By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"It's the 21st time in the whole story of Fei long that elder Ma double decides to kill the bandits with Zhao Dalang"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第二十一回 马长老双定奇谋 赵大郎连诛贼寇

Word yue:

I'll take you back to my hometown. The warbler sound urges the tear mark, the square wanders, the beacon smoke is full of eyes. All my life, I would like to wipe out the evil atmosphere, and I would like to compete with you, run after you and guide you. God's good plan, dog. The crossbow never returns. The spring blows the wind. The prime culprit has been killed. He sees Chenqing, honglujing and baoshaning. He looks like a man.

"The mountain stream" in right key

It's said that elder tanyun saw Kuang Yin's suspicion that he was in danger, so he said, "what's the use of suspicion, young man? The sincerity of the old monk Committee, therefore, you must devise a plan to wipe him out, so there will be no future trouble. " Kuang Yin said: "since the elder has this Shengde, can you tell me how to plan for the general?" The elder said: "I have a divine bow, which is called the iron fetal bow. There are three more magic arrows. Now I will give it to you and lie down under the altar in the main hall. I coax the thieves in and act on their own. The young master only listened to my saying the word "Gong", and then he began to bow and arrow. Fortunately, if we succeed, we will have one less help. " After that, he handed the bow and arrow to Kuangyin and taught the shooting posture several times. Kuangyin is quick in talent, and he can teach as soon as he teaches. With the elders, came to the main hall, drill under the table, put down the table curtain, arrange to stop. He also paid the monks to open the mountain gate. If there is a peach blossom mountain thief coming, just let him in without stopping. The monks agreed to open the temple door and wait. No mention.

Besides, the pursuer was lost by the black fog, turned to the peach blossom mountain, and reported to the three brothers and sisters. When the three brothers and sisters heard the letter, they all cried loudly and gnashed their teeth. They must get it back and revenge. At that time, song Jinhua was left to guard the mountain stronghold. The two brothers set up 500 followers and went down the mountain together to catch up. When I arrived at Zhelong temple, I surrounded the mountain gate and shouted, "listen to the monks in the temple: a red faced man just escaped here. I'm sorry to hide in your temple. You will give as soon as possible, and increase your donation by 100000 yuan every year. " The monks on the Mountain Gate hurriedly reported to the elder. When the elder came out, he saw the two brothers and smiled. He asked, "I don't know why the two kings are leading the people?" Song, Jin and Hong said: "the elder is unknown. This morning, there was a red faced thief who was facing my elder brother in the challenge arena. Unexpectedly, my elder brother failed in a moment and was killed by him. I feel sad. They were about to catch him, but he left again, so I came to catch up. Have you ever been here? If you are in your temple, I will thank you for your future. " The elder said: "I see. But I haven't seen it in my temple. You don't need to delay your search. " Then he turned and went in and closed the mountain gate. When song Jinhong saw it, he was puzzled and said: "brother, just when we arrived, the mountain gate was open. Now, listening to our search, he closed the mountain gate, and there must be a reason. You can watch outside. I'll go in and search for it. Or the enemy is in. I don't know. " Song Jinhui said, "my brother has a point."

Jin Hong dismounts, leads 30 followers to the front of the mountain gate and calls for the gate together. The monks made a trap and opened the mountain gate. Jin Hong is the first. After that, they all enter the temple gate and come to the main hall. The elder came out and said, "two kings, do you want to search if you want to believe the words of the poor monk?" Jin Hong said with a smile, "I really don't believe the elder's words. I have to offend once." "I'll go in and search with you." Then Luo promised to step down the hall and search from the two corridors. Then he went back to the main hall and went to the Luohan hall and the ceiling, to the kitchen stove, the monk's room, the floor and the patio. There was no trace. He came out to answer song Jinhong's words. Jin Hong said, "you servants, if you haven't found them, come to prevaricate. Why are you not searching under the table?" When the elder heard this, he said with a smile, "who said it wasn't under the table? Even if the search will come out, how can I ask you to take it here? " Now I went to the altar and was about to lift the table post. I only heard the sudden wind in front of the eaves and the dust rolling on the spot. I had two escorts. I saw that the dress on the left was very ferocious and astonishing. How can it be seen?

The paper ingot on the head reflects the wind, sending out drooping eyebrows and eyes.

His face is as fierce as powder, and his mouth is painted with blood.

The white cloth robe is tied with grass on the waist, and the light linen skirt is enough to wear.

Yang guai, the head of the hand, escorts the door god's holy token.

Look at the one on the right. It's more powerful. But see:

He was wearing a silver helmet with flashing light and a lock and orange armor.

In his right hand, he held the Euphorbia, and in his left hand, he held the golden tower.

Calm and dignified, the way of God is subdued, and the appearance of Buddha is solemn.

Chen Tang is famous for being shut down. Zhelong temple is here to protect him.

Two saints stand at the table and protect Kuangyin. Those minions were about to lift the curtain of the table. The king of tota had shaken the golden tower for a long time, which made their eyes dark. Some of them were not affected, so they had to go down to reply. Song, Jin and Hong said: "I'm afraid that you can't search carefully. Today you want to offend the temple. You can search carefully everywhere to see if there is any." I was ordered to search the two corridors again until the bedroom stopped. This time, the search is quite different than before, but I saw the smoke and dust, the cupboard and table tennis, the thousand year old Buddha turned over and several Scripture boxes were dumped. After searching for a long time, the minion came out and replied, "look around carefully, there is no trace."

When Jinhong heard this, he thought to himself, "can't this red faced thief come to the temple?" Just waiting to get up, the elder said: "two kings, now believe the words of the poor monk, is not a lie." Song, Jin and Hong said, "although the thief didn't go to the temple, did he escape there?" "Why don't you ask for a sign in front of the Buddha and ask where you are going? It's also a waste of time for the king to run after you recklessly." "The elder has a point," said Jin Hong Then he went to the Buddha, took the sign tube, knelt down on his knees and said sincerely: "disciple song Jinhong lives in Taohua mountain. Because today there is a big red faced man who doesn't know his name. He splits the elder brother of his disciple in the challenge arena and escapes without a trace. He pleads for my Buddha's mercy and gives me a sign to show his way. " As Jinhong prayed, the elder knocked kuo'er and said, "work, work." When Jinhong heard this, he stood up and asked, "elder, I am here to ask for autograph. Why do you want to work?" The elder said: "the two kings don't know something. It's a magic spell for asking for autograph. If you don't pronounce it a few times, you will be devout and unable to feel it." Jin Hong said: "so, please read more." After saying that, he knelt down again and shook his signature. Then the elder said, "work, work." Not twice, Kuang Yin heard it under the desk, put the bow on the arrow, gently lifted the curtain of the table, and said to Jin Hong, "strong thief looks at the arrow!" Whoosh, right in the throat. Jinhong's hand is on the sign tube, his body is upside down, his life is crying, and he has gone back to Yin. When the crowd saw it, they all shouted, "no, there are assassins here. They have killed the two kings!" Jump out. The elder lost Qing'er, pulled out his Sabre and stopped at the door. Kuangyin jumps out and takes the sword of song Jinhong and holds it in his hand. Two monks and common people, together, cut down more than 20 people. The rest fled out.

Song Jinhui was waiting at the gate of the mountain, when he saw a follower running out and shouting, "three kings, it's not good! The monk in this temple and the red faced man designed together. The secret arrow killed the two kings and injured most of them. The little one escaped quickly and died. Three great kings, prepare quickly. " When song Jinhui heard this, he was scared out of his wits. He immediately beat his chest and cried out, "Ma Santi, you got some alms for the disciples in the mountain stronghold. How dare you hurt my brother with the bandits? If you don't take revenge, swear not to live in the world! " He handed the sword and horse to his subordinates, pulled out the sword, led 50 healthy men, ran into the temple gate and shouted together: "horse three iron, you quickly give up the red faced thief, and all things will be over; if there is a half word, he will call you to join the monks of the temple, and leave no one!" Hearing this, the elder said Kuangyin: "young master, this thief has great power. You should use wisdom: young master can hide behind the window, wait for the poor monk to lead him in, and send impermanence with him, which saves you and me from the trouble." Kuang Yin, according to the plan, flashes his body behind the window. The elder held the sabre and marched out. Just when he arrived at the King Kong hall, he met song Jinhui. The elder said, "Song Jinhui, you and other brothers, don't keep your duty and disturb my clean field for no reason. What's the reason for coming in for inspection twice and thrice? It's just that you're killing yourself. Don't think about the old monk. " When Jin Hui saw it, he was filled with anger and scolded: "Ma Santi, you old thief are bald! Once upon a time, you didn't know how much money and food you got from my mountain stronghold and left it in the temple. Do not want to repay the benefactor's kindness, but conspire with the wild thief to harm my brother. How can I rest? " After that, he rushed to the front with a sword and faced each other. The elder will quickly meet him. The two were killed on the spot, fighting in one place. About ten close, the elder feigned defeat, falsely waved a knife and ran into the hall. Song Jinhui came after him.

Kuang Yin could see clearly behind the window. He let the elder hold up his sword and aimed it at the back of song Jinhui's head. He shouted: "strong thief looks at the sword!" When the sword came, Jinhui dodged and cried, "no, I'm dead!" Only heard a sound place, already cut off the wench bone, with arm split thick and thin tendons. Song Jinhui died on the ground, and the followers shouted: "no! The three kings have also been killed. Let's run for our lives. " Shout and run out. The elder and Kuang Yin were driven out of the Buddhist temple, and they cut down more than twenty swords in a row. The elder pays the monks to go out together. The follower outside the mountain gate was waiting for the news inside. He saw all the healthy men running outside and many monks running after him. Seeing such a scene, he knew that he was defeated and hoped to escape. When the elder put the sabre back, many monks in the upper hall shouted to kill the general. It's no good. See only:

Capture the cloud cage and kill the air. The dust is scattered all over the mountains and rivers when they are conquering the cloud cage; the murderous spirit is overwhelming, and the sad voice is heard all over the sky. Running after the monk, a row of head and eyebrow sticks, acting like a fog roll to swim the dragon; those who are defeated in the north, throw away the flash gun blade, and run away like a bullet to hurt a bird. Do you want to be famous when you joined the gang? You don't want to lose your body today because you want to gain profits.

Now when the elder saw that the death of the slain and the running of the running were already accounts, he gave them to all the monks without chasing them. According to the words, all monks turn back. I saw song Jinhui riding a red rabbit horse, barking there. Kuang Yin listened to the horse's hissing and looked carefully. He saw that the horse was as big as fire and charcoal, with a well adjusted body. He went to the front and pulled the reins. The horse saw Kuangyin, wagged his tail and shook his head, hissing incessantly. Kuangyin was full of joy and accepted the good horse. I also saw that he stabbed a sabre and led the horse with the monk. He walked to the place himself and raised it up for a look. It was a good Sabre indeed. There are poems as evidence:

How dare a spear and a hammer work when the fire is tempered for a long time?

Who is sharper? Nine ears and eight rings.

Kuang Yin saw it and was very happy. He took the future and watched it with the elders. The elder said: "this is a nine ear eight ring Dao. It's made of pure steel. It's extremely sharp. It's really a treasure Dao. Unfortunately, it fell into the hands of thieves. It's a matter of ownership to return to your son. " After that, the monk led the good horse, held the sword and entered the temple together with Kuangyin. When he came to the main hall, he saw the bodies of two brothers, song Jinhong, lying on the ground. The elder sighed, "sincerer, you two are not fighting for fame, not for profit, and you have wasted your lives for no reason. The hero just now, and how is it now? " In other words, seeing that the armor of song Jinhong is very good, he said to Kuangyin, "young master, the armor of song Jinhong is also neat and exquisite. Why don't you unload him?" Kuang Yin came up and untied the harness. He took off the golden armor and put it on his body, but it was OK. He also removed the Phoenix wing helmet and put it on his head, just right for him. Dressed neatly, the elder said happily, "you have got swords and horses and armour. This is the gift of heaven. If you fake your hands on a thief, how can you be afraid if you meet a thief!" Then they assigned all the monks to carry the corpses of the hall and the outside of the temple to the open space behind the mountain and burn them. He also untied the drapes on the tables in front of the Buddhas and made flags to fight with the Taohua mountain bandits.

Besides, Zhelong temple has been equipped. Besides song Jinhua on the peach blossom mountain, I saw that two elder brothers had taken the minions and went to chase the red faced man. After a long time, I didn't see him back. Being worried, I saw a group of followers running up the mountain, saw Jinhua, crying and worshiping together. Jinhua asked hurriedly, "why do you look like this? Where are the two kings now? " Hello, said: "Miss, it's not good! The horse three iron and the red faced big man conspired to design, killing the two kings in the temple together, and killing most of the soldiers and horses. We have to run for our lives and come back to report. I hope Miss Wang is the master. " That Jinhua listened to this, only bluff to die to revive, burst into tears, scold: "thief monk!"! You forget your kindness, help the thief, kill my brother and swear not to live with the thief! " Then he took his coat and stopped. He put his sword on his horse and led the children of hezhai village to go down the mountain and rush to Zhelong temple. All the way, the soldiers and horses galloped to the temple as early as possible.

But some monks reported to the elder. The elder and all the monks held weapons, pulled the flag made by the table curtain, surrounded Kuangyin, walked out of the mountain gate, to the place of Pingyang, and saw the bandits tied up. Song Jinhua took the lead and said in a coquettish voice, "Ma Santi, I'm very sorry for you in my mountain stronghold. Then you conspired with the red faced thief to murder my brother? Today, I'm here in person. I'm going to send out the red faced thief and avenge my brother. If you die, you may die a little later. If you don't know the word, you will be killed by a dog. The monks of Taisi will not leave a shadow. " Kuangyin was furious, raised his knife and rode out, swearing: "bird mother-in-law! When you come to die, you don't know what you're going to do. You dare to wave your tongue and do this. " Song Jinhua looked up and saw Kuangyin's armor, swords and horses, all of which were brother's things. When she saw the hurt, she cried out: "red faced thief!"! You killed my brother and stole the armour, sword and horse. Are you ashamed that you are still here? Give me your name so that I can take your head. " Kuang Yin hears the words and raises his eyes to see him:

Two phoenix wings on the rotten silver helmet, white armour robe and colorful skirt.

Chest mirror light lightning, Leijia silk tapestry nine even.

The inside of the bag is curved with a bow and a rhinoceros horn. The arrow in the pot is inserted with a jade feather.

Hang the steel whip on the saddle and keep it in the scabbard.

Love to ride away the array of Jade Snow horse, with three tips and two blades.

Apricot faces and peach cheeks are murderous, while willow eyebrows and Phoenix eyes are fierce.

Kuang Yin shouted: "you want to ask me my name. I'm Zhao Kuang Yin, the son of the commander of Tokyo Zhao. What's your name? Come on, too. " When Jinhua heard this, she was afraid of him. She thought to herself, "I heard that his nickname was Zhao chuanzi, and I used to provoke disaster. Because I killed Yule, I fled here and beat all over guanxi, and I was invincible. It's no wonder that the three brothers were all lost in this man's hands." Then he said: "Zhao Kuangyin, I am song Jinhua, the sister of the king of peach blossom mountain and the disciple of Zixia cave's old mother. It's right to hear that you have caused a big crime in Tokyo and fled here. You should be incognito and turn evil into good. Don't go, take a knife from me. " Clap your horse and raise your sword. I hope Kuangyin can chop it on the top door. Kuangyin looks at the sword and fights with each other. The battle is in the Longtan and Huxue. It's very interesting

A pair of men and women fight against each other, and the monks and customs on both sides help the prestige. A three pointed knife will cut the fence head, and a nine ear knife will face each other. The sword is like a piece of snow. The sword comes like a mass of ice. Eight horseshoes roll, four arms win. Jinhua hate is like cutting teeth to avenge her brother. Kuangyin is fearless.

When the two fight to more than 30, there is no difference between victory and defeat. Jinhua material can not win, the heart thought: "this man has excellent martial arts, no flaws, you have to use magic to win him." Determined to make up his mind, he swung the knife and lost the battle. Kuangyin did not know if it was a plan, and shouted, "where is the bird mother-in-law going?" Pat the horse and follow. Jinhua looked back and saw that she was secretly pleased. She put down her three sharp knife, reached out and took out a treasure from the leopard skin bag. It was called the flaming bead. She read the truth from her mouth, sacrificed it in the air, and looked forward to Kuangyin's top door. When elder tanyun saw this, he was shocked and cried out, "young master, don't go after it. The magic is coming!" Kuangyin looked up and saw a red light falling from the sky. Kuang Yin cried, "no!" Lima wants to run. She doesn't want song Jinhua to point with her hand. This pearl comes with Kuangyin's top. Kuang Yin only thought that the heat was steaming and he was dizzy and said, "my life is over!" When the eyebrows are tightened and the eyes are closed, the door bursts open. A red dragon appears. It rises up and has thousands of support. The bead side falls down and meets the fire dragon, grabs the claw. The elder saw clearly, and was very happy in his heart. He cried, "don't be afraid, young man. This magic has been broken." When the Golden Flower heard this, she looked up and saw that there was no light in the sky, holding a red dragon, and there was no trace of the fire bead. Her heart was burning, and she just looked at the sky. When the elder saw it, he killed it. He thought to himself, "I will kill this bitch." Then he took out the bow, put on the arrow, and said with a loud voice, "Song Jinhua, look at my magic arrow." A sound, shoot past. Jinhua said with a smile: "the old thief is bald. You have a string of arrows. Am I afraid you won't succeed?" Come by the arrow and keep still. When you look at the left eye, the arrow on the left falls to the ground; when you look at the right eye, the arrow on the right drops. When the elder saw it, he was shocked and said, "if you don't, this woman will look at the arrows. Now I've sent three in a row to see how he dodges. " And he took out three arrows, and set out two first, and the Golden Flower looked down on them. The elder hurriedly sent the third branch. Song Jinhua could not be on guard. He shouted, "no!" Leaning over his body, the arrow swished and rubbed under his ribs. At this time, Kuangyin returned to his body and stopped his sword. He was thinking about the way to kill the golden flower. However, he saw that he was there to block the Magic Arrow. He was secretly pleased: "this woman should rest." Knock the horse, gently plate to the song Jinhua behind, raised the nine ears eight ring knife, shouted: "cheap maid look at the knife!" Jinhua only looks forward to dodge arrows. He knows that the sword behind him is coming. He is unprepared for a moment, and Kuangyin cuts it off the horse.

All the subordinates shouted and were about to escape, but they were caught up by all the monks and surrounded by them. "The elder said:" the disciples don't need to destroy his life, wait for me to release to him Then he raised the Buddhist staff, walked to him, and said, "we are all starving people, but we have been lured by thieves and have done evil. As the saying goes: "when the tree falls, the monkeys scatter." Today, all the brothers of the Song family have been killed. You and others have no lord and no family. According to my good words, isn't it nice to go back to the countryside, get back to the right place, earn a living and get together with my parents and wives? " After hearing this, everyone dismounted, abandoned his sword and gun, and said, "thanks to Zen master's advice, we are all willing to obey and beg for the preservation of ant's life and the kindness of all ages." The elder said: "since I advise you, how can I kill you? But when you go, it's a good thing that you don't follow the same path. " That is to say, all monks: "let go of the road and let him go." All the subordinates are grateful to each other. They kowtow together and thank the elder for his life. Then I went back to the mountain, and divided the gold, silver, jewelry, fine and soft objects, and set fire to the mountain stronghold, took their luggage, and went back to the countryside separately. It is:

The phrase awakens the astray and returns to Zhengjue gate.

But he said that elder tanyun not only released his followers, but also distributed them to all monks: he took the left horses, the left swords and guns, and put them into the temple; he also carried the corpses of the golden flowers and burned them. After all, Kuangyin got off his horse and raised his sword. He went into the Mountain Gate with the elder and sat down in the Zen hall. The elder ordered the monks to arrange a feast to celebrate the success. Drink with each other until deeper, and then leave the table and go to bed.

The next day when they got up, breakfast was over, and they were talking. The monk hurriedly ran into the Buddhist temple to report, saying, "there are a group of villagers outside, who want to see the elder." The elder didn't know why. He went to the main hall together with Kuangyin. There is a division of education; the people feel moral when they are cleared of recklessness; the heroes are in trouble and the path is miserable. It is:

All the heavens are named and profitable, and all the earth is numbered and numbered.

After all, who's here? Let's see what happens next.

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