By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"The second and sixth round of plants and trees connect the sky and the bones of the people; Baiguan mountain is full of red sunset (2)"

The Original Name:第二六回 草木连天人骨白 关山满眼夕阳红(2)

Looking into the room, trinket saw that all six Lamas were armed with sabres and wanted to be killed, but he was forced by the sleeve power of the white cloth nun and could not bully him. But white Yi Ni's head has been white, it seems that he has done his best. With one arm and six armed lamas, she can't defeat the enemy. Trinket wants to help him, but he knows that his martial arts are so low that he can't even walk in the door. Even if he climbs in the underground, the white clothes nun has to be distracted. Instead, he helps her. In a hurry, he suddenly sees a broom in the corner of the wall. He immediately picks it up and shrinks At the door, he reached out his broom and pushed the face of a Lama who was near the door. He only hoped that if his mind was in disorder and his internal power was impure, he would be shocked to death by Bai yini's palm power.

As soon as the broom reached out, I heard a loud drink. With a light hand, the head of the broom had been cut off by the Lama. With the strong wind blowing in the room, it flew out, wiped his face, and scratched several bloodshot threads. It was not painful.

"Ah Ke said in a hurry:" you are so naughty, then That won't work. "

Wei Xiaobao was leaning against the plank wall of the door, but he could not feel the vibration. It seemed that the plank wall around the shop was going to be shaken down by the wind and the palm force of the knife. He felt a move and saw the position of six lamas. He went behind the Lama who cut off his broom, pulled out his dagger and stabbed through the plank wall.

The dagger is extremely sharp, and the board wall is only an inch thick. The dagger stabbed, like entering tofu, and then inserted into the back heart of the Lama. The Lama cried out, his body sagging, and he sat down slowly against the plank wall. When Trinket heard the cry, he knew he had it. When he got to the second Lama, he stabbed another dagger. In a flash, he killed four people in a row. The dagger has a short blade. It doesn't pierce through the front chest after stabbing into the back heart. Every Lama sits down with his sword. The rest of the room don't know how they died.

The other two Lamas were horrified and wanted to escape. White Yi Ni jumped to the back of a Lama's heart and hit him with his palm. When he died, he was so shocked that he sprayed blood. With a flick of his left sleeve, he blocked the way of another Lama. His right hand pointed out like the wind and pointed at five acupoints on his body. The Lama fell to the ground, unable to move.

When Bai yini kicked the bodies of four lamas, he saw the stab wounds on his back and the holes in the wall of the board, so he realized the reason and said to the Lama, "you What are you... " All of a sudden the body swayed and sat down, blood gushing out of the mouth. The six lamas are all good hands. She has exhausted her internal power with one enemy and six enemies. At the end of the attack, she can't support any more.

Ako and trinket were shocked and grabbed hold of each other. "Master, master!" said Akron Bai yini breathed carefully and closed his eyes. Wei Xiaobao and ako carried her to the Kang, and she vomited a lot of blood. Ako panicked and cried.

When the shopkeeper and the second-class shopkeeper saw someone fighting, they hid far away from each other for a long time. At this time, they heard the voice gradually subsided and came to explore their heads. When they saw the blood all over the ground and the dead bodies were in a mess, they were all frightened and shouted. Trinket raised a sabre in both hands and said, "what's the name? Close your beaks for me, or you will be killed with one knife. " When they saw Minghuang's Sabre guard, they were frightened. Trinket took out three ingots of silver, each of which was five Liang. He handed them to the shop staff and shouted, "go and hire two big cars. Five liang of silver will reward you. " The shopkeeper, surprised and pleased, rushed out and hired the cart in a moment.

Trinket took out another forty liang of silver and handed it to the shopkeeper. He said in a loud voice, "these six evil lamas fight with each other. You kill me and I kill you. You have seen it with your own eyes, haven't you?" How dare the shopkeeper say no, only nodding. "That's forty liang of silver," said trinket He and ako work together to lift up the white clothes and put them into the cart, take the quilt on the Kang, cover it on her body, and then order the shopkeeper to take the Lama who has been pointed into another cart.

"You accompany master, I accompany him," said trinket The two got on the cart. Trinket asked to go south along the road, thinking: "abbess is seriously injured, and then there are lamas to attack. That's terrible. It's better to find a remote place for abbess to recuperate. " For fear that the Lama would untie the cave path, he was not his opponent. He took a rope and bound his hands and feet firmly.

After traveling for more than ten li, ako suddenly stopped, jumped out of the car, ran to the front of Trinket's car, and said with panic on his face: "master's breath is getting weaker and weaker, just afraid I'm afraid... " Trinket was surprised and got out of the car to have a look. He saw that the white clothes were as angry as silk. "What kind of panacea is there?" cried ako. Let's go to the doctor. It's just this place... "

Trinket suddenly remembered that the Empress Dowager had given himself 30 pills, which were called "snow ginseng jade toad pill". It was a tribute from the king of the kingdom of Gao Li. He said that after taking it, he would strengthen his body, detoxify and heal his wounds, and the effect was extraordinary. Twenty two of them asked him to present them to the Lord Hong and his wife. He immediately took the jade bottle out of his arms and said, "I have the effective wound medicine here." Two of them were poured out and fed into the mouth of the white tunic. Ako took the kettle and gave the master two drinks. Trinket took the opportunity to sit in the white car, opposite ako, and said, "master, after taking medicine, I don't know how, I have to keep her all the time." Two big cars will do.

After a cup of tea, white Yi Ni suddenly took a long breath and slowly opened his eyes. "Master, how are you?" exclaimed ako White Yi Ni nodded. Trinket quickly took out two more pills and said, "abbess, the pills are effective. Take two more." Bai yini shook his head slightly and said in a low voice: "today Enough... I have to use my luck Stop... Stop the car. " "Yes, yes," said trinket Tell me to stop. Bai yini asked ako to stand up, sit cross legged, and close his eyes.

Ako's eyes were fixed on his master, while Trinket's eyes were fixed on ako.

But at the beginning, when I saw ako's face was very sad. Gradually, his eyebrows turned smooth and his eyes were bright. After a while, a little smile appeared on his lips. He didn't need to go to see Bai yini, but also knew that she was good at healing her wounds. After a while, seeing that ako was more happy, trinket thought to himself, "if there is no abbess in the car, it's just me and Xiaomei, and her face is so happy. I'm so happy to die."

All of a sudden, ako raised his head and saw him staring at himself stupidly. When his cheeks were red, he wanted to scold him for fear that he would disturb Shifu's Kung Fu. When he said a word to his mouth, he held back and gave him a fierce look. When Trinket smiled at her and looked at the white dress in her eyes, he saw that her spirit was peaceful and her breath was well adjusted.

"White Yi Ni breathed, opened an eye to come, low voice way:" can go "Take a rest," said trinket. "It doesn't matter." "No," said the white Trinket took out five liang of silver to reward the coachman and ordered them to drive away. At that time, I hired a cart, which cost only one and a half silver a day. When two coachmen saw that he had made a great deal of money, they were overjoyed and thanked him.

"Xiaobao, what kind of medicine did you take for me?" said Bai yini slowly "It's called" snow ginseng jade toad pill "and it's a tribute given to the little emperor by the king of Korea," he said White Yi Ni's face flashed a happy color, and said: "snow participates in the two things of jade toad. They are all holy herbs for healing and healing. They have the ability to rise from the dead and come back to life. Unexpectedly, they taught me to meet them. That's not the way to die." When she was seriously injured, she even spoke in a stable voice, which had no sign of being short of breath.

"Master, are you all right?" said ako "I can't die," said the white "I have twenty-eight here," said trinket. "Please accept them." Then he handed over the jade bottle. "If you take two or three more, that's enough. You don't need many of them," said the white

Trinket was born generous, thinking: "thirty pills will be given to you, what's the pressure? There must be another one there, old bitch. " Said: "abbess, your body is very important. Since this pill is useful, next time I see the little emperor, I will ask him for some more." Put the jade bottle in her hand. White Yi Ni nodded, but still gave him the jade bottle.

On another journey, Bai yini said, "if you have any seclusion, stop and ask the Lama." "Yes," replied trinket Order the cart to drive into a mountain depression, ask the coachman to carry the Lama underground, then take the mule to the back of the mountain to eat grass, and say, "don't listen to me, don't come here." The two coachman agreed and led the mule away. "You ask him," said the white

Trinket pulled out his dagger, hissed, cut off a branch, cut it at will, and instantly cut it into a stick. "Do you want to become a stick, man?" he asked

Seeing that the dagger was so sharp, the Lama was already cold hearted and said in a trembling voice, "excuse me, what is a human stick?" Trinket said: "cut off your arms, ears and nose. All the things protruding from your body are flattened. That's a human stick. It's fun. Would you like to try it? " Then he wiped the dagger on his nose. The Lama said, "no, no, I don't want to be a stick." "I don't cheat you," said trinket. "It's fun. It's OK to do it once." The Lama said, "I'm afraid it's not fun." "You haven't done it yet," said trinket. "How do you know if it's fun? Let's try. " Then he compared the dagger on his shoulder. The Lama begged, "forgive me, young man. I should not have offended abbess."

Trinket said: "OK, I'll ask you a question, you answer a question, just half empty words, I'll ask you to be a staff. I will plant you here, add some fertilizer and water. After ten and a half days, maybe you will grow two arms, ears and nose. " The Lama said, "no, No. I'll be honest with you. " "What's your name?" said trinket? Why do you offend abbess? "