By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 33rd time of flying dragon biography, Empress Dowager Li patrols and looks for Marshal Guo, the prince of Chu, to inherit the throne of Datong"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十三回 李太后巡觅储君 郭元帅袭位大统

Poetry says:

In the past, when the Central Plains chased the Qin deer, the five armies were defeated and slaughtered.

As soon as fanjun leaves wanghengshan, the household will enter the valley from the army.

Since ancient times, Jimi has been called foreign vassal. Who made the iron market closed?

See not the mackerel to pay tribute again, turn to see the yellow house to say respect.

When people are depressed, they can be sad. In the thousands of years, the Han Dynasty is still high.

The remains of the Han family can't be asked. Where is the song wind, the cypress and the beam?

Right excerpt Zhu Xi's "the stage of King Yue remembers the past"

After listening to Su Fengji, the Lord of the Han Dynasty fought in person, but he was killed and defeated by Guo Bing. In order to save his life, he had to abandon the camp and run away. He took only a few near attendants with him and looked at Xuanwu Gate together. When I got to the door, I saw that there were lots of flags and swords and halberds. There were countless Guo soldiers blocking the way. The Han Lord was too busy to go in. Just to return to the horse, I saw that Guo Bing was not far away from Fengqiu gate, so I had to take a silk rein and walk west along the street of Xuanwu Gate. Just arrived at xihuamen, I saw the bright helmets and bright armor. They were all Zen state soldiers and horses. I didn't expect to go there, but I went back again. The following inner minister, who had no one at all, was lonely and desolate. He walked with a horse, looked up and saw a Zen forest with the words "baiyun temple". Then he dismounted, walked into the mountain gate, and came to the temple. Only to hear the noise of the armour leaves in the street, the ringing of the bells, and the running of horses. It is predicted that the situation will be gone and cannot be retrieved. He sighed and said: "I, Liu Cheng, am not blessed by the Emperor today, so that Guo Bing broke Bianliang. As soon as I die, I have no enough to cherish. It's just the rivers and mountains my father earned. I give them to others gently. How can I face to see my subjects again? And left the old-age palace and the king's mother, there is no place to rely on, and there is no room to raise a farm. What can I do to save my life if I don't know why my country is ruined and my family is destroyed? " After saying that, he untied Huang Ling at his waist and tied him to the pillar. Then he shouted again, "I have insulted and disobeyed the words of loyal admonishment, so I have today." Immediately hanged himself. Three years in office, 21 years old. Later generations have poems to hang:

Not many years after he was established as Hongji, his vassals came to the front of the dynasty.

When you die, you regret your loyalty and remonstrance. It's not like you should be dispatched at that time!

However, Guo Wei's soldiers entered Bianliang and ordered them to hold the four gates. The leaders first surrounded Su Fengji's private house and found out his family. They took 194 men and women. Then they sent people into the palace and took queen su. Specially waited for Shi Yanchao to seize Su Fengji, good and Shi Pingzhang revenges the memorial ceremony. Press slow lift.

And said that the old-age palace empress Li is sitting in the palace, a minister came to report: "empress Qi, it's not good! I don't know where I am. Guo Bing has entered the Imperial City, and both culture and martial arts have fled. Guo Wei is now moving forward. Just now, there were countless thieves and soldiers. They took Mrs. Su out. Please take it. " When empress dowager Li heard the news, she was scared to death. Her tears flowed down, and she gave the guide to the internal servant, looking out. When a eunuch in charge of the palace stopped and said, "all the people outside the palace are guarded by thieves. Where does the Empress Dowager want to go? " Empress Dowager Li said, "what is the future of the country today? I went to see Guo Wei and asked him about his young master's existence At that time, he went out of Anle palace to the palace building. The timid internal officials all dodged, and several brave ones followed. After passing the official building, Guo Bing, the gatekeeper, stopped him. The eunuch said, "this is the Empress Dowager's wife. I want to see Marshal Guo. If you have anything to say, please go and spread the news." When Guo Bing heard about it, he went to inform Guo Wei. Empress Li then went to the Jinluan hall. As everyone knows, empress Li is a virtuous empress. Kuang Guowei used to be under Lord Liu's command. She was very close. Empress Li treated Mrs. Chai as if she were a stepsister. Today, Guo Wei broke the capital city and forced the young master to go. When he came to court, he felt ashamed in his heart and covered his face with shame. He stepped back a few steps and fell on his knees, saying: "Niang, Weichen Guo Wei is in court." When the generals of Chanzhou saw that the marshal had done the rites of the king and the minister, they dared not neglect them. They all kowtowed to see each other under the Dancong. The Empress Dowager decreed to keep her body in peace. Thank you, general. Stand by.

The Empress Dowager asked, "Marshal Guo, what do you mean when you set up your army here without any reason to disturb the country?" Guo Wei said: "I am honored by the emperor and abide by the official festival. I don't want the Lord to trust the treacherous officials, but I want to kill them. I just want to get rid of the treachery and the sycophant, and eliminate the court ears of the Qing Dynasty. I hope my wife can learn from them. " Empress Dowager Li said: "since the young master is young, he has to be defeated by you, and should also see the face of the first emperor. You can remember that in Japan, the former Emperor and you were in the same hands and feet, suffering bitterly and happily together, fighting in the South and in the north, and mixing together in the earth. Only then can you get the right position. Because of your great achievements and great achievements, you were named Marshal and took charge of the military power. The first emperor of Kuang was on the verge of collapse and was loyal to you. Therefore, he entrusted himself to you and hoped to assist the emperor and help the country. Do you know that you gave up halfway, changed your original mind, bullied my widows and orphans, and rebelled with your heart, for fear that the emperor would not believe you? " After saying this, tears flowed down my face, which was full of sadness. When Guo Wei saw this situation, he felt pity and tears came down to him. He said: "the leader of Weichen came here, except for Su Fengji, the traitor. He sorted out the court outline and revenged with shipingzhang. An dared to have different ideas, but he said the opposite." The Empress Dowager said, "you have no ambition, because you are fighting against the emperor?" Guo Wei said: "this is Su Fengji leading the troops out of the city. The key is Weichen. I have to fight against the enemy. How dare an offend the saint?" The Empress Dowager said, "why don't you see the king when you are driving there now, since you don't drive with the Holy One?" Guo Wei said: "I want to be separated in the chaos. Niang, please rest assured. I'll send you around for a visit. Please drive into the dynasty, and I'll play an important role in correcting Su Fengji. At that time, I will retreat and send back my troops. " After hearing this speech, empress Li believed it and led the palace official. With tears in her eyes, she went back to the Anle palace. It is:

Only hope that the system is still in accordance, who knows that Dabao belongs to others.

In addition, Shi Yanchao chases Su Fengji, driving him to heaven and nowhere, rushing like a fish out of the net, busy like a dog out of the house. Shi Yanchao, a horse, is a hundred steps away from Su Fengji and can't catch up with him any more. The watchman, ordinary people to the critical place, often do not see, that is, Shi Yanchao in the pursuit of, if the bow arched, or not hit people, also hit the horse, it does not save a lot of strength? That know Shi Yanchao as long as the heart with live, good with brother and sister-in-law revenge, also do not want to bow and arrow, just to pursue. Seeing that he couldn't catch up with him, he was so anxious that he became angry and scolded: "traitor! Where are you going? I'll get to the end of you now, and I'll take it. " As he shouted, he clapped off his mount and chased him down. At this time, Su Fengji just blustered his soul and gall, bowed his head, kowtowed to the horse, and walked away with all his life. He only wanted to sit down and the horse lost two wings. He could not fly. If he could, he would die. In the middle of the walk, I saw an ancient temple beside the road. When I arrived at the mountain gate, I abandoned my horse, took a knife, and ran into the mountain gate. I thought to myself, "I've lost my life with this black thief, either he or I." The plan has been made. I'll lay down on the side of the mountain gate and hold up the red tassel in my hand. When Shi Yanchao comes in, he will die. Who knows that Shi Yanchao's life should not be stopped? He is chasing after him. He sees Su Fengji running into the temple gate, and in a moment, he arrives at the mountain gate. He gets off his horse and rolls his saddle. No matter how deep he is, he is about to enter the gate with his gun. He just hears a gust of wind and rolls out of the temple. The smoke is blowing so fast that he cannot enter the gate. Then he heard the air cry out, "don't enter the door, brother. The traitor's door is plotting to harm you. Keep the mountain gate, and the rescuers will arrive at once." Say, when the wind settles the dust. Shi Yanchao wept sadly and cried: "brother Yinling has a feeling, bless secretly. Brother, take the thief and revenge with you. " In a word, I heard the sound of a horse. Looking back, the dust was flying in the west, and a young army horse came, under the banner of Zen state. It turned out that Wang Jun and Han Tong had received Guo Wei's order. At that time, when Shi Yanchao saw him, he called out, "two generals, Su Fengji, the traitor, was driven into the temple by me and caught quickly." Two will listen, that is, the soldiers will be surrounded by the temple, ready to catch thieves. Su Fengji is waiting at the back of the door. Suddenly he hears that there is a receiver outside. How dare you calculate? Step inside and walk. After passing the hall, I came to the corridor of the ten kings on the side. I saw Shi Hongzhao, Fu head elephant Jane, Yu Dai and Wu boots, face to face, shouting: "where are the traitors going? Return my life! " Hold up Chaohu and call directly. Su Fengji opens his mouth and falls to the ground. He is unconscious and has no idea. When Wang Jun and Han Tong came in with Shi Yanchao to search and catch him, they saw that Su Fengji fell to the ground and tied his five flowers without any effort. Tied on the horse, they left the temple gate together, went back to Bianliang City, met Guo Wei, and paid the order.

Guo Wei ordered that the skeletons of Shi Hongzhao and his wife should be taken out, buried in coffins, and buried in the ground. On the day of burial, Shi Yanchao reported to Guo Wei that he would take Su Fengji's family to the mountain grave to pay homage to his brother and sister-in-law. Wang Pu stopped and said, "two generals, I have a message for you. As the saying goes: "to support a family of thousands of people, to be a sinner." At that time, Su Fengji was the only one who framed his brother. He had nothing to do with his family. Now general Kuang has only entered Bianliang. He needs the support of the people first. If he killed all his family members, one would hurt the good life of heaven and earth, and the other would make the people afraid and resentful, so that the general could do more harm. According to my humble opinion, only Su Fengji and his wife, together with today's brother-in-law and his sister-in-law, or his son and daughter-in-law, can be regarded as one family's life. The rest has nothing to do with it, so they can be released. This is not only to do the national law, but also to help people, the most appropriate move Shi Yanchao said: "what the military Master said is that there will be no disobedience at the end of the day. But the empress of Zhaoyang palace and the Soviet Union is the daughter of the treacherous officials. They are all confused by this bitch, which has damaged the important affairs of the court. They should sacrifice him to the spirit." Wang Pu said: "general, this is even more important. Although the empress of the Soviet Union is the daughter of good luck, it is after the Lord of the Han Dynasty. You and I have the great righteousness of the king and the minister, which is immutable. If you worship your brother, you will not only be disturbed by his spirit, but also hinder the reputation of the marshal. This is absolutely necessary. " Shi Yanchao said: "military division, although the empress of the Soviet Union is the queen of the monarch, since the tycoon has a loss, it is the enemy. At the end of the day, he must kill him to sacrifice his brother. Even though he is under nine springs, he has to close his eyes." Wang Pu said: "the general must want to do this. I have an idea. I can have both. The detective just reported that the Han Lord hanged himself in baiyun temple. It's better to ask the queen of the Soviet Union to commit suicide and bury with the Lord of the Han Dynasty, just like revenge with your brother. Isn't it beautiful? " Guo Wei listened, and also advised: "you should follow the advice of the military master, you don't have to be stubborn. Kuang Ling saw that in Japan, he was loyal to the country and the people. After his death, he must be a God to protect the people. Let it be. " Seeing Guo Wei's advice, Shi Yanchao agreed with tears, only tying Su Fengji's daughter-in-law to the grave and kneeling down.

The Manchu people heard that they had come with Guo Wei to offer sacrifices to Su's father and son and Shi Pingzhang. But when they saw the tomb, they set up a sacrificial feast, candles and paper ingots. The four of them knelt down. First, Guo Wei led the Manchu civil and military officials and the Chanzhou generals to live in the city. They sacrificed in turn and burned paper money. Then Shi Yanchao took the incense to drink wine, wept and bowed to the ground, shouting, "brother and sister-in-law, you were upright before you died, and the gods after you died. Today, I'd like to come here to be served." After that, he stood up and rolled his sleeves. His eyes were red and his hands peeled off Su Fengji's shirt. Shi Yanchao opened his eyes, gnawed his teeth, raised the pure steel blade, and appointed Su Fengji to scold: "a traitor who deceives the king by mistake! A sycophant who is envious of virtuous people! You rely on the house of peppers and the nobles and the nobles. You plan to cut the vassals and kill my brother's life, but no one will complain. Who knows that today's justice is obvious and I have taken it. Today, I only take your heart and offer sacrifices to my brother and sister-in-law. " And pay out the burnt paper money on both sides. That Su Fengji listened to, deep from remorse, early know today, regret at the beginning. It is against reason that causes harm, and the retribution lies in oneself. Bow your head and don't talk, just wait for death. Shi Yan is extremely impassive, holding Su Fengji in his left hand, holding a sharp sword in his right hand, according to his heart, he just makes a stab, his chest is broken and his belly is opened, and his blood is all over the ground. Take out the heart and liver with both hands, offer them to the table bloody, cry loudly, and shout: "brother and sister-in-law are not far away, little brother killed the enemy today, take the heart here, and come to be sacrificed quickly." Cry, and cut off the head of a door of four, and offer it to the table. In front of the grave, there was a dark wind, and the yellow sand was rolling. With a faint cry, he went west. Guo Wei led a group of officers and men, and they all bowed down. Yanchao had finished his worship together, and he had three more libations to offer to the spirits of his brother and sister-in-law. Turning to Guo Wei, he knelt down on his knees and said, "marshal, Shi Mou has got the power to avenge the whole family, which makes me engraved in my heart. I will never forget the great virtue of life and death." Guo Wei hurriedly raised his hand and said, "general, it's your brother's feeling. You have to revenge. What do you want to do with me?" Shi Yanchao stood up and thanked the general of Chanzhou. Then, he went back to the dynasty together with Wen and Wu, and forced the queen of the Soviet Union to die. He was buried in the mausoleum with the Lord of the Han Dynasty. Everything is done.

On the next day, Guo Wei led a hundred officials in civil and military affairs to the Empress Dowager. He hanged the Emperor himself and heard about them one by one. The Empress Dowager had no choice but to cry. "The civil and military troupe played:" the country can not be a day without a monarch, please establish a master early in order to settle the world The Empress Dowager issued an imperial edict to welcome Liu Zhi, the younger brother of the young master and the governor of Hedong. Zhi is the son of Liu Chong, the Duke of Jinyang. At that time, they sent envoys to prepare vehicles and cars to welcome them.

It was reported that Qidan had joined the army and invaded the border in a hurry. The Empress Dowager immediately ordered Guo Wei to lead the troops to the rescue. Guo Wei was ordered to take a group of generals with him and lead his troops to the rescue. When soldiers come to Chanzhou, they stay in the city at night. Please discuss behind your back and say: "we will start our work in Chanzhou and plan for major events. This is to help the commander-in-chief to be the king. Therefore, we should be strong and strong and try to win the wife with shadow. If you don't want to go to the capital, you will hang yourself, but you will establish the Han clan party. We will not accept it. " Wang Pu, the military strategist, said, "when the generals discuss the same with me, this matter can not be postponed. In the future, it must be so, and the major event will be determined." The generals rejoiced and prepared to act.

At dawn the next day, Guo Wei got up and was about to give an order to start. Suddenly, he heard the noise outside. Guo Wei suspected that the soldiers were in a state of turmoil and hurriedly ordered the people to close the gate. In a moment, many soldiers came in one by one and rushed to the front. Guo Wei asked his story. The generals said: "I will wait for those who die all their lives and follow the commander in chief to do things. I want to take the commander in chief as the son of heaven. Now we are setting up others, but the hearts of the people are not satisfied, because we have made a decision with the military division to make the marshal the king and call on the world. " Guo Wei said: "the new monarch has decided. What's the change? What's more, this is a major event. Can you and other generals do it rashly? " Wang Pu said: "the hearts of the people have been determined, and the Ming referendum should be obeyed. Will Kuang Zhujiang, who has been feuding with Liu's family, put his hands on his clothes? " Before I finished speaking, I saw that Wang Jun had opened the gate of the hall, and then he broke a yellow flag in the sergeant's hand. In the future, he would put it on Guo Wei and shouted, "we will build the marshal together, who dares not accept it?" All the generals fell on their faces and shouted loudly. All the soldiers outside the gate shouted long live and cheered for tens of miles. The soldiers supported Guo Weibing's return to Bianliang, so they wrote on the Empress Dowager's note. They said roughly that they were mistaken by the generals and could not be pushed. They were willing to serve the Great Han temple and the Empress Dowager as their mother. When the Empress Dowager saw this note, she thought that Guo Weibing, a powerful general, was brave, and her heart was full of the court hall. The general situation was determined and irreparable. Liu Zhi had to be dismissed as Xiang Yingong by imperial edict, that is, Guo Wei was appointed to supervise the country. The old man died. What historians say:

The emperor of Gaozu, who had a strong army and lived in a convenient place, was a place where Hu rode to the north and there was no leader in Zhongzhou. Therefore, he was gracious to the South and the world came back to him. Was it the first place of talent and virtue? But we can do it at the right time. Those with sparse roots are not solid, while those with weak bases are vulnerable. Although the hidden emperor has the name of the south, the government is not already out. The people don't know the emperor. They believe in the small plot of the group. They want to be domineering officials. The natural situation is also inevitable. Father and son have been on fire for four years. Since ancient times, there is no such thing as ruozi. Oh, alas!

It was the same day that Guo Wei became the emperor. After receiving the congratulations from all the officials in civil and military fields, his posthumous posthumous title was hidden emperor, and Empress Dowager Li was honored as the Empress Dowager Zhaosheng. To the next day, the outskirts of heaven and earth, amnesty. Since it was said that it came from Guo Shu of Zhou Dynasty, the state name came from Zhou Dynasty. Gaiyuan Guangshun. Mrs. Chai was made queen. Fengchairong was the king of Jin, Wang Jun was the governor of Ye County, Shi Yanchao was the general capital of Jingying, and Han Tong was the commander in chief of Yuying regiment training. Wang Bao, Cao Ying and other generals were all appointed chief soldiers. Wang Pu was granted the title of Marquis of Changyi, general and military affairs. Fan Zhi, an old minister of the Han Dynasty, was granted the right prime minister, Zhen Gu the left prime minister and Dou Yi the Hanlin bachelor. The rest of the Han ministers, each of whom held his original post. Those who do not want to be officials are allowed to return. Follow the soldiers and reward them with money and food. The reward has been set, and the civil and military will thank each other. I saw one of my ministers, who was subdued in the way of Lun Jin, who fell down on the front of the stairs and did not thank him. He said, "I have a foolish mind, and I hope I can listen to you." There is no doubt that there is such a play, and there is a division of teaching: the first intention of seizing and punishing the enemy is to entertain the common aspiration of spring and stone. It is:

A man is not as noble as a heaven. How can his reputation be higher than that of filial piety?

After all, listen to the next chapter.

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