By Author: Jin Yong, book named Lu Ding Ji

"The second and sixth round of plants and trees connecting the sky and the human bones white Guanshan Mountain is full of red sunset (3)"

The Original Name:第二六回 草木连天人骨白 关山满眼夕阳红(3)

The Lama said: "my name is hubayin. I'm a Tibetan Lama. I was ordered by my elder martial brother SANGJIE to live Capture the Abbess alive. " Trinket thought of the name of SANGJIE. He had heard of it in Wutai Mountain. He asked: "this abbess is kind and polite, and he didn't offend your bad elder martial brother. Why are you so bold and reckless?" Hubayin said: "elder martial brother said that we have eight scriptures of living Buddha. Steal them from this abbess No, no, it's not a steal. It's a loan. Please give it back. " "What book?" said trinket Hubayin said, "it's the ancient Tuwu Sutra." "Nonsense," said trinket, "what's that gibberish about the black scriptures?" Hubayin said, "yes, yes. This is our Tibetan language. Is Chinese the forty second chapter classic? " Trinket said, "how do you know that abbess has taken Forty-two Chapters?" Hubayin said, "I don't know about this."

"You don't know, what's the use of keeping your tongue?" said trinket? Put your tongue out. " He said, throwing a dagger. "I really don't know," he asked Trinket said, "you stinking elder martial brother is in Tibet. Then he sent you out so soon?" "The elder martial brother and some of us were originally in Beijing and chased all the way from Beijing," hubayin said Trinket nodded and made it clear: "it's the old bitch who got the news." "You are a group of stinking lamas. You have higher martial arts than you. You are almost as good as you. How many are there?"

Hubayin said, "we are brothers of the same sect. There are thirteen in total. Five of them were killed by the Abbess, and eight more." "Why eight?" cried trinket, startled? Are you still human? Sooner or later you are a stick. " Hubayin said, "I promised you not to let me become a staff." Trinket said, "where are the seven remaining staff now?" Hubayin said, "our elder martial brother is very skilled and will not become a staff." Trinket kicked him heavily in the waist and scolded: "you stinking thief, you are still blowing the air when you die. No matter how good your brother is, I'll cut a staff for you to see. " "Yes, yes," hubayin said But the look on his face was quite disapproval.

After a long time of questioning, trinket couldn't find out anything. So he got into the cart, put down the hangings and whispered to Bayin, "abbess, there are still seven lamas. If they arrive together, it's not easy to deal with them. If you don't pay attention to yourself, abbess, you are not comfortable at the moment... "

White Yi Ni shook his head and said: "even if I'm safe and sound, I can't win with one enemy and six enemies. What's more, I'm a senior brother who has much higher martial arts than my peers. It's said that nasangjie is the first expert of Tibetan Tantrism. He has practiced the great hand print skill to the highest level. "

Trinket said: "I have a problem, but It's just that it's too disrespectful. " "What's the prestige of a family member?" sighed Bai yini? What's your plan? " "We went to a remote place and hid in a farmhouse," he said. Please change into the dress of a rural woman and sleep on the bed. Girl ako and I changed into the clothes of the country girl and the boy. It's the Abbess Abbess's son and daughter. " White Yi Ni shook his head. "You're a bad man," said ako, "and the strategies you come up with are bad. Master is a high-ranking person in the world. If you hide like this, don't you be afraid of others? " "You can do that," said the white. You two are my nieces and nephews. " "Yes, yes," he said "It's better to be your nephew and niece's daughter-in-law," she said Ako gave him a white look, and was not happy to hear the master accept his plan.

Trinket said, "I'm afraid that the Lama's living mouth will be left behind. We'll bury him alive for fear that he leaks the news. There's no trace of Ruth." "I had to fight with others before," said the white clothier. This Lama has no power to resist. It's too vicious to kill him again. It's just... It's just that we can't let him go. Let's take it with us for a while and make plans. "

Trinket answered, called the coachman, carried hubayin into the car, and ordered the coachman to catch the cart and go. There were no farmhouses on the way. I was afraid that mulberry knot would catch up with me. When I saw the path, I turned around. But the roads I saw along the way were too narrow to use big cars.

In the middle of the journey, I suddenly heard the sound of horses' hooves behind me, and dozens of horses came rushing after me. "Oh, no!" cried trinket! There are dozens of stinking lamas. " Hurry up the cart. Two coachmen urged the flogging and rushed for mules. But the chase and ride are running closer and closer. It's not long after the cart.

From a crack in the wall of the carriage, trinket immediately felt relieved and breathed. It turned out that these dozens of riders were men in blue, not lamas. In an instant, dozens of horses passed by the car and grabbed the car.

"Zheng Mr. Zheng! "

Immediately a passenger stopped his horse and gave way to the side. When the bus caught up, he drove side by side with the car and shouted, "it's Miss Chen?" "Yes, it's me," said ako The voice was full of joy. At once, the passenger said in a loud voice, "I don't expect to see you again. Are you with Miss Wang?" "No, senior sister is not here," said AK The passenger said, "you also go to Hejian mansion? We're going all the way. " "No, we don't go to Hejian," said ako The passenger said, "it's very busy in Hejian. You can go too." When he and his wife spoke, the horses and chariots continued to drive forward.

When Trinket saw that ako's cheeks were red, his eyes were bright and happy, as if he had met the closest person in the world. In a moment, he thumped his chest like a sledgehammer, and thought to himself, "is it her lover who has arrived?" In a low voice, "it's important that we take shelter. Don't talk to irrelevant people."

Ako did not hear him, and asked, "what is the hot trouble in the Hejian mansion?"

The humanitarian: "don't you know?" As soon as the hangings were lifted, a face came in.

The handsome man, about twenty-three or four years old, with a happy face, said: "Hejian government is going to hold a turtle killing conference. All heroes in the world will participate in it. It's fun." "What kind of" turtle killing conference "is to kill the big turtle? What's the fun of that? " The man said with a smile, "it's to kill a big turtle, but it's not a real turtle. It's a big bad guy. There's a turtle in his name. " Acor said with a smile, "is there a word" Tortoise "in someone's name? You lied. " The man said with a smile, "it's not the tortoise's tortoise, it's the same voice, it's the osmanthus's" Gui ". Guess who it is?"

Trinket was startled and said to himself, "there is a osmanthus in the name. Isn't that to kill my little osmanthus?"

But listen to a Ke clap a hand to smile a way: "I know, it is the big Han traitor Wu Sangui." "That's right," the man said with a smile. "You're so smart. Just guess." "Did you catch Wu Sangui?" said ah Ke That humanity: "this does not have, everybody discusses how to kill this big traitor."

"This is it," said trinket, relieved. I think xiaoguizi is a little kid. They won't kill me. Even if they want to kill me, they don't need to hold a turtle killing meeting. Damn it, I'm unlucky to fake my name. There's a word "Gui" in it. "

I saw the man looking at ako with a smile, and the sound of hooves kept on. This man is riding on a horse. He bends over to look at the car. He has excellent riding skills.

"Master, shall we go?"

Although Bai yini has a high level of martial arts, he is lack of adaptability. Wulin heroes discuss the strategy to kill Wu Sangui. They are eager to hear about it. However, SANGJIE and other lamas will soon catch up with him. The situation is very urgent. They ponder for a moment and ask Wei Xiaobao, "what do you say?"

When Trinket saw ako's attitude towards the young man, he could not express his disgust. He would never let ako be with him. He hurriedly said, "when the evil Lama comes, we can't deal with it. We should avoid it as soon as possible."

"What evil Lama?" said the young man "Son Zheng, this is my master," said ako. We met a group of evil lamas on the way. They were killing my master. She was seriously injured, and seven lamas came after her. "

"Yes!" said the young man Turn head to go out, a few whistling, the horse team all stopped, two big cars also stop.

The young man jumped off his horse, rolled up the hangings, bowed and said, "I'll see you later, Zheng Kelong." White Yi Ni nodded. "I'm sorry for the seven or eight lamas, but don't worry about it. I'll do it for you." Ako was surprised, delighted and worried. "Those evil lamas are very powerful," he said Zheng Kegong said: "I have brought those companions with me. They are very good at martial arts. I'm sorry to have them. Even if we don't win more and win less, one by one, we are not afraid of his seven or eight lamas. "

Ako turned to look at the master, and his eyes showed the meaning of asking. In fact, the meaning of asking was more than asking.

Trinket said, "no, abbess, you are so advanced in martial arts and you are injured. What's the use of more than twenty of you?" "Ako said angrily," it's not to ask you, what do you want to do more "I care about abbess's safety," said trinket Ako said angrily, "you are afraid of death, but you say you care about master. You, little villain, can only do bad things and still have good intentions? " Wei Xiaobao said: "is Zheng very good at it? Is it better than abbess? " "He took more than twenty people with him, all of whom were excellent in martial arts," said ako. Are twenty people afraid of seven lamas? " "How do you know that more than 20 people are good at martial arts?" said Wei Xiaobao? I think all martial arts are low. " "I know, of course, that I've seen them do it, and each is worth a hundred of you," said ako