By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The thirtieth time in the whole story of flying dragon, Chai Rongjian and his friend zhijinghongzhao are trapped by Chen"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三十回 柴荣荐朋资帷幄 弘肇被谮陷身家

Word yue:

Fortunately, we met each other and complained about the wind and rain. Draw from one's robe, and admire his approval. Good friends share their feelings and celebrate their talents. Gu Zhongxi is squeezed by power traitors. What's the matter. You have failed in your heart. I dare to expect longbi. Keep this official precept, which will be salty for all ages.

Blame Wang sun in right key

As for Han Tong, Zhao Kuangyin was responsible for writing the Fu form. He rushed home at night, packing up the soft things. His wife and daughter got on the car. He rode with his son and apprentice, took the whistle stick, protected the car battle, and watched the Chanzhou road. Along the way, after thinking about the past, I plan to settle down, and I want to develop a spirit, and then I will revenge. But they had no choice but to discuss with each other. In the middle of the boring walk, I saw a group of pedestrians in front of me, about thirty or forty of them, walking with guns, swords, swords and halberds. Han Tong thought to himself, "this gang must be gangsters. I'll ask him about it." Then clap immediately before, loudly shout: "wait for hand to hold knife and gun, go to where?" When they looked up, they saw Han Tong's character Xuanang and his pommel horse was tall. They knew that he was an unusual man and dared not neglect him. They said, "right now, we are all close to the common people. Because we have a hard time, we heard that Guoling of the state of Zen called for the army, so we went to recruit." When Han Tong heard this, he thought to himself: "I was beaten twice by Zhao Kuangyin, the thief, and I had no home to run, no country to vote. Now I am still wandering on the road. Why don't I just plan to take these people under my control. If I can find the big and small prospects in the same way as that in Chanzhou, I will repay this hatred. " I've made up my mind and said in the beginning, "I'll join the army and follow me more. Guo linggong of Chanzhou is my relative. I'm going to see him now, and I'll take care that you will have food as soon as you arrive. I'll provide all the expenses on the way." When all the people heard this, they were all glad and said, "since the general is merciful, I am willing to follow him." Han Tong was very happy, so he took some silver notes and gave them to the scattered people. They came to watch the Zen state together.

When I arrived in the city of Chanzhou, I found a Inn and settled down with a small group of people. When he went out to inquire about it, he heard that anyone who joined the army must first go to the overseer's office to register and see him, and then lead him to the marshal Du's office for examination, so that he can have a job. After hearing the letter, Han hurried back to the shop, ordered the script, added a gift list, changed a new set of clothes, led the people to the prison house, followed the people who had come from all directions, handed in the script, and waited to be heard. Not long ago, I saw a military school coming out and saying, "which one is Han Tong who joined the army? It's said that the overseer has ordered the arrow. Please come in and see me. " Han Tong listened to the order and said, "I'm Han Tong." The military academy with the introduction of the corner gate, to the lobby level kneeling way: "vote for soldiers Han Tong registration see." The overseer was no one else. It was Chai Rong. When he saw Han Tong, he hurriedly left his seat and stepped up with his hands and said, "friends, please get up." It turned out that Han Tong and Chai Rong had an intimate relationship since they were young, which was extremely called "the most rebellious". Later, they were far apart from each other, so they became broad. Today, I saw the surname on the manuscript before I recruited soldiers. I was confused, but I was afraid it wasn't. So I passed it in here, and I'll see if it's Han Tong. Now Chai Rong helps Han Tong. Han Tong was ashamed to see Chai Rong, so he joined hands and sat down again. Han Daodao: "I've been separated from my brother for several years, but I didn't realize that it's so glorious that Da Jia is in charge of the military. If we talk about the old friendship between Han and some other people, we will surely be grateful. " Chai rongdao: "I've known a long time and I'm proficient in martial arts. I'm brave enough to surpass others. I'm looking for someone to invite me. I don't want to meet you today. It's a good thing to have three lives. Kuang Guo Yuanshuai is the younger brother's uncle. When he is introduced tomorrow, he will be able to see that he is so talented. Why bother? " After that, he ordered the military academy to send soldiers from all walks of life to the hall to check the book and send it to the Shuai mansion for rehearsal. When the business is over, the undertaker is ordered to prepare the banquet and entertain Han Tong.

In the early morning of the next day, Chai Rong introduced Han Tong to Shuai mansion and saw Guo Wei. Guo Wei saw Han Tong's talent in his prime, his appearance was not vulgar, and his heart had already been a little compassionate; he also met Chai Rong to praise his talent, and he strongly recommended it, which made him more happy. Then he was rewarded with a commission card, and ordered him to take the position of the Fifth Battalion regiment training envoy. He still recruited four heroes with Chai Rong, and played military horse every day. Han Tong is ordered to thank you. Together with Chai Ronggui, he returned to Jianjun mansion. Since then, he has worked wholeheartedly and worked as an accomplice. Press slow lift.

Since he ascended the throne, the people of the Han Dynasty resented the slander and lust, the silent goods and the great construction. Su Fengji, the abbot of the state, was once again favored. He became jealous of the loyalty and good, and seduced the traitors. In the dynasty, he played ten times and nine times. He ran wild at will. All the officials looked at him. Who dared to say more? On that day, he came back to investigate carefully and reported Guo Wei's recruitment to the police secretly. Su Fengji got this news, that is, in the morning of the next day, in the morning, Zhihu went up to the hall and bowed down to play: "I received a secret report yesterday, saying that Guo Wei was recruiting soldiers and horses in the Zen state, and had a great intention of treason. I beg your majesty to cut it off as early as possible so as not to suffer later. " Hearing this, the king of the Han Dynasty was shocked and said, "Guo Wei has a heart of insubordination and a good way to behave. What's the best way for the grand master? I'll deal with it urgently. " Su Fengji said: "Your Majesty, don't be impatient. According to the fool's will, you can send officials to take Guo Wei from the state of Zen. If you abide by the official's day, you will come to Beijing with you. If you have the heart of rebellion, you will not come. At that time, his majesty sent his generals again, and they were right and honest. Guo Wei dared not resist, but also kept all the officials from saying different things. I look forward to your Majesty's dragon heart When the master of the Han Dynasty listened to the music, Longyan said happily, "the music played by the grand master is really a good plan for governing the country, and I should be ready to play it." Su Fengji thanks for getting up.

The Lord of the Han Dynasty was about to send a message to the officials. Suddenly, he saw the next minister, the red robe, the gold Fu, the jade belt and the black boots, and the head wat as his chest. He went up and said, "Your Majesty must not listen to the slander, and he has missed the national affairs." When the master of the Han Dynasty raised his eyes to see it, he was a great historian. The Lord of the Han Dynasty asked, "I'm not going to deal with Guo Wei's transfer back to Beijing because of his improper storage. Why do you hinder me?" Hongzhao said: "Feichen dare to block, but sichen and Guowei together help the first emperor, be firm and strong, start a business and start a foundation, achieve the country, reign in the world, Guowei has many meritorious work. Therefore, the first emperor jianba, entrusted with a heavy task, made it Wei Zhen Chan state, sincere national security. Today, his majesty transferred to Beijing without any reason. The monarch and his ministers are suspicious, so they are clearly forced to fight against the important officials. I'm afraid that Guo Wei has so many soldiers, so I'm determined to change. What's more, it's said that the princes of each town are in danger of their own lives. How can your majesty deal with this? I wish your Majesty the best of luck. " Han said: "No. Relying on himself, Guo Wei recruited troops to buy horses, showing a sense of rebellion. Today, if we don't get rid of it early, we'll have no regrets if we develop embryos in the future. Don't stop me from saying more. " Hongzhao repeated: "Guo Wei recruited soldiers and bought horses. This is a plan of the state, and the duties of his subjects should be done.". Can your majesty add to the crime and kill Guo Wei to kill himself? And since his majesty ascended the throne, he has not been able to govern with benevolence and virtue, or to build a large number of works, or to listen to slander and fall into loyalty, or to indulge in wine and lust. I fear that the world will be in danger from then on. May your majesty be courteous, courteous and virtuous. First, kill Su Fengji in Shicao, demote Su, and then in Lenggong to eliminate Chaoning and invite its internal troubles; then add the throne of Guo Wei to stabilize its mind; open the Treasury to reward the army and the people: then the human feelings are happy, the natural emperor's plan is eternal, and both inside and outside are safe. " After hearing the remonstrance, the Lord of the Han Dynasty said angrily, "since I took the throne, I have obeyed the orders of the first emperor without losing my morality. On the contrary, you scold me for spoiling, raping and drowning. You can see that the rich in the people's family are warm enough to build a garden and enjoy the spring and autumn. I have only built one imperial garden, and I have not built a large number of buildings. Lady Su is my first match, and she has no loss of virtue. How can I teach him to dethrone him? My husband and wife are the great family of the common people. They are still devoted to their love. How can I show the world's integrity by neglecting their ethics? That is to say, Su Fengji's performance is actually a tribute to the country. It's not for one person's own business. Can you be jealous and make me be loyal? If according to the national law, you rely on your merits and are prone to slander, you should be killed; if you are the old minister of the former Emperor, you should be lenient, dismissed from the position of the people, and never employed. You can go back quickly, you don't have to worry about it. "

When Shi Hongzhao saw that the young master didn't listen to his advice, he was dismissed. He knew that the young master was addicted to wine and lust, and it was useless to forcefully remonstrate, so he stopped playing, sighed secretly, and stood up to go out. But when Su Fengji was standing by, he was not aware of the fire in his heart, and his mouth was full of smoke. He scolded: "a traitor who deceives the king by mistake! It's you who bewitch Shengcong and turn the imperial government upside down, which leads to people's resentment and the separation of vassals and towns. After all, you are the hand of a traitor! " Su Fengji also said angrily, "Shi Hongzhao, you just want to protect Guo Wei and conspire against him, so you want to harm me?" Shi Hongzhao said angrily, "traitor! You don't think about it, but dare to speak in disorder. You'll be bloody and painful. I will fight with you. " After that, he raised Chaohu and made a great effort according to his face. The Chaohu was divided into three sections. Su Feng's nose and eyes were askew and his mouth was bleeding. He rolled down to the ground and shouted, "the emperor has learned from him. Shi Hongzhao secretly communicated with Guo Wei. He is rebellious. He has many strange ministers. Before he becomes a saint, he beat them up. He hopes his majesty will save them." On the Dragon bed, the Han Lord saw Shi Hongzhao beat down Su Fengji. He shouted and was furious. He swore with his fingers: "all evil traitors! I don't know if I'm benevolent, and I'm not angry with you. When the palace is destroyed and the grand master is defeated, I'm forgiven. I shouldn't be rebellious and make love to my mountains and rivers. You're not tolerant of this big crime, and you'll suffer later. On both sides, I will bind the traitor to Shicao and behead him to the public. " Only one "leading purpose" was heard from both sides. Several officials came out and tied Shi Hongzhao. On both sides of the cultural and martial arts, everyone was horrified and resentful. They wanted to stay and play. They were afraid of Su Fengji's power traitors. They had to sigh. It is:

Fear of misfortune, not talk about the peace of the dynasty, greedy for life, not care about the wind of admonition.

At present, Su Fengji said again, "Shi Hongzhao's conspiracy is not enough to kill himself. He should kill all his family members and make future generations fear the police." The master of the Han Dynasty understood and approved his performance, that is to say, he ordered the school captain in front of the palace to quickly bind Shi Hongzhao's family to the city and execute them. The school captain led the order, led the forbidden army, surrounded Shi Hongzhao's mansion, pitied the loyal and good families, regardless of the good and the bad, old and young men and women, and bound them to Shicao. Although there were many arts and martial arts in the Manchu Dynasty, there were also those who agreed with Hongzhao in their daily life. At this time, they would not protect their lives.

Only when the people in the city saw this, they all felt injustice. They said, "the world will be peaceful for several years, and this great change will take place in the dynasty. How the country loves its people! Today, the imperial court killed him innocently. I'm afraid that the sword and soldiers will rise in front of us. I think most of our people are unlucky and will be killed again. " There is an old saying in it: "gentlemen, don't worry about him. The old man has an urgent matter to discuss with you. Don't you know how to make it? " People said, "if you can do anything, you can say it clearly." The old man said: "gentlemen, I think this master Shi is a loyal minister. All our people usually take care of him. Today, we should buy some paper money and burn it in the legal arena to send master Shi back to heaven, which also shows the feelings of our people. What do you think? " All the people answered in unison, "there is a reason, there is a reason. Let's all go to see him." So we fight out some silver, how many different, went to do paper money, together to the city Cao up. See all around, surrounded by soldiers, where there is free? The old man shouted, "you can let me go. We're going to go in to see Master Shi." So he pushed the crowd away and pushed it into the middle.

Look up at Shi Hongzhao and his family. There are 103 of them, all tied up. All the soldiers and horses in the enclosure were out of their bowstring, out of their scabbard and standing around. And those nights that they did not receive were patrolled on every side. I saw that Shi Hongzhao sighed and said: "the emperor and the earth, really learn from my heart. What sin did I get when I forgot my family for my country, so that my family was killed? I can't eat the flesh of a traitor. I will eat the soul of a traitor when I die! " The lady said: "why is it so? Ancient cloud "loyal officials are not afraid of death", just want to die for what it is. Today, I forget myself for my country and my whole family has been killed. It's a matter of fact. Why do you sigh? " Shi Hongzhao first called goodness. And when all the people saw it, they all wept, and embraced it, and knelt together. Shi Hongzhao asked, "wait for me, what can I say?" The people replied: "the little ones are all the people of the city. They are always under the master's feet. They are cared and nurtured by the master. There is no reward. Today, I heard that the master was killed. The little ones have no filial piety. They need paper money to talk about. They have to beg the master to live face to face to show their respect. " After that, he shook the paper money away, lit a fire, burned it towards Shi Hongzhao, and burst into tears. Shi Hongzhao saw it, sighed several times, even stopped and said: "you and other people, don't need to be like this. I am an official every day, without Huide and yur, and I am really worthy of being an ancient minister. What's more, I have spent my life in Huajia, and my fortune is with me. How dare I complain about it today? Just to be worthy of it. Ji Chenger and others sent me to the old man and his wife. Under the nine springs, I also felt very grateful. I have a few words that the people should bear in mind. Even though the old man died, he was still alive. " All the people said, "the master has a lot of teaching, and the little ones should bear in mind." Shi Hongzhao said: "let's listen to this:

We should respect our parents in furniture, and filial piety is the first of all.

Brothers love each other and don't dislike the harmony of their neighbors.

Teaching children should be polite and righteous, and women should be strict.

Suffer losses to recognize the safety of the sub, poor and diligent skills research.

It's useless to live in peace.

Ren er's life is full of fame and profit, and the gains and losses of the poor are always from heaven. "

Shi Hongzhao was talking, only to hear the army and the people shouting, "the imperial court has come to drive the placard." The people who looked around clapped hands and said, "no, here comes the post. Master Shi will be killed in a flash!" At that time, some soldiers drove the people away early. The prison beheader stood up and worshipped the imperial edict, and offered it to the barracks. He paid off and took the offending officer to listen. Then, Shi Hongzhao signed the token of offending and leading, that is, to the soul leading banner. The geotechnical engineer laid two reed mattresses on the ground. Shi Hongzhao and his wife knelt down opposite each other. They were angry and angry. In a moment, the sky was dark and the sky was dark. The sun was dark, but the clouds were gloomy and the fog was heavy. The executioner waited with his knife. Only heard Yin and Yang official newspaper said: "noon has arrived, quickly cut." Only one blast was heard, and all the people clapped their hands together. They cried and cried, and the couple fell to the ground early. It is exactly: two streams of white Qi soar to the sky, and a pair of spirits die in the West. There are poems as evidence:

He has been worried about the country and the people for several years, and his heart has been dry all day.

The heavenly Father trapped the treacherous officials, and the cuckoos filled the spring with blood and tears.

The prison beheader saw that he had killed two of Shi Hongzhao's husband and wife, and a total of 103 of his family's good and cheap men and women by name, and had buried the remains. The emperor of the Han Dynasty only retreated after the official was executed and the imperial edict was paid.

On the next day, Su fengjiyi, the master of the Han Dynasty, sent officials early to transfer Guo Wei to return to the dynasty. Han zhuzhuzhunzuo, that is to say, sent the imperial forest to accept the edict of mengye, and to follow the edict of mengye, to go to Chanzhou overnight, and to transfer Guo Weike to Beijing, without disobeying. Meng Ye obeyed the will, drove out of the dynasty, led his followers, rode out of Bianliang City, and set out for Chanzhou. No mention.

However, Wen Yanchao, the governor of guide mansion in Henan Province, is Shi Hongzhao's younger brother. He was drinking and chatting with his subordinates in the mansion that day. Only one family member who missed the net ran into the mansion and met Yan Chao, and cried about the victims of his master's family one by one. When Shi Yanchao heard that his brother had been killed, he was filled with panic and anger. He shouted, "kill me in pain!" I fainted on the landing. The generals came to the rescue, woke up for a while, gnawed their teeth, and shouted, "you will be confused if there is no way! My brother has made a lot of contributions. He doesn't want to give preferential treatment to honor. Instead, he listens to the slander of treacherous officials and wrongs my brother. If his life is not enough, he will kill the whole family. It's so cruel that there's no reason or law. I swear to capture the traitor alive, cut off the faint king and avenge my brother! " After saying this, the mourning was great, and all the people would exhort them to cry. Then he said to the generals, "since I have fainted the king and harmed my brother, sooner or later there will be soldiers coming to find me. How can I fight against the enemy now when there are few or no soldiers?"? I think my brother got up because of Guo Wei, and now I join him, so that I can avoid disaster and revenge with him. If the generals are willing to go together, I will not refuse; if they do not want to go, I am not strong. " At present, the eight generals all replied, "we are willing to go with you when we know the Lord's favor and fail to work. Today, we are changing." Shi Yanchao said with great joy: "both generals and others are willing to go together, so we will pack our bags and get up today." So the generals and others prepared their own clothes. Shi Yanchao packed up the itinerary, kept his family small, took eight generals, left to return to Defu, and finally came to Chanzhou. Press the slow meter.

And said Guo Wei one day is sitting in the mansion, suddenly saw the door official to report: "now there is a court official outside, begging marshal to take orders." After hearing this, Guo Wei hurriedly led many officials out of the mansion to welcome the imperial envoy to the hall and read the imperial edict. Guo Wei's heart was greatly shocked, and he met with the imperial emissary and sat down with his guests. After tea, Guo Wei said, "Your Majesty, when the imperial edict comes, I want to transfer Guo Wei back to Beijing. What's the matter?" That Meng Ye is busy to compensate smiling face, calmly say this reason comes out, have cent teach: changed the general who falls Town, point to the sun to rise a soldier; indifferent loyalty and bravery heart, depend on Tian An Life. It is:

Things have gone bad with the swallow's nests. What is the best way for the bear to suppress the situation?

After all, how does Meng Ye answer? I'll see it clearly next time.

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