By Author: Pu Songling, book named Liaozhaizhiyi

"Monk of Changqing with different aspirations in Liaozhai"

The Original Name:聊斋志异 长清僧

The monks of the Changqing Dynasty were noble and clean, and they were still healthy for more than seventy years. One day, I can't afford to fall down. The temple monk ran to save me. It's over. The monk didn't know he was dead, and his soul drifted to the boundary of Henan Province. There are ancient gentry in Henan Province. They lead more than ten people to ride on eagles and hunt rabbits. Horse is easy, fall dead. The soul of the monk is worthy of being played back, and then gradually becomes su. Asked Si Fuhuan, Zhang Mu said, "here comes Hu!" All support is returned. Entry level, then white and green, set consultants. "I'm a monk," said Dahai The family thought that they were delusional, and they all raised their ears and realized it. The monk did not explain himself, but he could not shut his eyes. If you pay for millet, you will eat; if you pay for wine or meat, you will refuse. Stay alone at night, not to be served by wives and concubines. A few days later, I suddenly thought of taking less steps. Everyone is happy. As soon as he left, there were all kinds of servants who came here. They kept money and books, and asked for accountants. Thank you very much for your tiredness. But ask: "does Shandong Changqing County know it?" A total answer: "know it." "I'm bored. If I want to pay attention, I'd better take charge." People said: "new Luo, should not go far." If you don't listen to me, I will send you wings.

In the long Qing Dynasty, we see things as they were yesterday. No trouble to ask the way, but to lanruo. When several of my disciples came to see you, they were very respectful. "How can I go?" he asked Answer: "my teacher has materialized." When asked about the tomb, the group led the past, then the tomb was three feet alone, and the wild grass was still not close. The monks don't know what they mean. Since he wanted to return to his horse, he asked: "the monk who is practicing, your teacher, should abide by his hand and not damage it. Everyone is the only one. Yes.

After returning home, I was discouraged and did not do housework. After several months of living, he went out to escape and reached the old temple directly. He said to his disciple, "I am your teacher." People doubt its fallacy and laugh at each other. It is about the reason of returning to the soul, and about what I have done in my life. All are faithful, living in the same bed, and doing things as usual. Later, the young master's family repeatedly appealed to the Malay people for help, but they did not look forward to it. Over the past two years, my wife sent Ji Gang to give me a lot of gifts. All the gold and silk were lost, but I was attacked by the cloth robe. Friends or to their hometown, to build. He was silent and sincere, only thirty years old, and often said more than eighty years.

He said, "when a man dies, his soul is scattered. When he is thousands of miles away, his nature will determine his ears.". As a monk, it is not different from his rebirth, but from his entry into the colorful land, and from his ability to escape. If the eyes flash, and the blue musk sticks to the heart, there are those who want to die but can't

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