By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 52nd chapter of the whole story of flying dragon: the Lord is stopped by the false ring of the throne and the road"

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第52回 真命主爵受王位 假响马路阻新人

Word yue:

It's said that Yang Yande listened to the words of elder Zhicong in the daytime. He was worried and afraid. He couldn't sleep. When all the people fell asleep, he dressed up alone and went to the abbot quietly to see the elder. At this time, the elder is sitting on the Zen bed, concentrating on nature. In the light of the glass, I saw that someone came into the abbot, and I saw that he was the one I saw in the daytime. He said, "why hasn't the general settled down yet? What do you say when the evening comes? " Yande said: "little Yande, when I heard the Zen master's French, I couldn't feel at ease. For this reason, he came with great ambition and begged the Zen master to be compassionate and guide Xiaoke on his way of life. He would have all the leaders in Jiuyuan, and he would feel immortal if he died. " Zhicong said: "it's all artificial. It's fixed. How can I save it? The general is wrong. " Yande worships his heart again and again. When the elder saw that he was honest, he said, "since the general wants to have a way of life, there is no other strategy, only to fly high and go far, to hide in the forest and spring, to treat the world with no intention, to surpass the trace outside the dust, and to protect himself from the harm of the common people." Yande said: "the Zen master's teaching is a good all-around strategy. But Xiaoke thinks of his father and son's close relatives. Once they are separated, they can't rest in their hearts. What can we do? " The old man said: "a wise man is worth a wise man's life; a son of man, of course, is worthy of a happy marriage. Read your words and show your sincerity. I have to make music to raise money. " Then he took out a small leather case and said, "this is a natural thing. Be careful not to leak it. It's better to hide it tightly. You are not allowed to open your eyes at ordinary times. You can only open your eyes in case of great difficulties. There is a plan to save you inside. Never forget. " Yande picked up the leather case, bowed down and thanked again, and returned to the guest room to sleep happily. There are poems as evidence:

The next day, the elder ordered Xingtong to arrange breakfast, only to see Yang Ye lead the crowd to leave. The elder couldn't stay, so he had to send him out of the mountain gate. A group of people went down the mountain and returned to camp. Yang Ye ordered them to leave. The army left Wutai Mountain and took the road to respond to the state. Press not to mention.

The Khitan army was stationed in Xinzhou. Seeing that Zhou soldiers were blocking it, they dared not enter lightly. This day, it was reported that all Zhou soldiers had been withdrawn for some reason. The Khitan leader also sent people to inquire carefully before he knew that Liu Chongzhao and Yang family soldiers flooded the Zhou division behind the mountain, so that they could retreat. The Qidan Lord is praising the plan of the Yang family when he hears the news. Suddenly, Liu Chong sent an official to deliver the gold pearl treasure. Please go back to the army. The Khitan Lord was bribed and led the people back to their own country.

But he said that emperor Shizong returned to the Imperial Palace and asked the Empress Dowager to be safe. Since then, the government and affairs of the court have all been self-employed, mending the partiality and saving the disadvantages, providing relief to the people, and the court and the field are all happy. Because I think Zhao Kuangyin and other generals can use their lives to work, and they should be knights to pay for their work. Therefore, on the scale of merit, the next rank was determined: Zhao Kuangyin, the Duke of Duyu, was appointed king of the Southern Song Dynasty; Zheng enfeng was king of Runan; Gao Huaide, Zhang Guangyuan, Luo Yanwei and Zhang Yongde were all appointed princes; Yue Yuanfu, Ma Quanyi and Fu Yanqing were all appointed governors, divided into counties outside the town, who were old enough to avoid going to the court; Feng Yi, Shi Kui and Gao huailiang were appointed governors of the royal forest army; Jin Wangpu was Prime Minister. Change to show virtue. Distribute the house to princes, etc. If the government office is not obtained, it will be decided by each of them. All the ministers thanked each other and left.

When huailiang asked his brother about his parents, Huaide said that his father died at Tongguan and his mother lived in his hometown. Huailiang was so sad that he knew that his father had come to ask for a dream.

One day, Emperor Shizong set up a dynasty, and the civil and military dynasties were over. Zhao Kuangyin, the king of the Southern Song Dynasty, came out of his class and said, "Zheng en, the king of Runan, used to set Sanchun, the taojia village, as his room, and was unmarried. I'm very glad to have finished the marriage with the blessing of the Holy One. " Shizong asked, "when will the three royal brothers be hired? Who is the media? Where is it? " Kuang Yin said: "it's the minister as the media. After returning to Beijing with empress dowager Luan Yu at bailing pass, Zheng en was afraid of the summer bath and was beaten for stealing melons from Taoyuan. I can see that Tao Sanchun is very brave and has a good command of military skills. He is specially appointed to be an axe maker and marry him. " I've played the whole story carefully again. When Emperor Shizong heard this, he almost laughed, because he said: "the marriage was originally determined, and it was also appropriate to match the couple. The imperial younger brother was in charge of the Department, and he was getting what he had." That is to say, the king of Runan will see you. When the celebrant preached: "long live God has a purpose, proclaim that the king of Runan will go to the temple." Just listen to the following promise: "lead the purpose." When Emperor Shizong raised his eyes on the Dragon chair, he saw Zheng en coming to the hall from Dan long. He was very different from the former. How could he see that?

Zheng en goes to the front of the car, and shouts and bows three times. Officer, Zheng en was a rude man. He went with Kuangyin to break into guanxi, to cause disaster and trouble, and to eat wine. These are special skills. Because Kuangyin told him to study culture and etiquette, he changed the old rules and learned some manners. However, when we were in a hurry, we lost our manners at last. So now we should worship, only three rites. When Shizong saw it, he was secretly funny: "this Rufu is not polite. How can he be a minister of the imperial court? However, compared with the past, it is also a loss to him. " And he sent a decree to sit. Zheng en sat on Jindun, his eyes fixed on his nose. He thought it was polite.

Shizong asked, "brother Sanyu, when I heard that you had decided on a marriage, I should also play with you. Why didn't you just mention it when I got married early?" Zheng en said: "it's a business done by the second brother. What should I do?" Shizong said: "men and women's rooms, people's great ethics, how do you blame others?" Zheng en said: "I don't want this woman, but my second brother and I are the media." Shizong said: "I sent an official to welcome Tao Sanchun to Beijing and marry you to make a great ceremony." Zheng en played: "just now I have said that I will never have this woman. If your majesty is going to welcome you, it was the media made by the second brother. Ren second brother married. " Shizong said with a smile: "you say that there is no reason to communicate with each other. Since ancient times, there has never been such a reason to hire a marriage and transfer it to a matchmaker. I know what you want, but I don't think he is brave enough to teach me. However, although you are afraid of him, I am really happy. Next time you do not know the politeness of the national law, the princess will punish you as much as you like. The Ministry of rites knew that on that day, four officials were sent to the taojiazhuang to meet the arrival of Tao Sanchun in Beijing, and they would marry Zheng en, king of Runan, the younger brother of the three emperors. " Once the Dragon sleeves are brushed, the driver will return to the palace. Civil and military officials, withdraw together.

Zheng endao: "second brother, as I said, this female doll really doesn't want him. What do you want to do? Even if I received him, I would not marry him. " Kuang Yin said, "what do you say, brother? Who dares to violate the imperial court's will? If you do not comply, you are against the king. " Zheng en said: "I don't want it. What does he decide on me?" Kuang Yin said: "the son of heaven is not always happy and angry, so you can ask for sin. If you disobey us and don't mind, you will be dismissed as the people, and beheaded as the public. Will you forgive us with your younger brother? " Zheng en said, "according to you, it's necessary to rely on him. But I've never been in charge of it. I'm not happy. Now I'm a dead man. I can't make a decision at all. I'm too bored to listen to people's payment. In that case, I have to rely on him. " After that, they went back to the mansion.

Kuangyin saw his father and advised him to match his sister with Gao Huaide. Zhao Hong and Yin Daxi, even if they choose a day, take Huaide as their son-in-law. At the end of the reign, the princes, who were no better than the common people's families, put on lanterns and lanterns to celebrate the day, and gave gifts and congratulations to the civil and military officials. On that day, when the new couple visited the heaven and the earth, the Zhao Hongyin and his wife were invited to be worshipped in the hall. Then the couple paid homage to each other and sent them to the cave. There was no need to elaborate. To the next day, Zhao Hong and Yin had a big feast. Please have a good time in the court. Everything has been finished. After the three dynasties, Zhao Hong and Yin prepared a thousand liang of silver for the dowry and sent Gao Huaide and his wife back to the palace. Huaide sent his general to Shandong Province to meet his mother and enjoy the prosperity. Press not to mention.

The Ministry of rites sent officials to the taojiazhuang to marry them, and they didn't need to elaborate. Only Tao long and Tao Hu, Tao Sanchun's elder brothers, have been asking for help since Zhao Kuangyin matched his younger sister with Zheng en and left the bride price. When he heard about Zhao Kuangyin's escort, he went down to Hedong and established his military skills. He was granted the post of Duke Yu Hou. Zheng en was also granted the title of marquis. He was happy and came into the house to tell Sanchun about it. Sanchun said: "my brother and little sister were still talking about the day before yesterday. If he has a throne, he can get married. Now he is just a marquis, and my brother will not be happy." Tao long said: "sister Xian, don't underestimate this throne. It's not easy for him to make contributions here. If he makes achievements in the future, the throne will be established." Say it and leave. So they went to Suzhou and Hangzhou to buy silk and brocade and dragon Python flowers. They called many tailors to their homes and made clothes inside and outside all month. They also bought steel and tin utensils, and everything. When Sanchun knew it, he called his brother: "since he is waiting, is there no application in the mansion? I have to worry about my brother. " Tao Longdao: "every human body should be treated properly. What's more, our taomen is not a small family. How can we make people laugh? That is to marry the servant girl and let the virtuous sister choose her own way. All things should be prepared so as not to be in a hurry for the time being. Sanchun listened to the great joy and thanked brother for his intention. So he put away all the things that should be used in his house at any time.

I didn't realize it was too long. On that day, I saw the county magistrate come to congratulate me. Brother Tao long took him into the hall and sat down at the ceremony. At the end of the tea, the county magistrate said, "your residence orders your sister-in-law Zheng, who is now the king of Runan, to finish his marriage. The emperor specially sent four officials of the etiquette department and four officials of the tie palace. They arranged for half a dynasty to set up a vehicle to meet the princess. They will arrive in a few days. They will report to you first. To this end, the corporal comes first to report his joy. " Tao long and Tao Hu bowed to thank each other and set up a table to entertain them. Because they said, "I don't know the etiquette when I teach people clothes. If tomorrow's angels come, how should they be treated?" I hope my parents can give me some advice. " The county official said: "when the angel comes, he must set up four tables for the main table and four folding seats outside. Luan Yu instrument from the equipment table, fifty tables, count each reward silver two Liang. The rest of the truck drivers and their wine and food are all rewards. When he arrived in Beijing, the king of Zheng gave his own food. If we do this, we will have no negligence. " The two brothers expressed their thanks together and said, "it's almost disrespectful for a foolish brother to be a husband in a village. He is very happy to accept what his parents have taught him. But when the angel comes to the house, I hope that in the first two days, I will send your servant to hear about it, so that we can have a good banquet. " The county magistrate promised. Wine powder, thank you. When the second sister-in-law of the Tao family heard this letter, she went into the room to say "I'm glad". Speaking of the county magistrate's words, the angel would arrive in a few days. Sanchun said: "since my brother has prepared all the dowries, I don't need to say. All the things that need to be done, such as banquet and reward, are worth a thousand liang of silver for your parents to keep.

Zhao Kuangyin, the king of the Southern Song Dynasty, asked Gao Huaide to go to the government one day to discuss: "Tao Sanchun was brave and powerful. He once subdued Zheng enli. He relied on himself to be strong and had no ability to see others. Now he married to Beijing, he would like to see us as the same kind. I intend to send letters to him by the way, so that he may know fear. However, all the generals in Beijing are not enemies, but you are bigger than Zhang and Zheng and can be enemies. You can lead the generals of the two houses only to fight. First, send the family to inform the palace official secretly. Don't panic. Then you pretend to be a horse and ask him to buy money. He naturally gets angry and comes out to fight in person. Then he can try his martial arts. You should take the opportunity to make it, and then explain the meaning of the connection, so that those who know my bravery are many, and that Zheng En will have glory in the future. " Wyatt laughs and follows it. He gets ready and stops working. He leaves the city on time and does something about it. Slow down.

And said to send officers and supervisors to lead the car, fight with the retinue and so on, not only one day, to the county. The county magistrate greets him, sends him back to the mansion, and the present is finished. That is to say, he sends someone to fly to the Tao family. Brother Tao had to report that he had set up a tent factory outside the sub payment door, and Tunza was full of chariots and horses. In the hall, he received the officials, in the side hall, he entertained the generals, and the coachman and other servants were drinking and dining in the villa. Call down the pear garden and have a feast. One should be complete, waiting for the arrival. In the early morning of the next day, I saw a group of people who came to support me. In front of me was the "king of Runan's order to meet his relatives" card, and in front of me were the semi imperial chariots with clusters of flowers, which were so majestic. Behind me were the officials and palace wardens. The county magistrate followed me. A group of people will come to the villa. Brother Tao will welcome them into the hall and read the holy edict. The brothers thanked, and then met. The host and the guest sat down, and the county magistrate sat beside each other. After three rounds of tea, please come to the table. It's a feast without saying. At that time, when the drama started and the diplomatic relations were encouraged, the guests enjoyed themselves and the banquet ended. The following people have finished their meals and drinks.

Tao long set out on a certain day. When relatives came to marry, Tao long said goodbye. On this day, the deacons of the royal palace were surrounded by Luan Yu. It was very dignified to cover the front and back. The palace official rode a horse, the maidservant rode a car, the two brothers and the Imperial officer sat on the horse together, and the county magistrate saw them off. Listen to three guns, Luan Yu set out. The men and women of the neighborhood in that street, shoulder to shoulder, watched from side to side, praised and admired each other, could not talk about each other, and watched endlessly. The magistrate went straight to the border and resigned. It is:

Luan Yu traveled all the way, lived in Xiaoxing at night, met the state and crossed the county, and the local officials gave Cheng Yi a gift, which was very impressive. After many days, I came to a place near the imperial capital, about 30 li away from Bianjing. When I was on my way, I only heard a cannon sound in the forest, and 50 or 60 riders and horses flashed out. As the first king, he took a horse and gun, stopped the way, and shouted, "whoever comes here will leave the money to buy the road and let you go. If you delay, his life will be hard to protect." When the deacons saw that there was a strong man blocking the way, they were so stunned that they dared not go forward and stood in a huddle. There are brave people who report to the Imperial officers in a hurry. The imperial emissary understood and pretended to be surprised, so he reported to brother Tao. Tao long listened and said: "this is the real capital, so there must be a resounding horse and Hu Xing? I'll go ahead and pay him. " Immediately he rode forward and shouted, "how dare you wait for the grass thief to stop the rampage under the chariot hub? What's more, we are not big businessmen or full-time officials. Do you have money to buy your way? Haven't you seen it? This is the maiden of the princess, who dares to block the way? You should avoid it quickly so as not to be disabled. " The king laughed and said, "well, if you don't have any silver, you can send the princess to me and be a stronghold lady with me. I will spare you from killing. If you falter, you won't want to go back." Tao long was furious and shouted, "thief! You're used to deceiving people. You don't know the skills of the princess. Then I said to him, "I know. Please come out and kill some thieves with a copper hammer. Then I know the interests of my mother." After that, take the horse back.

That three spring sees a car horse not to be able to, ask about a way: "why not?" "There are horses blocking the way, so we can't move forward," said the general. "Three spring way:" that has this matter? In speech, I saw Tao long come to me and say the words of resounding horse once. Three spring fury, drink to shout: "take a cloak to come over." The maid promised that she would go to the box and take out the cloak, and the spring would come to an end. How can I look dignified?

At the end of his life, Tao Sanchun rode a white horse with two copper hammers in his hand and led his family to the front. He took the lead and shouted: "where is the thief, dare to block the road?" The king rushed out and shouted, "the woman will look at the arrow." A sound, the arrow hit the left ear of Sanchun, Sanchun didn't watch out, and was surprised. At the sound of the bowstring, another arrow came from the right ear. Sanchun put down his hammer, caught it in one hand, and shouted, "thief, there are all arrows." The king suddenly put another arrow, shot from it, just arrived at the goggle, and was beaten down by Sanchun. Both sides cheered. Three spring hammer, clap horse to rush. The king is very good at fighting. The bronze hammer of Tao Sanchun weighs 82 Jin. When I saw the king stabbing, I quickly shot the hammer. The hammer had already arrived, and the king applauded. Two battles are on the spot, and they are killed in one place. There are thirty or forty battles. Sanchun also thought in secret: "this man's marksmanship is not like a resounding horse, and I can't hurt his life." Think about it and let your hands go. Seeing that Sanchun's hand was slow, the king hurriedly put his gun under his ribs and tried to get him off the horse. Don't want to be caught by Sanchun's rib, put down a copper hammer and twist the gun head. The king tugged at the gun, but he could not move it. It's late. It's fast then. Sanchun covered the copper hammer with his head. The king panicked, abandoned the gun, caught the handle of the hammer with both hands, and never let it go again. Even if Sanchun jumped off the horse, he would only pull the king off. Sanchun shouted, "thief without ability, please go."

The great king stood up and walked up to him and said, "please, sister-in-law Wang, mount up." "What kind of person are you?" said Sanchun. "Dare you call me sister-in-law Wang?" The king said with a smile, "to be honest, I am the brother-in-law of the king of the Southern Song Dynasty, and Gao Huaide is it. Only because the king of the Southern Song Dynasty was a big media, so I'm here to welcome him. " Then he asked his family to kowtow. "Three spring big happy way:" originally is Gao hou to drive to come, just then collide, ten thousand don't worry about. And he divided the money between the left and the right, and took out the silver, and gave it to the general of the house. Sanchun and Huaide meet their second brother and talk about the ceremony of new marriage. Brother 2: "it's a great honor for you to welcome me." "How dare you," said wyde. Only because the king of Runan is the general of today's tiger. Hearing that he was subdued by his younger sister, he didn't believe it. So he pretended to act like this. He really wanted to consult Wu Yier. " Everyone laughed. Tao long said: "it's a pity to play with your life. If you fail, it's a pity." Gao Huaide said: "the arrow that was shot just now has no iron on its head and will not hurt people. But your sister's hammer is a real stake. If you don't receive it quickly, you will be lost for a long time. From now on, I dare not underestimate the enemy. " The crowd laughed again. It is:

At that time, a group of people slightly used some wine and rice, and Huaide joined together to support the public. Press the slow meter.

Only about zheng'en, the king of Runan, thought of this day: "the auspicious time is coming, and it needs to be prepared. It's just the rules of the royal family, but I don't know what to do. If the etiquette is bad, but not as a joke by Taoists? I will consult with my second brother to see how it is. " So he took some generals with him and came to the palace of the Southern Song Dynasty. He was a brother in need. He didn't need to be informed. He got off his horse and went to the hall. He sat down with Kuangyin at the ceremony. Zheng en said, "today's family will report that the Taoists are going to see off their relatives. There are more than 200 men under him. My brother doesn't know how to act, so I come to discuss with my second brother about how to do it. My second brother must make arrangements. " Kuang Yin said: "the rites are one, but there are big and small ears to act on them. According to the king's salute, every application should be from the big, do not save the heart of small view. You should prepare two hundred liang of silver. First, you should be able to work as a family member. Then you should call the tea chef to prepare for the banquet. Then you should give three hundred liang of silver as a reward to the attendants. Prepare another 1200 Liang as a reward for both internal and external affairs. In addition, we need to provide the money for media appreciation, or five thousand, or three thousand, no less. These expenses are the most urgent thing to prepare. As for those who come to congratulate the emperor more than three days ago, they should send invitations to invite wine. They should have several seats and do it for a few days, whatever they want. " Zheng said: "it's not enough money to measure it. Second brother, let your money be borrowed for your brother's use, and Galilee will send it back to you in the future. " Kuang Yin said, "you haven't got the money yet. How can you borrow it?" Zheng en said: "the male family's thanks are still behind. You can only borrow the pottery family's money to thank you and use it with your brother." Kuang Yin said with a smile, "you're going to change your name now. Don't call it Zheng Ziming. You can call it Lai Maoer, the king of Jiaomian." Zheng said: "don't make fun of me. There is something important here. Please teach me." Kuang Yin said, "King Lai cat, apart from borrowing money, what else do you want to ask me?" Zheng en, who laughs before he speaks, wants to talk about shame and cover up, tells Kuang Yin that he will come out. He has his own teaching: he is a reckless man of the first life, and he has been a speaker for a hundred years. It is:

After all, what is Zheng enwen's concern? Let's listen to the next chapter.

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