By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 58th time in the legend of flying dragon, Han Lingkun captured Meng Jun and Li Jianjin and made Yongde"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第五十八回 韩令坤擒剐孟俊 李重进结好永德

Poetry says:

The general is brave and tries to defend the city.

Military uniform receives advice and encourages soldiers to work hard.

Do not know the trend of the day, but the country has shaken.

Although you are a pusher, you are disgusted with the southern suburbs.

Stay in this awe inspiring body, and those who share weal and woe can scratch.

Zhou Shizong did not allow the peace talks, so he led the governor's army to take Shouchun. At that time, when the soldiers came to the city, they ordered them to attack the city, and the arrows on the city came like raindrops. When Zhang Qiong was seen, he hurriedly asked Shizong to retreat. He shot an arrow from the city and hit Zhang Qiong on the back. He died and recovered. When all the soldiers were rescued to the camp, their arrowheads were deep and could not be pulled out. Qiongling drinks a lot of wine. Now his men chop bones and take arrowheads. The blood flow rises to the death. Later generations praised it with poems:

Wanqi south to kill gas high, in danger of this show heroes.

The arrowhead is deep, and the heart is not strong, for the care of the king is not afraid of labor.

But when Zhong and Li met with the Lord of the Tang Dynasty, they said, "the Emperor didn't allow the peace talks, but only because the Lord didn't want to be a minister.". For this purpose, the Lord must also serve as his official in order to settle the people. " According to his words, the Lord of Tang sent Sun Sheng, Sikong, and Wang Chongzhi, the Minister of rites, to serve as officials of Shizong. He was willing to pay tribute every year in the Zhou Dynasty. The two ministers issued the imperial edict, and when they met the emperor in zhouying, they all said that the leader of Tang Dynasty was willing to follow the order of the holy Dynasty. Shizong said: "I would have allowed this move, only for Liu Ren to support and defend Taizhou, and repeatedly resist heaven's orders. If he is willing to come down now, he can talk about it." When Sun Sheng and his emissary arrived at Taizhou, they ordered Ren to support them. Ren support went to the city, saw sun and Wang Er Chen, that is, military service and worship in the city. Sun Sheng said benevolent support: "the public receive national grace, can not surrender." Benevolent support and thanks for their education, because of the strict military to keep it. The middle emissary reported to Shizong, who was furious and called Sun Sheng to kill him. Sheng said, "I am the Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty. Can I make the governor come down?" After emperor Shizong's loyalty, he pardoned his sin and sent Sheng to restore the life of the Tang Lord. When he left, Emperor Shizong said, "report to your Lord, and decide to discuss it early. Don't take remorse or disgrace yourself."

Zhan GUI told the master of Tang Dynasty, and said the original intention of Shizong. He only wanted to get rid of the emperor's name, and then cut six states. He lost millions of gold and silk. The common people could stop fighting and stop fighting. The emperor of Tang Dynasty was eager to discuss peace, so he sent two officials, Sun Sheng and Li Deming, to zhouying to see Shizong, and offered six prefectures for peace. Shizong said: "if you want to be a good minister to me, you have to do everything in the north of the river before you can." But Sun Sheng was sent back. The emperor Shizong wrote to the master of Tang Dynasty:

When all the prefectures come to offer, let's set up a large army. But when we go to the imperial title, how can we be cool? If you have a strong heart, you will not be forced to risk. That's all you have to say, let alone show. If you want to say that you are not sure, please leave me alone.

The Lord of the Tang Dynasty received the imperial edict and replied to the above table to call on his officials to apologize. Li Deming called Shizong Weide and Jiabing Jingqiang. He urged the Tang Lord to cut the north of the river and offer it to Shizong for peace. The Tang Lord hesitated. There is a gap between Chen Jue, a secret envoy, and Li Wei, a deputy envoy, and Sun Sheng and Li Deming. As Chen Yu said in the Tang Dynasty, "Li Deming advised the Lord to cut off the land, and Sun Sheng sold his country to seek glory. When they went here, they would be knighted by the Zhou Lord, so they were not loyal to the court." The Tang Master said angrily, "how dare you cheat me?" He ordered Sun Sheng and Li Deming to be beheaded. Sun Sheng sighed at the end of his sentence, "I don't care if I die, but I can't bear that Jinling will be slaughtered by Zhou Bing because of the kindness of the former Emperor." Words and sentences. A poem sighs:

He was ordered to be diligent in his actions, and it was hard to distinguish between slander and foreknowledge.

Please guard the earth and return it to China. Only the three foot tomb in the east gate.

The leader of the Tang Dynasty beheaded sun and Li Erchen, that is to say, Li Jingda, his younger brother, king of Qi, was commander in chief of the army and Chen Jue was the overseer of the army. He led the army by 50000 and rejected the Zhou division. First, general Lu Mengjun led 10000 soldiers to save Taizhou. Under the edict, Lu Mengjun came to Taizhou, where he and Liu Renyi joined forces to defend, with great momentum. Zhou bingdun goes. Meng Jun wants to enter the army to retake Yangzhou. Yangzhou guard Han Lingkun heard of it, no intention to stick to it, will want to abandon. Hearing this news, Shizong was shocked and said: "if Tang Dynasty regained Yangzhou, the general situation will go." Zhao Kuangyin, the commander of the marshal, was urgently ordered to lead the army to 20000 Tunliu he to help Yangzhou. Kuangyin led the order. When the soldiers arrived at Liuhe Tunza, he ordered: "Yangzhou soldiers who have crossed the six in one step will cut off their feet." Han Lingkun hears the order, dare not abandon the city, so he strictly defends.

Shizong returned to supervise the army and attacked Taizhou. Liu Renshou is very strict, Zhou Bing can't attack for several days. Because of the continuous autumn rain, the depth of water in the camp was several feet, and the food and grass did not continue, the army was in panic. Shizong discussed with his officials and decided to hold a class for a while. "No," Ma Quanyi said. Taizhou is an important town of Tang Dynasty. Liu Ren is the general of wisdom and bravery. If his master returns to the south, his majesty is falling behind. It's better to be happy in Haozhou, waiting for the generals to make progress and have their own achievements. If I have not yet gathered things and come back, will it not be hurt that Peter has crept behind me? " Shizong from its proposal, that is, to drive Haozhou. In Taizhou City, it was reported that Zhou Shi had left the enclosure and all the generals wanted to catch up. Benevolent support way: "you wait to see what Yanxi's loss of Shouzhou?"? Although the Zhou division retreated, it was not defeated but returned. Especially because of the lack of food and grass, our soldiers would surely fall into their trap if they moved. " All will be amazed.

At that time, Lu Mengjun said, "I'm going to take Yangzhou with my troops, and I will stick to this city." Benevolent support way: "cannot. Han Lingkun, a brave general in Yangzhou, is not compared with others. Zhao Kuangyin, who is also a military commander, has the strength to support him and win the battle. It's better to guard the city together, wait for the king of Qi's soldiers to arrive, and then plan and do it. " Lu Mengjun said angrily, "if we delay time like this and fear not to enter, when will we overcome our hometown?" So he did not listen to the words of benevolent support. He led his troops and hoped that Yangzhou would come and camp five li away from the city.

When Han Lingkun heard that Tang Bing had arrived, he hurried to meet the whole army and spread out his position. Lu Mengjun's broadsword sent out his horse, and ordered Kun to say, "you Zhou soldiers will not leave early, but will guard the lonely city, and you want me to take your head to offer to the Tang Lord?" Lingkun shouted: "I have millions of teachers in China and North Korea, and Pingnan Tang Dynasty lies in the sun. You are not strong enough to fight, and I swear to kill you to extend the resentment of scholars and people!" Meng Jun is furious. He swings his knife straight to Lingkun. Make Kun raise his sword and return it. It's a good war to have two horses and two soldiers at the same time. There are poems as evidence:

The South army is far away from the North army barracks, and the whole valley cries all over the mountains.

The swords meet and kill one night, and pingming bleeds in the empty city.

At present, when the battle between the two generals is over thirty, Meng Jun can't stand it. He looks back at the array and leaves. Make Kun urge the rear army to pursue and kill. When Meng Junzheng was walking, he suddenly heard a shot from the back of the mountain and rushed out of a general. It was Marshal Zhao Kuangyin who knew that Yangzhou was fighting. So the army came from Liuhe and was defeated by Lu Mengjun. Meng Jun saw Kuang Yin and was so frightened that his heart was broken. Where dare he fight? Return to the horse and go, just now Kun a horse to catch up, Meng Jun caught by surprise, was made Kun alive in the horse. The Tang soldiers were defeated and fled. Kuangyin saw that Lu Mengjun had been captured and sent back to Liuhe.

Let Kun also receive troops into the city. Bind Lu Mengjun to the left and right, and let Kun order to be put in the car and sent to Shizong. He was about to launch it. Suddenly, Yang's family in Lingkun's side room saw him and cried loudly. He came to Lingkun and said, "this thief killed hundreds of my family in the past. I'm glad to meet you today. I hope you don't solve the Royal barracks. You can break this thief into ten thousand sections and avenge me. " After that, he cried again. It turns out that Lu Panjun was under mahlie's command at that time. He killed Yang Zhaoyao's family and offered mahlie as his concubine because of her beautiful girl. And Han Lingkun conquered Yangzhou, and xilie offered to make Kun a partial house. Today, Yang's family hears that Lu Mengjun has been captured and wants to revenge, so they cry to pay for it. Han Lingkun said: "why don't you take my head today and offer it to the Tang Lord to be an envoy? If you are captured by me, take your heart and offer me a glass of wine. What do you say? " Meng Jun said, "if you die, you will die. What do you say?" Make Kun shout to the left and right, tie it to the stake and cut it. You have to cut Yu Jun's head at once. Later generations have poetic evidence:

He was brave and had no plan. At that time, he captured the remnant.

Before the army spoke, he first provoked a quarrel, which made him suffer a lot.

Make Kun cut Meng Jun, and his military might is greatly enhanced. When the news came to Li Jingda, king of Qi, he was not only shocked, but also consulted with his subordinates to enter the army. Wu Yong, the coach, said: "Han Lingkun, according to Yangzhou, Zhao Kuangyin's troops are six in one, depending on each other. Today, the king's soldiers should advance from the important road, and attack Six Harmonies first, then Yangzhou will come down in the near future. " According to his words, the king of Qi ordered his troops to cross the Yangtze River, but they converged six times. Kuangyin heard this news, that is, to lead the army and horse, to set up a heavy fence 20 li away from Liuhe and stick to it. After a few days, Wang Bing of Qi had arrived in Pingchuan and set out. Kuangyin also led the army to fight against the king of Qi. The tooth will Gao Qiong clap the horse forward and say: "your Tang soldiers are defeated by me many times, why don't you come early to save the soul?" The king of Qi said: "you wait for Zhou soldiers to advance and retreat without knowing what to do. You are arrogant and invade my territory. If you retreat today, you will not be hurt. Otherwise, you will die without being buried." Gao Qiong is furious. He swings his horse to shoot and runs south. One of the generals rushed out behind the king of Qi. It was Cen loujing, the general. He made a broadsword with the courage of tens of thousands of people. He clapped his horse and danced with it to fight with Gao Qiong. Two gold drums shake the ground, shouting to kill the sky. When the two fight to more than 30, they are even handed. When Wu of Southern array saw cenloujing and Gao Qiong, he raised his axe to help the battle. When Zheng en saw the rage, he rushed away to sit on the horse, put his sword in the battle, and made the South soldiers into two sections. When Wu Yong saw Zheng Enwei was fierce and left without fighting, he was caught up by Zheng en and killed. Zheng enzong attacked with horse clips, but cenloujing was unable to resist the enemy, so he left after a big defeat. Gao Qiong's voice was thundering, and she rushed into the battle. After Kuangyin urged the army to cover up, the Tang army was defeated and suffered many deaths and injuries. The king of Qi dare not love to fight, and cenloujing rushed to Shuzhou.

Kuangyin won a great victory. He collected the army and returned to the camp. All the generals made contributions. Kuangyin sent people to Shizong to report victory. Emperor Shizong was very happy. He ordered that Yangzhou be blessed. Dou Yi said: "today, the army is tired and the grain is few. The Southern Tang Dynasty has been defeated by me repeatedly. There is no way for them to use their troops. Your majesty should go back to Daliang and order the general to garrison in the critical place, so as to make progress. Within a few months, their princes and ministers will come to pay. " Shizong zhuzou, today's order, driving back to Beijing. Lai Li Chong attacked weitaizhou, Zhang Yongde stationed troops in Chuzhou, Han Lingkun in Yangzhou, and Gao Qiong stationed troops in Liuhe. The rest of the civil and military officials, accompanied by the class teachers. Since the imperial edict has been issued, please divide the troops of each leader. The next day, driving out of the store, a gun rang, the size of the armed forces headed for Bianliang. There are poems as evidence:

The victorious class has offered their captives, and the general has made great contributions in advance.

The soldiers return to the place where they meet each other without any hindrance, and the ketchup is all over the way.

The soldiers returned in three groups. I don't want Shizong to suffer from fever and pain all over the body at night. I want to urge the imperial medical officer to look at the pulse and send medicine for treatment. After two days, I saw a chess like blister coming from the whole body. It was hard to bear the pain and groaned. Kuang Yin and other people will be close to each other and serve around. Shizong said: "I'm upset, steaming hot and thirsty. I have very clean cold water. I'll take it to quench my thirst." Kuangyin then distributed to all the people and went down to look for clean cold water. All the officials took the order, each carrying a pot and a pot, and went to find them separately.

Kuangyin took the silver pot with him and went to the horse to find the way. At that time, I ran about five or six miles to the foot of a mountain. I heard the murmur of the water gradually. When I got off my horse and looked forward, it was a mountain stream. It was so clear and clean. I was very happy. Just to get it, I suddenly saw three fat monks sitting in the water. Kuang Yin said, "ah! I am glad to see that if I take this water and go to the holy place when I do not see it, will I not be poisoned by it? " He said to the monk, "you and other monks respect Buddhism and are convenient for your heart. How can you wash this rotten body in water? But he knew that he was honest and upright, but he didn't do harm to the people. He drank it and was poisoned by it. Are you so merciful? " The three monks said with a smile: "I don't know about the nobles. We are not going to take a bath. We are only suffering from being taken to the fire by the king of firewood. So we are immersed in this cold water and feel some benefits." After hearing this, Kuang Yin suddenly realized and thought, "are these three monks three bronze Buddhas? It's amazing to see that. " Then he clapped his hands and said, "Amitabha. I, the emperor of Zhou, only wanted to fight for five generations and disturb them. I wanted to save the people, so I started to fight against the false life. Because of the lack of money and food, the soldiers had no place to get them. They had to borrow Bodhisattva's golden body for relief. They didn't want to create a sin. There was no limit. But at that time, the Buddha once cut the flesh to feed the eagle and gave up his body to feed the tiger. He was willing to push the compassion and forgive me. He thought that the Lord of Zhou was originally for the people's emergency, not for the people's immorality. On the day when he returned to the court, he repented and rebuilt his golden body. Bodhisattva's accommodation. " He Shangdao said: "the monks didn't care about the little things. But let us be healed of the image of Dharma, which the noble promised us. Besides, he still has two years to reign. At this time, he was not hurt, but because of the fierce heat, it was just a punishment. You can only take this water and put it on the affected area. The better it is. Please go back to your car. "

Kuang Yin saluted, looked up, and was surprised to see the three monks. Hurriedly scoop the silver pot out of the stream, mount the horse, fly back to the camp, and ask all the officials: "you wait for water, can the holy one drink it?" All ministers said: "although drink, but pain more than, at this time feel coma more see heavy." Kuangyin hurriedly enters the imperial camp, takes the gold basin, pours out the water, uses the peacock hair to lift the water, wipes the sore evenly. Shizong is in a coma. He feels refreshed for a while. When he looks at it, he sees Kuangyin holding a feather in his hand and rubbing water on his sore. I can only see that the sore, even if it is better, is really sweet and refreshing. When I get rid of the disease, I can see that for a while, all the scars are gone. Shizong asked, "where did the younger brother of the two emperors get the immortal's side and cure me?" Kuangyin is about to search for water in the mountain. He meets the Buddha and plays it carefully. Shizong was also surprised and said: "Buddha shows his spirit, so it is. When I return to Beijing, I will cast it immediately. Two royal younger brothers have done nothing to cure my illness. " Kuang Yin said, "this is your Majesty's blessing. How can I help you?" Shizong is very happy. He immediately sends a car back to Beijing.

When the army is on the road, it has no words. Driving to Bianjing, there was a long time ago to welcome the emperor into the dynasty. Emperor Shizong sent his ministers back to the palace and met the Empress Dowager. At that time, the Imperial Palace saw that the driver had finished driving and heard that Shizong was suffering from sores on the road. Now, seeing that the dragon body was covered with scars, he said with a smile, "Your Majesty is covered with scales. Don't fly away." Shizong said: "the day before yesterday, full of pain, several comas, I wish I could fly to see each other." Because the bronze Buddha cast money and water meet Buddha and other things, said again. The Empress Dowager said: "my son, since this is the case, we should start work on a certain day and return the statues. All the gold and silver in our inner palace should also be helped. When you have done your wish, you will repent of your wrongdoing. " Shizong paid his respects and resigned with the queen. There was nothing to say that night.

In addition, all the meritorious officials went home to have fun, but Gao Huaide was very sad. He welcomed his younger brother's coffin and built a factory to open the funeral. In the dynasty, all the civil and military officials held a memorial ceremony. When the funeral is over, bury the tombs. This is not a statement.

It is said that Shizong rose to the palace one day, and was congratulated by hundreds of officials. Zhao Kuangyin, king of the Southern Song Dynasty, was declared to go to the palace. He said, "although I personally marched in the Southern Tang Dynasty, I didn't have to lie down, but I won the victory in many battles and relied on the strength of my younger brother. I should be paid for my great contribution." Kuang Yin said: "this is all the blessings of your Majesty's Juntian, and the forces of your generals and your officials. How dare you do anything?" Shizong said: "don't be humble, younger brother. The king of the Southern Song Dynasty was not allowed to live for a long time. Now he was appointed as the governor of the state and the commander in front of the palace. " The rest of the general enlisted, each with a reward. Gao huailiang didn't do anything to the king, so he bestowed loyalty and bravery on the marquis. His soldiers did everything to reward him. At that time, Kuang Yin and Xie en had finished their work, so they should be responsible for recommending Zhao Pu. Shizong granted the rank of general deputy governor. It is the day when the monarchs and ministers are scattered.

A few days later, Zhang Yongde showed Li Chongjin that he was slow and refused to enter the army. He was really rebellious. On the stage, Shizong said to all the officials, "I know the officials and I'm as good as you. Why is Li rebellious when he returns to his job? This special Yongde's shadow catcher. If I send an imperial edict to comfort you and to raise your doubts, I don't know why Xu Guan is so enterprising. " The ministers said, "the theory of the Lord is very good." Shizong hides his affairs.

He said that Li Chongjin had learned about Yongde's performance in the army, and that he rode alone to Yongde camp. When the sergeant reported Yongde, Yongde asked, "how many people did he bring?" "Left and right way:" only a single ear, no follower Yongde then went out to meet him. Re enter and dismount, join hands with Yongde and enter the camp. They meet each other and sit down. Yongde pays his subordinates to entertain them with wine. When the wine is half full, it's called Yongde Road: "I'm at the heart with you. I'm the general of our country. How can I doubt if we can work together? In the Warring States period, Lin Xiangru and Lian Po were both admired for their righteousness. Now we are lucky enough to have a chat with each other. Dare we not follow Lin's and Lian's spirit and suspect more? " Yongde Gongshou way: "my brother's fault, now know the sin." As a result, the doubts between the two men are always solved, and the two armies are at peace with each other. There are poems as evidence:

Single horses tend to camp with high intelligence and knowledge. For a while, it was said that there was no resentment.

It should be Wang chongjunhao of Zhou Dynasty.

At this time, the leader of the Southern Tang Dynasty inquired about Zhang and Li Er's grievances, and discussed with the ministers to use counter measures to secretly send wax books back. The book says:

It is only in the current situation. Today, I heard that I was ordered by the Zhou Lord to garrison in Taizhou city. I paid for the transportation in the Southern Tang Dynasty. The city was very lonely. I was lucky. However, I have the ambition of supporting Liu Ren, and I have plenty of Treasuries in the city. Although there are millions of teachers, it is not easy to see. Recently, I heard that Zhang Yongde had a private grudge and wrote a book to the court, saying that there was a conspiracy to stop his troops. Is it better for the court to hear that? Once the military power was cut off and the land was scattered, it was not like that. How can we support our troops and defend ourselves for the future generations? Otherwise, if you're willing to invest, you'll be granted the right foot by your own, and you'll never lose it.

After reading the book again, he was furious and said, "I want to fight against my monarchs and ministers." That is to say, if you are imprisoned, you will report it to the emperor in a book. Emperor Shizong was very pleased with the book, saying that all the officials said: "I will not be defeated by heavy progress. I believe that." All the ministers congratulated. Fan Zizou said: "if this is the case, how could the Southern Tang Dynasty not be destroyed? Your majesty, it 's just a quick voice. " Shizong gave Li Chongjin the title of governor of Qingzhou. It is advisable to use one's life to issue an imperial edict to the soldiers outside. The envoys issued decrees and went to the various armies to announce them. No mention.

It is said that Shizong called Chen Tuan, a scholar of Huashan, into the Dynasty one day, and wanted to be an admonishing doctor. "I have no ambition to be famous for a long time," he said Force words don't take. Emperor Shizong asked Tuan how to ascend. Chen Tuan said, "Your Majesty, you are the son of heaven. You should rule the world. How can you use this?" Shizong said: "I want to rule with you together. What is it like?" "Yao and Shun are on the top, and each of them has his own will," he said Shizong knew that he could not be defeated in the end, and he ordered to return the mountain. Chen Tuan is on his way, leaving a poem saying:

Ten years of track, rich dream to see.

Who is in charge of zique? Emperor an of Chenqiao.

It's a poem left by Japan. It's transcribed by modern officials and learned from Shizong. Shizong looked at his poems. They were deep and mysterious. They could not understand them. They showed all the officials. They did not know what they meant. Emperor Shizong ordered the golden chamber to be preserved and tested later. The purpose is to set up a banquet to worship the yuan palace. The emperor and his officials enjoy drinking, making a great noise and dispersing themselves.

When Zhao Kuangyin went back to the government, he was shocked and shouted. Kuangyin urgently asked the doctor to see him. He said: "this is an emergency of apoplexy and speechlessness. I'm afraid the medicine will not come true. What can I do?" Kuang Yin said: "it is better to serve than to serve. But you will not be guilty if you prescribe the right medicine. " According to the doctor's orders, he used Niuhuang, Yujin and other herbal decoction to pour it down. Finally, he was unconscious and the situation became urgent. On the one hand, you can find a good way. At five o'clock, Zhao Hong's life was over, and he gradually lost his temper. Kuang Yin and other family size, crying, encoffing and other things, do not need to detail. The next day, Ding Youyu was reported, and his obituary was written in the imperial court. He opened mourning and set up a sacrifice, confessed and chanted scriptures, and acted according to the custom. The emperor ordered Pu Dai, the right minister, to sacrifice for the Lord and all the princes to accompany him in mourning. To May 7th funeral, everything has been finished, Kuangyin at home. Press not to mention.

But Zheng en said that he had a long goodbye to concubine Tao since his class teacher came back. He envied each other and enjoyed the happiness of fish and water. His kindness was better than that of a new relative. Enjoy the fun in the cup, the joy under the skirt, indulge and indulge, day and night. In the past three months, Zheng en had a fever, coughing, eating less, and was restless. He asked the doctor to help him. According to the pulse of the doctor, he knew the details of the disease. He bowed himself and pointed out the source of the disease. It is:

What fame and profit do you covet in life? Happy things are like color and mash.

After all, the doctor said what the disease was. Let's see what happens next.

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