By Author: Kong Shangren, book named Peach Blossom Fan

"The second Qingming Festival of peach blossom fans: a spring outing in the beautiful, warm and green building

The Original Name:桃花扇 第二回 清明节游春遇艳 暖翠楼掷香订期

It is said that Hou Chaozong intended to visit Jiali. Yang Longyou occasionally talked about Xiangjun, a famous prostitute. The emperor thought about it, but he didn't dare to take it seriously. For one thing, he feared that Yang Longyou was Ruan Yuanhai's old friend, and pretended to play around here. For another, he was short of money and money to make up. Repeatedly tossing and turning, is bored, suddenly listen to someone outside the door to call: "Hou Xianggong at home?" Fang waits to go out to see, Liu open pavilion has entered, two people meet each other, did not reach to salute, respectfully Pavilion says: "the sun of this March in the next day, live in the beautiful field of Six Dynasties, visitors network Posthouse, Xianggong even stuffy sitting study, don't live up to the flower dynasty?" The emperor replied, "I have been thinking about it for a long time, but I have no companion. Although I have beautiful scenery, I can't find myself alone." Jingting said, "I have nothing to do today. I can't help seeing flowers and outings with my husband." "So wonderful!" said the emperor Then he changed his clothes and went out with Jingting, looking to the east of the city. I saw willows and peaches on the road. I didn't have time to look at them carefully. There were scholars and women everywhere in spring.

In the middle of the walk, Jing Ting pointed out, "this is the water of Qinhuai River. Crossing this long bridge, you will have a famous sister's family." The emperor looked carefully, but saw the blue smoke stained windows, the red apricot peered at the walls, the black paint two doors, all with a branch with dew willow. Then he asked Jing Ting, "where is this? It's so interesting?" Jingting said, "this lane used to be the old courtyard, where the most beautiful people are, and the high gate is the home of Li Zhenli." When the emperor heard the word "Zhenli", he thought of the words of long you and asked, "his daughter Xiangjun can be in it?" Jingting said, "he is a mother and a son. He is not in it. Where is he?" When the emperor hurriedly pulled the pavilion to knock at the door, someone inside asked, "who is knocking at the door?"? Zhenniang and Xiangjie are not at home. " The emperor heard that he was really in a hurry, and thought to himself, "he is not here. He must have gone there for a walk. I will sit here and wait for him!" And he sat on the stone bench in front of the door, and died. Jing Ting urges, but does not move, but sees Hou Sheng infatuated. In a helpless place, I suddenly heard that the person called his surname. Looking up, I saw that Yang Longyou and Su kunsheng were coming together. Looking at Gongshou, I said, "Hou Shixiong is here. I two went to Guiyu for a visit. I heard that you went to Jingting for a spring outing. I don't want to meet you here. Fortunately, thank you! And ask brother Hou, why are you wandering here? " Jingting said, "I'm here with brother Hou in spring. He hears the good name of Xiangjun, so he wants to visit him. In the absence of Xiangjun, brother Hou is in such a beautiful situation." Yang and Su said, "brother Hou, it's the Qingming Festival today. Their sisters have gone to the box meeting. How can they be at home?" The emperor said, "I don't know where I can go to the party?" Kunsheng said: "today is the main meeting of aunt Xiangjun, Bian Yujing. It's on the warm green tower. Why don't you come downstairs to have a good time? " Long you added: "I and I came for the wedding of brother Hou. The warm green building is not far away. Let's go and have a look. Brother Hou is at ease." Hearing this, the emperor stood up in a hurry and bowed to the two men and said, "I hope you will take one or two with you, and pay attention to yourself!" Four people go back and forth, talk and laugh, and come to the warm green building.

Liu Jingting said, "brother Hou, it's time for nuanchui to come downstairs. Please take a seat and see the opportunity again." The emperor said, "I don't know if Xiangjun is there?" Long you pointed out, "it's not Xiang Jun who is sitting with his head in his arms!" When the emperor looked up, he saw that he was just fifteen or six years old. He could fall into the wild geese and be ashamed of his appearance. So he was not aware of the fact that his soul was flying in the sky. He couldn't turn his eyes and looked up the stairs. When you are in love, just listen to the upstairs saying, "Xiangjun, your flute will play once." Only the sound of Xiao is loud and clear, just like the wind blowing in the clouds. The emperor couldn't help it, so he took off his fan and said, "the sound of Xiao here is very soul killing. Xiao Sheng can't help but fight and gather!" Throw the fan pendant on the watchtower, but it is falling into Xiangjun's arms. Xiangjun blushed and smiled. Zhenli takes Xiangjun ice gauze scarf and wraps it with cherries and throws it downstairs. They picked it up and poured it into the pan. The emperor said, "I don't know who left this thing? If you are sweet, how can you be happy! " "The Dragon said:" the view of this scarf, it should be him "Jing Ting said:" in this case, do not move! First teach brother hou to have one in his mouth. It's delicious. " When we were making fun of each other, we suddenly saw a man holding a teapot and a man holding a vase standing in front of us. It was really:

The vanilla dances with the butterfly, and the beauty goes to the phoenix stage.

The emperor is looking up the stairs. He is pulled by Longyou and says, "brother Hou, this is Zhenli, this is Xiangjun!" When the emperor saw it, he was out of his wits and hurried forward to salute him, saying, "when will the fairies go down? It's a loss to welcome them!" Kunsheng said: "this is Zhenli, this is Xiangjun, Xianggong recognized carefully!" Hou Sheng said, "I've been longing for you for a long time. I'm lucky to see you." And he said to Longyou, "it's true that the young man is excellent. Brother Yang's appreciation is not bad!" Zhenli said: "Huqiu new tea, bubble to worship!" Xiangjun said: "green willows and red apricots, embellishment of spring." When the emperor looked into Xiangjun's arms, he saw a pendant beside him, and then he took up a unique cloud:

It's a beautiful person in the south. It's hidden in the sleeve.

Fan shadow with Lang Tuan, shaking a fragrance.

Longyou said, "this poem is elegant and romantic. It's really a genius!" Then he asked, "I don't know if brother Hou is willing to do the business of combing the clouds yesterday." "The emperor said:" scholar in the number one, that is not willing to place Xiangjun hears the words and goes upstairs with shame. Zhenli came up and said, "master Meng Yang said that if you don't give up, you will choose a good day, and your concubines will climb high!" The emperor said, "March 15 is the good time of the moon and flowers, so that we can get married."! But I'm afraid it's hard to prepare a gift for my humble guest. " Longyou said to him, "I don't need to worry about the elder brother. The dowry and the banquet are prepared together. I wonder if the elder brother can accept it?" Hearing this, the emperor said, "thank you very much, brother Yang. Thank you another day!" Seeing her daughter's success, Zhen Niang said goodbye and went upstairs. The four of them also returned from the old road. Among them, the emperor was overjoyed and left happily.

There are words as evidence:

Listen to break down and go to Wufeng by mistake. Add some Xingyun, want to hurry, forget the immortal appearance.

The spring sky, the flower and the moon are not lying. It's hard to avoid the good luck. I'm ready to go to the high Tang Dynasty.

Yang Longyou accompanied the emperor and decided to spend a long time with him. The next morning, he got up and went to the crotch of his pants to find Ruan Dacheng. Because he was an old friend and didn't need to be informed, he entered his backyard. Before he raised his voice, he could only hear Ruan Dacheng saying: "I, Ruan Yuanhai, is also a talented scholar in CI and chapter. He is a famous scholar in science. Because of a mistake in his mind, he occasionally joined the gate of Cui Wei and became a son and grandson. Now I'm defeated. There are only a few birds in my dry forest. Everyone scolds and attacks everywhere. Yesterday, he was beaten by five scholars for sacrificing Ding, and the day before yesterday he was reviled by the three princes. No way to tell. Fortunately, Yang Longyou, the elder brother of the league, made a plan on behalf of Hou Chaozong to prepare a dowry for him, so that he could get through with it. It's also reasonable. Since yesterday, I haven't heard back. It's not boring! " Long you understood what he heard outside and said loudly: "brother Ruan, do you miss my little brother? It's been a day of disobedience! " Ruan yuanhaiwen is a dragon friend. He hurried out and joined hands. Before he sat down, he asked, "what's the matter with nephew Hou Nian?" Long you said: "I'm here for this! Brother Hou's wedding is scheduled for March 15. I don't know if you have all the things you have prepared for you. " Hearing this, Ruan Yuanhai said with a smile on his face, "I've got three hundred gold coins, but I'm still bothered by my brother's management. Can I help you? If you succeed, thank you! " Long you said, "that's a lot? I'll do as you please! " Yuanhai takes out the silver, hands over it, Longyou takes the silver and goes out.

But Xiangjun, since he met with the emperor on the warm green floor that day, he saw that he was a talented man, and he was secretly envied. He would not go downstairs easily, or see others in vain, and would only wait for 15 days to get married. When the wedding season arrived, Zhen Niang got up early, was sweeping the floor with a rolling curtain, and set up a table. Suddenly, Yang Longyou called: "Zhen Li, today is your first wedding season. Yesterday, brother Hou Xu prepared the luggage and other things on behalf of you, and now they are all ready. They were carried into the cave to help you make up. There are thirty liang of silver to give to the kitchen. If you want to have a feast, it's not enough! " When she saw that there were no cages and clothes, and that there were wine and silver, she was overjoyed and asked Xiangjun to thank her. "Long you said something," you need to introduce yourself. How dare you thank me In the middle of the conversation, he suddenly shouted, "the new officer is at the door!" But when they saw that the emperor was dressed in great clothes and had flowers in his crown, they came into the gate and were admired by all the people in the court. It is:

Although it is not a natural guest, it is also a person in the moon of Chang'e.

The Marquis emperor dismounted, and Zhen Niang met the guest house with her. Yang Longyou met him and bowed to the emperor and said, "Congratulations, brother Shi, you've got pingkangjiali! I don't think I'm respectful. I'll make a dowry, have a rough dinner, and talk about helping you have a good night. " When the emperor said, "how can we be conquered if we carry on the whole process?" Zhenniang said, "please sit down and offer tea with master Yang!" After tea, Longyou asked, "zhenniang, have you arranged the wedding feast?" Zhenniang said: "trust master, everything is complete!" Long Youli stood up and said to the emperor, "today's auspicious feast, I dare not greedy, so I'll say goodbye. Tomorrow morning, I'll come to congratulate you!" After that, he said goodbye to Hou Sheng. Ding Jizhi and other guests invited by zhenniang came forward to bow and congratulate, so she asked Hou Sheng to change clothes. Yujingna, the female guest, supported Xiangjun to come out. Everyone was happy. They met each other face to face. It was true: the first was wenzhangkui, the first was the head of the class. Two secretly envied, each living. All bustards arranged a banquet and said together, "if you don't like to worship life in the yard, you should eat wedding wine!" Then he asked the emperor and Xiangjun to sit side by side, Ding Jizhi and Zhang Yanzhu to sit on the left, Bian Yujing and Zheng toniang to sit on the right, and they were drinking, singing and playing, very entertaining. When the crows picked the trees, they all said in unison, "it's late. Send the new man to the cave!" "Don't be busy," Ding Jizhi said, "Hou Guan is a talented man today. After a long period of time, he is so beautiful that he enjoys wine. Can there be no poetry?" Everyone said, "it's right! Wait for us to pick up and pay for the new type of paper, to grind and eat pine smoke, and to wait and wave. " Hou Sheng said, "without the need for poetry, Xiao Sheng with a palace fan, would like to present Xiangjun as an alliance forever!" Then Shu opened the palace fan, without thinking, and raised the pen to swing it, which is a seven character quatrain. The poem says:

One path of the Jiadao Zhulou is inclined, and Wang sunchu's car is yufuping.

Qingxi is full of magnolia trees, not as good as Dongfeng peach and plum blossom.

When they saw that Hou Sheng was so quick, they were admiring him. Suddenly someone said, "master Yang delivers poems!" Hou Sheng took a look and read:

Living in a small city is Li Xiang, with graceful sleeves in her arms.

Why do twelve Wufeng girls come to see the king of Chu in their dreams.

After reading it, he said, "this old man is affectionate. He sent me a make-up poem. It's wonderful!" When they heard it, they praised it. From the new play up, advise new people to drink, Hou Sheng and Xiangjun hand in a cup for a drink. Qiao Lou has played two drums, and all the people say, "it's late. Let's get out of the seat!"! Let's play and send the new people into the room! " The maid holds the lamp. Hou Sheng and Xiang Jun join hands to enter the cave. Hou Sheng saw Xiangjun was slightly smoked by wine, his face was full of spring color, which was more pleasant than when he met with Nuan Cui downstairs. He could not help but hug him gently and go to bed. You are greedy for my love and can't say all about the feelings of the clouds and rain. When he fell over a Phoenix, he only felt the wind shaking and the flowers trembling. It is:

Liu Lang has entered the peach garden. Why can't peach blossom blossom with dew?

I don't know what's going on. Let's listen to the next chapter.

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