By Author: Kong Shangren, book named Peach Blossom Fan

"The fourteenth rescue of the peach blossom fan, Kun Sheng, sees Shuai throwing in an apology and praising the pavilion and suffers"

The Original Name:桃花扇 第十四回 救难友昆生见帅 投檄文敬亭罹殃

But Chen Dingsheng and other three were sent to the royal guards yamen for questioning by Ruan Dacheng. Fortunately, Zhang Yaoxing, the hall of royal guards, was not willing to attach power to traitors. He was open-minded and tried to interrogate, but was not involved in the party rebellion. Su kunsheng made it clear that he was determined to save the three of them and tried to save them all the way. Go back to the bookstore and ask, "all the people in the Manchu Dynasty are traitors to Ruan Dangyu. Who can help him out?" Left think right think, suddenly think of Ningnan Zuo Liangyu is Hou childe thick friendship, inevitable star night rush to Ningnan, ask him to rescue, or have hope. So he immediately packed up and left the book shop, and came to Ningnan.

Come to Ningnan in a few days. Live for three days, no access, day by day in the street. One day, I saw Zuo Shuai doing a great job on the river, but he couldn't find a tavern. He pretended to drink. He waited for Zuo Shuai to return to camp after he finished his job. He asked for a good camera. Who wants to wait until it's too late? There's no movement. When the moon rises to the East, Zuobin returns to the camp. So he pretended to sing a song, so that when Marshal Zuo came, he would be moved to meet him. At the time of singing, just listen to zuoshai's approaching and sing loudly. Zuo Liangyu came with Yuan Jixian, Huang Shu, etc. on horseback to the bottom of the tavern. Hearing the loud singing upstairs, he stopped the horse together and asked, "who is singing upstairs when the martial law is in place? Take it All the soldiers, under the command, go upstairs together, lock them down and take them to the front of the horse. "Is it you who just sang?" asked Zuo Liangyu Kunsheng kowtowed and said, "the villain can't ask for the Marshal's help. He has no choice but to sing a song in the name of death, so that he can ask for respect!" Zuo Liangyu said: "the military order is serious, so bold! Where are you from? Take it to yamen for trial. "

Not for a while, I came to Yamen to dismount and sat down with the three. Yuan Jixian said, "those who have just sung must be released early!" Liangyu then ordered the singer to come over and asked, "where are you from? Dare to sing in the middle of the night, speak fast! " Kunsheng said: "the villain comes from Nanjing. He has no entrance to the field marshal. He intentionally breaks the law and asks for the field marshal's face." Liangyu asked, "why do you want to see me?" Kunsheng then sobbed and said: "the treacherous officials in Beijing searched for Party members and put Hou Chaozong, the son of the emperor, in prison without any reason. The villain came to see the marshal, read the old friendship and organized the soldiers to clear the emperor's side, eliminate the treacherous party and save Hou Sheng. Thank you so much!" Liang Yu said, "Hou Chaozong is the son of my mentor. Do you have any books?" Kunsheng kowtowed and said, "on that day, Ruan Dacheng personally led the school captain to take him to prison, where he could write well!" Liang Yu said, "how can you believe it by your mouth?" After thinking for a while, he said, "yes, there is an old man in the curtain, Hou Gongzi. If you bother him, you will know the truth." Then he said, "please come out!" Hearing the invitation from the outside hall, Jingting stepped out slowly and said, "who do you think the old man is?" At the sight of kunsheng, he was shocked: "ah! It's su kunsheng's League brother. Where are you from? " He also said to Zuo Liangyu, "he is Su kunsheng, a famous singer in Henan Province. No one knows him." Then Liangyu asked kunsheng to sit up and ask, "Why are you going to jail Kunsheng recounted from the beginning, and again and again, he said, "just ask the marshal to send the rescue book early, and I won't be far away!" Hearing this, Liangyu was furious and said, "yuan and Huang, brothers of the alliance, don't you hate the situation in the dynasty!" Yuan Jixian said, "if you don't, I heard that the old imperial concubine Tong's family had traveled to find them. Ma and Ruan would not accept them. They would also hide private people to prepare for the selection. They would like to figure out the relatives of the pepper room. Shouldn't they be killed?" Huang Xie also said, "there is another thing. Prince Chongzhen has been saving the king for seven years. He said that officials and ministers have evidence. Now they have been sent to prison, and everyone is angry. They all think about cunma, Ruan and Xie Xiandi." Hearing this, Liangyu became more angry and said, "we worked hard to serve the imperial court, but we didn't expect to trust the treacherous party, kill the upright people, sell the officials every day, perform the dance and teaching songs, a generation of rising kings, and all we did were the government of Subjugation! Although the Shige department is loyal to you, all of them are constrained by Ma and Ruan neili, but they are just like each other. How can I restore the Central Plains if I am single? Come on, come on, come on! I have no choice but to do what I want you to do! " Then he made a bow to Yuan Jixian and said, "Lin Hou, you build the original for me. The three men, Shenma and Ruan, are guilty of many crimes, such as deceiving the monarch and wronging the country, abandoning the imperial concubine and imprisoning the descendants of the monarch. They also want to make a statement." He also bowed to Huang Shu and said, "with Zhonglin's help, I only said that I would send troops to ask for help and teach him that there is no danger of death." The two of them put forward their pen together. When they came to the meeting, they took part in the establishment of the book and finished the declaration. And when they were listed, they commanded that they should transcribe quickly, and that they should send out troops tomorrow. Yuan and Huang said: "anonymous documents in Beijing have been collected in succession, and Ma and Ruan are searched and burned. And he ordered general Du Hongyu of Anqing to build a city, which had the intention of guarding our troops for a long time. When this call comes, will you stop? But when they are delivered from the shop, they will burn down and send someone to deliver them, and there will be more death and less life. What will happen? " Jingting stood by and stood up and said, "let the old man go!" Everyone was surprised and said, "this Mr. Liu is the stream of Jingke. We should give him the crown in white!" Jingting said, "what's so rare about this old life? It's only a matter for the marshal." Liangyu was very happy and said, "take the wine! Give me a toast. " All the people bowed together, and Jingting answered and said to kunsheng, "take advantage of the good brother to accompany the marshal for a while, and I'll set off in a suit." So he immediately took the message and parcel and left. It is:

Strong men call for justice, and the town furiously raises its soldiers.

But Liu Jingting said that he was not afraid of life and death, so he wanted to deliver the message to Nanjing, so he resigned from Zuo Liangyu, carrying his luggage and bringing the message to Nanjing. A few days later, I came to the capital. It was March 19, the anniversary of emperor Chongzhen. All the officials were ordered to set up altars outside the Taiping gate to worship. Ma Shiying, who had finished all the rites, pretended to cry. I saw a man come, crying: "first emperor, first emperor! When your country was destroyed and your family was ruined, those Donglin villains who always suffered losses now went to surrender to the Northern Dynasty. We are left with loyal officials who still want to cry today. Why do you die without realizing it? " Seeing that it was Ruan Dacheng, Ma Shiying also felt that he could not see it. He pulled Dacheng with his hand and said, "you don't have to mourn for the old man. Get up and bow to him!" Dacheng Fang wipes his eyes and meets everyone. When the officials are gone, Shi Ying and Dacheng are going to see the peony, get off at the front of the door, and walk to the garden. Fang wants to set up toys, drink wine and enjoy flowers. Unexpectedly, with the reference book in hand, the class servant knelt down and said: "Zuo Liangyu, the Marquis of Ningnan, has this chapter and has voted for the chief secretary. This cabinet post has been sent to see." Shiying took a look and said: "Oh, no! Just refer to our draft. It's not a hate to be punished by the holy master for the seven sins of sparring our internal participation! " Some people said, "this document was sent by a messenger. The messenger is still in the outer compartment." When Shi Ying opened his eyes, he saw that there was a denunciation. He was panicked. He said to Dacheng, "this document is a denunciation for me. He really scolded me. He will send troops to take my head soon. What's the matter?" When Dacheng heard this, he trembled and said, "I'm afraid of people, I'm afraid of people! There's other ways, but there's no way! " Shiying said, "can't you stretch your neck and wait for him to cut it?" Dacheng thought for a moment and said, "unless we get Huang and Liu, we should stop early." Shiying said, "if the North soldiers cross the river, who will meet the enemy?" Dacheng's ear said, "when the northern army comes, what enemies will they meet? There are only two, either running or descending. " Hearing the words, Shiying realized: "I'm worried that my husband would rather knock on the horse of the northern soldiers and try the sabre of the southern thieves. I've made up my mind to send the talisman to get the three towns, but I'm still bothered to let my old man go." Dacheng readily agreed, saying, "after quitting the teacher's phase, the later students will start immediately!" Shiying said, "let's live! There is another secret word. " Attached to Dacheng's ear, he said: "Gao Hongtu of the cabinet, Jiang Riguang, zuotan and rebel party have all quit their posts. In that case, Zhou Yi and Lei Kou [纟纟纟纟纟纟纟纟纟绑] left in prison for fear that they should be executed as soon as possible." The traitor Dacheng said, "it's very right!" Then one Gong wants to go out, Shi Ying says: "wait a minute, how does the messenger who casts the call fall?" Dacheng hesitated and said, "don't let menglang. I don't think Huang and Liu are enemies of Zuobin. In case the emissary is beheaded, how can we meet in the future? It's better to send it to Zhenfu division and send it to prison. When Zuo Liangyu is caught, he can be executed. "Shi Ying nodded and said," extremely! " Then he went with a bow. It is:

Leave a little less affection to meet in the future.

I don't know what's going on. Listen to the next chapter.

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