By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"In the 51st chapter of the whole story of flying dragon, Feng Yi and the drum soldiers save the General Yang Ye and drown the Zhou division"

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第51回 冯益鼓兵救高将 杨业决水淹周师

The word says:

It's said that Yang huailiang was appointed by Yang Ye to lead his troops to tielongyuan, guard the valley with Feng Yi, set up barracks respectively, take care of each other, and expect Gao Huaide to be trapped in the valley of death, so as to receive all his contributions. It was a day when huailiang, who had been sleeping for several days, saw a man walking in outside the camp, wearing a golden Futou and a white Dragon Robe, standing in front of him, shouting: "huailiang, how can you help others and maim your hands and feet?" Huailiang looks up and sees that it's not someone else. It's Gao Xingzhou, the father. That is to say, he quickly knelt down and cried, "why does father come here? Since childhood, the child lost and abandoned for many years. Today, Yang Ling's adopted son is under the public account. He can't ignore his parents and children's sins. But the child has never helped others, why does the father say that? " Xingzhou said, "don't say anything else. Don't you know the man who was trapped in the cage?" Huai Liang said, "the boy who was trapped in the cage, though he didn't know his name, was always an enemy of the country. So he should be. What did his father say about him?" Xingzhou said: "this is the only one who has killed your own hands and feet and damaged your bones and flesh. You still don't realize it. You need to speak more!" After that, go outside. "Wait a minute, father," cried Huai Liang, "and the child will ask for an end." He called several times, but Xingzhou didn't agree. He went outside the camp all the time. Huailiang hurried out, but no trace was found. He cried and woke up. See the lights and candles on the table, the patrol outside the tent has played three drums.

Huailiang thought for a while: "this dream is very strange. I just saw my father say that I am disabled and that the trapped people in the valley are hands and feet. I think brothers and brothers are brothers. I have only one brother, whose name is Huaide. He would like to live at home or in his father's Yamen. How can my brother get up in the valley? It's hard to guess. " Suddenly he thought, "this trapped man is my brother. How can I see my father in my dream?" If the father comes to dream, is the father dead? How can I understand these reasons? It's the trapped man. When I was fighting with him in the array the day before yesterday, he was really good at martial arts, but he looked like my brother. But there are so many people in the world that I can't imagine for a moment. I hate not to ask my name when I fight. It's hard to tell whether it's true or not. " Thinking right and left, he suddenly said, "yes, I'll wait until tomorrow night. I'll fix the book and shoot it into the valley to ask him to answer. If it's my brother, I can plan to save him. Since brothers have to meet, even the survival of their parents will know. "

I've made up my mind. I'll finish the book quietly tomorrow evening. At two o'clock, the two camps were quiet. Huailiang ordered his intimate Sergeant: "in the name of patrolling, he shot the book into the valley, waited for the reply, and came to report to me. It needs to be kept secret and never divulged. " The sergeant was ordered to hide the book and carry a bow and arrow. He went to the critical place at the mouth of the valley and made a false inspection. Quietly turn to the remote mountain, take out the book, tie it to the arrow, go to the arrow, put on the bowstring, and look at the valley to shoot. When the sergeant was sitting on the ground, he heard the arrow ring. He took a look and saw that there was a book on the arrow. He was busy offering it to wyde. Wyatt picked it up and opened it to watch. He was so happy that the moon was dim and he could look after it.

After reading the book, Huaide lost his tears and said, "my brother doesn't know whether he lives or not. Who wants to live here? If God didn't believe it, would Andersen have this chance to reunite my brother? It's a great honor! " Take out the pen and inkstone with you, and write a few words after the words:

After writing and sealing, he still tied the arrow to the original place. The sergeant was waiting. He picked up the books and returned to the camp to send them to huailiang. Huailiang opened his eyes and saw the words in the book. Wang Ran said in tears, "if it wasn't for this dream, I would have no place to bury my brother." So he rewarded the sergeant.

In the morning, huailiang came to Feng Yidao with a Book: "my father Gao Xingzhou gave birth to two brothers. This brother, Huaide, was trapped in the valley. Last night, he dreamed that his father had come to sue him, so he knew the truth. Therefore, I come to inform the general manager and hope to beg for help. I will never forget it. If it doesn't work out, I'd like to die with my brother. " After that, tears ran down my face. When Feng Yi heard this, he said: "I am also a minister of Zhou. Because of my offence, I didn't feel satisfied when I threw myself at the back of the mountain. Now that this is the case, I will make a plan with you to rescue elder brother ER and go back to Zhou together. " "If the steward is willing to do this, though a foolish brother dies, he will not forget Shengde," he said. So Feng Yi sent people secretly to report the reason to the Zhou camp. He agreed to listen to the sound of the cannon at dusk, so that he could lead the troops to meet him. We have two confirmations. They are all ready.

In the evening, Feng Yi withdrew his encirclement and fired his cannon. Gao Huaide hears the sound of the cannon outside, expecting his brother to come for help, that is to say, he leads his troops out of the room, Feng Yi greets them, joins them together and runs to close. The sentry horse reported to enter the pass, which surprised the Duke. He said, "yanzhao, the leader of the army, is three thousand. Go to see me quickly." Yanzhao gets the order, leads the troops out of the pass, and meets huailiang. Yan Zhao said, "what's the reason that your father took you as his son, and your kindness and righteousness were both strong, but you turned away instead?" Huailiang said, "I dare not not to save you, brother." Yanzhao is furious and stabs directly. Welcome each other with a bright whip. The war was endless. Huailiang was afraid to fight. He was just about to leave. Suddenly, a man and horse came up in the south. Zheng en was at the head. He wielded a sword to attack. Yan Zhao could not resist the enemy. Feng Yi and Huaide urged the rear army to cover up, but Yanzhao's forces were not supported, so they returned to lead the troops away.

Compared with Tianming, Zhou Bing came to see Shizong. Seeing that Huaide was rescued, Shizong added two more generals and got a lot of soldiers. He was very pleased. He appointed Feng Yi as the leader of the imperial camp and Gao huailiang as the deputy leader. Thank you. Huaide and his brother, huailiang, thanked Kuangyin and other generals. Kuang Yin said: "I am also trapped in the former, so I have to get rid of the difficulties due to the power of the throne. Why thank you for working with the DPRK? Rejoice in your brother's reunion, and be blessed with misfortune. Let's set up a table for everyone to celebrate. " The generals said, "this is what we should do." So they set up a banquet camp, and drank with each other, and parted with joy.

The next day, Emperor Shizong ordered: "all the generals in each camp should reorganize the army and attack the golden lock." The generals were ordered to attack separately, and their momentum was very sharp. Seeing that Feng Yi and Huai Liang had defected, Yang Ye regretted nothing. He called the generals and said, "Zhou Bing is in a hurry to attack the city. What are their plans to break it?" Yan Zhaojin said: "there are six Zhoubing battalions. They attack our pass in order to get it. Meanwhile, Zhao Kuangyin, Zheng en, Zhang Yongde and Gao are all the best generals. It seems that they are difficult to fight against each other. In my son's opinion, I don't need to fight with him now. If he is slack, he can easily break it. " Yang Ye listened to the words and said, "my son's theory is in accord with my heart." And he gave orders to the generals, that they should not go out, and that they should hold fast to the city.

At that time, several days later, Yang Ye took a number of bikes, went to Gaofu to watch Zhou Bing, and saw that the flags were neat and the soldiers were majestic. They were stationed in the original Fenshui and had a huge force. Look at the situation of the water in Longchuan again. The white waves are surging, and Fenshui is running in succession. Yang ye saw it and said with great joy, "it's in my hands." "Back to the horse account, said to Wang GUI and so on:" Zhou Shi tens of thousands, I will be tired overnight. The generals asked, "how does the manager know it?" Yang Yedao: "I don't know the land, can I live safely?" None of the generals believed. At the beginning of August, the cool wind is clear and the autumn rain is continuous. Yang ye sent for the sergeant to prepare the ship, check the water fittings and listen to the application. "What is the use of ships?" Yan Zhao asked. Yang Yedao: "the strategist is mysterious. You don't know it! "When the army goes into the land, it will violate the sky. When it goes against the sky, it will be defeated." This autumn rain, Fen water will surge. So I sent people to clean up the rafts, prepare the water tools, and block them at the water outlets. When the rain is very heavy, let go of the gate and dam. When the water rushes down, Zhou Bing will become a fish and turtle. " Yan Zhao worships and says, "you are so clever, how can you measure it?" It is:

Arrange a clever plan to catch the hero and plan to catch the emperor.

But it said that Zhou Bing was wet all over the camp because of the continuous rain in autumn. Kuang Yin came to see Shizong and said, "now our soldiers are in fenshuiyuan. The terrain is very low. Looking forward to Longchuan, the water is overflowing. In recent days, it has rained heavily in autumn. If Yang's business is to help Han Guan Gong decide the water, how can I be a soldier? " Shizong said, "I'm thinking about this, but I don't have a plan." That is to say, Wang Pu, the military strategist, planned his affairs. Wang Puzou said: "when I watch the sky at night, I can see the murderous spirit gathering in the camp, which is very unfavorable to the army. Lord, it's better to move camp quickly. Common people can avoid disaster. " At the end of the speech, I only heard the sound in front of the account, like thousands of horses galloping, like thousands of troops shaking drums, surging and surging. Shizong was shocked. He went to the horse. I can only see from all directions, the water is surging, and the wind and rain are even worse. The commanders of the battalions must prepare ships. It's too late. In an instant, the water on the ground is several feet long. The sergeant was flustered and had no place to hide. He only chased the waves and drowned them. At this time, Zhao Kuangyin kept Shizong running on high ground. He met Yangye's father and son, who were driving fast boats, waving flags and beating drums. He saw Shizong walking around the bank, even though he abandoned the boat and came to chase him. Kuangyin's angry voice is like thunder. He swings his sword and leaps his horse to fight against Yang Ye. In the war, Wang GUI arrived again, Kuangyin fought hard against the enemy. However, Zheng en, Zhang Yongde and Gao Huaide were all killed together. When they saw that the northern army was in full swing, they did not dare to love the war and protected Shizong from going first. Kuangyin fought hard, and Yang ye had Wang GUI's help. After a long battle, he could not win. He turned back and dragged his sword. Yang Ye is willing to give up there, and he comes after him. At this time, Kuangyin rode alone and passed Longchuan dam. The road was slippery and muddy. He lost his feet and even took his horse with him. He fell into Sichuan. Yang Ye rushes to pick up the gold knife and is splitting it. He only hears a thunderbolt. Kuangyin's top shows a real dragon. He stretches his feet to catch it. The gold knife can't go down. Yang Ye was shocked. He thought to himself, "Lord of life, don't hurt me." Suddenly Kuangyin sat down on the red rabbit horse, and the red light came out of the water. Kuang Yin took the reins tightly and was about to run forward. Yang Ye pulled his sword and didn't come to catch up with him. He shouted: "wait a minute, it's hard to go to the end. You have to look south and walk. That's the main road. Remember that Yang ye did not kill today. " After that, he went back. Later generations have poems to show:

However, Zhao Kuangyin was trapped by a horse by mistake. When Yang Ye caught up with him again, he raised his sword and cut it. When he saw the darkness in front of him, he was confused and lost in his mind. Later, he was sober. The horse was standing on the bank. He also saw that Yang Ye stopped his sword, pointed out the way, and said that he should remember the kindness of not killing, and then left. Deep in my heart, I somehow rode south. I saw the arrival of the first puma, but it was Zheng en, because I did not see Kuangyin, the leader came to find. When I saw it, I walked south along the coast, but when I saw the water was so vast that all the soldiers and horses in the camps were submerged, and the rest of the people who knew how to survive were less than 120000. Later generations have a poem to lament:

The generals protected the family, retreated to tens of miles, recruited soldiers, set up camps, checked the generals, and disappeared Kuangyin and Zheng en. Shizong was in a panic. He was about to send someone to look for him. Suddenly, he reported that the second general had arrived. Shizong was at peace. When they saw each other, they consoled each other. Shaoqing, a civil and military official, was gradually reunited. When the emperor saw that many people and horses had been broken and were furious, he said to the generals, "a few days ago, the gods reported what they had done, but I still don't know the reason. I don't want to say that today. I hate it!" "There is a certain amount of Qi, so you can't escape," Wang Pu said. However, your majesty does not need to worry about the routine of winning and losing soldiers. It will hurt the holy body. " Shizong said angrily, "I swear to fight with Yang Ye to avenge him!" Kuang Yin said, "No. More than half of the soldiers were wounded, and their food and salaries were not maintained. The soldiers were no longer willing to fight. His majesty fought hard for fear of its disadvantages. Why don't you give up the class teacher for a while, and then take the picture later. I'm sorry that Liu Chong is like a fish in the water. How can he escape? Shizong knew that his spirit had been defeated and he could not make it up, so he had to comply with his opinions. Send people to Xinzhou first, and secretly withdraw yueyuanfu. Then the imperial edict was issued. All the officers and officers of the battalions were pleased to receive the order, and all of them were reorganized and returned to their divisions. Yue Yuanfu said: "Your Majesty, it's easy to advance, but difficult to retreat. Today, the Yang family and Liu Chong are dependent on each other. If the Yang family finds out that our army is retreating and secretly sends troops to pursue them, it is not profitable. For the present, your majesty may order the rear to be broken in case that the other soldiers pursue you. If your former army retreats slowly, there will be no danger. " Emperor Shizong was delighted to hear that Gao Huaide, Gao huailiang and Feng Yi were the vanguards. After Zheng en, Yue Yuanfu and Ma Quanyi broke up, he and the following generals, Zhao Kuangyin, Zhang Yongde, Fu Yanqing, Wang Pu and Shi Kui, settled in the middle of the army, burned their camp and returned to the dynasty. No mention.

And said Yang Ye flooded Zhou division, won the victory. Tan Ma reported that Zhou Bing had left camp. When five langtingde said, "Zhou Bing went away in fear. I'm willing to lead the light cavalry to catch up with him. I'll bring the Lord of Zhou to offer my kung fu. " Yang Yedao: "No. Bing Fayun: "don't cover up when you return to the division. Don't chase after the poor." I have seen that there are many intellectuals in Zhou Dynasty. Even if the army retreats, there will be strong generals who will be cut off. If you pursue them, they will be counted. " Yande. It is:

Yang Ye won Zhou's army and sent people to Liu Chong. Liu Chongde replied angrily, "how could you have failed in the war of Gaoping if you had won this man earlier?" That is to say, Ding Guifu, sheep, wine, gold and silk were sent to the camp for reward. Let the public worship and receive, and express the joy of all the armies. The next day, Yang ye went to the city with Ding GUI. Liu Chong comforted him and said, "tired Qing is far away. He has won the battle of Zhou Bing. He has gained a lot of power in the orphan family." Yang yizou said, "this is the blessing of the king and the power of the generals. What is the merit of the ministers? How dare they be praised?" Liu Chong was very happy. He set up a banquet to entertain the emperor and his officials. Yang Ye thanked him for saying, "Khitan is treacherous and unpredictable, so don't get close to him. If you run out of money, you will never tire of him, and the king will empty his country." Liu chongran's words are deep, and he gives the precious things of gold beads. Yang Yebai receives the resignation.

The next day, he ordered the soldiers to pull out the stronghold and return to the army. It was the whip and the stirrup that made people sing triumphant songs. The army has no words on the road. Shortly after arriving at Wutai Mountain, Yang Ye said to Wang guidao, "there are intelligent elders in Wutai Mountain who are good at Zen and can know the past and the future. They want to meet for a long time, but they don't have the convenience. I'm very glad to have this opportunity. How can I visit you with my feet? " Wang guidao: "I have long heard that this monk is good at knowing the Dharma. If you go to see me, I will be accompanied by you." Yang ye then took the soldiers and horses to tunzha mountain, Wang GUI and seven sons, followed by a dozen riders and a group of people to the mountain. At this time, after the Mid Autumn Festival and after the long rain, I saw that the mountain was covered with clouds and light, with towering terraces and towering cliffs. There were two ancient poems:

Yang Ye takes people up the mountain to the temple and dismounts. Looking up at the gate of the mountain, there is a plaque inscribed with the four words "Wutai Temple". At that time, people first entered the temple to report. Soon, elder Zhicong came out to meet him. A group of people entered the mountain gate, walked through several halls, arrived at the abbot to see the ceremony, and sat down for the guests.

When the boy finished offering his tea, the elder asked, "I don't know what's the point of your coming, general?" Yang Ye replied: "Xiaoke is from Taiyuan. He was born in martial arts. His surname is Yang MINGYE, and his character follows his career." Because of saving Hedong's misfortune, he won the victory and returned to his master. I've heard from the Zen master for a long time that he knows how to measure misfortunes and blessings and how to understand poverty. Therefore, I come here to see the rites, inquire about the future, and earnestly beg for directions. Fortunately, don't be stingy. " Zhicong said: "I've heard a lot about the general's reputation. I've got to waste it. I'm lucky to have the chance to be a monk." Yang ye then ordered him to present a gift, which was twelve liang of gold and two ends of silk. Wise men dare not accept. Yang Yedao said to some extent, "you need to be thin. Talk about meeting each other. Don't be firm." I've received it. Then he asked for advice all his life. The elder said: "the general is the pillar stone of the present age and the hero of the whole world. Today, he is strategist. How can he treat the poor monk to talk and pretend to be innocent?" Yang Yejian asked again and again, and the elder said, "since the general does not give up, there are four verses in poverty. I hope the general can remember them." Yang Yedao: "I'd like to hear it." The elder then laid out the paper and pen and wrote a verse:

Write, deliver and Yang Ye. Yang Ye looked at it carefully and did not understand its meaning. He begged again and again to explain it. The old man said: "this is a natural opportunity. I will take care of it for a long time. If the general can follow the rules, will there be a lot of blessings after him? Yang Ye collected the verse. And called seven sons, and wise wise wise phase. Zhicong passed each other one by one and said: "all the pillars of the instrument, how can I use more words?" Yang Yedao: "the truth is the most important, but I don't think it's strange. I hope the Zen master can make it clear." The elder said with a smile: "since the general is not angry, I have to be blasphemous. If you look at the seven generals, they are all loyal to the country and the people. Unfortunately, they are too straight and exposed. They may not have a good end in the future. Qilang's eyes have changed. He needs to guard against arrows. However, Liu Langjun's appearance is light and comfortable, which can protect his jazz and salary; however, he has no worries or music in his life, and has many good things to do, although he has to finish, he is not allowed to enjoy them. This is what the poor monk said, and it is also in the self-protection of the little generals. I hope you will not be guilty. " After hearing this, Yang Ye chuckled and said, "my husband has to die in the sand. Fortunately, what can I do?"

At this time, it was dusk. Zhicong asked the waiter to arrange a plain table. All the people at the table complained that they were always proud, talking and laughing leisurely, drinking until they were more prosperous, and then they rested in the temple. At that time, all the people were already sleeping, and only Wulang Yande could not sleep. He was worried and afraid because he heard the words of Zhicong in Japan, and he was uneasy on the other side. So he went to the Zen room to see the elder and asked for a way to avoid. Just because of this, there is a division of teaching: in the world, the heart is beyond worldliness. It is:

After all, Tingde went to see Zhicong and talked a lot, and listened to the next chapter.

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