By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 53rd chapter in the whole story of flying dragon: Tao Sanchun's post and Zhang Zang Ying's strategy of Jingbian corner"

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第53回 陶三春职兼内外 张藏英策靖边隅

Poetry says:

It is said that Zheng's nature is straight and he doesn't learn to write. Because the auspicious period is near and he doesn't know the scale of etiquette, he went to the Royal Palace of the Southern Song Dynasty to discuss and act. Kuangyin will understand the marriage etiquette and everything that should be done. The Zheng Enji in mind, again asked: "second brother, brother think this female doll, is really angry with him. On this day, waiting for the chapel to pass, the brother went to sip more bottles of wine, ignored him, and went to sleep. Do you think so? " Kuang Yin said: "if so, you will have to fight again. It's never a good day to get married. It's a happy day for the couple. The reason why his wife and his wife must meet each other is to have a son and a daughter, which is said to be the inheritance of their ancestors. If you leave him out tomorrow, he will be as hot as a fire and angry for a while. What's new to him? The front of the fist is everywhere. I'm afraid that you can't bear it. At that time, the elder brother is not good enough to rescue you. What are you going to do? " After hearing this, Zheng en made a mess of his head and said, "my second brother's speech is not bad. It's not good that he started to be angry. We only know that sipping wine and beating it down are our own business. Do you know where we are? I hope my second brother can teach me a way not to beat and scold him. " Kuang Yin said: "in ancient times, men married for thirty, women married for twenty, and Yin and Yang cooperated for couples. Men and women copulate with each other and have endless lives. This is the righteousness of heaven and earth and the great end of humanity. Therefore, only when people can correct their own lives can they keep harmony and be good at all creation. If they are not indulgent, they will be unjust; if they are unjust, they will not take what is right. Today's sage brother asked me, I don't say, an knows its reason? After tomorrow's worship, you will return to your room to join you and the guests will go to sleep. You need to be gentle in face, gentle in speech, full of your love and respect, effective in the joy of flying. In the style of a gentleman, you will naturally be happy with each other and respect each other as if you were a guest. " Zheng en said: "that's it. We are afraid that his sex is still the same. What should we do?" Kuang Yin said with a smile: "you have become a man, how can you be afraid of women? When all things are given to people, they are bound to pay homage. At that time, you stole his melon and ate it, and beat you naturally. Today, it's a matter of matchmaking and marriage. It's a matter of righteousness and obedience. It's reasonable for him to fight and scold if he indulges in violence. But don't worry. I think Sanchun is also a man of courtesy. You should not be rash. You can only act according to the reason, and it will be OK. But there is one more thing to say: this medium of gold is for you to give or not to give; all the jade pieces that were made to you the day before yesterday are for you to see. " Zheng en said with a smile, "second brother, you are also a villain. This jade block stays in our place, waiting for you to have a nephew and play with him. How can you return it?" Kuang Yin said, "you are not allowed to rely on cats. It's true that there's nothing to say. I admire you." After that, the two laughed and left. Kuangyin also assigned several powerful generals to the palace of Runan for preparation.

In the auspicious period, brother Tao and Zheng's family will have arrived and moved their dowry and other things to the government. Zheng en ordered the servants and maids to pave the inner room, which was not neat. Now that they had finished moving out, they kowtowed and were very excited. Zheng en sat in the hall and looked at these ornaments. They were colorful and rich. He never saw them in his eyes. He felt great joy in his heart. He said, "we haven't spent money yet. What kind of pottery is so rich? Thanks to the second brother's idea, we have achieved good things. " Then he ordered the saluting officer to reward the porter. Everyone is rewarded, and everyone kowtows.

On the next day, the lights were put on and the music was loud. Zheng en invited Wang Kunzhong of the Southern Song Dynasty, brother Gao Hou, and all the officials in Beijing to the mansion. I saw Luan Yu enter the door and stop in the hall. After seeing the auspicious time, the eulogy officer invited the new man out of the sedan chair. The couple and their children worshipped the heaven and earth together, thanked the saint and took part in the ancestral kitchen. Then the couple paid homage and sent them to the cave. Only listen to the melodious songs and melodies, and the Sheng and Huang are playing in succession. There is no such thing as celebration in the world. At that time, after drinking the Heying wine, Zheng Enfu went to the outer hall and met with brother Tao and all the officials. Kuangyin accompanied Brother Tao to the table, and the officials sat down one by one, boasting and opening the play. At the end of the feast, Zheng en attended, holding a gold cup in his hand, saluted and toasted. He first paid homage to brother Tao, and then to Kuang Yin, the media. The following princes and officials all thanked him. After another drink, the crowd got up. Brother Tao also went back to the mansion to prepare gifts for the three dynasties.

Zheng en sent guests into the house, distributed food and wine to the kitchen and the women's family members, and awarded miscellaneous workers and other people, as well as several famous generals in the Zhao family. After all, I stepped into the room, met Sanchun and made a deep bow. Three spring returns a blessing. "Please take off your clothes," Zheng said. Sanchun orders his servant girl to untie the round collar, pearl crown Python robe and soft shoes. Zheng en also took off his public service. The servant girl picked it up, and sent the tea. After drinking, Zheng en waved and said, "you have to wait all the way. You don't have to wait here." All the women agreed to go out and close the door. Zheng en sat down and said with a smile, "is it not a matter of predestination? Do you remember what happened in the melon garden? " Sanchun said: "if I am not so strange, how can I get married? At that time reckless collision, who knows the marriage. Now, there is no need to talk about the past. " "I knew it was your husband, and I must be kind enough not to give you such a hand," Zheng said. "Three spring way:" this also cannot discuss. Zheng en smiled and reached for the spring buckle. Three spring will hand a push, said: "everyone to help themselves." So they took off their clothes. Although Zheng en is simple and straightforward, he is full of color and heart. He sprays incense through the room, just like the immortal mansion. He feels happy and is in the clouds. He holds Princess Tao and leans against each other. The two men had the same dental bed and prepared the flag and drum. Zheng en was in his prime, and at the beginning of his life, his color was bright and his power was as dry as thirst. Three spring year has reached Ji, hope rain has been a long time, do not refuse. Two in the incense quilt, like fish like water, clouds and rain up. Zheng en, like a butterfly and a bee, only picks flowers from the heart. At the beginning of the three spring period, it's hard to avoid bitterness and happiness. It's a state of preparedness and boundless love. After that, hug and sleep. It is:

They got up early at five o'clock. After washing, they changed their uniforms and went to the court to thank emperor. When the emperor Shizong came to the golden palace, he received the imperial ceremony of culture and martial arts. The couple, under the golden stage, called for thanks. Shizong xuanshang Jinluan fell down on the dust, looked up and saw that Sanchun described it as ugly, manly and frightened. He thought to himself, "Zheng en is so reckless that he doesn't know what's going on. He needs this brave and ruthless lady to suppress him. He has a lot of scruples and doesn't want to do anything wrong." Then he said, "Wen Qing knows the art of war well. He can be both powerful and talented. What's the result?" Concubine Tao said: "I am the daughter of Cao mang. I lost my mother's religion when I was young, and I was not a girl. I was stupid in the city. He only loves riding and shooting, likes to learn military books, and has 18 kinds of martial arts. If Yunli can be a person, he can't be confident. Today, when I was asked by the emperor, my concubines would like to give a real performance. " Shizong said: "since you have this ability, I would like to be a member of the palace for a try. Can I have a look at the shooting skill?" "Imperial concubine Tao said," how dare you not obey the imperial edict? May the bow and arrow be given to try. " Emperor Shizong was very happy and sent an order to order the Palace officials to bow and arrow to concubine Tao immediately. He set up a red heart about 100 steps away from Dan long and watched concubine Tao test the arrow to see how she was doing. Concubine Tao received the order. Thanks for getting up, she took the bow and arrow, retreated to the outside of the hall, stood in front of the steps, bent the bow and set up the arrow, and shot at the buttress. Only a few swish sounds can be heard, just like the flying stars passing through the moon. Three arrows in a row are all red hearts. Civil and military officials on both sides cheered. After concubine Tao finished shooting, she went to the palace to reply. Shizong's great delight in seeing this is called the way: "Qing has the courage to be weak in her boudoir. Under this talent, the view of sincerity is not worldly. The shooting technique is as good as it can be seen. He is as good as the martial arts and is proficient in the art of war. My heart is happy, and I should be honored. Now, I have granted you the title of the first military scholar. It is advisable to drive out the king of Runan and share the glory with him. Go to see the Empress Dowager and empress, visit the palace for three days, and then return to the palace. Concubine Tao was granted the title of "thank you". Zheng en saw that his wife had won the first prize. He was very happy. He thanked her and quit first.

The martial champion, Princess Tao, was ordered to visit the palace. Her own officials came to guide her. She went to the pension Palace first and met the Empress Dowager's wife. When the Empress Dowager saw that Princess Tao was calm and determined, she was very happy and deeply attached to her, so she asked, "how young is a virtuous princess? Where are the parents? Who else is at home? Are there any officials? " "Concubine Tao said:" my concubine and I wasted twenty-one years. My parents died early. My brother Tao long and Tao Hu raised them. Zugong was once a prominent official in the later Tang Dynasty. He lived in chaos due to the lack of soldiers, avoided disasters in the countryside, worked in the mulberry industry, and cultivated, read and passed on. Now I am in the prime of the holy Dynasty, and I am able to support all the people. Therefore, my concubine and two brothers live in a humble business, and have not yet become officials in the Heavenly Kingdom. " The Empress Dowager was very pleased to see the performance of concubine Tao. She spoke very well, and was honest and polite. She said: "although she was young in the age of concubine Guan Xian, she was very good in virtue and etiquette. She was the first choice for her talent in culture and martial arts, and for her true wisdom and courage. The emperor's love makes him different, and his duty is appropriate. She is a female stream and can't support the court. It's better to serve as an internal position, to participate in the palace and court, and to see the meaning of Long Yu in common people. Now I will add you as the position of censor of six officials. You can go into the palace from time to time. In case of all the crimes committed in the court, you can be appointed to impeach for implementation. That is to say, your brother is now a nobleman of the royal dynasty. How can he live in white? I'll tell the emperor that I have a title. " Concubine Tao thanks a lot. The Empress Dowager also issued an edict to give it to the palace. After the feast, he gave three thousand liang of silver and fat. After thanking her, she quit.

The Palace officials led Princess Tao to Chaoyang palace to see the empress's mother. After the ceremony, the empress was seated next to her. The queen saw such people as Princess Tao. Although she was surprised, she was also very respectful. She ordered a banquet. She kicked thousands of silver and dozens of colored satins. Her gold and silver utensils and pearls and emeralds were very appreciated. Concubine Tao was given a thank-you and resigned.

At that time, the Palace officials led Princess Tao to visit all the palaces. Those concubines were accompanied by concubines. They heard that concubine Tao had appointed six palace checkpoints to inspect the palace. Each of them was awe inspiring to watch. Some of them invited people to have a banquet, and some of them gave toys. They were as excited as their superiors when they came to inspect the general situation of officials. It is:

The imperial concubine Tao was ordered to visit the palace, but it was three days later. At that time, she quit driving out of the palace, and the imperial edict was repeated in the upper Dynasty. It was the time when the Shizong came to the palace, and the imperial concubine Tao's meeting was over. In accordance with the order of the empress dowager, Shizong immediately issued a decree: "to make Taolong and Taohu the Marquis and the Marquis of Bo, that is to say, to establish a mansion in this place. This is the place to obey. The number one scholar is responsible for both internal and external affairs. He is polite and respectful. That is to say, he is still given half of the imperial chariot to welcome back to the mansion after receiving the official's security and treasure preparation. He is assigned a member of the official of the etiquette department to escort him. The eunuch will send the things given by the officials to the Royal Palace of Runan for collection. " The purpose is to be followed by all officials. Princess Tao bowed down to thank you and quit driving. At that time, when I was out of the gate of the Five Dynasties, I saw that Baoyu and Luan were all ready, and concubine Tao set out on Yu's way. But when I saw that she was surrounded by horses and cars, they were not majestic, so they sent them to Prince Zheng's house.

At this time, Zheng Enzheng had a banquet with Zhao Wang, Gao Hou, Tao long, Tao Hu's relatives and friends, and heard that Princess Tao was honored and returned, but also had an imperial edict, that is, he hurriedly went out to meet the hall. The Imperial officer said, "the will is to honor King Zheng's uncle Tao Gong." Brother Tao immediately fell down to listen to the proclamation. The imperial envoy read the imperial edict, and Tao long and Tao Hu looked at the que to thank him. The imperial envoy resigned and the eunuchs returned to the palace. Concubine Tao ordered eight bows in the que of Zheng Dynasty. Then they took in all the things that the Empress Dowager and the empress had given them as gifts. Each of them praised his ability. Tao long and Tao Hu gave their gifts to the servants and sent them to the ancestral hall. King Zheng also ordered the clerks to prepare sacrifices and sacrifice to their ancestors. Husband and wife, the pilgrimage is over. The princes invited out the concubine Tao and met one after another. Wang Kuangyin, Zhao, said, "in the afternoon, I will prepare my seat in my house, and invite my younger brother and sister-in-law to come and congratulate me. I hope you don't refuse." Concubine Tao thanked Nuo, quit everyone and went inside. Zheng en repatriated to set up a new banquet and enjoyed drinking with the princes until he was drunk. Since then, the princes have set up seats in turn to celebrate their new marriage. Press no table.

It is only said that since the emperor ascended the pole, he has been rich in years, peaceful in the world, happy for all the people and good in culture and martial arts. The government affairs of the imperial court, no matter how big or small, are all decided by the lineage, and all officials only receive success. At that time, Gao Xi, the official of Henan government, wrote to remonstrate with him.

Shizong looked at it and sighed, "it's not my job. I'm only worried about trusting people easily. I can't do my best." So he stayed in the middle and didn't make it. The next day, he said, "every soldier cares about refinement, not much. With the strength of a hundred farmers, only one armour of soldiers is needed. How can we eat the blood of our people to raise useless soldiers? And how can we persuade them, whether good or bad? " Zhao Kuangyin's great bamboo slips were ordered to be used by the elite and the weak. The imperial edict was still to recruit the world's heroes, Xu Lingyi que, Zhao Kuangyin and Jian Yue, and those with outstanding military bravery were selected as the front classes. Every forbidden army, horse army and infantry Army shall be chosen by their respective generals. Therefore, the soldiers are excellent and strong, and they will take what they attack and win what they fight. All the courtiers applauded.

Suddenly, the senior officer came to play, the grand master Feng Daozu. When Emperor Shizong heard about the music, he was very sad, that is to say, the emperor appointed a secretary to bury him according to the rites of Sangong. The company pursues. No mention.

The words are divided into two parts. However, Liu Chong, the leader of the northern Han Dynasty, was so worried and indignant that he rented it for several months and sent his emissary to complain about Qidan. The Khitan master received the mourning table, which was the mission. He named Liu Jun, the son of Liu Chong, as the emperor. Liu Jun was appointed emperor. Liu Jun's nature is filial piety, self-respect, inheriting the throne, diligent in government, loving the people and courteous people, and a little peace in the territory. The above table still calls Khitan the father, and he is extremely respectful for his contribution. Liu Jun tolerated shameful things, followed the story of Shi Jingtang, flattered and tried his best to do things. Yang yegan's general behind the mountain is regarded as idle and useless. Who knows and sees and laughs at the world, and laughs for thousands of years. Later generations have a poem to mock:

On the first day of the first month of the second year of Xiande, there was an eclipse. Emperor Shizong issued an edict to ask for honesty. The next day, the seal arrived. Shizong chooses those who are good at their words and deeds and are beneficial to the people. At that time, Zhang zangying was on the verge of presenting his strategy. It means that there are Hulu River in Jizhou, Qingzhou and other places, which can be dug hundreds of miles deep and overflowed by running water. Then, we should choose the terrain and build the city pool to guard it. If soldiers and horses come, they can also be limited to rush, and the people can have a way of regeneration. Emperor Shizong said with great joy, "Zhang zangying has the wisdom to defend me. He is far better than the Great Wall." At the same time, he sent Han Tong and Zhang Guangyuan to supervise the people's men to be dredged. Two generals got the purpose that they would lead the army and horses to send the civilian soldiers to the place of liyankou, build a city and leave the troops and horses to Tunza to protect the residents along the border. be nothing difficult.

But when the Qidan Lord heard that Zhang Guangyuan built the city, he discussed with the generals and said, "Li Yankou is the way out of the great Liao Dynasty. If the city is built and the troops are stationed to guard it, our country will be poor. Now we can take advantage of the unfinished work to attack them with excellent troops, so that they will not succeed, and there will be no future trouble. " The general said it was a wonderful plan. The leader of Khitan sent General Qu Tu Hui as the pioneer, leading ten thousand elite soldiers to attack. Qu Tu and Hui get the order. He immediately starts his army and comes to Li Yankou. He leaves the ground for several miles and sets up a camp. He orders Fanbing: "tomorrow, he will go out in four directions and be attacked on all sides. Then he will go on his own."

The next day, Zhang Guangyuan and Han Tong were supervising the construction of the city. Suddenly, shaoma reported, "the North soldiers came from the long drive, which is very powerful." Zhang and Han were shocked when they heard the news. They immediately sent orders to set up camp. After hearing the news that the northern army was very strong, the civilian soldiers were all frightened. They abandoned the building and rushed to the ruin. Liao led the troops from qutu Hui, and they swarmed in all directions. They surrounded Zhang and Han and attacked day and night. Zhang Guangyuan led the cavalry and tried his best to resist the enemy. The northern soldiers did not retreat. Guangyuan said to Han channel, "if the soldiers are trapped and forced to be rescued by the imperial court, they can't be rescued for a while, so they are afraid to miss something important. It's better to hurry up with Zhang zangying, so that they can drum up their troops and retreat." Han Tong said that he was in a hurry to see Zhang zangying when he sent a healthy soldier to steal out the prison camp to Jizhou. Zang Ying read the document and said to the messenger, "go back and report to Lord Zhang. As long as you stick to it for three days, I will save the soldiers." The messenger was ordered to return it.

Zhang zangying ordered Jiang Hong to guard the city. He led 5000 elite soldiers and left Jizhou for Li Yankou. When Zhang Guangyuan heard that the rescue had arrived, he ordered his steeds to wait. Qu tuhui, the northern general, was watching Fanbing attack the city wall. Suddenly, a drum rang behind the mountain and rushed out of a group of people and horses. But when he saw the opening of the banners, Zhang Zang Ying came out with his gun. Qu Tu Hui waves his sword and claps his horse to fight. Two shouts, the golden drum. The two generals fought for more than 20 years, and Zang Ying feigned to lose. Qu Tu Hui doesn't know if it's a plan. He comes after him. Cang Ying is closer than him. He eases the ape's arms, drinks a lot, and catches Qu and suddenly benefits the horse. When the northern soldiers saw that the master was captured, they broke through the encirclement and left. Zhang Guangyuan and Han Tong led the troops to attack with Zhang Zang Ying. The northern army was defeated, and the dead and wounded could not win. Third, he chased the expeditionary troops to more than ten li, but returned them. Cut Qu Tu Hui to the order of the city. Zhang Guangyuan said, "if you are not loyal to the king, how can you build this great merit?" Zang Ying said: "with the strength of all the princes, we can defeat the northern soldiers for a while. However, this city is the throat of the Central Plains, so it is advisable to build it with all your heart. If there is an emergency, I will help you. " Zhang and Han are very grateful. After the departure of the two generals, Zang Ying led his men back to Jizhou.

From then on, Zhang Guangyuan and Han Tong were very careful. They were afraid that Qidan would disturb them again. They supervised the civilian workers day and night, but before January, they had already finished building. I'm sending an emissary to watch. Please send troops to guard. Emperor Shizong was greatly pleased with his appearance. Knowing that he had made great contributions to the establishment of Tibet and Britain, he added a grand reward. He still ordered Zhang Guangyuan and Han Tong to lead the troops to defend the city. Under the decree, Zhang and Han were appointed and stationed in separate battalions. Since then, they have to rest and get together gradually. It is:

But he said that Shizong set up a dynasty one day, and discussed with the ministers: "since I took office, every way I thought about governance, I didn't get its wants, I never forgot to sleep and eat. There are also Wu, Shu, Youzhou, Southern Tang and other places, all of which are blocked by vocal education and fail to mix with Haiyu for fear. If you are a close official, you can write a treatise on the difficulty of serving the king and a treatise on opening the border, and I will read them. " At that time, Prince Pu of Changyi offered a piece of advice, and Emperor Lan said happily, "Mr. Wang is a meritorious official of the former Emperor. The chapter he wrote is very pleasant to me. This is not Mr. Yu's deep thinking and foresight. Why? It is my pillar. " Today, Wang Pu was granted the title of Kaifeng mansion to lead the prime minister. Wang Pu is ordered to thank you.

The minister said that there was a side to report confidential matters. There is no doubt that there is a division of Education: wise ministers make great contributions to hundreds of generations, and good generals make great contributions to the cause of thousands of years. It is:

After all, we'll see what's reported next.

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