By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 35th chapter of Fei Long's biography: Zhao Kuangyin's stepson Han Sumei meets his husband"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十五回 赵匡胤博鱼继子 韩素梅守志逢夫

Word yue:

How slow is it to be carefree, to have meals and meals, to be palatable and to fill the intestines. Who can do the kunduyun tour? Lu xiahuaiqing, moving things by means of his will, and you are more than indiscriminate. The empty hall has been deeply in love with him, for he is full of devotion.

Magpie Bridge fairy in right

As for Zhao Kuangyin, who was enjoying the summer and the cool, he met with Wang Fuzi to give melons to quench his thirst and teach him to join the army and do some work. At that time, he stirred up his heart of fame and felt the idea of looking for his brother. Then he went back to the temple and negotiated with Zheng en about the right thing. He packed his bags and invited his father to leave the town. Those old and father together ask: "two sage, call small old people to come, have what cent pay?" Kuang Yin said, "I want to visit a friend at bailing pass. There are several days between them. Therefore, I invite you to come and say goodbye for the time being." The old father said: "since you two have this business, how dare we keep it? But after visiting Lingyou, I hope to come back. Fortunately, don't block it. " Zheng en said: "don't worry, pack it on fun, and we will come together. If the second brother doesn't come, the music will come, so as to lead your kindness. " After that, he took the package and luggage to the horse, took the sour date stick, led the horse out of the temple gate, and let Kuangyin sit down. Kuangyin said goodbye and rode away with his sword. Zheng en walked and left the crowd.

The two left Pingyang town and made a slow journey. How can we live on a big day like a fire, steaming people under the sun. Two line stop, did not realize the hundred bell pass, only to see the tower towering, the wall Jue towering. The two entered the city. At that time, the country was different and there was no cross examination on the city gate, so they boldly went ahead. I saw that the street was noisy, the shops continued, the people were crowded and the scenery was prosperous. As expected, it was no less than Tokyo. It was a hot place. At that time, he looked for the shop, Kuangyin got off the horse, and the second shopkeeper led him to the channel head. The two brothers picked a clean house to live in. The waiter brought in the water and washed the noodles. Have lunch again.

"Second brother, we have nothing to do. Why don't we play in the street? It's also refreshing." Kuang Yin said, "make, make." Take the silver bag, ask the waiter to lock the door, leave the hotel, go to the market for a walk, and see a restaurant on the road. Kuang Yin said, "three brothers, it's so hot that we can't walk. Why don't we go upstairs and buy three drinks?" "Wonderful, wonderful," Zheng said The two went into the shop together, picked a windy upstairs and sat down opposite. The bartender came up and asked, "what kind of food and wine do you use?" Zheng en said, "you only bring good wine and good food to us." The bartender heard that he would come down, pick up two pots of wine, cut two plates of beef, and send them upstairs and put them on the table. Zheng en looked at the same two plates of beef. He immediately got angry. He slapped the table and scolded: "the donkey ball came in. The music told you to bring good wine and good food. How can we only eat the salted beef with us?" The bartender smiled and said, "don't be angry, men. Now it's time to talk to the West. Although there are some good dishes in the shop, they are sold out in the morning. Only the right to cook beef is to drink. If you want to use your food well, come early tomorrow. I will serve you naturally and treat you to a happy meal. " Kuang Yin listened to the bartender's gentle words and carefully promised, shouting: "third brother, you should have a glass of empty wine, and wait for elder brother Yu to buy something to drink in the street and have fun with you." Zheng en heard that he picked up the pot and drank himself.

Kuangyin went downstairs and came to the street. There was no way to walk. He saw a child with a live fish standing in the street and said, "if you are happy, you can buy my fish, as long as you win." Kuang Yin heard that he was puzzled. He stopped to see the child

The sky is high and the eyebrows are clear, and the corners of the earth are round and the bones are divine.

The bridge of the trunk of the gall has a regular shape, and the side of the earrings has a square edge.

Red lips and white teeth are smart, and they will be formed after the end of Qi and foot.

Although cloth can be clean, it is only a bet to win.

Kuang Yin cried: "tong'er, I'm going to buy a fresh fish to drink. Why don't you sell it to me? It's better to pay you more than to lose or win here. If you say thick, say thin, then another time, the fish will stink. " Tong'er heard that Kuang Yin looked up and down, and smiled and said, "men don't think they are here, so they don't know the customs here. I don't sell this fish, but I bet on the profits. What I'm calling here is Bo, not bo. If you want fresh fish, please look after it elsewhere. " Kuangyin listened to this speech, and thought to himself, "what a smart boy! He is young, but he is also smart, clean teeth, and fluent in literature and science. He will be blessed later." "Then cry:" child, how to call "eight fork eight fast"? You can talk to me. " Tong'er said: "my guest, I have eight copper coins in my hand, which will be piled up one by one. If I throw them to the ground, they will become eight words or eight rivers, which is called" eight express ". My guest, if you win these eight dollars, it won't cost a penny. Take the fish and eat it for nothing. If you throw it down into a river with seven words, or if there is a word between seven rivers, it will be regarded as "eight Forks" in a word. My guest will give me five Wen money. If you don't make it ten times, give me fifty Wen money: even if my guest loses, this fresh fish is still mine. So it's called "eight forks and eight fasts". Win or lose Kuang Yin listened and said with a smile, "since that's the case, I'll have this fish with you." "My guest," said the boy, "since you want to Bo me, you just have to tell me about the win and lose first, see the treasure money, and then Bo well." Kuang Yin thought to himself, "this child is really old." Then he felt for the silver bag, opened it and looked at Chonger. "Do you see it?" Heavy son saw the silver and said, "my guest, I'm also upright." Will be eight copper money, a word a river stack up, hand and Kuangyin. Kuang Yin received it, and then went underground. He saw that seven coins had become seven rivers first. Only one of them was still rolling in the ground. After rolling for a while, he revealed his words. Kuang Yin hurriedly shouted: "river! River! River! " The son of God is very important. He can speak of the river. He secretly escorts the God to listen to the will, and then blows a breath on the money. It's really weird. Obviously, it's a word. Suddenly, it's a river. People on both sides clapped and laughed.

Kuangyin was also happy. He put the silver bag on his waist and walked when he mentioned the fresh fish. The child was in a hurry. He grabbed the clothes Jin and never let it go again. Kuang Yin turned around and laughed at tong'er and said, "what are you doing, you naughty guy, since you are betting on the win or loss? Think you can't lose? Well, since you don't like this fish, you kowtow on the street and call me father, and I will repay the capital heavily. " The child then said with a smile, "don't coax me, my guest. I don't think we can't lose if we win in the street? Don't say one tail, lose ten tails, and don't knock people's heads easily. If a man has only one father, will he not be laughed at if he calls others to be his father? My guest, don't look down on me. I'm holding on to you for other reasons. I just left that money in the ground. It's a word. Why did you call for a river, and the money just bounced around? So what's the way to ask? " Kuang Yin said with a smile, "what do I know? Treat me with a trick. " He said: "my method, which is called" money drinking God method ", is taught by God and man in the dream. It is very effective. You give me a thousand silver, and you will not pass it on easily. " The child listened and let go.

Kuangyin brings up fresh fish and steps to the shop. But the child followed in secret. Kuang Yin went upstairs, Zheng en asked: "second brother, this fish is so alive, I don't know how much money it cost to buy it?" Kuang Yin said, "it's won." Zheng en said: "strange way two elder brothers went to this for a while, originally in there to play money happily." Kuangyin then said the original story of Bo Yu. Zheng en said with great joy: "my second brother is really interested. He entered the bailing pass and won the whole fish. It must be good. Tell the bartender to cook it and have fun. "

Zheng Enzheng called the bartender, only to see the boy come upstairs, see Kuang Yin, kneel down, kowtow a head, call: "father, the child came to make amends." Kuang Yin saw it, but he couldn't stop laughing and said, "you shameless naughty, you just said you wouldn't kowtow with others or call others father. How can you kowtow with your father now, but you're not ashamed?" The child replied with a smile, "my guest, I don't know. If I kowtow to you in the street just now, how can I be ashamed to kill you? How can I be a man in the future, and then make this road of boa fish in the street? Now I kowtow to my father in this tavern. Only this black lord can see it. There is no one else, because there is a story. I have only one mother and no father. This is a famous surname. Because there was a famine the year before last, it was difficult for the mother and the son to survive. So they went to the bailing pass to join their relatives. Unexpectedly, I threw myself into a void and went home without any money, so I had to live here. There's no way to spend a day. Use this method to buy the blood with five or six cents. Take it to the market and send someone to blog everyday. If I have five points, I will have enough money; if I have ten points, I will have interest. It's just a trick. Take it home and support your mother. Who knows if I met my guest today, I'll be a success. I haven't even got Ben and Lido. How can I make my mother live? So when I came here, I kowtowed to my father and asked him to give up the fish to my son. I also asked him to pass on the "God of money" to him. When you grow up in the future, you will be rewarded. "

Kuang Yin didn't reply, but Zheng en was listening to the words. He just laughed his eyes out of joint and said, "second brother, this baby is so good. He said such a pitiful thing. Let's take this fresh fish with him." Kuang Yin said, "how old are you, tong'er? What's your name? " The child said, "my name is Lu Ge. I am ten years old this year." Zheng en said: "Yue Zi doesn't believe it. This ten-year-old baby is so cute. Second brother, why don't you accept him as a dry son, which is also good. " Kuang Yin was also happy when he heard this. He said, "brother Lu, can I succeed you as a son?" Lu Ge said: "if my father is willing to give thanks, it's the great fortune of the child. How can he refuse?" After that, Kuangyin was once again worshipped four times. Standing up, he made four bows to Zheng en. Zheng en pursed his lips and said, "look at the donkey ball. The thief's lovely baby. He kowtows when he sees his father. He just sings when he sees the music." Brother Lu again made a bow and said, "three uncles, forgive my nephew for being rude." Kuangyin saw it and was very happy. He called out, "three younger brothers, this is the son of a hero. Don't blame him if you don't give me a light gift." Then he took a ingot of silver from his side and said, "lu'er, this fish is here to drink with your three uncles. Take this ingot of silver and go home to be your adoptive mother. Go. " Lu Ge took the silver and said, "father, and the" money God method ", we must pass it on to the child, so that the child can go home to see his mother and praise his great virtue." Kuang Yin thought, "it's hard. I'm just joking for a while. What's the magic method?"? Well, coax him off and send him away. " Said: "lu'er, you don't need to teach this dharma. You only give these eight coins. I'll do it with you." Brother Lu gives money to Kuangyin. Kuangyin deliberately said a few words of French and blew the money up in one breath, saying: "take the money away, someone will fish with you, and you can drink words, rivers, and never lose. If you have no money to spend, you can come to wangjiadian to find me. Go. " Lugo took the silver money, so he said goodbye to go downstairs and went home happily.

Zheng en said with a smile: "second brother, although you gave him a ingot of silver, you have got fresh fish and recognized your son. It's a joy. Tell the bartender to cook the fish quickly, and have fun to toast you with a few more cheers. " The bartender cooked the fish and sent it upstairs. The two brothers drank happily until dusk. They returned the wine money, returned to the hotel, and settled down. It is:

I like to drink wine and laugh at jade people.

Not to mention Kuang Yin and his wife went back to the store. And he said that when he came home, he saw his mother, and he laughed all over his face, and put the silver on the table. When his mother saw him, she asked, "my son, you are so lucky today that you can win the whole ingot of silver." Lu Ge said: "I dare to tell my mother that this silver was not won by Bo Yu, but given by my godfather, who asked my son to do his own business and support his mother." "His mother heard and said:" you are a brute. The little boy's family will lie. Where is your father giving you money Lu Ge tells the whole story of the fish. His mother asked, "do you know his surname when he is so generous?" "Lu Ge said:" his name, the child did not ask, only listen to his tone, like the Tokyo people, his face is a red faced man Her mother listened, bowed her head and did not speak. She thought to herself, unconsciously touched thousands of thoughts and missed each other for several years. What do you know about that? It turns out that Lu GE's mother is not someone else, but Han Sumei, Zhao Kuangyin's proud jade man and intimate bitch.

Since he got along in fame and Kuang Yin separated, he swore to fuck. Ice and snow were in his heart. He would rather be beaten and scolded by the bustard than obey others. Later, the procuress died, and in case of famine, she adopted his sister's son as her son, named Lugo. The child is more filial than his own. There is a girl in that Sumei. She married a thousand families in this bailing pass, so the two girls, taking advantage of famines and famines, went to bailing pass. Who knows that my uncle and the girl have both left the world, so the mother and the son are impartial and in a dilemma. Today, I listened to brother Lu's words. How could I not touch the former love. I thought to myself: "only when Mr. Zhao lived in Tokyo, he was a big red faced man. He met me in daimyong, the most gracious. Later, when Junman returned home, he heard that there was a major disaster and escaped from the city. I inquired about him several times, but I couldn't find him. Today, the godfather Lu Ge recognized is him? Why don't I invite him tomorrow, and see if I can. ' Make up your mind and shout: "brother Lu, you will get up early tomorrow and invite your Godfather. I have something to say." Lu Ge said: "mother, the child will not go." "Why don't you go?" said Sumei Lu Ge said: "mother, you are a woman. The godfather is a man. Now there is no man in the family. It's inconvenient to invite him to meet him without family or personal reasons. If someone talks about it and scolds the child behind his back, what can I do? " Su Mei has a big drink! Beast, how dare you talk nonsense? What's the point of your little family? If you are not familiar with life, I will give you a ingot of silver. Do you know whether he means well or ill? Please ask him to come and let me ask him face to face that he understands. Only with this silver can he put it easily. If you use it carelessly, he may come to ask for it. What will you return to him? " Lu Ge said: "Oh! That's why. It's OK. I'll invite him tomorrow. " After that, he took the basket of banknotes and bought some things in the street and came back. The mother and the son prepared the evening meal and went to bed. I don't mention the night scene.

In the early morning of the next day, brother Lu got up and went out to the Wangs' shop after finishing the washing. Go inside, look at room by room, to a big room, just see him two people are sitting in the room to have tea. Brother Lu went in and made a bow. Zheng en called out: "yuezi's nephew doll, I ask you, what do you do when you come in the early morning?" Luko said, "I have nothing else to do. I was ordered by my mother to come and invite my father to speak to me." Zheng en said with a smile, "my nephew, I guess the scene." "Three uncles, what are you guessing?" said Lu Zheng en said: "Yue Zi asked your mother to see that you have recognized a husband, and he also wants to recognize a husband." "Three uncles, get up early in the morning. Don't make fun of me. Please go to my father. I have my own business." Kuang Yin said: "brother Lu, I thought you were my son yesterday, but I was in a mood for a while and took a different way to take photos. I have never met your mother, and you have said that if my father is not at home, I will go against the principle of "men and women are not close to each other", and it is absolutely difficult to meet each other. " Lugo said, "I have said that. The mother said that it is inconvenient for men and women to meet each other. If it is right, it is only expedient now. The child came to invite me, not for anything else, but because of the money my father gave me yesterday, he took it home. When my mother saw it, she was a little suspicious. The child told me directly, but she never believed it. So I'm here to invite my father home, ask him face to face, and then he can use it easily. " When Zheng en heard this, he couldn't stop praising him: "well, what a woman! Although they have not met, they need to ask and understand, and the music rejoices in him. Second brother, why don't you go for a walk? " Kuang Yin said, "in that case, my third brother can join me." Zheng en said, "when you do, you can enjoy yourself." After that, they put on their robes and clothes, took the WAN fan, came out together, locked the door, and paid the waiter to feed the horse and drink water.

Luke was the first to lead the way, and the two brothers followed, turning around the corner, and soon arrived at the door. Luke stood on his feet and cried, "father, third uncle, the wood gate of the thatched cottage, it's shallow and narrow inside. When my son enters, he will report to his mother, and then come to see you." Kuangyin nodded to be good. Lu Ge pushed the door in, saw Su Mei and said, "father, please come to the door now." Su Mei said, "come in, please." Luke asked the two brothers to come inside. Kuang Yin looked up and saw that although the three huts were clean. When they arrived at the thatched cottage, they stood on their feet. That Sumei is in the curtain. She looks out. It's no one else. She is the one who beat Han Tong and Guan Xinxiang in Daming mansion. She is sad and tearful. She doesn't care about Zheng en. She moves Jin Lian and steps out of the hall. She cries: "you are out these years. You want to kill slaves! It's very windy today. Can we have another meeting? " Kuang Yin heard that it was the wrongdoing coming from there. He was shocked and took a few steps back. Squinting inward, he turned out to be a man in his heart. He did not care about Zheng en. He stepped forward and took Su Mei's hand. After two times narrated goodbye affair, sad and happy intersection, just saw the ceremony.

When Zheng en saw such a scene, he stood in stupor without knowing where he was, and pulled Kuang Yin up and said, "second brother, stand far away. Just now, in the coming season, how serious your words are, and what is the way of men and women giving and receiving each other, which is not easy to meet each other; when you come here and see that he is a little neat, you will not be mature, and you will talk about love. From now on, if you leave the music alone again, the music will not believe your heart. Live here, be a husband, live happily, and have fun. " After that, he was furious and took off. There are different kinds of teachings: bamboo fences and thatched cottages, chatting and saving for several days; Gaobi Hufu, inevitably three times of humiliation. It is:

If you don't know the reason, you have to be angry. Once you analyze it, you have no worries

After all, Zheng En will go or not. Let's see what happens next.

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