By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 39th chapter of the whole story of flying dragon Kuangyin shoots the dragon to understand the water, and Zheng en asks the way to be bullied"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十九回 匡胤射龙解水厄 郑恩问路受人欺

Poetry says:

Weishui soup is overflowing, and the surging city is few.

There are monsters like swimming dragons, bending and stretching to overturn the people.

There is kindness in the governance of an De, but it's hard to think about it.

Seeing this plan, dien'an land and town is full of people.

It said that Chai Rong was very happy because he had Zhao Pu again. He made a big feast and celebrated and drank. At the time of toasting, suddenly the door official rushed to the hall in a panic, knelt down and reported: "the thousand year old prince, it's a disaster! The Daqing River, with a water head of more than ten Zhangs, has washed away countless residents on both sides of the river. Now it is not far from the east gate. Let's make a quick decision at the age of a thousand. " Hearing the report, Chai Rong was very alarmed and cried: "you are my good brothers. The river is rising in the Qing Dynasty and rushing to the houses. The situation is not small. You can go to see with the elder brother and do something about it." Then they left the table together, went out of the gate, and hurried away. Before they arrived at the east gate, another person came to report that the water had arrived under the city of the east gate, and both gates had been drained. Chai rongwen reported that he hurriedly went to the city from the horse road to the buttress beside the city tower. Looking down, he saw that the Daqing River was like a sea. The water was vast and the waves were tens of feet high. The sound was like the roar of a lion and thunder. He watched the city come. In a flash, the water rose again, and the city wall of Chanzhou was lost. When Chai Rong saw it, he just shook hands and fell to his feet, looked up to the sky and sighed, "heaven! Considering that Chai Rong's life is thin, he can't be sealed by the king and Marquis of Zhou Dynasty. So this day, there will be disaster. The flood will be a disaster. Seeing the city fall, the people will hide the fish belly. But Chai Rong is not blessed. It's enough to drown me. Why do you want to implicate all the people in the city and be robbed? " The words are not over, just listen to the clatter. The water excites the wall, shakes the pavilion, and only scares Chai Rong to look like the earth.

At present, Zhao Pu saw that the water was fierce and there were many waves. He said: "a thousand years old man, who hears rivers, lakes and seas, has the power to grow and grow. If there is no order from heaven and Cao, he dare not submerge the city and do evil. If the people should be robbed, though thousands of years old are worried, they are always in vain. Now I look at the head of water only rushing upward. There must be a reason. According to my opinion, it is not the God of the river who asks for sacrifice, but the evil dragon who consumes it. Ancient cloud: "the Holy Son of heaven is protected by all kinds of spirits, and the general has all kinds of prestige. One blessing can eliminate all kinds of disasters, and the other can eliminate all kinds of evils." In my opinion, it is not certain that your highness can prepare sacrifices to sacrifice them, or save the life of a county by virtue of your Highness's prestige. " Chai Rong was appointed as soon as possible. Not for a while, the pig and sheep gifts, set up the city. He placed candles to pick up incense, and then he bowed down to him, saying, "Chai Rong was ordered by Tianzi to come to the town of Chanzhou and dare not abuse the people and oppress the officials. In the event of a flood, if the whole city should be robbed, Chai Rong would like to take it as a whole to save the people. If the God is forgiving, he prays for a quick return to Hongbo. On the day of Chai Rong's return to Beijing, he will play the emperor's name, build a grand festival in Luotian, and give thanks to the Dragon gods of heaven and earth. Look to the gods. " I wish you a toast and burn paper money. Looking down the city, the water is not retreating, but rushing upward, longer than before, not far from the crenel.

Look, this water is not going to other places, only looking up long, but why? This is caused by Guo Wei. That Guo cost is that Wulong came down to the world, according to the will of the Jade Emperor, to fight with Zhao Kuangyin. Now in Bianliang, the emperor's throne, remembering that empress Chai's mother was ill in Chanzhou and failed to meet in Beijing. On this day, I had nothing to do with my official life. When I was sleeping in the Dragon bed, I didn't expect yuan Shen to come out of my body, but I came to Chanzhou. I passed the Daqing River and brought the water with me. In the wave, he saw Chai Rongli standing on the city, and his heart was full of joy. He shook his head and said, "my son, where is your girl who wants to kill me? Why don't you see him? " So I walked all over and jumped up to the city. I saw a black cloud wrapped in the water head and rushed to it. When Chai Rong looked back, the water head crashed and fell again. Speaking, he said that it was bad. Now that the water has reached the city, how can it fall? If so, there will be no trouble of floating from ancient times. Why should we prepare more water control tools to guard against the disaster? Look, this is not the case. It's heaven's will that always submerges the city, and the people should suffer from it. Therefore, with your strong city walls and heavy embankments and gates, all things are hidden and become a vast ocean with only a rush of water. Today's water is caused by Guo Wei. Because of his agitation, it is up and down. There are three emperors in Kuangyin city. Don't say that brother Zhao Kuangyin is the real life of Song Dynasty. Even Chai Rong has the blessing of the son of heaven for seven years. The gods also protect him. How can this water be a disaster?

At that time, Guo Wei, the God of yuan, rushed to the city again. The God of protection - busy, he used his power. The God light forced the water, and a dozen down, the water head went to both sides, and the Dragon retreated with the water head. In a short time, the water head will still grow up, just to get the crenel, but it will disappear. Several times in a row, I can't come up. Chai Rong was frightened and Kuang Yin was frightened. Zhang Guangyuan's face was as gray as paper. Luo Yanwei described Kuang Yi's loss of spirit as similar. Kuang Yi only looked at the water and Zhao Pu shook his head repeatedly. Only Zheng en was so worried that he was at a loss. He just called out, "no, we can't live today!" While barking in the mouth, watching the water outside the city. The water suddenly roared up and splashed Zheng en's whole body. Zheng said, "why didn't you have fun when the donkey ball came in?" Along with the male and female eyes, I saw a hidden object in the water, where I wagged my head and tail, and danced my paws and teeth, as if to come up. See only that thing:

It looks like black paint, with black scales all over it.

Do not live double eyes flash, frequency will swing two corners.

The long body spins the wave, the huge mouth spits out the wave cloud.

Take advantage of the wind and water power to overturn and heave.

When Zheng en saw it, he called out: "it's a good donkey ball. Are you bathing there? Come on, second brother. Look at the monsters in the water. " Kuang Yin boldly went forward and said, "where is the monster?" Zheng en said with his fingers, "isn't it strange? He is looking at you in the water. " Kuangyin looked at it closely. There was a monster in the water. After a while, the strange turned again. Zheng en shouted, "no, he will knock down the city wall, and let Yue Zi take the jujube stick to hit the donkey ball." Kuang Yin said: "my dear brother, you have a short staff. I'm afraid you can't beat it. It's better to take it and wait for brother Yu to shoot him, or you can leave." That is to say, pay for the bows and arrows. In a second, he took the bow and arrow. Kuangyin took over his hand, buttoned up the string, put on the arrow, and then opened the string. He only listened to the swish arrow and shot it into the water. It was right in the left eye of the Wulong. The dragon was in pain. He put his tail in the water and brought it up. It was higher than the city. Kuangyin blustered backwards. Only the sound of surging water was heard. Half of the city wall was exposed between the time. Zheng en clapped his hands and cried, "well, well, the donkey ball has been shot by the arrow." Chai Rong and other people all looked out of the crenels, only to see that the walls had been exposed, and soon the water had been drained. Look at the houses outside the city. They are flat. There are countless people drifting. Not the three emperors in the city, but the people in the city of Chanzhou are all water ghosts.

At that time, when they saw that the water had run out, they all bowed to the gods and were overjoyed. They still went down the city hall from the horse road, and some of their men had taken the horses to serve them. Everyone got on the horse, went back to Shuai mansion, and left saddle to go to the hall. Chai Rong repatriates and reorganizes the banquet. He is surprised and congratulated. In a moment the feast was over. Chai Rong filled the pan gold cup and handed it to Kuang Yin with both hands. "It's not the skill of a good brother. It's hard to protect you, brother Yu. Please drink this cup, and talk about the rewards. " Kuang Yin said, "this is caused by brother Hong Fu. What can I do for you?" Chai Rong poured another cup with Zheng Enhe. Each of the following is to be congratulated. It was a happy day, drinking until dusk.

The next day, governor Chai Rong ordered the army and the people in the city to clear up the water field outside the city and build houses for the survivors to move to live in. This flood is exactly:

It has been seen that it has become a souse, and then it is planned to gather in the corner of the city.

Press the matter of Zen state, and say the dragon of arrow. Because the Lord of Zhou missed the empress Chai's mother with all his heart. This day, he was busy in the palace. He was sleepy for a while. When he was asleep, he suddenly got out of his body and came to the Zen state to make waves and waves. He was shot by Kuang Yin. He got the left eye, went back to the original with pain, shouted, rolled off the Dragon bed and scared all the Palace officials who were with him. For a long time, the Lord of Zhou fainted, but he was still angry. He only scolded: "the thief with a red face! What's the enemy between me and you? Do I hurt my eyes with arrows? Bind me quickly to the left and right, and do not let go. " The palace official knelt down and said, "long live Qi. There are no red faced thieves in the palace. If you want to see them in your dream, please calm down." The Lord of Zhou listened to the words of the palace official, and only then did he understand it. He asked the palace official, "when is it?" Palace official way: "orthogonal noon." Zhou said: "I just arrived in Chanzhou. I was hurt in my left eye by a red faced thief's arrow. It's very painful. Will you see if my eyes are hurt? " Palace official way: "Kai Long live, left eye is blue and swollen, have blood micro flow." The Lord of Zhou called the royal doctor to the palace for treatment. The medical officer understood that he took the magic pill and put it on the spot to relieve pain. He just hurt the pupil and couldn't recover quickly. The Lord of Zhou also said, "send an official to the state of Zen, and tell me that I am ill. Please come to Beijing on the day." He sent officials to lead the mission. He hurried to Chanzhou and Shuaifu hall and read the mission.

Chai Rong thanked the order, reported to the girl, prepared for luanyu, set out on a certain day, ordered three thousand people to protect his followers, and handed over the Zen state to Han Tong. Mother Chai cherishes the people's strength and pays for the distance. She takes only a small car instead of driving. With all allies and other people and escorts, it is Japan that goes out of Chanzhou and looks forward to Tokyo. There are poems as evidence:

Yan tianche drives his colleagues to a prosperous and splendid state.

It is only for the posterity to save the people's strength, so it is called the honor guard Mo Zong.

Driving on the road, only because mother Chai has not recovered from her illness, and the weather is hot, she can't catch up much. She only travels 80 Li a day. At noon that day, the mother called out in the car, "wise nephew." "Miss, my nephew is here," Chai Rong called "How early is it?" she asked Chai Rong replied, "it's noon." "I'm tired," said the lady. "Let's live." Chai Rong obeyed his orders and set up camp on time. Niang gets out of the car to rest, and Chai Rong serves her. No mention.

Only Kuang Yin and Zhao Pu, six of them, took their subordinates, and set up a camp. Because of the hot weather, people went to their clothes and mostly sat in the shade to enjoy the cool. Only Zheng en took off his clothes, sat down on the ground, took a straw hat in his hand, could not stop the fan, looked at Kuang Yin and said, "second brother, Yue Zi is sweating all over, just afraid of the heat, so what can I do?" Kuang Yin said: "as the saying goes:" cold is private room cold, hot is everyone hot. " Brother, you just need to sit in silence once. It's natural to be cool. Why should you be violent? " Zheng en said: "the music can't stand, second brother, you can also be afraid of heat. How about the music and your bath?" Kuangyin said: "where to wash?" Zheng en said: "it's not refreshing to wash in the river." Kuang Yin said, "this is refreshing, but you are not used to it. It's not easy to wash it." "Yue Zi will go with brother Zhang," Zheng said Guangyuan said: "I can't float. I won't go." Zheng en said, "brother Luo, go with Yue Zi." Yan Wei said, "I dare not accompany you." He was so rude that no one would go with him. Zheng en said with a smile: "second brother, it's so hot. Thanks for your patience, why don't you go to take a bath with fun? It's not too cold. " Kuang Yi said, "I'm not very fast. I dare not wash it." When Zheng en saw that he would not go, he turned to Zhao Pu and said, "go with fun." Zhao Pu said with a smile. "It's very good, but the students have no luck. Excuse me." When Zheng en saw that all the people were unwilling to go, he was bored and unhappy. He said to himself, "Yue Zi asked you to take a bath, but you didn't know how to take care of them." Kuang Yin listened and said, "brother, you are so busy. They don't like to take a bath. Let him alone. If you want to go, you will go. Why do you have so many Lufu?" Zheng en said, "if you don't go, won't you have fun?" Then he put the green cloth shirt on his arm, bared his legs, put on his straw hat, went out of the camp and looked to the West. No one paid attention to him.

He walked three miles at a time, standing on his feet, and asked his family, "how can we go so many ways when we are going to take a bath? Where can we go now? " Looking around, he hesitated for a long time and said, "let's go back." Just waiting to turn around, suddenly said: "no, it doesn't matter if the music goes back, it's a joke." Again, he stood in a daze, thought once more, and said, "have fun and sit here. When the passer-by comes and asks him where there is a river, he can take a bath." After that, he threw the green shirt into the ground, sat on it and looked around. Although there were many people coming and going, he was far away from him and would not come to him. Zheng en scolded, "why don't these donkey balls come here for fun? I'm so tired. " It turns out that Zheng en is sitting on the wasteland, not by way. How can someone follow him?

Seeing no one, Zheng en got up, took his shirt and looked at the road. It's July. It's just the time when the farmer is cutting the early rice. A man in front of him picked a load of rice and was running. Zheng en catches up and grabs his neck. The man expected to look back to see who it was, who knows Zheng en's big hands and heavy strength. Not only could he not turn back, but he could not even struggle with the burden. Zheng en scolded: "you want to earn the donkey ball? Yue Zi asked you, where is the river? " "Who's making fun of it? You see that I am here with a heavy burden, and you have held me for pleasure, but you have not broken my waist. Let go quickly. If you don't let go, I will scold you. " Zheng en said, "you scolded me for the donkey ball." One press of his hand, and the man was carrying a load of rice. Where can he stand this press? At the sound of a roar, people fell to the ground and shouted, "the one suffering from the plague, play me like this? I will not rest. " He got up and wanted to be serious. He raised his eyes and saw Zheng en. He was so scared that he backed up and could not be sure. Ancient cloud: "gods and ghosts are afraid of the wicked." Although the man was annoyed, he saw Zheng en's description, and the spirit was gone. He dared to break there, so he had to shout: "friend, I don't know you. Why do I make friends with you?" Zheng en said: "the donkey ball is in, Yue Zi asks you well, why don't you answer?" The man heard that "Laozi" in Zheng en's mouth was long and "Laozi" was short, which was unclear. If you want to quarrel with him, forgive this villain and deal with him. If you want to ignore him, take the burden and walk on your own, but you are afraid that he will not be able to earn money for a while. "What can I do for you, friend?" he cried with a forced smile Zheng en said, "Yue Zi only asked you where there is a river." That humanity: "we have many rivers here, I don't know which one you ask?" Zheng en said: "no matter what river, as long as the music takes a bath is." When the man heard this, he cursed in his heart, "this prisoner, ask the river for a bath. It's so hateful to give me up and make me cheap. If I want to be my father, I'll coax him to go a long way in vain, but I still can't take a bath. " Then he said, "friend, do you want to ask the river to take a bath? There is no river around here. You can go through the tree forest. There is a big river. The water is clear and you can take a bath. Except for this river, there are all dry roads. " Zheng Enyuan looked far away and saw a forest. He did not ask about the distance and said, "music has gone." Pull away and go. When the man saw it, he secretly rejoiced, "I will make this prisoner suffer." Then he picked up the rice pole and went ahead.

It's just that Zheng en left his legs and ran for the road. He only heard the sound of the wind in his ear. In an instant, he walked for about ten miles. After the woods, look around, where can you see the river? It's all around the village. Zheng enfang just woke up and scolded: "the donkey ball got in. He made fun of it. He walked away for nothing this time and didn't have to take a bath. I saw him for a while and told him to suffer. " Just about to turn around, I saw a melon garden in the back of the villa. I saw that the garden door was open. At a glance, I saw that the melon was spread across the ground, as big as a fight. Zheng en was full of joy and salivated. He thought, "it's so hot to have fun. It's not too late to quench his thirst and take a bath." Then he stepped into the garden to quench his thirst. Have cent teach: half day suffer 3 times humiliation beat, a melon decides thousand li marriage. It is:

Without the taste of soft jade, you will be cheated by fist and foot throwing.

After all, Zheng en eats melon. If anyone sees it or not, I'll see next time.

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