By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 38th chapter of flying dragon's biography: the dragon and tiger gather in the Zen state to get their friendship; Fengyun meets the mountain and seeks for talents"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十八回 龙虎聚禅州结义 风云会山舍求贤

Poetry says:

The trees are thick and the summer is long. The lotus fragrance in the bottle is cool.

The wind and the butterfly dance make people think, and the voice of the swallow and the cicada move their hometown.

The red sun vows to unite the gods and ghosts, and the emperor cares for them.

Happy to the mountains and forests, I wish to give you a chapter of my poems.

It's said that Chai Rong met Zhao Kuangyin and Zheng en, comforted his sentimental heart, took them to Chanzhou, and sent them to live in the garden. As long as he became famous and famous, he assisted the Wang family to practice the words of the former alliance. Therefore, they made an appointment with each other. They first went to see the mother of the Kingdom, so that they could be recommended by him before driving, and then they would be granted the title of marquis. This is Chai Rong's sincerity in treating his friends. It's different. At that time, the three brothers, the sedan and the horse, entered the handsome mansion, arrived at the lobby, and dismounted respectively. Chai Rong reports to the mother of Chai first, then leads Kuang Yin and Zheng en to the back hall and stands outside the curtain. The two brothers knelt down on their knees and said, "Niang, Zhao Kuangyin and Zheng en, the Weichen officials, wish Niang a thousand years old." Bow down and stand. It turns out that Zheng en didn't know the etiquette. He was taught by Kuangyin, so he didn't lose the etiquette. The lady Chai looked out of the curtain on her couch and saw Kuangyin's extraordinary figure, which made him look like a noble man. Zheng Ehu had a bear waist, which was very ferocious, and was generally awe inspiring. I'm very happy. I think these two red and black people are really two pillars of prime and the beams of the sea. If they are friends with my nephew, they are very suitable. The opening words ask: "virtuous nephew, this Zheng, Zhao two people fruit is your friend?" Chai Rong replied, "it's the life and death relationship between the officials and the children. They have a lot to do with each other. They are rich and poor." "It's rare," said Madame Chai. Xian Ren can invite him to entertain me outside. When I recover from illness and go to Beijing together, I will make a recommendation before driving, and I will never lose to you and so on. "

Chai Rong and other three Xie en quit and came to the front of the palace. Just to arrange the banquet, I saw the gate officer come in and report: "there are three officers from Tokyo who are trespassing on the gate, saying that they are the old friends of the Millennium master, and now they treat each other outside." Chai rongdao: "since you are a lonely friend, please come to see each other." When the gate official said "please", he led him in. When he arrived at the second gate, Chai Rong looked carefully. It was no one else, but it turned out to be Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei. In a moment, the three people came to the hall, and Chai Rong hurriedly met them. After seeing each other, they had finished the ceremony and sat down in turn. After tea, Chai Rongxian asked, "who is this elder brother?" When Kuangyin replied, "this is Kuangyi, the elder brother." Chai rongdao: "the second brother's younger brother is very happy. Today, I have three wise brothers here. The elder brother didn't take them far away and offended me a lot. " Guangyuan said: "since the new monarch came to the throne, I heard that my brother made the king. I'm very glad to hear that my younger brother made the king. Just as I was about to go to the mansion to worship, I didn't expect you to leave the capital again. After careful inquiry, I know that my brother was sent to meet his mother in Chanzhou, so my younger brother came to visit us at night. "

Zhang Guangyuan is talking to Chai Rong, and Kuang Yin secretly calls Kuang Yi aside. He whispers, "are your parents safe in the hall? Does sister-in-law not disobey the rules at home? It's unfilial for you to abandon your relatives and travel far away. Today's younger brother is coming. Are your parents upset? " Kuang Yi shook his hand and said softly, "don't worry, brother. The parents are at home, and each is at peace; the sister-in-law abides by chastity, and the women are diligent. Thanks to his mother's missing for his elder brother, he could not dry his tears. Fortunately, new emperor Yuji granted him a general amnesty. I'm sorry that he didn't ask about his previous sin. My mother was at peace just now, so I asked my younger brother to visit him along the road. I don't want to meet you here. I'm very lucky. " Kuangyin heard that he was just happy. He sat down repeatedly and talked with each other. It is:

The sound of the warbler is the same as that of the Fangxin. The willow looks like an old man.

At present, when Chai Rong saw that most of the brothers were Jiji Binbin, he was very happy and cried, "all the wise brothers, brother Yu, have a word to tell you. I hope you will listen." All the brothers said, "I'd like to hear what you have, brother." Chai Rong said: "we are now in the period of national prosperity, which is the meeting of world prosperity. We also meet many talented people - plain, all with unique resources. The elder brother has a tail, which is a great honor. Although all the wise men once allied to form an alliance, they were different one after another, and they were afraid that they could not get along with each other. Brother Yu wants to recount the righteousness again, worship heaven and earth, follow the heart skill of peach garden, learn from Lian and Lin's virtues, do not ask about life and death, and plan for adversity together, so as to be in accordance with the righteousness. What do you think of me? " Kuang Yin and others all replied: "what elder brother said is just in line with the righteousness, why does younger brother not follow?" Chai Rong was very happy. He ordered his men to prepare the sacrifice and set it up in the hall. Incense candles were lit to sacrifice the void. Order the ceremony officials to recite the sacrifice and announce the heaven and earth. Brothers and so on each bowed down, all said the oath of the sea and the mountain alliance. Then the other side made another salute. Worship, set the order, is Chai Rongju long, Kuangyin second, Zheng en third, Zhang Guangyuan fourth, Luo Yanwei fifth, Kuangyi sixth. This is the dragon, tiger and Zen state. There are poems as evidence:

The Dragon Tiger alliance is a big alliance, and the heaven in the suburbs is sacrificing to the gods.

I am willing to learn from taoyuanyi and stay with him to assist Biqin.

After the worship of the alliance, a banquet was held in the hall of the handsome mansion. The brothers sat down one by one, drinking the mellow mash together, saying that they could not fully appreciate the delicacies of the mountain and the sea, and could not fully write the jade liquor. After several rounds of wine and several dishes, Kuang Yin left to sit and hold the cup, shouting: "elder brother, younger brother, I have a service report, I wish to pray for acceptance; only for my mother at home, I hope to be heartfelt, I want to leave home for a while and visit, that is to say, I will be waiting for the platform. I don't know if you can accommodate me. " Chai Rong said: "I'm sorry that your mother is at home. When the wise brother is free from worries and waits for a few days, and his aunt recovers from illness, he will rise up. Isn't it beautiful for the brothers to come into the capital together? " Kuangyin saw that Chai Rong didn't accept his invitation, but he was afraid that he would speak again, but he had to obey and still sat down to drink. It's a day of guessing and boxing, and each of them will enjoy it until it's too late.

From then on, Chai Rong lived in Shuai mansion and worked as a waitress. Kuangyin and other brothers live in the garden. They are all supplied by Chai Rong.

One day, after breakfast, Kuang Yin said, "Dear Sirs, we are so sleepy that we live here. Why don't we go hunting in the countryside when we have nothing to do? On the one hand, we should relax our minds and use our bows and horses skillfully; on the other hand, we should get some wild animals to come back and drink. What do you think? " All the people agreed: "the second brother is right. We are idle here. It's good for us to walk together." Kuangyin gave each of them a horse to prepare. Those with bows and arrows took bows and arrows, while those without bows and arrows only took accompanying equipment. Five brothers, each on his horse, led the others and so on, went out of the east gate of Chanzhou and went north. They were happy to hunt because they forgot to steam. After about 20 Li's walk, he came to the wilderness at the end of the Daqing River, and opened the paddock with weapons. After waiting for a long time, there was no sign of the beast. It turns out that the sun is so hot that all the plants and trees are scorched. Those caterpillars are afraid of heat. They only hide in the shade. How can there be a shadow in this empty land? At that time, there will be two hours of empty waiting, and no wild animals will come out to act.

They were very upset, and wanted to search elsewhere to fulfill their desires. Just as I was about to break up, I heard a loud wind. I saw something jumping out of there and running past. But I saw:

The whole body is like snow and the powder is the same.

After two ears are often relaxed, the lipstick is red.

The moustache is like jade thread, jumping like chasing the wind.

Hide in the grass and lie in the sand.

Zheng Enxian saw it and called out, "second brother, isn't this donkey ball man a rabbit?" When they saw him, they all said, "sure enough, a white rabbit is lovely. Let's catch him quickly." Say, brothers five people clap a horse to chase together. He didn't want the white rabbit to be very mischievous. When he saw someone coming to chase him, he stretched out his waist, and leaped up and down. He hoped that he would fly to the north. Kuang Yin and other people are all chasing after him like the star flying electricity. They can't catch up with him any more. Officer, this rabbit is not an ordinary rabbit in the world, but a house God rabbit in the twenty-eight nights. It's just to lure Kuangyin to meet a minister who settled the country, so I came down to walk this time. It is:

In the dark, the gods come to pull together, and the world's monarchs meet with each other.

Kuangyin was furious when he saw that he couldn't catch up with him. He shouted, "maotuan, let you run there. I must seize it, and then I will stop!" Then he whipped the horse. This horse is song Jinhui's red rabbit and dragon colt. It has horns on its head and scales under its belly. It travels thousands of miles every day, climbing mountains and wading rivers, like walking on the ground. At that time, Kuangyin whipped him a few times. He was so bad that he jumped with his feet and left the horse behind several arrows. Kuangyin saw that he still couldn't catch up with him. For a while, he took out his bow and arrow, put it on the string, and on the rabbit, he shot only one arrow, right in the back of the white rabbit. The rabbit just don't know. He took the arrow and ran faster than before. Kuang Yinyi said angrily, "good maotuan! How dare you turn my arrow around? " Like flying to catch up, unconsciously over thirty miles. Seeing a village ahead, suddenly there was a whirlwind in the ground, and the white rabbit saw the village running in. Kuangyin saw the horse and drove it into the village. Raise your eyes and look around. Where can you see the white rabbit? I only feel the fragrance of flowers and the singing of birds. Look at that village again. It has mountains on its back, water on its face, and forests of bamboo and wood. It is indeed the wind vein of gas accumulation and the foundation of Zhongling Yuxiu. Kuang Yin is watching. He suddenly hears the sound of playing the piano. He listens to it carefully according to the horse. The sound is in the door, but the sound is curling like a wisp. It's very pleasant. It is:

The five tones and six rhythms of the tone can be divided into pure turbidity and high and low.

Kuangyin listened to this and thought to himself, "this player must be a hermit of high level, who is willing to go to the mountains and forests. I need to meet him for a while to see what his character is like. " Just in the middle of my imagination, I heard the sound of horses' hooves behind me. When I looked back, it was the people who came after me. When I arrived at the villa, Zheng en called, "brother 2, have you ever caught this white rabbit? Take it back quickly with fun and arrange it so that you can have a drink, and everyone will have a taste. " Kuangyin shook his hand, and everyone came to the front of him. They listened to the sound of the piano, but they were silent. They all listened together. Zheng en didn't know the sound of the piano. He went up and asked, "second brother, where is the donkey ball playing the string?" Kuang Yin said, "you don't have to guess. It's not a string. It's a Yao Qin." Zheng en said: "what is Yao Qin? It's not fun. " Kuang Yin said: "this Yao Qin was made by the Emperor Yao in the past. It was divided into two parts: the palace and the commercial horn to symbolize the feather. According to the level of the Qing Dynasty, it made a sound with the people. For example, a good brother is rude by nature. When he plays the piano, he is rude in his voice. The voice of a violent man is violent; the voice of a weak man is weak. And like a man of great ambition, his voice is clear and melodious. Listening to the sound of his zither, elder brother Yu knows that he is a man of great virtue, so listen carefully to the taste here. " In the middle of the conversation, I only heard the sound of the zither, and then I sang there

"The world is desolate, the land is rich and the land is bitter, because there is no God.

In the past few years, the country has been reborn in disorder, and the Zhou family has been sitting in Jiangshan again. "

Kuang Yin heard it and cried out, "you wise men, aren't you a high man when you listen to his extraordinary voice?" Suddenly I heard the applause and laughter inside, and then I sang again and again:

"For ten years, I have studied Confucius and Mencius, and honed my iron inkstone.

I sleep late in the night with the green light, and Huang Juan is a scholar.

The chapters and sentences are chanted, and the pearl is full of hidden sutras.

Knowing that the price to be paid is not the same as the salary, we will not see the recruitment

Kuangyin listened to his voice more, know it must be very human, want to go in to meet him, a look rich. Then he and his brothers said that they knew each other. They got off their horses happily and knocked at the gate of the villa. The sages inside were singing and enjoying themselves. Suddenly, they heard the horse hissing outside the door. It was supposed that someone was exploring. And when he heard the knock, he called tong'er out to see who he was. Tong'er opened the gate of the villa and looked out. He saw that all the people were dressed up in rich and dignified clothes. They were all strong and strict. Even he asked, "where are you from? What can I do for you? " Kuangyin said: "tong'er, we are from Tokyo. I'm here to visit the wise people. Please let me know." That child dare not neglect, namely hurriedly runs to the study, informs its reason. When the sage heard that the distinguished guests were visiting, he immediately straightened out his clothes and towels and came out to meet them. As a result, there are five people outside the gate of the villa, all of whom are dressed in materials with extraordinary spirit. There are many people following behind them. Kuangyin paid attention in advance and saw the sage coming out. When he saw him, he saw that he was wearing a square scarf, a Confucian uniform, and a jade like face. If his eyes were like stars, he would be a kind of high-ranking man. He applauded in his heart. I saw the wise man come out of the door and arch his hand and say, "I don't know if you will come to the village, but you can't go far from me. There are many simple things. Please offer tea in the thatched cottage. " Kuang Yin said, "we are going to visit each other sincerely. There is a disturbance in the room." After that, they all went into the gate of the villa and went to the study. Each of them made a ritual and sat down. Kuangyin's study is quiet and the hut is quiet. It's really different from the ordinary people. How can we see the benefits of seclusion? Yu Meimei is a woman of great ambition

The golden stove register is the place where you live. When I was free, I used to use artificial materials. Sometimes the red phoenix came to the sidewalk.

The dust of the window rises from him, and he is willing to waste his books. By chance, the song roars and chants for a long time.

Now everyone sits down, the boy has finished offering tea, Kuang Yin asks, "what's your surname, sir? Look for instructions. " The sage leaned over and said, "my name is Zhao Mingpu, and I'm here. Seeing the world in disorder, he did not enjoy his official career, lived in seclusion between villages, cultivated and read for his own amusement. It's just a waste of time. How lucky it is! May I ask your name, where is fairyland? " Kuang Yin said, "I'm Kuang Yin, surnamed Zhao. I live in Bianliang. I'm the son of Zhao Hong and Yin." And he said the names of each of them. Zhao Pu was surprised. A closer look at the xiangtangtang of emperor Kuangyin shows that the emperor Kuangyi is reclusive, and Zheng en and other three people are all noble and outstanding. He was surprised to think of his former feelings and said to himself, "Mr. Miao Guangyi is a real immortal. He said that there are five monarchs and ministers coming to visit him this afternoon. He said that I have the distinction of prime minister, but I haven't believed it yet. If I don't want to answer his words, it's exactly the same. It's a blessing for all the people. It's only about ten years since the heaven came down and the dragon has helped the world. " It turns out that Zhao Pu lived in seclusion here, but he met Miao Guangyi a few days ago. He was considered as the Prime Minister of the two dynasties in the future, because he said that at noon today, when a real man came to the house. Therefore, Zhao Pu played the piano and enjoyed himself. If he didn't want to, it would come true. At that time, Kuangyin said, "just now, brother Yu is listening to the sound of the zither. Surely it's Mr. Dao who doesn't sell it. How do you describe the long roar?" Zhao Pu said: "the village is crazy and stupid. How can you move your son's ear when you lose your tongue?" Kuang Yin said: "otherwise. Mr. Hu has a talent for helping the world. He has seen the general idea in the song. But he didn't know it, which made the sage invisible and useless. His highness Chai of Chanzhou is a life and death friend of Zhao. When he is recommended, he would like to go out of the mountain to save the world at the expense of Abas. " Zhao Pu said: "although he inherited his son's fallacies, he was afraid that he would be an apprentice of small students, without practical learning, not able to lead the monarch and the people, and would be deeply defeated by great virtue." Kuang Yin said: "Sir, don't be too modest. Zhao has been looking forward to him for a long time. His highness Kuang Chai is thirsty for talents and has been searching everywhere. On the occasion of the monarch, the minister and the good, Mr. Zheng also made contributions to the people and things. Mr. Wang will not give up and go with him. " Zhao puni is the assistant assistant star of the lower world. He is in the world under the jade Edict and helps the Song family. Brother Zhao Kuangyin is a member of the Longhua society. He naturally agrees with each other, so he can follow it as soon as he says it. At that time, Zhao Pu saw Kuang Yin's words were sincere and had to comply. But he said, "it's late today. I'll give you a night's rest and go with you tomorrow."

After that, the children will distribute the fodder to the horses. He also called for arranging food and wine, and placed them in the study. Six people pass the cup to pass the cup, on the ancient talk about the present. Zhao Pu is eloquent and answers questions. Kuangyin is full of joy and self hatred. Zhao Pu also gave his followers wine and food and asked him to stay in the cottage on the villa. When Kuang Yin and Zhao Pu talked about it, only Zheng en didn't understand the justice and said, "second brother, you can drink if you want to drink, or you can go to sleep if you don't drink. There are so many murmurs. You can listen to them and go to sleep." Kuang Yin said, "since the good brother is going to sleep, sir, please take this disabled seat." So the brothers rested in their study. It's a night off.

The next day, Zhao Pu ordered a meal. After using it, he took out a card from the bookcase and handed it to Kuang Yin, saying, "this is a ten days ago, a Mr. Miao Guangyi came to the house and pushed his life with Xiao Sheng. When he was on his way, he left this card, which was called to send to the childe. He said to wait in Tokyo. " Kuang Yin came to see it, and there was a word "Feng" written on the meeting. Take it apart by hand. It says with a few words: "Zhao Pu has a talent of Wang Zuo, you can't miss it. If you are a king in another day, you will have great use. To order, to order! " Kuangyin saw it and complained to himself: "although Miao Guangyi is yin-yang, he shouldn't sell the wind everywhere. If he knows it today, how can he get it?" Hurry to put people in your arms. When Zheng en saw him, he asked, "second brother, what did Mr. Miao, who spoke of spirit, tell you to do with this book?" Kuang Yin said, "he said that when the Lord of Zhou ascended the throne, he issued an imperial edict of pardon, telling me to go home quickly to visit my relatives." Zheng en said: "it's the news that Yue Zi only hunts. It turns out that's what it means. Who didn't know? He was asked to send the book." Just as he was speaking, tong'er sent out tea again. After each of them had taken it for use, he would get up. Zhao Pu immediately distributed the money to his family. After settling down, he had no mount, but Zheng Enqing was willing to walk and let Zhao Pu ride with him. All of us went out together, carved saddles on each side, took his subordinates and so on, left the village, followed the bridle and walked slowly, looking at the Zen state.

When we arrived at Shuai mansion, we went down to fight and ride. Kuangyin's ancestors met Chai Rong and would hunt for rabbits. When they met Zhao Pu, they knew what happened. Another: "now it's out there. It seems that such a superior person, brother, must be selected, there must be considerable. " After hearing this, Chai Rong paid: "please meet the wise men." Even if Zhao Pu is in, see Chai Rong. When Chai Rong saw his character, Junyan, he was also happy. He worshipped the royal family and joined the army in the day. Only when he had met in Beijing, could he recommend his great use. The brothers also came in to meet each other. No words on that day.

On the next day, Chai Rong had a big banquet in Shuai hall. He invited all the brothers and Zhao Pu to have a drink. The water and land were really old, and the guests and friends were happy. At noon, I saw the door officer hurriedly running to the hall to report the disaster. There is no dispute about this disaster. There is a lesson: splitting the suffering of being submerged leads to the disaster of dreaming. It is:

In front of him, the child should be robbed, and the people should use their hidden worries.

After all, I'll see you next time.

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