By Author: luo guanzhong, book named Romance of The Three Kingdoms

"The seventy seventh time in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Duke Guan of Yuquan mountain showed his holiness to Cao Cao in Luoyang City"

The Original Name:三国演义 第七十七回 玉泉山关公显圣 洛阳城曹操感神

But he said that Sun Quan was seeking advice from Lu Meng. Meng said, "I expect that there are few soldiers in the pass, and they will not escape from the road. There is a steep path in the north of Macheng, and they will go from here. Let Zhu ran lead five thousand men to lie twenty miles north of the city of wheat. When they arrive, they can't fight with the enemy. They can only cover up later. His army is determined to have no heart for war, and will rush to Linju. But pan Zhang led five hundred soldiers to lie down on the back road of Linju mountain. He could be captured by Guan. Now we will send soldiers and men to attack. We will leave the north gate empty and wait for it to leave. " Right to hear the plan, so that lvfan divination. When the hexagram was completed, fan Gu said, "the main enemy of this hexagram will go to the northwest, and will be captured at Hai tonight." Quan Daxi then ordered Zhu ran and pan Zhang to lead the two elite soldiers and ambush them according to the military order.

In addition, when Guan Gong was in Macheng, he planned to recruit more than 300 soldiers, and the food and grass were exhausted. In the night, Wu soldiers outside the city summoned the names of all the troops, and many people went across the city. The rescuers didn't see it again. Wang Fu said, "I regret that I didn't use public words in the past! What will become of today's crisis? " Fu cried and said, "today's business, although the children's teeth are back to life, there is no way to do it." Zhao Lei said, "the reason why Shangyong didn't save the soldiers was that Liu Feng and Meng Da didn't move. Why don't you abandon this lonely city and run into Xichuan, and then come back to recover? " "I want to do the same," he said. So I went to the city to see it. Seeing that there were not many enemies outside the north gate, he asked the residents of the city, "what is the terrain for going north?" Answer: "this is all a remote path to the mountains, which can be connected to Xichuan." "This is the way to go tonight. Wang Fu remonstrated and said, "if there is an ambush in the path, you can take the road." "Although there is an ambush, I am not afraid of it!" he said. That is to say, order the Mabu army to dress up and get ready to leave the city. Fu cried, "you are on the road. Take care! More than a hundred soldiers died in this city. Although the city is broken, the body will not descend! Come to the rescue! Public also and cry goodbye. So he stayed in Zhoucang and Wangfu to guard the city of wheat. Guan Gong led more than 200 disabled soldiers with Guan Ping and Zhao Lei to highlight the north gate. Guan Gong's horizontal sword advanced, and after the first change, he walked about 20 Li. He saw the mountain depression, the sound of gold and drums, and the sound of a big shock. When a young army arrived, Zhu ran, the leader of the general, shot up his gun and said, "let's go! Surrender before you die! " I'm furious. I'll fight with the horse blade. Zhu ran then left, and the public took advantage of the situation to pursue. The sound of a drum makes every ambush rise. The public dare not fight. He looks forward to walking along the Ju path. Zhu ran leads his troops to kill him. Guan Gong's army was gradually scarce. He couldn't walk four or five li. The front was shouting and shaking, and the fire was burning. Pan Zhang was killed by horse and sword. In his rage, he turned the knife to meet him, only three in one, and pan Zhang was defeated. I dare not go to war, but I am eager to see the mountain road. Guan Ping came back and reported that Zhao Lei had died in the chaos. Guan Gong was so sad and frightened that after Guan Ping was cut off, he was free to go ahead, leaving more than ten people with him. As far as Jueshi is concerned, there are two mountains. On the edge of the mountain, there are reeds, grass and trees. It's five o'clock. In the middle of the walk, there was a cry, two ambushes were out, long hooks and lassos were raised together, and Guan Gong sat down and tripped first. Guan Gong turned over and was captured by Ma Zhong, the Minister of Pan Zhang. Guan Ping knows that his father has been captured and comes to rescue quickly. Behind him, pan Zhang and Zhu ran lead their troops to the scene and surround Guan Ping. I fight alone, and my strength is also held. By the end of the day, Sun Quan heard that the father and son of Guan Gong had been captured. He was very happy and gathered all the people in his account.

When he was young, Ma Zhong surrounded Guan Gong to the front. Quan said, "I have long admired general Sheng De, and I want to make friends with Qin and Jin. How can I abandon him? Fairness used to think that it was invincible in the world. Why was it captured by me today? Is the general still serving Sun Quan today? " Guan Gong scolded and said: "blue eyed children, purple bearded mice generation! I made an alliance with uncle Liu Taoyuan and swore to help the Han Dynasty. Would you like to be the thief of the Han Dynasty with you? I've been fooled by treachery. I'm just dead. Why speak more! " Quan recalled all the officials and said, "the heroes of the long cloud life are all alone and deeply loved. How can I treat you with courtesy and persuade you to surrender? " "No," said Zuo Xian in the master's book. Once upon a time, when Cao Cao got the man, he was granted Marquis's blessing. He had a small banquet in three days, a big banquet in five days, a gold and a silver meal in his horse. After all, he could not keep such a gracious gift. After listening to him, he killed the general and left. As a result, today he was forced to move his capital to avoid him. Now that the Lord has captured it, if he doesn't get rid of it immediately, he will suffer later. " Sun Quan pondered for a long time and said, "so it is." I'll push it out. So Guan Gong and his son were killed. It was also in winter and December of the 24th year of Jian'an. Guan Gong was fifty-eight years old. Later generations have a poem sigh: "only at the end of the Han Dynasty is invincible, and the cloud grows out of the group alone: the divine power can strive for martial arts, and the elegance knows more about literature." The sky, the sun and the heart are like mirrors. In spring and autumn, the meaning is thin. It's not just the crown. " Another poem said: "the outstanding people only pursue the ancient and understand the good, the scholars and the people strive to worship the Han Yunchang. One day brother and brother in Taoyuan, emperor and king of zudouqianqiu. There is no match for wind and thunder with Qi. The sun and the moon are shining. So far, the temple is full of beauty, and the ancient wood jackdaw has several sunsets. "

When Guan Gong died, he sat down and offered to Sun Quan. Right is to give horse loyalty to ride. His horse died for days without fodder.

But when Wang Fu was in the city of wheat, he said to Zhou Cang, "last night, I dreamed that the LORD was bloody and stood in front of me. When I asked him urgently, I suddenly felt shocked. I don't know what's good or bad? " Just as he said, he reported that Wu Bing was under the city and called Guan Gong and his son to safety. Wang Fu and Zhou Cang were shocked. They rushed to the city to see it. So were Guan Gong's father and son. Wang Fu shouted and fell to the city. Zhou Cang committed suicide. Therefore, Mecheng also belongs to the eastern Wu.

But he said that Guan Gong's soul was not scattered, and he wandered for a long time until he reached one place, which was a mountain in Dangyang County, Jingmen Prefecture, named Yuquan mountain. There is an old monk on the mountain, whose legal name is Pujing. He used to be an elder in the state Temple of sishuiguan town. Later, he came here because he traveled around the world, and saw the mountains and rivers, so he made grass for the nunnery. He meditated daily, and there was only a small group of people around him, who lived by food. It's the night moon and the white wind. After the third watch, Pujing is sitting silently in the nunnery. Suddenly someone in the air says, "return my head!" Pujing looks up and sees only one person in the air, riding a red rabbit horse and carrying a green dragon sword. There is a general with white face on the left and a man with black face and long beard on the right. They all press the cloud to the top of Yuquan mountain. Pujing recognized that it was Guan Gong, so he attacked his family with Zhu in his hand and said, "where is Yun Chang'an?" Guan Gong's soul suddenly realized that he got off his horse and fell in front of the nunnery. He asked with a fork of his hand, "who is my teacher? May the law be called. " "Pujing said:" the old monk Pujing, in the former sishuiguan town temple, once met with the monarch and the Marquis, how can you forget it today? Gong said, "I will never forget to save you. Today, someone has died of misfortune. I wish to ask for clear instruction and give directions. " Pujing said, "the past is not the present, so we should not talk about it. The former causes of the consequences are not good for each other. Today, the general was hurt by LV Meng. He shouted to return my head. However, Yan Liang, Wen Chou, five passes and six generals, and who will he ask? "Then Guan Gong suddenly realized that the Jishou was converted. Later, they often show their saints and protect the people in Yuquan mountain. The villagers feel their virtue and build a temple on the top of the mountain to offer sacrifices at four hours. Later generations inscribed a couplet in their temple: "red face adheres to red heart, riding red rabbit to chase the wind, never forgetting the Red Emperor when driving, watching the history of qingdeng, fighting against the blue dragon and Yan Yue, and the seclusion is worthy of Qingtian."

But he said that Sun Quan had harmed Guan Gong, so he collected all the land of Jingxiang, appreciated the contributions of the three armies, and set up a banquet for the generals to celebrate their achievements. When Lu Meng was placed on the top position, Gu said that the generals said, "you can't get Jingzhou alone for a long time. Now you can get it with your hands. It's all the work of Zi Ming." Thanks again and again. Quan said: "in the old Zhou Dynasty, Lang Xiong was a little better than others. He broke through Cao Cao in Chibi and died early. Lu Zijing succeeded him. When Zijing first saw orphan, he talked to the emperor about this. Cao Cao went down to the East, and all people urged him to surrender. Zijing only urged Jin, the Duke of orphan Zhao, to fight against him, which was the second fastest. However, it was a short time to persuade me to borrow Jingzhou and Liu Bei. Today, Ziming has designed a plan to take Jingzhou and win over Zijing and zhoulang! " So he drank wine and gave it to Lumeng. When Lu Meng received the wine and wanted to drink, he suddenly threw a cup to the ground, grabbed Sun Quan in one hand, and scolded him loudly: "blue eyed child! Purple beard! Do you know me? " The general was shocked. In the first aid, Sun Quan was pushed to stride forward and sat on Sun Quan's seat. His eyebrows were raised and his eyes were wide open. He shouted, "I have been in the world for more than 30 years since I broke the yellow scarf. Once you plot me with a plot, I will not eat your flesh and die as the soul of a thief Lu!" I am Guan Yunchang, the Marquis of hanshouting. " Right big shock, hurry rate big and small generals, all bow down. Lu Meng fell to the ground and died of bleeding. All will see it and fear it. Quan buried LV Meng with a coffin and gave it to Nanjun's Prince and Marquis of Langling, and ordered his son LV Ba to attack the marquis. Sun Quan was surprised to find that he was concerned with the public affairs.

Suddenly Zhang Zhao came from his own business. Power calls into question. Zhao said, "the Lord has damaged Guan Gong and his son. The disaster in Jiangdong is not far away." When the man and Liu Bei became sworn friends, they swore to live and die together. Now Liu Bei has two soldiers in Sichuan, and he is also Zhuge Liang's plan, Zhang, Huang, Ma and Zhao Zhiyong. If we know that Yunchang's father and son were killed, we will fight to avenge them, for fear that the east Wu would be hard to fight against them. " When Quan heard of this, he fell down and said, "it's too much to be alone! What can I do? " Zhao said, "don't worry, Lord. There is a plan to keep the soldiers of Western Shu from invading the eastern Wu. Jingzhou is like a rock. " What's the plan? Zhao said: "today, Cao Cao has millions of people. Liu Bei is eager to revenge. He must make an agreement with Cao Cao. If two company soldiers come, the eastern Wu is in danger. It's better to send Guan Gong's head to Cao Cao. Liu Beizhi of Ming Dynasty taught that Cao was the leader of Guan Gong. He must hate Cao, the soldier of Western Shu, not Wu, but Wei. I see its success and defeat, and take things from it. This is the best policy. "

According to his words, Quan sent messengers to fill the head of Guan Gong with wooden caskets, and sent them to Cao Cao at night. When Cao returned to Luoyang from Mobi, he heard that the eastern Wu sent Guan Gong to the first level, and said happily, "the cloud is long dead, so I sleep at night to paste seats." The next man said, "this is the plan for the disaster of the eastern Wu." It is Sima Yi who is the master. When Cao asked about the reason, Yi said, "Liu, Guan and Zhang swore to live and die together when they were sworn to each other. Today, the eastern Wu killed Guan Gong and was afraid of his revenge, so he offered his head to the king, which made Liu Bei angry with the king. Instead of attacking Wu, he attacked Wei, but he took advantage of it and tried to deal with it. " Cao said, "Zhong Da's words are true. What can I do to help you? " Yi said, "it's very easy. The king can carve the head of Guan Gong with a body of fragrant wood to match it and bury it with the gift of a minister. Liu Bei knows that he will hate Sun Quan and try his best to March south. But I see the outcome! If you win in Shu, you will attack Wu. If you win in Wu, you will attack Shu. If there is one of the two, it will not be long. " Then he called Wu emissary to join him. Show the wooden box, open the box to see it, see the face of Guan Gong as usual. Cao said with a smile, "don't worry, Yun Changgong!" I didn't know what to say. I saw Guan Gong's mouth open and his eyes move. All his hair was open. I was shocked. After a long time, Gu said, "general Guan is really a god!" Wu emissary also told Cao about Guan Gong's showing his holiness and attaching himself to the body, and scolding Sun Quan for pursuing Lumeng. Cao became more and more frightened, so he set up a sacrificial ceremony, carved the wood of Chenxiang as his body, and buried it outside the South Gate of Luoyang with the gift of the king and the marquis. He ordered officials of all sizes to give funeral services to him. He offered it to the king of Jing and sent officials to guard the tomb. That is to say, he sent the envoy of Wu back to Jiangdong. But when the king of Hanzhong returned to Chengdu from Dongchuan, fazhengzou said, "the first lady of Wang passed away, and Mrs. sun returned to the south. Not necessarily again. The way of human relations must not be abandoned. It is necessary to accept the Royal concubines in order to contribute to the internal affairs. " Wang Congzhi in the middle of the Han Dynasty, FA Zhengfu said: "Wu Yi has a sister who is beautiful and virtuous. If you know something about it, it will be very expensive to meet this girl. Liu Mao, the son of Liu Yan, was allowed to die early. His daughter is now widowed, and the king can accept her as his concubine. " "Liu Mao and I belong to the same family, so we can't do that," said the king of Hanzhong. "Fa Zheng said:" on their intimate, how different Jin Wen and Huai Ying? The king of Hanzhong was Yiyun, so he took Wu as his princess. The second son of the posterity: long Liu Yong, the word Gongshou; second Liu Li, the word fengxiao.

And the East and the west two rivers, the people's security country is rich, the farmland he big Cheng. Suddenly someone came from Jingzhou, saying that the eastern Wu proposed to Guan Gong, who refused. Kongming said, "Jingzhou is in danger! Can make people return for Guan Gong. " During the discussion, Jingzhou Jiebao's mission came in an endless stream. Not a day later, Guan Xing arrived, saying that the water would flood the seven armies. Suddenly he reported the arrival of the horse, saying that Guan Gong set up more piers and abutments by the river. He was very careful and safe. So Xuande is at ease.

Suddenly one day, Xuande felt that he was trembling and restless. At night, he couldn't sleep better. He sat up in the inner room, read by candlelight, and fell into a coma. In the room, there was a cold wind, and the light went out. He looked up and saw a man standing under the light. Xuande asked, "who are you, to my inner room?" He doesn't answer. Xuande is suspicious. From the very beginning, it was Guan Gong, who was hiding under the light. Xuande said, "don't worry, young man! At this point in the night, there must be a big story. Why should I avoid you because I have the same feelings with you? " Guan Gong sobbed and said, "let's fight, brother Xue, and hate!" At the end of the day, the cold wind blows and Guan Gong is gone. Xuande suddenly realized that it was a dream. Three drums at the right time. Xuande is suspicious. He rushes out of the front hall to invite Kong Ming. When Kongming comes to see him, Xuande talks about the dream police. Kongming said: "this is the king's mind Guan Gong, so there is this dream. Why doubt? " Xuande doubts again and again, and Kongming explains it with good words. Kongming then went to zhongmenwai to meet Xu Jing. Jing said, "I went to the military division's office to report a secret. I heard that the military division entered the palace. I came here." "What's the secret?" said Kong Ming. Jing said, "it's well known that Lu Meng of the eastern Wu Dynasty has attacked Jingzhou and Guan Gong has been killed! So I came here to report to the military division. Kongming said, "I watched the sky at night and saw that the stars had fallen on the land of Jingchu. I knew that the cloud would be hurt, but I was afraid that the king would worry, so I didn't dare to speak."

Just as they were talking, suddenly a man turned out of the palace, grabbed Kong Ming's sleeve and said, "how can I hide such a bad letter from you?" Kongming regards it as Xuande. Kongming and xujingzou said, "what I have said is hearsay. I don't believe it. May the king be broad-minded and do not worry. " Xuande said, "you are alone with Yunchang, vowing to live and die together. If you lose, can you be alone?" Between Kongming and xujingzheng's persuading, he came near to shizou and said, "Ma Liang and Yi Ji are here." Xuande summoned him to ask. They said that Jingzhou had been lost, and Guan Gong was defeated and asked for help. Before they could tear down the view, the courtiers played Liao Huazhi in Jingzhou. Xuande calls in. Turn to cry and worship to the ground, and play the story of Liu Feng and Meng Da's failure to deliver the soldiers. Xuande was shocked and said, "if so, my brother will stop!" Kongming said, "Liu Feng and Meng Da are so rude that they should not be punished! The king was relieved, and brought up the master of a journey to save Jingxiang. " Xuande sobbed and said, "if the cloud grows long, it will lose. If you are alone, you will not be the only one! I'm going to rescue Yunchang from the army! On the one hand, he sent people to Langzhong to report Yide, and on the other hand, he sent people to gather people.

Before the dawn of the day, several times in a row, it was reported that Guan Gong was walking in Linju at night, which was obtained by Wu generals. The righteousness was not bent, and the father and son were God. Xuande listens and shouts, fainting to the ground. It's just that: to remember the same vow of death in those days, we should only donate our lives today! I don't know how Xuande's life is. Let's see the decomposition below.

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