By Author: luo guanzhong, book named Romance of The Three Kingdoms

"The fourteenth time in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Yi drives to death in nanque, Jiang Wei abandons grain and wins over Wei Bing"

The Original Name:三国演义 第一百十四回 曹髦驱车死南阙 姜维弃粮胜魏兵

But when Jiang Wei ordered the soldiers to retreat, Liao Hua said, "I will stay outside, but I will not accept your life." Although there is an imperial edict today, it cannot be moved. " Zhang Yi said, "Shu people have grievances when they move forward year after year. It's better to take advantage of this time to win, take back the people and horses, and then make a good plan." "Good," Wei said. So he ordered all the troops to retreat in accordance with the law. After Liao Hua and Zhang Yi were ordered to break, in case the Wei army pursued them. However, Deng AI led the soldiers to catch up with him, only to see that the flag of the soldiers in front of him was in order, and the men and horses slowly retreated. AI Tan said, "Jiang Wei has won the law of marquis Wu!" So dare not chase, Le army back to Qishan stronghold. Moreover, when Jiang Wei arrived in Chengdu, he met the owner and asked about the recall. Later the LORD said, "I am in the side court for you. I haven't returned my division for a long time. I'm afraid that I will work as a sergeant. Therefore, I'd like to send you back to the court. I have no other intention." Wei said: "I've got the castle of Qi Mountain. I'm just about to receive the credit. I will not give up halfway. This must be Deng AI's counter measure. " The second Lord was silent. Jiang Wei said again, "I swear to beg for the thief to repay my country. Your majesty, don't listen to the villain's words and give rise to doubts. " Later the LORD said for a long time, "I don't doubt you. When you go back to Hanzhong, when the state of Wei changes, you can attack again." Jiang Wei sighed and left for Hanzhong.

But they said that the party had all returned to qishanzhai to report it. Deng AI and Sima Wang said, "if there is a disagreement between the monarch and the minister, there will be internal changes." Order the party to all enter Luoyang and report to Sima Zhao. When Zhao was very happy, he had the heart of planning for Shu. He asked Jia Chong, the middle guard, "how about cutting down Shu now?" Chong said, "you can't cut it. The son of heaven doubts the Lord. Once he is light, he will be hard to do. In the old year, Huanglong was seen in the well of Ningling. The ministers expressed their congratulations and thought it was auspicious. The emperor said, "it's not auspicious. The dragon is like a king, but it's not in the sky, it's not in the field, it's in the well, it's a sign of seclusion. " Then he wrote a poem of the hidden dragon. The meaning of the poem is clearly the way of the Lord. His poem said: "wounded dragon is trapped, can't jump the abyss." You can't fly in the sky, you can't see in the field. Pan lives at the bottom of the well, before the eel and loach dance. Hide your teeth, hide your claws, and I will do the same! " Sima Zhao was furious when he heard that Jia Chong said, "this man wants to work with Cao Fang! If you don't plan early, you will hurt me. " Chong said, "I would like to be the master sooner or later." In the summer and April of the fifth year of weiganlu's reign, Sima Zhao went to the palace with a sword and greeted it. All the officials said, "the great general has great merits and virtues. He is the Duke of Jin. He has nine tin." Fashion bows its head and doesn't answer. Zhao snapped, "my father and son have made great contributions to the Wei Dynasty. Now they are the Duke of Jin, are they not suitable?" "Fashion is to say:" dare not life? Zhao said: "in the poem of the hidden dragon, we are like loach eels. What's the etiquette?" Fashion can't answer. Zhao sneers at the hall, and all the officials are awe inspiring. After returning to the Imperial Palace, I summoned Wang Shen, the minister, Wang Jing, and Wang Ye, the minister on horseback, to discuss. "I cried," Sima Zhao will be usurped, as everyone knows! I can't sit here and be insulted. You can help me to ask for it! " Wang jingzou said, "No. In the past, Duke Zhao of Lu couldn't bear Ji's defeat and lost his country. Now, Sima's power has been attached to him for a long time. And your majesty is a man who has few guards and no life. If your majesty does not tolerate it, it will be a great disaster. And should slow down, not to make a mistake. " Fashion said: "it can be tolerated, which can not be tolerated! I will die if I decide! " When you have finished speaking, you will report to the Empress Dowager. Wang Shen and Wang Ye said to Wang Jing, "things are urgent. We can't take the misfortune of exterminating the clan ourselves. We should go to Sima's mansion to head off, so as not to die. " "By the rage said:" the Lord worried about the humiliation, the Lord humiliated the death of his ministers, dare to have two hearts? Wang Shen and Wang ye went to report to simazhao. Shaoqing, the leader of the Wei Dynasty, Cao Tiao, went out and ordered Jiao Bo, the guard, to gather more than three hundred officers and servants from the palace. He raised his chariot with his sword and chided the left and right to walk out of the south palace. Wang Jing fell down in front of the chariot and cried and remonstrated: "today, your majesty led hundreds of people to fight against Zhao. It's no use driving sheep into the tiger's ear and killing them in vain. I don't care about my life, but I don't think it's feasible! " "The fashion said:" my army has gone, Qing unimpeded when. Then I came to see Yunlong gate.

I saw Jia chongrong riding on a horse, with Chengchu on the left and Chengji on the right. He drew thousands of iron clad soldiers to fight and kill. "I am the son of heaven," he said. Do you enter the palace to kill the king? The soldiers were afraid to move when they saw Cao Chao. Jia Chong called Chengji and said, "what is the use of Sima Gong to raise you? For today's sake! " Ji Nai's Halberd was in his hand. Looking back, he said, "you should kill me? Do you want to tie it? Chong said, "Sima Gongling, only the dead." Cheng Ji twisted his halberd and ran straight to the chariot. "I dare to be rude!" she said. In the end, he was stabbed in the chest with a halberd and knocked out of the chariot. Jou Bo comes to meet him with a gun and is stabbed to death by Cheng Ji. All fled. Wang Jing then came and scolded Jia Chong and said, "I dare to kill you!" Full of rage, chiding the left and right, and reporting to Sima Zhao. When Zhao entered, he saw that the fashion was dead. He pretended to be frightened, and cried when he bumped his head against the chariot. It was reported to all ministers.

At that time, Sima Fu, a senior official, came into the room, saw the body, and cried with his head resting on his thigh: "whoever kills his majesty will be punished by his officials." Then the funerary corpse was stored in a coffin and stopped in the west of the side hall. Zhao entered the palace and called for a meeting of ministers. All the ministers are here, but only the ministers are not there. Zhaolingtai's uncle Xunzi called him. "Tai cried:" on the people to Taibi uncle, this uncle is not as good as Tai. But I came in with filial piety, crying and worshipping in front of the spirit. Zhao also pretended to cry and asked, "where can we do today's business?" Tai said, "if you kill Jiachong alone, you can thank the whole world." Zhao pondered for a long time and asked, "think twice?" Tai said, "only those who enter here do not know the second place." Zhao said, "Cheng Ji is so rebellious that he can cut it and destroy the three tribes." Ji scolded Zhao and said, "it's not my crime, it's Jia Chong's life!" Zhao ordered his tongue to be cut first. I can't wait to die. Younger brother Cheng Chu was also killed in the city and wiped out the three ethnic groups. Later, a poem sighed and said, "Sima ordered Jiachong to kill the emperor, nanque, and zhe robe was red. But they will become the three families of Jizhu, and only the army and the people will be deaf. "

Zhao also sent Wang Jing and his family to prison. Wang Jing is under the hall of Tingwei. Suddenly he sees his mother. After kowtowing and crying, "unfilial children are involved in loving mothers!" The mother laughed and said, "who is mortal? I'm afraid I can't die! How can I hate to give up my life! " The next day, Wang Jing and his family went to Dongshi. Wang Jing's mother and son were punished with a smile. All the people in the city shed tears. Later generations had poems that said, "at the beginning of the Han Dynasty, I boasted of my sword. At the end of the Han Dynasty, I saw the king's Scripture: my heart was as strong as my heart, and my ambition to be strong was clearer." The festival is as heavy as Taihua, and the life is as light as a feather. The fame of mother and son should be the same as that of heaven and earth. " The emperor, Sima Fu, asked to bury Cao Qian in the king's ceremony. Jia Chong and others advised Sima Zhao to accept Wei Chan, that is, the emperor's throne. Zhao said: in the past, King Wen divided the world into two parts, serving Yin, so the sage was called the supreme virtue. Emperor Wu of Wei refused to accept Zen in Han Dynasty, but I refused to accept Zen in Wei Dynasty. " Jia Chong and others heard that Sima Zhao had paid attention to his son Sima Yan, so they did not persuade him to enter. In June of that year, Sima Zhao established Cao Huang, the Duke of Changdao Township, as emperor, and changed his reign to the first year of Yuanjing. Huang changed his name to Cao Mian, Jingming. He is the grandson of Cao Cao, Emperor Wu, and the son of Cao Yu, King Yan. Huan granted Zhao the title of Xiangguo and Duke of Jin with 100000 yuan and 10000 silks. There are many civil and military officials, each with a reward. There have been detailed reports in Sichuan for a long time. Jiang Wei heard that Sima Zhao killed Cao Wan and set up Cao Huan. He said happily, "I am famous for my attack on Wei today." Then he sent a book to Wu and asked Sima Zhao to kill the king. On the one hand, he asked the leader to start 150000 troops and thousands of vehicles, all of which were put on board boxes. On the other hand, he asked Liao Hua and Zhang Yi to take the Ziwu Valley and Luogu valley. On the other hand, he asked Wei to take the inclined Valley before he left Qishan mountain. Three soldiers together, kill and rush to Qi Mountain. When Deng AI was in Qishan stronghold, he trained people and horses, and when he heard that Shu soldiers had killed in three ways, he gathered the generals to discuss. "I have a plan. Don't say it clearly. I'm writing it here. I'd like to present it to the general." AI came to the exhibition and said with a smile, "although this plan is wonderful, I'm afraid it can't be concealed from Jiang Wei." "I wish I could die," she said. AI said, "if the public will is strong, it will succeed." Then five thousand soldiers and soldiers were allocated. He was ushering in from the inclined Valley all night, and was colliding with the guard horse of the front team of the Shu soldiers. "I am the commander of the state of Wei," he said.

The sentinel reported to Jiang Wei that Wei ordered him to stop the rest of the soldiers. He only taught the leader how to see the future. He bowed down to the ground and said, "I am the nephew of Wang Jing. Recently I saw Sima Zhao kill the king. He killed all his uncles. I hated him deeply. It's a good thing that general Xingshi asked about the crime, so he invited five thousand soldiers from this department to surrender. I would like to dispatch and wipe out the treacherous party to repay my uncle's hatred. " Wei Daxi said, "since you come here sincerely, don't I treat you sincerely? The patients in our army are nothing but food and ears. Today, there are thousands of grain trucks. Now, you can take them to Qishan in Chuankou. I'm going to pick up qishanzhai now. " In his heart, he was so happy that he thought it was a good plan and accepted his promise. Jiang Wei said, "you don't need to use five thousand people to transport grain, but you need to guide three thousand people, leaving two thousand people to lead the way to fight Qi Mountain." He was afraid of Wei's doubts, but he led three thousand soldiers away. Wei ordered Fu Jin to enlist two thousand Wei soldiers. It was reported that Xia Houba had arrived. Ba said, "why did the governor believe the king's words? Although I didn't know how to prepare in Wei Dynasty, I didn't know that Wang Xun was the nephew of Wang Jing. The general is requested to investigate the fraud. " Wei laughed and said, "I know Wang Xun's deceit, so I will divide his forces and do whatever he can." The bully said, "let's talk about it." Wei said, "compared with Cao Cao, Sima Zhao killed the king's Scripture, killed his three clans, and saved his nephew to lead the army outside the pass?" Therefore, I know its deceit. Zhongquan's opinion coincides with mine. " So Jiang Wei didn't go out of the valley, but he made people lie in darkness in the road to prevent the spies from the king. Not ten days later, as expected, Wang Zhen was caught in the ambush and returned to Deng AI to see the next man. Wei asked about the plot and found a private book. In the book, about August 20, he transported food from the path to Dazhai, but taught Deng AI to send troops to meet him in the valley. Wei killed the man in the next book, but changed the meaning of the book to August 15, and about Deng AI led his troops to take over in the valley. On the one hand, people disguised as Wei Jun went to the Wei camp to write; on the other hand, they unloaded hundreds of existing grain trucks, loaded with dry firewood, thatched grass and ignited the fire, covered them with green cloth, and ordered Fu Jin to bring 2000 yuan down to the Wei army to carry the grain flag. Weique and xiahouba each led an army to ambush in the valley. Let Jiang Shu go out of the valley, Liao Hua and Zhang Yi all march to take Qi Mountain. But he said that Deng AI got a letter from Wang Yu. He was very happy. He wrote back in a hurry. Now people are returning. On August 15, Deng AI led 50000 elite soldiers to the valley. From afar, people could see countless grain wagons, which were running in succession from the valleys. All of them were Wei Bing. Left and right said: "it's already dusk. You can quickly take over Wang Chang and leave the valley." AI said, "the mountains ahead are hidden. If there is an ambush, it is very difficult to retreat. You can only wait here." In a word, suddenly two horsemen came, and said, "General Wang, because he has crossed the boundary of food and grass, came back with people and horses, hoping for early rescue." AI Dajing, hurry the soldiers forward.

At the beginning of the watch, the moon was as bright as the day. I only heard the cry from the back of the mountain. AI only told Wang Juan to fight in the back of the mountain. When running across the mountain, suddenly a puma army ran out behind the forest. Fu Jin, the general of the first Shu, shouted: "Deng aipifu! Why don't you get off your horse early and die as soon as possible? AI startled and left. The fire in the car is the No. Under the two forces, the soldiers of Shu went out and killed Wei soldiers. But when they heard that they were going down the mountain, they only said, "take Deng AI, give him a reward and seal the Marquis of wanhu!" Deng AI abandoned his armour and helmet, left his horse, and ran across the mountains. Jiang Wei and Xia Houba only hope to catch them by the way headed by the horse. They don't want Deng AI to walk away. Wei leads the victorious soldiers to pick up the king's grain cart. But he said that Wang Fei had made an appointment with Deng AI. He prepared the food, grass, and chariots in advance, and waited for the work. Suddenly a confidant said, "it's been leaked. General Deng has been defeated. I don't know how his life is." It's really amazing. It's a sentinel. It's a reward to the three soldiers to surround and kill the future. There's a big dust head behind it.

There is no way around. He chided the left and right to set fire and burned all the food and grass vehicles. For a moment, fire

Light rises, fire burns. "I cried out:" things have been urgent! You should die! "

But the Tibetans wanted to go out. Behind him, Jiang Wei chases him all the way. Weizhidao Wang Juan gives up his life and runs back to Wei

The state does not want to fight against the invasion of Hanzhong. Because of the small number of soldiers, I was afraid that the pursuers would catch up with me, so I would like to build up the stack.

The roads and passes were destroyed. Jiang Wei is afraid of losing in the Han Dynasty, so he doesn't chase Deng AI and raises the company.

In the night, I copied the path to kill Wang Xun. He was attacked by soldiers from all over Sichuan and died in Heilongjiang. more than

The soldiers were killed by Jiang weikeng. Although Wei won dunai, he broke many grain wagons and destroyed them.

The plank road is to lead the soldiers back to Hanzhong. Deng Aiyin's defeated soldiers escape back to Qishan stronghold, top table

Plead guilty and demote oneself. Sima Zhao saw that AI Shu had great achievements, and could not bear to belittle them, so he added more gifts.

AI gave all the things he had given to the house of the wounded. Zhao was afraid that Shu soldiers would come out again, so he added soldiers.

Fifty thousand and AI Shouyu. Jiang Wei built the plank road all night, and then decided to leave school. It is:

Even if we build the plank road, we will not attack the Central Plains until we die.

We don't know how to win or lose, but we'll break it down below.

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