By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 22nd chapter of Feilong's biography: Chai Jungui, marshal Guo of the poor city, makes a wish to prosper the king"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第二十二回 柴君贵穷途乞市 郭元帅剖志兴王

Word yue:

Late cloud condensation, late cloud horizontal, tobacco boundless cloud tree level. Cuckoo voice, can't hear, don't tears dark tilt, night sky moon. The ice silk is broken, the Xiang imperial concubine's bamboo is dead and the green world is cracked. Short and long pavilions are thousands of miles away, but they have not been completed yet. They are worried about the water along the river.

Liu Bowen's "lvhuai" tune "plum blossom guide"

It's said that elder tanyun and Zhao Kuangyin wiped out all the Taohua mountain bandits and went back to the temple to have a heart to heart talk. Suddenly, the monk came in and reported, "there are a group of villagers outside, who want to see the elder." Then the elders and Kuang Yin came to the main hall together and met with the people. It turns out that it was Gao Youde's common people who lived in Taohua mountain for several years. Seeing that all the thieves had died and disappeared, they sent Kuangyin's luggage, Luan belt, clothes and other items left on the challenge arena to the temple. At that time, I met the elder and Kuang Yin, and each of them thanked him: "in addition to the local disaster, I met Qing Ping again, and the young people came to pay their respects and send their luggage and clothes here." The elder said with great joy, "I feel that you have been bothered by benefactors. Please sit down and offer tea." Because said: "this young man, is the son of master Zhao in Tokyo. His name is Kuangyin. He has a family friendship with the poor monk. He is devoted to fighting injustice and cutting off violence. Now when the cry of Taohua mountain was over, many animals were thrown down in the temple. But this place is not a place for raising horses. If you are short of a house for farming cattle, please send him one head and two horses, so that the villagers don't have to work hard. This is a good place for all benefactors. " When they heard this, they all said, "since the elder is compassionate, I will serve for myself." The elder is very happy. He pays the monks to drive all the horses to Taohua mountain, leaving only the red rabbit and the dragon horse, Prince Zhao, to ride. All the monks were ordered to go to Taohua mountain with the horses. It is:

Regardless of the fat body after the plan, often think about the benefits of the people.

Kuangyin spent another night in the temple. The next morning, when he came to other elders, he was about to leave. The elder stayed for a long time. It was cloudy and rainy again. It was hard to walk on the road, so he had to stay. All day long, I talked with the elders about the war and attack, and they participated in each other's deep opportunities and pursued good reason. Because the word "Zhelong" is not properly obtained, if the Dragon meets Zhelong, it is difficult to prosper. Consult with the elder, and change the plaque of the mountain gate to the word "Xinglong". Since then, I have lived in the temple. Press not to mention.

However, when Chai Rong was in the merchants' shop, after Zheng en went there, his illness recurred again, which was very heavy, and there was no one to serve him, so he stayed in bed for a long time and was dying. It was three months away from seeing a doctor. Chai Rong should have suffered a disaster for 100 days. On that day, when the disaster was too severe, he went to settle down. When the weather changed, the rain poured down, and a thunderbolt made Chai Rong sweat. Although the seven orifices are fast and the internal heat is eliminated, the body of the patient is soft and timid. How can he survive the sweat and lack of vitality? He sleeps in the quilt like a dead man. The owner of the shop saw the heavy rain outside. I'm afraid the guest room is wet. He came in and looked after it room by room. When I saw Chai Rong's room, I saw the drips of rain on the Kang and cried, "when Chai Ke wakes up, your blanket is too wet." I cried and counted, but I couldn't agree. Walking to the front, I pushed two times with my hands. There was no movement, so I had to uncover the quilt to have a look. If you don't see it, you can still see it. If you look at it, you will lose three souls. If you look at it, you will lose seven souls. If you look up to the sky, you will see Chai Rong standing still. It's like three points of Qi are broken. Once it's impermanent. The shopkeeper panicked and shouted: "bitter, you can kill me! Since you came to the store, you have been ill for three months. The house money is not to be reckoned with you. The blackface thief escaped again. When you are ill here, let me be a disaster. The guests who come and go are afraid of catching a bad disease. They don't come to my house many times, and even ghosts don't have a shadow, so that all the things in my house will be destroyed. I also hope you will leave the door when you are ill. When I burn the money, I will send out the God of plague, the poor man, and reorganize the shop. Who knows that when you are ill, you will die. I will make a coffin there? "

The shopkeeper was talking to himself, unable to support him. He saw Chai Rong turning around and retreating in a bluff. He shouted: "there are ghosts! Ghosts! " Chai Rong listened, gradually opened his eyes, saw the shopkeeper, and cried, "why is the old shop making such a fuss and only retreating?" The shopkeeper listened to Chai Rongsheng and said that he seemed to have never died. He rubbed his eyes twice and said, "chaike, are you really a man or a ghost? To be honest, lest I should be afraid. " Chai rongdao: "I am a man. How can you say that I am a ghost? I've just had some cold sweat, and I'm probably better off. Don't be so frightened. " After listening to these words, the shopkeeper, understanding that he was not dead, had to rest assured and cried: "ancestor Chai, I'd rather be OK. Don't frighten me to death. What kind of soup do you want to eat? I'll get it later. " Chai Rong said: "the old shopkeeper is very nice. He doesn't want to eat anything else. He only gives half a bowl of rice soup." When the shopkeeper went out, he was busy serving the whole bowl and drinking with Chai Rong. At this time, it's raining. The owner goes out to take care of the business. In the early morning of the next day, the shopkeeper remembered Chai Rong's illness and went inside to ask questions. Chai Rong gradually thought of eating. The shopkeeper, with his heart and mind, delivers rice and porridge to serve at any time.

After five or six days, the patient recovered half of the time, and he made hard money. Forced to sit bored and ask for his heart, he thought about the past and said: "my father's cart peddler umbrella was caught by Gao xiaoharrier because his father missed tax at Tongguan, and he shot himself to death. I want to get revenge, but the officials and the people are invincible. It's hard to fight between the high and the low, so I have to bear it. Now they are living in exile and running small businesses. Thanks to the loyalty of all the friends of Prince Zhao. Do you know that outside the wooden bell pass, you are separated from your second brother. Only Yu Lu and Zheng are left, hoping for mutual benefit; who will eat up my capital and abandon me. This Qi becomes a serious illness. After a hundred days of entanglement, you will be relieved. I owe you the house, but I can't pay it back. Now although the disease is better, but no money under the waist, three meals of tea and rice, from where? Pitiful and unaccompanied. A few days later, the shopkeeper sent me out to find a place to live and who to rely on? What is your career for life? " Thinking from left to right, he suddenly recalled: "I have a first aunt, now Chanzhou. I heard that my uncle was the commander in chief of Hang seal, and he was very Weixiong. Why not go there and settle down? But if I owe the house money, how can the owner let me get up? When he is willing to let it go, he has no choice but to spend money. How can he get it? "

At the time of the dilemma, the shopkeeper came in and called out, "chaike, your face is much better today than yesterday, and your body is becoming lighter and stronger. You should go out to operate and live a good life." After hearing this, Chai Rong sighed and said: "the old shopkeeper, my little brother is thinking about this. All necessary capital and goods have been exhausted by the thief, and have fled to other side, so I am angry. Fortunately, after the disaster, the owner of the old shop was very kind. He thought of me as a lonely guest and cared for the rest of his life. Want to be managed, no capital. There is only one place to go. It's a girl who married in Chanzhou and wanted to join him. There was no money, and the owner owed a lot of money. It was hard to get up for a while. Therefore, there is no way to follow, thinking here. " Say, tears like rain. After hearing this, the shopkeeper thought: "I wish I could send out the God of plague and get clean in front of me. That is to say, if I died the day before yesterday, I would not have to buy a coffin to have a funeral with him. I would also have left a wild ghost at home and be scared all day long." "Chaike people, since there are parents in Chanzhou, they have to rush to join them. It's not too late to pay me back when you get benefits in the future. If there's no money, it's still easy. When I go out, I'll ask him to help the shop owners who used to buy umbrellas. If he wants to see his former customers, won't he? With this, you can get up. " When Chai Rong heard this, he said happily, "the old shopkeeper's words are wonderful, but he has to work hard and respect his steps. It's not right." After that, he went out with the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was good at telling each other about the shops he had traded. There were more than ten shops in the shop, each of which was generous. They promised to help the other, and helped the other with one dollar, and helped the other with five cents.

Chai Rong was just determined to get up. The shopkeeper packed up his luggage and hurried. There were more than one thousand li in Chanzhou. He only said eight hundred Li's journey. He was eager to go out early and got the account. Chai Rong cried: "old shopkeeper, little brother is here. It's very kind. It's a good day to go here and make up for Dade. " After that, I left Qinzhou and looked at the main road of Chanzhou. At this time, in the early cold time, along the way, I saw the floating sun reducing the green light, and the cold birds were called sad ravines. There was a rumor in xiahouzhan of the Jin Dynasty that when the road was cold, there was a bitter cloud:

However, on the first night of the beginning of winter, the weather was miserable and cold;

Frost covered to court, ice pond - in well.

Acer with sparse leaves, wood Xiao Xiao with zero residue;

Pine leaves in the green, bamboo in the green pole.

Chai Rong will spend more than nine yuan of silver for ten days on the road. There is no way to do it. He has to sell his luggage for a few more money. After a few more days, I didn't see the arrival, and I was upset. So I asked Tu human, "is this the way to Chanzhou?" The native replied, "exactly." Another way: "how far is it?" Tu human: "as early as seven hundred miles away, it's in the realm of Zen state." When Chai Rong heard this, he was speechless, and thought in his heart, "most of the way is still to go. How can I get that?" The body is thin again, and the stomach is empty, suffering from hunger and cold at the same time. I had no choice but to beg along the door. When I met the shop in the village, I went to beg for food in a decent way. I pitifully took the leftovers as delicious food. It is:

If the good fortune fails, he will beg for food temporarily;

In the old days, Xu was crawling along the gate.

In the middle of the road, about ten days later, Fang arrived at Chanzhou, where he put down his melancholy heart in half. It's my uncle Guo Wei who is the marshal here. I'm very happy to hear this letter. Step into the city, to cross street, everyone asked to come to Shuai mansion. As early as I saw the officers and soldiers on both sides of the patrol, they were strong and fierce. When I saw Chai Rong in rags, they all shouted, "you beggar's death prisoner! What's the destination here? Dare you explore your head and go wild? I think you are a little impatient. How many sticks do you want to eat? " Seeing that the momentum was not good, how dare he say that he had to leave without promise? He was silent for a while, and thought: "it's not easy for me to come here to beg for food and tea. I really hope to go to the girl and have a chance to see her. If I can stay with her, I will start my career. Who knows the scale of the mansion? I'm afraid. Since he refused to let me in, he went to the back of Yamen to see. If there was a way back, he could enter the government. "

Make up your mind and go right. Not long ago, I saw a back door, which was closed tightly. There were four small armies on both sides. Chai Rong saw it and was afraid. I was at a loss. Suddenly someone inside shouted, "open the door." The military academy opened the door. I saw two servant girls coming out of the house, calling out: "military academy, I have three liang of silver at my wife's command. I want you to send it to the ten thousand Buddha Temple and give it to the teacher in charge. Tomorrow, on the first day of the first day of the first day of the first day of the first day, I will provide for you in front of the Buddha. Come on, come on. I'll be right back. " Two military academies took the money and went away as if flying. The remaining two military academies guarded the gate here. Chai rongdao: "now that I am here, why don't I ask him when someone comes out?"? It's better to die of hunger than to fight with him. " I made up my mind and hurriedly stepped forward, shouting, "Miss, I'd like you to inform me that there is a Chai Rong here to visit." When the military academy heard this, he was willing to face it and shouted, "you prisoner, what is this place? Dare you come here to beg!" When he raised the stick, he was about to call, which made Chai Rong nowhere to dodge. The servant girl in the room quickly shouted, "you will start when you wait for Hugh, and ask him to understand, and then decide." The military academy stopped. The servant girl asked, "where are you from? From where? Who are you looking for here? You have to say it in detail, and I will make up my mind with you. " Chai Rong then said, "my surname is Chai, my name is Rong, and my name is Jungui. My ancestor is from Huizhou. I have always been a pushcart peddler of umbrellas and exile. Unfortunately, my cost has been reduced and I have no plan to earn a living. Therefore, I have come to join the girl for thousands of miles. We hope to have a briefing. " The servant girl said: "it turns out that you are an official of Chai. My wife often thinks and can't see each other. It's a coincidence that we meet today. You have the right to wait. I'll let you know. " Say, turn around and go in. The two military academies saw that he was the nephew of the marshal. Although they were unbearable, they dared to stop him there.

Not long ago, I saw the first two servant girls coming out, smiling and shouting, "officer Chai, my wife told you to come in and meet me." When Chai Rong heard this, he was full of joy. He followed his servant girl and came to the back hall. The girl came forward and said, "here comes the Chai officer." Madam heard that when she looked down, she saw that she was ragged, unkempt, thin and towering, just like a beggar in a nursing home. Look at the description, vaguely but still recognize. "Are you really my nephew?" he asked Chai rongdao: "how dare my nephew take the risk?" The lady said: "if you are my nephew, don't kill me! Where is your father today? What's your career? Why do you come here alone? But tell me more about it. " Chai Rong knelt down, exchanged tears and cried: "Auntie, it's hard to say. Since my aunt's separation, my father has been selling umbrellas outside for a living. Because of the tax evasion at Tongguan, he was caught by chief Gao and shot to death. It's sad! He left his nephew alone and helpless. He still managed his father's business and drifted into the Jianghu for eight years. He has gone through all kinds of hardships. Unfortunately, I got sick in Qinzhou, and it was postponed for three months, so I spent all my money and capital. I had nothing to live with. So I went to my aunt to find some business. I also heard that my uncle was the general of this place. He was very dignified and didn't dare to enter without permission. So I only met this elder sister from the back door and was introduced by him. It's really the fate of a day off. I'm very glad to hear that! " When the lady heard this, she burst into tears and said, "since your uncle picked me up that year and separated from your father, I have sent several times to inquire about the news, saying more about your father's safety and prosperity. Who knows that he has become a ghost of a foreign land? When I tell your father and aunt that I know, I must bring my soldiers to avenge your father. But your father-in-law has a good nature and loves beautiful talents most. If you want to see him today, I'm afraid you'll look terrible. It's not easy to see him now. There are three Buddhist halls behind me, but they are also secluded. Your father and aunt never come here. You can settle down for a few months, wait for the appearance to be glorious, and then meet him. " After that, he ordered his servant girl to send him to the Buddhist hall. They are also paid to the inner servant girls and users. No more words are allowed. They say they know the master. Everyone obeyed.

At that time, Chai Ronglai came to the Buddhist hall. It turns out that there are three rooms in the middle of this Buddhist Hall: there are Guanyin Grand Master in the middle. They are more than Chi Dharma bodies made of gold, with solemn colors, incense tables and candles. Both sides are study rooms, which are extremely clean. It's so leisurely and interesting that the customs are eliminated. Chai Ning enters the room, which is very refreshing and calm. In a moment, the boy sent out a basin of hot water and a set of fresh clothes. Chai Rong bathed in his study, combed his hair and put on a towel, and put on a new suit. Later, they brought in wine and rice, which was very rich. It's the little guy on both sides serving and obeying. This time it's quite different. It is:

It's full of taste and rich sleep.

From now on, we are lucky enough to step on the dome.

Since then, Chai Rong has lived in the Buddhist hall. If he wants soup, he needs water. He has no worries and worries. Since the old saying: "broad mind and fat body." Less than a month's general, that muscle yellow skin thin description, unexpectedly changed a pair of moist Guanghua body.

On that day, the lady came to the Buddhist hall and met Chai Rong. She was overjoyed and said, "nephew, you can go to see my uncle now." Then he sent the young man to the rear trough to finish the whole horse. He told the inner class yard to hire a follower secretly outside. He changed his gorgeous clothes and went out from the back door to mount the horse. The servant followed him and copied to the front of the gate. Chai Rong rode up his horse and whipped up his whip, shouting: "the official on the door, hurry up to inform him that someone from his inner family, Chai Dagong, has arrived." Those military academies saw Chai Rong wearing a beautiful body and a carved saddle. He looked like Prince Wang. He was also called an inner relative. He dared not look down upon him or drink or scold him. Where did he know that he was a man who had been scolded and retired the day before yesterday? It is:

The state of the world only tends to be rich, and human feelings only attach power.

At present, the military academy saw each other, and one by one, with a smile on their faces, said, "I'm a relative. Please wait a moment, if you've informed me, I'll see you." The inspector hurriedly entered the mansion and said to Guo Wei, "there is a young man outside, who is called an inner relative. He wants to see the marshal and wait for his orders." When Guo Wei heard the news, he sent his order to meet him. The constable was ordered to rush to the gate and said, "officer Chai, please come to my master."

Chai Rong immediately got off his horse, followed the constable, walked into the mansion, and came to the hall, only to see Guo Wei sitting up high, very dignified. Chai Rong bowed and saluted, knelt on his knees, and said, "my father and my nephew Chai Rong came from a long distance, and they kowtowed to you." Guo Wei listened and looked down at Chai Rong. He saw that Chai Rong was born with a good fortune. He was very talented. He was very happy. Even if he leaned over and left his seat, he helped him with his hand and cried: "my dear nephew, you can't be polite when you are far away. Your girl will always want to look forward to it. I'm glad to be here today. It's a wish. You can come to see your aunt in my back hall to talk about your feelings. " Say, walk hand in hand, come to the back hall, see your wife. When the lady saw it, she pretended to ask, "where is this foreigner coming from, but why is he leading him straight to the inner hall?" Guo Wei said: "madam, this is your flesh and blood relationship. You are a worthy nephew. How can you not recognize that you miss everyday and meet today? " The lady said: "is this my nephew Chai Rong? Want to kill the girl! " Say it and cry. Chai Rong wiped his tears and took a seat beside him. After tea, my wife deliberately asked about the family affairs. Chai Rong told the story of his father's killing from beginning to end. The lady was grieved and choked. Guo Wei advised: "madam, don't be sad. When it's convenient for the next officer, the leader will kill Tongguan, take the thief and revenge with my uncle." Later, Zhao Kuangyin's troops went to Tongguan and forced him to take the head of Gaoxing Zhou, which was just for this matter. This is a postscript. Press not to mention it.

At present, Guo Wei will share the wine with Chai Rong. The three closest relatives sit according to the etiquette, pass the cup and pass the cup, and enjoy drinking and chatting. Guo Wei raised his glass in his hand and said, "dear nephew, you have always been outside. I can see what happened in recent days. How about the rise and fall?"? How are the local customs? " Chai rongdao: "my nephew has heard a lot of legends recently. Since the new Lord ascended the throne, he has been greedy for sex and wine. He and fandai jiao'e have fun all the time. He is easy to build and ignore the official principles. In this way, the people can't be embarrassed. They can fight together in all directions. They are afraid that the world of the great man will be hard to enjoy, and there will be a disaster in front of them Guo Wei listened and put down the wine glass and said: "my dear nephew, I think Liu Zhiyuan and I were under the command of the general of Dongyue and made many achievements. Later, when Jin Zuo fell, he became a king himself and granted me a foreign town. I'm really not angry. I often have the intention of attacking, but I don't have the chance to bear it. Fortunately, I lost my life today, and my son was a whore. I want to seize the world of Liu family. I wish I could finish. But half a year ago, there was a monk named Miao Guangyi. After passing by, I heard that his Yin and Yang were correct, so I asked him to meet me. He said that there is a point of chaotianzi. Only when queer gets enough food can he fulfill his ambition. " "Chai Rong asked," what's the explanation of the words Guo Wei said: "the wise nephew is also unknown. I have a sarcoma born on my left arm, like a sparrow; I also have a sarcoma on my right arm, like a gurrel: so everyone calls me Guo sparrow. Miao Guangyi said that if queer could go up to the valley, it would be the time for me to be prosperous. My thoughts, left and right, are more than five inches apart. How can they fly? It's hard to do that, and you're sitting around all day dreaming. " After hearing this, Chai Rong thought to himself, for a while, he had many wonderful thoughts. There are different kinds of teaching: move the mechanism secretly, mention the ambition of rejuvenating the king; accept and praise in the Ming Dynasty, and contribute to the success of building a business. It is:

When it comes to words, it's a wonderful solution. When it comes to money, you can see the token.

After all, Chai Rong wanted to see him next time.

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