By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 57th time in the whole story of flying dragon, Zheng Ziming killed Gao huailiang and killed him for his greedy work"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第五十七回 郑子明斩将夺关 高怀亮贪功殒命

Poetry says:

When the square is broken, the flag is higher than the hundred foot tower.

The old generals are dancing, and the strings are tied back to make big heads.

He added:

When you go, you will always win and return to the front of the array.

The thief entered from the front after breaking. He didn't dare to accept the red makeup.

Two pieces of "Tian to be returned to town" by Wang Jian in Youlu

When Zhao Kuangyin saw Huang Fuhui's surrender to Chuzhou, he broke the bridge and defended himself. He ordered Ma Quanyi to lead his troops to take a wooden raft and cross the river to cover it. He led the army forward to Chuzhou City, raised the flag and shouted for war. Huangfuhui ascended the city and said, "people are their own masters. I'd like to be in line, and then fight with them. Don't force me too much." Kuang Yin said with a smile, "since you are begging for mercy, please forgive your death in a moment." That is to say, a horse or a man should be put out of the way. Huangfuhui is dressed completely and comes out after rectifying the army. Two pairs of circles. Kuangyin went out in person on the Zhou array, with Ma Quanyi on the left and Zhang Qiong on the right. In the Tang array, huangfuhui came out. Kuangyin pointed out: "if you know the current affairs and offer Chuzhou as early as you can, you will be rich and valuable; otherwise, you will have a different life, and what benefits you?" Huangfuhui is furious and raises his gun to Kuangyin. Ma Quanyi catches the fight. The battle is endless. Huangfu Hui is timid. He returns to the horse and loses. Ma Quanyi rushed to the gate flag, took a knife and cut off the horse. When Zhou Bing saw that Ma Quanyi had won the battle, he took advantage of the situation to kill him, and the Tang soldiers were in great disorder. Yao fengcang wants to leave, but Zhang Qiong catches up with him and takes him back alive. Kill for a while, get Chuzhou, send people to report victory.

Shizong knew that Chuzhou had obtained it, that is to say, he sent Dou Yi, a bachelor, to Chuzhou to check the money and grain in the Treasury. Dou Yi led the order and came to get the city. He made a Book of the money and grain of the Treasury one by one and understood it. He waited for Chen to play. At this time, Zhao Kuangyin sent for gold, silk, color and satin to reward the soldiers. Dou Yi refused, but he said to the messenger, "if you break the city, you will plunder the treasuries. It's not for profit. Kuang I was ordered to carry the book, and it is official property. If it is not ordered by the imperial edict, it cannot be taken. " When Kuangyin was told, he sighed, "how dare I move one or two of Dou Gong's loyalty?" So he came back to Shizong. Emperor Shizong issued a decree to break Chuzhou's achievements as a king of the Southern Song Dynasty and reward Kuangyin with all the things in the Treasury. Dou Yi played: "Marshal Zhao is loyal to the royal family, will he only be given? Your majesty should give orders of grace so that all the officers and officers can be touched. " Shizong yizou, that is to say, Dou Yi gave money and silk to the king of the Southern Song Dynasty and the soldiers. The sergeants were all blessed, and their voices were thundering.

Kuang Yin recommended Zhao Pu. Shizong appointed Zhao Pu as the governor of Chuzhou. Kuang Yin and Zhao Puri are talking about speculation. When he tasted the way to govern the world, Zhao Pu responded like a stream and said what he liked. Kuangyin was very happy and questioned everything. Zhao Pu's open-minded decision is appropriate. Kuangyin wanted to kill the soldiers of the Southern Tang Dynasty captured in the array. Zhao Pu advised: "when the country is in trouble, it's hard to find talents. Why don't the marshal release them for his own use? Can we treat them with sincerity? Would you rather forget their virtue? " Kuang Yin nodded to say that he was good, so he let Yao Feng and a dozen brave men go first. Then let the rest go. Later generations have the cloud of praise:

One word is as good as the other. From then on, the monarchs and ministers were united.

The release of the captives can be used with sincerity.

When Shizong drove into Chuzhou, Kuangyin met with the generals. Shizong's way of consolation: "the success of conquering the city, the second Royal younger brother is the first, and he will be famous and immortal in the future. Fortunately, the prestige is growing rapidly. We can go to the army to wipe out the Southern Tang Dynasty to comfort me. " Zhao Kuangyin led the order and prepared for the army.

One day, the master of Tang sent a letter to Chuzhou to invite him. Its book cloud:

According to the book of Tang emperor, since the beginning of the war, they both lost each other, which was not their advantage. From now on, I would like to make peace with the rest of the army. I would like to help the army with my brother's work and loss of wealth at the age of seven.

Shizong saw that the words were not inferior and called Kuangyin to discuss. Kuang Yin said: "now your majesty has entered the Tang Dynasty, Li Gu and other generals are in danger. However, the local forces in Yangzhou area are fragile, and they are attacked by light cavalry, and then they are attacked by a drum. At that time, your Majesty's power will be magnified, and Jinling will be humbled. " When Emperor Shizong listened to the music, he ordered the marshal to carry it out.

Kuangyin ordered Han Lingkun to lead the army to attack Yangzhou. Lingkun took the command arrow, walked, Kuangyin said: "generals here to take Yangzhou, don't hurt the people; where Li's mausoleum is in Yangzhou, it's defensible and can't be explored." Let Kun take the lead. When the soldiers arrived in Yangzhou, the Yangzhou scholars and the people were frightened. The city guards fled first. Ma Yan, the guard general, was in a hurry. He went into the back hall, shaved his hair, put on his monk's clothes and escaped from the south city. Scholars and people in the city have no owners, so they open the city to pay. Order Kun to lead the soldiers into the city. Order the soldiers not to disturb the people. If you disobey the order, kill them. So the people of Yangzhou stopped as usual and did not commit qiuhao.

Make Kun send people to know Shizong, Shizong get to play Dayue, and order Kuangyin to take Taizhou. Kuangyin led the army to Shoutang pass. He left the pass for a few miles and set up a camp. Shoutang pass guard Wang Bao, this day is sitting in the nave, only to see spies come in to report: "Zhou Lord sent Zhao Kuangyin, the leader of the Song Dynasty, to invade the border, the marshal quickly decided." The king leopard listens to the newspaper, namely orders the soldier to guard the city. After a night, the next day, both sides of the army. Wang Bao is a walking general. He uses a Bing iron staff. He has the courage of many people. Two copper bells are hung under his waist. He has trained a big dog like a horse donkey. He hurts people and is very interested in it. He is called "General of iron staff and divine dog" in the army. On that day, the leader went out of the customs, opposite to the Zhou battalion. Position on both sides. Wang Bao is the first to fight. In the Zhou camp, Wu Lun, the commander of the right battalion, came up and said, "at last, I will see you for a while." Kuangyin promised it. Wu Lun goes out and tells Wang Bao their names. They fight and kill each other. There are more than 30 matches in the battle. Wang Bao can't resist the enemy. Go back. Wu lunpaima came. The leopard took out the bronze bell from his waist and shook it several times. After the formation, a big dog jumped out, grabbed Wu Lun, pulled him and fell off the horse. He was beaten to death by Wang Bao. He took the head, hid the dog and came back to fight.

When the spy reported to the camp, Kuangyin was shocked and said, "how can I be hurt by him?" "The Scout said:" the opposing step will make the iron bar fight with general Wu. He is defeated, and general Wu chases after him. Then he releases the vicious dog, bites general Wu off his horse and is killed by him Kuangyin was furious and asked, "who dares to arrest him?" Zheng Enying said: "my little brother is not talented. I'd like to see you for a while. I'll kill Wang Bao and revenge with Wu Lun." Kuang Yin said, "take care when you go out." Zheng endao: "before in mengjiazhuang, Lu Jing was killed by us. Today, there are soldiers and generals. How can you be afraid of a dog?" Then he went out of the camp and said, "when you see the dog monster, you need to come forward together and cut it to death." The home will obey. Zheng en came to the front of the battle and scolded: "how dare the thief kill me? Come out quickly and plead guilty to death, and we will spare you. " The king leopard is furious. He swings the iron bar and hits him face to face. Zheng en raised his sword and killed. There were more than 20 battles between the two. Wang Bao was not strong enough, so he turned around and left. Zheng en didn't know what to do, and then came after him. The leopard took the bronze bell and shook it twice. I saw that big dog still jumped out of the array and bit Zheng en. Zheng en cried, "no!" The dog jumped up and grabbed his right arm. Zheng en shouted, "come home!" Who knows Zheng en has been far behind, the family will fly away for a while. Seeing that the dog had bitten him, Wang Bao hurriedly raised his iron bar and hoped Zheng en would come down. Zheng en can't parry. He just lowers his head. He is in a panic. He hears a loud sound. A black light comes out from the mud pill palace. He sees a black tiger. He holds the iron bar with his teeth open and claws open. At the sight of the leopard, he was frightened and timid, and then left. The big dog saw the black tiger, peed and farted, rolled to the ground. Just as the house is about to arrive, there will be a lot of guns and knives, and meat and mud will be cut. Zheng en woke up and saw that the dog was dead, and Wang Bao retreated under the gate flag, staring blankly. Zheng en was furious in his heart, regardless of the pain in his arm, and he killed the horse. The king leopard had to catch up with the enemy. The war was endless and he was defeated. Zheng en is a horse rider. He chases after him very fast. Before the pass, Wang Bao can't walk on foot. Earlier, Zheng en forced a knife and divided it into two parts. It is:

When there is a will to settle down, all the people and animals will die.

Zheng en beheads the king and the leopard and leads the troops to the pass. The deputy general guarding the pass saw that the master and the general were dead. He was ready to turn the switch on and off. His troops and horses were stationed in Shoutang pass.

Kuang Yin heard that Zheng en had taken Shoutang, and he was very happy. On the one hand, he reported to the emperor, and on the other hand, he ordered his troops to enter the pass. He planned to send 10000 troops down, and countless armor weapons. On that day, he went out to placate the people, checked the Panfu Treasury, and went up to the Kungfu of Runan, and assigned soldiers to collect and bury the corpses of the general Wu. Raise horses for five days, and then the whole army marched in. On the sixth day, Kuangyin left the general to guard the pass and led his soldiers to take Fengxiang pass.

However, Liu Meng, the general guarding the pass, was in the court today. It was reported by the general and school patrolling the city that "hundreds of defeated soldiers outside the city fled for help." Liu Meng said, "where did you come from?" The general replied, "he said Shouzhou escaped." Liu Meng said: "in this way, you can let him in and join the team." They were assigned to be on guard for inspection and were assigned to be in charge. We also sent soldiers to guard the city.

And said Kuang Yinbing to Fengxiang, ten miles away from the camp. Please see already finished, Kuang Yin asked: "who dare to lead the troops to take this pass?" Gao huailiang, a forerunner of the official seal, came forward and said, "since my arrival in the Southern Tang Dynasty, I have not made any achievements. Now I am willing to lead my subordinates to take this pass." Kuang Yin said: "if you have the general's party, this pass is bound to come down." Huailiang left the camp, mounted his horse and led the soldiers until the end of the war. The horse newspaper goes into the city, and Liu Meng orders his troops to leave. The main battle positions on both sides are unknown, and horse envoys fight. About thirty years later, huailiang took the clip gun and gave Liu Meng a drink: "middle." Only a clip of gun, in the middle of Liu Meng's shoulder socket, turned over and fell off the horse. Huailiang takes another shot and dies. The soldiers of the Southern Tang Dynasty were defeated and scattered. Zhou Bing seized Fengxiang pass. Huailiang entered the pass, went out to placate the people, did not check the Treasury, and sent people to report victory to the marshal.

Kuangyin was rewarded with a performance of Shizong, and then led the soldiers into Fengxiang. Huailiang see, Kuangyin great joy way: "general overcome this pass, its merit is not small." So I got credit. At that time, the troops were stopped at the gate, waiting for the advance. It is appropriate for the Department of military and political affairs to report to him: "there are too many soldiers in the army and too little food. How can they be distributed?" Kuang Yin's heart was very worried, and he knew Shizong with his performance. Emperor Shizong was in a hurry to discuss with the emperor and his officials, and there was no plan for the moment. There was a minister named Yang, a son named Lu, who came forward and said, "I heard that there is a copper Buddhist temple here, with three Buddhas in six Golden bodies. It's better to take this dharma as a starting point to cast money and use it with soldiers. After the Southern Tang Dynasty was pacified, the Buddha statues were cast back. This is also a short-term solution. " Shizong yizou. Another minister said, "No. If your majesty says so, it will be inconvenient for the country to make money from bad Buddha statues for fear of guilt. " Shizong said: "No. I heard that Buddha showed up on that day, and I still cut the flesh to feed the eagle, and sacrificed my body to feed the tiger. What's more, the bronze statue has a special sight? " That is, summon craftsmen, start casting money, and use it with silver. However, the money has the year of the Zhou Dynasty, which is forbidden in the Southern Tang Dynasty. Kuang Zhoubing hid the silver and used only the new money: where will the money be used when the people of the Southern Tang Dynasty fear Zhou Bing to go? At that time, the people were suffering from injustice.

At that time, a man named Wang Desheng opened a cloth shop for business. This day, because Zhou Bing bought cloth and forced new money to use it, he took cloth and left. Wang Desheng was angry, but he hid his sharp edge, came to the Bureau, flashed around, and wanted to assassinate. Kuangyin is sitting in the middle, standing on both sides, civil and military, making money. That Wang Desheng steals to the side to go up, but is Kuangyin sees, drinks: "the family general, this person comes oddly, takes with me!" Both sides agreed to go out of several houses, take Wang Desheng, take out the sharp blade, tie him up, and push him up to report: "this person is a spy, and there is a sharp blade around, waiting for a thousand years." Kuang Yin saw that his face was murderous, and he stood up and didn't kneel, so he drank and asked, "who are you doing this? Who is the one who wants to stab? " Wang de shouts grandly: "faint monarch faint minister! I don't know whether it's dark or not. We only want the world, regardless of the lives of the people. The ancients said, "the people are the foundation of the country." What do you have to do with the people? Cast the bronze Buddha's money to exercise. If you wait later, where will you use the money? How can we make a living by forcing our soldiers to buy goods and only pushing the money against us? So I came here to kill you. But I was caught by you. This is my life. I will let your dog King deal with me! " Kuangyin was furious and said: "you are a damn villain! This is the will of long live. Why not use the emperor's name on the money? If the Southern Tang Dynasty is leveled, there is always a way to collect money. You come to assassinate, you have no way of reasoning. How can this money pass without beheading you? " Tell the left and right to take him out of the Bureau gate and behead him to order the people to be safe. On the one hand, he knew Shizong and stopped casting; on the other hand, he set out to guard Fengxiang pass, and then sent troops to attack Xuzhou.

The general of Xuzhou, named Dan mingtuo, is called Dan linggong. He has two sons, Dan Luan, Dan Feng and a group of generals under him. They are all brave and invincible men. They have 30000 soldiers in charge and guard this pass. This day, I was discussing with the second son about the Zhou army's attack. Some spies reported: "the former Guan Wang Bao and Liu Meng were all killed in battle, and Guan Liang was lost. I heard that another soldier came to take Xuzhou. " Danto listened to the report and said, "I heard that Zhao Kuangyin is the commander, Gao huailiang is the pioneer, and his soldiers are all called the strong enemies. This is a strong front, and I can't fight. What will you do?" Tao Rongjin, who joined the army, said: "I have a plan here: I can ask soldiers to work on the suspension bridge in advance. Iron stakes are nailed in the water and bowmen and crossbows are lying on the city. If Zhou will fight, lure him across the bridge. If you walk, you can pass this sedan chair; if you are a general, you will have to take people and horses to fall into the water. At that time, the iron stake will poke the body, and the arrow will drill through the body. With his heroes, you are not afraid to die. " Danto listened to the great joy and called it a wonderful plan. In fact, it was reported that Zhou Bing had arrived. Danto then sent the sergeant to guard against the siege and prepare more mortar bottles and stones.

But when Zhao Kuangyin's troops arrived in Xuzhou, they set up camp and raised their accounts. When all the generals had finished, Kuangyin asked, "who is going to get the pass?" Pioneer Gao huailiang said: "little general is willing to go." Kuangyin promised it. Huailiang gets on the horse and carries the gun. He leads the troops. In the middle of the line, I met Danto's army horse. I saw dantuan's horse on the Tang array. Huai Liang looked and shouted, "thief general, leave your name behind." Dan Luan said: "I am the son of Dan linggong, who was driven by the emperor of Tang Dynasty. Who are you, dare to invade the world? " Huailiang said: "I am Gao huailiang, the official pioneer under Marshal Zhao and general Hengdan before Emperor Zhou's driving. You are a nameless boy. Don't come out to die. Please ask Danto to lead himself to death. " Dan Luan was furious. He raised his hand to the sword and cut it off. Huailiang, hold the gun. Two will each exert skills, all show off hero, war has more than 20, Dan Luan dark thought: "Huai Liang is worthy of fame." I can't stand it. I'll go back. Gao huailiang shouted, "where are the thieves going?" One shot hit danluan's left flank, turned over and fell off the horse. Tang array Danfeng saw the rage, clapped his horse forward, scolded: "good thief general, dare to hurt my brother, swear not to quit!" I'll fight as soon as I can. Huailiang put the gun up only one, and Danfeng was shaking at once, almost falling off the horse. When I came back to fight again, before I could make it ten times, huailiang took the whip in his hand and opened the gun rack. Then he decided to whip Danfeng and hit her off the horse in the middle of her shoulder socket. Poor Danto's second son, lost in Gao huailiang's hand for a while. It is:

General Hengdan is invincible. He is famous all over the world.

Huailiang takes the head, palms the drum and goes back to the camp. When he sees Kuangyin, he doesn't pay off.

When the defeated soldiers of the Southern Tang Dynasty reported to Danto, Danto cried, "I'm going to kill the enemy, but the second son was killed by Gao huailiang first. How can I get rid of this hatred?" The soldiers were assigned to collect and bury the corpses. On the one hand, they sent people to Jinling for help. On the other hand, they made arrangements overnight. The next day, Danto led the soldiers out of the city, and they sat in the name of Gao huailiang to fight. When the spy reported to the camp, huailiang came to see Kuangyin and said, "since Danto is so rude, I swear to kill him to take this pass." Kuangyin said: "generals are not allowed to go out in person. They are afraid of strategies. They should be prepared." Huailiang did not listen. He led the troops out of the camp and set up his own positions. Huailiang takes the lead and drinks: "old Danto thief, come out and die quickly!" Danto saw the enemy, filled his heart with anger and scolded: "you are the son of Gao Xingzhou? How dare you harm my son? I come to kill you today to avenge my son. " Say, clap the horse and carry the knife to fight. Huailiang meets with a gun. The war is endless. Danto shakes his sword and goes away. Huailiang thought to himself, "his two sons are dead. No one is allowed to close the door. When are you going to wait while you don't rob the door?" Then he set off his horse and came after him. The defeated soldiers of the dans left and right along the river. Danto went to the small wooden bridge nearby, and the bridge guard picked it up. Gao huailiang chases him to the suspension bridge. He's secretly happy, regardless of good or bad, and grabs the bridge. Who knows that a strong horse is strong, and a heavy spear is heavy. The bridge is dead and rotten. It's pre loaded. Gao huailiang has just arrived at the center of the bridge. He hears only one sound, and even people and horses fall into the river. There was a stake under it, and arrows were scattered on it. Poor heroes died under the Xuzhou river. After that, the soldiers arrived. Seeing that the general was in the middle of the plan, they could not come forward to help each other. They cried loudly and had to go back to the camp to report Kuang Yin. Kuangyin was shocked, not aware of tears. When the generals heard about it, they were all sad. They all came to Kuangyin and said, "I'd like to attack the city together, take Danto and revenge with huailiang!" Kuangyin Yiyun.

The next day, Zheng en and others led the troops to the next level, abusing the siege. Danto saw that the general Zhou was in danger. He was afraid to leave the enemy, so he had to be on guard. Kuangyin was angry and supervised the soldiers. He fought hard and attacked for several days in a row, but he couldn't get off. Then Danto discussed with the generals and said, "Zhou will be so brave and aggressive, and he will have few soldiers. It's hard to defend. How about abandoning this pass and then drawing a plan to raise it later?" All the generals said, "let the public see very well. Let's go quickly." So all the people gathered themselves up and opened the city overnight and went out. Zhou's soldiers can't catch up with each other. They will pay back. The people in the city have no lord. Each of them has fragrant flowers and switches to meet them. Kuangyin will lead the people to enter the pass and go out to placate the people. Let's check Gao huailiang's corpse and bury it in a coffin, waiting for the class teacher to bring it back. At that time, he checked the Panfu storehouse, stopped his troops and sent people to the Southern Tang Dynasty to inquire about the news.

However, it was said that the Lord of the Tang Dynasty heard that Yang, Chu and other places were all lost. He was panic stricken and had no strategy. He called all the officials to discuss. Chen jingzou, a royal historian, said, "the former sent people to discuss peace, but the Lord of Zhou refused to allow it, so that the border was promoted day by day. This matter is already in danger, and the war is not good. The Lord can send people to the main camp of the Zhou Dynasty to seek peace in humble words, and rest in common soldiers. " The master of Tang Dynasty listened to the music and sent Zhong Mo, a scholar in the Imperial Academy, and Li Deming, the Minister of Dali temple, to Chuzhou with treasures, tea, utensils and other things. It was reported to Shizong. Shizong knew that Zhong and Li were eloquent people. He must have words to show the soldiers, and set up powerful generals on both sides. Then he called the two ministers to see him. The Zhong and Li paid in and bowed to the ground. Shizong said: "your Lord depends on the Miao people of Tangbao, so you should know the etiquette and righteousness, which should be different from other countries. Don't you know that you can't use small things and big reasons to fight against the sea and the heaven. How can your two people be confused? I'm going to visit Jinling and borrow the Treasury to reward the soldiers. Do you have any regrets They can't answer a word, and they retreat in fear.

Shizong led the army to march forward. At this time, it was in the late autumn weather, but I saw the fallen leaves fluttering across the wild geese, and the lines were sparkling with clouds. When driving to Feiqiao, Shizong takes one stone and holds it immediately. He will go to the stronghold for yards. If he takes one stone from the army, he will accumulate countless stones. Soldiers come to Shouchun city to attack it. The city's stone, such as rain, will see Zhang Qiong, called: "Lord and avoid, the city strong crossbow interest." In the meantime, Zhang Qiong's back was in the middle of the shoot. There are different religions: the enemy pushes the wheel, sees the battlefield again to serve; Wang Shi returns to Zhuo, and then plans the generals to declare you. It is:

Not afraid of the wind and dust horse discoloration, only because the soldiers are tired.

After all, Zhang Qiong's life will be broken down later.

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