By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"In the 25th chapter of flying dragon's biography, Duke Du ERGONG accepted the advice and corrected the real life, and the Lord violated several disasters"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第二十五回 杜二公纳谏归正 真命主违数罹灾

Poetry says:

Walking over the Qinling Mountains, the road is winding.

Talk to sing for loneliness, lament the poem of "Zhi Hu".

Night wind into my eyes, flap period can be facilities.

Will the common people deceive you when you achieve your ambition.

One day after the split, Gan self sacrifice etiquette.

Although the words and words are happy, they are in the current period after resisting the insult.

After hearing his wife's words, Duke Du didn't make a sound for a long time and thought to himself, "the red faced man who was the first to hit me in the Wang's family didn't know he was my nephew in a dream. He hit me and lied to me. How could my mother know what happened? After hearing this, I hurt my grandson, so I took my daughter-in-law to vent my anger. If I saw her, I would be angry. " Then he sighed again and called out, "my good wife of Chu family, what do you want me to do when you come back?" It turned out that the female yecha was the daughter of a rich man in his place, Prince Chu. He had only one daughter. He was fond of making guns and sticks when he was a child. Because he was very compassionate, he saw that he was powerful and had no choice but to let him go. Later, hearing his name, Duke Du ERGONG came to ask for relatives in person. When Taigong saw his heroic spirit, he accepted it with one mouth and engaged him to become his marriage. This is also the same as the drum. At that moment, Chu's family was still angry and replied, "I know what you are doing back here?" "If I don't say it, how do you know how to prepare it? Today, I go down the mountain. It should be a thousand shops. Just arrived at the head of Wang's house, a big red faced man came out and ate up my legal dog meat. He wanted to find out whether I was right or not. How can I look? At that time, I fought with him. Unexpectedly, he was very skilled in martial arts and powerful. I was defeated by him for a while. If you don't believe me, you can see my face, but it's just like you. For a while, I was angry. I went back to the stronghold to dispatch troops and hoped to catch him for revenge. Who knew it was my nephew. Why did he run to his mother to tell the lie when he hit me? It's very difficult. I don't know where my mother is? Wait for me to complain. " Chu said, "my mother-in-law deplores the damage of her grandson. Now she is angry and falls into the room."

Du ERGONG heard that he just shook his head and sighed. He took the lantern and came to his mother's room. The door was closed and silent. Du ERGONG hurriedly called out, "mother, the child is back. Please open the door. The child has something to say." "I know you're back. Who wants you to come in and see me?" she said deliberately Du Er is fair: "mother, please open the door. I have something to tell you." "What's wrong?" said the wife? No matter what, I beat my nephew. Expect to come to me and ask me to talk, for fear of instability. " Du Er is fair: "don't listen to his mother's lies. When the child tells the truth and tells it to his mother, he will see who is right and who is wrong." So he went down the mountain to wipe the valley and went to the wangjiadian to eat and fight. He told me the whole story from the beginning to the end. The wife said, "Ouch! At first, I only said that my mother and uncle beat my nephew. Now I hear from you, but my nephew offended my mother and uncle. I blame this child for running here. I knew I was wrong and did this. My son, since you have suffered losses, forgive me for being a mother. When he comes back home, I will make him kowtow to make amends to you. " Du ERGONG said: "it's just a nephew. Why did he go? I think of a man named Miao Guangyi who met me in the mountains a few days ago. When I met him, I left a few words. He said:

"When my nephew beat his uncle, he saw the sun. He went to the hall in the Ninth Five-Year Plan of the Zhao family.

Recruit troops, buy horses and store up grain, so that they can build with the king. "

This gentleman's Yin and yang are accurate, and there is no difference in calculation. He said that his nephew beat his mother's uncle, and today it should be said. It seems that in the future, it will be very expensive, and our relatives will be very proud. Since he has come here, his mother should stay here. How can he let him go back? " The wife listened, laughing, opened the door, cried: "my son, you want to see him, to be a mother to drive him around, how to meet you?" Du Er is fair: "mother, you are old and hard to walk. How can you catch up with him?" My son, do you really want to see him? Far from thousands of miles, near only at present. If I want to see him, I will call him out. " Tu orders his servant girl to invite Mr. Zhao to meet him. Not long after the servant girl went, Kuang Yin walked into the room and met Duke Du. She bowed down and cried, "my mother and uncle, my foolish nephew, have been in a rage for a while and offended Chang Shang. So far, please deal with me." See you, Duke Du. Hurriedly handed over the lantern to the servant girl and lifted it up with his hands, saying: "you don't have to be too modest, I don't know, so my nephew disagrees. It's out of expectation to see each other today. " Then she ordered her maid to turn on the light and asked her wife and Kuang Yin to come to the front hall together.

At this time, the lights and candles were bright in the hall, and Chu was still waiting. I saw the servant girl delivering the banquet as early as possible. Four close relatives, sitting and drinking together. Du ERGONG asked the servant girl to send out the order and went back to the stronghold. During drinking at that time, Du ERGONG read Miao Guangyi's poems and Kuang Yin, and said, "look at this gentleman, he has foresight. I'm afraid that the wise nephew will be very expensive in the future, and the foolish mother and uncle will also talk about the light." Kuang Yin said, "why do you listen to the magician? Why do you believe in the words of "nihilism and absurdity" Du Er is fair: "otherwise. I am not listening to him by mistake, because he has the right Yin and Yang, so I can be convinced. Kuang Xian's nephew is extraordinary and will become a great event. I hope that my nephew will love himself and not be suspicious. " In the meantime, chushige said with a smile, "it turns out that my nephew was divided into emperors, but he didn't waste this meal." When Du ERGONG heard this, he didn't know where to go, so he asked why. Chu said, "to tell you the truth, I first learned from my nephew." Wife interface, then the peach garden things said again. Du Er is fair: "my husband and wife, many have been taught, it's enough to be wise and handsome." So the four repeated their drinking until the fourth watch. Duke Du ordered his servant girl to clean up the study. Please take a rest.

The next morning, after dinner, Duke Du asked his servant girl to come out and meet her. Chu's family had a daughter, who was twenty-seven years old. She was called Li Rong. She was delicate and graceful. She was dignified and thick. She was not as thick and stupid as her mother, Luo Cha, described her. At that time, I met Kuang Yin, even if I went back to the house. Kuangyin was very surprised.

After a day, Kuangyin wanted to leave. Du ERGONG was willing to let it go and said, "my dear nephew, you and I should have been around for many days. Why do you have to go out and leave?" Kuang Yin said: "my nephew is not a stranger. He is afraid that he will spend his time here, so he wants to visit friends in Chanzhou. If you have to meet Mr. Miao by the way, you should also have a talk with him. " "My son, it's not easy for you to come here. I see you such a hero, is happy, how to separate? I'll let it go. It's not too late to go after the new year. " Kuang Yin said: "grandma, my grandson should have followed my orders. But I left my family and left my house, and ran far away to other places. I just wanted to take refuge and escape from the disaster. Because I think that Mr. Miao sent me a message the day before yesterday. The words on it have been fulfilled. I really want to find him and ask what the end of my life is like. There are also two friends who are there, so I have to go to visit them. I hope grandma doesn't have to stay. " "My son," said the wife, "you are not willing to stay. If you want to go, it is up to you. I can't stay. I just visited Mr. Miao and that friend. I have to visit the old man again." Kuang Yin said: "I don't need grandma's advice. If I have time, I will definitely come to see you. It's just that grandson's luggage, horses, etc. are all in the king's shop. I hope my mother and uncle can send someone to get them. " Duke Du ERGONG could not stay, so he had to go to the king's shop to collect all the things and prepare a banquet to see him off.

Drinking, Kuang Yin cup said: "the foolish nephew has a few circuitous words, would like to be informed, hope mother and uncle choose." Du ERGONG said, "if you have any words, please say them." Kuangyin said: "my nephew hears the treasure of the good, but the violent people abandon it. Although my mother and uncle are engaged in the green forest and cottage life, they must be good at hoeing and be worthy of their heroism. It is a good plan to make a living on behalf of heaven. But when we gather troops and pay for the day, if we get the imperial edict to summon peace, we will be able to make great achievements and gain more glory. I hope my mother and uncle don't sin. " When Du ERGONG heard these words, he was very happy and said: "the wise nephew's words of gold and jade, the foolish mother's uncle immediately opened his mouth, and then he changed his ways and became right. But if you are free, I hope to have another meeting. " Kuangyin promised. In a moment, the seats were scattered. Those who had seen Wang's shop earlier had already taken their luggage, knives and horses for delivery. Kuangyin took the driving weapon to the horse. Now that it's finished, he comes to say goodbye. The lady and Duke Du and Chu came to see each other off. Duke Du ERGONG took two envelopes of silver and sent them to Kuangyin for the use of road fare. Kuangyin did not refuse, even if thanks, farewell everyone, on the saddle, tears and go. It is:

From then on, Yanyin went to Xiling, and in his year, Fengzhao came from the East.

Since then, Duke Du ERGONG listened to Kuangyin's words, discussed with the two heroes, and changed his daily order into a new one: all the past merchants, who are invincible, virtuous and upright, subsidize the money; in case of corrupt officials and corrupt officials, the local tyrants are in a bad situation, rob the mountain, kill the people, put the money in storage, and give the soldiers a reward. Therefore, the Shanzhai is very prosperous. All the residents feel virtuous, live and work in peace and praise endlessly. I don't want to talk about the Shanzhai here.

Kuangyin left Duke Du ERGONG, left a thousand stores, and rode with his horse. Not for a day, he came to a place, and saw a city in front of him. When he went to the gate, he raised his eyes and saw that the words "wusuozhou" were engraved on it. Kuang Yin thought to himself, "I remember Miao Guangyi's invitation saying that wusuozhou is not allowed to enter. So far, I don't want to have the name of this city. Now, according to his words, I might as well go round the city and go somewhere else. " Just to turn around, suddenly thought: "I'm going somewhere else now. If Mr. Miao is still opening a restaurant in the city, but he doesn't miss it, loses his chance, and wastes this ambition? It's better to go to the city, or encounter it. It's unknown. " I have made up my mind. When I entered the city, I saw all the shops in the street. The business was booming. It was really crowded and very noisy. Kuangyin believed that the horse came from the reins to the crossroads, only to see a high platform in the middle, surrounded by people, each looking up. But it's the custom of that place. It's the best day of God's birthday. The people gather together to act in respect of God. Kuangyin stopped the horse and stopped to watch. On that stage, gongs and drums are loud, shouting and shaking. The story of Sui and Tang biography is that Shan xiongxin chases Li Shimin. At that time, Shan xiongxin screamed like thunder, full of energy, and chased the king of Qin. When he was in danger, he panicked and thought, "why don't you see Yuchi Gong come out for help? If it's too late, won't he seize the emperor who founded the world? With it, I'll save him. " Then he pulled out the God's inserted bow sent by Ma triathlon, put on the beaded arrow, pulled the full bow string, and shot it with a swish arrow, which was centered on Shan xiongxin's left hip. I saw that single xiongxin turned over and fell on the platform, rolled a few rolls, and then stopped. The people on the stage were all flustered. They lived in gongs and drums. Looking down, they all shouted, "no, there's a red faced drunk on horseback under the stage. He's shot dead. Take it quickly!" The crowd at the bottom also shouted, "sure enough, he still has a bow and arrow in his hand, and he is riding on a red horse. Don't let him go." Shout and surround Kuangyin. There is a person named Xie Bao, who is the head of tuanlian in wusuozhou. He was Han Tong's Apprentice. At that time, Kuangyin also met in Daming mansion. Today, he met with a clear eye, so he immediately called out: "I'm not going to let him go. This is Zhao Kuangyin, who killed Yule. Now he's aiming to draw shadow figures. He doesn't want to be caught by himself today. You need to hold it so that you can ask for merit and reward. " There were four apprentices under Xie Bao, five hundred regiments training the militia, who were all watching the theatre under the stage. After hearing this, they rubbed their hands together, fought bravely for the first place, shouted to encircle the future, surrounded Kuang Yin and attacked together. But see:

Tens of millions of people were trapped inside and outside.

The long gun only looks at the throat stab, and the short stick is drilled together to help it rise.

The sentry stick, the simple Dao, and the hook, the lasso and the swing.

Concentric and gall disc winding, I hope the success will not exist.

Kuangyin saw it. He had no fear at all. He swung nine ears and eight rings of sabres, parried on all sides, turned around and moved around to protect his body and his horse. There was no leakage. There were only four servants, and there was no conflict for a while. Seeing Kuang Yin's bravery, Xie Bao was afraid that he would get out of the siege and escape. So he asked four disciples to close the four doors, prepare equipment and catch people. Here, the governor orders the militia to attack and kill with heart.

Kuangyin parried for a long time. He hoped that the soldier would cut down several people in a few places. He took advantage of the situation to kill them and rushed to the south. When I came to the gate, I saw that the gate was closed and I was about to cut the gate and break out. Suddenly, my second apprentice was called Jiang Diaoke. I saw that Kuangyin was going to break in and even asked the sergeant to throw down the brick. One piece of brick was hitting Kuangyin's top gate and I was shocked. Just want to turn around, don't prevent is a flying general to come down again, but hit on the green bandage, wiped down from the ear. Kuang Yin panicked and said, "no!" When the knife was quickly turned back, another piece of it came up and almost knocked off the horse. In my heart, I was surprised to see the east gate. When he was about to arrive at the city, he cut the lock. He was shocked to know that Bao's apprentice was called Deng mourning gate. He looked around the city and saw Kuangyin was about to cut the gate. He hurriedly ordered the sergeant to lift down the tiles on the city tower and beat them. One of them was rubbing against Kuangyin's ear gate. Kuangyin was shocked. He looked up and saw that there was only one sound. Another pot tile hit him, but it hit him on the head of the red rabbit horse. The horse was in pain and hissed. He turned around and went into a lane, almost taking Kuangyin off his horse. Kuangyin saw that there was no good situation in the two southeast gates, so he had to go to the north. When I came to the north gate, I saw that the gate was also closed. I thought I would cut it out. How can we know that Shi Huangfan, the third disciple of Jiebao, is here to guard. When he sees Kuangyin, he quickly distributes the money to the people: "take the cannon stone and beat it quickly." It's over. I can only hear the whooshing sound above. The cannon stone is looking at Kuangyin's front door. Kuangyin hurriedly flashed back, almost beating, and the cannon stone fell to the ground, rolling the dust.

Kuangyin saw that he was ready and did not dare to move forward. He took the red rabbit horse and looked back at Ximen. In the middle of the walk, I saw a temple in the north of the street. In front of the door stood an old man. When I saw Kuangyin, I knelt down and said something in my mouth. There are sects: serve ghosts to drive away gods, and then see the good come to guard; cover the stars and wear the moon, meet hands and feet again, and say morning and dusk. It is:

Who can fight against the enemy with eyes full of sorrow and anger.

I don't know who the old man is, and listen to the next chapter.

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