By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The ninth time in the whole story of the flying dragon, the golden orchid and the only dragon villa conspire against the tiger and the wolf"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第九回 黄土坡义结金兰 独龙庄计谋虎狼

Poetry says:

As a result, the situation of the class is still sparse. They are like each other and love each other.

It is like a fierce attack on the sky and the heart. It is the same as destroying the people's lives.

It's courage to change without fear. It's not rude to be full every time you eat.

So far, I have been looking forward to the sound, and the cold autumn frost road is not alone.

When Kuang Yin came to Huangtu slope with Zheng en, he saw the umbrella car lying on one side, but he didn't see the shape of Chai Rong. He was horrified. He shouted several times, and only heard someone under the slope promised: "brother, here is the elder brother." Kuangyin looked carefully. He was sitting on the ground in the hollow of the shelter wall, naked, searching for a flea there. When I saw Kuang Yin, I was about to put on my clothes. I went to him and cried, "good brother, I hope to kill you. You go after Dong Da. What's the outcome? " Kuang Yin said: "don't talk about it. You can hardly meet your elder brother. My younger brother chased that guy and wanted to cut him off on the way. Unexpectedly, he lured him into the nine curves and eighteen bays, and then he got together with the bandits to stop the fight. One is that there are many thieves, the younger brother is lonely; the other is that the path is not familiar, and the battlefield is narrow: when there is a lot of stalemate, you cannot win urgently. In a critical situation, fortunately, this strong man came forward to break through the encirclement bravely and killed countless people. Dong Da escaped from the net. I have to come back with this strong man because I remember my brother and I haven't chased him. It's a great honor to meet him. "

When Chai Rong heard this, he was worried about Dong Da. He was afraid that Dong Da would run away from him. He had a grudge against Dong Da. He would not grow branches and leaves. If he went back alone, he would have no secret mechanism. He would have to worry about his life. If Kuang Yin got the victory and returned, he could overcome Zhang Ruiqi. He would have Zheng en as his companion. He would go from day to night. In the future, he would have something to do with it. At that time, when I looked behind Kuangyin, I saw that he was a black man, ferocious in appearance, with a jujube tree on his shoulder. He stood strong and still. A little timid in my heart, I said, "where is the mansion, my name?" Kuang Yin said: "I was in a hurry, but I still don't know the details. Because of his high love for Pingshui and his high sense of righteousness, he is rare in the world. My younger brother is sincerely respectful and wants to make friends with him eight times, be a different family name and help each other in adversity. I don't know what you want me to do. " Chai Rong said happily: "the words of my good brother are very agreeable to me. But the mountains here are desolate, and there are few people. Some of these incense candles and sacrificial rites are not available. What should I do? "

Zheng said: "what's the difficulty? In the villages and towns in front of that, people in these shops are happy to recognize them as much as possible. If you want to buy incense candles and blessings, just take some silver and go there for fun, and make sure you have everything. " Kuang Yin took some silver from his luggage and handed it to Zheng en. Zheng en took it in his hand, immediately left Huangtu slope, rushed to the village and town, went to the deli, and bought a cooked fat rooster, a boiled pig head, a big cooked fish, a jar of wine, and a hundred of top fine steamed buns. When I went to the regular oil buyer's house, I borrowed a cloth bag, put all the food in the bag, put my shoulders on my back, and took this jar of wine with one hand, and watched the old way back. Just a few steps away, I saw a hotel by the road. There was an iron pot with a cooking stove at the front of the door. The beef was boiling in the pot. The fragrance was passing by and touching my heart. Even if I went into the shop and picked up four big hoofs, cocoa returned the rest of the silver, asked the shopkeeper to cut up the knife, add some salt and pepper, lift up the green robe pocket and wrap it around, and put it in his waist. Even if you carry the bag and the wine in one hand, turn around and go. On the way, he grabbed the broken hoof and threw it into his mouth. He didn't know what it was like. Even though it was not well cooked, he bolted it and rolled it down. Before he went to the slope, the four hoofs were all clean.

When I came to Po, I saw Chai Rong and Kuang Yin. I quickly wiped my mouth, put down the food and drink, opened the big mouth like a blood basin, and said with a smile: "hurry up, we've worshipped our friends, and we'll all come to use them. Don't let them lose their heat." Kuang Yin said: "heroes don't need to be impatient. Let's put the chronology in order, and then worship." Zheng en listened and smacked his mouth: "you are also very young, are you not? It's just a matter of random worship. If you put off your time like this and ask fun to eat cold food, it's hard for you to worry about your stomach. " Kuang Yin said with a smile, "you don't know, you know, we have a chronological order, which is the best way to rank the titles. Otherwise, who is the elder brother and who is the younger brother? You have to say it quickly. " Zheng en can't help but take a breath: "Lezi lives in Qiaoshan County, Shanxi Province. His surname is Zheng MingEn. His nickname is Ziming. His baby name is heiwazi. He is eighteen years old. He was born on the 30th of the 12th lunar month. This is the real age of Lezi."

Kuang Yin said: "so, you are eighteen years old, I am nineteen years old, and elder brother is twenty years old. The preface comes from brother Chai. I will be the second, and you will be the third. We will visit heaven and earth. " "It's not useful, it's not useful," Zheng said! If you want to worship your friends, you must follow the idea of Yue Zi and let you live in a long house. Yue Zi is the second, and Chai's is the third. According to this idea, Yue Zi would like to make a bow to you. If you don't follow Yue Zi's words, you should go to the East and the West and let everyone go. " Kuang Yin said: "how could it be! As a human being, there is only the order of growth and childhood. If there is no order, then we will behave ethically. What's the difference with that chicken and dog? Brother Kuang Chai once made friends with me. His brother and my brother are so lenient. How dare they surpass the etiquette and occupy his position? Brother Zheng doesn't have to say much. It's only reasonable that brother Chai is the chief. " Zheng en laughed and said, "my brother, the music just forces you to follow your idea. If I talk to you again, I will not be able to cool this blessing." After that, take out the three animals and blessings in the bag and put them on the umbrella car.

Three people are about to worship, Kuangyin suddenly called out: "Ziming, why don't you invite a candle?" Zheng en clapped his hand and said with a smile, "as expected, I forgot the music. Just because I thought about what I ate, I forgot what I burned. Well, let's wait for yuezi to pick up three mounds of earth and become a candle. " Chai Rong said, "son, it's reasonable. My brothers gather earth for incense and worship heaven and earth. They should be devout and not lie." Three people then together worship, each said Li Ju surname, date, without a heart, do not have different ideas. At that time, the oath to worship heaven and earth had been completed, and the order had been made, and each man worshipped eight times. Then, the three animals, the bread, the wine, the food and so on, each ate a full meal according to the amount, and then prepared the itinerary. It is:

I'm glad to visit the alliance and know that the enemy will arrange secretly.

At present, the three of them are about to move forward. Zheng en screams: "second brother, please walk slowly, think about one thing, but almost forget it." Then he took out the oily money pocket to his chest, put his fingers into the pocket, and found a square folded card. He handed it to Kuangyin and said, "brother 2, this is Mr. koulingmiao who met me and asked me to take it with you, so I will take it with me. I haven't lost it before. Thanks to this money pocket, it's full of oil. It's not leaky until it's clean. Otherwise, it won't get wet and rotten when it's time to swim. " Say, laugh. Kuang Yin took over and opened it to watch. There was a bag in the card. When he opened it, there were eight copper coins in it. There were six words written on the paper: "this money will win thousands of times." Look at the post, also wrote two lines of fine words, said: "lose Luan take Mo lose mountain, bet to money do not bet on oath." Kuang Yin saw it, and for a moment he didn't know what it meant, so he had to collect the eight copper coins in his waist, tear the cards to pieces, eat them in his stomach, and scold them. Chai rongdao: "good brother, why are you tearing up this invitation and scolding him like this? Is it not the words in it that have done you any evil? " Kuang Yin said: "I don't know about you. This man is called Miao Guangyi. He is a Taoist of Youfang and a fool. At that time, I met in Tokyo and watched my brother's face. Because his words were absurd and unreasonable, I was chased away by my brother. I don't know how I met my third brother, so I sent this invitation to me. Who would believe him now when he was gossiping? So it's just a piece of water. " Zheng en said: "second brother, you are so confused. If you don't lose his divinatory spirit, how can you meet you and make friends? He is so eloquent, but you only ridicule him, don't you sin? " Kuang Yin said: "brother, you should not mention these gossip. Now, while the weather is still early, we should hurry up. Don't delay our time and miss the inn. " "Chai Rong interface way:" two younger brothers have reason Then push up the umbrella car. Zheng en rolled up the bag containing the blessing, put it in the middle of the umbrella, and Kuang Yin was in front of him. He took turns arguing and looked at the Guanxi road.

After a long walk, it will be late, but it is good to advance a village. I found a shop, pushed the umbrella car into the shop, picked the next clean house, and settled the car luggage. Kuangyin asked the waiter to arrange dinner. The waiter said: "Sir, you didn't know. We are the only one in Dulong village. When you come to and from guests, you only need to pay ten Wen for the fire. Everyone follows this rule. If you want to drink and eat, you have to make a fire by yourself. Therefore, this food is never taken care of. My guests will find their own convenience. " Kuang Yin listened, opened the silver bag, took a piece of silver, handed it to Xiao ER and said, "since that is the case, you will buy some rice for me, and ask for a few Jin of cooked meat to make a jar of good wine. The rest, even your fire money. " Chai rongdao: "good brother, you don't need to spend money. The existing rice and grains in my car are here, that's the money for wine and meat. The fool should prepare himself." Then Kuang Yin was asked to collect the silver and open his wallet. He weighed a piece of silver weighing three or four yuan and handed it to Xiao Er to buy wine and meat. Zheng en was also asked to cook the rice in the basket of the table on the umbrella car. Zheng en goes to the front of the car and brings out the basket. Look at that wall. There are cooking stoves, iron pots, salaries, water and other things. Just remove the cover of the basket and take a look at the rice in the basket. No matter how much it is, empty it and put it in the pot. Add some water and cook it. Unexpectedly, there were so many millet in the pot that they cooked a pot of raw rice. It turns out that Zheng Enyi was born with vulgarity, and he ate a lot of food. At first, when he took rice, he was a little bit short. And when he had cooked this pot of raw rice, he would eat it alone and not much. No matter how much it is, it's impossible to distinguish the two characters. This is precisely:

Talent hero, membrane cavity from different.

I eat preserved milk, but my stomach is empty.

After Zheng en finished cooking, the second child bought wine and meat and came in. After the delivery, he went to the shop himself. The three sat down and each used the wine and meat once. When he was about to eat, Chai Rong went to the pot and opened the lid. Looking inside, he saw a pot full of raw rice. He called Zheng en and said, "why do you cook this kind of raw rice, brother? How can I eat it? " Zheng en said: "elder brother, you don't think he was born. Music is used everyday. It's the only way to make food. You also eat more according to the music, which makes you feel strong tomorrow and fast walking. You eat you eat! " Chai Rong shook his head and said, "it's hard to eat." Zheng en said: "elder brother, you are really afraid of eating. When you eat with fun, don't laugh." Then he picked up the bowl, filled it and ate it. He didn't need vegetables or soup. It was the left bowl and the right bowl. He immediately packed a pot of raw rice into his stomach when he was being squeezed. He said with a smile, "what is it like? Music will eat these meals. " Chai Rong only said that there was rice left in the basket. If he wanted to take it from the cook, he went to the cart to take the basket and saw that there was no rice left. He was very shocked and said, "where is the remaining rice, third brother?" Zheng en said: "elder brother, don't push to sleep in the dream, just put the joy in the belly, you see, how can you ask rice again?" Chai Rong said with a smile: "I see. My food for more than ten days has been cooked in one pot by you, which is a strange way. Well, let's buy some steamed buns to use, but we'll be happy. " Then he also called it thirty-four cent silver. He asked Xiaoer to buy some steamed buns and eat them with Kuangyin.

It's dusk. The three are going to sleep. Zheng en feels a pain in his stomach and wants to go to show respect. Hurriedly out of the door, looking for the back of the patio, see a latrine next to, go up to solve. Can kill to make a mischief, that in the belly so wriggles the intestines to ache, who knows to make hard, this is below Wu is to solve. Here, with his head cocked and his body bent, he could only hear the murmur of someone in the chamber.

Officer, who are you talking about? It turns out that this house is Dong Da's home. Dong Da talks with his Laozi. Only because after Dong Da lost the battle in the daytime, he went to another place to bear the burden. When he came back home, he was already at dusk and stumbled to his home. When his Laozi saw it, he even asked, "my son, why are you waiting for the scene when you come back today?" Don't talk about it, Dong Da said: "today, when I was collecting taxes, I met a man who sold umbrellas and relied on a red faced man to sell Golden Bridge. He broke my rules and beat all my people to pieces. Hearing this letter, the boy lured the red face into the Jiuqu 18 Bay, informed the second Wei Dynasty to come out and catch it with one heart. However, he was very brave. We are surrounded. When we catch him, he is rescued by the black thief who is used to selling sesame oil. He breaks up the people and kills the two Wei dynasties as many as possible. The child's life was almost in his hands. Fortunately, he escaped back, so he looked like this. How can I get revenge for such a feud? " Lao Tzu said: "my son, it turns out that you have suffered such a great loss today. You don't have to talk. You fight these three thieves outside, and they are gone. My father is sitting at home, without any effort, to ensure that your revenge is in front of you. " Hearing this, Dong Da was shocked and said, "father, how can we repay this great revenge?"

The old man said with a smile, "to tell you the truth, these three thieves are mostly in our family." "How can he get to my house?" Dong said Lao Tzu said: "just now Xiao Erjin said that the two guys who came to sell umbrellas today are very afraid of people. One is red face, the other is black face. The red face is not bad. The black face is more ferocious and ugly. Do these three thieves agree with what you say, and they are your opponents When Dong Da heard this, he was so surprised that he said, "since they are looking for their own death, we called all the people together and beat him in quickly, afraid that he would not die many times!" The old man shook his hand again and said, "early, early! You don't have to be impatient, and after being quiet, you lock the front and back doors, and add more people. When he is asleep together, he will go in gently, and his three lives will be ended, but not clean? It's better to fight with him now. My son, do you think it's a good plan? " Dong Da said: "my father is right. Your old man keeps the front and back doors locked, and you can call for someone. " The Dong family's father and son calculated, but they did not follow the ancients' two sentences and said:

Walls must have ears. Is there no one outside?

Don't want Zheng endang to be unable to understand in the toilet. When he hears someone talking in the room, he doesn't go to work hard either. He quietly turns to see Dong Da pointing his fingers and feet in the light. The Taoist says short. He listened attentively, and listened to all these considerations. Hearing Dong Da say that he told his Laozi to lock the door and call for others himself, he was in a panic. He hurried into the room and called Kuang Yin: "second brother, it's not good. Let's go to the enemy's house!" Kuangyin was shocked and said: "how is it the enemy's family? Is that your enemy? " Zheng en said: "this is Dong Da's villa. Yue Zi just went to the back to pay homage. He heard that father and son were calculating in the room. They would lock the front and back of the door, and wait for us to fall asleep, then we would die. " When Chai Rong heard this, he was sweating and fell to the ground. Kuangyin was only shocked to rub his hands and linger.

When Zheng en saw it, he laughed and said: "big brother and second brother, you are afraid of things. Why are you afraid of such small things? How can we do great things in the future if we have become a hero in vain and made such a brave child? There's also fun here. What if I'm afraid of him? He has thousands of people. They call him to come in together, and they all take their lives on the jujube tree of Yue Zi. If one of them leaves, it will be considered that Yue Zi is not a hero. " Kuang Yin said: "otherwise, are you afraid of things? Only because of the saying: "few are not equal to many." Although we have weapons and excellent martial arts, but this shop is small and has no retreat. Once in a while, we can't open it. How can we win? For today's plan, we must go out of the nest and go to Pingyang street. It's easy to discuss. " "Chai Rong interface way:" virtuous younger brother, he before and after the door has been locked, the wings are also difficult to fly, how to get out the door Zheng en said: "big brother, don't be afraid. We can't go out in the door. We can walk on the wall. Just now, when we were having fun, we saw a garden on the other side of the patio. We thought it was a way of life. Let's go out as early as possible. If he doesn't come, let's go. If he comes after us, we can settle accounts with him. "

The three men's plan is settled, even if they leave. Zheng en was the first to lead the way. Chai Rong and Kuang Yin pushed the car and rushed to the garden. Come to the wall and look up. I'm glad the wall is not very tall. Zheng en jumped down the wall and looked down. It was like a thoroughfare in the dark. He jumped down again and asked Chai Rong to climb out of the wall first. But although the wall was low, Chai Rong had never experienced it before. How could he get on it? Zheng en had to ask Chai Rong to pull the brick with his hand, lift it down and slowly climb up the wall. At this time, as long as Chai Rong lives, what's the matter? Plop jump will go down, only fall teeth fold lips open, bear pain, only do not make a sound, heart Wu Wu jump. Then Kuangyin jumped on the wall, Zheng en lifted the car up, Kuangyin caught it and asked the chairong Gang to catch it, even though Kuangyin jumped down. Zheng en saw the two men and the car had gone out, and then jumped out of the wall himself. He was the first to open the road. Kuangyin and Chai Rong push the car and run fast. At this time, it's about the second watch weather. Although there are no lights, I feel that there are some glimmers of light. I can go vaguely.

When they were walking, they suddenly heard the shouts from behind. Looking back, they saw the lights and smoke rolling, like thousands of troops rushing to come. Only because of this, there is a division of Education: provoking the fight, which has a lot to do with the flesh and bones. It is:

Misfortunes and blessings come from no one, and good and evil will be rewarded.

I don't know who I'm after. I'll see you next time.

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