By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The first time Miao training set meets true dragon Kuangyin in spring riding mud horse"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第一回 苗训设相遇真龙 匡胤游春骑泥马

Word yue:

The world is like a chess game. Let him be loyal and sycophantic, and take chances.

The Lord hangs his clothes and makes great contributions. Fortunately, only by sweeping away the filth and removing the atmosphere can we set the mountains and rivers.

Red lips in right

Since ancient times, there has been a fixed number of national transportations and changes, and the rule of extremes is chaos, while the rule of chaos is chaos. Since the Tang Dynasty, there have been many changes in the Five Dynasties. In the past decades, the emperors, who had eight surnames and thirteen monarchs, have been following each other in blasphemy and theft. The war has been going on, and the people are in great trouble. They have worked hard to establish the country for a long time, but they are not the real masters. In the Song Dynasty, sages were lucky and prosperous. Since the end of the reign of emperor, they have flattened the fake towns and laid a solid foundation for the splendid land. It is said that they have made great achievements for three hundred years. For such a long time, this is because he does not kill, benevolence and righteousness, so it is so. When he attacked the Southern Tang Dynasty, he ordered Cao binyun: "on the day when the city fell, be careful not to kill. If you are trapped in a fight, Li Yu is not allowed to be harmed. " This is just a few words, just as Mencius said: "if you don't like killing people, you can have one." However, although he is a child of three feet, he also knows that he is the king of Yao and Shun, so he doesn't need to be bothered to talk about it. Only when he didn't make it to the ninth five year plan, he could express the three dozen Han Tong and Chan Zhou's many deeds, which could make the listener startled and the viewer speechless. Only then can we know that heroic actions are quite different and stupid. After all, they have the potential to lift the sky and uproot the earth and stir up the sea and the river. Just as they are secretly instructed to do things in the dark, they will happen in the future. There are poems as evidence:

Dragon and tiger hide from different, brilliant career has a strange trace.

If you are willing to do benevolent government, how can Allah reduce the nine?

After Liu Zhiyuan, Emperor Gaozu of the later Han Dynasty, Yanjia, the crown prince ascended the throne and the temple was named Yin emperor. Being cowardly is more than enough, just breaking is not enough. Since his accession to the throne, although the sea and the river are not clear, it is also regarded as the end of the war, the long-term peace, the world road rough Ning. At this time, there was a gentleman, surnamed Miao Mingxun, with the word Guangyi, who could know the past and the future and was good at astronomy and geography. He was ordered by his master Chen Tuan to come down the mountain and pretend to be a monk. He traveled all over the world to find God. At that time, I was in the city of Bianliang, Tokyo. Every day, people who were competing for fame and wealth came to talk about each other. It was so crowded and noisy. One morning, Guangyi got up to open the library, hung the signboard to distinguish the fish and the dragon, and decided the merits and demerits. After the curtain was over, Guangyi was sitting around. He saw a young man walking in alone. Guangyi looked up, surprised and nodded his head. How can I see that man's good looks? See only:

Yao Mei, Shun mu, Yu Bei, Tang Yao. Two earlobes and shoulders, with clear edges and corners, symbolize thick happiness; two hands are above the knee, commanding the development of authority. The face is shining like a heavy jujube, and the ground is facing the sky; the body is thick and heavy like Mount Tai, and the tiger moves in a long way. It's very different. Although it's useless to use it as a hidden dragon, it's still in need of flying. It's enough to know that it's better than the son of the Red Emperor in Kaijiang.

This person is the leader of the foundation business who has been established for three hundred years. He is the leader of the class of the eighteen generations. His surname is Kuangyin, Zhao, Yuanlang, and zhuozhun. His father, Zhao Hongyin, is now the commander of the front hall. Mrs. Du's mother. Originally, Zhao Hongyin had three sons and one daughter: Chang Kuangyin, CI Kuangyi, San Guangmei and Si Yurong. This life of Kuangyin was born in the year of emperor mingzong of the later Tang Dynasty when he ascended the throne. Every night, he burned incense in the palace to wish heaven: "some is not blessed, because of the chaos of the world, it is pushed by the people. May saints be born early in the day and be the masters of the people. " The Jade Emperor felt that he was sincere and benevolent, that is, he ordered red beard and fire dragon to descend to the world, ruled the world in a unified system, and was born in Jiama camp in Luoyang. The red light filled the room, and the fragrance in the camp was different, and he could not disperse after staying. Therefore, his parents called him xianger. Later, because Shi Jingtang worshipped Qidan as his father and usurped Tang Dynasty by means of soldiers, Zhao Hong and yinche's family avoided chaos and chose two sons on their shoulders. When they met a strange person, they said, "this is the second son in the burden. There is no emperor in the world. Today, the emperor will take on one load. " Because living in Shuanglong lane of Bianliang city. It was not until the later Han Dynasty that Hongyin became an official. At that time, Kuang Yin was eighteen years old when she was married. She was born with a magnificent face and an open-minded instrument. She was also proficient in Wu Yi and had excellent physical strength. He's a very virtuous woman. Kuangyin was born to be a hero. He also made friends with Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei of his county. Every day in Bianliang City, life is not a rush. He likes to fight injustice.

This morning, I got up early and had nothing to do. I went out for a stroll, passed by the front door of the photo shop, and walked in, intending to push the photo. But Miao Guangyi sat here and looked up. He was surprised and said, "this man is the face of the emperor. I made a divination yesterday. We should have Allah at the gate this morning. I don't want to answer for his omen." Stand up and take a look outside. Look around, no one is around. Turn around and look at Kuang Yin and bow down. Say, "long live, Miao Guangyi, the path, is late to take over. Please forgive me." Kuangyin heard this, but he was shocked and said: "do you think it's insane to throw your way? What is the reason for this nonsense? " Guangyi said: "the path is not crazy, because the world is turbulent, there is no God for a long time, and now the emperor is not in the position of life, so I am ordered to go down the mountain to look for the emperor. I'm lucky to meet you. It's not an accident. The Lord is actually the one who should be lucky and prosperous. In a few years, he managed and educated himself in the ninth five year plan. Please don't doubt it. " Kuangyin listened to this speech and said angrily: "I'll throw you crazy! Where are you going? How dare you talk nonsense? You have the right Yin and Yang, and you have the right luck. According to my opinion, you are making up evil sayings and falsely accusing the people and confusing the people. It's very hateful, and it's hard to tolerate the truth! " As he spoke, he stood up, waved his sleeve to lift his clothes, and raised his hand to fight. Only listen to:

Crackling, ripping all over the room. Crackling, chairs, benches, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables, tables. The bottle of the curtain of the stove is old and new, and its starting point is slanting from west to east; the paper, ink, pen and inkstone are inlaid with gold and jade by virtue of you, and the flow of water and flowers is falling when the compliance is good. It's the moment when you raise your hand and don't look, and you can retreat.

Kuangyin was angry for a while. He knocked over all the things in the Xiangguan and scattered them all over the place. Seeing his fierce momentum, Miao Guangyi could not stop him for a while, so he had to back away.

At this time, there are more and more people passing by. It's Zhao Sheren who is fighting here. But I don't know his reason. Who dares to come forward and counsel? We have to stand far and watch.

In the hustle and bustle, I saw only two luxurious princes coming out of the crowd, came in and helped Kuang Yin, and said, "elder brother, why are you so noisy?" Kuangyin looked back, and he was Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei. He said, "you two wise men don't have to advise each other. I still have to fight this way." Second humanity: "the eldest brother can't make mistakes. If you have something to say with the younger brothers, I'll make up with you." Kuang Yin said quietly, "I'll call him to meet you. But when he sees you, he'll call you long live. How can he be allowed to talk nonsense under the chariot hub here? If someone else listens to you, how can you be called a fool? " Zhang Guangyuan said: "elder brother, you are also a fool. If you measure this mad Taoist, you can't rely on his words. If he talks nonsense, he will have murderers to drive him away. Why do you get angry and have a good understanding with him?" Luo Yanwei said: "at present, the medical divination and astrology in the world are all based on these floating words, which flatter people and make them very happy, so that they can be rich and rich. It's a deception. It's all the same. If you and I don't get into his deception, it's all right. What's wrong with him? It's a pleasure for my brother to spend time here and elsewhere. Why do you keep the air here? " After that, they took Kuang Yin's hand and went out. When Miao Guangyi saw Kuangyin's going, he hurried out to the neighborhood and called out, "three of you, please stay here. I have a few words in my path. I'm glad to listen." Then he said:

"Don't go to the temple here. I'll see the disaster for a while.

This year's transportation is limited to post horses, only for the purpose of leaving the hometown alone. "

Kuang Yin said, "two wise men, can you listen to what he says is still there?" Second humanity: "elder brother, let's just go. What do you want to hear from him?" Miao Guangyi thought: "I travel around the world and visit Allah, but I met him in Bianliang. But now it's not the right time for me to go and find a hero, so that he can move with the times, assist the king, and achieve the eternal foundation. We can see the image of ancient peace: one is to finish my original wish to go down the mountain under my master's order; the other is to make the people enjoy some blessings early, and avoid the disaster of fighting, fighting and suffering. " I've made up my mind to take the photo gallery and travel around. Press not to mention.

Kuang Yin and other three brothers walked slowly to see the scenery. At this time, in the time of Qingming, I came all the way, but I can see:

Willow green and peach red, reflecting the bright spring; green dust and purple Road, who hears the forbidden fire and empty room. Deep in the wood, in the apricot blossom village, why more refer to the shepherd boy? When the city is concentrated, the yanliuhuangdu will have to accompany Huanbo. In the busy street, although they often pick up paper grey flying butterflies, in the tomb road of Shuonan, they even smell tears and bloodstain cuckoos. It's the lovely cold food festival of the year. There is no flower, no wine and no fragrance.

At that time, the three brothers walked around and watched the scenery. They enjoyed themselves and enjoyed their eyes. They were very impressed. In the middle of the walk, I saw an ancient temple in front of me. It was very quiet. I heard the sound of bells and drums. Zhang Guangyuan called out, "elder brother, if you listen to the bells and drums in that temple, you must build some Daoists there. Why don't we go in for the happy hour?" Luo Yanwei said: "it's reasonable. We're tired of walking, and it's good to go in and rest and have a cup of tea to quench our thirst. " The three men stepped into the temple gate and saw what they saw. It was a Town God's Temple. It was really destructive.

Kuang Yin said: "two wise brothers, this is a dry temple. You see that there are no figures. What merits are there? What are we doing here?" Luo Yanwei said: "it's amazing. We were outside just now. We heard the sound of bells and drums clearly. How could we get into the temple door without a clock or a drum, or even a shadow? It's all day long, but isn't it weird? " Zhang Guangyuan said: "yes, as the saying goes," ghosts beat drums. "Can't the bell strike? Just now I think it's those little ghosts who are joking here. When we come in, he avoids, so he doesn't make a sound, and it's unknown. " Kuangyin clapped his hands and laughed: "Zhang Xiandi has always said that funny thing. You don't even guess it. I often hear the old man say, "if the drum doesn't beat and the clock doesn't strike and the bell rings, there will be a real man passing by." Today, only you and I are here. Who dares to have the emperor's blessing? " Zhang Guangyuan said: "in this case, elder brother must be the right man." Kuang Yin said, "how can I see it?" Zhang Guangyuan said: "just now that the monk said, the eldest brother has the blessing of the son of God, and the younger brother wants to come. If the eldest brother is the emperor, don't forget our brother in need. Be a prince, and you will see the brilliance of the eldest brother. " Kuangyin said: "brother, how do you talk with that monk? The word "emperor" is very important. How can I turn it around? Don't talk nonsense and don't think about taboos. " Luo Yanwei said: "although this is the case, it is uncertain. As the saying goes, the way is:" the emperor turns around in turn, and comes to my house this year. " Since Pangu to this day, have you ever seen that this emperor was made by one family? " Zhang Guangyuan said: "it's really impossible. In today's Dynasty, the deceased emperor was born as a horse raising champion. Why did he set up a lot of undertakings and achievements later, and became an emperor once he made his fortune? Another way: "a poor family has a son, and a white family has a minister." Brother Kuang is a famous aristocrat. Where is it determined? " Kuang Yin said, "what happened?" Luo Yanwei said: "that lies? We don't have to talk about it. Today, while there is nothing to do, the real emperor has not yet done it. If he pretends to be a fake emperor, he will be regarded as the real life. " "Zhang Guangyuan said:" it's true that we have to take turns to install it. "

Kuangyin saw that they were very happy, and then he said happily, "since this is the case, you and I don't have to give way to each other. Here is a mud horse. We take turns to ride it. If we see that it's the horse that will take a few steps, it's no doubt that it's Allah." Two humanity: "big brother sees very much." It is:

Cast hooks and lines along the river to catch right and wrong.

Then Kuang Yin said, "we started from the young, but the Luo brothers first, then the Zhang brothers, and then the Yu brothers." Luo Yanwei was overjoyed when he heard this. He said, "lead." Even if I picked up a branch, I would walk to it, roll my sleeves and lift my clothes, and then I would get on my horse and shout, "two elder brothers, younger brother is the first to be guilty." That is to say, he hurriedly raised the branch, whipped the back part of the mud horse as hard as he could, and shouted, "let's go!" The horse had to move. Yanwei fought several times, but still didn't move. My heart was very anxious, and my face turned red for a while, even if I scolded: "the pestilent beast with a knife!"! My emperor rides on you, also should walk around, how is just standing stupidly? " Then he kicked his feet on the horse's stomach, only to knock the mud debris down, don't want to move at all. Zhang Guangyuan laughed and said: "brother, you are not lucky to be an emperor. How can you kick the horse around and force him to go? I have to come and ride with you. " Yan Wei felt bored and had to go down. Zhang Guangyuan came forward, grabbed the horse's neck with his hand, jumped up and clapped the horse's buttocks. The horse was safe and sound. In my heart, I was also chagrined, for fear that they would laugh at each other, so I had to clamp my feet and think about moving him. But after a long time, it was irrelevant, and he made a fool of himself and jumped down. Yan Wei said with a smile, "why don't you ask him to act? Also like my general empty sit once, no feeling, no mood, like what Guangyuan said: "I and your brothers have no emperor's blessing. Let brother do it."

Kuang Yin said: "two wise brothers have been riding, now wait for the elder brother to try." After that, he stepped forward, looked at the horse carefully, and cheered: "it's a good red rabbit dragon horse indeed! Just a breath. " Then he put the mane on his left hand and the saddle on his right hand. He was about to mount the horse. First, he wished secretly: "heaven is on the horse. Disciple Zhao Kuangyin will mount the horse if there is a son of heaven in the future. If there is no son of heaven, the horse will not move." Zhu Bi, the God in the temple has already been alerted. The City God and the land heard that Kuangyin was going to ride on a mud horse. They all waited on both sides. When they saw Kuangyin getting on the horse, they hurriedly asked four little ghosts to carry the horse's feet. A pair of judges pulled the reins. The City God went up and fell into the stirrups. The land then whipped up and played in the dark. However, Kuangyin beat the branch three times, only to see the mane before and after, some shaking. Luo Yanwei clapped his hands and said with a laugh: "it was lucky for the eldest brother. Look at that horse moving." Kuang Yin also said happily: "two wise men, why is it surprising that the horse shakes slightly? Wait for brother Yu to ask him to take a few steps and have a look with you. I feel happy. " Then he added three more lashes, and the horse took off and carried Kuangyin out of the temple gate and ran about in the street.

The people in Bianliang city suddenly saw Kuangyin riding a mud horse and galloping. They were not only surprised, but also three in one, four in one. They murmured, "how can this monster come out in the blue sky? I've ridden all the mud horses. They've never been seen before. They've never been seen before. " One said, "I don't know the little child of that family. If the government knows about such naughtiness, it's not safe. I'm afraid it will bring his parents to suffer." A recognized way: "you do not have to guess nonsense, do not have to worry about him. This child is not groundless either. His father is master Zhao Hongyin, and now he is the commander of the imperial front. He depends on his father's official position, and you are not afraid of fire. What do you mean about him? " There are a few idle people in the room. After listening to the words, even if they are all crowded behind the horses, they make a lot of noise and make a big show. Seeing the bad momentum, Guangyuan hurried forward and said: "brother, don't play. It's inconvenient for you to see the momentum of the people. If something happens, how can you deal with it? You return the horse quickly. The two of us will return first and wait at home. " Kuang Yin said, "you are right, my good brother. I'll come right away if you go back first." Guangyuan and her husband have gone. Kuangyin then added several whips to the mud horse. The horse had four hoofs and turned around and ran back to the temple. Kuangyin dismounted and saw that the mud horse was sweating like a raindrop, dripping more than that, which was very strange in his heart. Immediately turn away from the temple and return to the mansion. No mention.

But the people who looked at it talked about it one after another, saying nothing but one thing, ten things, ten things, and one hundred things. It is:

Good things don't go out, and wonders spread far and wide.

This incident reached the ears of the Department of arms and horses of the five cities, and was very shocked. He said: "how could Zhao Hongyin's family not be strict, and let his son do this strange thing? If you confuse people with evil words, you should cut them off according to the rules. If this matter is seen by the public, is it small? For the duty of visiting the city, I should be able to listen to it. If I hide my friend's feelings and don't play them, I will be accused of not knowing them. I would rather offend my friend than my king. " Therefore, the same bureaucrats will be gathered together to discuss the cost chapter, and only wait for tomorrow's five o'clock to perform their duties. Because of this play, there are different teachings: in the Dufan hall, there is a new supporting army of long Qianfeng Yi; in the gate of the hall, you will meet a friend who is soft and fragrant. It is:

Human misfortunes and blessings are only judged by heaven, but secretly they are not free.

After all, when the Han master listens to the music, how can he grow up and fall down? Let's see the next step.

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