By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 59th time in the whole story of flying dragon, Liu Renzhen, the famous master of the Southern Tang Dynasty, has completed the whole festival and submitted to the tribute"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第五十九回 刘仁赡全节完名 南唐主臣服纳贡

Poetry says:

The nun of nanfa nationality, East China, arrived at the book of Yuan Gong at night.

The old general oppresses the third secretary, the new minister and the fifth class minister-

The heron wants to return to the immortal battle, and the bear is still in the forbidden camp.

Chang ashamed, who was not a village official at noon, had to go to the public at leisure.

Right record of Han Yu's poem of worshiping Taisi again with the Duke of Jin breaking the thief

It is said that since his class teacher, Zheng en, because of his long-time absence, would like to have a reunion with concubine Tao. Unexpectedly, the wine color is excessive and the disease is gradually emerging. Please see the doctor. The Taiyi official said: "this is a disease of seven emotions and excessive injuries. When you use the medicine of nourishing the kidney, calming the liver, clearing the gold and benefiting the water, you can protect yourself from injury. It's important to focus on maintenance, but it can clear the mind and have few desires, keep the health of Baoyuan, and then cure the disaster with Decoction and medicine. " Zheng en is very happy. He will give it to the doctor. Since then, she has lived in the house quietly and maintained her mind. She has taken medicine, taken food and added clothes, all of which are personally served by Princess Tao.

Not to mention Zheng en's recuperation in the government. In addition, Li Chongjin's troops attacked Taizhou. The city was besieged by Zhou division for two years. At this time, due to the lack of food and grass, the army and the people were starving, and Liu Renyi was in a hurry to send people to the king of Qi. Qi Wang sent General Xu Wenxuan and Zhu Yuan to Zijin Mountain. Zhu Yuanjin's strategy said: "Zhou's soldiers are powerful, and Li's soldiers are both smart and brave. They use their weapons like gods. Now I know that my soldiers are coming, but they are retreating in advance to wait for them. There must be a strategy in their mind, which cannot be ignored. For the sake of today's plan, if we can build a few miles to stop the rush, our transportation will be convenient, and we can avoid the enemy's calculation, which is the important method of the strategists. " According to Wen's plan, soldiers built the city road, which lasted for tens of miles. Soldiers transported grain directly to Taizhou City, which was indeed convenient. A sentinel horse has been reported into the army. Re entered Cao yingdao: "the Tang army came from the long drive, and built a corridor to transport military food. What are the strategies of the public to control it?" Cao yingdao: "the weak is not equal to the strong. Though we have few soldiers, we should break them with strange ones. " "It's just what I want to say," he said Then he summoned his teeth to divide Liu Jun and said, "you will lead five thousand infantry out of the south of Taizhou. When the rear soldiers come out, they will attack each other and break through their barracks. The enemy will be in chaos." Liu Jun leads Ji to go. Cao Ying was also ordered to ambush in the north of Zijin Mountain. The reentry allocation has been set.

The next day, the leader came to Zijin Mountain. When the two armies collided and the door and flag opened, Xu Wenxuan flashed out, and the crosscut stopped at the front of the battle, saying, "you will attack Taizhou for two years. You have been working hard for a long time. Why don't you retreat and avoid capture?" Enter again furious, swing a knife straight to take Wen carefully. Wen Xuan greets each other with a knife. Two gold drums are loud in the sky, waving flags and shouting. There are more than one hundred battles in the two battles, and there is no victory or defeat. A general from the southern array, named Bian Gao, came to help the battle. Reenter the enemy's two generals without fear. Suddenly, there was a sound of cannon in the Zhou array, which shook the mountains. In the East, a Biao army rose together, and Liu Jun leaped from behind the Tang array. The Tang army was defeated. Zhu Yuan hurriedly came to meet the enemy. Cao Ying came to the battle from the south. Wen Xuan sees the situation is not good. He goes back. Cao Ying blocked the way and fought hard to meet them. When they were not united, Cao Ying took up his knife and fell, splitting the side higher than the horse. Wen Xuan saw that he lost the edge height and rushed to the north gate. Liu Ren supported the city. He led the soldiers out and saved the city. We went back to the camp and captured it. We divided our troops and defended it.

Wen Xuan was defeated and went to the city. He counted the soldiers and lost most of them. Liu Ren said: "you and General Zhu defend the city. Tomorrow I will go out and fight against Li again." "Wait a minute," Xu said. If the public fight hard, it will be difficult to keep it, until the commander-in-chief arrives, then we will discuss. " Liu rensu obeys his words and defends them. However, because of the difficulties of the state affairs, he is angry and melancholy, so he becomes ill. His son, Liu Zong, came to see his father and said, "it's amazing that the two armies meet and the conqueror is the winner. My father's strength in guarding the lonely city has not been defeated. Today's addition of troops and help to the general is a disgrace to fight back. My son would like to go out of the city tonight and rob the Zhou camp. I hate it because of the snow. " Liu Renxiang was shocked and said, "you are not used to robbing the camp. Do you know the art of war? I am the Lord general, but I dare not take chances to succeed. You are young and ignorant, how dare you take risks? He lost his life. This count is not available. " Then drink back Liu Zong. I didn't want Liu Zongjing to lead the army by 2000, open the east gate, sail across the Huaihe River and rob the Zhou camp. Who knows that the soldiers didn't arrive at the camp, but they were attacked by Li Chongjin's traveling soldiers, and they were defeated and returned. The next day, Liu Renqing heard about it and ordered him to launch beheading. Zhou tinggou, the overseer of the army, went forward to rescue him and said, "although the little general has been lost for a while, he has worked hard for the country and wants to build an ear for meritorious service. He is not doing it himself. He hopes that the emperor will forgive him." Benevolent support does not listen to, subordinates all kneel to advise, but does not comply. The government could not do anything but ask for help from Mrs. Liu. Madam Xie said: "I don't love my son. I'm not allowed to be private in the military law. I'm not allowed to move my reputation. If I forgive him today, it's Liu's infidelity. How can I see the generals with Liu Gong?" All the people will cry as soon as they are killed. There are poems as evidence:

In the order of Yuanrong, loyal and diligent would rather be in love.

He killed his beloved son in the military law, and became angry with him.

But Li Jingda, the king of Qi, knew that Xu Wenzhen was defeated and wanted to rescue Taizhou from the great master of the country. Hearing this news, Li Chongjin discussed with the generals: "there are many reinforcements in Tang Dynasty, and Taizhou is not ready to go down. Besides, it is difficult for us to fight with the war if we do not continue our military food and grass. It's better to know the LORD with a plan. We will stay here for a long time. " So a watch sent people to play on the Shizong. Shizong has to play, hesitating. At that time, Li Gu was ill at home. Shizong sent Fan Zhi and Wang Pu to ask about his mansion. Li Gu said: "Taizhou is besieged and broken overnight. If Shengjia comes in person and the soldiers use their lives, Taizhou will go down in the sun." Fan and Wang understood Li Gu's words to Shizong, so Shizong decided to issue an imperial edict to revitalize his army and capture Taizhou. Zhao Kuangyin was still appointed as marshal to unify the army. At that time, Zhao Kuangyin kept the system at home and was forced by the king's order to answer his wishes. He also told Zheng en that he was ill. He said that Zheng en had sent troops for the last time, and that he had worked hard with the army. His class teacher was ill at home. So far, he has not been cured and can not join the army. Shizong allowed him to report his illness, so he was excused from the battle. At that time, Kuangyin dispatched his division and ordered hundreds of large ships to be built so that Tang Zhi could send soldiers to teach them how to fight in water. After a few months, it is better to appear in the waves than the Tang army. In March, Shizong drove out of Daliang, and ordered Wang Huan to lead the water army of 50000. The army roared from Bianhe River to Huaihe River. It was astonishing in the distance.

When the news came to the Southern Tang Dynasty, the king of Qi heard of his great fear and sent people to Jinling for help. The leader of the Tang Dynasty gathered a group of officials to discuss the strategy of retreating from the enemy. The Taishi ordered LV Jinwen to say, "the Southern Tang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty are in an irreconcilable situation. When the king becomes the master of the country and confronts the enemy, how can he stay for a long time?" Tang Lord yizou ordered Yang Shouzhong to lead 50000 soldiers to meet the enemy. He kept his loyalty and got the purpose. Today, he led the soldiers to leave Jinling and come to the lower stronghold of Zijin Mountain. When Li Jingda, king of Qi, heard that the rescue troops had arrived, his army camped at the mouth of the Huaihe River, depending on his loyalty. Xu Wenxuan and Zhu Yuanyi were also stationed in the west of the city. They were on the horns of each other and sent out troops about the day.

At that time, Shizong soldiers set up camp ten li away from Taizhou city. After hearing the news that the Southern Tang Dynasty had sent the troops of the Qing Dynasty, they ordered all the soldiers and men to work hard together to strictly control the war. The next day, they arrayed in Taizhou city. Shizong, in his own uniform, came to the front of the battle with Kuangyin and other generals. Yang Shouzhong of the Southern Tang Dynasty also formed a formation, leaping out with a horse and a sword, shouting: "I don't care about you and the Southern Tang Dynasty, why do we fight for years to suffer?" Shizong said: "today's next family, your Lord is stupid. You dare to dominate one side and harm all the people.". When I come today, you and other officials should raise your troops and come down without losing your title. If you don't realize it, you will be in trouble. " "Who dares to see the front line in advance to defeat the front?" Shouzhong said angrily Before finishing speaking, the general answered, but Yajiang Zhang Zhaoren, with a broadsword in his hand, was desperate to fight. Zhou array Cao Ying claps his horse and dances his sword to fight. There are more than 30 matches in the war. Cao Ying sells a flaw. He lures Zhang Zhaoren to catch up with him. He looks close, waves a broadsword and cuts Zhang Zhaoren into two parts. When Yang Shouzhong saw Zhang Zhaoren's defeat, he was furious and fought with his gun. Zhao Kuangyin saw that, even with the red rabbit and horse, he raised the eight ring Sabre and flew out to fight. The second is to raise the two weapons together. The two horses meet each other. In the war, there are more than 50 battles. There is no winner. Xu Wenxuan, the leader of the army in the west of the city, rushed into the array and made two sections of Shizong army. Li Chongjin is afraid of losing. He claps his horse to stop him and fights with Wen Xuan. He will fight for more than 100 times. He will pay more attention to Shu ape arm and catch Wen Xuan. Kuangyin sees that he catches Xu Wenxuan again, and takes his horse around the South array. Yang Shouzhong came after him. Kuangyin sets up a string of arrows, shoots Shouzhong and sits on the horse. Shouzhong falls off the horse. Zhou Bing catches him. Tang soldiers were defeated and killed a lot. Seeing that the situation was in danger, Zhu Yuan abandoned Xiying and led the people along the river. Wang Huan's water army went down the river and made a noise. When the king of Qi heard that the Tang army had been defeated, he was captured with loyalty and did not dare to meet the enemy. He abandoned the ship with Chen Jue and ran back to Jinling. Shizong chased the horse army and the generals. The Tang soldiers drowned more than 20000 people, and Zhou soldiers won a great victory. They got countless boats, grains, armor and instruments. Shizong returned the army to the camp.

The next day, he dispatched generals to attack Taizhou. Liu Ren was seriously ill after hearing that the rescuers had been defeated. Zhou tinggou, the overseer of the army, saw that Zhou's troops were in a hurry to attack the city, and discussed with the commander Zhang of zuoqidu: "now the commander in chief is seriously ill and cannot be a director; the city has been trapped for a long time, and there is no food and grass. If you do not welcome the people, you will not be beautiful. What is the general will? " Zhang sighed: "we will guard the city with all our heart and do our best to live the people. Now that this is the case, we should open the city and surrender, so as not to ruin our lives. " They talked about each other, but they lied to Liu Ren to support them. On the next day, the people took care of the people and opened the city. Shizong's relatives came to the account to comfort them for a long time. Benevolent support hangs the head not to speak. Shizong Jiaqi loyalty, give a very thick, around to help people around the city to heal. Benevolence, support and justice, and help to return to the government. Emperor Shizong issued a decree: pardon the prisoners of the county; the people who had received the book of the Tang Lord, gathered in the mountains and forests, learned that they would return to work; the people who had not yet made a living in seclusion were told by the commander one by one. He also issued an imperial edict to grant benevolence and support as the world's governor and a letter order. If you don't accept benevolence, you will die in the city overnight. Jinjue is the prince of Pengcheng. When the LORD heard that benevolence support died, very sad, remote gift to the grand master. Emperor Shizong took the Qing Huai as his loyal and upright army, and supported his family with benevolence. There are poems praising cloud:

If you are loyal to an isolated city, you will not be able to return. If you are poor and ill, you will be urged to do so.

But when he died, he was worthy of it, and his fame for thousands of years seemed like thunder.

When Taizhou was trapped for two years, the people were on hunger strike. The emperor issued an imperial edict to open a warehouse in Shouzhou to help the hungry. The people have food, and their voices carry the word.

In April, Shizong and Zhujiang attacked Haozhou. Haozhou guard General Huang Tianxiang hears the arrival of Zhou division and leads 3000 soldiers out of the city to meet the enemy. The two armies are facing each other. Liu Jun on the northern array shouts out, "Tang will offer the pass early to avoid slaughter." After that, let's ride. Huang Tianxiang in the South array said angrily, "greedy and insatiable people, dare to invade our city again?" Raise the gun in your hand, and clap your horse straight at Liu Jun. Liu Jun came to welcome him with a knife. It's a good fight, as evidenced by poems:

In the evening rain, the flags are not dry, the smoke is fading, the grass is fading, and the sun is cold.

In the nightly battle of Dadan on the battlefield, only Fanbing master Ma'an was seen.

The battle between the two men did not count. There was a sound of cannons in the East. Kuang Yin rode to kill them. He broke Tianxiang's water stronghold on time and burned his warship. At that time, the smoke steamed the sky and the red light was everywhere. Huang Tianxiang saw that he had lost the water stronghold and was not in love with the war. He hurriedly pulled back to the city. Li Chongjin, Liu Jun, etc. catch up, join Kuangyin and attack by land and water. Huang Tianxiang was unable to resist the enemy and led the defeated soldiers to retreat to yangmacheng.

Kuangyin got Haozhou and drove into the city, because he said: "the army of Tang Dynasty defeated the north, and the situation was broken. After several sections, it was solved easily. Your majesty doesn't have to walk in person to shoot a stone, and he has to camp in this city. His officials and generals will go straight to Jinling to capture the Tang Lord and pacify the south. " Shizong Dayue said: "all depends on the second Royal younger brother and so on to assist me wholeheartedly." So Kuangyin and Li Chongjin joined forces to attack yangmacheng first. Hearing the news in the city, they were all frightened. At that time, Jiang Xianming, the commander of the water army, listed hundreds of warships. Chen Ying, in the east of huanshui, knew about Haozhou's loss and was about to rescue it. However, he met Huang Tianxiang's defeat and came to see him. He said that the Zhou division was powerful and irresistible. Jiang Xianming said: "I and gonglieshui array are on the South Bank of huanshui River to defend the Zhou soldiers, and at the same time, they apply for the Lord's help, but they are not rampant." Tianxiang is very happy, that is to say, he and Xianming set up two battalions on the south bank, put together the warships, float across the water, and be firm and unbreakable. Kuangyin's soldiers and horses had arrived at huanshui and formed a formation across the bank. They discussed with Gao Qiong, the commander of the infantry, and said, "the Southern Army blocked the water and formed a camp, which means I can't cross the river. You can lead a thousand men around the shore and climb in. Tomorrow evening, you can set off a fire. If the shore army loses, the water army will panic. If I wave my bow across the shore, I will win a big victory. " Gao Qiong led the order.

In the afternoon of the next day, Kuangyin led the soldiers to chop the stronghold and leave. He distributed the bowmen and crossbows to the generals and shot at the water army in disorder. How dare those sailors go to war if they can't cover their arrows? Therefore, Zhou Shi crossed Huan River and headed for the south bank. When Huang Tianxiang saw Zhou Shi landing, he was shocked. He led his troops to meet him. When Kuangyin met him, the two horses crossed, the weapons were raised at the same time, and the war did not count. Tianxiang lost. At this time, it was almost dusk. Suddenly, I heard a cannon from the South array, waving flags and beating drums. The torches were red. In the face of the strong wind, it was clear that the camp had been burned down. The soldiers in Tang Dynasty were in great disorder and trampled on each other. Obviously, the situation is not good, i.e. I abandoned the camp and ran away, met Gao Qiong and killed him, blocking the way. Obviously flustered, he let the horse run away, but suddenly the horse stumbled. He turned over and was cut in two by Gao Qiong. All the men surrendered. Gao Qiong and Kuangyin joined forces to attack and kill Tianxiang. Heaven knows that he can't win. He draws out his sword and commits suicide. It is:

Poor hero's Day justice, only empty saddle horse back.

When the water army saw that the LORD was dead, it was clean for a while.

Kuangyin won the battle and was shocked by the sound of his voice, so he joined Li to march back into the army and directly attacked Sizhou. Fan Zai, the city guarding palace, knows the situation and is hard to support. Open the door and pay. Kuangyin enters the city, forbids the troops of the Ministry, forbids looting, harasses and harms the people, if disobeys the beheading. When the soldiers heard the order and came in, the people were all happy. It is:

Wang Shi was benevolent and righteous all over the place, and Li Shu returned to the public as usual.

In November, Kuang Yinbing took Tongzhou. Guo ting and Sun Xin, the general in charge, said: "Zhou's soldiers are very powerful. It's hard to fight with them. It's better to return to the army, then it's the best policy." All generals are called good. Guo Ting said, "who can make a watch?" Sun channel: "joining the army, Li tingzou can make a watch." Guoting ordered yanzou to do it, and tingzou said: "the two gongs are the senior generals of Tang Dynasty, who have received national favor for many times. Moreover, Tongzhou city has strong Guo and sufficient food and grass, which can block Zhou division, or fight or defend, to fulfill their official duties. Shall we not prepare for the enemy, but first for the unjust act? " Guo tingdao: "I don't know? But it's in vain. Today, we should follow the heaven's heart and use the life-saving spirit to burn the coals. " The government refused. Sun Xin said with a knife: "I will behead you first, and then welcome Zhou Shi." Tingzou sighed: "is the husband afraid of death when he swears his loyalty? I am willing to be a dignified person, and I will be born from the Ru * dog, and I will be lowered to the world. Sun Xin is furious and kills Ting Zou to the ground. The next day, the city was lifted and the week fell. There are poetic evidences:

Men should be curious about the world, loyal and unyielding.

Without a straw watch, he died first, and only went to the front of the steps to dye his clothes with blood.

Kuangyin got Tongzhou and marched straight to Chu. There are defenses to keep Zhang Yanqing firmly in the city. Zhou's soldiers can't go down for more than 40 days. As the emperor heard, he led soldiers to supervise him. Kuang Yin saw that the governor of Chu state had won the hearts of the people, so he could not be defeated by his officials. I heard recently that the food and grass in the city would not continue, and the officials and generals would fight together, sooner or later they would break it. " Shizong said: "the Royal younger brother can be assigned to all generals, all of them are attentive. I should reward them according to their merits, and never lose them." Kuangyin was ordered. The next day, they fought with Li Chongjin and other soldiers. The soldiers worked hard. From early to noon, they saw a que collapse in the northwest corner of the city. Cao Ying took the lead, holding the wild card, carrying the sword and drum to climb the city bravely, cutting down the garrison, and then the soldiers swarmed to the city. Tang soldiers couldn't stop them. They went to the city to escape. Cao Ying opened the west gate, and all the soldiers entered, and the city was boiling. When Zhang Yanqing saw that Zhou's soldiers had arrived, he resisted the enemy with Zheng, the leader of the capital. Zheng Zhaoye rushes to the south gate and comes bravely in the face of Li Chongjin. He doesn't need to fight. He splits it with one knife and turns it under the horse. Li Chongjin kills Tang soldiers and comes to the east gate. Seeing that the situation was urgent and irretrievable, Zhang Yanqing looked up to the sky and sighed, "today I have to report to my Lord!" Then he took out his sword and killed himself. More than a thousand of his men committed suicide. There are poems as evidence:

We will not return to the strong city, and our subordinates will follow us.

The heart of heaven has gone to the whole body, and the righteousness will not disappear after Tian Heng.

Kuangyin got the Chu state. He and Li Chongjin joined the army in Tunza. He drove into the city, went out to placate the people and opened a warehouse for relief. In the Zhou Dynasty, the army was in full swing, and there was no enemy there. When the news came to Jinling, the master of Tang was afraid, and his food was wasted. He felt like a needle and felt ashamed to surrender his name to become a minister. It was said that he was located in Hongji, Prince of Prince, and sent his emissary to serve the officials. The officials were in charge of China and the DPRK. Only Luzhou, Shuzhou, Qizhou and Huangzhou were under the jurisdiction of the Southern Tang Dynasty. He sent his emissary to show Shizong's land and beg to stop the army. Shizong looked at it from the surface and saw that his words were sad and his feelings were pitiful. Then he said, "I only meant to take the north of the river. Now the emperor of Tang Dynasty can accept the whole country. What can I say?" It's a letter from the Lord of the Tang Dynasty:

Emperor Zhou Shuda of Tang Dynasty said: "I'm not greedy for land to harm the people. In fact, I'm the only one in the world. I'm the one who defends the territory to comfort the people and enjoy peace forever. I'm the one who rewards my children and grandchildren.". The purpose of the book is even less.

Send an emissary to receive the book and return to Jinling to see the Tang Lord. The master of Tang Dynasty began to appreciate the book, so he sent his emissary to thank him. Its table cloud:

Li Jin, the chief minister of the Tang Dynasty, immediately bowed to the emperor's Majesty on the table: Chen Jue, the minister, was sent to serve the emperor. The imperial edict was issued to suspend the army from fighting, allow peace, and allow the small country to rely on heaven and earth to cultivate virtue. The ministers were overwhelmed by the sense of rank. I would like to present to the four states in the north of the Yangtze River a million yuan of silver each year for the use of shangguo at the age of. I am willing to die, but I am waiting for the letter of pardon.

Shizong was praised by all the officials. Xiping in the north of the river, a total of 14 prefectures and 60 counties. In response, he gave a letter to the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, saying, "from now on, I have given up fighting and do not need to pass on the throne." Give Qian Hong - and Gao Baorong hundreds of thousands of military money and silk. The master of the Tang Dynasty still adjusted Feng Yan to offer two million yuan of silver, money, tea and grain to reward the army before the imperial camp. Shizong treated it very well. Feng Yansi returned to his life and was called the virtue of Shizong. So the leader of Tang Dynasty surrendered to Zhou. There are poems as evidence:

The general marched south to hold the flag of war and returned to the army to accept the contributions of civil engineering.

If you want to know the hatred of the people living on the border, you will be fascinated in the years of war.

Shizong liked the peace of the South and ordered his class to return to Beijing. All the battalions were delighted. Tomorrow, pull out the stronghold and set out. It is:

The son of heaven opened Lin Pavilion in advance. Now who is the second teacher?

After driving back to Bianjing, Shizong conferred the title of marquis on his merits, and rewarded the three armies, opened a dragon banquet, and celebrated the meritorious officials. Since the emperor and his officials were diligent and the people were happy, they set up weapons instead of using them, and gradually saw the image of peace.

One day, Shizong got a wooden tablet, three feet long, with the five characters of "checking points and making emperor". The emperor was appalled, but he could not find out who he had placed. When Zhang Yongde was in charge of the front of the palace, Shizong was suspicious and ordered Zhao Kuangyin to replace him.

In the sixth year of Xiande, Wang Jing, the general of Shu, Xiang Xun, etc.

At that time, a close official played: "last night, he was a secret envoy and a prince of Changyi, Wang puzu." When Emperor Shizong heard about this, he was in mourning for several days. He couldn't stop his grief. He looked up to the sky and sighed, "heaven doesn't want me to rule you? How can we keep our speed? " Life is clothed and buried with the courtesy of the marquis. All civil and military officials were buried. Bianjing people feel that Wang Pu treated the people as if they were children on weekdays. They all mourned and offered sacrifices and went out of the market for three days. There are poems as evidence:

Deep Ming Shu Shu Shu assisted the royal family, and assisted the new king to seek distant glory.

At the time of his death, the people of Li have been crying for thousands of years.

However, after the emperor of the Southern Tang Dynasty went along with the central government, he discussed with the officials about the ceremony of contribution. Song Qiqiu said: "in the past, when the emperor of the later Han Dynasty ascended the pole, he once offered dozens of women's music to avoid several years' disturbance. Now, when discussing the tribute ceremony, he can also offer the beautiful and intelligent people to the central government, which is better than the things played by gold and jade, and we have the peace of Mount Tai in Jiangnan." The master of the Tang Dynasty said: "I think Shizong is a wise master. It's extraordinary. If I don't accept it, I will be guilty of no effort." Qiqiu said: "beauty is loved by everyone. The emperor of Han Dynasty was wise and wise. He never heard of abandoning and chasing but came to me. I hope that the Lord will do it as soon as possible, and there will be no other worries. " According to the Tang Lord's advice, he ordered the middle officials to choose beautiful women. Under the command of the sergeant, two beauties were selected. One is Qin Ruolan, and the other is Du Wenji. They were sent to the Tang Lord. In Tang Dynasty, the master saw that the two beauties were indeed magnificent and attractive, that is to say, Wang Chongzhi, the Minister of rites, was sent to China and North Korea to make contributions.

Chongzhi takes the lead and prepares his horses and chariots. Today, he leaves Jinling for Bianjing. Close officials know Shizong. Shizong is summoned to the front of the palace. When worshiping quality, he made a pilgrimage and said: "I was ordered by the Lord to offer two beauties to your majesty for leisure. It's outside the palace gate, waiting for the edict. " Shizong decreed that the two beauties would enter the Dynasty and lie down at the lower level. When the emperor looked up and saw that there was national color, he asked his name. "A Qin Ruolan, a Du Wenji," said Chongzhi Shizong Dayue said: "the name and the color are both beautiful, and they are full of my feelings." Order to be admitted to the royal court. Zhao Kuangyin came out of the class and said, "Your Majesty is wise and virtuous. You can't accept the color of foreign countries. Suffering from jade and silk can supply, and japonica rice can reward the army. Nowadays, receiving women's color makes the foreign countries know that they all regard your majesty as the king of love and color, which will lead to the beauty's daily progress, and the politics will be slack and the morality will be damaged. I hope your majesty will think twice. " Shizong said: "I have my own strategy. I don't worry about my younger brother." Then he would not listen to remonstrance. It was a banquet for worshiping quality, so he asked, "your Lord is still preparing for military affairs recently. How about administering armour?" Chongzhizou said: "since returning to the heaven, the whole country has been in charge of it. What's the matter with the management and cultivation of martial arts?" Shizong said: "what you see is very clear. But I am an enemy when I have established my army and proved my army. Now I am a family, and your Lord and I have already decided on a great deal of justice, not to mention anything else. However, it's hard to predict, as for the future generations, it's unknown. "To your Lord, to your army, to your city, to be repaired, for the sake of your children."

Chongzhi was immediately ordered to leave. He took the road back to Jinling, met the master of the Tang Dynasty, and told what the emperor had said. Thanks to the Lord of the Tang Dynasty, he ordered the city guards to repair the city where there was no end to the city, and the weak and weak garrison to gain, and to reorganize the army. Press not to mention.

It is also said that since the Naimi era, every time he was called to the palace for a banquet, he would play, sing and dance in the day, and have fun in the night. He was infatuated with the dynasty for many days, and he did not look at the dynasty. All the government was decided by Fan Zhi and Wang Pu. The two people were uneasy. They asked the emperor and his officials to discuss military affairs in Zhao Kuangyin's mansion. There is no dispute about this argument. There is a division of Education: worry about the country and the people, eliminate the waste and return to the Chunhua; be obedient to the commoners, sweep away the Mengyi and see the Chonghua. It is:

It's new to be strong and resolute, and to be crowned and clothed.

After all, the ministers should know what they are talking about at the end.

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Sweet goddess Siqi's hot body is fascinating
Sweet goddess Siqi's hot body is fascinating
House man goddess honey's sexy underwear shows pride and beauty
House man goddess honey's sexy underwear shows pride and beauty
Young model Yin Fei, sexy bikini
Young model Yin Fei, sexy bikini
Yuchun, the goddess of milk bursting, has a beautiful and amazing body
Yuchun, the goddess of milk bursting, has a beautiful and amazing body