By Author: Wu Chen < caption > &, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 56th chapter of the whole story of flying dragon: Yang Xianren's earthly retreat saves the main text, elder Jin Nao's hurting people"

The Original Name:《飞龙全传》第56回 杨仙人土遁救主 文长老金铙伤人

Poetry says:

It is said that Zhao Kuangyin and other people killed Li Bao, the teacher, because of the challenge arena, and were chased by Liu Renyi, the marshal of the Southern Tang Dynasty. At that time, they released their horses and fled. In the road, there was a real view. When they went to hide for a while, they met the family leader who was in the temple first, because they met the Taoist priest in the middle of the view. While talking, unexpectedly, the pursuers outside had arrived, and all the princes were in a panic because they were outnumbered. The Taoist said, "don't be alarmed, all of you. These soldiers are required. I'll see if I can stand back." After that, he took a sword and walked out slowly. He saw a lot of soldiers outside the mountain gate. They were guiding them to get people. "What's the accident?" said the Taoist. The four Deputy generals came forward and said, "Taoist, you don't know. Today, a group of horse peddlers compete with Li Bao, the teacher, on the challenge arena. They killed the teacher for a while, which can be explained. Unexpectedly, they killed Li Hu, the general sent by fengchai. Can we escape this crime? We have been ordered by the marshal to catch them. Just now, when you enter the courtyard, you can let us present our contributions, and it has nothing to do with your view. " The Taoist said, "I see. I don't see any horse peddler in my view. If you have a wrong idea, you can look elsewhere. " The adjutant heard of it and shouted: "thief Taoist! Where are many of the horses from, since there are no murderers in? If you falter like this, do you share the same path with him? " The Taoist smiled and said, "I will go the same way with him. How are you doing?" The deputy general said angrily, "it's a good way to fight. You dare to hide the murderer and come out without permission! I'm going to take you here and ask for your guilt. " After that, each of them raised weapons and rushed to the front. The Taoist, with a sword in his hand, fought outside and fought twice. Before the number is close, the Taoist goes back. Four will come after. In that way, the people chanted words and threw their swords away. In a moment, a python dragon was changed. They opened their teeth and danced their claws, spitting out fire, and watched the soldiers spray. When the soldier saw him, he scattered to escape. He walked fast, and he walked slowly, burning his forehead. All the princes and Marquises fell in the hall, and when they saw the officers and soldiers defeated, they cried out, snatched out the mountain gate together, picked up the spears and knives they had left, and cut them forward, killing all the officers and soldiers. All the four Deputy generals were Yin officers.

Then they went back to the mountain gate and sat down in the quiet room. Hou Ji, the king of China, said, "thank you very much for your father's magic power. And the name of the Dharma. " The Taoist replied: "my family name is Yang, and my name is naive. I have been a monk for more than 30 years since I was a child. I have no master, no apprentice, and I am only one person. We should be nosy, have a sense of injustice, and do our best on behalf of others. For this reason, we should be widowed, and see that we are jealous of the world. " The princes said, "master has this morality. Why do you rely on others? But when they are few, they see the best. But when we are rescued and afraid of being defeated and coming back, we will leave without leaving our master. What can we do? " Yang Nai said: "you may as well. If there are any more soldiers coming, I can help myself. As for your return drive, you must cross the river and return, and we should send you back. " When they heard the word "crossing the river", they were surprised: "we haven't got a common name. How can we know where we are going?" When Zheng en said, "we are all officials of the great Liao Dynasty. How can master say to cross the river?" Yang Nai laughs and says: "you can't hide it. If I don't know the origin of you, how can I stay here and ask him to prepare food and wait?" If you don't believe me, please give me a try. " So I will name all the princes one by one. Everyone was surprised and admired.

At that time, the princes ordered their families to prepare horses and carry luggage. Yang Nai went into the house to pack up the things and parcels, and ordered to cross the river together. It's too late. At that time, it's time to walk here. I don't want those defeated soldiers to escape to the city. I'll go to the Shuai mansion and report to Liu Renxiang: "Marshal Qi, General Li and four Deputy generals were killed by the horse traders from Bianjing. The Taoist of Xianzhen academy helped him to kill and burn the soldiers, which was very beneficial. I hope the marshal will decide. " Liu Renqing was furious at the news, that is, he hurriedly ordered the generals Wang Neng and Zhao Shu to lead the army for three thousand. He immediately captured the spy horse dealer in Bianjing in Xianzhen hospital. No violation is allowed. The two generals, Wang and Zhao, led the general and rushed to Xianzhen academy to surround the Taoist Academy. At this time, the princes and Yang Nai were just about to go out, when they heard the front shouting loudly, they knew that there were soldiers around, so they discussed together and left in conflict. Yang Nai said, "No. It's not profitable to rush around at night. I have my own way to escape. " Then he took out dozens of runes and seals from his bag and pasted them on his forehead with the princes and his family. Yang Nai read the truth and shouted, "hurry!" All of them, with bare hands and empty bodies, rose up and went forward by borrowing the earth. It is:

After shouting for a long time, the soldiers did not see anyone coming out. They were puzzled. They rushed in together, lit the torch and searched everywhere. There was no human figure, only the horse package was abandoned. Wang and Zhao had no choice but to ask the sergeant to take the horse, take the package and pay the order to the handsome mansion. When Liu Ren saw that he had abandoned his horse and fled, he was hard to catch, so he had to send someone to inquire secretly and be more careful. This is not a statement.

It is said that the princes got Yang Nai's Taoism. They closed their eyes and ran away. But they heard the sound of wind and rain in their ears. In a short time, they suddenly stepped on the ground. Yang Nai shouted, "open your eyes." When they went to Fuyin, they were all surprised when they saw it. It turned out that it was Bianliang ground, which was secretly called strange. Yang Nai said, "I have sent you all to Beijing, so I'll say goodbye." The princes said, "why did you say that, master? How can we say goodbye when we are saved by a certain feeling, and we are rewarded by yuan, which means that tomorrow we will know the Lord and make us worship in turn and pay less for great virtue? " Yang Nai said: "I'm not here for fame and wealth, but for the misfortune of all the princes. So I'm using small skills to get rid of the tiger's ear. What's the reward? I'm glad I'm safe. I'm done with my poor heart. I'm sure I'll leave. " All the people are bitter to stay, Yang Nai persevered, only said: "there will be a future." The wind blows away. And they all looked to the air, and gave thanks, and returned to their houses.

The next day, when we went to the court, we were dancing. Emperor shizongxuan, Zhao Kuangyin, went to the palace and asked, "what's the situation of the two royal brothers visiting Jinling?" Kuangyin will sell horses to Jinling, as well as Yang Nai to save the earth Dun, before and after things, one by one Chen played. After hearing this, Shizong was both surprised and pleased: the frightened princes suffered a few accidents, and the imperial court lost the pillar of Liang; the happy people turned their fortunes into good ones, and were saved by the immortal, and came back safely. At that time, Emperor Shizong asked, "according to the emperor's younger brother, when can we build up the army?" Kuangyin said: "I want to go to Guangmin in the Southern Tang Dynasty. The city is unprepared and has the potential to be desirable. Now it's time to build up a strong horse in autumn. I look forward to your Majesty's decision. " Emperor Shizong listened to the music and followed it happily, that is to say, he issued an imperial edict:

Under the imperial edict, the imperial chariot marched in person. He still told Wang Jing and told Xu Tu to take Shu. Today, I worship Kuangyin as the marshal, Gao huailiang as the pioneer, Li Gu as the left and right rescue envoy, Han Lingkun as the governor to transport food and grass, Li Chongjin and other 12 people marched in with the army, read 200000 soldiers and set out on a day. Kuangyin passed down the military order and ordered General Li Gu and General Li Chongjin to take the lead in Chuzhou, Yangzhou, Taizhou and other places in order to divide their potential; he led the soldiers from Nanjie pass. The allocation has been set, and the general will rectify first. Then Shizong ordered Fanzhi and Wangpu to be in charge of the state affairs, leaving gaohuaide to supervise the city. Keri drove away from Bianjing, following the previous soldiers. But when we see the clouds are dim, the murderous spirit is dim, the spear is like a forest, and the flags are like fog. There are poems as evidence:

The army had no words all the way, and soon had reached the south border pass. Dong Qing, the chief military officer of the pass, is going to visit the palace to meet you. The monarchs and ministers enter the prison.

There were sentinel horses reported to the Southern Tang Dynasty. The master of the Tang Dynasty was shocked. He called all the great merchants to discuss how to retreat from the enemy. There was no speech in both civil and martial arts, but Marshal Liu Renxiang was calm in his speech. He said near the Prelude: "don't panic, Lord. Since ancient times, when water comes to cover the earth, soldiers come to block it. In the past, when the king wanted to save the Western Shu and dominate the other side, he didn't want to have a secret opportunity. He was first imported by Zhou Shi. Now if Zhang Huang had no strategy, wouldn't he be ridiculed by the Shu people? For the sake of the present plan, it is advisable to rejuvenate the six divisions and resist the enemy with the general of Zhou. As for the success or failure, it is unknown. " At his command, the Lord of the Tang Dynasty took Liu Yanzhen as the commander of the army and Liu Renyi as the commander of the Huaihe River in the Qing Dynasty. He led 50000 troops to Huaihe and Yangzhou and resisted the Zhou division. He also ordered Wenxiu, a national teacher, and 50000 soldiers to attend the Qingliu pass. Liu Yanzhen led the troops to the west of Huaihe River in Fengyang, and set up hundreds of warships on the Huaihe River to attack the floating beams of Zhou Dynasty. The banners were connected with each other, and the force was greatly strengthened.

Li Gu, the former general of Zhou Dynasty, was not able to attack Shouzhou. He also heard that Tang soldiers had arrived in Huaixi and were fighting in large boats. So he discussed with the generals: "our army has never been used to water warfare. If he breaks my buoyant beam and suffers enemies, there is no way to live. It's better to retreat to Fuliang, wait for the saint to come and make progress. What do you think? " Please discuss the difference, or take advantage of the situation, or want to retreat. Li Gu hesitates, and sends people to play Shizong, while moving soldiers to defend Fuliang. Shizong has to play. The urgent official stops Li Gu. Don't retreat. He sent General Li Chongjin to lead the troops to the Huaihe River and fight with Tang soldiers. Because the grain and grass are not collected, they cannot move forward. Hearing this, Li Gu hurriedly sent people to show the way to Shizong: "the warships of the Southern Tang Dynasty went into the Huaihe River day by day, and the water rose day by day. In case the food and grass were not collected, they would be worried. May your majesty stay in Chenzhou and wait for Li Chongjin's army to arrive. I will cross the Huaihe River with him and explore the other warships. I will be able to resist the floating beams and set up the instruments to listen to. Never enter lightly. Otherwise, we will work hard to make them tired to run, and then we can catch them with a drum. " Shizong got to play, and said to Kuangyin, "Li Gu's plan can also be realized." Kuang Yin said: "too slow. At the moment when the two enemies meet, it's time to wait. If your majesty gives you an excellent imperial edict and answers it, you will receive all the credit if you make it meet the situation of rejoining. " Shizong's promise is to issue an imperial edict.

But when Liu Yanzhen, the general of Tang Dynasty, heard that Li Gu had retreated from Fuliang, he was very happy and wanted to lead his troops to Zhengyang. Liu Renyi and Zhang quanyuli, the governor of Chizhou, stopped: "before our army arrived, the soldiers would retreat first. They were afraid of the power of the public. Why fight? In case of any loss, there is no way to regret. " Liu Yanzhen didn't listen and led his troops. Ren support and Zhang quanyue said: "Duke Liu doesn't listen to me. This trip is bound to fail. My father and I should only go to the city and prepare for it, but we have nothing to lose. " According to the whole agreement, the leader will rely on the Huaihe River. At this time, Li rejoined the imperial edict, led the troops to cross the Huaihe River, and fought with Tang generals. Liu Yanzhen was stationed in Anqing for more than ten miles. Li went up to see the general and said to them, "it's very easy to break such a military horse." But he ordered Cao Ying to lead three thousand soldiers from the upper class. If he attacked unexpectedly, he would win. Cao Ying was ordered to lead the troops.

The next day, Li rejoined the battle. Liu Yanzhen raised his gun and clapped his horse out. His fingers went in again and scolded: "ignorant upright!" Retreat well from the slaughter, or you will die in an instant. " Get angry again, and swing your sword to Yanzhen. When Yan was really waiting for the battle, a general named Zhang Wan came out behind him and shouted, "don't do it until the general catches the thief alive." After that, he roared like thunder, carrying an axe, and came to kill. Two shouts and drums. Two will be the knife and axe at the same time, about 50 plus the fight, regardless of the outcome. Reentering and pretending to be defeated, Zhang Wan came later. When I saw Zhang WANLAI again, I held down the knife, bent the bow and put an arrow on my back. Zhang Wan didn't watch out. He couldn't dodge. He fell in response. He had a pity for a brave general and died unexpectedly. A poem praises Li Chongjin's way:

Seeing Zhang Wan's loss, Liu Yanzhen was furious and went to fight. Rejoin and return to meet. The two generals are just the right match for the right match. They have more than one hundred matches in the war, and the victory and defeat are not divided. Suddenly listening to a gun, Cao Ying led three thousand fresh troops to kill from the top. Yanzhen expected that he could not win, so he left. Cao Ying took advantage of the situation to catch up with Tang soldiers. Yanzhen walked for miles, and saw the flags and banners behind the hillside, the golden drum and the noisy sky. A puma army rushed out, and Li Gubu was the first general, Wang Cheng. Because the leader came to meet Chongjin, he saw the defeat of Tang Dynasty, even if he blocked the way. Yanzhen was unable to advance or retreat, so he had to fight with Wang. Before he could make a three-way battle, Yanzhen had no horsepower and lost his front foot. He overturned Yanzhen to the ground and was caught up by Zhou Bing, who killed him with a knife. A poem sighs:

When Li Chongjin heard that Liu Yanzhen had been killed, he led his troops to the great slaughter. Tang soldiers were killed and wounded, and countless of their supplies and armor were plundered.

Liu renzhan saw that the situation was not harmonious. He picked up the remnant soldiers of Yanzhen's subordinates and retreated to Shouzhou with Zhang quanyue and the soldiers of his subordinates. Xingye sent people to hurry up with the Tang Lord. When the Tang Lord heard that Liu Yanzhen's army was completely gone, he was so shocked that he was out of his wits that he called for all the great businessmen to discuss. Chen Jingwen, the emissary of Shumi, said: "Zhou Shi came bravely, and Yan Zhenxin was lost. If we fight with him, our army will be defeated. The Lord can order the generals to garrison the Qingliu and reject the Zhou soldiers. " According to the song, the Tang Lord sent the generals Huang Fuhui and Yao Fenger to lead 10000 soldiers to the qingliuguan pass and the national division Tunza to reject Zhou soldiers. 2. The general orders to lead the troops away.

But he said that Li Chongjin had captured Fengyang city and sent people to the Shizong to report victory. Shizong is very happy, that is to say, he has given a special order to recruit soldiers to take Shouzhou. Re entered to get the purpose, led the troops to take Shouzhou, five miles from the city to the stronghold. The next day, the leader went back to the city and divided the troops to attack the city. The city's grey cannons and stones hit down like rain, injuring the heavy soldiers. At that time, the city couldn't go down for more than 20 days. There's no way to get back into that. It was reported that marshal Zhao Kuangyin had brought troops to help. When he came back to meet him, he told him that the city was strong and that Liu Ren was good at supporting and guarding the city. Kuangyin then looked under the city once, and said to Chongjin, "it's so strong, and it's also good at guarding. I'm waiting for my old teacher. You can lead your troops away from the city for 15 Li to Tunza. You lie that there is a shortage of food in the army, so it's like retiring. You can choose strong soldiers to ambush the main road, and wait for them to come and ambush them to kill them. I will attack with the best soldiers again, and then attack before and after, and the city will be down. " Reenter according to plan.

The next day, Tan Ma reported to the city, saying that Zhou Shi had left overnight, for some reason. Liu Renyi sent people out of the city to inquire about it. He reported: "his army has no food, so I'm afraid that our army will catch up with him and camp 15 miles away. It's a plan to slow down the war." At present, he Yanxi, the supervisor of the capital, stood up and said, "it's true that Zhou Shi's grain is gone. The marshal should send his men after him, so that he would not dare to come again. " Benevolent support way: "week general scheming is very many, is not have deceit?" Measuring this is definitely a trick to lure the enemy, and it cannot be pursued. " He Yanxi said: "the marshal is too suspicious. When can he win the Zhou division?" So he did not listen to him. He led five thousand soldiers and went out of the pass in private, killing Zhou camp. When Li Chong saw him, he pretended to be flustered and pulled up the stronghold. The three armies cried bitterly and abandoned their guns and swords. Seeing this situation, he Yanxi said with great joy, "today God has given me success." Even if we drive the troops to cover up. When he reached Wuli, suddenly he heard a cannon sound. The ambush in the forest rose together. The spear and axe rushed out. Cao Ying was the first general. He shouted, "where will the thief go?" Cut it in the face with a knife. He Yanxi was shocked. He raised his knife to meet him. Before the five harmonies, Cao Ying took up a knife and chopped Yanxi off the horse. The Zhou division was prosperous and the Tang army was defeated. Kuangyin led the army to attack Shouzhou. Liu Ren can't support himself, so he has to lead the disabled soldiers to retreat to Taizhou. Kuangyin then took Shouzhou.

Li Chongjin and Cao Ying returned to the city to welcome them to Shouzhou. Kuangyin led his generals to the court and said, "depending on the great blessing, we have taken Shouzhou." Shizong Dayue said: "the second Royal younger brother's contribution is not small, I am happy and happy." Kuang Yinfu said: "Li Zhong's horse is not suitable to move lightly when he is in the Huaihe River. It also matters that Li Gu'an lives in Zhengyang. I would like to supervise the troops, take the qingliuguan pass, take the victorious troops, and go back to Chuzhou, then the Southern Tang Dynasty can be broken in the near future. " Shizong said: "the Royal brother's policy is very good."

Kuangyin quit driving and raised his troops to nanjieguan. Dong Qing, the commander in chief of the army, came in. See you. Kuang Yin asked, "did anyone in the Southern Tang Dynasty commit a Malay offence?" Dong Qingdao: "Yao Feng and Huang Fuhui, the generals of Qingliu pass, have never violated the boundary. Only with the increase of one guard, Wen Xiu monk was very brave and had a golden Nao. He was very interested. He came to attack several times. All the generals are afraid of neglect and dare not go out of the enemy's way, but only keep it tight. If the marshal doesn't come early, it's hard to keep the pass. " Kuang Yin said, "if someone comes, you can still guard against it. I will send troops to break him tomorrow."

The next day, Kuangyin was promoted to a higher level. All the people will come to see him. As early as a scout came into the city, "there is a monk outside to fight." Kuang Yin then asked the two generals, "who will meet him?" I saw a general flash out beside me, and answered, "I will not be able to see you for a while." Kuangyin saw it as Wang Renwu, the former commander of the Imperial Army and the grandson of Yanzhang, the iron gun king. He was good at using a muddy iron gun. He had the courage of thousands of people. He was born a Zhang long man with a black face and yellow beard. He stood under the account and wanted to go to war. Kuang Yin said with great joy, "you should be careful when you go out." Wang Renwu replied, "I have to order." Out of the Chinese army, stop, put your guns on the horse, lead three thousand soldiers, shoot out of the pass, and set out your position. See that against a monk, but see:

The monk Wenxiu took the lead and shouted, "who are you going to meet?" Wang Renwu said: "listen to me, thief bald: I'm wang Renwu, the commander of the army under the charge of the Grand Marshal of the Southern Song Dynasty. You've got a reputation for being a thief. I'm good at remembering. " Wen xiudao: "you don't have to ask. The SA family is the Zen master of protecting the country under the driving of the king of the South Tang Dynasty. It's called Wen Xiu. You have come to die in vain, and you should be free. " Wang Ren was very angry. He clapped his horse forward and took a shot to mend the stab. Wen Xiu raises the Buddhist staff and parries in a hurry. There were thirty rounds of the two men's war. Wen Xiu could not resist the enemy. He stopped Wang Renwu's gun and went back to the desert. Wang Renwu came after him. When Wen Xiu heard the ring of the Luan bell behind him, he reached out and took out a golden cymbal from the bag. He called, "Grandpa Buddha, I need to borrow some magic weapons today." Then he threw the golden cymbal into the air, and the red light was like electricity, which shot people's eyes. He split it on the head of Wang Renwu, and the power was like a swallow. When Wang Renwu saw it, he was in a hurry. He couldn't dodge. He was split early, turned over and fell off. He died miserably. It is:

When the defeated soldiers entered the pass, Kuang Yinwen was furious and asked, "who dares to go out and revenge with Wang Renwu?" All the generals were afraid of the danger of the golden cymbals and did not answer. Kuangyin filled his chest with rage and cried, "prepare the horse!" Immediately put on the whole body, put on the horse and carry the knife, and lead the people out to the front of the battle. Wen Xiu was discussing war. He saw that there was a general in Guannei. He was majestic and handsome. He called himself different. He asked, "is it not the king of the Southern Song Dynasty?" Kuang Yin said: "I know my name, but I dare to be brave and help evil, and hurt my beloved general. It's really hateful! I swear to behead you now. Don't regret it. " Wen Xiu is furious. He urges the horse to fight and raises his staff to fight. Kuangyin grabs the knife and returns it. When the two fought for more than 20 years, Wen xiuxu waved a staff and returned to the horse to feign defeat. Kuang Yin shouted, "where is the thief going?" Then came. Three miles away, Wen Xiu started to sacrifice the golden cymbals as before, and split them on top of Kuangyin's head. Kuangyin saw that he lowered his head and cried, "no, my life is over!" As soon as I was worried, the God of Yuan appeared in the mud pill palace. I saw the red bearded fire dragon stretching its claws and catching the golden cymbal. I couldn't get down. Wen Xiu was shocked and said, "it turns out that the king of the Southern Song Dynasty was the real life. I almost rebelled against the sky and broke the big things." So he took back the golden cymbal and dismounted and stood at the road. Look, Kuangyin is really a dragon. Will no soldiers see it? The soldiers will see and tell about Shizong. Is that right? I don't know that Kuangyin has been chasing after Wenxiu for a few miles. These soldiers have not come up, and they don't care. Naturally, they haven't seen it. This is precisely:

Then Kuang Yin woke up and saw Wen Xiuli standing beside him shouting: "Allah, stop sinning. The mountain monk did not know the natural principles and almost acted in vain, so he did not dare to do it again. " Seeing this, Kuang Yin was at a loss and had to answer, "the elder has already become a monk. Why don't you go back to the mountain and burn it? The red dust map here is very valuable. " Wen xiudao: "Allah is unknown. Shanseng used to be the abbot of Yanjiao temple in Fengxue mountain, Shaanxi Province. Because of the collapse of the temple and the dripping of Buddha statues, shanseng was willing to build it and went down the mountain to collect the master of the Southern Tang Dynasty. With the permission of the Lord of Tang Dynasty, the soldiers of the Zhou Dynasty withdrew and sent officials to build them. Therefore, they came to help him. I don't want to meet Allah today. Almost mountain monks have been sinned in the sky and can't be freed. " Kuang Yin said: "since the elder came from the collection, don't mind the business of both sides, and please go back to the mountain. After the event is over, we should not come here to install Jinjian temple and complete it by ourselves, which is not false. " Wen Xiu was very happy to thank him. Even if he abandoned his horse, he went away. Kuangyin Lima is back on his way. When he sees the soldiers in front of him, they will rush in. The general then Kuangyin asked about chasing the monk. Kuang Yin said, "I have given up this and returned to the mountain after my good advice." And all the people gathered together, rejoicing, and returned to the gate, and set up tables to celebrate.

The next day, Kuangyin led the troops to the outside of the Qingliu pass and set up a camp. After entering Guanzhong, Huang Fuhui and Yao Feng discussed: "Shouzhou has been obtained by Zhou Shi. As soon as the elder Wenxiu goes away, he has no voice. This week's soldiers come to attack the city again. It's not his enemy. It's better to withdraw and protect Chuzhou, tear down the bridge and defend himself, then we can have everything." Yao Feng said, "No. This is a critical area. If you don't defend Chuzhou and retreat, how can you reach the enemy? " Huangfuhui did not listen to his words, but withdrew to Chuzhou. When the news came to zhouying, Kuangyin was overjoyed and said to Ma Quanyi, "this day helps me. The thief took this pass as a pity. He retreated to Chuzhou and broke the bridge to protect himself. I don't know the soldiers. Since Chuzhou is not the place of chongfan, I have to be clear and have thousands of troops. Are you afraid of Chuzhou bridge? I can draw five thousand soldiers and immediately take a wooden raft. If you are not sure, our army will cover up and break it like carrying mustard ears. " Ma Quanyi leads the order. As a result, Kuangyin led the soldiers one after another and adopted Chuzhou. There is a division of teaching: attack a city, pull a city, the situation is like a broken bamboo; fight a while, win a while, like blowing ash. It is:

After all, how did Zhao Kuangyin take the city? Let's see the next step.

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