By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 55th lesson of the whole story of the flying dragon" martial arts between men and women

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第五十五回 课武功男女较射 贩马计大闹金陵

Word yue:

Martial arts first shoot at righteousness, and always view virtue as high art. Seeing Zhi from the lonely arrow, Lingyun, her husband, exhaled. More like beautiful people to follow QUPU, skillful bow horse holding wonderful skills. The world style is different. It's worth a lot of bases around the country, and you can see the barracks in front of you. When you leave school, you should make a plan first. You travel around the country and decide to go to Tibet, stirring the sea and turning the river to frighten the world. Carry forward the efforts and make great achievements.

Fish in spring in right

It's said that Zhou Shizong's army took the place of Western Shu. The leader of Shu begged for help in the Southern Tang Dynasty, and Wang Lizhong, the emissary, returned to Shu with a book. Unexpectedly, Wang Lizhong was obtained from the training and patrolling soldiers, and was asked by the capital for an order. Shizong was angry and beheaded. He negotiated with Zhao Kuangyin to fight for Tang Dynasty. The decision of the court has been made. The soldiers will be ready for the military parade and start on a certain day. Press the slow meter.

It is said that Tao Sanchun, after being appointed as an official, will choose to match the royal household general with his maiden and rotate the couple on duty every day. In addition, four young maids were asked to use in the house. Their maids were trained in bow, horse, spear and sabre on the third, sixth and ninth days. They were rewarded with encouragement. Often said to all the women, "I am blessed by the Empress Dowager and the empress, and I am appointed to be a censor. I want to think about what I have reported. So now, you and other people are trying their best to learn martial arts. If there is any danger of unexpected situation in the Palace, I can build a peaceful policy, which can be used for a little more than one ten thousandth of your subordinates." Since then, every new moon day, Tao Sanchun will go to the palace to see the Empress Dowager and empress, and there are often rewards. Since she was a child without a mother, she has accepted Du Lao, the mother of King Zhao, as her mother. She is matched with he Jinchan, Du Lirong, and Han Sumei by her aunt. She has a close relationship with her. At that time, Du Lirong had already been close to Kuang Yincheng. She was happy with each other and saw more talents.

One day, Du Lirong received his mother, Chu Shi, and set up a table to entertain her. He sent his family to pick up Princess Tao and drink together. Not long after the family will go, Princess Tao arrives in a sedan chair. Lirong and Sumei went out together to meet each other in the inner hall. "Today, my sister-in-law saw the move. I don't know what to do," said concubine Tao Su Mei said, "because it's my elder sister's order, old lady Chu, who is here, so I'll pick up the girl for a while." When Princess Tao heard about it, she asked Xiangyin. The servant girl invited Chu's family out of the hall. When they saw each other, they were surprised. "How could such a ugly woman give birth to such a good daughter?" she thought? Don't you take care of your children? " The Chu clan also thought to himself, "King Zheng, such a hero, has become king. How can he accept this ugly woman? I don't know if I want to point to the abdomen. " At that time, when they met each other and gave way to each other, Princess Tao said, "old lady Chu is an elder. I'm sure I should ask you to come up and see you later." "Li Rong replied:" the girl is the Empress Dowager's inner minister. She is respected by the title of Lord. She should be seen as a mother. How dare she be restrained by her elders and children The Chu family, relying on his great strength, suddenly wanted to take concubine Tao to the chair. Unexpectedly, the dragonflies shook the stone pillars, but they didn't move. They were shocked and just stared. But Su Mei said from the side: "since they have given way to each other, it is better to meet each other according to the guest ceremony, just do the usual ceremony." So they sat down together. After tea, we put on the banquet, sat down with each other's preliminaries and talked about drinking happily. No mention.

But said Zhao Kuangyin this day is with Zheng en, Gao Huaide, Han Lingkun, Li Chongjin and more than ten people, has been card time to the house. Kuang Yin said: "the holy emperor issued an imperial edict to fight for the Southern Tang Dynasty. Today, our brothers must be drunk." Kuang Yi said: "today, sister-in-law Zheng is also here. Do you know if brother Zheng is going to go? I have to give you my order. If sister-in-law Wang doesn't allow me to go, we will be able to get married and report the illness on her behalf. " Zheng en said: "don't make fun of me. Why don't we go when my second brother is gone?" Gao huailiang said: "I heard that Mrs. Wang is very brave. I will ask for advice today." Kuang Yin said with a smile, "he is not afraid of people either. Don't look down on him and make a fool of yourself." After that, the maid asked concubine Tao to come out and shoot. The concubine then sent the servants back to the house. It was said that she could shoot ten brave women. She also took her own bow and arrow. Stop less. Concubine Tao leads all the women to the court. Seeing Kuang Yin's blessing, she asks, "what do you want to see, brother Wang?" Kuang Yin said: "tomorrow, the emperor and the emperor will send an imperial edict to invade the Southern Tang Dynasty, and the people will recommend Wang Mei as the vanguard. Is that ok?" Princess Tao raised her eyes, bowed her back and arched her hand. All bowed and bowed. "Don't make fun of your old brothers," said Princess Tao. I'm afraid I won't go, but this first time I'm going to send troops, I'll use a woman as a striker, lest the people of the Southern Tang Dynasty laugh at me and no one in the court. Kuang has a duty to serve. I dare not violate the Empress Dowager's heart. I hope you can forgive me. " Gao Huaide said: "the number one eloquence, do not boast, not what we can reach. I've heard so much about wonderful skills. I'd like to ask you for your advice. " Princess Tao said: "I'm a junior student. How dare I take the lead? Let's have a try. I'll be the best. " So Kuang Yin and other people took turns to shoot, and each took five arrows as an example. At that time, there were two, three, but Gao Huaide had five, Zhao Kuangyin, Zheng en and Gao huailiang had four. Then Princess Tao asked her to sit down and watch. When all the people had finished shooting, Princess Tao asked her to stand a hundred steps away from the original place. First, she asked her to take the bow according to her strength. Then she stood up happily. She picked up a bow with her hands bowed down, fixed the handle, fired five arrows in a row, and got three arrows. Then take bow and arrow in three spring, shoot continuously, red heart in four, and insert by one arrow. They also ordered women to shoot on both sides, and they did not hand in white papers.

Men and women have finished shooting, each serving giant cups, all are happy, all women are also enjoying drinking. At present, Gao Huaide said, "tomorrow's order is to go down to the army. If brother Zheng Wang doesn't go, he needs the idea of the champion. If he doesn't go, we will get together and take leave on his behalf." "It's used for a thousand days," said concubine Tao. Now, if there is something to deduce, why should I be a minister? If you are not good at teaching people, you will fan the heart of the army. I will go to the Palace tomorrow to play the queen mother and become a regular military officer. " The officials pleaded on behalf of him and said, "brother Gao, if you lose your tongue after drinking, don't mind. Don't be offended if you look forward to the new year's platform." Kuang Yin also advised: "Xian sister calm down, and look at the face of Yu brother, Wan Wang Haihan." After hearing this, Princess Tao said, "in the future, if you are not polite, don't talk." After saying this, he took his wife with him and went inside. The Marquises are terrified and praise their talents. When Chu entered, she said with a smile, "Madame Tao is a heroine among women. If you were not so talented, I would be regarded as a mess by these men." Princess Tao said: "even with the strength of my aunt, no one may dare to deceive me." Chu family wants to tell the former situation. Li Rong is afraid to make a fool of herself, so she is eager to stop it. At that time, we had a feast and enjoyed ourselves.

A banquet was arranged in the outer hall, and all the people were happy to drink. Kuangyin said: "tomorrow's soldiers will go down to the south of the Yangtze River, where there is no known advantage.". I intend to work with four or five brothers to escort more than 100 horses to Jinling City before sending out soldiers. We will be peddlers in Jinling City, in the name of selling horses, to visit the city's flaws, so as to be attacked. What do you think of the public opinion? " Everyone was very happy and praised. When the plan is made, drink each one and let go.

The next day, Kuangyin learned about Shizong. Shizong said: "if I'm not good at martial arts, how can I attack Liu Chong before? Because he invades my territory, and now wants to attack my division of Sichuan, he has to take advantage of the situation. Since Qing and other officials have made a decision, when they return to Beijing, it is OK to rejuvenate their teachers. " Kuangyin led the order to go home, that is, to prepare thousands of liang of silver. He chose the brave and healthy family to buy a hundred and ten horses from Zhang Guangyuan and Han Tong in the border county. He would arrive in Beijing at the time of carving, so as not to violate the rules. The family will get up today and go to the border county. About half a month later, the horse has arrived. Kuang Yin, together with Zheng en, Gao Huaide, Han Lingkun and Li Zhongjin, were five in total. Each of them acted as an official horse peddler of the Liao Dynasty, made the approval documents of the Liao Dynasty, and filled in the name of bodyguard. On the same day, they got up together and left Bianjing to look forward to the south of the Yangtze River.

One day in Lufei, I arrived at Jinling City as early as possible. Drive the horses into the city, and all the people will register in the commander's mansion. The Chinese Army reported to marshal Liu Renxun, who said happily, "I am going to use my army and treat horses. Today's Liao Ke's horse is sold for five days. The rest is valued according to the current value. It can be sold in Shuai's mansion. " Since its registration, its horses have been sold in the city. The rich families in Jinling City pick up pieces of wool, and the military officers pick up more bone power. In the middle of the day, Kuang Yin and others secretly looked at the city walls in the name of selling horses in the city. They looked at the places where the attack should take place, and remembered them. In the evening, the horse was driven out of the city to be released. Within five days, most of the horses were sold, and Liu Ren ordered the Chinese army to value them at the same time and use them together. The price of the horse was about 800 Liang. When it was fully paid, it was sent. This is precisely:

It is wrong to think that the dragon and tiger are big sheep, which makes the capital boisterous.

Although all princes are registered in Shuai mansion, they can eat and sleep and settle down freely. At that time, when the horses were finished, a group of people returned to the inn to collect all the silver of the horse price. Leave 20 liang of silver for the bartender, and ask him to serve the whole food and wine. He needs to be rich. He should find some for the rest, and make it clear when the handsome's office pays the silver. The shopkeeper took the silver and came out happily. He prepared the best banquet. He invited the princes to drink in the front floor at night. The whole building was lighted with red lights. Looking out of the window again, I saw that the street was wide, and the shops on both sides were hung with red lights, where they were doing the night market. This is the hot spot of Jinling City, so it is. When all the princes saw this grand view, they were not aware of the strong feeling of wine, like a dragon swallowing a tiger, drinking deeper, and then returning to the house. At this time, Zheng en was drunk and went to sleep first. Kuang Yinmin said to the people, "we are here to visit the land. We haven't prepared for many days. Take advantage of tomorrow's visit to the market, so that you can return to Beijing and wait for your order. But it's better to try to hide it from Zheng Enlai, so as to avoid him making a fuss and making trouble. " Everyone nodded and said it was wonderful. They went to bed.

The next day, the princes got up early, and Zheng en was still awake. Kuangyin ordered the family to tell the shopkeeper that breakfast should be served with a pot of wine and four pots of white boiling water, all of which should be delivered without any mistake. The shopkeeper took the lead and sent four basins of noodle water first. All the princes washed their faces and took snacks first. However, good Zheng en woke up, got up, rubbed his eyes frequently, and only said: "good wine, good wine, still drunk this morning." Take it with you and go out of the room. After a while, when they came in, they saw that they were eating snacks, and said, "you are so delicious that you don't wait for us to wait." People said, "we told you not to, but we went out to beat you by the side, but we said that we would not wait. You can see that the hot soup in the barrel is still there, waiting for you for a while." Zheng en heard that he washed his face with the hot soup and sat down at the table, saying, "you don't want to eat any more. Let's be a general of Jingpan." Everyone laughed and said, "general Jingpan is a greedy king." In a moment, the waiter sent in the breakfast and food. He made a pot of hot wine and four pots of white boiling water. There were many secret memories on that pot. They each took the kettle and presented it to Zheng en. Zheng Enxi is about wine. How to distinguish the true from the false? At that time, you poured your tea and my wine and drank it yourself. Zheng en's bottle of wine is three or four points old. How could you add another two bottles to the waiter's bottle and be honored three times by others? I advised five bottles to send Zheng en to the drunken town. I didn't know why. When there's a family to help you to bed and sleep. People only eat a full meal and pay all the families: "if Mr. Zheng wakes up and asks, he only talks about the handsome mansion going to pay for the horse." Home will take command.

The princes changed their robes, prepared their mounts, went out of the shop together, grabbed their manes, mounted their horses, went to Sanshan street, and watched Zijinshan all the way down. But see the family is hot, the door opens, the front is the teahouse restaurant. Eyes full of prosperous scenery, soft characters, infinite beauty, better than Bianliang. When they came out of the gate, they looked around

The sound of the song tube building is thin, and the swing yard is heavy at night.

Green mountains and waters, green cypresses and pines; green velvet on the ground, red brocade on the branches; water even the sky is sunny and beautiful, and the mountains are full of clouds and clouds: it's really spectacular. They passed through the East and the west, pretending to play and watching the tunnel in secret. They saw that the city wall was very strong and had no place to attack. Fearing to be seen through by pedestrians, he deliberately said: "a beautiful place, rich country and rich people, Yin, is very different from our border fortress of the great Liao Dynasty. It's so nice. " Talk in your mouth, just watch. When I went to the gate of phoenix platform, I saw that there were four empty places, and there was a path by which I could keep soldiers. And we can camp somewhere, and we can attack here.

Looking at Zhang, I saw people crowded in the distance, very noisy. The princes clapped their horses forward and looked up. It turned out to be a challenge arena. See the lamp hanging on it, and there are many colored satin and gold and silver. There is a big speech sign under the stage, which says: "Li Baoshi, a teacher from Jinling, Fengwei Town, was led by the leader of the Southern Tang Dynasty. He set up the challenge arena according to the order, and invited heroes from all over the world. Please compare martial arts. If you can fight on the stage, you can lose fifty liang of silver, one yuan treasure, and ten ends of colored satin; if you can kick, you can lose one hundred liang of silver, two yuan treasure, and twenty ends of colored satin; if you have excellent martial arts, you can win all, you are willing to let the position of teacher, without any dispute. I'm afraid that the dead will not come to the stage, and I'm not afraid that the dead will come up to take their lives. " The princes looked at it and said, "if we are so bold, we will meet this guy for a while. How good is he? How dare we speak big and despise the world?" Stop. I see a hero on the stage. He was also a hero. I only see him dressed like this

Wearing embroidered red war scarves, green silk short jacket with light body.

The waist is tied with big red silk to warm the stomach, and the apricot yellow embroidered pants are very fresh.

The legs are wrapped in black silk, and the feet are boarded with mule shoes.

Independent platform medium frequency tiger vision, displays the prestige to show off the martial spirit.

How many flower fists and embroidered legs stand under the stage? No one dares to compete on the stage. Li Bao cried out: "no matter you are on the stage, no matter what kind of person you are, you can punch me or kick me. Now you take them according to the number on the card and let him control Jinling. If you're afraid of the dead, don't take your life; if you're not afraid of the dead, go to the stage and learn. " Kuangyin listened and said, "that's a big voice, arrogant and shameless. Who dares to compete with him on the stage? " Gao Huaide should say: "my little brother is not talented. I would like to go to the stage to meet his means. What is it like?" Kuang Yin said happily, "you must be careful, you can't lose it." Wyatt replied, "yes." Immediately dismount, untie Luan belt, take off brocade and arrow clothes, wear a yellow silk short jacket inside, tie Luan belt well, and make a whole head bandage. When they saw it, they all said, "a good man, too, doesn't know the winner on the stage or the winner off the stage?" Each opened his eyes and watched. Here, Gao Huaide will play on stage, press and slowly lift.

And Zheng en was drunk in the hotel, and he didn't wake up until the middle of the day. When he opened his eyes and looked out, he did not see the people. He asked the family, "where are you going?" "All the families will answer:" to the handsome house to take the price of the horse Zheng en listened and said, "well, why don't we go together?" That is to say, he jumped up and rushed out of the shop. How dare the family stop him? It's up to him. At that time, when Zheng en came to the gate of Shuai mansion, he stood up and didn't dare to enter. He just looked around and looked for a trace. When he saw a man on duty coming out of the room, he went up to meet him. He arched his hand and cried, "brother, ask me, is there any horse guest coming to collect the price today?" The man on duty saw Zheng en's appearance was strange. He suspected that it was from Daliao. He dared not neglect it and said, "the horse guest has not come today." Zheng en thought to himself, "it's strange again. I won't come to collect the price of the horse. Where have I been for half a day? After all, he blamed us for being talkative, so he went to hide it from us. Well, if we can catch him, we won't know. " Even if you step back and walk out of the city gate, look forward to walking. No watch.

It's just that Gao Huaide jumped onto the stage at that time, but he didn't have the surname or the name of Tao. Both of them set up their own clothes and set up their own positions. They both opened the door and tried to go high and low. One set the golden rooster on its own, the other held the baby with his hands; the other set the tiger away from the mountain, and the other set the Jiaolong out to sea; the other caught it in the wind with his hands, and his fists were striking. Two come and go, there is no place to start. Gao Huaide thought in secret: "this man has excellent martial arts. If he doesn't plot, how can he win?" When he made up his mind, he suddenly made a feint flash, which made the Huilong lose the power and slowly walked away. Li Bao doesn't know if it's a plan. He forces in and takes it with both hands. Wyatt ducked, ducked under his flank, and flashed behind leopard. It's just that busy people don't know how to deal with those who are not busy. With only one hand from wyde, Li baonuan has been arrested. Li Bao is waiting for him to turn around, but he is quick to hold his left leg. He put down his warm stomach in a hurry and grabbed his right leg. Li Bao can't earn any money. He is caught by Huaide. He falls over and falls under the watchtower. Just as Zheng en rushed to the arena in one breath, sweating like rain, he watched the challenge arena coming, separated the people and pushed them in. Looking up, I saw Wyatt leaving people on the stage. Zheng en shouted loudly, "Hey, brother Gao, here comes the music!" Only a cry, such as a thunderbolt in the air, everyone was shocked. He did not ask for the reason, grabbed forward, chest several feet, is kicking a death.

When they saw that Li Bao was dead, they shouted, "no, I will kill you alive in the daytime! Don't let him go. " Zhao Kuangyin and so on are seeing happily, listening to Zheng en's voice, and seeing Li Bao kicked to death, they all say: "no! I've been offended by this black man again. " Hurry up to hold Zheng en. Zheng en said: "second brother, you lied to us and came to play. It was here." Kuang Yin also didn't reply. He asked Huaide to step down and get on the horse, but he was waiting to turn around. How could his family apprentice, Huaide, leave Li Bao on the stage and have no face? He was about to rescue him, but he was kicked to death by the black man. He rushed into the city like a flying horse to report to the handsome mansion and surrounded the princes with equipment. "All of them said loudly," how can you say that you have lived in peace and killed people The princes said, "this is not a fight for no reason. Now the challenge arena is not based on the big words card. We only take the big words card, and we can tell. Why do you panic?" After that, every one of them planned to enter the city. Everyone saw that this group of people were not easy to provoke, and they did not dare to stop them, so they had to surround them far away.

And said that the home of the city newspaper will come to the Shuai mansion, to the lobby, just as marshal Liu Renzhen sat in the hall to discuss the military situation, the people knelt down and said: "I'm going to tell you that the disaster is coming! My master was ordered to set up a big speech card to challenge heroes in the world. After three months, he was invincible. Today, there are about four or five men who don't know where they are. They are ugly and scared. There was a man who went on stage and compared with his father. He left him on the stage three times and five times. Another big black faced man came out of the crowd and kicked his father to death. The villain can't hold him, so he came to report to the marshal and asked him to make up his mind. " Liu Renxiang hasn't replied yet, but Li Bao sees Li Hu killed his brother in the audience. He is deeply grieved, and his eyes are full of beads. He kneels down and says, "I beg the marshal to send his troops, go to catch these murderers with the little general, and revenge with his brother." Ren supports Yiyun. He sends three thousand elite soldiers and four Deputy generals to rush out of the city together with Li Hu. When I met all the princes at Fenghuang stage, the soldiers cried out and came around, only to tell me not to let the strong thief go.

All the princes saw the troops coming at once. They thought they were unarmed and panicked. Zheng Enqing was in a hurry to plan his life. When he saw several willows on the road, he hurried to the front of him. He pulled out one of the willows in zhongyun, just as he pulled out the jujube tree in the 18th Bay of Jiuqu. He took it in his hand and looked forward to sweeping and Kuangyin in disorder to untie the Luan belt. After a while in the wind, he changed his mind, changed his staff, and looked forward to beating randomly. When Li Hu rushed in, he scolded: "damn you, return my brother's life!" When he swung his knife, he cut it. Kuangyin held up his staff to meet him. If not, he was beaten down by Kuangyin. Zheng en saw it. He rushed forward, raised the willow tree, and beat Li Hu to pieces. Then he snatched Li Hu's knife and cut it up. Li Hu's Mount, running forward, was seen by Li Chongjin, and the horse stepped forward, holding it in one hand. At that time, although the princes were heroes, how could they be the three thousand soldiers, four deputies, and Li Bao's apprentices? Everyone was fierce and fought for strength. How could the princes resist the enemy? See that momentum is not good, call: "old black, go." Zheng en listens to call, turn round to want to leave, Li Chongjin cries: "come quickly mount." Zheng en sees great joy and flies onto the horse.

All the princes fought and left. They were driven away by the officers and soldiers for more than 30 Li. It was going to be late and everyone was hungry. In a critical situation, I saw a temple beside the road, which said "Xianzhen Daoyuan". Everyone entered the mountain gate and dismounted their horses. Hearing the sound of horse hissing, everyone was confused. Just as I walked into dangu, suddenly I saw dozens of big men running out of the corridor, which made people scared and scared. At a glance, it turned out to be a Liao guest disguised as a horse peddler, who was also the general of his family in the hotel, so I got my heart set. "Why are you here?" he asked The general said: "the children were ordered to stay in the shop. At noon, Mr. Zheng woke up and asked the princes. The children asked for the price of the horse. Zheng Ye flies out of the shop. The villains dare not stop them, and they are not good to go with them. Expecting that Zheng ye will definitely have something to do here, they calculate to return the account and pack up the luggage. It's just worth the horse price given by the handsome official, so they leave the shop and get up. As soon as he inquired about it, he knew that Li Bao had been killed in the challenge arena, and the Shuai mansion sent soldiers to pursue him. Villain and so on drove out of the city in advance. When they passed by, Taoist priest mengben kept them. He said that the princes would definitely come here at the time of Shen and you, so that we don't need him to go and prepare food and drink. The children see that there is a reason for his words, and they know that he is a stranger, so they depend on him. I don't want all the princes to come. " When the princes heard this, they were very pleased and praised their abilities. They said, "when you have prepared food, you can get it quickly. After we have eaten and walked, how can we get away without stopping and pursuing?" "The family will say:" the meal has been prepared on the temple, please use it quickly They all went to the temple together and had a good meal. When I was about to turn around, I saw a Taoist priest coming out of the rear of the palace. He was born with a fine and elegant spirit. He met all the princes and said, "all the princes, I'm the first Taoist." All the people hurriedly replied. The Taoist said: "you are coming. This is not the place to talk. Please go to the clean room and have a chat." The princes said, "it's wonderful to have the appearance of immortals. But in order to provoke the disaster, I dare not put it on hold. In addition, when the pursuit is coming, I'm afraid that I can't escape later. "

In fact, I can only hear the gongs and drums outside, shouting and killing. The princes were in a panic and were at a loss. The Taoist priest laughed and said: "Why are you so frightened, you lords? What's the point of forgiving these people? It's not that I boast. With his thousands of troops, I will crush Mount Tai. I will only go out to see who is close to me and can enter the gate? Discipline him to come in groups and to go after defeat. " After that, I took a sword and walked out of the hall slowly. There are different religions: the immortal residence of Taoism hall is the sign of blood sea and corpse mountain; the city is contested for land, and the wolf smoke and dysprosium are hurt. It is:

Sleeping on the couch does not allow people to sleep soundly, covering the nest and destroying me.

After all, how can that Taoist get out of the army? Let's see what happens next.

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