By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 32nd time of flying dragon's biography: Gao Xingzhou night watches the stars and Su Fengji shrugs his troops"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十二回 高行周夜观星象 苏逢吉耸驾丧军

Word yue:

Thinking of the ministers and workers, it seems that he can be a country, forgetting his body. Bowing is the best way to die. The longitude and latitude are always clear, and the success and failure are well known. How to move? It's hard to lose money. But fence down, see how many tigers and wolves, rodent people. Gather together and enter the room. Will you share your worries? Only to leave the millet market, feeling has been empty Miao. Who is to blame? Blame him for pulling his shoulders so early.

The letter to explore Fang in right key

It's said that Shi Yanchao and Gao Huaide fought outside the city of Shuzhou. Because of their vengeance, they couldn't guard against it, so Gao Huaide made money, whipped them, spit their blood, and fell on their saddles. Wyatt is not willing to part with him. He will come. Before arriving at the gate flag, Wang Jun took over the troops. Seeing Shi Yanchao's defeat, he was in a hurry to catch up with him. He raised his axe and mounted his horse. He rolled to the front of the army and shouted, "you can't be brave. You can't drive my brother. I'll come." Immediately let Shi Yanchao go and block it. When he saw Wang Jun, he really had an interest:

Red beard, golden eyes and sharp mouth. He was wearing a gold-plated helmet and a lock armour. The pure steel axe is lifted gently in the hand, and the jujube horse is sitting steadily.

Seeing Wang Junsheng's ferocity, wyde didn't answer, and rushed to kill him. Wang Jun swung his axe, and with a swish, he cut his head. Wyde opened the gun rack in his hand and thought that his arms were heavy. He thought to himself, "this ugly thief is strong, brave and hard to fight with for a long time. He can only gain wisdom, not force the enemy." Turn the horse, turn the map, and take the gun in his hand to Wang Jun. Wang Jun saw that he was very skilled, and Shi Yanchao was beaten by him, so he used all his strength to fight, and he was wary of his hidden weapons. When the two fought for more than 50 years, Gao Huaide suddenly drew back his gun. Wang Jun was too strong, and the axe was cut empty. His body turned back. Gao Huaide took advantage of the situation to tighten the Lihua gun, but he saw Wang Jun stabbing it in his heart. Wang Jun was unprepared and cried, "no!" He hurriedly pulled the horse aside, only to hear a whoosh. The gun had been put on the left rib armour, and half of his robe had been taken. Wang Jun was frightened by his bluff. His face was pale. He took his horse back and dragged his axe to escape. When Gao Xingzhou saw that Huaide won two battles, the enemy would be afraid to flee. He was very happy. He put the gun in one position, the three armies shouted, the drums were like thunder. Tongguan soldiers then chased and killed the people and horses of Chanzhou, such as chopping melons and vegetables, and killing the people and horses in the future. It was very interesting. There are poems as evidence:

Gao Xiongwei and his son are just like thousands of troops coming.

Sparrow and harrier are hard to fight. The corpse is full of blood.

The killing outside the city of Huazhou is still red. Shi Yanchao and Wang Jun, each seriously wounded, were defeated in the city and could not get out.

Gao Xingzhou won a great victory. He returned to the camp and rewarded the officers. His father and son each unloaded their military uniforms and set up wine to drink. Seeing Huaide's bravery and strength in everything, Gao Xingzhou was very happy. He thought to himself, "Lord, if you have a high kite in Tongguan, you are afraid of Guo queer in Chanzhou." It's also called Huaide: "my son, you whipped Shi Yanchao today and shot at the traitor. He's famous for his cowardice. Tomorrow's battle with him will take a while to succeed. However, although Guo Wei's subordinates are incompetent, Wang Pu is resourceful and good at understanding Yin and Yang. He studied art with his father and classmates. He was good at learning the past and the future, as well as astronomy and geography. My son must pay more attention tonight to prevent him from robbing the stronghold. " Huaide said: "my father has seen so far. I'll give it to the sergeant. Don't sleep soundly tonight. Be careful to guard against thieves." Gao Xingzhou then issued a military order, and each kept it for a night.

At dawn the next day, each of them had a full meal, and they all got up to camp opposite to the city of Huazhou. Gao Xingzhou ordered Huaide to fight in front of the key point. Huaide was ordered to dress up neatly. He mounted his gun and led the soldiers to the city. He sat down and asked Guo Wei to answer. The city is just closed, no one comes out. Wyder called for a day and went back to camp. For five days in a row, there was no movement in the city. You were allowed to shout and scold outside, but you didn't hear it. Huaide reported to his father that Gao Xingzhou was furious and allocated 20000 people and horses to attack the four gates of the city, leaving 10000 to guard the camp. At that time, all the troops attacked hard, only the ash bottle stones were knocked down on the city, and Tongguan soldiers were mostly wounded. Look at the siege for three days. The city can't go down. This was Wang Pu's plan. He had made a decision when he looked at the sky. He kept the four doors closed and was not allowed to go to war. Although he fought hard outside, he only kept all the people safe. How can the city of Kuangshua be broken?

On this day, Guo Wei personally went to the city for inspection, helped the crenels, and saw that all the soldiers under the city were fighting for strength, and all of them were selling their courage, like the waves of the sea, like swarming to attack each other. From the beginning, I saw that two generals had lost their chance. The soul dream was already in a state of panic. When your parents saw the attack, the situation was very critical. Why not be afraid? Only bluffing his face, he hurried down to the city, returned to the commander's office, and discussed with the generals: "I regret losing my mind and rebelled against the court. Today, it's clear that there are no generals who are hostile to Gao's father and son's soldiers. They are in a hurry to attack the city five times. At that time, all the jade and stone were on fire, but they didn't waste their efforts to show their respect? What can I do? " I saw Wang Pu saying, "Minggong is free of worries and doubts. There was a saying before Wang Mou that there would be disaster if the stars were dim when he walked high. And please be relieved and wait for ten days. After the general transportation of the Ming Dynasty, Gao Xingzhou's natural army will retreat. This is not a king's fallacy. It's actually a heavenly phenomenon. If you only want to be conservative, you will have no other worries. " After hearing this, Guo Wei, according to the words of Wang Pu, announced that the city would add more grey bottles of cannon stones, and guard against them day and night, and stick to them carefully. Press not to mention.

In addition, Gao Xingzhou saw that he could not attack the city, and there were many wounded soldiers, so he had to send an order to withdraw his troops and return to the camp. Don't think about a good plan. When father and son returned to the camp, it was already late. They lit lamps and candles and ate after dinner. And they shall withdraw from the tabernacle, and shall exchange their rest. Wyatt checked the three armies and assigned them to all provinces to sleep. No slack. Gao Xingzhou sat alone in the tent and thought: "this is the son of God, who dotes on Su Fengji and is bewitched by him. The rewards and punishments are not clear, so he provoked Guo Wei. Up to now, he has worked hard to stir up people, but has not succeeded." He also thought, "Shi Hongzhao's family was slandered and killed, and they were miserable." A long sigh and a few voices made the heart of worrying about the country and the people half cold. I didn't feel the sound of drums beating at the third watch, but the voice of people was still. Gao Xingzhou left his seat and walked out of the account of the Chinese army. He saw five battalions and four outposts, rigorous and solemn. I feel the cold wind blowing on my face, and I feel like ice everywhere. Look up, the sky is full of stars. Then I looked to Tianhe and saw that Ziwei's mouth was black, bright and dark for a while, and the guest stars were invading the throne, and the stars were full of energy, just like the Zen state. It is known that the Han Dynasty will soon belong to Guo Wei, which is a worry. I was blown by the cold wind again, and suddenly I had a cold war. I felt that my body was cold and gradually hot. When I returned to the Chinese army, I was not happy. I was restless all night. To the next day, the hearts of worry and confusion, worry turn Sheng, tea and rice do not think, sick can not afford. Order Huaide to manage the military situation. The three armies should not move. The soldiers under his command will see that the Lord is ill, and they will lose half of their fighting heart.

A few days later, the illness became worse. That day, at night, at midnight, Gao Xingzhou cried out for doubt: "my son, how about you help me out and watch the stars?" Huaide said: "my father is in a state of unease. He has to keep quiet. When he gets well, he can go and watch." Walk around and say: "you then help me to go out, never hinder." He did not dare to disobey his father, so he helped his father out of the tent and looked up to the sky. He sighed and was silent when he saw that his life star was faint and falling. He asked Huaide to help him to the back hall and sit on the soft couch, hesitating and sighing. "Why didn't dad sigh when he watched the stars?" asked wyde Xingzhou said: "my son, how do you know the mystery of stars? If I don't want to tell you, then you don't know why. If I tell you, then you will understand. Just now I looked up at the sky and saw that the stars were dim. He also watched the night before yesterday, and saw that the guest star had offended the throne, and the Lord's house was unknown. This was a sign that he wanted to change his Lord. We can see that Wang Qi is shining on the Zen state and should inherit the world in Guowei. Your father was ordered to build up his army and come to resist the enemy. However, heaven did not allow it. He sent disaster down so that I could not destroy the thief. He was sincere. Now soldiers are stationed here, spending money and food in vain. Wang Pu is good at guarding the city, but difficult to break. If you want to follow heaven's heart, you will never return to Guowei. If we only support our troops to block it, we will not be able to host it, not only because of serious illness, but also because of fear of disobeying the will of heaven. So the dilemma is still unresolved. "

After listening to this, Wyatt thought about it for a while, and said, "Dad, I have a plan for two things. Can I help you?" "There is a great plan," he said. "When you do, you will do. When you stop, you will stop." Huaide said: "Dad, since the heaven is hanging, you can't go against the sky. In my opinion, why not withdraw and go back to Tongguan, listen to Dayu's orders, and be wise to protect yourself is also a step back. What do you think of my father? " Xingzhou said: "my son, although you are young, you are also thorough. I also want to make this policy for my father. It's OK for me. It's just one thing. I'm afraid it's not right. " "Dad, what's wrong?" said Wyatt He said: "be loyal to his officials and filial to his sons. Your father ate the money of the Lord of Han Dynasty. He could not be loyal to kill thieves. Instead, he lived in seclusion. He was afraid of being unfaithful because of the history of Qing Dynasty. " Huaide said: "Dad, since the ancient way:" Jun is not right, minister to foreign countries. " In the past, cen Peng returned to the Han Dynasty, Qin Shubao left Wei to the Tang Dynasty, and a famous general from ancient times, all of which were the same. What else do you want to do to start your career? Please don't be suspicious, but go back to the army, wait for the recovery, and then watch the situation, and then for the district. " Gao Xingzhou also had the intention of returning to the army. After listening to the words of the young master and making up his mind, he said to the general: three armies, big and small, prepare for tomorrow's return to the army. When many of the sergeants heard that the commander in chief was ill and was in a state of confusion, they suddenly heard the order to return to the army, and they all cheered and set out. An official, who is a general, depends on his idea. If he has no idea, he will be praised or belittled. Gao Xingzhou was determined to supervise the soldiers with diseases and stop Guo Wei at the Yellow River mouth. Although he disobeyed the will of heaven, he would die in the name of loyalty. After listening to Huaide's words, he went back to town. Although he refused to accept Guo Wei and committed suicide in the future, he would not be able to hide today's guilt. Don't talk too much.

Only to say that Gao Xing had been attentive to the five changes of the next day, that is to say, he ordered the three armies to leave camp and return to the division. Huaide kept the Chinese army and slowly returned to Tongguan. With this withdrawal of troops, the Han Lord's mountains and rivers would not be stable. Guo Wei was very happy when he reported that he had entered the city. He was afraid to cheat Zhou's army. However, he was still hesitant. He gave the spies to secretly inquire about the news. How could the truth be returned. Wang Pu shook his hand and said, "marshal, don't be suspicious. Gao Xingzhou was good at astronomy with a teacher. When he saw the guest star offending the throne, another new king came out to inherit it. When he saw his own life star was faint, he would not dare to act against the sky. So he suffered a lot from a long distance, watched the success or failure, and retreated from the army. The marshal is only in charge of entering the army. He has no other worries. " Guo Wei was finally afraid of entering the army. He lived in Huazhou for three or four days. He saw that the Scout heard that Tongguan's soldiers had retreated. Fang believed Wang Pu's words. If he had a definite opinion, he knew that Gao Xingzhou's withdrawal was not a plan to deceive the army. Then he was relieved and ordered the army to start. With three blasts, the brigade left the city and crossed the Yellow River. All the way, they were inviolable and had strict military orders. Therefore, all counties and counties fell in line with the wind. After a few days, the soldiers came to Bianliang and set up their barracks.

The Japanese and Han masters were sitting in the Jinluan hall, listening to the continuous sound of cannons. They didn't know why for a while. As early as the yellow gate official came in, he said, "today, Guo Bing has arrived at the gate of Fengqiu, asking for a decision." The master of the Han Dynasty was shocked when he heard the play, and asked Su Fengji, "the day before yesterday, the grand master had guaranteed Tongguan Gao Xingzhou's leader to refuse the thief. So far, there has been no Jie Yin, but there are rebels. What can I do?" Su Fengji played: "I heard that Gao Xingzhou broke Guo Bing on the Bank of Yellow River yesterday, and Guo Wei was afraid of his death. Why did Gao Xingzhou even withdraw his troops? I just want to send someone to inquire about it, but I don't want the thieves to come to the capital. Your majesty, don't worry. I'll be out of school immediately. I'll ask you about the crime of treason and see what the situation is. Then I'll be in the district. " Han zhuzhuzhunzuo sent General Murong Yanchao and Hou Yi out of the city to capture the thieves.

According to the order of the two generals, they sent troops out of the city to form a battle line opposite the Guoying camp. In the camp, Guo Wei made Shi Yan surpass the enemy. Yan Chao led the troops to the front of the battle, calling for a war. Murong Yanchao and Hou Yi came out together and shouted: "anti state and anti thief! He doesn't want to keep his points. He dares to rebel against the master and directly violates the imperial capital. Today, as soon as the heavenly army comes out, you will not get off your horse and be bound, but will defile my sword and axe? " Shi Yanchao was furious and scolded: "you and others are all the Party of treacherous officials, who have wronged my brother. It's not like the sun and the moon that I hate. Today, I must break your ten thousand sections to avenge my brother!" After that, he held up his black tassel and looked straight ahead. Murong Yanchao waved a machete and returned it quickly. Two horses meet, two weapons are held at the same time, a big battle. It is:

The mountain is surrounded by black clouds and the sea is covered with raspberries and grass.

There are more than 30 matches in the two general battles, and there is no point in winning or losing. That Hou Yi see Murong Yanchao war history Yanchao, even if the gun clap horse, come forward to attack. Shi Yanchao is fearless and brave. In the middle of the war, there was chaos behind the Han soldiers, but Wang Jun was premeditated by Wang Pu MI. The leader of the army copied to the back of the Han camp and killed the future. When Hou Yi saw the chaos of the army, he turned around and met Wang Jun, who stopped him and cut him down. Murong Yanchao saw it. He was in a panic for a moment. His Sabre technique was disordered. He was unprepared. He was shot by Shi Yanchao and picked off half of his brain cap. Guo Wei will whip his finger under the banner of the gate, and the army will shout to kill him. Half of the Han soldiers were killed, half surrendered, and there were ten left, who fled to the city. Guo Wei returned to the barracks to reward the soldiers and congratulate them, needless to say.

But he said that the defeated soldiers fled to the city and reported to the Han Lord. The master of the Han Dynasty was in a panic when he heard the music. He collected two classes of civil and military affairs in a panic, and planned to retreat. The Lord of the Han Dynasty asked, "Guo Wei is against me. The army is very powerful. I sent Murong Yanchao and Hou Yi to fight against the enemy, and they were killed. You and other ministers, who is willing to share my worries with me and lead the soldiers out to catch the thief? " He asked several times, but no one agreed. Seeing this situation, the master of Han Dynasty was more worried. Thinking of what Shi Hongzhao said on that day, he regretted nothing. Just because of listening to Su Fengji, I want to transfer Guo Wei to Beijing. If I get angry and get tired, what should I do? He also said to the two groups: "although I am acting in disorder, you and other officials should also look at the face of the former Emperor and contribute to the country. How can you shrink so much and refuse to share your worries with me?" When the master of the Han Dynasty had finished speaking, Su Fengji, holding wat on his chest, fell down and said, "Your Majesty, don't worry about hurting the dragon. There are still 100000 soldiers and thousands of generals in the capital. If you have God's silent blessing, you will naturally kill and retreat the bandits. " When the Lord of the Han Dynasty listened to the music, he said with great joy, "if I have a grand master, I have no worries." Su Fengji then said: "I am grateful to you, so I would like to give up my life and repay your majesty. But you must ask your majesty to fight in person before you can make achievements. " The Lord of the Han Dynasty said: "since the old Grand Master is willing to kill thieves, why should I fight personally?" Su Fengji said: "when I went out, I only took my soldiers and generals, but they were not diligent and lazy. How could they all use their lives? Only when your majesty marches in person, you can be assured by the Manchu government's culture and martial arts: one is that all the officials are willing to serve when the imperial guard is approaching; the other is that when the heavenly power comes, you can add military power and work together to succeed. " Su Fengji was afraid that he could not win, so he asked the Han Lord to take the civil and military with him. His treacherous heart thinks that if we can't win, everyone will die, but it's also clean. If we want to live in both civil and military, we will fight with our strength naturally, which is impossible. This is that the treacherous officials are not good at setting up their hearts and speaking in accordance with the principle, which is often the case. However, when the Han master was young, he did not know the general principles. Secondly, since he was young, he could not fight and charge. How could he know the business of one gun and one knife, and the plan of setting up the army? Hearing Su Fengji's words so easy, my heart was full of hope to kill Guo Bing and return to the original sitting in Jinluan. At present, the Lord of the Han Dynasty also said, "the master asked me to fight in person, quickly selected people and horses, and then set out." Su Fengji ordered the imperial court to select 50000 royal forest troops. The next day, he went out to camp outside Fengqiu gate, and then came to ask Shengjia to leave the city. According to the Han Dynasty's will, no matter what officials are, they should follow the army to protect them. If there is no official, they will be regarded as rebellious. Seeing this will, the civil and military had no choice but to give up their lives to protect them.

The Han leader led Wenwu out of the city and took the people and horses to Qilidian to set up camp. Seeing Guo Bing from afar, his spears and knives shining in the sun, and his flags flying all over the sky, he was very interested. Hearing the sound of the cannon in Guoying, he was so frightened that he sent a message to xuansu to discuss with Fengji. When the driving officer played: "prime minister Su is supervising the troops in front of him, and he will assign soldiers to fight." The Lord of the Han Dynasty thought to himself, "I have a lot of people and horses. In addition, there is a grand master Su in front of me to supervise the battle. I think it's OK. Even if the traitor is killed, he will have his own grand master to meet the enemy, but he can't come to me. " So I slightly enlarged the gall. Su Fengji saw Guo Bing so powerful in front of him. He was afraid in fact, but he had no choice but to fight. He led ten thousand elite soldiers and horses, and several brave generals. He was more than two li away from the Royal Camp and tied up. Guo Wei led the general to the front. Line up on both sides and launch drums. Guo Wei saw that there was a large group of people and horses behind the Han array. He settled in the camp and knew that it was the Han Lord who was fighting in person. He asked the generals, "who will go out to see the array?" Only to hear behind rushed out a general, answered: "Little General Han Tong, is willing to decide for a while." Said, with the family will, urged the horse to come forward, loudly shouted: "have the ability to come to meet me." Su Fengji will be a hero when he meets you, but see:

Wearing silver helmet, armor, long gun in hand, riding on a high horse, standing in front of the battle, majestic.

Su Fengji asked the general, "who dares to catch the thief?" "Prime minister, I will go to catch the traitor at the end of the day," he shouted Say, clap a horse to rush to come, hope Han Tong runs straight. Han Tong claps his horse to meet him. The second is to fight the battlefield with both swords and guns. The drums on both sides were thundering, and the shouts were loud. Su Fengji, Su Wenjun, was unable to win. He asked Sun Li, Niu Hong, Liu Cheng and Wu Kun to come out. They all raised weapons to help the battle. Wang Jun, the general of Guoying, was annoyed. He raised his axe and rushed to the front of the battle. After that, Cao Ying, Wang Bao, and Chai Rong, the overseers, all went out to fight with each other with weapons. It was a great battle. There are poems as evidence:

Two battle drums are beating, and ten battle fields will show their heroism.

The sword and spear burst into the enemy's cold light, and the axe and halberd rushed to meet the lightning.

The murderous spirit permeates the sky, and there is no light in the dancing days.

It's always the case in the fight. Who is the name of Kirin?

Wang Pu, the military commander, also watched the battle in front of the camp, and said to Shi Yanchao, "general Shi, look at Su Fengji, the man who rode the red horse and wore the red robe in front of the army. You killed your brother, but you don't report today. When are you waiting?" When Shi Yanchao heard that the thief who killed his brother was in front of the army, he raised his eyes and saw that Su Fengji was sitting on the horse with his sword and was supervising the battle before the battle. At that time, he was very angry and his eyes were red. He clapped his horse, knocked his feet, held up his spear, and looked forward to Hanying's coming. He shouted: "traitor!"! I only say that you have been in charge for a long time, and you are rich and rich. Who knows that if you miss the noon, you usually have today. It can be seen that my brother has spirit and my enemies meet. Don't go. I'll take your life. " When Su Fengji saw Shi Yanchao, he killed three souls and six spirits. He dared not fight. He turned back and dragged his gun and looked east. Shi Yanchao then pursued. The Han generals fighting in that battle, seeing that the main general has gone, are all in a hurry to kill each other. Liu Cheng is chopped to death by Wang Jun with one axe. Cao Ying cuts Wu Kun with a knife. Wang Bao captures Sun Li alive. Han Tong grabs Suo Wenjun. Chai Rong kills Niu Hong. Five Han generals, four killed and one captured. Chai Rong shakes his knife, and the conscripts will shout to kill him. Ten thousand Han soldiers, who can still stand there, are scattered. Guo Wei saw that the Han army was defeated, and he led the soldiers to subdue it. The Han Lord was in the camp with Wen and Wu. He waited stupidly. He hoped that Su Fengji would come and get the victory. But he knew that Guo Bing had been killed before the camp. Seeing that things were not right, Lord Han had to ignore the culture and martial arts and left the rear camp. All the literati and martial arts were busy to protect him. However, the Han lord left first. He was too busy to walk for a while, so he had to surrender. He committed suicide, leaving no one. Therefore, 40000 people and horses have been killed by Guo Bing for the most part. The rest of them still have a fighting heart. They need to save their lives and escape to the city, so that the gate of Fengqiu can not be crowded. Poor:

People cry and cry, and horses trample on their flesh and skin.

There are many people and narrow doors, so Han soldiers can't go in. The people and horses of Chanzhou rush to the city, move weapons, chop and poke at the first price, and kill Han soldiers like mountains and rivers. It is:

The blood buries the armor of the generals, and the bones line the hoofs of the people.

All the soldiers and horses of Chanzhou entered the Fengqiu gate. When Cao Ying and Wang Bao enter the wanshimen, Chai Rong and Han Tong enter the wanshoumen, and Wang Jun leads the soldiers to the suanzaomen. All the gates have been broken. They have entered the Xuanwu Gate and lived in the imperial capital of Bianliang. It was during the strike of business that Li Shu closed down. Only bitter Han master abandoned camp to escape, only with a few internal servants to follow the horse, looking at the royal city. There is a branch of teaching: in the gun and knife team, it is impossible to escape the emperor's life; in the holy temple, it controls the life of the treacherous officials. It is:

Light will pay the state for personal indignation, and quickly put the family snow hearts.

After all, whether the Han Lord entered the city or not depends on the next step.

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