By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The thirty fourth time in the whole story of flying dragon, the prince asked Zhao Kuangyin, his resigned mother, to eat melons in the summer"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十四回 王子让辞官养母 赵匡胤避暑啖瓜

Poetry says:

He is loyal and filial. He is a son and a minister.

Once the personnel is exhausted, the body name is insufficient.

After Wu Qi tried to quit Wei, Han Fei entered Qin.

The strong feeling will subside, and the strong plan is eager to extend.

Temporarily under the shadow of China, I will not shut down outsiders.

Yonghuai written by Youlu Longxin

It's said that the Lord of Zhou boarded the Dabao, granted the meritorious officials, and all the civil and military officials thanked him. Only Wang Pu refused to accept it. He bowed down and said: "I have no merit, but I have been charged with a heavy task by your majesty. I have a weak life and can't accept it. May your majesty accept it as his life, and let him return to his hometown, which is also the general aspiration of this minister. " When the Lord of Zhou listened to the music, he was surprised and said, "since I got my master's approval, I have built many miraculous skills. Today, I am honored in the Ninth Five-Year Plan. When I come to my subjects, it is all due to my master. I am just a gentleman, but I haven't told you enough. I hope Mr. Wang will spare no effort to help the country, and the world will be very happy. " Wang Pu kowtowed and cried: "Your Majesty, I have a poor life, and I cannot be safe. If I accept my position, I will lose my life. Kuang has an old mother, who is more than 80 years old. It's reasonable to serve him. I hope that your Majesty's heart is to govern the world with filial piety. You can return your officials to your hometown, serve Shu water in the sun and the moon, and make sure that you can save in the morning and dusk, and finally support you to travel. Then your mother and son will have more than one year, all of which are bestowed by your majesty. " Zhou said: "although my husband is devoted to filial piety, I have gained a new world. I have not been able to rest safely. If there is any change, how can I deal with it?" Wang PuDao said: "at the beginning of the national movement, there are Yao, Shun, Gao and Kui. The emperor and his officials are ruling in the court. The world is naturally oriented. Why do you think so much?" Zhou saw that he had made up his mind to go, so he could not be forced to stay. He had to say, "if you don't want to stay, you will become his will. But if I have military affairs, I'd like to invite you, sir. I'm glad not to pass the buck. " Wang Pu said, "how could I not obey the imperial edict when I was blessed by the Lord?" Then the Lord of the Zhou Dynasty made a promise to set up a royal banquet, to see Wang Pu off, that is, to order all officials to accompany him to drink. After thanking him for his kindness and receiving the royal banquet, Wang Pu asked not to drive. The Lord of Zhou was reluctant to give up. He had no choice but to give more gold, silver, color and satin. Wang Pu kowtowed to thank you and left the city. It is:

In addition, the picture shows how to live late, and how to relieve the worries of the nation's family.

It turns out that Wang Pu is smart in mathematics and foresees the rise and fall of the emperor. Although Guo Wei ascended the throne, the sun and the moon were new, he was lucky and the climate was not long. When God Kuang was born, he had a group of talented people who started the country and ruled the world to help him settle the country and the country. So he had to return to the forest and finish the festival with his full name. No gossip.

Only when Zhou saw that Wang Pu had left office, he asked the two groups: "I ascended the throne at the beginning of this year. There are still several places where the swordsmen are not quiet. You and others are full of talents. There must be a policy of stability, and we may as well play it for me. " In the end, Dou Yi, a scholar in the Imperial Academy, came out of the class and said, "you don't have to worry about other counties. Liu Chonger, a patient of Jinyang, is suffering. When he saw that his Majesty was king, his heart might not be willing. If he joined the Khitans and took the invaders in vain, his heart would move. It would be a disaster. According to the wise view of the minister, he must be responsible for trusting the famous generals. In the two places of Chanzhou and bailing, he should guard heavily and block his throat, so that Liu Chong can see through the gaps and shake safely? I hope that your majesty will be sanctified. " When the Lord of Zhou listened to the music and said that he was good, he would go to the Garrison when he chose the general. Press slow lift.

But Liu Chong in Jinyang said that when he first heard that the Lord of Zhou had set up his army and that emperor Yin had been killed, he wanted to bring all the people to the capital and lay a foundation for the country. Hearing the imperial edict issued by the Empress Dowager to welcome Liu Zhi as the emperor, he said happily, "my son is the emperor, what do I want?" So he stopped the idea of raising soldiers. After hearing that Liu Zhi died after his abolition, he was very angry, so he called himself Emperor. He owned all the twelve prefectures of he, Fen, Xin, Dai, LAN, Xian, Jiang, Wei, Lin, Shi, Qin and Liao, i.e. Zheng Qi and Zhao Huaguo, the judges, were in the same state, with the name of northern Han. He who makes use of his resources, seeks revenge. When the news came to Bianliang, the Lord of Zhou was worried, and thought, "bailing pass and Chanzhou are important roads. They must be guarded by trusted officials, and they will not be in danger until now. Why don't you order my nephew Chai Rong to go to meet the empress and the Zen state? " Having made up his mind, he ordered Chai Rongzhen to guard the state of Zen and serve his mother. He also ordered Han Tong to guard bailing pass.

The two ministers were ordered to take their own soldiers with them. They resigned from Wang Bujia and left the city to set out. They arrived in Chanzhou not a day later. Han Tong went to guard bailing pass. The Chai Rong enters the Shuai mansion. His civil and military officials have finished. Chai Rong returned to the private Yamen and took 300 liang of silver. He sent the officials to the Zhangjia hotel in Qinzhou to reward the owner for his kindness in curing his illness. The messenger was ordered to go. When Chai Rong came to the back hall, he met the girl and asked for an end. He won the victory all the way, broke Bianliang, hanged the Han Lord himself, won the world by his father and was honored in the south. Therefore, he came to welcome his aunt to Beijing and share the wealth. He said these things carefully. After hearing this, mother Chai arranged a banquet that night to meet Chai Rong, and her close relatives had a good time. Mother Chai is happy. She drinks more. She feels cold and gets up cold and sleepless. Chai Rong was in a hurry. He wrote a book and went to Beijing. The official sent this chapter to Bianliang and Wumen, and handed it over to the official of Huangmen. The yellow gate receives the book and sends it to Chaozhou. After the Zhou master finished reading, he approved a decree: "he ordered king chairong of Jin to serve the queen, reconcile the disease, wait for the day of recovery, and come to Beijing together; by the way, he supervised the bailing pass of the state, which was convenient for moderation. I will obey you. " This will come down to Chanzhou. Chai Rong is in charge of the hall to worship and receive. He is diligent in heart soup and medicine, and serves the girl. The sick body will suffer. Then we went to bailing pass to supervise the army, and acted with Han Tong. Press not to mention that.

But Zhao Kuangyin and Zheng en lived in the seven holy temples of Pingyang town since the pheasant forest beat Han Tong. The people respected him as a God. They really provided food and wine at night. They had fish and meat for three meals a day. They fought against injustice in that town. After hearing the name of Kuangyin, the local tyrants and bachelors sneaked away and dared not walk around. Therefore, Pingyang town was quiet and well behaved. They lingered in town for more than four months. When it's hot in the summer, Kuang Yin is upset and impatient. He can't sit up and cry: "brother, you see the weather is so hot and sweat is like beads. How can you sit in a stuffy way? Why don't you go out and find a cool place to spend the summer and enjoy the cool, but it's not good. " Zheng en said: "Yue Zi last night greedily sipped a few more glasses of wine, and his body was a little unhappy. Who is impatient to run to the street? Instead, he was scorched by the sun, but yuezi was sitting in the room, afraid of being cool? The second brother goes by himself. " Kuangyin saw that he didn't go, so he untied his horse in the back room, led him out of the temple gate, mounted his horse, and left Pingyang Town, believing in his horse. On the way, when the red sun is in the sky, the fire clouds are scattered, the pedestrians are setting fans, the trees are windless, it's really hot and fumigating, and the sweat is like rain. In the Tang Dynasty, Liu Changqing once sang "bitter and hot line", in which he said:

Why can't the breeze come? How can I fry the red sun?

The stone withers the mountain and the wood scorches, the scale is poor and the water spring dries up.

Kuangyin was on his way. Seeing a forest in front of him, he thought to himself, "isn't this a pheasant forest? It's just cool inside. " He drove his horse into the forest and picked up a place with dense trees. He dismounted from his saddle and tied his horse to the tree. Looking at the first tree, I will sit on the ground and enjoy the shade and the cool wind. Kuang Yinlu is comfortable, sleepy and sleepy. He falls asleep, snoring and snoring. After sleeping in the afternoon, just woke up, Gulu climbed up and wiped his eyes. He was very thirsty in his mouth. He thought: "it's better to find some cold water there to quench his thirst." Lead the horse out of the woods, saddle it, and go on. Look around. There is no stream or well spring to draw water. The mouth is more dry and violent. I was bored. I saw a man crouching in the shade of the willow, dozing off. There was a basket beside him. There was something green in the basket. Kuangyin clapped his horse and walked to the front of him. It turned out to be a load of big watermelons. He was not happy. He thought to himself, "good watermelons, buy two of them, just to quench his thirst." Conveniently to the side of the money, but a group of empty, said: "ah yo!"! Forget to bring money, how do you want to eat melon? " Although the mouth said it, but I like it in my heart. I hesitated for a while and said, "well, I woke him up and discussed with him, or would like to give credit to me, but I don't know." "Then cried out:" the friend wakes up, wants to take care of this melon He cried and counted, but refused to wake up.

It turns out that the surname of this melon seller is Wang. He is honest and honest. He keeps his points and makes a living. If someone bullies him, he will not care about arguments. So they gave him a nickname and called him Buddha. He is also willing to accept the adversity. Every year in the summer, I bought the watermelon from the place where it was produced and sold it at bailingguan, which was very profitable. Today, because of the hot weather and the difficulty of walking, I took a rest in the shade of the willow. Suddenly sleepy, a sleep, is to see a red bearded fire dragon fell in the pit, raised his head, looked at him only to nod. "The dragon is in the dry pit. I think it's thirsty. Let me solve it," said Wang He took a pot of water from the spring, walked to the front, looked at the dry pit, and slowly poured it down. When the Dragon saw the spring, he felt cool and refreshing. At that time, he opened his teeth and claws, stretched out, and suddenly a thunderbolt came from the spring. He saw the dragon flying away.

Wang Fuzi was awakened by Lei. It was a dream. He saw a big red faced man riding a red horse and standing in front of him. Wang Fuzi saw it and said it was strange. Kuangyin was smiling at once, shouting: "my friend, I've disturbed your sleep. I have something to discuss with you. It's only because of the hot weather. If you want to get a melon to quench your thirst, you don't need to bring money. If you are willing to give credit, how many did you eat? Come to Pingyang town with me and pay you back double. I wonder if you can? " After hearing this, the Buddha thought of the dream: "the red dragon fell in the pit. I gave him a jar of clear spring, and he went to heaven. Seeing this man now, he is also a red faced man, but he wants to credit me again. Should he dare to be a man of great value in the dream of just now? It will be good later? Why don't I spend these melons? It's convenient to quench my thirst with him. Even if I finish this load, I will not feel heartache. Who has no friendship in the world? What is the value of this melon to others? " Think about it, and say, "gentlemen, since they love you, why don't you? Who is guaranteed to carry money? It's a matter of negotiation. I'll have to pay you back when I meet you some other day. " Kuang Yin listened and was happy. He secretly praised: "it's really rare that such good people in the world, who don't know each other, would give credit." I jumped off the horse and tied it to the willow tree. Just as Buddha Wang picked up a ripe watermelon and beat it in half, he came here with his hands on it. Kuangyin was so thirsty that he took over the watermelon and sat under the tree. He ate the water clean and felt refreshing. He was ten times more impatient than the snow peach. The king Buddha hit another one and sent it to him. Kuangyin picked it up and ate it again. The water was dripping and delicious. As I was eating, I suddenly thought, "although I have this melon to relieve the heat, but my third brother is at home, he is even more upset. Why don't I take this half with him, I can also relieve the boredom." Think about it, then put this half melon on the ground. When the Buddha saw him, he asked, "gentleman, you are so shallow. How come these two melons are not finished?" Kuang Yin said, "I have another brother at home, so I'll take this half with me to relieve his boredom." The Buddha smiled and said, "I said that a gentleman is so shallow, but it is so. If you have a younger brother at home, you may as well take two back home, but you are so self-restraint and save this star. What does it look like? " As he spoke, he took two big melons and put them in front of him.

Kuang Yin was very grateful, so he had to eat this half and sit under the tree. It was cool. At that time, he said, "friend, where are you going to sell these melons?" "I want to sell this melon at bailing pass," said Wang Kuang Yin said, "how far is this hundred bell pass from here?" Wang fo said, "it's a long way from here. It's sixty or seventy miles away." Kuangyin said, "how much is a load worth? It's so hard to go this long way. " Wang said: "gentlemen don't know. In the past, it was only sold here in Pingyang town. Now Bianliang city has changed dynasties and established a new emperor. Another field marshal Han has been added to the bailing pass. There are 100000 soldiers under him, which is very noisy. I will sell more than 200 yuan for this load of melons than other places, so I am not afraid of going far and would like to rush. " Kuang Yin said: "it turns out that Tokyo has changed its Dynasty. Friends know who is the son of God today? " The king Buddha said, "take your ear and I will tell you. It was Guo Wei, the commander-in-chief of the Chan state, who set up his army to enter the capital and forced the Han emperor to death. He ascended the throne and became the emperor. Don't you know? "

Kuangyin heard this and said happily in secret: "I have been away from home for a long time, only for the sake of the young master's lust and lust, so I killed Yule and hindered my father from being a courtier. Now that the Lord of the Han Dynasty is dead, he can go home to visit his relatives. " That King Buddha son also asks: "gentleman, I see your voice is not here person, dare to be here to do what business also?" Kuang Yin said, "I'm from Tokyo. I can't do business. I've only spent my days wandering." "What's the advantage of just going around?" Wang said? Now Marshal Han of Bailing pass is choosing heroes. The gentleman has this figure. Why not join the army and win the honor of career? It's better to wander outside. " Kuang Yin said with a smile, "is this army to be pawned?" Wang Fuzi said: "gentleman, you don't know what you said. Only look at Liu Zhiyuan, the emperor of the Han Dynasty. He was originally raised a horse to be an army, but later became an emperor. How can you put this army into ridicule?" Kuang Yin thought to himself, "it's reasonable. I'll go to bailing pass to take a walk. Why not?" Then he asked, "friend, may I have your name, saying that I know it, so that I may meet you in the future and repay the price of the melon." The king Buddha then laughed and said: "gentleman, you are too vain, forgive these melons, how much is it worth? I can't afford it. Do you want to pay for it? As I said today, never in the future. Besides, I have no name for my agent, just Wang Fozi. " Kuang Yin said: "well, since the Buddha is so beautiful, I will leave my name here. If I meet you in the future, I will report the virtue of giving melons to you. I'm no one else, but Zhao Kuangyin of Tokyo. He just killed Yule in anger and escaped. If the current dynasty changes, it will be easy to get ahead. If I go here inch by inch, I will repay my kindness. I dare not forget my righteousness. " After that, he wrapped the two melons and the handkerchief in his hand, took off the reins in one hand, mounted his horse, and cried, "friend, please." With an arch of his hand, he steered his horse and wandered away. When the Buddha saw this appearance and listened to his surname, he could not stop praising him and said, "sure enough, a hero will be very expensive in the future." Then he picked up the melon and looked forward to the hundred bell pass. It is:

Without knowing, how can we know how to love each other?

But Kuangyin went back to the seven holy temples of Pingyang, got off his horse and led him to the back to tie him. I came out to see Zheng en and ate these two melons with him. Zheng Enzheng is sitting in the chair with his chest open and his stomach open because of the hot weather. He gasps there. When he sees the melon, he is very happy and says, "second brother, I want you to break the money and buy the melon and have fun." Take over and knock the melon to make several pieces, even the belt water, swallow the stomach, not a moment later, eat clean, said: "refreshing, refreshing. Second brother, how much did you spend to buy such a good melon? " Kuang Yin said, "this melon is not for sale." Then he told me the love of Wang and Buddha. "It's rare," said Zheng Kuang Yin made Guo Wei emperor again. Bailing pass now chooses heroes. So if you want to join the army, tell Zheng en. Zheng en said: "Guo Wei, a famous donkey ball player, is familiar with each other. Let's think about it." He lowered his head, looked sideways, thought for a long time, and said, "yes, yes. Yue Zi often heard brother Chai say that he had an uncle, who is called Guo Wei. Dare he be the emperor? Brother Chai's whereabouts also have a shadow. Let's go to bailing pass and ask for information. It's also good. " Kuangyin said: "the words of the wise brother are just to my liking." At that time, I used the evening meal and went to bed separately.

The next morning, I got up early and invited my father from the town to leave for bailing pass. There is a branch of teaching: they are not interested in meeting mothflies, but they are interested in looking for wolves and tigers. It is:

How lucky is the kindness? The resentment comes from the armpit elbow.

After all, if the two get away from each other, then listen to the next resolution.

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