By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The third time of flying dragon biography: Zhao Kuangyin sits alone in a dragon chair in a dozen of Han Tong GouLan courtyard"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第三回 赵匡胤一打韩通 勾栏院独坐龙椅

Poetry says:

I met a great hero by chance. How could he escape if he was allowed to become a hero.

The mind is willing to pick up the evil spirit, and the strength is willing to eliminate the evil spirit.

When the national code comes to an end, the village is full of glutinous rice.

It was supposed to be so. Why not have a try.

It's said that when Zhao Kuangyin met Han Tong, he quarreled with each other for a few words. Han Tong was furious and raised his hand to fight. Kuangyin saw that his momentum was fierce, and he flashed sideways, and even got back a fist. Han Tong also dodged. The two fight on time. They jump out of the room together. They are in the middle of the patio. They throw away their shelves. The boxers meet each other. It's a good fight. But see:

One is the founder, the other is the Minister of the Yuan Dynasty. One is to fight the invincible hand in Bianjing, the other is to run across the big county with great strength. This one should be based on Lu Wangan, Liu Tao, and that one should learn from Huang Gongping. This is the golden rooster's independent kicking to the sky. That's the kite's turning over and landing on the ground. This is the jade lady shuttle, that is the Yellow Dragon back staff. Han erhu, a good fighter and a good fighter, met Zhao Dalang, a man of extraordinary physical strength. It shows that you are weak and I am strong.

At present, each of them tries their best to meet each other and fight until they are in a dilemma. After all, Kuangyin was a real emperor, and there was God's help everywhere. At this time, the City God and the land had already been shocked. The City God protected Kuangyin. The land hurriedly looked at Han Tong's foot with the leading crutch, and Han Tong couldn't stand up. Kuangyin saw that he had the intention of falling, so he took advantage of the power to grab in, and made a potential son with feet around, swept Han Tong and fell to the ground. Hold it down, lift up your fist, like a raindrop, and beat him up and down. "Good fight, good fight!" shouted Han Tong Kuang Yin shouted, "you prisoner of death! Or to die, or to live? If you want to live, call me Grandpa Sansheng and grandma Sumei Sansheng, I will spare you to live. If you don't, discipline you to establish the yellow spring and go to see Yanluo Laozi early. " Han channel: "red faced, don't do it. I'll discuss with you: we are generally heroes in the Jianghu. We lost our energy in front of you today, but we only win or lose. If we want to make a claim in front of the mother-in-law, how can we meet people in the future? It's breaking. " Kuangyin heard that he opened his eyes and said, "Han Tong, don't you call it?" Then he beat his fist to his face, which made Han Tong suffer from pain, but he had to shout: "Grandpa Zu, I have a bad feud with you, beat me up like this?" Kuang Yin then said, "how can you just call me, a thief who is not afraid of death? I'll spare your life if I call Su Mei soon. " Han Tong had no choice but to shout out: "my grandwife, I have never violated your precepts in ordinary times, and I can count on you to keep your reputation. How can I stand by today without saying a word? I feel that my heart hurts justice. I hope you'll have the time to dissuade me. "

I'm here to complain. I saw two worthy people coming in the mansion. When I saw Han Tong, I called out, "Han erhu, you are relying on your strength all day, walking around in Daming mansion. You are invincible. You can do whatever you want. How can we meet this righteous man today and lose our energy? Since you are a hero, you should not be so greedy for life and fear of death. Would you rather call fantou "Mrs. Zu"? Where are your usual heroes? " After that, Kuang Yin said, "you don't have to fight anymore. I think today's fist has been used up by him. With his great ability, I dare not look at him directly. What will you do if you want to fight him?" Kuangyin heard that once the handle was loosened, Han Tong got up and went out. Kuang Yin cried out, "Han Tong, listen to me. I have something to share with you: you will leave your name soon and go to another place to save your life. If you put off here again, I will come to take your dog's life sooner or later and never give up!" When Han Tong heard this, he was ashamed and angry. He thought to himself, "I made a mistake and was humiliated. Now if you want to compete with him, you will not be able to win. Besides, it's hard to live here any longer. It's better to settle down somewhere else and develop a spirit of revenge. " I made up my mind and left the yard immediately. I left Daming and watched Pingyang. This is precisely:

A duckweed to the sea, where life does not meet!

Not to mention that Han Tong fled to Pingyang, hoping to report later. And said Kuangyin beat away Han Tong, heavy and Sumei chat. Seeing Kuangyin's ability is very powerful and heroic, she is more happy in her heart, which means she will live for a hundred years. Kuang Yin knew what he meant, so he and Sumei entered into an alliance to grow old together, to achieve the ceremony of making friends, to set up a banquet and drink, and to talk about Yiran. At the beginning of the night, I was back in my bedroom. It is:

Before the storm comes, let's take rain and dew.

Since then, the mountain alliance has made a vow not to change.

The next day, Kuangyin got up, left Sumei and went back to the Posthouse. The two stewards then said: "young master, you are worried about killing us. You can smell it in the yard. I'm afraid Mr. Dou knows it's inconvenient. Besides, it's strange in the field and unfamiliar with people. Don't plan to eat people secretly? Fortunately, those two responsible men came back yesterday and went out to inquire about him. I was relieved to hear that he had fled elsewhere. From now on, I hope you will go out to cause trouble, so that the villain will not be frightened. " Kuang Yin said, "what are you doing? You can't move but fear. My son is very popular with him. But I'm not afraid of it. I need to fight him. How can I stand still? What did you do? " The two stewards did not dare to speak. Since then, Kuangyin often went to Sumei to communicate with each other, which was very emotional.

Don't feel the time flies like an arrow, day and moon flies like a shuttle, twists between the fingers, more than two years. Every day in Daming's mansion, you can do whatever you want. Thanks to killing the general Dou and making a comprehensive decision for him, it's nothing. Suddenly one day, Dou Rong sat in the private Yamen and thought: "Prince Zhao has more than two years here. He has caused a lot of troubles, and I am responsible for many things. Now there is still half a year left. If he wants to go back after the limit is full, he is expected to recruit others. It's better to write a letter, give him a written approval, and send it back. One place will be peaceful, and the other will finish my love. " I made up my mind, so I paid the flag and asked Mr. Zhao to come in. After a while, I saw Kuang Yin walk into the private business, met with Dou Rong and sat down. After using the tea, Dou Rong said: "since I drove to our mansion, I've had two years. Because of the complexity of his simple life, elder brother Yu's reception in Jin Dynasty was not simple and slow, and he talked about the world friendship, all of which are expected to be contained. I'm glad that the deadline will be fulfilled. I want to ask you to go back to the mansion first, so that my uncle will not be worried day and night and wait at home. What do you think of it without respect? " Kuang Yin listened and said happily: "it's really difficult for my younger brother to be under his command. He's wrong, he's loved by Meng ya, and he's extremely expensive. Now, since you are gracious, please tell me about Shengde in detail in front of you. If you step in, you will be rewarded. " Dou Ronglian dare not. I will immediately distribute the wine to my family and leave with Mr. Zhao today. The family is busy arranging a banquet. Dou Rong invites Kuang Yin to the table. The guests and the host are having a good time. After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, Kuangyin even resigns. Dou Rong is not good at staying. He wrote a book at that time. It's just to say hello to commander Zhao. And Kuangyin limited to full diploma, outside the grant road fee silver forty-two. Kuangyin collected the information one by one.

At that time, I said goodbye to Dou Rong and went back to the post house to pack up. He took two housekeepers and went back to the yard to say goodbye to Sumei. Han Sumei hears that Kuangyin is confined to his home, and she is very reluctant to give up. Kuangyin comforted: "the beauty doesn't have to worry. I'll come back to Bianliang this time. If I meet you sooner or later, I'll never forget it." Su Mei choked and offered her wine to see her off. At this time Kuangyin's heart is like an arrow. He drinks a few cups to show his feelings. Each to exhort, shed tears and leave. After leaving Daming, I look at the ancient Yiliang road. There are poems as evidence:

The ancient road is filled with grass in the wild.

The heart is busy, the horse is slow, and the heart is fast.

Lazy view of green grass, sad to see white clouds low.

Landscape is so elegant that it has no intention to taste it.

Kuangyin is on his way. He sleeps in the morning. He arrives in Tokyo as early as possible and enters Bianliang city. He is full of joy. When I came to the crossroads, I saw those businessmen and tourists, the three religions and the nine schools, and Kuangyin. I was frightened and scared one by one. There is a man: "I haven't seen Zhao Dashe for three years, the place is so indifferent; I'm afraid I'll be restless if I come back today." Another way: "otherwise, as the saying goes:" if you don't see a scholar for three days, treat him with respect. " He has been abroad for many years, and he is a little older. Does Ann know how to learn etiquette, how to learn scale, and how to change? Isn't it still the same? " Another said: "although he is old, he is afraid that his heart will not change after all. Don't you hear the old saying: "rivers and mountains can be changed, but nature cannot be changed." We don't have to worry about him now, we just need to go our own way, and then we will be OK. " Kuang Yin came all the way and heard these words. He just laughed in his heart.

In the middle of Zhengxing, however, I met Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei again. They were very happy with each other. They each made a bow and said hello to each other. Then Luo Yanwei invited them to the tavern. Kuangyin first sent two housekeepers, packed their bags and reported home. However, he hid his letters and approvals, passed them to Zhang and Luo for drinking. Between drinking, Kuang Yin took Han Sumei in the Daming mansion, beat him away, and Dou Rong treated each other. They also talked about other things. All three are well prepared. It is:

A thousand cups of wine for a confidant is less than half a sentence.

Three people round the cup to the lamp, eat half a day, all have a bit of wine. Kuang Yin held the cup and said, "two wise brothers, the elder brother has been married for three years. I don't know how the politics of the court and the affairs of the country are these days? If you want to be a good brother, you must know the details. You are willing to hear about it. " Zhang Guangyuan said: "if you don't say anything, brother, it's much different than before. Recently, the leader of the Southern Tang Dynasty came in a new group of women's music, a total of 118 people. There are two flower heads, one is priceless treasure, and the other is a pearl on the palm. If the moon is closed, the flowers will be shy, and the fish will fall. Unexpectedly, after the emperor was offered, he was confused and dissolute, and the imperial court was abandoned for a long time. It is a large-scale construction work to create a courtyard called yugoulan, which is surrounded by garden pavilions and built in pavilions. This group of women's music will live in it. Every day, the emperor led the civil and military officials and nobles to this court to have a long night's desire and enjoy the wandering. These women's music, then plays the zaju, sings the dance. With this day's money, the people are destitute. Although some of the ministers had remonstrated, they turned to adding sin. Therefore, slander accumulates day by day, and national power is not. According to my little brother, it will soon belong to others. I don't know who is blessed to receive this country. " Luo Yanwei said: "my brother has been away for a long time, and we are gathered here today, just to drink. What do you mean by these gossip? If anyone in the world gets it, I'm afraid other people can't afford it except big brother. " Say, drink alone. Kuang Yin asked again, "did the emperor set up a royal corral to allow the people to watch?" Guangyuan said: "this is the only one, but he has no way. He is a little happy with the people. When he was lucky, no matter the scholars or the common people, he could not help but go out and let them watch, so my little brother learned that. " Kuang Yin said: "I have been to Daming for three years, and I don't want to add these scenes to Bianliang. Since I can't help but go in and out, take advantage of the early days, two wise brothers and I will go to watch it, can you make it? " Guangyuan said: "elder brother is going, younger brother should accompany." Luo Yanwei asked the bartender to come up and settle the account.

The three men went downstairs together, went out of the shop and walked forward. They had arrived at the gate of the GouLan yard not long ago. Go straight in. As expected, it's a good Royal hook. Its cover is extremely skillful and extremely exquisite. But see:

Exquisite scenery around, spectacles in all directions. The towering Pavilion is connected with Qingyun, with a team of carved beams and dragons and a line of painted buildings and Phoenix. The winding path is deep and deep, and the best flowers are planted everywhere. Suddenly, it was said that the emperor was lucky to be in the trap. All the beauties were in a state, and the happy girl became confused.

Kuang Yin looked and said with admiration: "it's a good Royal fence with exquisite workmanship, which can be called perfect." Then he asked, "what's the name of that tall building, brother?" Guangyuan said, "this is called playing Hualou." Kuang Yin said, "how about my brothers going for a walk?" Then they went upstairs and saw a noisy dragon chair in the middle and two embroidered butts on both sides. Kuang Yin asked again, "who's sitting here?" Guangyuan said: "the middle dragon chair is today's seat. The two prime ministers sit on both sides. " Kuang Yin looked back and said, "what's the use of that thing with bells and drums?" Guangyuan Road: "the dragon and Phoenix drum is hung in the East corridor, and the Jingyang bell is hung in the west corridor. I'm afraid those female musicians don't know about it now and then. So I set up this bell and drum as a general call to make the female musicians listen to it, so that they can know that they are lucky to be a saint, so that they can go upstairs to wait on them. Some singing, some dancing, are really entertaining and beautiful. " Kuang Yin said, "I see. Since it's so interesting, why don't we just go back? Take that taste and appreciate it. Zhang Xiandi, go and strike the clock. Brother Luo, go beat the drum. Wait for me to install a fake emperor on the Dragon chair, and see if these women's music will come? " Zhang and Luo also had a bit of wine on their first visit, but on the other hand, they forgot their interests as if they had been sent by evil spirits. This is also a proper thing, so it is so. The Zhang and Luo went to the corridor respectively. The percussion of the drum and the percussion of the clock made a mess. They looked back at the embroidered pier and sat there waiting. This is clearly:

If you only want to play and have fun, you will not expect disaster in front of you.

At that time, when the bells and drums rang, the eunuch in charge of the courtyard had already been alarmed. He hurriedly went to each courtyard to shout and shout, and said, "hurry up, ladies and girls. Long live is here." Those women's music heard it and dared not neglect it. They took their own instruments, but they saw some persistent Sheng and Xiao Xian pipes, some persistent like banluan Zheng, singing together. The palace merchants chose to play, and the horns played slowly. It was true:

Curling sound like wisps, Yang and LV Ping;

The new voice excites Chu, and xianle's ear becomes clear.

All the women's music played. They all went upstairs to see the driver. They all bowed their heads and fell to the ground. They said, "long live the emperor, the women's music will come late. Please forgive me." Although Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei were a little drunk, they panicked in the end and thought, "it's not a good thing. Pretend to be the son of heaven and kill all over the place. How can we get this disaster?" Kuangyin lost a few eyes and asked him to take the opportunity to do it, which would bring disaster to the whole body. Who knows Kuangyin is happy for a while, where is willing to start? Hearing all the women's music calling long live, I was not full of joy. I started with a smile and said, "beauty is free of ceremony and all body." Now that the ladies had finished thane, they stood up and squinted at the Dragon seat. When you don't look at it, everything will rest; when you look at it, you are afraid of being frightened and go back. On this dragon throne, where is the present saint? It turned out to be a young man with a red face. On both sides of the embroidered pier, there are two young children sitting. When the girls saw it, they all scolded: "where are the ignorant thieves? He is good at sitting in the Dragon seat, pretending to be the emperor and teasing us. He is really bold and has no national law. Where are the sergeants? There's a thief upstairs, please take it with me! "

The eunuch in charge of the courtyard heard that someone upstairs pretended to be the emperor and was good at sitting in the dragon's seat. He was so shocked that he hurriedly led more than 20 people from Huben army, each with sticks and ropes, and rushed upstairs. At this time Kuangyin heard the women's music shouting, but he was not aware of his anger and shouted: "humble maidservant! If you don't come here to sing, dance and sing, and take my pleasure, instead you come here to abuse, how can you spare you? " Standing up, he stretched out his wrist and slapped priceless treasure on his face. He just fell upside down and rolled all over the building, scattering black clouds. The Pearl on the palm saw and shouted, "no, the drunk killed people!" A word has not finished, was Kuang Yin rushed to the past, only one foot, kicked downstairs, fell half dead. Seeing such a scene, Zhang Guangyuan woke up most of his drunkenness and said in a hurry, "elder brother, we are happy for a while. How can they rest if we cause such a disaster? Let's leave early when all the girls are gone. How can we escape if we delay Just as I was speaking, I could only hear the sound of shouting downstairs, catching up with many soldiers, each armed with weapons, and embracing the three in the middle. Kuangyin saw that all the troops were coming, and he fought against the enemy with bare hands. Raise your eyes and look around, catch the air, fly your right foot, kick over a soldier with a short staff, seize the short staff and swing it away. Zhang Guangyuan snatched a whistle and asked for help. Luo Yanwei had no weapon in his hand, so he quickly took the golden chair in his hand and beat it in disorder. Only because of this uproar, there is a division of teaching: the pavilion is still, instantly the pearl is broken; although the garden is in, the flower is injured. It is:

It's easy to talk with the staff, but it's very powerful.

I don't know how Kuang Yin got away. I'll see next time.

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