By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"In the second eight rounds, it's not easy to be sentimental, but to be exquisite (6)"

The Original Name:第二八回 未免情多丝宛转 为谁心苦窍玲珑(6)

Yang Yi patted his chest and said with regret, "what do you want, brother? If you give me your life, I will obey you." "Thank you very much," he sighed. "It's not hard to say, but it's also very hard to say it's easy." Yang Yizhi said: "brother, let me help you figure it out. If the elder brother can't do it, I will ask our Lord. Tens of thousands of troops and millions of liang of silver can also be mobilized. " With a smile, trinket said: "thousands of troops, golden mountains and silver mountains, I'm afraid they are useless. That's my elder sister. She was forced to marry me. The eldest one didn't want to. It's better for you to help me cook mature rice and make him a success. "

Yang Yizhi couldn't help being funny, thinking: "I'm so sorry, but I only want to deal with a little girl. But if you are a eunuch, how can you marry? Yes, it's said that the eunuch of the Ming Dynasty often married several wives. My brother thought that he would come to do this set of things too. He was addicted to it. " Thinking that he had been purified since he was young, I couldn't help but feel sad. With his hand in his hand, I said, "brother, I can't live a smooth life. From ancient times to the present, there are a lot of great heroes and heroes, and there are a lot of people with defects, so don't mind. Let's go in. "

"Good!" said trinket He shouted "barbaric words" and rushed into the ancestral hall. When Yang Yizhi came, he also shouted "barbaric words". As soon as he entered the hall, he grabbed Wei Xiaobao. Two people you a "Xi Li purr", I a "yibala", said endlessly, while pointing to Wu Lishen, pointing to ako.

Wu Lishen and ako were both surprised and delighted. They all had hope in their hearts. They all thought, "fortunately, he knows the words of barbarians. It's better to say that all the barbarians will go away."

Yang Yizhi raised the knife, pointed it at the top of the head of ako, and said, "woman, no good, kill." "My wife, my wife, don't kill me!" said trinket Yang Yizhi said: "wife, do you want to kill?" Trinket nodded repeatedly and said, "wife, my wife, don't kill!" Yang Yizhi was furious and shouted: "wife, you don't kill. Kill you! "

Trinket said: "very good, my wife, don't kill. Kill me! "

Yang Yizhi's sword, cut to Wei Xiaobao's chest. When the blade went down, the wind blew and the strength was great. But as soon as the blade hit trinket, it immediately stopped. When the wrist shook, the blade bounced back. He pretended to be surprised, jumped up, cut three knives, made three long seams on Trinket's lapel, and shouted, "you, Bodhisattva, can't you kill?" Trinket nodded: "I, Bodhisattva, can't kill."

Yang Yizhi raised his thumb and said, "you, Bodhisattva, No. Great hero, yes. " Pointing to Wu Lishen and others, he asked, "Han people, killed?" "My friend, my friend, don't kill me," he waved Yang Yizhi nodded and asked ako, "you, wife, hero?"

When ako saw the steel knife in his hand, he wanted to deny it, but he dared not. One of Yang Yi's knives quickly split and cut a table into two valves. He shouted, "honey, yours?" Point to trinket. "Ah Ke is helpless, have to whisper way:" husband, mine

Yang Yizhi laughs, mentions ako, delivers to Wei Xiaobao, and says: "wife, your, hug."

Trinket opened his arms, hugged ako tightly, and said, "wife, my, hug."

Yang Yizhi pointed to Zheng Kegong and asked, "son, yours?" Trinket shook his head and said, "son, mine, no!" Yang Yizhi shouts a few "barbaric words", grabs Zheng Kegong, and rushes out with a roar in his mouth. His men came out of the crowd. I only heard the sound of horses' hooves, but I went.


Ako was shocked, only to feel that Trinket's arms were still clinging to his waist, and said, "let go." "My wife, my, hug," said trinket Ako, ashamed and angry, broke free of his arm with his hand.

Trinket picked up an underground steel knife and cut off Wu Lishen's binding. Wu Lishen said: "these barbarians are good at martial arts. I'm sorry that the bridegroom can speak brutally, and I've practiced the skill of gold bell cover iron cloth shirt. I can't get in with a knife or a gun. We need your help." Wei Xiaobao said: "although these barbarians have high martial arts, they are very stupid. They believed all my nonsense. "

"Ah Ke said:" young master Zheng was captured by them. How can we help each other

The fake bride suddenly shouted, "my husband has been caught by the barbarian. He must cook to eat." Cry loudly.

Wu Lishen bowed to trinket and said, "please tell me the hero's name." "I don't dare," said trinket. "My surname is Wei." Wu Lishen said: "Grandpa Wei and his wife are getting married today. A little greeting is not a homage." He reached into his arms and touched two small gold treasures. "Thank you very much," said trinket Reach for it.

"No, it doesn't count," said ako, blushing Wu Lishen said with a smile: "you have also worshipped heaven and earth. You just said to the savage," husband, mine. "How can you still rely on it? We will not disturb the bridegroom and bride's wedding. " With a wave of hands, people like Ao Biao stepped out of the ancestral hall.

In a moment, there was no voice in such a large ancestral hall.

Ako was afraid and ashamed. He took a peek at trinket and thought that he had said "husband, mine". Suddenly he fell on the table and cried. He said, "it's all your fault. It's all your fault!"

"Yes, yes, it's all my fault," he said softly. When I think of another way to save Mr. Zheng, you say I'm ok. " Ako looked up and said, "you Can you help him out? "

Under the shaking of the red candle, there were some bright tears on her gorgeous face. It's true that the white jade beads are not as beautiful as the color of her face, and the rose is not as clear as it is when it's first exposed. Trinket couldn't help but look stunned and forgot to answer.

"I ask you, how can I save Mr. Zheng?"

Wei Xiaobao was shocked. He sighed and said, "the barbarian said," they can't go back empty handed. They must catch someone to go back to the cave and cook for everyone to eat... " "Ah Ke exclaimed," have you cooked it for us It's even more frightening to think of the cry of the bride. Wei Xiaobao said, "yes, they said you had the best taste. They wanted to catch you to eat..." Ako couldn't help shivering and looked up to the door for fear that the savages would return. Trinket continued: " I said you were my wife, and they let you go. " "Don't you think they've cooked Zheng Gongzi who was caught by them?" said ako Cook... "

"Yes," said trinket, "unless I volunteer to let them eat and change out Mr. Zheng."

"Ah Ke said:" then you go to replace him out As soon as this sentence is uttered, you will know that you are wrong. Your face will turn red and you will look down.

Trinket was furious and said to himself, "Stinky little lady, you see your husband is not worth half a Wen. You'd better let the barbarian cook me to eat, so as to save your adulterer." Cold way: "even if changed him to come out, that also useless?" Ke Ke said in a hurry: "how Why is it useless? " Wei Xiaobao said: "Mr. Zheng has married the country girl. You have seen it with your own eyes. He's got a wife who's just married, and you can't marry him. " "That's not true," said akhton Trinket said angrily, "OK, if you want me to change it, I will change it. I don't know where the savage's cave is? Hum, let's go. "

Ako followed him out of the ancestral hall in silence, for fear of saying something wrong, and he would not change for Mr. Zheng again. When I came to the main road, I saw the company of the Zheng family carrying lanterns and talking loudly around. When the two approached, Zheng's friends said, "Miss Chen is here. Where is my son? How about my son? " Step up.

In the crowd, a thin figure suddenly swayed forward. His body was very fast. With a twinkling of his eyes, trinket saw the man in front of him. He heard a sharp voice and asked, "where is my son?" The man was carrying the light on his back, and trinket could not see his face. He was surprised and took two steps back. Did he know that he took two steps back? The man followed the two steps forward, but still stood face to face with him, less than a foot away. He asked, "where is my son?"

"He He was caught by the barbarian. He wanted to He's coming to eat when it's about to be cooked. " That humanity: "the land of the Central Plains, the barbarian?" Ako said: "it's a real barbarian. Hurry up Find a way to save him. " "How long has it been?" "Not long," said ako

The man pulled himself up and jumped backward. When he fell down, he just sat on the saddle of a horse. With his legs in his hand, the horse galloped away, and for a moment, it fell into the darkness.

Trinket and ako looked at each other. One was surprised and the other was happy. Seeing this man's high martial arts and fast body method, he was rarely seen in his life and was greatly admired by his heart. "I don't know who this man is," said ako That year, his wife said: "he is Feng Xifan, the master of the young master, nicknamed" one sword without blood ". Master Feng is invincible in the world. If you go to save the young master, you will succeed. " "It's him," both trinket and ako said Ah Ke said again, "since master Feng has arrived, why don't you ask him to go to the ancestral hall over there to save the young master?" A companion said: "master Feng has just arrived. He received a letter from our flying pigeons and came all night from Hejian mansion. "