By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 28th chapter of flying dragon biography: Zheng en unintentionally catches the bird Hunter Tianlu and intentionally grabs the Dragon foal"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第二十八回 郑恩无心擒猎鸟 天禄有意抢龙驹

Poetry says:

Where does spring wind come from? Blow on the branches.

More melancholy, day and night thousand miles.

Go out from north to south, and go to any place with you.

Wish to say that the white horse has seen the west sun gallop.

He who wants to be quick in his heart will come and go.

Wandering in a room, when trance begins to come.

Deep Xilin Road, light and dark from the speech.

Right abridgment of Zhuqi ancient style

It's said that Zhao Kuangyin and Zheng en met two monsters, jade Pipa and pink fox, dressed as walking and singing women, who came to bewilder them. Instead, Zheng en saw through the mechanism. The two brothers worked together to kill both monsters and restore their original shape. Kuang Yin was about to pack up his bags and go out on the road. Zheng en called out, "wait a minute, elder brother. Although these two monsters were killed by us, it's not good to leave this image. We have the intention to eliminate the harm. Why don't we clean them up together so as not to have future troubles." Kuang Yin said, "there is a reason for the wise brother." So he asked two of them to come in and carry the fox out of the shop. They set fire in the open space, only to find that the wind was blowing and the fur was rotten. After a moment's simmering, he smashed the dead bone and abandoned it in the wild. Zheng en took out the jade lute again and put it on the open space. He raised the sour jujube stick and made seven or eight pieces with great strength. Each piece was bloodstained. Kuangyin saw it, and he was very happy. He held the shensha stick. The two brothers fought at random. They immediately turned it into powder and asked the family to sweep it away. When the two returned to the shop together, they saw a banquet arranged in the room, and the shop was waiting. Kuangyin asked why. The shop said: "the two heroes of Mongolia have done their best to get rid of the evil spirits and avoid the harm of the people. The shop has no reward, so it has to treat a glass of vegetable and wine thinly, and add less enthusiasm to them. Please don't refuse." Kuang Yin said: "we have to accept the kindness of the old shopkeeper." The shopkeeper invited two people to take the seat. He held the pot to respect each other, advised them for a long time, and left. Two brothers, drink and talk to each other, each trying to separate. It's going to be late. I can't go out, so I have to stay for another night.

In the morning of the next day, the two brothers packed their bags and left the house to thank the shopkeeper. Kuangyin takes the horse, Zheng en walks, two take the road and look to the West. At this time, it's the early spring weather. The grass roots are green and the trees are sprouting. On the way, not for one day, I saw a village in front of me. Kuang Yin said, "brother, we have been walking for days. It's hard. Why don't we go into this town and find a shop and rest for a few days? What can we do?" Zheng en said: "the second brother is right. The music goes impatiently, and we should rest. " After that, they entered the town and saw the crowd gathering and making a noise. At that time, I found the merchants' shop, gave the horses to the troughs and fed them. I picked a clean room to live in and settled my luggage. In a moment, the bartender delivers wine and food. They finish using them. See if it's late. They're sleeping separately.

The next day, after breakfast, Kuangyin asked the waiter, "what's the place name here?" The waiter said: "my guest, our destination is an important road between the East and the West. It's called Pingyang town. It's very busy." Kuang Yin said that Zheng enlao said: "third brother, we are running east and West, only to visit and find eldest brother, but we have not gone several places, and there is no whereabouts. I've heard that Pingyang town is a thoroughfare road. There are many people coming and going. Why don't we live here? Why don't we go outside or meet brother? I don't know what's your way, brother? " Zheng en said: "the second brother is not bad, but let's not walk in vain. It's also good to take the horse for a walk and let it go green." Kuangyin Yiyun. Zheng en then went to the end of the trough to untie the horse and led it out. Kuangyin locks the door and leaves the shop together. On that street, the real shops are connected with each other. Two fish run through each other and come to the fork in the road. If you don't stop the pedestrians, you will not be able to get pushed away. You push me to make a rush, but you rush the two brothers into two places. Kuang Yin lost Zheng en, separated from the crowd, looked around and found no trace. He thought to himself, "where has this Rufu been squeezed? Or if you don't see me, can you lead the horse back to the next place first? " Confused, he turned around and went back to the store.

That Zheng en because of missing Kuang Yin, also look for there, under the heart suspicion is to go ahead first, therefore led the horse, looked forward to run. About a stone's throw, I saw a group of people over there, surrounded by them to watch puppets. I thought to myself, "if you dare to watch it, I don't know. Let's have fun." Then he took the horse with him and stood close behind the crowd. He saw that the puppet was exquisite. When Zheng en saw the happiness, he burst out laughing, clapped his hands and shook his head. He was very happy. But when he clapped his hand, he loosened the reins, and the horse took off the reins, and he spread his four hoofs, and looked forward to gallop. Zheng en was so happy that he heard the sound of horses' hooves. Looking back, he saw that the horse was far away and hurried to catch up. Unconsciously, I drove out of Pingyang town. It was two miles away from the town. I rushed to a big forest and just caught the horse. Zheng en got angry and made him have sex. He punched the horse several times, held the Xinjiang rope, and sat on the ground. He saw that the forest was thick and elegant. Looking up, I suddenly heard a bell ring. I saw a yellow hawk with a foot line flying to the ground, with a bell on its tail. Its fur color was neat and lovely. Zheng en is a rude man, how can he know? When I saw Huang Ying, I was very happy and said: "Yue Zi is worried. I don't know this pheasant from there, but it's fat. When yuezi takes it back to the shop and drinks with his second brother, he will not walk away in vain. " Then he tied his horse to the tree, and turned to him, and caught the eagle. When the eagle saw that someone had caught him, he turned around and pecked Zheng en's hand fiercely, never letting go again. Zheng en was furious and hurriedly squeezed the eagle with one hand. He fell to the ground and stopped his foot. He made his hair clean. The eagle was full of pain, only rolling on the ground. Zheng en looked at it and said with a laugh, "are you still pecking at the donkey ball now? I'll tell you to take a bath in the hot soup later. "

Just as he was talking, a group of people came over there, led the dog, took the whistle stick, ran to the woods together to find the Yellow eagle, but saw that the ground piled up and down the fur of the eagle, the eagle was naked, earning his life in the ground. When they saw it, everyone was surprised and said, "who killed our eagle?" Looking around, I saw Zheng en sitting there, and said together, "isn't that black guy over there? Let's go and ask him if it's OK. " After that, they all stepped forward and shouted, "man, we just had a yellow eagle flying here. Can you see it?" Zheng en said: "Yue Zi is sitting on the ground. He sees a pheasant flying here. Yue Zi has taken away his sweater. He wants to bring it back to drink, but he doesn't see any yellow eagles." When they heard this, they all shouted, "what a bold thief! It turns out that you killed our eagle. What's the matter? I'll compensate us soon. I'll let you fight and scold. " Zheng en listened to it, opened his eyes, and said back, "the donkey ball came in. This is the pheasant we picked up. What's the matter with you? What do you think it's Huang Yinger? Are you going to take risks here? Don't want to have fun with you? " When they heard that, they also scolded: "damn dog head! This is raised by my son. This eagle is like a treasure. I just took the rabbit and was beaten by a fist. I came to the forest to have a rest. But you, the head of a dog, thought you were a pheasant and killed him. Now, you have to make good compensation. If you don't have to pay back, you have to go to see the young master and talk to you face to face, or the young master doesn't want you to make compensation. It's also your creation. We're also out of touch. If you hope to return safely, you will never be able to do so. " When Zheng en heard this, he asked, "I ask you, what kind of man is this young man? What's your name? " People: "you are the head of a dog in the wild. Where do you know? We really told you that you would know your interest. My son is not someone else. He is the son of Han Laoye, a group training teacher in this town. He is like a raging fire. He will hit people with his hands. Come with us quickly, you son of a bitch. If you delay any longer, you will break your dog's sinews. Don't regret it. " Some of them said, "you don't have to quarrel with him, just take this dog's head and go to see the young man." The crowd said, "yes." Let's get Zheng en. Zheng en is furious. He starts to fight with his fist. When they saw Zheng Enfa's hand, they held up their whistles and attacked the future. Zheng en was afraid there and shook his fist like a meteor chasing the moon. He beat around and knocked down several people in a moment. When the crowd saw that there was no good situation, they were afraid that he would go away, so they all shouted together and surrounded Zheng en from afar and trapped him in the middle.

At the time of the attack, I saw that Mr. Han had brought some local soldiers with him. Then I came and saw that all the people were fighting around. I called one of them to ask, "why do you fight?" The man replied, "this black man fought here because he killed our yellow eagle and we asked him to pay for it, but he refused." After hearing this, young master Han looked around and thought to himself, "a long man with bare hands and light fists is fighting against people's whistles. I'm afraid he's also a bad devil." I also saw a good horse tied to the tree over there. It was neat and well adjusted. I was very envious of it. I thought it must be this man's thing. For a while, I read, "isn't this horse worth my eagle?" I decided to take advantage of this fight, and asked my subordinates to untie the reins secretly, lead me to the front, jump on my body, and let me shout loudly: "wait a minute, now that this black man has broken my eagle, the young master has taken his horse back. If he wants a horse, he will pay for the eagle; if he does not, he will convert the horse. You don't have to fight with him when you go back. " After that, I followed Mr. Han and ran back to the village. And when all the besieged heard of the payment, and took off the connection of the eagle, he that would do evil again fled away.

Zheng en could not see the horse. He hurriedly ran out of the woods and looked around. Not only the horse was not found, but also some people were missing. Angry and furious in my heart, I only ran out of the woods and burst out. I went back several times and didn't pay attention to it. Only loudly scolded once, see no place to pursue, make temperament son, Ba step to go. Run back to Pingyang Town, into the merchants shop, to the house, has seen Kuang Yin sitting inside. Zheng en walked hard, sat down, closed his mouth, just gasped. Kuangyin saw such a look, and called: "brother, how did you just squeeze away, where there is a long delay? Is this mark tied to the trough? Why is that so? " Zheng en shakes his hand, just gasps for breath. He can't say a word. Kuangyin saw it, more confused, and asked him again. Zheng en just shouldn't. After gasping for a long time, he just said: "second brother, you ask us. Let's go happily. If you are gone, your horse will run again." Kuang Yin heard that he was shocked and asked in a hurry, "why is this horse running? Can you hold it? " Zheng en said: "a horse, how can I say that I can't hold him? He was rushed to a forest by Yue Zi and caught the horse. Just hate the thief who gets the donkey ball! "

Kuang Yin asked hurriedly, "since I have got the horse, what are the thieves to hate?" Zheng en said: "we suffered from a crooked pheasant. When he flew into the forest, he was caught by Yue Zi. He took all his sweaters and hoped to bring them back to drink with his second brother. Who knows a group of people, come to find any eagle, want to be happy to compensate him, happy to refuse, fight with him. But annoyed these children donkey ball into many, took advantage of the empty son, took the second elder brother's horse Kuang Yin said, "how did you take the horse? Have you ever pursued it? " Zheng en said: "Yue Zi originally wanted to pursue, but he walked without trace and no place to pursue, so he had to run back and discuss with you." Kuang Yin heard that he had lost his horse, and said: "third brother, you are so rude. Since you are crowded and scattered in the downtown, you should go back to the store. How can you cause trouble again? Now that the mount has been robbed by others, it only depends on the heavy luggage, and there is no foot to bear it. How can we make the journey? " Being complaining, Zheng en suddenly remembered: "second brother, don't complain. The man who is in charge of the horse is a famous man. Now we are going to get in with this donkey ball." Kuang Yin then asked, "if there is a surname, the horse will be settled. But without his name, how do you know? " Zheng said: "he didn't fight at that time, and Yue Zi asked him, isn't he a famous son of master Han, the group training teacher?" Kuangyin said: "since there is such a reality, it's easy to pursue. Just ask the waiter where he lives and go to ask for it with you." It is:

How happy are those who get it? Those who lose are not worried:

We should know that happiness and fear become worries.

Now Kuangyin called the waiter in and asked, "there is a group training teacher here. I don't know where to live." The waiter said, "my guest, what's the accident?" Kuangyin said: "my brother just went out to let the horse go, but he slipped the reins. He was robbed by some childe of Han's family. We are going to take it for revenge, so I asked you." The waiter said: "I see. My guest, I advise you to stop this matter. Don't say that one horse, ten horses, will never come. " Kuang Yin said, "but why do you have such a situation?" The waiter said: "I don't know. This young man's name is Han Tianlu. His father's name is Han Tong. He has a good command of fists and sticks, and has many evils. Two years ago, he took his family from Daming mansion and came to our town. With his habit of using guns, sticks, fists and feet, he ran amok. Those who do business need more money. He made a residence for Liu's huge villa. I call myself a group practice teacher. He had one or two hundred apprentices under his hand, and he raised some local soldiers, called for servants and maids, and occupied this place. Every day, I go to the town to collect some common people and collect twelve liang of tax money. People are afraid of his power. Who dare to disobey him? In this way, he indulged his son, often prostituted his wife and daughter outside and cheated others. These bad funds are various and illegal. Our local people are still afraid. How can we be against them, two guests, who are from other countries? Therefore, I would like to advise you, sir, to give up this matter and keep it safe. It's lucky. " Kuang Yin listened to this and thought to himself, "it turns out that Han Tong is the one who has wronged the people here. How can I spare him?" He said: "little brother, you don't have to wait to be afraid. Whether or not my horse is still uncertain. You just say where he lives." The waiter said: "since my guest must go, I'll explain the residence and follow the directions. His Chuang Tzu is just in the south of Pingyang town. The pheasant forest is in the past. It's in a big tree forest. I think that horse was lost here. Please be careful when you get there. " After the waiter finished, he went out.

Kuang Yin said: "brother, who are you robbing? It turns out that I often told you that Han Tong was beaten by me in the GouLan yard of Daming mansion. He is here again to harm the people. I will fight with him again. I think he can't live here. " Zheng en said: "Yue Zi knows the pheasant forest. Let's take advantage of the weather this day and find his house. If we have the ability to ask for horses, we'll have a good account." After that, he brought up the sour jujube stick and went out with Kuangyin. He spread his steps and rushed to the pheasant forest. At the end of the forest, he found Chuang Tzu. Kuang Yin said, "brother, go and lead him out so that you can settle accounts with him." Kuangyin said, he flashed in the dense forest and looked in the dark. Zheng en took the sour jujube stick and ran to the head of Guangliang gate. He let out the spring thunder like voice to scold Han Tong. Divided Teaching: when we meet on a narrow road, we lose our power to teach the strong Liang; when we get angry on the poor road, we will make the stick evil and good. It is:

How do you know how to settle the people and get rid of the storm?

After all, if Han Tong is willing to come out, he will know himself next time.

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