By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"In the second eight rounds, I'd like to know who's in a good mood (8)"

The Original Name:第二八回 未免情多丝宛转 为谁心苦窍玲珑(8)

Nine difficult sighed: "that's not just about my family. My family is almost dead. " Reaching for his head, he said, "Xiao Bao, these things must not be disclosed in front of his elder sister."

Trinket nodded and agreed, thinking, "sister is so beautiful and lovely, but master doesn't like her very much. What's the reason? Because she can't flatter master. "


The next morning, he went into the palace to kowtow to the emperor.

Kangxi was very happy. He held his hand and said with a smile, "Damn it, how come you came back today? I'm waiting for you day by day. I had been worried that you might be caught by the evil nun. I'm not sure about your life. The day before yesterday, when I heard dorone's reply, I said I saw you, so I was relieved. How did you get out of danger? "

Wei Xiaobao said: "thank you for remembering. He sent the royal guards to look for the servants. At first, the evil nun was very angry. She punched and kicked me. Later, I said that the emperor was a bird and fish soup, a great and good emperor, and could not be killed. She said a lot of treacherous things. If I praise you, she will slap me in the face. Later, I refused to suffer from the immediate loss, so I had to get rich in silence. "

Kangxi nodded: "it's bairao that you killed her. What is the origin of the evil nun? Who ordered her to assassinate? "

"I don't know who ordered her," said trinket. At that time, she caught me and tied my hands with a rope, like a monkey. The emperor, I dare not scold her in my mouth, but I scolded her 17 or 18 generations of ancestors enough. " Kangxi said with a smile, "naturally, is there anything to scold?" "She took me for a few days and tried to kill me several times. Fortunately, she met someone on the road. This man has a good relationship with the servant. He has said a lot of good things for me. The nun won't hit me. " Kangxi said: "who is that?" Wei Xiaobao said, "this man, surnamed Yang, is the head of the guard under Wang Shizi of Pingxi."

Kangxi was very interested and asked, "it's Wu Sangui's man. How can he help you to talk well?" Trinket said: "in fact, it was out of the grace of the emperor. At that time, the people of the Mu family in Yunnan came to the palace to make trouble and tried to frame Wu Sangui. Everyone believed it, but the emperor was very wise and saw through the plot. The emperor sent me to tell Wu Sangui's son that the one with the surname of Yang was the one who had known the servant at that time. " Kangxi nodded, "I see."

When Trinket entered the palace, he had already thought about a lot of lies and said: "the name of Yang Yizhi told the nun about Mu's family. He said that although the emperor was young, he could see better than bird and fish soup. He was smart and wise. He was a God and Bodhisattva. The nun is skeptical and doesn't care much about me. One night, Yang Yizhi and her nun were talking in the room. I pretended to be sleeping and eavesdropping. It turned out that this nun came to assassinate the emperor, and it was really someone who led the way. "

Kangxi said, "it's Wu Sangui." Trinket's face was full of amazement, and he said: "the emperor already knew. Is that what dorone knows? " Kangxi said, "No. The head of Wu Sangui's guard recognized the nun and discussed with her stealthily. What else could be good? " Wei Xiaobao was surprised and pleased, knelt down and kowtowed, saying: "emperor, I'm so happy to follow you. I don't need to tell you what you guessed. We will never lose to others. "

Kangxi said with a smile, "get up, get up! Last time I was in Qingliang temple, Wutai Mountain, it was dangerous enough. If you didn't give up your life in front of me... " Speaking of this, his face changed to solemnity, and he continued: "the conspiracy of the traitor has been succeeded." I shuddered at the thought of the thunder and lightning of that day's white clothes. Trinket said: "in fact, this nun stabbed me with a sword. You are quick. You will naturally make a move of" solitary cloud comes out of the mountain "to avoid it. You follow the reverse move of" crane combs its feathers "and hit the evil nun on the shoulder. She has to shout" surrender ". But I'm afraid I hurt you. I've been fooling around for a while. I just want to block you and take the sword for you. It's a pity that the Emperor didn't have a chance to show his martial arts and show off in front of Shaolin monks. "

Kangxi laughed. He knew that if it wasn't for Wei Xiaobao, he would have been stabbed to death by Bai yini. The little guy was so loyal, but he didn't do any good. It was really rare. He said with a smile: "you are young, and the officials are old enough. When you are a few years old, you will be promoted to a higher rank. " Trinket shook his head and said, "I don't want to be a senior official either. I just want to work for the emperor often. If I don't make you angry, I will be satisfied."

Kangxi patted him on the shoulder and said, "very good, very good. How do you do things for me? I like it very much. How can I get angry? What else did the young man say to the nun? "

Wei Xiaobao said: "Yang Yizhi constantly advised the nun about the emperor's many benefits. He said that Wu Sangui was kind to his father. When his father died, he told him to protect Wu Sangui. But Wu Sangui wanted to be an emperor with all his heart and was rebellious. That was absolutely necessary. In the future, when things come to light, everyone should cut them off. The nun said that all her family gave tartar Tartar... They were all killed by Manchurians. Wu Sangui was so kind to her. She came to assassinate Wu Sangui for his face and revenge for her parents. Her family has died long ago, and they are not afraid of being killed. "

Kangxi nodded. Wei Xiaobao added: "Yang Yizhi said that the emperor treats the people well. If If it hurt you, Wu Sangui became the emperor. Although he was a great official and general himself, the people in the world would suffer a lot. The nun's heart was very soft and she was very compassionate. After thinking for a long time, she said he was right. She decided not to do it. The two men discussed and said that Wu sanguiru would send another person to assassinate the assassin, and they killed the assassin secretly. "

Kangxi said, "these two people are very righteous."

"But Yang Yizhi said there is another thing that is not easy to do," said Wei Kangxi asked, "what's so weird?" "I don't know how much he said in a low voice. I only heard about the prince of Yanping and the Zheng family in Taiwan. It's like Wu Sangui said he wanted to share the world with a Zheng family."

Kangxi stood up and said in a loud voice, "it turns out that this guy has colluded with Taiwan's anti thieves in secret." "What the hell is Taiwan's Zheng family?" asked trinket Kangxi said: "the anti thief named Zheng occupied Taiwan and refused to accept Wang Hua, because he was far away from home, it was not easy to settle down for a while."

Trinket suddenly realized it on his face and said, "I see. At that time, the more I heard about it, the more angry I was. I thought that this river and mountain belonged to the emperor. What's his surname, Wu and Zheng? Do you dare to divide the Kingdom equally? Yang Yizhi said that Taiwan's Zheng sent his second son, ZHENG Ke ZHENG Ke...... " Kangxi said, "Zheng Kegong." "Yes, yes," said trinket. The emperor knows everything. "

Kangxi smiled and said nothing. In recent years, he has been planning to take Taiwan back to the territory. His father and son, his brothers, as well as Taiwan's military and political affairs, military officers and ships, have been clearly heard for a long time.

Wei Xiaobao said: "Zheng Kegong has recently arrived in Yunnan and has been negotiating with Wu Sangui for most of the month."

Kangxi suddenly changed color and said, "is there such a thing?" Taiwan and Yunnan were the biggest worries in his mind. I didn't expect that Zheng and Wu would collude and plot. Zheng Kelong's trip to Yunnan was not known until now.

"There's a guy in Taiwan who has a high level of martial arts. He protects Zheng Kelong all the way," he said. This guy's surname is Feng. What's the name of sword bleeding... " Kangxi said: "a sword without blood Feng Xifan. He and Liu GuoXuan, Chen Yonghua three people, known as "Taiwan three tigers."

Hearing the emperor's name, trinket said with a shudder in his heart, "yes, yes, it is Feng Xifan who has no blood. Yang Yizhi said that among the three tigers in Taiwan, Chen Yonghua is a good man, Feng Xifan and the other one are bad. Chen Yonghua won't do anything against the emperor, but he can't defeat one tiger and the other two. " In front of Kangxi, he said good things about Jiunan, yangyizhi and chenjinnan, in case they were captured by the Qing government in the future, they could be saved easily.

Kangxi shook his head and said, "not necessarily. Chen Yonghua is much more powerful than the other two tigers."

Wei Xiaobao said: "Yang Yizhi and the nun said that there are many opponents of Wu Sangui in the Jianghu. They are going to meet in Hejian mansion and hold a turtle killing meeting to discuss how to kill Wu Sangui. Then Zheng Kelong and Feng Xifan will go to the meeting to inquire about the news, and then inform Wu Sangui. The more they said it, the lower their voices were. I didn't really hear it for a long time. Fortunately, they didn't want to hurt the emperor, so they ignored it. Later, I really fell asleep. Emperor, I was a little lazy about this, but I was really tired at that time. In the middle of the night, Yang Yizhi came quietly to wake me up, untie my acupoints, and said that the nun was meditating and practising, which made me escape. "

Kangxi nodded: "this surname Yang has conscience." "Isn't it?" said trinket? In the future, the emperor will kill Wu Sangui. Yang Yizhi asks the emperor to forgive him and spare his life. " Kangxi said: "if he can make contributions, I will not only spare his life, but also reward him. What else did you hear at the turtle killing conference? " Wei Xiaobao said: "each province has elected an alliance leader. It seems that Zheng ke'ong is the leader of Fujian Province. It seems that what Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shaanxi belong to his Zheng family."

Kangxi smiled and thought, "xiaoguizi is mistaken. It must be Jiangxi, not Shaanxi." With his hands behind his back, he walked up and down in his study for more than ten times, and suddenly said, "little Guizi, dare you go to Yunnan?"