By By Han Qingbang, book named Biography of flowers on the sea

"The 37th time in the biography of flowers on the sea, he was tortured so much that he was forced to borrow money and go out with prostitutes"

The Original Name:海上花列传 第三十七回 惨受刑高足枉投师 强借债阔毛私狎妓

Press: Tao Yufu goes out to Li huanfang's room. Please invite Gao Yabai and Qian Zigang to the table. There are three guests and three hosts. They have no other guests. No call. When Li huanfang and Zhun Pipa wanted to sing, Gao Yabai said, "no need." Qian Zigang said: "brother Yabai likes to listen to Daqu. Just sing Daqu. I'll play for Nai. " A Zhao presents the flute. The money just blew, and Li huanfang sang. Singing is "light sky and idle clouds" in "little feast". Gao Yabai happened to rise, and then he sang two parts of "sitting on Nanxun" in "appreciating the lotus". Qian Zigang asked Tao Yufu, "a happy singing?" Yu Fu said: "my throat is not good. I'll play, and I'll sing. " Zigang has just taught the flute and sung Nanpu. He has finished the song of "a couple of months apart, once alone". Gao Yabai cheers. Li huanfang was so obedient that she poured a large glass of wine and advised Yazi. Because Tao Yufu was not in a good mood, Yabai decided to have a meal after drinking. Yu Fu was full of apologies. He urged three people to start.

After a while, all the guests are gone. Tao Yufu sent him out of the hall and hurried back in. Gao Yabai and Qian Zigang still joined hands and went out of Dongxingli together. Yabai asked Zigang in the road: "I don't understand. Li Shufang is a real mother, brother and sister. He is very good even with his son, Tao Yufu. He is not satisfied without any help. Why is he really ill?" Zi Gang sighed without saying: "Li Shufang is not a man. He shouldn't eat the power rice. Don't be nice to your own mother. Open a family. There is no way for slang to do business. He is the only one who wants to marry Yufu. If Yufu asked to be a little old mother, Shufang would have nothing to do with it. If he met Yufu, he would have been a big old mother. In the end, Yufu's uncle, sister-in-law, uncle and mother-in-law were all in a hurry. It was said that the swineherd was a big old mother. The scene was in a hurry. Shufang knows how to be a young man. He doesn't want to be a swineherd for his family's sake. Therefore, he is better off not to be a swineherd than to be a swineherd. How can he say that I am a swineherd? At the end of the whole Qi, the Qi will come out. "Yabai also cries for it.

And they said, as they went, they came to shangrenli. Gao Ya has something else to do with himself, so he has to divide his way. Qian Zigang just walked into the lane alone. He was close to Huang Cuifeng's house. He saw a swineherd in front of him, helping his mother and aunt, walking along the wall. At the beginning of Zi Gang's neglect, when he reached the gate head, he could see that it was all the gold flowers. Jinhua cries "master Qian", that is to say, go to the small room of the second sister Huang in the back.

Zigang turns to go upstairs. Huang Zhufeng and Huang Jinfeng rush to meet each other. They are called "brother-in-law" and swarm into the room. "Yellow Cuifeng asked:" Zhu jinhuakou Zi Gang said, "come inside and look down." Jinfeng is afraid that Zigang has a very secret business. She pretends to see all Jinhua, and Zhizhu Feng avoids going downstairs.

Cui Feng and Zi have just sat for a moment, and the wall clock is striking three times. Zigang knew that Luo Zifu would arrive every day, that is, he wanted to sing. Cuifeng said, "so sit back and have a rest. What's the matter?" During Zigang's hesitation, Zhufeng and Jinfeng were worthy of meeting Cuifeng with all the gold flowers. Zigang stopped sitting and left.

When Zhu Jinhua saw Cuifeng, she cried "sister a" with tears in her eyes. She said: "I'll come to see sister a few days ago and keep walking. I'm going to come according to the rules. How can you help me, sister Say and cry. "What?" Cui Feng asked, unable to think Jinhua lifts up her trouser leg to show Cuifeng. Two legs and arms, a blue, a purple, are all the marks of the whip, and there are a little red blood marks, scattered, like stars in the sky. It was stabbed with a cigarette stick. "Cui Feng can't help but be miserable, way:" I explain bear, do not bear to listen to my gossips at the end of the business node, bear, hit the actual pattern Jinhua said, "don't be. Ni no (female every), don't compare with the NO (female every), don't make up for business, born to fight; make up for the young, then to fight. Therefore, Ou is a guest of Tsai. When he comes to Tsai, he doesn't say that I'm fawning on Tsai. It's hard to beat him. "

Cuifeng said angrily, "how can you say that Jinhua said: "to tell you the truth, elder sister taught me to gossip. I said I'd better not do business at the end of business! Ni Wu (female every) just shut the door of the baby's room and called for Guo Xiaopo's help. He pressed the bed wave of the baby and beat it all the way to dawn. Then he asked me how dare I not do business? " Cuifeng said: "ask endurable end, endurable say to return not to do, let slando beat end Zai (mouth WAN)." Gold flower gathers eyebrow way: "so the end elder sister is really, painful to come to have no that HA is really!"! Say no more, say hurry. " Cui Feng sneered and said, "I'm afraid that at the end of the pain, I should be an official. I'm going to be a grandma and a miss. How can I be a waiter?"

Jinfeng and Zhufeng laugh at each other. Jinhua is so ashamed that she hangs her head and sits down. Cuifeng asked again, "is there any Opium?" Jinhua said: "there is a wave of opium. If you touch a baby a little, you will suffer and eat in the land! Hear again say, eat a young person to give birth to opium smoke, want to break a young person's intestines to die, ah want to be sad! " The Jade Phoenix extends two fingers, is actually designated the gold flower, clenches the tooth way: "bears the stuffing head thing!" A word did not end, but shut up.

Who knows that speaking here, Huang Erjie and Zhao Jia (nvshi) are in the outer hall, and set up two square tables to sew the starched sheets. After listening to Cuifeng's words, Huang Er Jie couldn't bear it. She went to the room and said with a smile, "I have to take my own skills to teach you how to use slang. Don't succeed in this world! Bear to think, the first ten sides of the month in, is Zhu Shiquan guests, surnamed Chen, eat a wine, taut slang scene. So I took a rest for more than a month, saying that one of the guests put on a block of dry and wet, and played three Dai tea party. Lu Li knows the guest, but he is a good old man. He comes to the counter of Li Yang store to do business. He has to go to the end of the evening meal until 12 o'clock. At the end of the day, my family is gossiping. Third sister Zhu has to go to slang. " "Cuifeng said:" wine without end, bureau out of a few Second sister Huang spread out her hands and said with a smile, "let's keep dry and wet together. We'll have a fight in Luli!"

Cuifeng jumped up straight and asked Jinhua, "how can I teach Naiwu (every woman) to eat excrement when I'm in a foreign money business for more than a month?" Jinhua dare to reply. Cui Feng asked several times, and pushed up the head of the golden flower and said, "bear to say, is it to teach bear to eat shit? I will find happiness to be a benefactor. " Second sister Huang persuaded Cui Feng to say, "what can I do to talk about slang?" The third sister Zhu is a useless person. She has the strength to beat the end of slang. It's good to kill the young! If you want to make waves, you will have to pay foreign money! " Second sister Huang stamped her feet and said, "how nice!" Then she sat down.

Cui Feng slapped the table casually and said, "hurry up and get out. I'll be angry when I see you!" This clap is too heavy. I cut a gold inlaid Dai Huichuan arm into three parts. Huang Er Jie bit and said, "so there is a bad luck in the end of the land." I lost my eyes and the Golden Phoenix. The Golden Phoenix then sincere gold flower, want to let cross the room. Jinhua knows she has no face, so she has to go back, and Huang Er Jie doesn't stay any longer. But the Golden Phoenix is affectionate, depending on each other. To the front of the court, I happened to meet Luo Zifu getting off at the door. Jinhua doesn't want to see each other. She hides her side and waits for Zifu to go in. Then she says goodbye to Jinfeng. She helps her aunt and slowly exits zhaorongli. From Baoshan Street to the East, she returns to the fairy hall on the wall of Huachun hall in dongqipan street.

Please let Jinhua suffer misfortune and worry about nothing, but I hope that the three sisters will not come to inquire about it and stay quiet. Unexpectedly, after dinner the next day, Jinhua was laughing and scolding with several Xiangbang in the guest hall. Suddenly, grandma Guo Xiaopo fumbled for the door and beckoned Jinhua. Jinhua is scared and flustered. Guo Xiaopo said: "there are two pretty good guests. I can be a matchmaker. I can't wait to meet you. Do you know?" "The guests come to langlu," said Jinhua Guo Xiaopo said, "come here." When Jinhua looked up, one was a thin young man, and the other was a bearded one with one foot on stilts. Wear a snow green official yarn long shirt each. Jinhua welcome into the room. May I have your name, please. Later generation surname Zhang, have to say is surname Zhou. No one knows Jinhua, and Guo Xiaopo only knows Zhang Xiaocun. When the field is wet and dry, Jinhua will follow the routine and burn opium smoke to the bed. Guo Xiaopo went to Zhang Xiaocun and whispered, "Li Mo is my niece. How can I take care of her? It's easy to open and close. " Little village nodded. "Guo Xiaopo said:" ah want to shout a table down It's forbidden in small villages. Guo Xiaopo Russian delay for a while, reply: "price end ask sound endure friend to see, good?" "Village asked Guo Xiaopo:" the friend NAIA recognize Guo Xiaopo shook her head. Small village way: "Zhou Shaohe." Guo Xiaopo listened, made her mouth and face, and slipped out. Jinhua takes a sip of smoke and offers it to Zhou Shaohe. Less and no addiction, let Zhang Xiaocun first.

The village saw that there was no end to be taken for the gold flowers to spread, sing and entertain. However, after a good smoking of opium smoke, it still went out of Xiantang with Shaohe and Yitao to walk freely and freely. It stood at the four road mouth and looked at the carriages and carriages. It went to the Chinese people's assembly building at will and made a bowl of tea for recreation.

The two just sat down. Suddenly, Zhao Puzhai came alone, wearing a snow green official gown, with a cigarette in his mouth and black crystal glasses in his nose. The weather was different. They went straight up the stairs and looked around. The little village is attached and hands up. Puzhai turned around from the back of the smoke room to the front of the tea table. He saw Zhang Xiaocun and asked, "ah, see Shi Ruisheng?" Little village stood up and said, "don't you come here, let's find slang? We should take a rest. "

Pu Zhai, who was originally on the verge of breaking off friends, intended to boast of dignity in front of Zhou Shaohe, so he took advantage of the situation. The village shouted to the waiter to make another bowl. Less and pro go to point a paper to blow, give a water pipe. Puzhai sees Shao and turns one step at a time. He asks why. "Less and way:" building wave falls, fall bad Small village refers to Puzhai and says to Shaohe: "Ni Taoren is the best luck next to slang. I'm the unlucky one with two heads: bear a bad foot, I don't take it off. "

Puzhai asked Wu Songqiao how it was. The village said: "Songqiao is in a hurry. Guan Zai in the patrol room has just been released for a few days. I want to borrow foreign money with slang. Fortunately, foreigners did not know that their business would not rest. " Shao he said: "Li heting turns to come out of the baby?" Xiaocun said: "Xiaopo Guo told me that it's a pleasure to come out. It's for Uncle Li to give birth to bayberry sores. When I come to Shanghai, I'll come here. " Piao Zhai said, "can I see a Guo Xiaopo in Nalu?" Xiaocun said: "Xiaopo Guo found me in the trestle, saying that it's my niece who came to dole out yaoerlang. Please let me have a look, and then I'll go with Xiaohe to install a baby to keep dry and wet." Shao he was surprised and said: "I don't know that the Kankan is Xiaopo Guo. How disrespectful it is! The year before last, when I had a lawsuit, I ran a case of Guo Xiaopo's abduction "Village suddenly said:" strange do not get slang see bear a little afraid "Don't be afraid," said Shao he! Therefore, it's good to have a report for Xie to accept the supervisor. " Piao Zhai occasionally had no idea. He turned his head to think and didn't interrupt. Little harmony and small villages are speechless.

Three people drink five or six teas in a row, and the sun and clouds are fading. Zhao Puzhai thought that Shi Ruisheng was nowhere to be found, so he said "goodbye" to Zhou Shaohe and Zhang Xiaocun. He left the Huazhong society and went back to dingfengli's house on Sanma Road, and returned to his sister Zhao Erbao, saying that Shi Ruisheng could not find him. Two treasure way: "the Ming Dynasty bear early to slang house to please." Pu Zhai said, "I'm in a hurry. What can I do for you? Ni good guest more evil waves Two treasure sink face way: "teach bear to invite a guest end, bear to be willing to go in a hurry, only can eat a full meal white face, again have what use field circle" Pu Zhai is anxious, change way: "I go, I go. I'm just saying the end. " Two treasure just return to angry collect anger.

At that time, Zhao Erbao was very fashionable. Every night, he touched and ate more than one set of wine. The small bowl dropped during the dinner was sent to Zhao Hong's room, where Zhao puzhaixiong was allowed to eat and drink freely; when he was drunk, he fell down from the rope bed, and he was blind, believing that he was in bliss.

On this day, Zhao Puzhai was ordered by his sister to invite Shi Ruisheng to Nanshi. Rison is not at home, just a business card. Piao Zhai thought to himself, at this moment, I'm going to reply my life. I must say that I can't do anything. If I don't go to the wang'er's family to reconnect with the old one, isn't it wonderful! When he arrived at Xinjiekou, he was very careful because he had been rebelled and his head had been broken. First to the wall, visit Guo Xiaopo to take the lead, in advance to step back. Guo Xiaopo, like hanging from the sky, arranged for PU Zhai to stay in the second half of the room and called wang'er to come.

Wang a'er saw that it was piazhai, smiling and wriggling. He called "elder brother" and said, "go to the room." "You should take it," said Park Chai One side takes off the green yarn shirt and hangs it on the bamboo pole of the tent. Wang Er then asked Guo Xiaopo to take care of her mother and aunt. She pushed Puzhai to sit on the edge of the bed, climbed on the body of Puzhai, hooked up her neck and said, "I'm worried about shanai at the end of my life, but I'm so rich that I don't want to be a success." Puzhai put his hands together and asked, "Mr. Zhang, come?" Wang a'er said: "let's talk about Mr. Zhang again. Stop! Ni TA still owes more than ten yuan to keep the balance. "

Pu Zhai said the words of yesterday's village. Wang a'er jumped up and said, "I have some foreign money. Why don't you go there and get along with each other. I'll go ask Sheng Li in the Ming Dynasty! " Pu Zhai pressed and said: "bear to talk about my mouth at the end!" Wang a'er said, "don't worry about patience."

Said, the old lady and aunt sent two things, still back to the wall to guard the empty room. Guo Xiaopo listens to the two of them without any voice. She knows that they have arrived in Hong Kong. She goes to see the wind sentry in front of the door for fear that others will disturb her. For a while, I suddenly heard the sound of feet on the floor in the second half of the room. I didn't know what to do. When looking inside, I saw Zhao Puzhai take a long gown and ask for it. Wang a'er won it and didn't allow it, so he made a kink. "What matters?" Guo advised Wang a'er said angrily, "I'll discuss with you. I'll borrow ten yuan to set me up. It's the end of money. I have no choice but to stand on my head and go. " "Therefore, I have no time to call in (mouth WAN)! Stop for two days. You can get some of them, OK? " Wang a'er doesn't follow and says, "it's time to stop for two days. Let's take ten yuan for the long gown." Puzhai stamped his foot and said, "I'm going to die. What do you want me to say?"

Guo Xiaopo is good and bad. She is willing to guarantee. She wants to ask Pu Zhai for a day. Pu Zhai said it was the end of the moon, and Guo Xiaopo said, "even the end of the moon is nothing. However, by the end of the baby month, we must have an opening. " Wang a'er gave back his long gown, but also earnestly asked: "bear not to bring the end of the moon, I came to bear dingfengli to invite bear to eat a bowl of tea."

Pu Zhai is the only one who escapes; he thinks all the way, regrets and hates himself, but nothing can be done. Returning to dingfenglikou, I saw the head of my house from afar. There were two official sedans and a white horse tied to them. When entering the hall, another housekeeper sat in a high chair, and the four sedan trains doubled.

Piazhai went upstairs and was waiting for an answer, but he was worth Zhao Erbao's chat with his guests. He didn't dare to be alarmed, so he only secretly looked at him in the crack of the curtain. Two guests, only know one is Ge Zhongying, that one does not know, the figure is elegant, the manner is dignified, thought in the eye has not seen such a person. Still, he went downstairs quietly and went out of the guest hall, asking the butler to sit in the back room. When you ask, you will know that his master is the world-famous, extremely rich and valuable Third Prince of history. His ancestral home is Jinling, and he was born in Hanyuan. He has a weak age and a natural nickname. For the sake of health, I'm going on a trip to Shanghai for the time being; a tall villa in the Ziju bridge is very cool and old. I have a heart to heart talk with two or three friends and a glass of wine. But since half a month ago, we haven't got a welcome banquet, which is worthy of our ears. Pu Zhai heard that he was extremely flattered and spared no effort. He asked the housekeeper, surnamed Wang, to be Xiao Wang, who was the third childe's valet in charge of silver. Pu Zhai wanted to be happy. There was an endless stream of tea, cigarettes and snacks. Xiao Wang was really happy.

Near the light, the legend of the lady and tiger told Xiangbang to ask for food and treat. Pu Zhai got the letter and rushed to tell his mother, Zhao Hongshi, to call another four-color meat dish, four major dishes. He asked the housekeeper for it. Zhao Hongshi obeyed. After waiting for the table upstairs, the tent was also set up. Xiao Wang sat on it, and Pu Zhai accompanied him. He was very interested in eating, and the cup was in a mess.

It's not like the wine upstairs is only served by Hua Tiemei and Zhu amiable. It's cold and quiet. Meanwhile, Mr. Shi's three sons are always timid and hot. They can't sit for long. When they are out of the game, the four guests and the host Rush to attend. All of them make the car class light up. Xiao Wang has to eat a dry meal in a hurry and wait for him. Three young master sent three, and then Xiao Wang waited on the three young master to get on the sedan chair, mount his horse, and go through the fish.

The 37th chapter ends.

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