By Author: Kong Shangren, book named Peach Blossom Fan

"The eleventh time of Peach Blossom Fan, the emperor and his officials will be arrested in Suizhou City"

The Original Name:桃花扇 第十一回 薰风殿君臣选戏 睢州城将卒被擒

But said Yang Longyou since Xiangjun insulted Ruan Dacheng, rescued in the snow, into the inner court. He was afraid that Mei xianglou would not be guarded, so he called Uncle Lantian to stay and guard for a while.

On the same day, Hongguang, the new Lord, selected the group of pilgrims and prostitutes into the Xunfeng palace to choose their roles so as to play in the opera. He knew that Sheng Dan and Chou Jiao didn't understand the meaning. Ruan Dacheng worshipped them in the inner court, so he first checked the prostitutes there, but he didn't see Xiangjun. He asked, "why is Li Zhenli missing?" They said, "since the fall in the snow, I have suffered a lot, and I am still lying under the corridor." Dacheng said: "the saint will arrive and choose the roles to play. Where can he get it?" Hate way: "this slave is hateful, today pure foot little not borrow him!" In the middle of the conversation, I suddenly heard the bell ring, and saw the second supervisor holding the Dragon fan, leading the great light to come out, sitting on the Dragon seat, saying: "I have been in the imperial palace for nearly a year, but thanks to the four towns, the thieves can't go south. Yesterday, a rebellious minister proposed to set up Lu Fan. Yesterday, Pu took him to prison. At present, it's a small matter that the foreign aggression will not come and the internal troubles will not come. We are choosing ladies and setting up the imperial palace. Only I enjoy the emperor's honor, silent color worship, end in high arch, not boring people! " Ruan Dacheng played beside him and said, "thank you, Ruan Dacheng Hongguang makes him to be in peace, and says to Ruan Dacheng, "it's just in the spring, when the snow is falling, when the flowers are early, why are you fighting for a few people to be lazy and tired?" Dacheng knelt down and said, "the Holy One should enjoy peace and be happy, but what's the reason for being lazy and tired?" Hongguang said, "I think you should know my mind." Dacheng knew well, so he did not know, pretended to be at a loss, and Qi said: "the ministers are ignorant, the saints are thoughtful, but they can't peep, and they can wait to understand the declaration, so as to share their worries!" Hongguang said, "I tell you, I am the son of heaven. Why not? It's only because the swallow paper presented by Qing is the joy of the ZTE generation. It's the first thing to embellish Taiping. It's the ninth day of the first month of the first lunar month. I haven't decided on my role yet. In case I miss the Lantern Festival, shouldn't I be upset? " Because it refers to the couplet of Wang Duo's book: "everything is like a cup in hand, and the moon will be the first in a hundred years". How many Lantern Festival can there be in a year? Therefore, if you are hesitant, your sleep and food will be reduced! " Da Cheng knelt in front of the palace and said, "it turns out that there are worries about the song of Barry, and all of them are the sins of ministers. Dare not devote themselves to the song to report to the Lord! But I don't know what's missing from the inner court women's music? " Hongguang said, "I can make do with other roles. I don't like living, living and clowning." Dachengzou said, "the ritual Department sent the Pilgrims and prostitutes to the outer chamber. Now the outer chamber is waiting for the selection. The holy proclamation tells them to come in for the selection." Hongguang zhuzou, that is to say, the propaganda of Dacheng, to tell them to enter the temple.

Hongguang met the group and asked them one by one, "may you string the new legend" swallow paper " They should say, "all have been in chains." But Xiangjun fell down and said nothing. Hongguang asked, "why didn't little geisha say that year?" Xiangjun Qiqin: "I haven't studied since I was young. "Dacheng seized the opportunity and said to Qin," he has never learned, but he should be excluded to do ugly feet according to the rules, and the rules he learned should be done to live and live. " Hongguang said: "there are already rules, according to the Qin Qing place." He also asked Xiangjun, "you have never learned swallow paper. What else can you do?" Xiangjun played again: "I have learned the Peony Pavilion." Hongguang said, "you are going to sing Peony Pavilion!" Xiangjun has a shy face. "Hongguang said:" see his pink face is red, like shy, reward him a peach blossom fan, cover the spring all the time Xiangjun holds the fan, thanks for getting up and singing:

Why does Yuzhen go back to Wulingyuan? It's just for water and flowers to fly in front of her. It's because he doesn't have to pay for it. Then we have a cry and a complaint. Well, I failed to live up to spring March and February.

Lazy thrush

Hongguang said, "this female voice is very good. It's too crooked for her ugly feet, so that she can replace the black one." Because the long waiter poured the wine and drank it up, he said with a smile, "those two can sing and perform, and it's not difficult for the young to learn. I'm very glad to see that they can't miss the Lantern Festival. Long Shi, pour the wine again. I'll fight with you ten times. I'm good at playing drums. You can play any instrument. Hurry up! " Then he hit a set of sleet. After that, she said, "I'm very sad and I've got nine points! The chief servant can reward this daughter with the regular script copied by Wang Duo, so that he can attend a concert in the Xunfeng palace for three days, so that he can sing in the upper chamber. Those who attend the concert can lead him to the class. " Dacheng and all of them have their own aims to quit, but Xiangjun reads the script in the Xunfeng palace. It is:

Even if there is no way in the spring wind, the long gate closes the peach blossom.

In addition, Hou Chaozong was appointed by Shigong to defend Suizhou river with the General Gao Jie. Fighting against Gao Jie, he was perverse and scolded Xu Dingguo, the general of the army. The emperor feared that he would provoke a dispute and be difficult to rescue, so he met Gao Jie to persuade him. How could Gao Jie listen to the words of the emperor? The emperor was afraid of misfortune, so he quit Gaojie and fled. Later, Gao Jie was full of spirit and looked down on everything. However, Xu Dingguo did not listen to his wife Hou's secret plan. He tricked someone to ask Gao Jie to go to the city for a banquet with a seal and ask him to check the army horse. What's Gao Jie's plan? Then he took two generals with him and went to Xu Dingguo's office to drink wine, and ordered them to check. Dingguo sent people to kneel at the bridge, Gao Jie went to the bridge and asked, "where are you They said, "the children were sent by Xu Dingguo." Then he asked, "why didn't Xu Ding come?" People said: "Xu Dingguo can't afford to lie ill, so the little people sent cards and seals, and asked the marshal to drink in the city, so as to check the horses." Gao Jie never doubted. He happily accepted the signboard and entered the court with the people. He said, "bring me some wine, and I'll have a good drink, so that I can go and order some horses." Not for a while, the feast was ready, Gao Jie and his two generals were drinking, not feeling very drunk. When he was about to get up, he heard the sound of the cannon. Xu Ding was going to kill Gao Jie and his two generals with a sharp blade. He didn't see Gao Jie alone. He shouted, "Gao Jie is off. Look for him. Look for him!" One will look up and say, "break the rafters, think it's a climbing house." One will look at the room and say, "the scene on the ridge of the building looks like a human figure. Let's shoot!" But Gao Jie was helpless. He jumped downstairs and was caught by the crowd. He recognized it. When he saw it was Gao Jie, he said, "take it!" Gao Jie shouted, "the emperor sent me to defend the river. Who dares to harm me?" And they said, Lord Xu, whom Lun only recognized, and what black and yellow you did not recognize, stretch out your head "I regret not listening to the words of the emperor, so I have today," gojetun said Stretch your neck out. "Take my head!" They offered Gao Jie's head to Xu Dingguo. Then they ordered them to leave the city by night. They took Gao Jie's head and offered it to the North Dynasty. Then they led the people of the North Dynasty to cross the river to the south. I don't know what's going on. Let's listen to the next chapter.

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