By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 29th time in the whole story of flying dragon, the second time in Pingyang Town, Han Tong, Qi Sheng Temple, a kind of ambush"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第二十九回 平阳镇二打韩通 七圣庙一番伏状

Word yue:

King line bad, dove nest envy? At that time, I wanted to be greedy. Can we always arrogate to others when we rely on our talents to do wrong or when we are in danger? Now looking back, I still lay a stone in another place. Different people have different power - face, and follow him, put pen to seal Marquis, thought to punish before cover, but make me come true.

"The way of brocade"

It's said that Zheng en lost Zhao Kuangyin's red rabbit and rouge horse, ran back to the shop and told Kuangyin that he knew it. Kuangyin asked the shopkeeper carefully, only to know that he was the son of Han Tong. The two brothers came to the pheasant forest together and found the villa where Han Tong lived. Kuang Yin asked Zheng en to go there and scold him. He flashed in the forest and looked. When Zheng en arrived at the gate of Guangliang, he saw no one coming out. Instead, he closed the gate tightly. He could not help being angry in his heart, so he scolded: "Han Tong dog!"! Since you are afraid and dare not come out, you shouldn't call your child to rob the horse of music. If you are a governor, come out and meet quickly, and the joy will be wiped out; if you don't come out and meet, the joy will discount your nest. " Swearing in the mouth, he felt rude in his hand. He straightened out the sour jujube stick and beat around the door. In a moment, he made a big hole in the door of Guangliang. The gatekeeper looked inside. Run into the hall in a hurry and report to Han Tong. At this time, Han Tong is sitting at home. He hears that his son has got a BMW. That is to say, he is called to lead him to watch. He is a red rabbit and a dragon horse. My heart was full of joy. I gave my family the preparation for the celebration, made a dragon horse assembly, and appreciated the people who followed the hunting. So the father, the son, the husband, the wife and the disciples were about to take their seats and have a drink. When they saw the gatekeeper coming in, they announced that it was the black man who beat the door to beg for horses. Now they were shouting and scolding outside. When Han Tong heard this, he was furious. He immediately ordered all the disciples, took his son Tianlu, each armed with weapons, and went out together. The sub payment opened the door and coaxed out.

Zheng en was shouting and swearing. Suddenly, the gate was open and a group of people came out. The wild geese on both sides separated. And when he lifted up his eyes, he saw the leader in the middle, who was also a brave man

Wearing a blue scarf, apricot yellow arrow suit, black boots and new pants, and proficient in one-way boxing and stick. It's powerful with sharp eyes and fierce eyebrows. It's scary with a whistle stick. It's worthy of the name of erhu.

Zheng en took a big drink and said, "is it Han tong'er who wears apricot yellow coat?" That Han Tong hears to call his name surname, looks up to the outside, as expected good a big man. How can it be seen?

The black felt hat is made of black silk and the body is covered with soap.

The blue cloth is tied inside the waist, and the foot binding cloth shoes are all green.

With a sour jujube stick in hand, it is majestic and awe inspiring.

The smoke is too old to fight for the similarity, and the fire refining King Kong cannot be called.

Han Tong saw it and shouted, "I am Han Tong. Who are you, dare to offend me? " Zheng en said: "the name of Lezi is Zheng MingEn. I'm here today. I'm not doing anything else. I've robbed and hid my BMW for your baby, so I'm here to ask for it. If you know something and send it out, Yue Zi will look at each other with Buddha's eyes. If you don't return it, I'm afraid that Yue Zi's sour jujube stick won't rest with you. " Han Tong was furious and shouted: "black thief! How dare you say nothing? Who saw your horse? You have no reason to come here today and break my gate. You want to die. Don't blame me. " Then he raised his whistle and called at the head. Zheng enju sticks, face to face. Two fight on the spot, fight in one place, it's really a big fight. But see:

General weapons, two ambitions. General weapons: fight with sticks and welcome sticks. They are glittering and dancing in the Dragon sky. Two ambitions, I'll catch you, you take me, and you're as brave as a tiger or a leopard. At the beginning of the fight, how to distinguish between male and female? I only think that the dust is flying and the sky is misting. Later, I will be divided into high places. If you want to raise your voice, you need to know how to destroy human power.

Now the two of them are fighting for 30 rounds. Zheng en is not good at it. Let's see if he is going to lose. Kuangyin was very kind in the woods. I'm afraid Zheng en lost his mind. He secretly untied the Luan belt in his waist, smoothed it and turned it into a shensha stick. He slipped out gently and said: "the thief of Hantong! Don't be a bully. Do you remember the words of pleading in Daming mansion? Today, I am here again. How can I accommodate you? " That Han Tong is about to knock Zheng en down. Suddenly, Kuang Yin jumps up in front of him, startled, and retreats. Kuangyin takes advantage of the situation and only sweeps the foot stick, and knocks Han Tong to the ground as early as possible.

Speaking, Han Tong didn't fight. How could Kuang Yin defeat him? It seems that Han Tong has no ability and few skills. How can he become a hegemon in Pingyang town and teach disciples? It's better to hide your trace and live in seclusion, so as to avoid making a fool of yourself in public and leaving shame afterwards. There are some unknowns among the watchmen. From the beginning, there are certain things. It's true that they can turn defeat into victory and turn weakness into strength. However, there is a period of changeable interest and fantastic Kung Fu. Now, in terms of boxing, Kuangyin's learning is not as good as Han Tong's. If you make a fair trade between them and walk up to see that Zheng en once rescued you, his martial arts are a little high, and he still loses his spirit today, Kuangyin must be willing to bow down. However, at that time, at the first meeting of Daming mansion, Kuangyin won the upper hand by secretly doing things with the care of ghosts and gods, and ran away from Han Tong. Today, when we met again, Han Tong did not guard against it. Kuangyin had a heart to plot, which was consistent with the art of War: "surprise, attack unprepared." So it has the upper hand. Even if they met for the third time, Han Tong still failed, just as the Bojia said in throwing color, but also violated the meaning of the basin and the sun. All in all, it's just that a king doesn't die. I dare not be bothered by gossip.

Just to say that Kuangyin knocked down Han Tong at the moment, only stepped on his chest with one foot, swung his left hand and hit him in the face. At the beginning, Han Tong was able to get by, but later, he was still in a row. He made a lot of money and fainted several times. He couldn't remember who he was. Zheng en watched by, and his heart was glad. Just as:

The poor get the most treasure. The cold man steps to Yingzhou.

Then Zheng en called out, "second brother, you fist, I'm afraid it's not interesting. What's the use of this donkey ball? It's better to wait for yuezi to serve some sticks and give him his life. In addition to causing great harm to the people here, it's also a good thing for us. " Zheng en is naturally rude and straightforward. When he finished speaking, he raised the sour jujube stick in his hand and asked Han Tong to fight. Kuang Yin quickly stopped and said, "no, he's fed up with my fist. Don't be rude, young man, and keep this guy alive. Don't say anything." According to Zheng en, he had to mention the sour jujube stick and stand beside it. Han Tong's son and these disciples want to come forward and rescue Kuangyin. They must be a hero who is hard to fight because of his extraordinary appearance and strong body. Secondly, they are afraid that Zheng En will kill them. If they come forward and help each other, if they kill the jujube stick, Han Tong's life will be hard to protect. After hearing Kuangyin's words and keeping his mouth alive, they may as well understand that Kuangyin has no choice but to talk and do nothing Standing in front of the door. As two proverbs say:

The grass is afraid of frost and the sun, and the wicked are ground.

At that time, Kuangyin grabbed Han Tong's hair in one hand, held on to his fist in the other hand, and shone on Han Tong's face and shouted, "open your donkey's eyes and see who I am?" At this time, Han Tong's eyes were swollen and his nose was askew, his body was trampled and he could not move. Hearing Kuangyin ask him, he opened his eyes in disorder for a long time, and just opened a glimmer of light. Looking at it carefully, he knew that it was Zhao Kuangyin. He choked and choked, and regretted nothing. "Good interest!" thought the heart! Why is he here to help the black man? It can be seen that my nature is low, and I have met this devil again, so I have to be a little bit weak to save my life. " So he said with a smile: "it turned out that Mr. Zhao was here. Since he left in Daming mansion, until now, I don't know whether he can be safe or not." Kuang Yin said with a smile, "since you recognize me, do you still fear that you were beaten in Daming mansion that day?" When Han Tong heard this, he thought, "although I have been beaten by him in the past, I don't even know my wife. If these disciples and my son are here today, how can they stand out in the future if they have exhausted their energy? " Think carefully. Don't lose your breath. Lose your body. Note: "young man, I've been with you for many years. I've never been red before. How can I make fun of you today? Please go to my house and tell me a long goodbye before meeting my righteous friend... "

Kuang Yin said, "Han Tong, I think you are a bachelor. I'm afraid you are shy and won't admit it in front of all the people. I will not tell you more, but I will teach you how to take more punches and see what it is like with all the people. " After that, we need to fight again. Han Tong was in a panic just now, so he had to ignore his shame and said sadly: "Zhao Sheren, don't fight again. I'll see you in the famous mansion once. Now I think of it, I'm really afraid. I'm scared of my dreams. Please forgive me, young master Kuang Yin said: "since you are afraid, if you want me to forgive you, you need to listen to my share: you will leave here soon today, settle down elsewhere, change from evil to good, and then turn this village back to others, and I will spare you; if you don't follow my words, you will still kill the people in Pingyang Town, and I will take your life sooner or later." Han channel: "how dare you not pay separately, young master?" Kuang Yin said, "I'll let you up as soon as you allow me. I'll go to Pingyang town with all of you and write down a license before I let you go." As long as Han Tong lives, he promises. Kuangyin loosed his feet, and Han Tong got up and stood in a daze, daring to be angry but afraid to speak. Zheng en said: "the donkey ball is coming in. He will bring the happy horse out and wait for our second brother to ride, so that he can go back to Pingyang town." After Han Tong heard that, he dared not rely on it. He quickly asked people to bring the horse to Kuang Yin. Kuangyin changed the shensha stick into a Luan belt, tied around his waist, and stepped on the dragon horse. Zheng en took the sour jujube stick and Han Tong, and drank the people behind him. No one was allowed to go with him.

At that time, three people went out of the pheasant forest and came to Pingyang town. When they arrived, many people came to watch and said: "this is a group teacher who has been killing the people. He is the only one who is as fierce as a tiger. Who dares to say that he is not a word? Why did you fall here today? " One of them came up to him and said, "master tuanlian, the daily rules you set and the ten liang of sharp silver we want are all together. Why don't we collect them today? Do you want us to finish it in Yamen? " Another way: "all of you, * look at the shape of this dog," he thought. Just lost the heroes of the past, and felt that we were ashamed to kill them if we were tired. " After hearing these words, Han Tong was ashamed and walked with his head down. Kuang Yin called out, "you don't need to talk about it. Today I explained it to you. It's just that there's no hindrance between us. We're going our separate ways. You may go with me and ask him to write a license, so that he may be sent up. " All humanity: "the hero is in the right place." Then they all came to the ten character street, but there was a seven holy temple, in front of which there was a pavilion.

Kuangyin jumped off his horse and tied it to his son, saying, "among you, there was Gao Dehou that year. Please come in and see him write down his license. Then I'll find the original master Liu Yuanwai to come in and return it to Chuang Tzu face to face. " Some of the people agreed, "Liu is here." Kuangyin invited him to the pavilion and asked the common people to recommend him. He discussed five elders, most of whom were in their sixties and sixties. They were kind and elderly. They all went to the pavilion and listened to the dispatch. Kuang Yin sent for another person to pick up the stool table and asked six old people to sit down on both sides. Put down the table in the middle, and take the paper, ink, pen and inkstone, and put them in place. Kuangyin then said, "you elders, not in the name of the next sell, invite reputation, false judgment Township review, only for my life most like to eliminate the strong and support the weak, screen evil with good, so the road is uneven, power public. If it's not polite, you should also denounce it for justice. " The old man said, "the punishment of the hero for the people is very reasonable. It's very inconsistent, so we have to talk."? Please be self-respect, don't be too modest. " Kuangyin then called Han Tong to come over and said, "today's move is not that I'm harsh on you, but because you've done something illegal and abused a good people, you need to plead guilty. I can't do anything more than justice. I only ask you to write down your license. You are not allowed to come back. I also want to return the house to Liu. Everything is clear, I will let you go. " How dare Han Tong disobey this? Mention the pen, just like the prisoner's drawing moves, when the license is finished, the famous family ties a monogram, hands to Kuangyin. Kuangyin took a look, only to see the above written, it is clear that clean, never more changed. Wrote:

Han Tong, a man with a puzzling argument, had to live in the house of Liu Zhai in Pingyang town because of his unknown nature. He bullied the public and despised the law, and harmed the good people. All kinds of wrongdoing made people angry. But from ancient times, a new road has been opened, and the gentleman has been pursuing it. I know that I can't live here. I'm willing to return this villa to the Lord. My family will stay away from me and never invade again. If you come to Pingyang later, you will be willing to go to all places if you make any mistakes. Therefore, a license shall be established and kept forever.

Kuang Yin finished reading it, handed it to the elders and said, "it's well written. Let the hero go." Kuangyin according to the words, that is to say, Han Tong quickly goes home to clean up, leaves the house for delivery, and leaves here quickly. No staying. Han Tong lost his life and left in a hurry.

Those old people all thought: "although Han Tong wrote down his plea and left, he was afraid that things would go over and over again. He was worried about coming back in the future. How can he resist it?" Then they all said, "may I have your names, please? Old man and so on have a wrong words, is willing to beg to promise Kuang Yin said: "my surname is Zhao. This is Zheng, the sworn brother. I don't know what you can teach me? I wish to express myself. " The old man said: "some people, two heroes of Meng met with injustice, beat Han Tong and drove him away. I'm afraid that although the villain is obedient and unwilling to accept it, he will be poisoned again after he knows that two of them are gone. It's hard for us to bear. Therefore, we are willing to deny the two heroes the right to stay here for a few months, and make a bodyguard with our people. If he doesn't come, please take action. I wonder if it is possible? " Kuang Yin said: "Han Tong will never dare to come here. You can rest assured that you don't have to worry about it. It's not convenient to stay here for a long time because I have my own business. " Say goodbye. All the people were willing to give up and stopped outside the pavilion together, refusing to let go. When Zheng en was used to the ready-made food and wine, he heard that all the people were staying with each other, and he was very happy in his heart. He called out, "elder brother, we have beaten Hantong. Although we have done nothing but harm to them, after we went, the donkey ball really came back. How can the people afford it? They have faith in us. The day before yesterday, yuezi lived in Xinglongzhuang for a while. Today, when they stopped for a few months, they would not miss their business. What harm would they do to protect him? Besides, it's a place extending in all directions in Guanxi. It's good to have a free time and inquire about brother Chai. " Kuang Yin looked down and thought, "I was looking for my eldest brother, so I have to travel all day. What Zheng en said today is very reasonable. Why should I refuse him? It's very emotional. " Then he said, "I have to learn from you, because you are so kind to me. But first of all, if there is more, there will be one month. If there is less, there will be half a month. Then I will get up and stop again. " "The old man said:" two heroes have a heart to live, only a few months, let go So Kuang Yin and Zheng en lived in the seven holy temples. He also sent for the recruitment store to collect all the luggage, parcels and weapons. He tied the horse to the back of the hall. Since then, three meals a day, people take turns to provide. In my spare time, I went to the street to look for Chai Rong's news. This and press do not mention.

But he said that Han Tong had been killed. He was as busy as a lost dog and ran out of Pingyang town. He was about to come to the pheasant forest. Han Tianlu, his son, led his disciples to meet him and asked about it. Han Tong said one by one, and said, "we can't live here now. Let's go home quickly and get up all night." After that, they came to the house together and told their mother that they knew each other. So they feasted on the prepared foal. Han Tong took some pills and ate them. Then they packed up the gold and silver, clothes, soft things and so on, and beat them into a pack. They got on the car at home. The father and the son took their apprentice's family together to protect the pack. They left Pingyang town all night and watched the way to Chanzhou. Only because of this defection, there is a division of Education: when it comes to seeking new things, the big county will be strong; when it changes course, the king's officials will add feather and wings. It is:

But with the skill of hiding, we are not afraid of the trek.

After all, where is Han Tong going to settle down? Let's see what happens next.

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