By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"In the second eight rounds, it's not easy to be sentimental and sensitive (3)"

The Original Name:第二八回 未免情多丝宛转 为谁心苦窍玲珑(3)

Walking out of Lixu, I passed through a forest and a graveyard, and came to the outside of seven or eight big houses, where there was the noise of gongs and drums. "Is he really in the chapel?" A pull of Trinket's sleeve, run quickly, around to the side of the house, see a door half open, look into the dark nobody. Two people flash in, follow the sound of gongs and drums to the hall, squat down, and open from the window.

When he saw the scene in the hall, akoden was in a great hurry, but Trinket was very happy.

I saw a few red flowers on Zheng Kegong's head, opposite to a woman with a red scarf on her head. There were many candles in the hall, and a few countrymen beat drums and gongs. Wu Lishen called out, "again, again!" "Heaven and earth have worshipped, what else?" Zheng said Ako was almost faint with anger.

Wu Li shook his head and said, "according to the rules here, the bridegroom will worship the bride a hundred times. You have only worshipped 30 times, and you have to worship 70 times. " Ao Biao raised his foot and kicked Zheng Kegong on his ass. Zheng Kegong stood still and knelt down. Ao Biao held his head and shouted, "you are the bridegroom today, and you kowtow a few more heads. What's the matter?"

Trinket knows that they are delaying their time and waiting for their arrival. This kind of play is rarely seen in our life. We might as well have a look at it for a while, but we are not busy going in to save people. But ako could not bear it. With a bang, he kicked open the long window, jumped in with a single knife, and shouted, "let him go! Otherwise, girls will kill you all one by one! "

Wu Lishen said with a smile, "girl, are you here for a wedding party? How to use a knife and a gun? " Ako took a step and attacked aobiao with a knife. She was very angry and furious. She was very fierce. Ao Biao quickly jumped away and picked up the long tail behind him to reach the enemy. Although ako has no internal power, his martial arts moves are quite exquisite and strange. Aobiao's Changhe doesn't take the chance, but she forces him to step back. Wu Lishan said with a smile, "Hey, it's over." Reached for it. His martial arts are much higher than those of aobiao. She can only use a pair of meat palms to insert them between her blades. Zheng Kelong jumped up to help. He was knocked down by two punches on his vest.

"Ah Ke took seven or eight moves and saw that he could not resist the enemy." younger martial brother, younger martial brother, come quickly But I heard Trinket shouting out of the window, "it's so powerful. I fight with you." I heard the fists and kicks on the window again. It was obviously that Trinket was fighting with people.

Wu Lishen listened to the arrival of trinket, hurriedly winked and shouted, "who is that?" Two of his disciples snatched up the sword and took over ako's lancet. Wu Lishen is standing outside the hall, but when he sees that Wei Xiaobao is alone, he is kicking the long window. Where is someone fighting with him? Wu Lishen almost laughed and shouted, "stop! What are you doing here? " "My elder sister asked me to save people," cried trinket! Oh, no, you are a good country man in martial arts. " He shouts loudly and rushes to the door. Wu Lishen chased out with a smile.

When he came to the ancestral hall, he stopped and said with a smile, "thank you very much, elder brother. It's very interesting." Wu Lishan said with a smile, "is that girl the brother's sweetheart? As expected, the martial arts are good, and the character is also It's also... Hehe, not bad. " He was of a rough nature, and ako was very beautiful. He didn't think it was great, but he admired her for her subtle moves.

Wei Xiaobao sighed and said: "it's a pity that she only wanted to marry that stinky boy with all her heart and refused to marry me. You can force that stinky boy to marry a country girl. If you can force her to marry me... " "Second brother, please help me to the end. I pretend to catch you. You catch that girl again and force me to worship and marry. Do you think it's good? "

Wu Lishen laughs and shakes his head. "Very good, very good, brother, don't mind. I shake my head naturally, but But... " I'm rather hesitant. "But what?" asked trinket Wu Lishen said: "we are chivalrous. It's OK to make a joke. Don't be careless, brother. Be honest. You can't commit the lustful lust ring."

"It's natural," he said. She is my elder sister. After she married me, she was my wife. Second brother, you are a matchmaker. To worship heaven and earth is to marry, right? It's not a flower picking and whoring hall. Why are you greedy for flowers and lusts? " Wu stood up and said, "yes, yes. Brother, you promise me that you can't do anything against chivalry to this girl Bad things. " Wei Xiaobao said: "you put 120 hearts. When a great man says a word, no horse can be chased. "

Wu Lishen was very happy and said with a smile, "I knew you were a hero. This girl is married to you. It's really her creation. " "You're a matchmaker," he said with a smile. "You're always invited to drink this wedding wine." Wu Lishen said with a smile: "wonderful! Brother, I'm going to do it. " Trinket turned his hands behind him and said with a smile, "you're welcome."

Wu Li grabbed his hands and wrists with his left hand and said in a loud voice, "look, you're still running there!" Push him into the hall. I saw that the single sabre in arke's hand had been shot down, and three weapons pointed at her front and back. Although aobiao and other people have restrained her, they know that she is Wei Xiaobao's sweetheart and dare not be rude at all.

Wu Li untied his belt, tied Wei Xiaobao's hands back, pushed him to sit in the chair, and then tied up ako. Trinket kept swearing. Wu stood up and shouted, "little devil, I'll scold you again. I've dug your eyes." "I just want to scold, thief!" said trinket "Don't scold me, younger martial brother, lest you suffer from the loss in front of you," said ako in a low voice Trinket just shut up.

Wu Lishen said: "this girl knows the truth, and her character is also good, very good, very good. I have a brother who hasn't got a wife yet. Today I will marry her as my sister-in-law. " Acor was greatly surprised and said: "no, no!" "Why not?" Wu said angrily? Big girls always want to marry. My brother is a hero and will not insult you. Why not? I really don't appreciate it! Play music. " Ao Biao and so on picked up the gongs and drums and beat them. They were very busy.

There was nothing more frightening to ako's life than this moment, when he thought that this country man was so rough and dirty, his brother would never be better. If he lost his life in such a country, even if he killed himself immediately, it would be too late. Her teeth clenched her lips so tightly that she could not speak. Wu Lishen said with a smile, "good, you promised." With a wave of his right hand, they stopped beating gongs and drums.

"No!" cried ako! I don't agree. You're going to kill me! " Wu stood up and said, "OK, I'll kill you now, even your younger martial brother." Then he took the steel knife from aobiao's hand and raised it high. "Ah Ke cried:" you kill quickly, not the hero. You... Kill my younger martial brother. First Kill him first. "

Wu Lishen glanced at trinket and said, "why do you marry this girl because she is so unkind to you?" In his heart, trinket also scolded: "Stinky little lady, why kill me first?" Wu Li said angrily, "I will not kill your younger martial brother. Dog, drag this stinky boy out and chop him! " Say to Zheng Kegong one finger. Aobiao replied, "yes." Then I went to La Zheng Kelong.

No, don't hurt him He can't be killed. His father His father... "

Wu stood up and said, "no problem! Do you want to be my sister-in-law? " "No, no, you You can kill me. " Wu Li threw down his steel knife, picked up a whip, and shouted, "I will not kill you, but first I will whip you a hundred whips." The anger in my heart was so strong that I could not stop it. I raised my whip in the air, and when I bludgeoned, I would take it out on her.

"Wait!" cried trinket Wu Lishen's whip stopped in mid air and then hit him, asking, "how?" Wei Xiaobao said: "we heroes and heroes, pay attention to righteousness. My sister and I are like brothers and sisters. You can beat me with these 100 lashes. "

When ako saw Wu Lishen holding up his whip, he was already scared. Hearing Wei Xiaobao's words, he was very happy and said, "younger martial brother, you are a good man."

Trinket said to Wu, "Hey, man, I'll take care of everything. This is called a big husband who is not afraid of danger and stands up. You must not force her to marry your brother. If any of your sisters or sisters can't get married, I will go to church with her and marry them. Mr. Zheng has already married one, and I will marry another, even sell two, but it's almost the same, isn't it? Even if there is still something else, I will marry me together. I'm broke, and I've collected all my ideas... "

When he said that, Wu Lishen and others all laughed. Ako could not help but also feel funny, but only laughed for a while, remembering that he had been so wronged, and shed tears. Wu Lishen said with a smile: "you are a beautiful child, but you are a man. I thought I'd let you go, but I scared you with a few empty words. I'm too mean. It must be done to make a marriage in the chapel. Is it you or her? "

"It's him, it's him!" said ako, eager to escape Wu Lishen stared at her and said in a loud voice, "do you want him to go to church and marry?" "Ah Ke is slightly ashamed, bow head way:" be "Good!" said Wu Pointing to trinket, he said in a loud voice, "today you have to go to church to get married."

Trinket looked at ako and said, "I I... " Ako said in a low voice, "younger martial brother, you have saved me today, but I will never forget it. Just promise!" Wei Xiaobao frowned and said, "you want me to go to church and get married? Well, you know, it's very difficult. " "I know that if you don't help me today, I'll have to run myself over," said ako in a low voice. I... I have no choice but to beg you. They... They are very evil. "