By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"In the second eight rounds, it's not easy to be sentimental, but to be exquisite (4)"

The Original Name:第二八回 未免情多丝宛转 为谁心苦窍玲珑(4)

"Sister, it's you who ask me today. I have to do my best and promise you. You asked me to go to church and get married, but I didn't want to, did you? " "Yes, I beg you," said ako. You're a hero. Your husband comes forward to help others The one who listens to me the most. "

With a long sigh, trinket said, "elder sister, I have something to do with you. You always understand now. No matter what you ask me to do, I promise without frowning. Since you want me to go to church and get married, I will naturally agree. " "I know you are very kind to me," said ako I'll be with you in the future. "

Wu stood up and said, "that's what we do. Little brother, I don't have a sister to marry you. My daughter is only three years old. Not yet. Hello, your elder sister and sister, please call and marry this little hero. " Ao Biao said with a smile, "I don't have one." Another humanity: "this little hero is just as righteous as the sky. If I get married with him, it will be a great fortune. Unfortunately, I have only brothers and no sisters." Another said: "my sister has already married and has already had eight children. Little hero, if you can wait, I will marry you when my brother-in-law dies. " Wu stood up and said, "I can't wait. Which one has it? " "No," they all shook their heads Everyone seems to have missed the opportunity, but it's a pity.

"My friends, it's not that I won't, but you don't have sisters, so let us go," he said

"No," said Wu, shaking his head. When the elder husband says something, he cannot recall it. Today, we have to worship. Otherwise, we will crash into the God Tai Sui. Everyone here will die. Is that a joke? Well, you'll marry her. " He pointed to ako.

"No, no!" exclaimed ako and trinket

Wu Lishen said angrily, "what is the matter? Little girl, would you like to go to church with my brother or with this little hero? You can choose one yourself. " Ako blushed, shook his head and said, "none!" Wu Lishen said angrily: "at this time, he is still pushing three blocks four. It's time, missed the good time, and the evil spirit has come. No one here can live. Hello, A-San and a-gou. These two little guys refuse to go to church to get married. Cut off their noses. "

Ao Biao and a younger martial brother agreed to lift the steel knife and wipe the blade on AK's nose.

Ako was not afraid to die, but thought of cutting off his nose, which was so ugly that his face was completely bloodless.

"Don't cut my sister's nose, just cut mine," said trinket

Wu stood up and said, "cut two noses to sacrifice to the gods. You have only one. Hello, Zheng, cut your nose to replace this girl, OK? " Ako's eyes looked at Zheng Kelong, and his eyes showed the meaning of begging for mercy. Zheng Kelong did not dare to look at her, but shook his head. Wu stood up and said, "this kid won't, but your younger martial brother will. Hey, your junior brother is much better to you. Who does such a man marry when he does not? Chapel, play

In the sound of gongs and drums, Ao Biao went to take off the headdress on the false bride's head, put it over the head of AK, and untied her tie. Ako's hand was a fist. He hit it right in his chest. Fortunately, he had no internal power. Although he hit it, it didn't hurt very much. Aobiao crosses the steel knife rest at her back neck.

"The bridegroom and the bride worship heaven!" Wu said Ako felt only a chill on his back neck skin, and felt a slight pain. He had no choice but to kneel with trinket. "The bride and groom worship the ground," Wu said Aobiao pushed her body around and knelt down. In the sound of "husband and wife pay homage", the two knelt down on the opposite side and bowed down several times.

Wu Lishen laughed and cried, "new couple thanks media." Ako was so angry that he suddenly kicked him in the stomach. This foot is really not light, Wu Lishen "ah" a cry, back a few steps, coughing, laughing: "the bride is so fierce, even the matchmaker kicked!"


At this time, I heard a series of whistles outside the ancestral hall. There were footsteps in the southeast, northwest and at least forty or fifty people. Wu Lishen smiles and drinks: "blow out the candle." The ancestral hall was dark when it was neutral.

Trinket grabbed ako's side, held her hand, and whispered, "there are enemies outside." Ako was very angry and sobbed: "I I made a pilgrimage to you. " "I just can't get it," said Trinket in a low voice Ako said angrily, "it doesn't count. Is that true? " "Then there's a fake?" said trinket? It's called cooked rice with uncooked rice. Wood has become a dog. " "What wood has become a dog?" ako sobbed? It's done. " "Yes, yes," said trinket. The lady is good at learning. She will teach me more about my husband. " When ako heard that he had grown old and called him "lady and husband", he was in a hurry and cried.

But I heard the loud voice outside the ancestral hall. Dozens of people shouted in unison. If the beast roared, if the ox roared, they were gabbling. I didn't know what to call. Ako was afraid and could not help leaning towards trinket. Trinket put his arm around her and whispered, "don't be afraid. It seems that a large number of Tibetan lamas are coming to attack." "What then?" said ako Trinket took her by the arm and crept behind the shrine.

All of a sudden, the fire was dazzling. Dozens of people rushed into the ancestral hall. They were all attached to the torch and blade. At the sight of trinket and ako, they were all shocked. The faces of the group were painted with flowers and green, with bird feathers on their heads, naked upper bodies, animal skins around their waists, and patterns on their chest and arms. It turned out to be a group of strangers. Ako saw that these barbarians were not like human beings, ghosts were not like ghosts, and all of them were ferocious, even more scared. They just shivered in Trinket's arms.

All the barbarians shouted wildly, and the first one shouted: "Han people, no good, all killed! Savage, good man, want to kill! Guhua Tulu, Abbasi! " All the savages shouted loudly, and all they said were savage words.

Wu Lishan, a native of Yunnan Province, knows the language of Yi, but these barbarians don't understand a word. In the language of Yi, he said, "we Han people are good, and we will not kill." The barbarian leader still said: "Han people, no good, all killed. Tulu, abari. " "Guhua Tulu, Abbasi," all the barbarians called Lift up the big knife and steel fork to kill. They had no choice but to raise their swords against the enemy.

The combination of numbers surprised Wu Lishen and others. It turns out that all the barbarians are proficient in martial arts. The moves on the blade are in line with the rules. One attack and one defense are all in line with the standards. They are not indiscriminate. Then we can figure out how to do it again. "Be careful, everyone. These barbarians have learned the martial arts of our Han people, so don't neglect them," Wu Li said

The first barbarian called out, "the barbarians can kill, and they are not afraid of the Han people. Tulu, abari. "

There are many barbarians, and they have excellent martial arts. All the people in King Mu's residence are one enemy, three enemies or four enemies. In an instant, they are in danger. Wu Li fought with the leader fiercely, but he could not get any advantage. The more he fought, the more frightened he became. Suddenly, he heard the two cries of "ah", and two disciples were injured and fell to the ground. After a while, aobiao was stabbed in the leg by a hunting fork. When he fell down, three barbarians caught him.

In a short time, more than ten people in King Mu's mansion were knocked down. Zheng Kelong had been injured for a long time. He was knocked down as soon as he resisted. All the barbarians had sinews on them and bound them up. The barbarian leader jumped up and down and talked a lot.

Wu Lishen cried bitterly. He was about to escape, but he was worried about Wei Xiaobao and his disciples. He fought hard and hoped to subdue the leader and force them to let go. All of a sudden, the leader cut off the sword head-on. Wu Li raised his sword to block it. With a sound, his arms were numb. Suddenly, he felt that he was sweeping behind him with a stick, and he jumped up to dodge. The leader turned over his sword and put it in his neck. He cried, "Han, lost. Man, don't lose. "

"He's so stupid, he can't say" win ", he can only say" don't lose "!"

Wu Li shook his head and sighed, throwing a knife and tying it.

The savages raised their torches and searched everywhere. When Trinket saw that he couldn't hide, he took ako and ran out, shouting: "barbarian, good man, we are both barbarians. Tulu, abari. " As soon as the leader reached out, he grabbed ako and led him. The other three savages jumped up and hugged trinket. Wei Xiaobao only called "Guhua......" Then he stopped.

When the barbarian leader saw him, his face suddenly changed. He put out his arms and hugged him. He cried, "ahuab, chiliwenden." Hugged him out of the temple. Trinket was shocked. He turned to ako and said, "lady, if this barbarian wants to kill me, you have to be a widow. You can't remarry this..." Before he finished speaking, he was carried out of the gate. The barbarian leader ran more than ten Zhangs away, put down trinket, and said, "Duke GUI, why are you here?" In the tone, it seems to be both surprise and joy.

Trinket was surprised and happy, and said: "you You know me, you savage? " The man said with a smile: "the villain is Yang Yizhi, who is from Pingxi palace. It's not recognized by Duke GUI. Ha ha. " Trinket laughed and was about to speak when Yang Yizhi took hold of his hand and said, "let's go further and talk. Don't let people hear you." Two people went out more than 20 Zhang, this just stopped. Yang Yizhi said, "it's a real joy to meet Duke GUI here."