By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 37th time of flying dragon's biography, the 37th time of bailingguan, the Allies talk about the heart of the commander of the overseer's mansion and make an apology"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十七回 百铃关盟友谈心 监军府元帅赔礼

Word yue:

Ephemera is like an empty flower, rich and thin. Xuanmian is lofty and decorated with expensive people. I remember the first time when I met the earth, I spent several days in the golden stage. Yanxing hand in hand already can boast, Manduo ha, sunset oblique. Talk about the poor, gain and loss and other sediment. I hope that the cultivation of dujinlan will bring about a deep stink and win glory.

Jiangshenzi in a right tune

Zheng Enzheng was very happy with Han Tong. Suddenly, the sergeant caught him and wanted to tie him up. He was furious and scolded: "did the donkey ball get in, Han Tong's helper? Who dares to have fun? " Before he finished speaking, he had already sent his fists to the ground. After a while, he fell to the ground and spewed blood. "All the soldiers shouted:" no, this black man is very fierce. He has hit the bad guys So they all came forward. When Zheng en saw all the people coming, he was not afraid. He opened two fists and beat them around. He said in his mouth, "if the donkey ball comes in, all of you will come up and die one by one." Seeing that they couldn't hold him, all the soldiers had to surround him around. They didn't dare to get close to him. They all shouted: "the black man should be strong. We are under the orders of the king. Only because someone accused you of murdering and damaged Marshal Han, we came here to take you. You don't want to be arrested and hurt the royal forest army. The Lord knows that your life will be hard to protect. " Zheng en is rude. He only knows how to sell sesame oil. How can he know the scale of the king's law and the officials? "What kind of yellow ye and black ye?" he scolded at the beginning, "tell that donkey ball to come in and wait for fun to ask him." It's a fight here. Kuangyin doesn't come there to ask. He only says that these people are soldiers under Han Tong. He's glad to see Zheng en overthrow them. When I heard that the sergeant said it was the royal forest army, I thought to myself: "I heard that there is a Chai highness coming from Zen state, is it his military academy? The situation is that there are many people and many people. Let him go. " Then a loose hand, Han Tong free to climb up, to the crowd of a drill, ran away. When Zheng en saw it, he called, "second brother, Han Tong's donkey ball is running." Kuang Yin said: "my third brother, that's all. He can't compare with the others now. He has a hundred thousand soldiers and horses under his control. He has many generals. His weight is so great that we are lonely. You have destroyed his imperial army. It's not a small disaster. Let's go while there are few people today. If we delay any longer, Hantong will send a man to Malaysia, and we will be outnumbered, so that we may be caught by him, but we will not be weak in the name of running in. " Zheng en said, "the second brother is right."

They were about to raise their feet, but Chai Rong's sedan chair had arrived, and the royal forest army lined up on both sides. Chai Rong saw Kuangyin in the car, and his heart was already happy. That is to say, he hurriedly shared the car, stepped out slowly, stretched out his hand to hold Kuangyin, and called out, "second brother, why are you so rude here?" Kuangyin looked back and saw that it was Chai Rong. He hurriedly saw the ceremony. With a smile on his face, he said: "I heard that there is a prince coming from Chanzhou. I don't want to be a brother. I'm lucky to meet him today. I'm willing to send him away. I hope you will forgive me for my impiety. " When Zheng en saw Chai Rong, he shouted, "brother Chai has been missing for a long time. You can only cart and sell umbrellas. How can you be a prince? Ha ha, have fun. " Kuang Yin quickly stopped saying, "three younger brothers, don't say more." Zheng en said: "second brother, brother Chai has become a prince, and the joy is brother Wang. Why don't we have fun?" That Chai Rong thought about the feeling of the day before yesterday, abandoned and ignored, and met today. Although it's strange in his heart, it's hard to say. Then he paid for the horse and said to Kuangyin, "please go to the Yamen of elder brother Yu and talk about the feeling of being rich for a long time." When Zheng en saw that Chai Rong ignored him, he grabbed the robe and said, "elder brother, wait a minute. Han Tong's little donkey ball got in and robbed Yue Zi of a fresh fish. Elder brother asked us for a drink. Yue Zi wanted to drink. " Chai Rong had a bad stomach, so he couldn't let it out. Hearing what he said, he didn't know his feelings at the moment. He just said, "the third younger brother is still here to eat fresh fish. Is the elder brother's Yamen afraid?" Say, get on the sedan chair first. Kuangyin takes the shensha stick, recovers the Luan belt and ties it to his waist. Zheng en takes the sour jujube stick, gets on his horse and drives with King Chai Rong.

Han Tianlu hopes to come along with the driver and take the thief to avenge him, but he just wishes. Who knows that Chai Rong gets off the sedan chair, sticks to his hand and calls him "the second brother", where dare he come forward to argue? Get out of the way. The sergeants just chanted to Buddha in secret and said, "that's enough. If we had just started, we'd already put the rope on our arms. Look at the fallen Sergeant lying on the ground. At this time, where is he going to talk? " We had to live and die, lift up and go out. Although Han Tong suffered from this great loss again, he saw that his enemy was a good friend of King Chai, and knew that he had beaten him for nothing, which was hard to recover. He not only could not revenge, but also wanted to make amends. But when he suddenly realized that he was wrong, he was not satisfied with it. If he wanted to stay, he was afraid that he would rely on the prince's momentum to find out the wrong and discuss the right. He felt that it was difficult to do so. Kuang's soldiers would see him. What's the honor? After a long pause, there was nothing to do but go for a walk. Hurriedly retreat into the handsome mansion, wash your face, change the crown belt, assign your subordinates to prepare horses to serve, and go to the Jianjun mansion. The subordinates agreed, but they didn't mention it.

It's just that Nalugo hid away and saw the scene of Chai Rong meeting from afar. He prepared a horse and asked them to go together. For some reason, I'm sure it's good. I'm sure there will be no worries. I turned around and ran home to report.

At that time, the three brothers came to the front of the house and entered. Zhao and Zheng got off their horses and went to the lobby. Chai Rong also got off the sedan chair. The three brothers joined hands and went into the study. They all sat down. First Kuangyin said: "brother, I have been thinking about brother all day since I separated from the wooden bell pass. I can't help but see. I met my third brother in Xinglong Village the day before yesterday. I was running with him. I was looking for him. I didn't want to meet him again today. I have finished my wish. Since the farewell of the unknown elder brother, how can we honor this? It's good to be honest. " Chai rongdao: "my second brother, since he was a member of the league, I have inherited Zhou Xun, the wise brother. I don't want to be divided into two parts, one is different from the other. Although the third brother is a companion, he can't help but listen to the stupid words and be rude by himself, so he lost the silver given by the younger brother. In Xiayu, Qinzhou, unfortunately, was seriously ill and was in danger for a moment. Fortunately, he should not die. He was temporarily relieved. I hope I'm well, so I'll deliver the goods and collect the money, and I'll visit my wise brother. Unexpectedly, my third brother sold the goods in advance, and he spent all his money. After a few words, the elder brother scolded me. If he didn't leave, he left the elder brother in the hotel. He was hard to be nursed. The sick people from other places were homeless, leaving me helpless and lying in bed to die. " At this point, I don't feel that I have tears, filled my chest with Qi, and then I feel dizzy. Kuangyin was shocked and called in a hurry. He woke up for a while. Again said: "I am very sick! If you want to return to your hometown, you have no money in your hand; if you want to manage again, who is willing to promote? As a result, I was so anxious and bored that I had to go to my uncle and live in peace. He is the same as his own life, so he can get to this day. Only because the Han Lord had no way, he wanted to harm his vassals and changed his father and aunt. He went to Kyoto and forced the young Lord to inherit as a king. Because my aunt is still in Chanzhou, I ordered my elder brother Yu to be appointed to supervise the army and welcome the rear driver. If you don't expect to meet two wise brothers, you will have a wish for your whole life. "

That Chai Rong told this person to talk, he fidgeted with Zheng en, looked at Kuang Yin and said: "second brother, you are a fair person, and the music review this review. At that time, Yue Zi was dragging and tripping in front of him, and the elder brother was in the back cart. He was robbed of the silver by the donkey ball. However, Yue could not take care of him. He was ill in the shop, and yuezi spent some money. He said that yuezi had eaten all his capital. If yuezi didn't eat, he would have starved to death. How could he live to this day? Second brother, are you a fair person, or what's wrong with having fun? " Kuang Yin said: "three younger brothers, although you use money, it's no big deal. But eldest brother is long and ill in the shop. You should serve him diligently and keep him safe. That's the way for younger brother. How can you say a few words and leave him in the shop and give up your future? You're wrong, even if you're not. " Zheng en said: "the second brother said it was true, the music is not, it's all.". But elder brother is ill, and Yue Zi goes to see him, and he cooks medicine for him, and delivers water and soup. Are these things Yue Zi? If we don't talk about the good, we should talk about the bad. Music thought of his heart, now that he is a prince, we need not friends in need. Second brother, you are free here, and the fun will go. " Say, angry, go out. Chai Rong hurriedly said, "three younger brothers, you are still waiting for me. I am happy to meet you today, but you are so angry when I tell you about the past. As the saying goes: "money is like dirt, and righteousness is worth a thousand." Is it because of these things that we have to break up? It can be remembered that in front of the loess slope, it was said that "officials do the same thing and horses ride the same thing". The oath is still there. Is there a way to change your mind? Even the gods are not blessed. The third brother should be patient. " Zheng en listened, just said: "since elder brother so stay, the music will not go." Chai Rong was so happy that he set up a banquet to receive the wind. The three brothers had a good time. During the banquet, Chai Rong said: "my dear brother, since now, my elder brother has been living in the king's house. He was ordered to meet the mother of the country. My aunt has not recovered from illness, so she has not yet entered Beijing. You can also linger here, waiting for your aunt to recover, and go to the capital together. You should recommend your ability before you drive. Don't worry about not being rich. " Kuangyin thanks.

While he was talking, he suddenly reported to marshal Han for an interview. When Zheng en heard Han Tong coming to see him, he said, "is that donkey ball coming to have fun? I'll fight him later. " Say, go out. Chai rongdao: "good brother, it's impossible to use it. Han Tong is a minister of fengjiang. You have no duty. You can't beat him by etiquette. Look to the wise brother to see the fool's face, there is a deep feeling, but when the relief, he must not come to compensate for the dress crime, and then rude Kuang Yin said: "Han Tong, who used to run amok in Daming mansion, was beaten by my younger brother once. Later, in Pingyang Town, I took the king's tax personally and bullied the people. I met each other and was beaten again by my younger brother. Now here, I live in a prominent position and don't change my mind, so I just beat him again. It's not too much to beat such a man. Brother, instead, is to dissuade him. But why? " Chai rongdao: "good brother, you have no idea. Although Han Tong has made many mistakes, he is a minister of opening up his territory and expanding his territory. He has braved his strengths and made many contributions. I am dear to him. If you insult him again, the court will know that it is not to blame you? He has repented that he gave his present rites to others. Why do you want to be too critical and reprove me? " Kuangyin immediately saves the Enlightenment: "the elder brother persuades, the younger brother becomes Qu Cong himself." It is:

Don't call it humiliation, for fear that he won't accept it.

Since he knew it, he used it to be harmonious.

Now Chai Rong pays the messenger to invite Marshal han to meet him in the mansion. When Han Tong saw you, he went inside, walked through the lobby, entered the second hall, and was close to the study. He informed Chai Rong about it, and Chai Rong left and right to meet him. When Han Tong saw Kuang Yin and Zheng en, he didn't move. He dared to be angry, but he didn't dare to speak. Looking at Chai Rong, he said, "I'm a thousand years old man, and Han Tong is ignorant. I don't know that Mr. Zhao is a thousand year old friend. He was disrespectful for a while, so I'm here to plead guilty and hope that he can do his best." Chai Rong said with a smile: "marshal, you don't have to be too modest. Zhao and Zheng are friends of the lonely and righteous. They are very kind and righteous. Today, I met with all my friends. In the future, I will be the officials of the same temple, and they will benefit each other more. Although there have been small resentments, please come here to see the ceremony. " Han Tong heard that when he looked up, he saw Zheng en sitting on it, his eyes round, his eyebrows wrinkled, and he was furious. If Zheng en is rude and not serious in front of Chai Rong, he will lose his dignity. There was no choice but to meet Kuang Yin and say, "young master, I, Han Tong, was rude for a while, offended Hu Wei, and I hope to beg Hai Han for forgiveness." Kuang Yin saw that he treated each other with courtesy, that is, he hurriedly left his seat and replied: "Marshal Han, it's not necessary to mention the past. I hope that from now on, I will make a change, and we will never neglect it. " Han Daodao: "I have been taught." Then he went to zheng'en and cried, "brother Zheng, my younger brother has just offended me a lot. Please forgive me." When Zheng en was young, he didn't learn, and he didn't understand the etiquette, both the language and the language. He just opened his eyes to the male and the female, and said, "now that you have come to make amends, the music won't hit you." Say, always ignore him. Han Tong blushed with shame. When Chai Rong saw Zheng en's vulgar words, he found them uninteresting. He hurriedly made an apology. The song was whitewashed. Han Tong squints at Zheng en. His face and mouth are not good. He speaks hard. He doesn't dare to sit for a long time. He quickly says, "I'm a thousand years old. Today I'm a three six nine fuck. I'm going to play a horse and a man. I can't spend a long time with you." Chai Rong also knew what he meant. Kuang had important military affairs, so he could not be forced to stay. He sent them out immediately. It is:

A thousand cups of wine for a confidant is less than half a sentence.

Don't say that Han Tong quit his job. In addition, when Chai Rong went into the study, the three brothers began to talk about each other's feelings, to talk about their separation, to meet each other for a long time, to drink freely, and to drink directly:

Dripping copper pot and three drums, the shadow of the moon in front of the mat moves to the West.

Sure enough, it's cool at night. I'm glad to sleep.

The next day, the three of them got up. They had finished washing and had breakfast. Chai rongdao: "two wise brothers, I'm glad that my aunt will recover from illness. My elder brother wants to go back to Chanzhou. You can go with me. I'll see you tomorrow, so that I can play before the emperor "Elder brother, who is your aunt?" Zheng said Chai rongdao: "good brother, I am the opposite sex with you. My aunt is your aunt." Zheng en said: "since the eldest brother's aunt is Lizi's aunt, when I saw him, Lizi was also called a girl." Chai rongdao: "my dear brother, it's only when you come to Chanzhou and see my aunt, that you should not get along with our brothers. The music is long and the music is short. There are so many vulgarities. You should be careful." "We don't call it fun, what should we call it?" Zheng said Chai rongdao: "don't say more, just listen to what the elder brother called, the younger brother according to the proportion, certainly without error." "Yes, yes, the music is up to you," Zheng said At that time, the plan was set. After a night.

The next day, Chai Rong paid the executors to set up the deacons and prepare the horses. The three brothers left the study and went to the hall. Zheng en saw a big sedan chair, two horses, all under the platform, that is to say: "big brother, this big sedan chair with us again." "Chai Rong said:" dare to be a virtuous brother who doesn't like riding horses. Do you want to take a sedan chair Zheng en said: "where is Yue Zi sitting in this stuffy sedan chair? It's only for the second sister-in-law to sit down, so you need to get another one. " Chai rongdao: "good brother, where is your second sister-in-law now?" Kuang Yin saw Zheng en say it. It was not easy to conceal it. He had to say it again: "when the army was transferred to Daming mansion, Han Sumei, who knew each other well, was a virtuous man, so his younger brother paid for it. Later, because the army was full and went home, he separated for two years, and now he will live in Bailing pass for several days.". Chai Rong gave his men a small car to pick up Han Sumei. First, send people to Chanzhou to tidy up the house. Then the three brothers, riding in sedans and horses, left bailingguan and came to Chanzhou. See, only across a big river boundary, catch up with the sun, into the city of Chanzhou. The servant had finished Wang Pu's emptiness and left behind a garden, which was extremely spacious and elegant. Chai Rong got out of his sedan chair and sent him to the garden. He shouted, "dear brother, it's late today. Please take a rest. I can't accompany you. Tomorrow I will invite you." Kuang Yin said, "please help me, brother." With an arch of his hand, Chai Rong got on the sedan chair and went to the handsome mansion. Kuangyin and Zheng en were sitting in the hall. For a while, Han Sumei's sedan chair arrived, and so did brother Lu. All the luggage and other things were moved into the garden. The red rabbit and horse are tied to an empty room for feeding. Su Mei and Lu Ge stay behind. Kuangyin rewarded the sedan attendant and sent him out. Another cook asked people to come in, all of whom were assigned by Chai Rong. At that time, we prepared dinner and used it. Then go to bed.

In the morning of the next day, when Chai Rong came to the garden, his brother had finished his ceremony. Chai Rong said, "two wise brothers, take advantage of this morning, and go to the handsome mansion with the elder brother to see his aunt." The two agreed to go out of the garden together. The horses and sedans were in parallel. They entered the handsome mansion and came to see the lady Chai. There is a division of teaching: Although the blue clouds were set, no road was allowed; even if you ascend the golden palace, you still have to ask for a tassel. It is:

The Royal Weiji Fengyun meeting, the handsome mansion first alliance dragon and Tiger Group.

After all, I saw lady Chai talking very much, and I will listen to the next chapter.

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