By By Han Qingbang, book named Biography of flowers on the sea

"The 32nd chapter of the biography of flowers on the sea: all the golden flowers imitated Zhou Shuangyu's love and left handkerchiefs"

The Original Name:海上花列传 第三十二回 诸金花效法受皮鞭 周双玉定情遗手帕

According to: Huang Cuifeng has some secret gossip to say with Qian Zigang. It's tiresome to compete with all the gold flowers. Cui Feng watched him for a long time, but he couldn't help laughing and asked, "what can I do to endure sitting on the waves?" Gold flower way: "money big young master calls me to come up." Cui Feng just understood, but sighed: "master Qian shouts to be endurable, to be a matchmaker for endurable, endurable knows?" Jinhua said in a daze, "don't tell me about it, young master Qian." "It's good!" said Cui Feng with a sneer Zi Gang quickly shook his hand and said: "bear (don't) blame slang. Gao Ya has a bad temper. I said not to be right. When he takes a rest, he can't settle down. There's no place to teach slang. " Cui Feng does not turn her face and says, "if I'm a real person, I'll come back and kill him!" Zigang said politely, "it's necessary to teach slang. If slang can come out, don't stop doing business. It will be a long time in the land."

Cuifeng sighed out of her nose: "it seems that it's a sin for Aunt Ni to play slang. Lu Li knows that he's done it, and he's going to talk about it casually. I'm not going to listen to it. I'm going to be angry." Jinhua quickly replied, "sister, I just remember to come here after gossiping. You need to learn slowly, right? " Cui Feng then smiled and asked, "what do you want to learn from the waves?" Jinhua can't tell. Zigang is also charming.

Cuifeng took two mouthfuls of water smoke and slowly said to Zigang, "I was born to be cheap. At the end of the game, I'm afraid of it. At the end of the price, I'm willing to make a point. When I meet you, I'll say something. " He turned to the golden flower and said, "let me talk about the baby, just follow the pattern, and make a good hand in two turns!" Jinhua heard that she sobbed and did not dare to make a sound. However, Cuifeng was also a little compassionate, and sighed again: "it's lucky to be able to be nice, but I'll try it when I run into my son, Ni Gewu (every girl)! Zhu Feng should be more obedient than Zai NaI (don't) and take two notes of what she says. When she wraps her foot around the end of the rope, she will take off three of them! " The golden flower is still silent.

After a long time, Cui Feng said to Zi Gang, "in a word, if you want to be a pimp, you need to be a business owner. If you want to be a business owner, you need to be hungry? I was born to fight. Ni business is better. How dare you fight? It's time to flatter Ni. It's just like slang is a spade head swineherd, doing business for the procuress, and then calling the procuress to fight. I don't know why slang is so cheap! "

When he spoke, he could only hear another sedan chair coming in downstairs. Then the outfield newspaper said, "Lord Luo is here." Huang Jinfeng greeted her at the edge of the stairs and called, "brother-in-law, it's time to come." Luo Zifu went to the opposite room.

Here Qian Zigang just wanted to quit. Huang Cuifeng took hold of her and ordered Zhu Jinhua to accompany her in the past After Jinhua left, Zigang asked Cuifeng quietly, "did nai'a ever take no (every woman) to say goodbye?" Cuifeng said: "never. Therefore, I'm afraid that it's not good to talk about it. I'll see it later. It's time to be patient (not to) meddle. I'll talk about it myself. It's good for me to have a good price for my clothes, my head and my family. "

Zigang did as he promised. Cuifeng didn't send each other off. She put down the water pipe and called out to the curtain, "come here finally." So Jinfeng pulls Luo Zifu's hand, Zhufeng follows him, and Xiaobao comes to the room with his tea bowl and clothes, but zhujinhua goes downstairs to accompany Huang Erjie.

Zifu sees that the wall clock rings ten times. He tells Cuifeng that she has something to do in the morning, so she needs to turn to sleep early. "Cuifeng said:" should take bear also early sleepy end (mouth WAN), I have idle talk take bear to say, (want not) turn to go

Zifu naturally obeys his orders, so that Gao Sheng and his sedan class can return home. Cuifeng calls Zhao's family (nvshi) to clean up and stop, and beat fazifu to sleep. Zhao family (female every) Ji Jinfeng, Zhu Feng and Xiao Bao have been released one after another. Cuifeng expected that she would not be out of the game, so she settled down. She talked with Zifu in the quilt for a long time, so she didn't have to state clearly.

Gao Sheng knew the wedding of an eunuch's family the next day. When he invited guests in the garden, the host had to go to congratulate him, so he had to serve him in a sedan chair. When Zifu gets up and takes a sedan chair to Jufengyuan, it's full of clothes and lights.

After the feast, Zifu was no longer in his sedan chair. He had an appointment with Tao Yunfu, Tao Yufu, Zhu Yiren and Zhu Shuren to go out to the garden for a walk. Meet Hong Shanqing, hand in hand and talk. Zhu Ge suddenly thought of something. Just because Tang Xiaoan said that Shanqing led his brother Shu Ren to have a tea party at Zhou Shuangyu's house, he was afraid that Shu Ren would be young and dissolute, and it was hard to guard against idleness. He wanted to try him, so he said to Hong Shanqing, "don't see you know each other for a few days. Ah Haoyi Tao goes to watch slang?" Good Qing also knows its meaning and is willing to guide. Tao Yunfu said: "Ni, don't go to my mouth. How many flower people can run, what is it? " Zhu AI said, "I have a reason. Don't get in the way."

At that time, Hong Shanqing took Luo Zifu, Tao and Zhu brothers, six of whom went to the Zhou Shuangzhu family in Gongyang. Shuangzhu saw many of them. He didn't understand why. Please take a seat and call Zhou Shuangyu again.

At the sight of Shuangyu, Zhu said to Shu humanely, "let's call two boards for Nai. Don't ever have a break. Today, my friend qilaili, I'll call a table for Nai. Please help me." Zhu Shuren should not be good, should not be bad, bashful for a while, do not feel red in the face. Luo Zifu was the happiest, even said, "just fine, just fine." Urge elder sister Qiao Nan: "hurry up and shout!" Shu people worried, stand up to block the way: "ni a is to the restaurant to eat waves, call a bureau?" Zifu shouted, "it's time to set up a restaurant where you can't eat." Can't help but say, the path makes Qiao nan to shout: "so stop to put up." Tao Yunfu said to Zhu AI, "it's nothing to bear an old brother, but it's a pity that a lady can't bear to look white. Ni Yufu is a younger brother, so the white phase of the last taobai is opposite to jingzai. " Tao Yufu was embarrassed when he saw that he was talking about himself.

Zhu Yiren said positively: "Ni came to live in liyichanglang and asked Bai Xiangxiang to be ignored. It doesn't matter if I'm used to watching children from childhood. Don't be afraid. It seems to be quite a rule to shut down the study all the way. It's hard to let the children out of the study and don't go to the white face Hong Shanqing then said, "gossiping is a hurry. The price depends on people's code. It doesn't matter to be a lady. If you like white faces, you won't get them. " It is said that Zhu Shuren can't sit any longer. He pretends to look at a single painting and calligraphy, hides his face and faces the wall, and even Zhou Shuangyu hides out of the room. Zhou Shuangzhu said with a smile, "the two heads of Lido are in the same temper. There is no quarrel at the end of the gossip, and they are very obedient." Everyone laughs and cuts the beginning.

Please come to the table and set it up. Ah Jin, please come to the table. Everyone has looked into Zhou Shuangyu's room on the opposite side and immediately sent out the ticket and started the towel. You don't have to give in. You can sit down at will. Although Zhu Shuren is the host, he doesn't respect wine or food, but he holds his hand and lowers his head. He sits in danger. Zhou Shuangyu was nearby, and he said only one sentence: "please use some." All the people raised their glasses and thanked each other, but Shu people were ashamed. Adebourg offered the first shark's fin. They had tasted it all the time. Dushu did not move it. Luo Zifu says with a smile: "bear host wants guest to come to invite bear." So he picked up his chopsticks and said, "please, please, please." The more shy people look back. Zhu AI said, "the more you can bear to talk about slang, the less interesting it is. Just wait for slang break." For this reason, Zhu Shuren was totally ignored. Fortunately, Zhou Shuangzhu, a member of our church, was not lonely.

For a while, Huang Cuifeng. Lin Sufen, Qin Lijuan and Li Shufang have come together one after another. Luo Zifu first set up a villa. Although there are only six guests and hosts, they are also excited. Zhu Shuren catches the air and squints at it after looking at it. Zhou Shuangyu is also sitting in danger by chance. A dark and ripe handkerchief in his sleeve is pulled out half of it. Shuren takes advantage of the open-ended fight on the table and secretly reaches out to pull his handkerchief. Shuangyu feels that he is busy retracting the handkerchief into his sleeve and still ignores it. Shu didn't do anything about it. She went to her waist to remove the next jade monkey fan pendant and handed it to Shuang Yu secretly. Shuang Yu kept his hands down. Shu's only way is that Shuangyu will accept it. When she puts her hand on it, the monkey will roll down the floor. When Zhou Shuangzhu heard the sound, he asked, "what's the matter with the baby?" Leng Qiaonan goes to look for it under the table. Shuren panicked and went to collect it himself. Unexpectedly, Shuangyu kicked the monkey. This was in the trouser leg. She said "nothing". She took the wine pot and ordered Qiao nan to add wine, so she covered up the past.

Suitable for Shu people to fight Zhuang, Luo Zifu to wait for teaching. Shu people respond to life in a hurry and lose five fists in a row. Shu people take wine to drink, suddenly listen to Zhou Shuangzhu loudly call: "double Jade mouth, to replace wine." Shu people look back, sure enough, Zhou Shuangyu is not here, even the emerald monkey on the floor is gone, so Shu people just let go. Qiao Nan is suitable to take wine into the room and drink two cups instead. Call Shuangyu again. Shuang Yu, who has been drinking for many years, is still sitting in danger by accident. Shu people steal again, only to see another lake color ripe Luo handkerchief in the double jade sleeves, and also drag out half of it. Shu people understand, and secretly reached out to pull. Shuangyu was looking at the open-ended fist on the table, but she didn't feel that it was obtained by Shu people. She was very happy to carry it in her arms. I want to attend and take the handkerchief secretly to appreciate it, but I'm afraid that others will be suspicious, so I'll be patient.

It's not like Luo Zi's more prosperous, after setting up his own villa, he must set up one villa for each. Later, Tao Yufu and Li Shufang went first, but Lin Sufen and Qin Lijuan left. Huang Cuifeng goes forward to remove the wine glass and holds Luo Zifu. He is not allowed to make any more noise. He just leaves the table. Huang Cuifeng urges Luo Zifu to go with her. Zhu Airen and Tao Yunfu lie down on the opposite side of the couch, smoking and chatting. Hong Shanqing turns to Zhou Shuangzhu's room.

Zhu Shuren, alone, slipped out of the hall and took out the handkerchief in his arms. He shook it as if it were a hot fragrance and a dense nose. When he smelt it carefully, it was nothing. The lady looked at the handkerchief. It was a new lake color. It was embroidered with tea green dog teeth needle around. She didn't know whether it was embroidered by double jade. She turned it over and over, thought about it, folded it up and hid it in the bag. Just want to turn around, suddenly see Zhou Shuangyu standing behind the screen door, steal a smile. Shu people also shy to avoid. Double jade point Prime Minister recruit, Shu people overjoyed, hurry to go. Shuang Yu's face was heavy and murmured, "I can't bear to recognize it. What are you doing with her?" "Shuren whispered with a smile," I'll work for two days at the end of the price break. " Shuangyu said, "how many things can I do? If you are busy, you will have another two days off. " "Shuren confessed:" said bad. The Ming Dynasty will come back. " Shuang Yu is speechless, and Shu people return to their houses.

Zhu Yiren and Tao Yunfu took two cigarettes each. They had called Hong Shanqing when they were on the lamp, and even Zhu Shuren had an appointment with each other. Zhou Shuangzhu and Zhou Shuangyu are sent to the stairway.

Shuangzhu returns to her room, with Shuangyu at the back. Double beads don't understand their meaning, and sit on the smoke couch. Shuangyu smiles from shyness and takes out the emerald monkey to show her. Shuangzhu saw that the monkey was all emerald, but its head was sheepskin and white jade. He held a peach on his chest, but it was emerald. There were two black stars, which could be carved into his eyes. Although it was not a rare treasure, he thought it was worth a lot of money. He asked Shuangyu, "is it the five young masters who sent it Shuangyu didn't answer, just nodded. "Double bead says with a smile:" it is to send a dial to bear a mark, take a pit good to come wave

Double jade face a female, cry "elder sister", central and way: "(don't) dial Hong master know mouth." Shuangzhu asked, "why?" Shuangyu said, "master Hong will tell Lido about the house." Double bead way: "why does Master Hong go to tell Lido house?" Shuangyu can't say. Shuangzhu points two points with two fingers and says with a smile: "it's really a layman to be endurable! Bear to be the fifth young master is the starting point of Kankan, tell the young master Hong, whatever please. If five young masters come in a hurry, it's good to teach master Hong to invite them? Why do you want to hide it? " "Double jade way:" price end elder sister takes Hong master to say, good Shuangzhu said to himself, "I have nothing to say, but only five young masters have to say gossip, so I'll do it for Nai." Double jade way: "five young master don't say what, say is Ming Dynasty come." Two beads are silent.

Shuangyu takes the emerald monkey, Fuxin goes downstairs happily, to Zhou Lan's room, to show Wu (nvshi). I saw Zhou Lan lying on the couch, his eyes closed, and the smoke was heavy. Zhou Shuangbao crawls in front of the bed to burn smoke. Shuangyu did not dare to be alarmed. She was about to quit. Do not want Zhou Lan not to fall asleep, open eyes to call, ask double jade: "what matter?" Shuangyu is beside Shuangbao. He refuses to show it clearly. He is vague. Zhou Lan only said that Shuang Yu was not the one who said Shuangbao, because he ordered Shuangbao out of the house. After Shuangbao left, Shuangyu then approached, leaning on Zhou Lan's legs and arms, and handed over the emerald monkey. Zhou Lanqing in the palm, tut tut praise.

Shuangyu was full of joy. When he was about to tell Zhu Shuren how he was, he suddenly heard the "card cackle" on the stairs. It was Shuangbao's feet that went upstairs. Shuangyu hurriedly put away the monkey, quit Zhou Lan, knead his hands and followed him upstairs. Shuangbao walks into Shuangzhu's room. Shuangyu secretly eavesdrops under the curtain. He hears the two ribbons crying and says, "I've met my friend in his previous life! Just now, I've had a bubble, so I'm sure I'm going to stay alive! " "Double bead way:" slang is not to say to bear mouth Double treasure way: "what is not round is not end, why teach me to go away?"

When Shuangyu heard this, it was like a basin of burning charcoal fire. He lifted the curtain, went in, sat down on the high chair against the wall, and said angrily, "I'm going to chat with Wu (female). Can I speak? I'll do it according to Tsai Nai. From then on, don't go to Wu (every woman) room to gossip! A good? " Shuangzhu is tired of hearing her mouth and frowning: "what matters!" One side opens double treasure, the other side holds double jade. When Shuangyu saw that sister a was like this, she also forbear.

After dinner, everyone was scrambling out. And more than 10 o'clock, Shuangzhu returns first, Hong Shanqing comes one after another drunk. Shuangzhu asks ah Jin to make a bowl of very strong tea before the rain to quench his thirst. He talks about it at will and mentions Zhu Shuren and Shuangyu. Shuangzhu chuckled first, then said, "so I'll have a rest for the shepherd. It's bigger than the shepherd's flower head. Endure the waves of a Taolai table, is Cong ever known? " Good Qing asked. Shuangzhu then recounts the event that Shu people gave jadeite fan pendants and Shuangyu. "Good Qing said:" Shuangyu or do big business, let slang to light a big candle Double bead way: "good, bear to be a matchmaker really (mouth WAN)." "Good Qing said:" the matchmaker bear to do, my last help bear well Two beads promised. The plan is settled, and there is no word for a night.

At noon the next day, Shanqing and Shuangzhu get up at the same time, wash their faces, eat some snacks and ah Jin will send a treat ticket. Good Qing see is Wang Liansheng, please come to Zhang Huizhen's family noodle business event, then make the legend: "xiaodezai." Good Qing is going to sing. Shuangzhu asked to pay: "stay late." "Good Qing said:" late Xie Shu people come, I'm in a hurry to frame the head is a good Double beads think not bad.

Shanqing left Zhou Shuangzhu's house, left gongyangli, passed tonganli, copied to Zhang Huizhen's house in donghexing, and went upstairs to enter the house. Zhang Huizhen is still hanging her head and burning opium for Wang Liansheng. Liansheng meets Shanqing and orders his aunt to order dishes and have a meal. Shanqing sits down. Liansheng gives an account to Shanqing's comprador. Shanqing saw a pair of emerald head, all of which were marked to be all green. Shanqing said: "I'll buy a jadeite product by taoning. If you push a little bit, the 100 yuan is also a top priority; if you want a better one, then all the green, often afraid of thousands of mouths. " Hui Zhen said, "I said a thousand dollars is not enough. It's hard to calculate. At the end of a pair of long arms, hundreds of foreign dollars will be spent Good Qing with Hui Zhen: "is it patience to buy?" Hui Zhen laughed and said, "master Hong is joking! Nemo Abba? What do you want jadeite to do? " Shanqing knows it's for Shen Xiaohong.

At that time, Huizhen went to the window of the guest hall to comb her hair. Liansheng was lying on the couch smoking. Shanqing moved to her seat and asked Liansheng, "Shen Xiaohong, how can I spend less money on taking off her baby this year, and then do the jade head job?" Liansheng frowns (installs a page) not to speak. Shanqing said, "I don't think it's too late to turn around." Liansheng sighed and said, "let's do two things first." A good minister should not be remonstrated. It is better not to be silent.

In a moment, the lady took the four small bowls called by Jufengyuan and four meat dishes prepared by herself, and scalded a pot of wine. Liansheng asks Shanqing to have a drink.

The thirty second chapter ends.

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