By By Han Qingbang, book named Biography of flowers on the sea

"The seventh evil trap of the sea flower array covers the enchantment array, and the beautiful marriage is filled into a pit of thin life"

The Original Name:海上花列传 第七回 恶圈套罩住迷魂阵 美姻缘填成薄命坑

According to: Huang Cuifeng's sister, Jin Feng, can't keep Luo Zifu and Tang Xiaoan. She climbs at the window of the building and shouts: "no (every girl), Lord Luo is going!" The second sister Huang, the procuress, heard it in the small room. She ran out and ran into it just under the stairs. She grabbed Luo Zifu's sleeve and said, "don't go!" Zi Fulian said, "I have no time to come." "I'm going to the end of the road. Wait for Ni Cuifeng to turn to her son." He said angrily, "it's very important for me to bear the soup. Please don't take a rest and chat with me."

So, I couldn't help but say that I took Luo Zifu upstairs and called little Po to take Tang xiao'an and come back to the room. "The second sister Huang said:" wide jacket, more sit and rest Say, reach out for Luo Zifu to untie button. When Jin Feng saw you, please undress Tang xiao'an. Little a Bao took a picture of tea and took the jacket from xiao'an. Huang Er Jie gave the jacket that Zifu took off to Xiao Bao and hung it on the hanger.

As soon as Huang Er Jie turned around, she saw Zhu Feng standing beside him, and she was angry that he didn't come to the party and stared at him directly. Scared Zhu Feng back down, flurried to take a water pipe, install and Zifu to suck. Zifu shook his hand and said, "I'll go and dress up as master Tang." Second sister Huang asked Zifu, "do you eat more wine? The bed waves to the mouth. " Zifu lies down to the smoke couch at will. Little Po twisted his towel, moved a tea bowl, put it in the cigarette tray, and asked xiao'an to use tea. Xiao'an sat on a high chair against the wall, and Zhu Feng installed a hookah for him. The second sister Huang called Jinfeng to take a water pipe, so she sat on the machine in front of the bed and took a sip of her own, but turned her head and smiled quietly to Zifu and said, "I'm so angry." Zifu said, "what's the anger?" "Why don't you come here for several days?" said Huang Zifu said, "I have no time (for my mouth)." Huang Er Jie's nose "hum" a, for a while, smile way: "say also hurriedly bad, all day long become night to dole out old face easy to match, have what time to come to Ni to match!" Zifu didn't answer with a smile.

The second sister Huang took another puff of hookah and said slowly, "Ni Cuifeng's temper is so good that it's not surprising that master Nello should be angry. In fact, Ni Cuifeng is a little grumpy. He is also a spectator. When he comes to Lilo, he will face waves. Don't take a break. Master Tang knows how to use slang. To be a guest, you need to be long-term, so you can keep doing it all the time, so it's better to be a guest. What's Lu Li's temper? It's hard to be angry when you run into a young and long-term guest. When slang is angry, don't flatter what you say, and just don't stand for it. Mr. Tang? It seems that Ni Cuifeng didn't get angry with him. Lu Li knew that Ni Cuifeng was better than him. However, he didn't decide to do slang. At the end of slang, he didn't want to accompany him. Slang also knows that Jiang Yueqin has been working with Lord Luo for four or five years. Slang said to me, "Lord Luo has long sex. At the end of four or five years, when Jiang Yueqin was working with Lord Luo, when he came to build it, he would pull the trigger." I said: "bear to know that Lord Luo has a long character, why don't you flatter me?" Slang also said not bad, slang said: "Lord Luo has good looks, but I'm afraid that Ni's fawning on it will fall into the eyes of Jiang Yueqin." Slang means all things. If it's slang, don't be willing to marry Lord Nero, but it's wrong for slang. I said that Lord Luo, bear the reason to start from xikankan, bear also know Ni Cuifeng's temper, bear to do a section, bear to have a number. At the end of Ni Cuifeng's life, he also knew that master Nero wanted to make slang in his heart. At the end of the day, the slang slowly became obsessed with it. "

Zifu listened and sneered. Huang Er Jie also said with a smile: "is it a little patience not to believe my gossip? Bear to ask the voice of Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang knows well. Don't worry, Mr. Tang. If you don't want to make friends with Mr. Luo, he will get more than ten games in the land? It's better for slang to know what's going on in his heart. I won't say it out of his mouth. I can't even know what's going on in slang until his wife and elder sister don't. I don't touch him a little. If I let Lord xieleo go, I will be wronged if xieleng comes later. Let me tell you the truth with Lord Luo: it's five years since I started a big business. I've been a guest of three families. One family came to Shanghai at the end of the year, and there are two more. If I don't come to Shanghai in one year, it's refreshing. I'd like to see a customer from my family and do more business with me, so it's hard to kill them. Push some guests (don't) to say, even if the guests are very good, slang is no long, have to pull down, teach me what way? For this reason, I can see that Mr. Luo is very close. I hope that Mr. Luo will keep on doing business. I also do a lot of business. Don't be honest, just like Lord Luo's guest coming to Nita, don't be less (mouth WAN), go out and walk in, let laiduo go, have I ever gone to have a rest? Why does Lord Nero want me to accompany him? "

Zifu is still silent, and Tang Xiaoan is smiling. The second sister Huang said: "it's nothing to wait for Ni Cuifeng for half a month after he's finished working as a baby. However, Ni Cuifeng seems that he's good enough to play with him. Ni TA means to play empty. I'd like to put it in slang and say: "patience is also a good thing. What's the good old and the good new? Lord Luo will be waiting for the bad ni'a?" Slang says, "I'll see the end two days later." The day before yesterday, when he was out of the game, he said to me: "no (every girl), I can't bear to say that Lord Luo is good with Ni, and that Lord Luo is going to eat wine with Jiang Yueqin." I said, "it's nothing to eat more and drink more." Lu Li knew that Ni Cuifeng had a lot of heart, and said, "Lord Luo, it's better to take the old man's face. Can I take Ni's face?" Zifu hears this, does not wait to finish saying, answer a mouth way: "so it is easy to gain momentum, put up to eat a end Zai (mouth WAN)." The second sister Huang said positively: "Lord Luo can bear to be ni Cuifeng, but he also cares about not eating wine. (don't ask) I have a gossip about my son. I've eaten wine from him. It's just a matter of fact to stop Cuifeng at night. For example, I cheated. Bear to be the end of Ni Cuifeng, bear to be the only one to do Ni Cuifeng, including bear 12 points of bowing, without pulling a little push. (don't) make Ni Cuifeng and then Jiang Yueqin. Don't flatter me. Bear not to believe my gossiping, bear to try, see the price of slang, abajie do not bow. " Zifu said with a smile, "it's easy to get into power. Jiang Yueqin would go to the end of the son in a hurry." Second sister Huang, with a smile on her head, took another sip of hookah, and Fang said, "Lord Luo, you can tell jokes even if you endure! Four or five years old, said do not go to hurry to go, but also bear to say young out. But he said that it's easy to gain power. Is it to cheat Ni? " As he said, he put down the water pipe and went to the opposite room to do something.

Zifu thought that Tao Yunfu's words were true, and he admired them. He wanted to discuss with Tang Xiaoan, but it was inconvenient. Think for yourself, sit up and take a sip of tea. Zhu Feng hurriedly sent a water pipe, but Zifu still shook his hand. I saw little Po and Jinfeng crawling in front of the dressing table, close to the light, gathering their heads and necks, watching and laughing. Zifu asked, "what's the matter?" When Jin Feng saw it, he snatched it from Po. He smiled and took it to Zifu. It was half a walnut shell with five colored powder inside. Zifu laughs. Jin Feng said, "be patient." Pull it up by the outer thread of the shell, and the characters in the shell will shake. Tang xiao'an also came over to have a look and asked Jin Feng, "do you understand Jinfeng said: "grape frame (mouth WAN), what don't understand." Small Po hurriedly smiled and said: "bear (don't) to speak slang, slang to beg bear cheap." Say to smile to ask, Huang second elder sister comes to this side room again, because ask: "what is indole resistant to laugh?" Jin Feng sent it to see Huang Er Jie again. Second sister Huang said, "can I get it from Luli? I used to put the baby in the right place. I'll break the baby later and then I'll put it in the right place. " Jin Feng is going to collect it with Xiao Bao.

Luo Zifu stood up, lost his eyes and went to the middle hall with Huang Erjie. He didn't know what to say in the dark. After cooing for a long time, I only heard Huang Erjie ask at the window of the building, "Lord Luo, Butler, a Laili? Teach slang. " When he saw Zifu enter the room, he asked Xiaobao to take a pen and inkstone to write a ticket to yangtangxiao nunnery. He just invited several people at the same table. Huang Erjie herself went to light a safe lamp, watched Xiaoan's cursive writing, and led Xiaobao to ask for it.

Second sister Huang said to Zifu, "I'm waiting for Butler. What do you say?" Zifu said, "call me slang." Gao Sheng listens outside and quickly raises the curtain to enter the door. Zifu went to take out a bunch of keys and told Gao Sheng, "bear to turn to the back of my bed and open the third official box. See if there is a worship box in it." Gao Sheng takes the key and leads.

Second sister Huang asked, "do you want to put it on the table?" Zifu looked up at the clock on the wall. It was a quarter past one, and he said, "set it up. It's not too early." Tang Xiaoan said with a smile: "what matters! When Cuifeng is out of the game, it's just right. " "Hurry up," said Huang. "A game of cards is a game of cards. If you want to make a match at the end of the game, it will be a long-term game." "Follow to shout:" small Po, bear to urge, teach slang to turn quickly Little Po promised to go downstairs. Huang Er Jie suddenly cried again: "bear slowly, I take bear to say." Say, rush out, go to the side of the stairs and small Po bite an ear to exhort a few, way: "remember good son."

After Xiao Bao went, Huang Erjie led the field to adjust tables and chairs, set up a cup office, and arranged to stop. The entertainer came back to talk. But Zhu Yiren and Tao's Kunzhong said they would come, and the rest who went back and slept said thank you. Luo Zifu had to stop.

Suddenly I heard that a sedan chair was carried into the gate downstairs. Huang Er Jie said it was Cuifeng. She looked at the window of the building. It turned out to be a sedan chair. Here comes Zhu Yiren. Luo Zifu meets you and lets you sit down. Seeing that Huang Cuifeng was not at home, Zhu Yi couldn't explain the reason for eating wine. He asked Tang xiao'an quietly before he understood.

The three chatted until two o'clock, and then saw little Po running to the room breathlessly, saying, "come, come!" Second sister Huang said, "what are you running for?" "I'm very important, sir," said little Po "What is long-term?" said Huang Little po said, "come and do it for me." "Huang Er Jie said:" I said it is for touch and (mouth WAN), ah is to guess Then all the way up the stairs with the sound of "card cackle", Huang Er Jie hurried out. First, Zhao's family (female every) came in with Pipa and water pipe bag. She called "Lord Luo" and asked with a smile, "come and have a rest? Ni just did not happen to be out of the game. Don't rush him to have another European exit. " Later, Huang Cuifeng walked back to the house, paid respect to the melon seeds, but turned to Luo Zifu and smiled. Zifu has never seen Cuifeng treat each other like this. He was surprised and pleased.

At that time, Tao Yunfu also arrived. Luo Zifu said, "if you have only Yufu, don't come. Let's sit first." Tang Xiaoan then wrote a reminder note, and together with the Bureau ticket, he explained to Zhao's family (female every), "first go to Li Shufang in Dongxingli and ask the bureau to come to the sea." Zhao family (female every) should say: "xiaodezai."

Now, everyone is at the table. Huang Cuifeng went to the front to screen the wine and sat behind Luo Zifu. Zhu Feng and Jin Feng also have rules on the table. They can sit around at will. Second sister Huang went to catch the air. Cui Feng asked Xiao Bao to bring Hu Qin, but she gave her lute to Jin Feng, and she didn't sing the opening film. Instead, she picked up a complete set of "Danghu boat" that she knew well and sang with Jin Feng. All the guests on the table only need to listen to the singing, and there they need to eat wine. Luo Zifu listened stupidly, as if in a daze. Zhao family (female every) newspaper said: "second young master Tao is here." Zifu didn't pay any attention, and Tao Yufu came to the front of the stage and started to see each other.

At that time, the called bureaus began to gather. Tao Yufu came from the Bureau, no need to call again. What's strange is that Tao Yufu's Bureau is not Li Shufang, but a waiter in his twenties and threes, with a picturesque face and a simple and charming manner, who is close to Yufu's elbow and is reluctant to give up. Luo Zifu asked, "who is it?" Yu Fu said: "Li huanfang is a slang name. She is a little sister of Shufang. It's a little uncomfortable to gargle Fang for his son. He's sweating a little bit. I'll teach him how to do it. Let him play for him. "

When speaking, Huang Cuifeng finished singing, and Zhang Luo said, "take your order with indole." Follow the rich way of tyre son: "bear what don't say?" Zifu said with a smile, "I'll get through first." However, since Zhu amiable was obedient and open-minded, there was no win or loss in and out of the extended fist. As far as Tao Yufu was concerned, it was Yufu who lost. When Li huanfang saw Yu Fu's open-minded fist, she covered the glass with her hands first. Yu Fu was not allowed to eat wine. She gave it to her mother and aunt. Yufu has lost five fists in a row. He wants to take a cup to eat. Li huanfang grabbed it and said in a hurry, "thank you for your patience. Can you take care of ni'a?" Yufu had to let go.

Luo Zifu is surprised at Li huanfang's words. He turns around and asks why. I saw Huang Er Jie peering in the curtain shadow, and Zi was very understanding. I shut up, attended and walked across the room. Huang Erjie leads the housekeeper Gao Sheng to follow in. Gao Sheng presents a worship box, and Huang Er Jie lights up the ocean lamp on the table. Zifu opened the worship box with a bunch of small keys, took out a pair of ten or two gold Chuan arms, and gave them to Huang Erjie. He still locked the worship box, so that Huang Erjie could put them temporarily. He put away the big and small keys and said, "I'll call Cuifeng to see the flower head." Say, return to this side to return to seat, quietly to Huang Cuifeng way: "bear no (female every) to indole shout bear." Cui Feng does not hear her make-up. For a while, she stands up and goes all the way.

Luo Zifu saw that the table was cold and clear, and he said, "who is there to put a Zhuang in indole?" Tao Yunfu said: "at the end of Ni's reign, I'll give you two more punches. Let Yufu go first. What do you want to eat? What do you want to do? I've been working for slang for a long time, but I've hurt my daughter and sister. Don't worry if someone comes here again. It's Ni Yu who scares the young at night. Let the slang go and cool down, isn't it? " It made me laugh. When Luo Zifu saw it, there were indeed two eldest sisters and three aunts around tao Yufu's back, saying, "so don't bend the country's patience." Tao Yufu said no, and Li huanfang left first.

Luo Zifu sent the guests back and said, "Li Shufang's slang is better than wild indole!" Tao Yunfu said: "when people are nice to each other, they are also very evil (with their mouths full), so they once saw that Xie lingduo was very kind. He said not to describe but not to describe! Just go to Luli and teach your mother and your son to come to the end of Taoyuan. If you don't see a baby in a day's work, you should go to all directions to find it. Don't quarrel with the baby! I go to slang some day, and I want to see slang. Luli knows that the two families of slang are sitting on the opposite side of each other. When I look at laidong, I have to chat. Is Lido coming to be crazy? "My family also said that I was in a hurry." Tang Xiaoan said, "I think it's also fate." Yunfu said: "what fate, I say it's unjust! It's hard to see that Yufu's air is often a little dazed in recent days. He calls the prison boys in a circle and doesn't want to leave alone. When I taught Yu Fu to go to the theatre in Chenguang, Shu Fang said, "the gongs and drums in the theatre are so noisy that I will not go." I taught Yu Fu to take a carriage, and Shu Fang said, "the carriage is so powerful that it will not go." One of the funniest things is to take a small photo, saying that the eyes are light and the eyes are light. In the end of the day, if you don't get up soon, you should take a picture of the eyes of Letian and say that he will be good for half a month. " Everyone heard that he laughed again.

Tao Yunfu turned around and pointed to Qin Lijuan, the swineherd he called, and said with a smile, "it's like Ni to make a good friend. If it's better, don't make it better. It's nothing. Don't hate to come, don't want to go, just bear it, do you want to write freehand and spend more? " Qin Lijuan press said: "bear to talk about sland, what about Ni Lai Zai?"? Patience is like the end of slang. Patience is also the end of slang. " Yunfu said, "I say patience is good, but I say it's bad." Lijuan said, "it's the end of being naughty. Ni is no better than the actual pattern. It is better not to be good. If Qiu wants to be good, he should also be quick to meet Qiu. " Yunfu said: "for this reason, I said to be patient. Bear the idea of going around, but I'm naughty. " "It's a little interesting to say the last thing," said Zhu. I see that the better the match is, the longer it is. It's just the end of the day, year after year, to see the scenery. " Lin Sufen behind the amiable people, though he didn't come to answer, was making faces there. Luo Zifu saw it at a glance, and hurriedly turned off the road. I'm very kind to set up a villa. Ni comes to open his fist. "

The seventh end.

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