By By Han Qingbang, book named Biography of flowers on the sea

"The 35th fall of flowers on the sea"

The Original Name:海上花列传 第三十五回 落烟花疗贫无上策 煞风景善病有同情

Answer: Wang mansion closes down and withdraws, and all guests leave one after another. But Hong Shanqing helped to manage the chores. He started to go in the evening and wanted to go to Gongyang to use Shuangzhu's house. All the way to think: where can the world be determined? Who knows that Shen Xiaohong's ready-made position was taken away by a Zhang Huizhen, and he thought that the situation of falling down with Shen Xiaohong was not as intimate as before, but probably the beginning of friendship.

Just as I was rolling my head, I suddenly heard someone calling "Auntie". When Shanqing decided to see it, it was Zhao Puzhai. He was wearing an organic white summer cloth long gown, silk shoes and socks. The scenery was great. Shanqing could not help nodding. Pu Zhai was overjoyed. He exchanged greetings with Shanqing and stood beside the arch to wait for Hong Shanqing to copy from the South daytime brocade.

Zhao Puzhai and other Shanqing went far before they found Shi Ruisheng in the smoke room of huazhonghui on the fourth road. Ruisheng didn't say anything else. He paid a roll of foreign money to Puzhai and said, "bear to take it and turn it over to account for nothing (every girl). When you dial Zhang Xiuying, you can see it."

Pu Zhai promised to return to Qinghefang's own home, only to see his sister Zhao Yubao and his mother Zhao Hongshi sitting opposite each other in the upstairs Pavilion. Zhao Hongshi seems to sigh. Zhao Erbao drips his eyes and tears. His face is angry. I don't know why. Two treasure suddenly said: "Ni lives in also Cong is endurable a house, also Cong once used what endurable a foreign money, why do I want to flatter endurable? That's thirty dollars. Is it tough? I have a face to beg for! "

Pu Zhai heard that he knew that Zhang Xiuying was not good, so he took out a roll of foreign money with a smile and handed it to his mother. Zhao Hongshi transferred it to ER Bao and said, "take it and put it away." Two treasure body a fall, autumn airway: "put what!"

Piao Zhai was confused and stayed for a while. Er Bao began to say to Pu Zhai, "bear to have foreign money to open up and disappear, Ni Kai to go to the countryside; don't turn around, just stick the note to do business in a refreshing manner.". What can I do for you? " "What's my idea for Luli?" Puzhai mumbled? My sister said nothing Two treasure way: "so rest push me to work son, stop two days (want not) say I harm young bear." "So it's priceless," he said with a smile Piazhai retreated, thinking of himself and having no other way, so he had to settle down.

After several than two treasure to decide dingfengli bag room, to three hundred dollars back, and Zhang Xiuying said. Xiuying knows that she can't stay. She is at her own disposal. We chose to move on the 16th. We rented all the hongbenjiasheng to pave first, and then rush to do some application items. Elder sister Aqiao came with her. Another lady, named tiger, was added. She helped each other with two hundred dollars each. Pu Zhai took his own red paper and wrote four big characters of "Zhao Er Bao Yu", which were stuck at the front of the door. That night, Shi Ruisheng came to eat Kaitai wine. The guests invited were Chen Xiaoyun and Zhuang Lipu, so they were introduced to Hong Shanqing's ear. He sighed and ignored.

As soon as Zhao Er Bao fell down, his business was booming, and he touched and ate wine one after another, which made him very happy. Zhao Puzhai is also proud and happy. Two treasure bear the responsibility for schruisheng and treat each other with a different eye. Unexpectedly, because of jealousy, Zhang Xiuying went to Nanshi in a sedan chair and told Fang Niang at his home. The housewife didn't know where to go, so she counted Ruisheng. Ruisheng is angry. He simply cuts off the two families and becomes yuan Sanbao.

How can Zhang Xiuying support the portal without the help of Ruisheng? Seeing Zhao Erbao's complacency and thinking of following suit, he moved to Gonghe, west of the fourth road, which is Qin Lijuan's house. He felt very intimate with her in the room opposite. Tao Yunfu met Zhang Xiuying and praised her by chance. Qin Lijuan then said, "when slang comes out, do you have friends to be matchmakers?" Yunfu agreed. Xiuying depends on her appearance. She usually takes a carriage to attract customers.

At that time, in the middle of June, the weather was very hot. Although the room was winded, it was still sweating. Tao Yunfu is going to take a carriage to enjoy the cool, because he asked his brother Tao Yufu for help. Xiang Bang goes to Li Shufang's home in Dongxingli and spreads his life to him.

Tao Yufu saw that Li Shufang was ill and had a good health. It was also a way to maintain his garden, but he was not sure whether he was interested in it. Gargle Fang said: "brother Nai taught ni how to ride in a carriage and how to turn around. Ni went to a Dai. It's good for me to have a rest. " Hearing this, Li huanfang hurried out and said, "brother in law, I'll go too." Yu Fu said, "I was born to go to Taotao and call for two steel cars." Gargle Fang way: "bear to sit a young car, again want to dial bear to laugh; bear to sit a leather awning end." Then he said to Xiangbang, "go." About to gather in the Mingyuan foreign building, and send here to help Guifu, and hire a steel car and a caravan.

Huanfang is the happiest. Dress up again. Shufang only takes a short connection, makes a whole hairpin ring and hairpin Er, and goes to the back room to inform her mother, Sister Li Xiu. Sister Xiu is eager to return home early. When Shufang returned to the room, elder sister a Zhao and Yu Fu had gone out to wait. Gargle Fang lingers in the shadow, looking at the mirror for a long time. Fang and Huan Fang walk hand in hand.

To dongxinglikou, huanfang and Yufu must take a caravan together. Shufang takes a Zhao in a car. Driving across the bridge, two lines of trees are green and green. They are handed over to Ke for drying. They cover the sun in half, and there is a gust of breeze that pours on people's lapels and sleeves. The summer energy disappears completely.

Catch up to Mingyuan, get off and climb the stairs. Tao Yunfu and Qin Lijuan arrive early. Tao Yufu and Li Shufang make two bowls of tea at the opposite table. Li huanfang stood beside Yufu, and he was very close to him. Yufu taught him: "go to Bai Xiangxie." Huanfang lingers and refuses. Shufang said: "go to the mouth. How hot is the wave Huanfang is forced to leave. Shangshan invites ah Zhao to help her.

Tao Yunfu, seeing Li Shufang's thin and yellow face, was as sick as ever, asked, "is it because the waves are not suitable?" "Gargle Fang way:" so rest good baby many flowers Yunfu said, "I see that my face is in a hurry, but I have to take care of it." Tao Yufu answered, "it's hard for a doctor recently. It's only after eating that Fang Zicong is right." Qin Lijuan said: "Dou Xiaoshan is so nice. Please have a look." "Dou Xiaoshan (don't want to) talk about slang! A few flowers and nine medicines, teach me how to eat in the land. " Yunfu said: "Qian Zigang said, there is a high ADB line end do not do, good medicine."

Yu Fu was just waiting to find out. Li huanfang had stumbled back with a Zhao and asked with a smile, "do you want to turn around?" Yu Fu said: "just came (mouth WAN), then white phase rest (mouth WAN)." "I have no white face," said huanfang On the one hand, he said that he was entangled with Yu Fu, either climbing on his knees or rolling in his arms, but he could not agree with each other in the end. Yu Fu lowered his head and asked why. "Ni, turn around," said huanfang When she saw huanfang's nonsense, she said angrily, "what is it? It's time to build it!"

Huanfang did not dare to disobey. She hurriedly turned to Shufang's side. "Shufang asked in a muffled voice," why do you have such a red face? Why do you eat baby wine Yufu saw that, as expected, huanfang's cheeks were as red as rouge. He hurriedly pressed his hand on his forehead, but his hands were so hot, so was the palm of his hand. He was shocked and said, "why don't you talk about it? Come and have a chill! " Huanfang just laughs. "Shufang said:" it's really a big man. I don't even know if I'm hot or cold. I'll take a carriage again! " Yufu lifts huanfang up to the shelter. Shufang orders Zhao to call for the carriage to go back.

After ah Zhao left, Tao Yunfu smiled at Li Shufang and said, "it's a good sister to be able to bear the two heads and love being sick." Qin Lijuan heard that Shufang was suspicious, so she looked at Yunfu. Shufang has no time to deal with it.

In a moment, ah Zhao replied, "the carriage is coming to the waves." Tao Yufu and Li Shufang bid farewell to Tao Yunfu and Qin Lijuan. Zhao is in front, helping Li huanfang downstairs. "I want my brother-in-law to have a seat," she said "At the end of the price, I'll take a Zhao to sit in a tarpaulin," she said

Now sit down and go. Huanfang is in the car, and lives in Yufu's chest and flank. Yufu covered his head with sleeves, some of which were not sewn. Go to Dongxingli on the fourth road, get off and go home. Shufang urges huanfang to sleep. Huanfang, who is in love, wants to sleep in sister a's room, and says, "it's good to stay in bed with waves (body sheets)." Knowing his obstinacy, Shu Fang asked ah Zhao to take a splint and wrap it around Huan Fang.

At that time, Li Xiujie was startled, and the great ah Jin asked Shishu Fang, "it must be the waves of the carriage that blow the wind." Li Xiujie doesn't care. Shufang waved a move and watched with Yufu.

Huanfang was lying on the left side of the bed, but there was no sound in the room. She pulled open the quilt corner, leaned out her head, and called out, "brother in law, come to my mouth!" Yu Fu went to the bed and fell down to ask him, "what do you want?" "You Fang said:" my brother-in-law should take a seat, OK? When I'm sleepy, my brother-in-law will take care of me. " Yu Fu said, "I'll sit here and bear the sleepiness." Yu Fu is sitting on the right.

Huanfang went to sleep for a while, but finally she was not at ease. She opened her eyes and said, "my brother-in-law (if you don't want to) can walk easily. I'm afraid I'm afraid of breaking down." Yu Fu said, "I'm going in a hurry. I can't bear to be sleepy." "Sister, do you want to sit on the bed waves?" said huanfang "My brother-in-law's coming to the end of the wave is very good," she said "Don't settle down, brother-in-law," said huanfang! Elder sister sits on the waves, so she leaves her brother-in-law nowhere to go. "

Shufang laughed and followed him. He pushed away the cigarette tray, sat down next to huanfang's legs and arms, and wrapped it up again. When I sit still, it's late. I see huanfang is still. I expect she's asleep. Shufang starts to walk away gently. She beckons to the curtain and says, "ah Zhao." quietly, she says, "the safety light is good. I can take it." A Zhao understands that when he goes to get the safety lamp, he places the lamp tray and retreats gently.

Shufang murmured to Yufu, "it's really a sin to be a waiter! Guests like slang only when they look at it. It's called slang. Business is very busy. Therefore, if you stop to get cold and hot, you will wake up and go out again for the baby who is sleepy day and night before. At the end of the day, it will be cold! " Yu Fu also whispered, "it's lucky that slang should be used here. People's own daughters are just the last." "I'm lucky to be a kid," said Shu Fang. "Don't worry, some old guests taught me to go to social activities and kill me."

When he said that, ah Zhao moved in for dinner, put it on the central round table, and ordered another safety lamp. Yu Fu then walked away and sat down with Shu Fang to eat. Ah Zhao serves Tim fan. Although we were very careful, we could not help but feel the sound of huanfang. Shufang left her job and went to comfort her. Huan Fang looked at each other in a dazed face, determined to be certain, and began to ask: "brother in law mouth?" "My brother-in-law finally came to wave to have dinner. I've been with him for a long time, and I'll teach him to have dinner (not to eat it)." "Why don't you call me after supper?" said huanfang Gargle Fang way: "bear to come wave hair cold heat, (want not) eat Zai." "I want to eat one!" said huanfang

Shufang was helped by a Zhao and turned to the round table. Yu Fu asked huanfang, "do you want me to eat in the bowl?" Huanfang nodded. Yufu waited for huanfang to eat his rice bowl, only one mouthful. After a long time, huanfang swallowed slowly. When Yufu feeds again, huanfang shakes her head and stops eating. Gargle Fang way: "is eat not to fall? Don't believe it when it comes to patience. It's like eating without dialing. "

Not long, Yufu. Shufang finished eating. A Zhao moves out, scoops up the water, and by the way tells Sister Li Xiu's life and huanfang: "no (every female) teaches to endure hardship, and asks the two teachers at the end of the bureau to replace it." Huanfang turned to Yufu and said, "I want to trap elder sister bedlang, and elder brother-in-law wants me to be trapped?" Yufu promised. Shufang can't stop it. Wipe huanfang's face and urge him to sleep. A Zhao points to the long neck lampstand on the landing platform, that is, to make the bed. Shufang didn't use a mat, so she took off several quilts from the inner bed, and still laid a quilt with a bed cover, and even installed a small pillow at the other end.

Huanfang had gone to Jingtong and was still sleeping. Looking at Yufu, she thought. Yu Fu guessed the meaning and said with a smile, "I'll accompany you." Come to the bed and undress huanfang. Huanfang calls in Yufu's ear. Yufu laughs but refuses. "What do you say?" she asked "Yu Fu said:" slang preach to endure a wave of bed "Gargle Fang way:" again want flower head, fast sleepy

Huanfang went to bed, got into the quilt, and said loudly, "brother in law, talk to elder sister to listen to me." Yu Fu said, "what are you talking about?" "You Fang said:" whatever you want to talk about the end of it Yu Fu didn't reply, and Shufang said with a smile, "I can't bear to be in bed, but I need to be angry!" Said, really and Yu Fu sit at the edge of the bed. Huanfang was blindfolded, but also from the "Ge Ge Ge" laugh, even Yu Fu laugh.

Because elder sister Huan Fang and her brother-in-law were with each other, she was so happy that she didn't realize that she was in the dark and sweet country. Yu Fu was idle. After 11 o'clock, he fell asleep with Shu Fang. Gargle Fang repeatedly in bed, not for a long time. Yu Fu knew that it was huanfang, and gently advised him, "it doesn't matter if you have a cold or hot hair. Don't be patient for more than two days. Be careful. " Shufang said: "no, I don't know if the price is born. Whatever you do, think about the size of the baby. If you think about it all the way down, you will not be trapped. We should be open-minded and succeed in a hurry. " Yu Fu said, "so it's hard (to avoid) to think about the root of a disease." "Shufang said:" so I think I'm sick, but I'm the first one. There is Chenguang, endure the rush to wave, is slang end accompany me. Other people hate to see the baby, and I want to think of some flowers to make me happy. Therefore, I also know that it's important for me to have a rest. When the rest comes to an end, the heart waves will seem to be out of order. "

When Yufu asked for advice again, he suddenly heard that huanfang turned over and turned out. Shufang sat up and cried "huanfang", but she didn't agree. Then she pressed his forehead. The cold and heat didn't subside. The quilt had been lifted down, and then she covered it. Shufang turned around and went to sleep. Yu Fu continued to advise: "bear the same slang in mind, and (don't) go to the trouble. If you are too busy to bear it, you should not be sleepy and have an attack. Is it better to add two? " "Shufang sighed:" slang is also distressed, the birth of disease, that is, I work for slang to be careful Yufu said: "the price is good. What would you like to spend more?"

This head talk, don't want to huanfang wake up at first, vaguely hear, soft voice slow breath of call: "sister." "Do you want tea?" she asked "You Fang said:" to eat Gargle Fang said, "the price is too low." Huanfang answered. After a while, she called back "sister" and said, "I'm afraid!" Yufu answered, "Ni Cai came here. What are you afraid of?" "There's a man coming in and out of the back door," said huanfang "Yufu said:" the back door is closed to the waves. It's very dreamy For a while, huanfang turned to her brother-in-law and said, "I'm going to turn it over and get sleepy." "Shufang said to her mouth:" No. My brother-in-law, Xu Zai, is tired of being sleepy. He is tired of being noisy but not fresh. "

How dare you be strong? Silent. For a long time, it seemed that huanfang was moaning a little. Yu Fu said, "let me turn over and accompany slang." Shufang should do the same.

Yufu took a small pillow and turned to sleep. Huanfang is very happy. She holds back her hands and holds them tightly in Yufu's arms. Yu Fu was not very afraid of heat. He only pushed the splinter open. "You Fang sleeps, but asks Yu Fu on his back," what does brother-in-law Kankan say to elder sister a? " Yu Fu replied vaguely. "Is that me?" said huanfang Yu Fu said: "don't make a noise. I'm tired of being sleepy. I'll make noise again." Huanfang was silent. No words for a night.

The next day, Shufang woke up first, but he was still lying in the big bed. At eleven o'clock, Yufu and huanfang wake up at the same time, and Shufang asks huanfang how cold and hot they are. "Yufu replied:" well, it's cool at dawn Huanfang also felt relaxed and bright. He got out of bed with Yufu, washed his face, combed his hair and ate snacks. He was still a lively little dry man. The only thing is that Shufang's muscles are weak and his Qi is weak. Others are used to seeing it as common, but Yufu knows the disease of suofeng very well. He has a bad hair, but he doesn't show panic on his face. He is worried for a long time.

When lunch began at noon, huanfang was concerned and cried, "sister, get up and speak." Shufang is too lazy to speak. She turns a deaf ear to huanfang's call. "You Fang high voice way:" brother-in-law to mouth, sister what don't ring ah Shufang was disgusted and earned a saying: "I want to be sleepy, not noisy." Yufu hurriedly pulls away huanfang and exhorts: "bear (don't) to get rid of the noise, elder sister doesn't feel comfortable coming here." "Why not?" said huanfang Yu Fu said, "just for the sake of the young people! It's better to bear a disease than a baby "You Fang sends extremely way:" the price end teaches elder sister again to dial a baby I end. It doesn't matter a little bit that I'm sick. My brother-in-law is very happy to accompany me and chat with sister a Yufu could not help laughing, but said: "Ni, go to dinner." Huanfang didn't want to eat. She only wanted to meet the king.

After dinner, Sister Li Xiujie hears the letter and comes to soothe herself. Yufu said, "it was said yesterday that there was a gentleman. I want to invite him to come and see him." Shufang listened and shook his hand. "Brother Nai said Ni likes to be sick. Please ask me again!" "I'll go all the way to ask Qian Zigang," said Yu Fu Shufang Fang said nothing. Li Xiujie urges Yu Fu to ask Qian Zigang to invite him.

The thirty fifth chapter ends.

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