By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"The second and sixth round of plants and trees connect the sky and the bones of the people; the white pass mountain is full of red sunset (1)"

The Original Name:第二六回 草木连天人骨白 关山满眼夕阳红(1)

The next day, the three men headed south to look for Qi along the road. On the way, trinket served them very attentively. Although he loved ako in his heart, he did not dare to show any frivolity. He thought that it would be terrible if he could be detected by Bai yini. Ako never had a good word for him. He often punched him and kicked him out of anger when he disappeared in the white clothes. As long as Wei Xiaobao can accompany him, he is full of joy. He gets a few blows occasionally. It's also a boxing experience, a foot to hip experience. At night, he sleeps in bed and savors her kicking and hitting feelings, but he also has endless joy.

On this day, they will go to Cangzhou and stay in a small inn. The next morning, Wei Xiaobao went to the street to buy fresh vegetables and gave them to his shop partner to make breakfast for Bai yini. He hurriedly brought back two Jin of cabbage, half Jin of rotten skin and two liang of Tricholoma mushrooms from the street, saw ako standing at the door of the Inn and looking around, immediately greeted him with a smile, took out a bag of rose and pine nut candy from his arms, and said, "I bought you a bag of sugar in the street, but I can't imagine that there are such good sweets in this town."

"The sugar you bought is smelly, I don't like it," said ako "You can have a try, it's not bad," said trinket He looked on coldly and knew that ako loved snacks, but Bai yini didn't have much money for her snacks. He bought a small bag of sugar beans occasionally and enjoyed them, so he bought a bag of sugar to please her.

Ako took over and said, "master is meditating in the room. I'm so stuffy. There's something elegant and secluded here. You can accompany me to play. " Trinket didn't believe his ears. His whole body was full of blood. His face was red and he said: "you Are you not wronging me? " "What am I wrong with you?" said ako? You won't accompany me. I'll go alone. " Said to the east of a path. "Go, go, why not?" said trinket? I will not frown even if the girl asks me to go through fire and water. " Follow her.

When they got out of the town, ako pointed to a hill a few miles to the southeast and said, "it would be nice to play there." "Yes, yes," he said They followed the mountain path and came to the mountain.

The hill is full of dense pine trees. It is really secluded, but the scenery is not enough.

But even though it is the ugliest and worst landscape in the world, in the eyes of Trinket at the moment, it is also the most beautiful scenery. Besides, the scenery is good and bad. He didn't know it very well. He praised it immediately: "the scenery here is really wonderful." "What is the beauty?" said ako? A lot of rocks and trees are huddled together. It's ugly. " "Yes, yes," said trinket. The scenery is not so beautiful. " "Then how do you say 'the scenery here is so wonderful'?" "The original scenery is not good-looking, but once your appearance is reflected, it will be wonderful. There are no flowers on the mountain, but your appearance is more beautiful than ten thousand flowers. There are no birds on the mountain. Your voice is much better than a thousand Orioles Singing together. "

"I told you not to come here to listen to your nonsense, but to go away at once and go far away. From now on, I will never see my face again. If I see it again, I will surely dig out your eyes. " Trinket's heart sank and cried, "girl, I dare not offend you again. Please spare me. " "I have spared you," said ako. "If I do not take your life today, I will spare you." With a brush, he pulled out the lancet from his waist and said: "you follow me, and there are always bad ideas in your heart. Don't I know? You humiliate me so much, I I'd rather beat Shifu ten thousand times than kill you. "

When Trinket saw the sword shining, he thought of her strong disposition, and knew it was not empty words. He said, "abbess asked me to help find Miss Qi. After finding her, I will not follow you." "No!" said ako, shaking his head! We can find it without your help. Even if I can't find it, my elder sister is not a three-year-old. Won't she come back? " He raised his knife and split in the air, whirring to the wind, and said in a sharp voice, "if you don't go, don't blame me for being merciless!"

"You have been merciless to me, that's nothing," he said with a smile "At this moment, do you dare to talk to me?" Jump forward and cut off at the top of Trinket's head.

Trinket was shocked and jumped away. "Do you want to go?" said ako "Even if you break me to pieces, and I become a ghost, I will follow you," said trinket Ako was so angry that he raised his knife and shouted three times. Fortunately, these moves have been used in the Prajna Hall of Shaolin Temple, and Chengguan monk has come up with the method of disassembling one by one. Trinket was instructed to avoid one by one. Ako's failure to cut him was even more irritating. The lancet made him more urgent. After a few moves, trinket felt it was hard to dodge, so he had to pull out the dagger and cut her lancet into two pieces with a single sound.

Ako was shocked and angry. He started to chop at him with half a knife. When Trinket saw that her knife was short, he didn't dare to parry it with a dagger. His martial arts were mediocre. He couldn't be sure. Such a sharp dagger only needed to be gently around her, so he killed her. After a few dodges, he had to run down the mountain.

"You roll far away from me, and you will not be killed," said ako, who pursued with a broken knife But when he ran to the town, he was very worried: "it's not right for this little villain to cry to master." Hurry to chase him, want to stop him head-on. But Bai Yi Ni only passed on some of her martial arts moves, but her internal skills had never been passed before. Her internal work and Wei Xiaobao were only half a dozen. They could never catch up with him. He saw him rush into the Inn and almost cried. Put away the knife and walk into the inn slowly.

Step into the store room, suddenly feel a strong wind of dodge force, rush out of the door, hit her, and then stand on indefinitely, take three steps back, and sit down.

Ako only felt soft under his body, but he was sitting on one person. He was busy trying to stand up. His right hand was opposite. He was pressing on the face. He was in a mess. He couldn't think about it. He stood up, looked back, and saw that the man underground was trinket.

She was surprised and said, "what are you doing..." At the end of the speech, I suddenly felt that my knees were soft, and I couldn't stand up any longer. I fell down to Wei Xiaobao. This time, he fell down and shouted, "no, no..." He had fallen into his arms, four eyes facing each other, less than a few inches apart.

Ako was in a great hurry. He was afraid that the little villain would take the opportunity to kiss himself and try to get up quickly. Somehow, he had no strength, so he turned his head and said, "help me up quickly."

"I don't have the strength," said trinket. "What can I do?" With this charming beauty lying on her body, she was so happy that she was going crazy. She said to herself, "don't say that I have no strength, I will have ten thousand kilograms of strength, and I won't help you up. You threw yourself on me. How can you blame me? "

"Master is being besieged by the enemy," said ah Ke in a hurry It turned out that as soon as she entered the door, Bai yini was sitting on the ground with his knees crossed, his right hand out of hand, his left hand waving his sleeve, and he was fighting against the enemy. Who is the other side, but I don't see it clearly. I only know that there is not only one person. When I have to look carefully, I have been forced out by the internal force in the room.

Wei Xiaobao arrived a few steps ahead of her, but the experience was exactly the same. It was also a foot just stepping into the door. It was knocked out by the strong wind and fell to the ground. Acor followed him and fell on him. Although Trinket's ass was in great pain when he fell down from the air, and his chest and stomach were in pain when he fell down from the air, ako was very happy. He only hoped that the little beauty would lie in his arms forever and never stand up again. As for who Bai yini was fighting with, he didn't care about it. He expected that she would be able to communicate with God, and no matter how fierce the enemy was, she could not help it.

Ako's right hand propped up on Trinket's chest, slowly stood up, took a deep breath, and finally stood up. He said angrily, "why do you lie here and trip me up?" She knew that Trinket was in the same situation as herself, but she couldn't help but feel too ashamed to have a few words. "Yes, yes," said trinket. If I had known you were going to fall in this place, I should have climbed aside three feet. No, three feet is not enough. If you only climb three feet and lie with you, it's not elegant. "

Ako spat, thinking about his master and looking into the room.

See white dress Ni to sit in the ground, send palm wave sleeve, meet enemy. The enemies who besieged her saw that there were five monks in red. Each of them clapped and clapped quickly. However, they were all forced by the palm power of the white Yi Ni. Their backs were tightly attached to the wall of the room, which was hard to bully. Ako took a step to see if there were any enemies other than these five people. But when he took a step, he felt that the wind was strong and he couldn't breathe. He had to step back and kick trinket, saying, "Hey, don't stand up yet? What do you think the enemy's path is? "

Trinket helped the wall behind him, stood up, saw the scene in the room, and said, "six lamas are bad people." Standing on the side of ako, he saw more than one Lama. "Nonsense!" said ako! Nature is a bad person. How about you? " Wei Xiaobao said with a smile: "it's not necessarily bad. For example, if I am a good person, you must say that I am a bad person. These six lamas dare to fight with abbess, but they are much worse than me. " "Ah Ke took a look at him and said:" hum, I see you are a group. These six lamas are from you and want to harm master. " "I respect abbess as much as I respect Bodhisattva," said trinket. "I respect girl as much as I respect fairy. There is a reason for harm." Ako stared at the scene in the room, and suddenly a exclamation came out.