By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"In the second eight rounds, it's not easy to be sentimental and sensitive (9)"

The Original Name:第二八回 未免情多丝宛转 为谁心苦窍玲珑(9)

Wei Xiaobao was surprised. Unexpectedly, he asked, "the emperor sent me to Wu Sangui to inquire about the news?"

Kangxi nodded and said, "it's really dangerous, but you're young, Wu Sangui won't be careful. Yang Yizhi is your friend again. He will take care of you. "

"Yes," said trinket. Emperor, I'm not afraid to go to Yunnan, but I just came back to the palace. I haven't seen you for a few days, and I want to leave you again. I really don't give up. " Kangxi nodded and said, "yes, I'm also a general mind. It's a pity that I am the emperor and can't walk around. Otherwise, we will go to Yunnan together. I will catch Wu Sangui's beard. You will catch his hands and ask him at the same time: "damn Wu Sangui, do you want to surrender?" Isn't it fun? " "It's wonderful," he said with a smile. Emperor, you can't go to Yunnan. I'll cheat Wu Sangui into the palace. Let's pluck his beard again, will you? "

Kangxi laughed and said: "it's good to be good. I'm afraid this guy is old and sly and won't be taken in. Ah, little Guizi, I've come up with a way to keep him from doubting. " Trinket said: "the emperor is very clever. He must be very clever." Kangxi said, "if we marry Princess Jianning to his son and form a family, he will not be prepared at all."

Trinket was shocked and said, "marry Wu Yingxiong? This... Isn't it too cheap for him? "

Kangxi said: "this is the daughter of the old bitch. Let's marry her to Yunnan and let her suffer first. In the future, Wu Sangui and his family will be killed together. " Say hate hate. He used to like this girl very much, but since he knew that the queen mother had killed her own mother and was so angry that her father and Emperor left home, he even hated this girl and said, "at that time, I could say that the old bitch had no way to teach her and forced her to commit suicide."

Trinket said: "the emperor, I heard a great news, the emperor must be very happy." Kangxi said, "what's the good news?" Trinket put his mouth to his ear and whispered, "the old bitch is a fake empress dowager. The real empress dowager is in the palace of CI Ning." In front of Kangxi, he dare not say "old bitch" after all.

Kangxi was shocked and said in a trembling voice, "what is it? What is the fake queen mother? "

Trinket then said one by one that she had imprisoned the empress dowager, pretended to be the Empress Dowager and did evil.

Kangxi was stunned and could not speak for a long time. After a long time, he said: "is there such a thing? What are you waiting for? You... How do you know? " Wei Xiaobao said: "I know that Lao Jian is vicious. I'm afraid that she will do harm to the emperor. So I bought the palace maids in CI Ning palace and secretly monitored them. As long as the situation is not right, I'll tell the emperor. Let's start first. As soon as I enter the palace today, the maid will tell me about this event. "

Kangxi's forehead was sweaty, and he said in a trembling voice, "what about the palace maid?" "I think it's too big," said trinket. "If she leaks it, it's amazing. So the servant boldly pushed her into a well, but no one else saw her. Alas, I can't live with her. " Kangxi nodded, a light of relief flashed on his face, and said, "well done. Tomorrow you will take her body and bury her properly. Find out her family and give her a generous pension. " "Yes, yes," said trinket, "according to the emperor."

Kangxi said, "it's not too late. Let's go to CI Ning palace immediately." Then he stood up, took off two swords on the wall, gave one to trinket, and whispered, "let's do it for two people, but we can't let the eunuchs know about it."

Trinket nodded: "the emperor, the old bitch has great martial arts. As soon as I enter the room, I will hold her. The emperor will cut off her arm with a sword, and then ask for details." Kangxi nodded, "OK!" Wei Xiaobao said: "the emperor still takes more bodyguards to wait outside the CI Ning palace. It's really not right, so he has to send someone in. Otherwise, if the servant doesn't hold the fake empress dowager firmly, the bitch commits murder and collides with the emperor's all gold body, then That's not right. "

Kangxi nodded his head and made up his mind: "if you have to ask the guards to help you, you can put them to death and kill them when you have finished."


Kangxi went out of the study and sent eight bodyguards to escort him outside the CI Ning palace. He ordered the bodyguards to wait far in the garden and walked to the Empress Dowager's bedroom with Wei Xiaobao. The eunuchs of CI Ning palace knelt down to meet them. Kangxi said, "you all go to the garden. No one is allowed to come here." Everyone obeyed and retreated.

Trinket knew that the fake empress dowager had clapped seven "Hua gu Mian Zhang" to his master Jiunan on that day. The strength of the Yin and poisonous palm was all forced back to him. Although his master taught the method of resolving, since then, as soon as he used his internal power, the bones of his whole body were broken immediately. The palm power in her body has not been fully used up at this time. Even if it has been removed, she would not dare to use force. In addition, she has five dragon orders in her hand. She is confident and calm. Kangxi knew that the fake empress dowager's martial arts were very powerful. All the martial arts she learned were taught by her. Even with a trinket, the two were still far away from her. Only when they attacked her with double swords and hit her unprepared, could they win, just as they secretly planned to worship. When they stepped into the dormitory, sweat seeped from their palms.

Trinket thought to himself, "today is a good opportunity to make great contributions. I'm rushing to the old bitch. The emperor only says that I'm desperate. In fact, I'm just beating a dead dog that can't move. I'm not good at killing dogs. " Whispered: "this bitch has excellent martial arts. The emperor must not take risks. Let's go first! " Kangxi nodded and grasped the hilt with his right hand.

Into the bedroom, but see no one in the palace, the bed of brocade low.

The Empress Dowager's voice came out from the account: "emperor, you haven't come to CI Ning palace for many days. Are you ok?"

Kangxi used to come to CI Ning palace every day to ask the Empress Dowager to say hello. Since he learned about the internal affairs, he was very reluctant to express his hatred. They didn't expect her to sleep in bed during the day, so the previously agreed method didn't work. Kangxi said, "I heard that the Empress Dowager is not feeling well. My son sees the Empress Dowager coming." Wink at trinket and say, "hang up!" "Twitter!" replied trinket Go to bed. The queen said, "I'm afraid of the wind. Don't hang up your tent."

Kangxi thought to himself, "if you don't pay attention to her, just go to uncover the tent. I'm afraid she's on guard." Said: "yes, I don't know what's wrong with the Empress Dowager. Have you taken any medicine?" The Empress Dowager said, "I have taken it. The doctor said it's not important to have a little cold. " Kangxi said: "my son wants to see how the Empress Dowager looks? Do you have a fever? " The Empress Dowager sighed and said, "I have a good face. I don't need to look at it. The emperor will go back to rest. " Kangxi's heart began to wonder, "I don't know what she's doing."

When Trinket saw the darkness in the bedroom, he turned around, gestured to Kangxi and asked him to hold her feet. Then the emperor cut off.

All of a sudden, Kangxi thought, "what if all the words that xiaoguizi said are false? Although it's true that the man pretended to be a palace maid, maybe the Empress Dowager was just abusing the Imperial Palace and had no other feelings. If I cut down this sword, if she is the real empress dowager, not a fake, am I not both muddleheaded and unfilial? It's better to let the fake empress dowager be on guard and have to call in the bodyguards to capture her. I can't be reckless and cut the real empress dowager with my own hands. " Immediately shook his head, waved his hand and ordered trinket to back away, saying: "empress dowager, my son can't rest assured." Walk quickly to the bed and reach for the tent.

Jin account two next a minute, see empress dowager turn round quickly, face inside bed, but so between one glance, Kangxi already saw empress dowager cheek thin, appearance is very different, say: "empress dowager, your old man recently suddenly thin a lot." The voice is shaking.

The Empress Dowager sighed and said, "since Wutai Mountain came back, her appetite has been bad. She can't eat half a bowl of rice every day. Looking in the mirror, she hardly knows it."

Kangxi thought to himself, "it's true that xiaoguizi's words are true. The old bitch didn't expect me to come suddenly. She was sleeping in bed. No one saw her. She didn't disguise herself today, so she wouldn't let me see her appearance. I've seen it with my own eyes, can I still get it wrong? " In a rage, he said in a loud voice, "ah, empress dowager, a big mouse got behind the hanging felt. Come on, roll up the carpet and catch the mice! " He said that he was in a hurry to step back for fear that the fake queen mother would burst into a rage when she saw something exposed.

Only listen to the Queen Mother's trembling voice: "what is the rat behind the tapestry?" Trinket went up to pull the wool rope, rolled up the felt, and exposed the cabinet door. Kangxi said, "eh! It turns out that there is a big cabinet here. The mouse has gone into it! " Thought: "at this time, most of the things have been uncovered, she has been prepared, and can no longer sneak attack." Back to the door, beckoned to trinket and said, "pass on the bodyguard. There's a strange sound in the cupboard. Don't hide the assassin. It scares the Empress Dowager. "

"Yes," said trinket Cried out to the door, "preach to the bodyguard."

Eight bodyguards went to the door of the dormitory and bowed to listen to the order.

The Empress Dowager said angrily, "emperor, what are you doing?" Kangxi said with a smile, "Oh, yes, Princess Jianning is hiding in the cupboard to play hide and seek. Empress dowager, I can't find her anywhere. It must be in the cupboard. " The right hand waved. Trinket used to open the cabinet, but the door was locked and could not be opened. Kangxi said with a smile, "empress dowager, where is the key to the cabinet?"