By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"In the second eight rounds, it's not easy to be sentimental, but to be exquisite (5)"

The Original Name:第二八回 未免情多丝宛转 为谁心苦窍玲珑(5)

"How did brother Yang get here?" asked trinket. "He disguised himself as Guhua Tulu and Abbasi?" Yang Yizhi said with a smile, "there are a large number of guys gathering in Hejian mansion. If you want to do harm to our Lord, he gets the message and sends villains to investigate."

Wei Xiaobao was frightened, and turned his mind quickly. "Last time, those guys in King Mu's mansion went to the palace to assassinate him and framed him..." Yang Yizhi hurriedly said: "he inherited the high righteousness of Gonggong Yuntian and showed it to the emperor to wash away the grievances of King Pingxi. We, the Lord, are very grateful and always mention it. I only hope to thank you personally to my father-in-law. " "Thank you," said trinket. Lord Meng looks down upon me like this. When I'm around the emperor, what can I do for him? It's always necessary. This time the emperor learned that there were a group of anti thieves who were going to meet in Hejian mansion and wanted to harm the Western King. I volunteered to come and have a look. "

Yang Yizhi said with great joy, "the emperor has learned that the treachery of the anti thieves will not be carried out. That would be great. The villain was ordered by the Lord to enter the fucking dog head meeting. I heard that they recommended the alliance leaders of the provinces to harm my Lord. To be honest with Duke Guigong, we are really worried about the boss. It's easy to hide when the spear is clear, but it's hard to defend when the arrow is hidden. If the anti thieves dare to come to Yunnan to fight, it's not the boast of villains. They come to 1000, catch 1000, catch 10000, and kill 10000. What they are afraid of is that they, like the dogs and thieves of the Mu family last time, do something wrong and blame our Lord, which is an endless future trouble. "

As soon as Trinket patted his chest, he said proudly: "please go to tell the Lord, brother Yang. Don't worry about it at all. As soon as I got back to Beijing, I told the emperor the details of the meeting. They are against the king of Pingxi, that is, against the emperor. The more they hated the king, the more loyal he seemed to the emperor. As soon as the emperor likes it, don't mention Prince Pingxi. Even your brother Yang has a lot of rewards. It's nothing to do with getting promoted and getting rich. "

Yang Yizhi said happily, "the whole battle is fought vigorously by Duke GUI. The villain himself doesn't want to get promoted. The king has great kindness to his father, who saved the life of the villain's family. At the time of his father's death, he gave orders to the villain to protect the Lord. Gonggong, are you here to investigate the plot of Mujia dog thief? "

Trinket clapped his thigh and said, "brother Yang, you not only have good martial arts, but also know things as they are. I admire you. My elder sister and I disguised to find out what they were doing, but they found out. I'm talking nonsense. They believe it and force me and my elder sister to go to church and get married on the spot. Ha ha, it's called blessing in disguise. "

Yang Yizhi thought to himself, "you are a eunuch. How close are you? Ah, yes, you and the little girl pretended to be a couple and lied to them. " Said: "the lion shakes his head and has good martial arts, but he is brave and resourceless." "You pretend to be savages, to catch them?" said trinket Yang Yizhi said: "the Mu family and our royal family are like a sea of enemies. Last time, they suffered a great loss, but they still haven't turned over the book. This time I saw them again in the dog head meeting. Villain's mind, if there is an accident in Zhili, the emperor knows that he is only afraid to blame our Lord, saying that people in Pingxi's palace don't obey the king's law and kill people near the capital. "

When Trinket thumbs up, he praises: "brother Yang's strategy is very clever. You pretend to be a barbarian, Guhua Tulu and Abbasi. Even if you kill all the members of the Mu family, others only say that the barbarian rebelled. No one will doubt the king of Pingxi." Yang Yizhi said with a smile: "exactly. But we pretended to be so strange and strange, and we laughed at my father-in-law. " "Why do you laugh?" said trinket? I am envious in my heart. I really want to take off my clothes, paint my face colorful, and shout and jump with you. " Yang Yizhi said with a smile, "if you are happy, let's dress up." He sighed and said, "this time, I can't do it. My wife will lose her temper when she sees my strange appearance."

Yang Yizhi said: "do you really marry my wife? Isn't it forced to pretend by those thieves? " It's not easy to make it clear in a few words. Trinket then changed the subject and said, "brother Yang, I have a good affinity with you. If you look down on it, we will become brothers of Jinlan. We don't need to be public or villain. It's very awkward."

Yang Yizhi's great joy is that the king of Pingxi is asking for him. In the future, many important things will depend on him to maintain in front of the emperor. Secondly, the little Duke is generous and generous, and very friendly. On that day, he was very polite to himself in the Royal Palace of Kangqin. He said: "that's what you want, and you're afraid that you can't climb." "What's up and down?" said trinket? Are we taller than you or me? " Yang Yizhi laughs. They immediately knelt down, gathered the earth for incense, worshipped eight times, and changed their mouth to match their brothers.

Yang Yizhi said: "brother, we are very compassionate in the future. It's just that before others, those who are brothers still call you Gonggong, so as not to arouse suspicion." "It's natural," he said. Elder brother, what do you want to do with those people in the Mu family? " Yang Yizhi said: "I took them to Yunnan and tortured them slowly. After I got the confession that framed our Lord, I sent them to Beijing so that the emperor could understand the loyalty of Pingxi Wang Chidan. It seemed that my brother had tried to protect Pingxi Wang, half of which was right."

Trinket nodded: "very good, very good! Brother, do you think the tiger is willing to move his head? " Yang Yizhi said: "it's Wu Lishen, the lion shaking his head. This man is also famous in the Jianghu. It's said that he is very tough. He won't recruit. I respect him as a man, and I won't embarrass him. But some of the others, who can't stand the punishment, will come out. " "It's a good plan," he said Yang Yizhi's tone seemed to be perfunctory, saying, "brother, you and I are no longer outsiders. If you think it's inappropriate, please tell me directly."

"What's wrong?" said trinket. "I heard that there was an anti thief named Mu Jiansheng in Mu's family. There was also a man with a hard back and wulongliu." Yang Yizhi said: "iron back Canglong Liu Dahong. He is the master of mujiansheng. " Wei Xiaobao said: "yes, elder brother, it's good for you to remember. The emperor ordered us to find out the traces of the two men. Did you catch them, too? " Yang Yizhi said: "mujiansheng has also gone to Hejian mansion. We brought him down all the way. When we got to Xianxian County, he slipped away. I don't know where he hid."

"It's a bit of a dilemma," he said. Just now, I've lied so much that the lion who shakes his head turns into a lion who nods his head and says that he will take me to see their little grandfather. I wanted to find out how they conspired against King Pingxi and went back to play the emperor. The elder brother is sure that he can torture their plot. That's the same. He doesn't need to take any risks. "

Yang Yizhi thought: "I tortured a few unimportant people. They may not know the real situation. Even if they know that the muggers in the Mu family are very hard, they may not be willing to say. Besides, it's better for the Lord to defend himself. It's not as powerful as the people sent by the Emperor himself to find out the answer. If we pretend that we don't know, it would be much better for the GUI brothers to go and tell the emperor on their own. " Immediately he took Wei Xiaobao's hand and said, "brother, your method is much better. Everything is up to you. How can we let the bandits of Mu's family go and teach them not to be suspicious? " "It's up to you to figure out a way," said trinket

Yang Yizhi pondered for a moment and said, "let's do that. You fled to the ancestral hall and pretended to rescue your elder sister. I ran after you and they talked nonsense. After a while, I have convinced you to go away respectfully without any trace. " Wei Xiaobao said with a smile, "it's wonderful. Duke GUI is proficient in brute language. There was a playful article. There was a learned Mr. Li under the Emperor Ming. He was drunk and made an article, which scared all the barbarians to piss off. " Yang Yizhi said with a smile, "this is Li Taibai's book of drunken grass scare."

Trinket clapped his hands and said, "yes, yes! It's just as amazing that Duke Guigong wakes up and speaks frightening words. Elder brother, we have to pretend to be like a model. You give me false punches and kicks. I'm not hurt at all. Oh, yes, I'm wearing a vest with a protective jacket. I can't get into it. You may as well cut a few knives at me. If you don't hurt your internal power or your internal organs, it's OK. " Yang Yizhi said: "it's great that brother has this treasure clothes." Trinket boasted: "the emperor sent me out to investigate the treachery of the anti thieves. He was afraid that he would give them a sense of killing me. He specially took off this treasure garment from the western red hair country and gave it to me. Elder brother, you don't have to be afraid of hurting me. Try to cut some of them first. "

Yang Yizhi pulls out his knife and strokes it gently on his left shoulder. As expected, the blade only cuts his coat. When he encounters underwear, he can't go in. His hand is slightly strengthened. He cuts it gently on his left shoulder, which is still intact. He praises: "good treasure clothes, good treasure clothes!"

Wei Xiaobao said: "elder brother, there is a boy named Zheng in it. He is the young man in gorgeous embroidered pillows. This guy is always flirting with my elder sister. Brother is very angry when he sees it. You'd better catch him." Yang Yizhi said, "I killed him with one stroke." "I can't kill, I can't kill," said trinket. This man is wanted by the emperor. In the future, he will land on him and do a big thing. Please take him and guard him well. Don't embarrass him or question him. After twenty or thirty years, I will ask you, and you will send someone to Beijing. "

Yang Yizhi said, "yes, I did it properly for you." Suddenly he raised his voice and shouted, "huluchidu, aribara! Gimmicks are old! " "We said this, I'm afraid they will be suspicious," he said with a low smile He also shrieked and said a series of "barbaric words". Yang Yizhi said with a smile, "compared with being a brother, you can speak more fluently." Wei Xiaobao said with a smile, "naturally, when my brother was exiled in a foreign country, if the princess of the foreign country wanted to recruit me as her son-in-law, she was used to saying that." Yang Yizhi laughs.

"Brother, I have a problem. You have to think of a way for me," added trinket