said: "this wind is helping our army, so the Lord can send his troops and win the battle." Liu Chongshen believed his words and was about to send out troops. A privy king got the chance to knock on his horse and remonstrate: "the wind is so, it may not help our military power. Li Yi's rave words can be chopped!" Liu Chong chided: "my plan has been decided, and the old scholar can't say anything in vain to stop my military heart. If you dare to speak again, cut off your head first, and then send out troops. " Wang Dezhong retreats with shame.

Liu Chong wanted to fight in person, and a general came forward and said, "I will defeat Zhou Bing for a while at the end." Liu chongguan is the pioneer Zhang Yuanhui. Yuan Hui claps his horse and dances his sword. He rushes to the South array. The golden drum shakes the field and shouts loudly. Fan Aineng, a Chinese envoy, flew out of the South Camp and held up his spear to welcome him. When the two horses meet, the two weapons are held together. When the war is over 50 years old, love can't fight. He Hui, deputy general Bu Jun, saw that fan AI was going to be defeated. He took up his axe and rushed to help the battle. Zhang Yuanhui fought two generals without fear. On the northern Han array, marshal Bai Conghui leaped across the swords and horses, looking forward to the southern array. Fan Aineng and he Hui can't resist the enemy. They abandon the war and go back. Liu Chong saw that the formation of the southern army was in disorder. He personally supervised the army to fight for the future. His arrows were like locusts, and his stones were like raindrops. Zhou's soldiers were in a mess and countless people were injured. Shizong saw that the situation was in danger, so he had to lead his soldiers to supervise the war. Liu Chong's troops and horses made great strides. They rushed like Mount Tai, but the South soldiers could not reach the enemy. Zhao Kuangyin, a pro army envoy, saw that the momentum was not good, and said to the generals, "when the Lord is in danger, on the day when we are using our lives, the generals should strive to resist the enemy and ensure the safety of the country, so that we can do this." When Zheng enfen said angrily, "how can we love ourselves and wait for death?" So they fought with Gao Huaide. Liu Xian and Liu Da, the generals of the north, came to welcome them. He did not count his horses. Zheng en killed Liu Xian with a knife and Huaide killed Liu Da with a shot. Seeing the victory of the second general, the South army again held its ground. Kuangyin and Zhang Yongde led two thousand cavalry into the battle, all of which were regarded as one hundred. In the face of Liu Chong, the three men held their weapons at the same time, fought for more than 50 years, and went to Yongde with one shot. Liu Chongzuo's shoulder is in the middle, and Liu Chong flees with pain. Kuangyin drives the troops to cover up, and the northern army is defeated, like the wind sweeping the leaves and the rain beating the flowers. The left wing horse of the South army saw the northern soldiers shaking, jumping horses and wielding swords, and then they attacked from the side. They met Zhang Yuanhui, who was fighting with each other for more than 40 years. Yuanhui was unable to support himself, so he went back and escaped. Ma Xuan holds the knife, bends the bow and frames the arrow. One arrow hits his horse. The horse jumps up in pain and puts Yuan Hui's forehead to the ground. In the face of the whole righteousness of the Chinese army and horses, they cut Yuan Hui into two parts. The army of the southern array gained great prestige and shook the mountains. Shi Yanchao led ten riders straight into the Han array. Liu Chong could not help but flee. In the next four weeks, when the Zhou army surrounded and killed the future, the northern army could not get rid of it, and there were countless surrenders. There's a piece of Fu. It's said that in Zhou Dynasty, there are many Chinese soldiers.

In the northern Han Dynasty, Zhou Shizong took the initiative to set up an army of 100, 000 soldiers. Bagong used to set up a camp, but Zezhou refused to be dangerous. Zhao's own army drove the enemy to victory, Zhang Yongde refused to run away, Ma Quanyi cut off his hidden soldiers, and Shi Yanchao was surrendered. The flag of Huaide stronghold was beheaded, and Zheng en's eyes were glaring. All heroes of ershan will use their lives. Each wing will use his own skills. What's the magic of marquis Wu? Fang Shuzhi is still here. Yang Xiang and Yelu ran in fear, but the Qidan army could not bow down. One man is brave, and ten thousand men are the first. In order to drum, back to gold, all of them raise their prestige; Zhang Qigong, cloth Qiyan, all of them use force. Attack from the left and then attack from the right. The soldiers hide their magic skills. Attack from the front and attack from the back, and you will enter the array strictly. All of them are heroes who have made great contributions to the fortress, and all of them are outstanding heroes of Lingyan.

This is the strength of Zhao, Zheng, Zhang, Gao, Shi and ma. At that time, Yang Xiang of Xiying saw that the Han Army had won the battle and stayed still. He also saw that Zhou army turned to win, and the long drive attacked Xiying and fled with yeluchi and his troops.

Fan Neng and he Hui were killed and defeated by Zhang Yuanhui. They went south and plundered supplies on the road to protect themselves. They also threatened that Qidan troops were so big that the officers and soldiers had been defeated and the rest of them had been demoted. When the emperor heard this, he sent his officials to stop it. They did not listen, but killed the messenger. At that time, Shizong was in a war, and the army was in a hurry. Liu CI department led the later army to move forward, and met fan and he. Liu CI asked, "where is the driver?" Fan Aineng said: "Qidan army is very prosperous. We are all defeated. Today, we drive to Luzhou. It is only advisable for the rear army to retreat quickly. Otherwise, it will be useless for them to lose the army to the general. " Liu CI said angrily, "if you are in trouble, you should save it regardless of your body. Do you want to quit?" Is it better to be * a dog? " Then he led the soldiers forward, but he met more than ten thousand soldiers of the northern Han Dynasty and blocked the way. The soldiers could not go. It's going to be late. The stronger the south wind is, the more Liu CI waves his troops. All the soldiers are brave to fight for the first place. There's no way to kill the Han soldiers. The rest of them can't fight each other. They take their own lives and run up the mountains. Suddenly, Zhao Kuangyin flashed out of the hillside. After chasing Liu Chong of the northern Han Dynasty, he came back. He met Liu Ci and killed him in one place. Ten of the Han soldiers died, nine of them died, like a landslide. They went straight after Nanping and took back their men and horses. But they saw that the corpses were all over the place and the blood flowed into a river. They could not win by abandoning their baggage and equipment. Later generations have chanted epics to record:

It's the night. Shizong lives in the wild.

The next day, the generals each played. Shizong ordered all the battalions to get fan and he to go down to the Han Dynasty and cut them. Li Junwen, the general of Luzhou garrison, broke through the Han army. He led the generals to the city. After the pilgrimage, Shizong comforted them. He stationed in Luzhou, stopped his troops and raised horses, and gave them a feast. The northern army surrendered more than ten thousand people to Tunza in Huaishang. Emperor Shizong's dispatch has been determined. After discussing with Kuangyin, he said, "Liu Chongdun is not far away. Who dares to lead the army to catch up?" Kuang Yin said, "I wish to live." Shizong is very happy. Kuangyin then led three thousand soldiers with Zheng en and Gao Huaide, and then came after them.

But Liu Chong lost, and Bai Conghui collected the disabled people and horses, only one hundred and ten, day and night. Beibing was frightened by Gaoping's defeat. At that time, when I came to a mountain, the sergeant was hungry and could not do anything. He buried a pot to make food. He was waiting to raise his spear. When he saw the beginning of the dust, Zhou soldiers chased him. The Han soldiers were panic stricken. They abandoned the spear and gave up their food. They hurriedly ran away. They tried their best to be crisp and bitter. Kuangyin chased back more than 200 Li. Seeing Liu Chong going far, he couldn't catch up with him. He just received the troops and played back. Shizong said: "I want to wipe out this thief, and then class teacher."

Suddenly, fan Aineng and he Hui fell down to the front and pleaded the crime of losing the soldiers. The emperor Shizong suddenly wanted to kill them, but he hesitated to do so. Zhang Yongde said: "fan Aineng and he Hui should have been beheaded for their crimes. I think the country is in a season of trouble, and the soldiers are rare, and I want to forgive their crimes and make them meritorious. What do you think? " Zhang Yongde said: "fan and he, who have no great achievements, risked their participation in the battle of the Yue, hoped that the enemy would flee first, and killed the emissary to refuse his life. Therefore, they lied to Liu Ci, though death would not be enough to redeem his crime. Moreover, his Majesty wants to eliminate the whole world, including eight wastes. If he doesn't declare the military order and impose strict rewards and punishments, though there are the best of bears and hundreds of millions of soldiers, how can they be used safely?" After listening to the music, Shizong nodded his head and said that he was good. He ordered fan and he to be tied to the front of the army. He was responsible for his crimes: "go first when the enemy meets, spread rumors, plunder property, kill the mission, and stop Liu CI. You can't be good at war. You want to sell me to Liu Chonger as a strange commodity. " That is to say, we are going to cut it. The military academy got the order, and ordered the army to take the two men, fan and he. Therefore, the soldiers will hear it, each with fear, know that the court is serious, order reform, and no longer indulge in the government.

It's the day, and all the generals are working. Zhang Yongde played: "Zhao Kuangyin, the pro military envoy, is superior in intelligence and courage. Forgetting to be a country, your majesty should give you many rewards to make everyone prosperous. The battle of Gaoping made all generals like fan and he. Then your majesty will go. " Shizong said that Zhao Kuangyin was appointed as the Duke of Yu in front of the palace. Kuang Yin and xie'en said, "in the first World War of Gaoping, all generals are working hard. What's the merit of the officials? Dare to be rewarded by them alone?" Shizong said: "I will never forget your contribution, and I will never say goodbye. I have my own place." Then he made the second most important contribution, with more than ten people including Zhang Yongde, Zheng en, Gao Huaide, Liu Ci, Ma Quanyi, Shi Yanchao as Marquis, and Dong Long, Dong Hu, Li Tong, Zhou Ba as deputy envoys. Zhao Chao was also called to come here, with a generous reward and loyal advice. Long live all the generals, thank you and leave. There is a poem to prove that:

Shizong summoned all generals to discuss, and wanted to take advantage of the victorious troops and go down to the east of the river, killing them in one fell swoop. "Your Majesty's military power is now far away from the Han Army, and the heavenly power is enough to shake it," said master Wang Puzou. When we restore the virtue of appeasement and cherish the kindness, our small country will follow its own orders. Why should we serve as soldiers and go far away to attack the enemy? If your majesty wants to show his nature, the northern army has withered and is in short supply. It is not too late for him to be mature and ambitious. I look forward to your Majesty's acceptance. " Shizong said: "my words are good, but I don't know one, I don't know the other. When I heard that the army was easy to move and difficult to settle down, I took advantage of its defeat and did not immediately recover. Liu Chong developed a thief's situation and resumed his army as an aggressor. It was difficult for the army to move again. I have made up my mind, sir, and I will not speak. " When Wang Po saw that he was not listening, he retreated silently and sighed in secret. At that time, Yue Yuanfu and Fu Yanqing were also on the March. Shizong called for two people: "you are the old generals of the dynasty. You know well the art of war. Now you can lead 30000 soldiers to the north. Under the eastern city of the river, we will make great use of our power. With Zhang's momentum, when I come, Xu will attack. " 2. The general's order to lead the troops forward. Li Junzhen was ordered to guard Luzhou, and he joined forces with Zhao Kuangyin, Liu Ci and Wang Pu. Shizong's allocation has been set.

In May, driving from Luzhou to Jinyang, I would like to kick Pingcheng and return to the army. There are different religions: Zhili mountain and river, personally in front of pick; Qiheng Xiaohan, try to fight in the battlefield. It is:

After all, Jinyang how safe, and listen to the next decomposition.

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