By By Han Qingbang, book named Biography of flowers on the sea

"The 39th time in the legend of flowers on the sea to make fautu wine, prepare to fly to the water Pavilion, admire the fishing boat and the lake pond"

The Original Name:海上花列传 第三十九回 造浮屠酒筹飞水阁 羡陬喁渔艇斗湖塘

Press: now Huang Yi's Water Pavilion will open two square tables and set up 16 dishes of eight fried dishes of common dishes. According to the routine, they will take each other well and sit in pairs. One table is for Hua Tiemei, Ge Zhongying, Tao Yunfu and Zhu amiable; the other table is for Shi natural, Gao Yabai, Yin Zhiyuan and Qi yunsou. All of you raise your glasses and donate. Zhao Erbao is still ashamed, but he doesn't move his hand. Qi yunsou said, "it's time to be polite. Eat wine, eat food, all in one. It's worth watching. "

When he said this, he saw that Yao Wenjun had half a drunken crab, peeled it and ate it, and said to Zhao Erbao, "bear not to eat, no one will come to build bear politeness, and rest late and starve to wave." Su Guanxiang smiled and insisted on giving way. He took a piece of cake and put it in the south. He had to give Zhao Erbao's noodles to win Erbao before eating some. Gao Yabai suddenly asked, "Why are huiwai people at the end of Slang's body?" "It's just in a hurry," he replied Qi yunsou sighed: "Shanghai is a market flower. It's a trap after a race. I'm too busy to fall down!" Shi Tianyin said, "I have another relative. When I go to Shanghai, I will be a shepherd." "What's the name?" Yin Chiyuan asked? Come to dululi? " Zhao Erbao answered, "it's Zhang Xiuying, and Qin Lijuan and I came to Longxi for Gonghe." Yin Chi called Tao Yunfu at the table and asked him how he was doing. Yunfu said: "it's very good. It's also the style of others. Do you want slang? " Spoony Mandarin way: "late rests to call, therefore rests must eat wine."

So Qi yunsou asked Shi Tianran to make a wine order. "Natural way:" good white phase point wine order, just go to rest, no dial Zai (mouth WAN). " The first dish of shark's fin is suitable for housekeeper. Naturally, while eating, he thought that Zhu amiable and Tao Yunfu didn't like poetry and prose, which made it better to enjoy both the refined and the common, because Xuanling said: "there is no one coming here. Pick up a thing between the mats, and use the sentence of "four books" to stack the pagodas. How are you? " Everyone said, "follow the order." The housekeeper is used to serving. He moves the coffee table and picks up the red sandalwood stationery. Among them, the pen and inkstone are all ready.

He first drank the wine and said, "I'll give you the word" fish "and make lots for it. The last family will take the order." Qi yunsou said: "four books" wave no dial a few words easy to say. " Nature said, "go on and see." Eight people at the table, when standing on a tooth chip, each write a sentence according to the number of words, "four books" on the tooth chip, indicating the number as a record. The steward collected them and presented them in five colors. Two seats stand out to argue, see that the note is: fish: Shi Yu (Zhong). Black fish. A son is a fish. The fish (rhyme) is held by the glue. In the past, fish (iron) were fed. Fish (days) do not enter the pond. You can't get both. You can't give up the fish.

Say: almost have very Yan, reason wood seeks fish (cloud).

Everyone praised each other in unison, and each drank his own cup.

The end family is next to Tao Yunfu, who says "chicken". The housekeeper returned the tooth chips to the barrel and divided them according to their positions. We have to be silent, or bow for a walk, or bend to the dark number. Yao Wenjun saw that the wine was boring, and heard that it was "fish". Suddenly he touched it, drank two cups of wine and hurried away. Gao Yabai only said that he was depressed and didn't pay attention. We have to make a proposal, housekeeper one after another transcribed on the paper, cloud: Chicken: cut chicken (day). People have chickens. The moon crows a chicken. Shun's apprentice is also a chicken.

Stop sleeping in Zilu, kill chickens (Asia). When a horse rides, it is not the chicken. You can wear silk, chicken (cloud). Today, people are hustling their neighbors' chickens (iron).

It was Hua Tiemei who answered the order. Tiemei said, "chicken and fish are the only words I have ever said. The third word is hard to say!" Shi Tianran said: "don't talk about it. It's too much to eat a chicken bowl. Who can say that, and then on. " Hua Tiemei stares at her eyes and says HALELY, "you come here, how is the word" meat " They said, "OK." Ge Zhongying said, "it's really hard to get up at the end of the difficulty! I don't know who is the last When the housekeeper transcribes it out: Meat: sow meat (iron). No meat (cloud). There is fat in the pot. It's Zhong, the meat of birds.

I'm eager to ask for help. Seventy people wear silk and eat meat. I can't bear to eat the meat when I hear it.

Friends feed, though horses and chariots are not sacrificing meat (Asia).

Gao Yabai doesn't take orders. He sifts all the wine and eats it slowly. "Yin Chi Yuan way:" is want to eat young wine has made Gao Yabai said, "I will not eat wine even if I endure rare and strange things."! If patience is to say the end, patience is to say the baby. " The spoony Mandarin smiled and ordered the housekeeper to send the tooth chips first. After eating, Yabai said in a loud voice, "it's the end of wine!" Qiyun old man said with a smile: "come to wave to eat wine, why don't you think of the word" wine " Without thinking about it, we just waved: Wine: sell wine (Asia). Not wine. The villagers drink (iron). Good wine (day). Poetry is drunk with wine. It is the wine that is drunk and strong. Zengyuan raise Zengzi must have wine (rhyme). If there is something I have to do, I have wine.

After reading it, Gao Yabai said to Yin Zhiyuan, "it's hard to say. Next to him!" "Silly Mandarin slightly a ponder, answer:" bear to punish a young chicken bowl cup, I say again "Why is it going to be punished?" said Abe We are at a loss, even the history of nature is puzzling, to ask why. "At the end of the tower building, there must be a spire," said the spoony Mandarin! You've got to go outside! ?

The spoony Mandarin ignored, that is to say, Lingdao: "I think of a word" Su ", the four books seems not less waves." Yazi heard about it and said, "I'm going to punish you, too. So I'm going to stop here and eat the wine. I'm going to have a 'millet' on the land." I took the wine pot with one hand, how can I serve the spoony couple? It made me laugh.

In a moment of indecision, I suddenly heard three or four women shouting together behind the water. Everyone was surprised and looked out of the edge of the lake. I saw a melon skin boat tied by fishing alum. Yao Wenjun sat on it with a silk screen to catch golden carp. The lady was in a hurry and asked him to turn around. Wenjun, where do you hear that? Hold two oars in two hands, and only swing in the heart of the lake.

As soon as Gao Yabai looked at it, he hurried from the right side of the pavilion to the alum head, picked up a pole, just a little on the bank, had jumped into other boats, pulled out the ropes and cables on the pile, and pushed away with his feet. This boat then leaves the string like an arrow and shoots to Wen Jun. In the middle of the lake, Yabai followed Wenjun's boat and went boating. He pushed the pole hard, and the boat dribbled like a wheel. Turning around, he didn't wish Wenjun to be the winner. He was very angry but refused to forgive. Abe smiled and asked, "Nah, I'm going to catch fish? Bear to go to the end, I prick bear a boat, please bear a bath, NAIA believe? " Wen Jun's cheeks were red, but he made a sound. When the boat was settled, he still paddled back. Yabai also turned to go ashore with the pole.

Wen Jun arrived at the bank, opened his willow eyes, began to shake his lips, and a gust of wind came straight up to Yabai. Yabai rushes away. Wenjun desperately pursues him to Huangyi Water Pavilion. He looks around in a hurry and doesn't see Yabai. When we need to catch up again, Qi yunsou opens his arms and blocks the way. Wenjun wants to get out of the room with the help of yunsou. He just stops for yunsou and hugs him. He advises: "good, good! Look at my old man's face. It's not good. " Wenjun said: "Lord Qi (don't) mouth! I want to get rid of slang in the river Yun old way: "slang nonsense, bear (not) to listen to slang."

Wenjun still refuses to give up. Seeing Gao Yabai's head out of the left curtain of the pavilion, Yun old man called out, "hurry up, and make the angry kids run away!" Yabai went into the curtain, smiled and made a half bow to Wenjun, confessing that he was not. Wen Jun is ruthless and breaks free. Abai ran out from the right side of the pavilion in a panic. Wenjun pursued for a while, but he was not able to do so. He came back in frustration.

Yin Zhiyuan then said: "Wen Jun comes, Ni two heads point general." Wenjun likes the order of "ordering generals" and obeys his orders. Only when the two seats joined in the battle did they put their leisure aside. For a time, the rhyme of Pang was sonorous, and the light of Pang was turbulent. Wenjun loses twice in a row, and Yushan is declining. We also want to keep endless fun to make sure that we have a good night. Qiyun old man asked the housekeeper to invite Gao Yabai to dinner. The housekeeper replied, "master Gao came to the study and ate with master Ma." Yun old man smiled and gave up.

After dinner, we go for a walk around, in groups of three or five, or to tune cranes, or to watch fish, or to taste tea, or to fight grass, or even to sleep on the water and wash the stone, and ask for willows and flowers, without elaborating. But the master, Qi yunsou, returned to his inner room and went to sleep.

With Lin cuifen, Su Guanxiang and Yao Wenjun, Yin Zhiyuan wanders around the lakeside and has no entertainment. Occasionally, I went to the Daguanlou and saw that the three hundred jars of jasmine had been put under the corridor; around the canopy, there were thick layers of five colored glass balls; on the palm beam in the middle, a box of fireworks was hung with a thick pipe rope and a five foot circle. Su Guanxiang pointed out: "it's Guangdong that teaches people to make one. Don't know how beautiful it is." Yin Chi Yuan said, "what's beautiful? It's just the end of fireworks!" Lin cuifen said, "don't look bad. Why do people take tens of dollars to make slang?" Yao Wenjun said: "I have never seen fireworks along the way, but first to see what kind of slang." Say, turn down the steps, look up carefully.

It is suitable for Gao ya to see Yao Wenjun from the northeast. He is far away smiling, but Wenjun just ignores him. Yabai is close to the shed and dare not stand up to others. Lin cuifen couldn't help laughing. Yin Zhiyuan looks back and says, "what are the two heads? I'm afraid I'll be embarrassed if I stay late! " Su Guanxiang waved and said, "master Gao is coming to the end. Ni Yitao can help you."

Gao Yabai raised his steps to board, but he saw another man running away. He recognized Xia Yuqing, the general manager of the Qi mansion, and hurriedly reported, "here comes the guest!" Yabai retreated and turned away. Yin Chi Yuan, Su Guanxiang, Yao Wenjun and Lin cuifen also marched from the northeast. After crossing the Jiuqu Pingqiao bridge, there are three rooms left under the fake hillside to thank you. Shi Tianran and Hua Tiemei are playing weiqi in pairs. Zhao Erbao and sun Sulan are depending on the case to watch the game, and the party stands at will.

All of a sudden, a Kunqu Opera came from the air, relying on Jianyun, melodious and moving with the wind. Lin cuifen said, "who will sing in the waves?" Su Guanxiang said, "it's so easy to teach music in the pear garden." Yao Wenjun said, "no, Ni is going to see it." Looking north with Lin cuifen, I saw Ge Zhongying and Wu Xuexiang singing on the thirty-three stone platform near the arrow road in the eyes of the hedged deer. Tao Yunfu was tired of the flute and Qin Lijuan ordered the drum board. Yao Wenjun had a long way to catch up with the arrow and bravely climbed first. Lin cuifen was hurt tightly, sweating and shortness of breath. Fortunately, in front of the main hall of Fu Jing Zhi, Lin Sufen, my elder sister, stopped him and said, "what can I do to run?" Cuifen couldn't answer. Sufen ordered her to come near and clean up her mother of Pearl and bury her grievances.

On the Kang in the middle of Zhizheng hall, Cui Fen saw Zhu Yi lying on his back smoking opium. Cui Fen called "brother-in-law" and climbed on the edge of the Kang. She accompanied her elder sister to talk some gossip. Unconsciously, she talked from the beginning to the end of the day. The stewards on duty set fire everywhere. There are only three self fires in Zhizheng hall, which shine straight to the end of the arrow path.

Then Zhang Shoubao said, "master Ma has come to wave." Zhu Yiren asked Zhang Shou to put away the cigarette tray and lead Lin Sufen and Lin cuifen to the banquet. All the way there is a fire coming from me, and it shines. Close to the grand view building, I feel more smoke and clouds, and the lights are brilliant. Unexpectedly, it was quiet in front of the building. There were only seven or eight female actors who were dressing up there. It turns out that this mat is set in the back entrance hall. There are nine tables, which are evenly made into three floors. All guests, Bi Zhiwei, let us sit down one after another. The first one in the center is Mr. Ma. On the left is Shi Tianran and on the right is Hua Tiemei. Since Zhu Yiren was backward, when he saw that there was still a seat available for Yin Chi Yuan, he sat down on the opposite side. Lin Sufen and Lin cuifen sit side by side. For the rest of the latter bureaus, those who are willing to sit will have their seats reserved; those who are not willing to sit will not be strong. In the hall before the court, there was a stage where a group of Kabuki moved to perform the zaju. As soon as the gongs and drums rang, everyone had to drink and listen to the play, which was inconvenient for chatting. Qi yunsou, the host, has no time to show respect to his guests, but only to say "there is profanity".

After a while, there were a lot of late calls, and the whole hall was simply crowded. And there are two bureau, even Yin Chi Mandarin are added to call a Zhang Xiuying. Xiuying meets Zhao Erbao and says hello. Because of his long absence, Erbao wanted to talk with Xiuying, but he was separated by many voices and could not narrate freely.

Compared with the previous snack and singing two Beijing tunes, Zhao Erbao was so crowded that he left the table and made a gesture to Yin Zhiyuan. Then he pulled Zhang Xiuying out of the left corridor and went to the Jiuqu Pingqiao bridge, leaning on the railing and stopped chatting. First ask Xiuying, "how is business?" Xiuying shakes her head. Two treasure way: "surname Yin a guest pour nothing, naiba knot point to do finally." Xiuying nodded. Two treasure ask shi Ruisheng, Xiuying way: "bear to take the end to come to son fan Dai, West Gonghe one way never come to rest." Two treasure way: "this guest relies on not to live, I hear to do young yuan three treasure."

Xiuying is eager to understand. It's a coincidence that someone came to the East and they had to stop. Until then, it was su Guanxiang. Crown incense road is two people to go to change clothes, quietly asked two treasure, the meaning of two treasure. "Crown incense way:" so rest me to call Qiguan, Ni on Qiguan build go

Xiuying, Erbao and Guanxiang then went down the bridge to the north, turning a white wall. When they saw from the two black painted corner doors, only one old woman sewed clothes under the middle oil lamp. Su Guanxiang leads the two men to the bedroom of Qiguan. Qiguan was sleeping in bed. Hearing someone coming, he got up in panic and met three people. He called "Sir". Guanxiang whispers to Qiguan. Qi said: "Ni TA is dirty." "Crown incense received:" so end also (do not) polite Zhao Erbao couldn't help laughing and went to the back of the bed. Zhang Xiuying exits the outer room and enjoys the cool by the window. Guanxiang asked Qiguan, "is it appropriate to bear it?" Qi official way: "don't matter, is the throat sings in a hurry." Guan Xiang said: "my lord taught me to invite patience. Don't sing. NAA go? " Qiguan said with a smile: "at last, why don't you go? It's a joke to ask Mr Guan Xiang said, "no, it's not. Adults often fear that patience is not suitable for the waves. If you ask for patience, there is nothing to rush to. " Qiguan is full of promises. Just as Zhao Erbao finished washing his hands, Qiguan planned to go with him. Crown incense way: "price last bear also change a dress mouth." Qiguan's clothes were changed again.

Zhang Xiuying suddenly waved outside and said, "elder sister, look at your mouth. You should make a good white face!" Zhao Erbao followed him to the window and looked out. However, he saw a grand view building in the southwest corner. There was a fire all around. It was reflected in Yili lake. There were many different waves, which were uncertain. The sound of the orchestral singing is gentle and bleak. It seems to be in the clouds. Two treasure also said good-looking, and Xiuying can see. Until Qiguan takes off Shuqi, Su Guanxiang goes out of the room and pleads, the four people let him go downstairs and leave the hospital, following the same path. On the way back, I met Xia Yuqing, the chief executive, with a lantern in his hand. I didn't know where to go. See four people, stand aside to make way, and said with a smile: "Sir to see the mouth, set off fireworks." Su Guanxiang asked, "what is the last price?" Xia Zongguan: "I'll call someone to play. The fireworks, said to do their own personal to put the end of good-looking Say it and go.

Four people still go to the grand view building and enter the nave. Zhao Erbao and Zhang Xiuying return to the table respectively. Su Guanxiang orders the butler to set up a wine machine and put it beside Qiyun old man to teach Qiguan to sit down.

When Wei's drama stopped at the beginning, the musicians in the back court brought musical instruments and moved them to serve under the front canopy. During the meeting, most of the people were talking. That Qiguan does not apply the powder, the complexion is slightly yellow, and there is not some ornament on his head. He hangs his head silently, if there is no one to complain about. Qiyun old man regretted menglang and comforted himself: "I called nailai not to sing, teach Nai to watch fireworks and go to the end after watching the children." Qiguan stood up in response to orders.

In a moment, manager Xia said, "it's so comfortable." Qi yunsou said "please". The Butler asked master Ma and other masters to move forward and watch the fireworks. At that time, guests and waiters attended.

The thirty ninth chapter ends.

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