By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The thirty first time in flying dragon's biography, marshal Guo Xingbing in Chanjun, Gao Huaide and Shuzhou fight fiercely"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十一回 郭元帅禅郡兴兵 高怀德滑州鏖战

Word yue:

The emperor secretly betrays his officials. The court is reversed. The injury of the thigh and the humerus, the thief's quarreling and opening, changed from an imperial edict. To the flag and drum, to the heart of the gun, smoke, clouds, mountains and rivers cover. Sigh Group Li, only shout to the other sky, who can tell! Bear the best, honor you report; Shi Chen, sincere. Attack and pull out the stinging arc. One day, he called the king of diligence for fear that he would be loyal. Always wandering, strong will, empty sad.

Red River in right

Guo Wei received the imperial edict and was very surprised. He asked the imperial envoy why he took it. Then Meng ye said with a smile: "Lao Yuanrong, because you are here to recruit troops, buy horses, accumulate grass and store food, so you are sent to the lower level to get you into the capital. Old Yuanrong had no objection. He might as well go to Beijing to face the country. At that time, he had loyal and good ministers to recommend him to return to his post. If he didn't go to Beijing, there are three kinds of dynasty codes. Please make a decision by old Yuanrong so that the next officer can return to the court for a reply. " When Guo Wei heard this, he thought to himself, "if I go to Beijing with the imperial edict, I'll forgive you for your misfortune. If I don't go to Beijing, how can I tolerate these three courtesies? Today, I will start, and I fear that there will be few or no soldiers, and that great things will not be accomplished. Kuang also heard that Su Fengji committed fraud, slander and jealousy, and grasped the court's principles; the young Lord was near and dim, and he did not want to be a meritorious official. If you want to cut it off, how to deal with it? " Miss for a long time, no idea. Then Meng Ye urged: "old Yuanrong, the lower officials are ordered to come to call, and they are not allowed to stay. If we disobey the court, we will regret nothing at that time

At the same time, he saw only the next man, holding the sword, coming to the hall and shouting: "the marshal can't listen to the words of seduction. He has fallen into treachery. Once he enters Beijing, there is no reason to regenerate." Guo Wei looked up and saw that it was Chai Rong, the overseer of the army. Guo Wei said: "Emperor Ming Zhao, transferred to Beijing, how to disobey?" Meng ye said, "that's what it is. It's hard to reply." Chai rongdao: "today's young master is unruly. He listens to treachery. He doesn't study the hard work of martial ministers. He guards the country. All day long, he goes deep into the palace for fun. He is lustful and greedy for money, so that the right and wrong are reversed. The reward and punishment are unclear. Yesterday I heard that the whole family of Shi Pingzhang was killed. How can we not be hurt if we are so loyal and good! Today's will must have been the plan of the Soviet thieves to force against the town officials and kill the marshal. " He also pointed to Meng ye and scolded: "it's all your gang of foxes and dogs, who flatter the king and harm the people. It's a coincidence that we should die today. You and other generals, look at this thief with my hand. " After that, he raised his sword and hoped that Meng ye would chop off the sword. Then his body fell to the ground, splashed with blood and dust. Both sides will clap hands together and say: "kill well, kill well, very happy!" Guo Wei wanted to stop him, but he couldn't comfort him for a while, so he shouted, "you little boy, you don't think about it, you are reckless, you are good at killing Imperial Envoys. The imperial court knows that when you send troops to ask for crimes, you will inevitably kill the door."

Chai rongdao: "marshal, a hero from ancient times, needs to know the current affairs. Today, the court is in turmoil and the state affairs are not the same. He is the Minister of the marshal state, who has accomplished a lot. He also controls the army and defends the important town. Take advantage of this opportunity to build up troops, kill Bianliang, get rid of the traitors and the sycophants, and set up a new king. Why not? " After hearing this, the generals all said, "commander Chai's words are reasonable. Marshal, don't miss the chance. King Tut will decide the hegemony. Some of us are willing to work together to accomplish great things. " Seeing the change of people's minds, Guo Wei was pleased in his heart, and said, "although you have accepted the good will and kept my commander in chief, you are afraid that you will not succeed, but that you will be angry and defeated in the future. You will not only disappoint the hearts of all of you, but also make my commander dead. What can you do?" In the truth, only one person answered and said, "you don't have to doubt Minggong. You should follow the words of the generals and seek for great things. If you dare to guarantee your victory, you will join in the king's business." According to Guo Wei, he is from Taiyuan. His surname is Wang, his name is Pu, and his name is Zi rang. Born with a face like jade, eyes like the stars, a seven foot body, and a grand appearance. When I was young, I was taught by someone different. I was good at astronomy and geography. Now Guo Wei's account, as a staff officer, is obedient and extremely respectful, and all his generals are obedient. At present, Guo Wei asked, "what do you say, how can you know that you will win and that you will succeed?" Wang Pu said: "one night when I watched the sky, I saw that the emperor's star was dim, and the Han Dynasty was already inclined, and the Qi was shining on the Zen state. Taking advantage of the decline of the national fortune and the faintness and disability of the young master, when the emperor of the Ming Dynasty should respond to heaven's favorable conditions, the first thing to do is to see the soldiers together, and the world responds. Why worry about the king's business Guo Wei was very happy. He ordered Meng Ye's body to be carried out and buried. It's the day.

On the next day, they set up a banquet in the hall, and passed on their generals to have dinner and discussion. After three rounds of wine and a few meals, Guo Wei raised his glass in his hand and said, "today, my commander-in-chief, with the help of all the generals, marched southward, purged the traitors and slanders, purged Chaoning, and made it a beautiful thing. But I don't think we have enough food and grass, so I will have few soldiers. I don't know whether we will succeed or not in this trip. What's your opinion? " Before the words were finished, I saw a general who was short of height and called out: "why should Marshal worry more? With this axe alone, I would like to serve the front and serve the purpose. " According to Guo Wei, it was General Wang Jun. Guo Wei said: "General Wang, there are more than two thousand li between Chanzhou and Bianjing, and there is also a gap between the Yellow River. If we move our troops, there will be flying reports to the capital along the way. If the master of Han Dynasty sends out the people and horses in Beijing, he can reach the enemy. If he transfers the princes from other towns to block the Yellow River, the general will be brave, but he is afraid that it will be hard to fly. " Wang Jun's life is like a fire. What he's happy about is that he's brave. What he's angry about is that he's not good at. At that time, Guo Wei heard that he couldn't kill the Yellow River. He was not angry and shouted like thunder. "Marshal, it's not Wang Jun's boast, but all the princes are very talented? A man is like a man. If you do not seize Bianjing, you will not be a hero. " Look, as Wang Jun said, just as the art of war says, "those who deceive the enemy will lose.". He relied on his axe, energy and courage, and was used to fighting and fighting. He had no one in his eyes, and despised no hero in the world. He was shot in the left rib by Gao Huaide when he arrived at the Yellow River, and almost worried about his life. This is the latter part. Let's talk about it later.

Only that Wang Jun and Guo Wei were discussing at that time. Suddenly, the magistrate came to report that there was a governor of guide Prefecture in Henan Province who asked for an interview. Guo Wei heard from the newspaper that it was Shi Yanchao who arrived, ordered him to remove the disabled seats from the left and right sides, and distributed them to the headmaster: "I only said that I was not dressed properly, and I was waiting in the second gate." The magistrate was ordered to tell Shi Yanchao. Yanchao went into Shuai's mansion and went to the second gate. When he saw Guo Wei, many of them would come out to meet him. Shi Yanchao stepped up a few steps, raised his armor and knelt down. Guo Wei hurriedly helped him and said, "why do you do such a big gift, brother?" Then he invited him to the hall, and after the ceremony was finished, he and his generals saw the ceremony one by one, and sat down. Yan Chao said: "Marshal Wei Zhen Chan state, how to know the great changes in the dynasty," he told the story of the young master's torturing the whole family. "For this reason, my younger brother came to join us. I hope that the marshal could recite the friendship of his brothers and set up his division early and beg for revenge for them. It's not only my younger brother who feels virtuous, but also my elder brother's kindness under the spring." After that, tears came down like rain. Guo Wei advised: "the wise brother should not be sad. I will soon go to Bianliang and get rid of the craftsmen and avenge my brother." Shi Yan thanked him so much that he sent his soldiers and soldiers to the team. Guo Wei gives a party to reorganize and meets Shi Yanchao. Drink and sleep. Don't mention it overnight. The next day, Guo Wei allocated houses to live in Xiaoan with Shi Yanchao's family.

Since then, a few days have passed. On this day, Guo Wei was promoted and discussed with the generals to start the Army: leaving generals Wei Renfu and Zhao Xiuji to guard Chanzhou; then he worshiped Wang Pu as the military division, Shi Yanchao as the pioneer, Chai Rong as the overseer, Wang Jun as the commander of Zuoying, and Han Tong as the commander of Youying; he chose February 16, the year of Qian to start the army. On this day, in the teaching field, the soldiers went out of the state of Chanzhou. They marched all the way to attack the state of Fuzhou. No one dared to block them. The situation was overwhelming.

Let's talk about the local officials along the way. I heard that Guo Wei set out to invade the country. He sent officials to Beijing at night to report to the young master. At this time, the young master was informed by others because he saw Meng Ye's escape. Guo Wei was good at beheading the imperial envoy, and was interested in rebellion. Suddenly, he received a side report. He was shocked. He called Su Fengji to discuss the strategy of mutiny. Su Fengji said, "don't worry, your majesty. One of the ministers and one of the guarantors will succeed in killing the anti thieves. " The young master asked, "who can you protect to perform?" Su Fengji said: "the one that I'm protecting is Marshal Gao Xingzhou of Tongguan. This man is good at using troops, and he is wise and brave. If he leads his troops to fight, it will be as easy as if he were searching for things. " Hearing this, the young master wrote an imperial edict immediately. He sent officials to Jindou Tongguan, transferred Gao Xingzhou to lead the army, captured the rebellious Guo Wei in Chanzhou, offered to capture the capital, and promoted the reward according to his skills. He intended to set out on the day, and didn't have to come to Beijing to see the driver. The imperial emissary took the will, left Bianjing, day and night, and left at the same time. In a few days, he came to Tongguan, Jindou, and went to the Shuai mansion to finish the reading of the will. Gao Xingzhou did not dare to delay. He first sent angels to Beijing to reply the order, and then selected 30000 people and horses. Each of them prepared the tools of war and attack, fired three guns. The soldiers left Tongguan, and traveled day and night, hoping to advance to Chanzhou. After a look at the Yellow River, I was looking at the city of Shuzhou. I saw a scout coming to report: "the city of Shuzhou has been lost. Now, in the city of guobing Tunza, it is difficult for our army to advance." Gao Xingzhou listens to the newspaper, immediately sends orders, leaves the city ten li to go down the stronghold, prepares tomorrow attack. No mention.

But Guo Weibing stationed in Shuzhou and raised horses to cross the Yellow River. Suddenly, the spy came in and reported: "Marshal Qi, today, there is a leader of Tongguan Gaoxing Zhou who is camping outside the city. I'm here to inform you. Please make a decision." Guo Wei reported that he had only blustered his face and split his heart. He had halved the heart that was going to be a big deal. What is this, Liegong? Only because I think of what happened in the past: Gao Xingzhou's battle in jibaoshan forced Wang Yanzhang to commit suicide. The shooting skill of this high family is invincible in the world. Everyone is afraid of being famous. Everyone is cold hearted. Kuang was born in a family and taught mastery. And he is resourceful and good at using. There is also an amazing skill. It is the horse divinity lesson. It can break good and bad, and it's safe. For this reason, Guo Wei thought before and after, he was afraid of being depressed, so he had to look forward to Wang Pu and said, "Sir, Gao Xingzhou is the son of his family, and he is good at using soldiers. Now he is leading his soldiers here, but I'm afraid that my Commander-in-Chief will inevitably break his soldiers. I don't know what's the master's plan to solve the crisis? " Wang Pu said: "don't worry about Minggong. Park once watched the sky at night, and saw that the stars of Gaoxing Zhou were also dim. He was expected to die soon. It's just one thing. Those who are generals are most afraid of being anonymous. They feel suspicious: some Wen gaoxingzhou once called himself a kite, and Minggong was also called queer. That sparrow and kite fight, why drive sheep to fight tiger, pebble intersect? There is no failure. Kuang queer is the thing in the mouth of a kite. How can he defeat him? " Guo Wei said, "what can I do?" Wang Pu said: "park has a plan to make Gao Xingzhou withdraw his troops and let Minggong drive into Bianhe. He dare not obstruct." Guo Wei said, "how will the plan be settled?" Wang Pu said: "from now on, the Duke of Ming has been standing still, holding on to the slippery state, waiting for several months, without fighting with him. The kite had no food and was hungry in the stomach, so it flew away naturally. At that time, I would enter without hindrance, retreat without hindrance, drive forward for a long time, and Bianliang would be broken. " Guo Wei is very happy to be good.

When Shi Yanchao heard this, he shouted, "why should Minggong be so afraid? The military master is too timid. How can he be so afraid of him when measuring his ability to walk around? If according to the words of the military division, we don't move, then we will kill our brother. When will we repay? At the end of the day, I would like to lead my team to fight against you. I must be the leader of the travel week and dedicate myself to my team. " Say, cent pays left and right to raise a gun to lead a horse, step back to go down. Guo Wei didn't say anything, but Wang Pu was surprised when he saw that he was going. He quickly called out, "general, slow down. I have a message from the lower officials." Hearing this, Shi Yanchao stood up and said, "what's the division's share?" Wang Pu said: "since the general wants to go to war, it's not easy to stop him if he's a servant. But when we go to battle, we must consider everything carefully. The shooting skill of Kuang Gaojia is infinitely variable, which is extraordinary. I have a few words for the general to meet him now, which must be kept in mind. I have no regrets. You should know yourself and your enemy, measure the enemy and move forward. You should be careful not to worry too much. " Hearing this, Shi Yanchao smiled and said, "military division, please don't worry. Don't tell me that Shi will succeed if he goes here." After that, he went out of the handsome mansion in military uniform, put his gun on the horse, led the people out of the city and rushed to Gaoying. Wang Pu saw that Shi Yanchao was determined to go, but he could not win, so he sent Wang Jun to lead 3000 people out of the city. Wang Jun gladly led his troops out of the city to take over. No watch.

In addition, Shi Yanchao led his staff, took eight of his master generals, and rushed to the Gaoying camp to fight for fame. When the scouts report to the high camp, they immediately put on their helmets and armor, hang their swords and whip, mount their horses and carry their guns, and shoot out of the camp before the battle. Shi Yanchao heard the cannon and knew that the enemy was on the line. He looked up and saw:

The two flags are divided into left and right, and they are closely carried behind the standard;

Four strong generals are ready to lead the three thousand armored troops.

The commander of the Chinese army can be powerful, and he can dress up like a God;

The top of the head is red like a fire, and the front and back willow leaves are crimson.

The Tuan Hua robe is lined with Qiong Yao belt, and the bronze mirror reflects the sun;

A half moon of iron fetal bow is hung on the left, and several wolf teeth arrows are inserted on the right.

With eight spears in hand, a good horse is good at running to the dust;

All my life, I'm smart, brave and brave in the sky. I'm famous for my excellent skills.

When Shi Yanchao saw Gao Xingzhou, he felt angry and filled his chest with evil spirit. He scolded: "old thief! My brother was driven by Liu Xianwang. He and you are all ministers in the same hall. Now, he was bent by the faint king and killed a life. As the saying goes: "when a rabbit dies, the fox is sad. When a thing hurts its kind." You should only take the treacherous officials and revenge with my brother, then you can be regarded as one who is in sympathy with each other. How can you oppose the leader and block my way? I will take your life today. " Gao Xingzhou was furious and shouted: "Shi Yanchao can't talk nonsense! Your brother, Shi Hongzhao, is in Japan, and he dare not call me a famous surname. In addition, you have colluded with Guo Wei to conspire against him, and the soldiers have committed the emperor's capital, and you have brought great crimes, but you dare to flout me! If we talk about the national law, we must take you to Beijing and show you to the public in pieces; but read Shi Hongzhao's daily friendship and spare your dog's life, and only ask Guo Wei, the anti thief, to come out and die. "

Hearing this, Shi Yanchao was as angry as thunder. He was red in the ear and red in the face. He shouted, "how can the old thief stop bullying me?" Raise your hand to the gun and stab it in the chest. Gao Xingzhou was also furious and said, "how dare you be rude, how rebellious!" Hold up the snake spear, just about to fight, only to hear a young future snatched from behind. The horse walked like flying, raised the long gun, and looked at Shi Yanchao's ribs and stabbed him. Yanchao is surprised, grabs the gun back and quickly holds it. Look at the little general. He is a hero, but see:

The face is like the full moon, and the lips are like vermilion. The red tassel is shining and the silver helmet is shining. The plain robe shows the white armor. He used to be known as "Zuo Tianpeng" for his bow hanging and arrow cutting. He rode a horse and shook his gun, but did not let the white tiger generals of the previous dynasty.

Shi Yanda shouted: "let's keep your name, so that we can start." The little general also looked at Yan Chao and saw:

Black face, black beard and strange eyes. Wearing a red Fu helmet and a cluster of red tassels, wearing a lock armour, the gold is clear. The long hair roars and sits like chasing the wind, and the black tassel makes it move like lightning.

The young man would listen and say, "you don't even know me, rebel or thief? I'm no one else, but the eldest son of Marshal Tongguan of Weizhen, Zuo Tianpeng and Gao Huaide. You have a rebellious mind, and there is no need to punish you. Therefore, I come to take your life. " Say it, grab the gun and stab directly. Shi Yanchao met with a gun in his hand. Two people are killed in one regiment and fighting in the same place. It's really a stake. But see:

Two horses meet, two guns at the same time. When two horses meet, they rush to the battlefield. The dust is lined with hooves. The hooves stir the dust. The sky is full of fog. When two guns are held together, they circle and dance. I stab you, you run to me, and a piece of flying frost comes. When there are many wars, it's hard to decide between courage and timidity.

The two are the best match. Gao Huaide's mixed name is Zuo Tianpeng, a family gun technique, where he is afraid of your veteran. Shi Yanchao is a man of great ability. If he has been fighting for a long time, will he let you young man. The two have been fighting for a long time, about 70-80. There is no score.

When Gao Huaide saw that Shi Yanchao was very quick, he was brave and thought to himself, "if this black thief wants to be brave in my hand, I will use up his strength and settle accounts with him." Then he took back his gun and just parried and refused to rush forward. When commander Gao watched in the gate flag, he saw that Shi Yanchao's shooting skills were like torrential rain, rushing to and fro; Gao Huaide only retreated from this one and had no time to return to the army, saying that he was young and weak, but could not defeat the enemy. I also saw that most of the generals under my command were sighing at each other's anger. Gao Xing was the most competitive in the weekday. Seeing that his son was not able to help him on the spot, he felt that his face was not bright and his heart was burning. He put his gun in a position, added more drums to his army and urged it to be thunderous. The three armies shouted and waved flags to help the enemy. While Gao Huaide was parrying, he suddenly listened to the army's urging drums. Looking back, he saw that the soldiers swarmed in, knowing that his father was angry, he bowed his head and thought to himself, "if I fight with this thief again, my father will not be at ease before the army." Then he took out the whip to his waist and held it in his hand. That Shi Yanchao merely claps the horse to rush to the war, hands hold the gun, is shooting at Gao Huaide. He swung his gun in his right hand, parried, and charged; he turned around, raised his whip in his left hand, and shouted, "there!" Shoot it down. "No!" said Shi Head back side, only listen to when a sound, is hit in the back, Shi Yanchao mouth spit bright red, Fu saddle and go. Wyder clapped his horse and shot it. Then the flying horse came after him. There are sects: famous everywhere, shocked the hearts of the soldiers; when the guns and swords came, they piled up the way of corpses. It is:

A horse can be a million divisions.

After all, how about Shi Yanchao's life, and listen to the next chapter.

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